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August 4, 2016     Jewell County Record
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August 4, 2016

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4B THE SUPt~rRIOR EXPRESS Public Notices (First tmMi~hed August 4, 2016 in the Jeweff Count), Record} Notice at Hearing on for Final Seltlement In the Distant Com'[ of Jewoll County. Kansas Case 2015-PR-18 In the Mattc.'rofthe Estate of Ardent J l'fery, De~easc(I The State oF Kansas to atJ pers,0ns concerned: You are hereby notified that a peti- Oon has been filed in said court by Judith E. Pierce, executor of die will araJ of the estate or A,-d~an Jeff .ryt deceased, asking for final sealement of said estam; fur sodement and al- lowance of her account as ex C~lot; for approval of all acts and proceed- lags of such cx~utor; or compensa- tion for her and her attorneys; for a determination of the heirs, devisees and legatees of the decedent foe as- signment of the a.sSels and properly of said estate 1o those e~titted thereto: and for all other proper relief; all you are hereby acquired to file your written defenses lher~'lo on or betbre August 26. 2016 al 10"rio a.m, of said day. in sail court, in the City of Mankato. Kansas, at which rime and place said caus~ will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgmeni and decree will be entered in due course upon said pe i- tion. Judith E. Pierce Executm of the will and of{he estate of Ardent Jeffery, Deceased Attest: John L. Bingllam (S~al) District Magistrate Judge WellmePPhillips Law Office P. O. Box 303 Mankato. Kansas 66956-0303 fTgf) 378-3172 Altomeys forEx~utor ZNEZ3I-3c [First p, hlished JMy 28~ 2016 m the Jeweli CoonW Record~ Nolk~ of lledrtng an P ~itlen for Pro-Irate of WLII mad Nofit~ to Crt~litoes In the District Court of Jewell County, Kansas Case No. 2016-PR-[3 in 01e Mailer *dr lie " E-stale of Dean L, Langley, Dec-ea~ The State of Kan ~ to all Petsims COnCerned: You an? hel~by nolified Ihat on Ju ly I~, 2016, a Wtilion was fil~ in said court by Marie A. Basart. ~amed as executor in the will. asking fi~r the admission tO pro~|te of Ihe will of L'b2an I I.anglcy. dated March 14. 1~7. which wdl is filed with said peulmn, and for Ihc ap~qnlmen( of Marie A Bd~art as executor U,f said ~tll. and/br otlncr rcli l-: and yt,u a~e Thu~y. August 4, 2016 required to file your written defenses thereto on or ~for Augost 19, 20i& at i0:00 A.M of said day, in the District Coati ~m, in !h CRy of Mankato. Kansas, at which time an~ place said cause will be heard. Should you fail, judgrr~nt aagl decree wiR be ent~ed in due cours~ upon said peti- tion. All creditors are notified to eshibi[ their demands agaimt this eslal with in four (4) months from the dale of the firsu publication of this notice a~ p~- vided by law~ or be forever barred Marie A. Basazl~, Pel.itinuer Attest: John L, Binslmm (Seal) District Magistrate Judge Walnut-Phillips Law Office P.O. Box 303 Mankato. Kansas 66956-0303 Phone: (785) 378-3172 Fax: (785~ 378-3203 Auomeys for ~,titiuner ZNF, Z 30-3c {First published JId)' 28, 2016 fir the Je~eli Coumy Record) Nnlice of Heari~ on Petition for Final Settlement in the District. Coon of Jewell Cotmty. Kansas Case No. 201~PR-M In lhe Matter ofh%e Estate of Ronnie L Broe~kelman, Deceased. The Shire or Kansas to all persons coflegr'r~d: You am hereby notif~d that a peti- tion has been fik~l in this CoLtrt by Rojene Mr Broeck lman, Adminisu'a- tar of the estate of Ronnie L. Bn:~ckeLman. deceased, p~aying for a final settlement of the estate, approval of her ~1~, proceedings and accounts us Administrator, allowance for admin istrator's and altomey fees and eXl~a~s, determination of the heirs, deviates and legatees entitlc'd m the estate and assignment to them. You are hereby required m file your wrhlen defenses therein off or before Aagus~ 19, 2016, at I l :IX) a,m. o'clock, on said day, in said Coat, in the City of Mankind. Jewell County. Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you f~ii therein, judgment and d 1"~ will be enler~d, in d~a co~rs up0n said Pelf lion. Ro):ilc M. Bmeckelman Administrator Michael-Shannon McDowelL Altorney at Law, Chartered 120 E. Courl, P,O. Box 68 Smilh Center, Kansas 66967 Teh 785-282-668~ Fax: 795-282-6870 Attorney for Administrator ZNF ~. 30-3c "it is easy m flaemr: il is harder to praise." Jean Pant Richler Grain Hauling Parts Sales URBOOO V * Truck, Trailer and Auto Repair Sk. TRUOONe Sandblasting LLC Painting Thunderstone and Shurco Tarp Dealer 785-428-3030 785-428-3031 Fax 864 Hwy 14 El~urbon @ nckcn.c~m Jewell. KS 66949 isN- SI Z-LIHG SUMMER SAVINGS/ 24x32xlO Garage $17,500" Specializing in Complete Peat Frame Buildings Garages Hobby' Shops Agricultural Equestrian Commercial PRICE INCLUDES: Installation - 2 - 3x3 insulated WeatherWrap Windows insulation - 4' Wainscoting = (2) 9x8 Ins. OH Door 12" Vented Overhang - 94.ire Entry Door 4" Concrete Floor www.quafitystmcturas,mm, 800-374-6988 Bt, ilding a l,egacy For the Generations For over 100)~ar~, Mo qon Buildings has pmvi~ quails' products and excepdon d service ro cu~ customer. Wh~ther you ate thinking abner a new machir~ storage building, farm sh~ or livesto~'k t:,u:ili~', with ~'b~on'm, get a Ihncdogd, dependable structure. 800-447-7436 mortonbuildi 9s "'" """"" :" r In the btr- ket calf ogen class. BFaine Frost visits wi{h Ibeiudge aboul hiscalf. Drain~ received a reserve grand champion ribbon for his efforts. p~t~Uge ax litany r~0nds of live call-~ Post Rock Answers ~y Nei~ C.al~ Posl Rock Extension | "rh,ere are many "t(~fls'" available for beef pRducers to increa~ the pm- ductkity and pmfitabilRy Of|h~li r L:OW heeds. One of those mol.~ is pregnancy checking.- The time It', peffom] this it quickly ap['~aehing fla- .~mt or al- ready happened for c~h~rs. Pregnancy checking early on has many benefits. This time ot year. pasture quality h~ts already or is beginning In de~erio- ra~e. This forces mine pr~lueers It] provide supplementation which ,:an becxmm c~stly. SOIt~ prt~.lucers nl.:iy also l'g" considering t1.r planning fi~r early weaning [ocon|~l this. By preg- nancy che~ing early, cows that have g,d.r~ Ol~ ~lt~L"d can be culled out oi'lhe herd reducing grazing pressure on p~s- tu~s. "[ttis al~o p ovides Ina~eting zu:Ival=tage,s. Selling ram-pregnant LXW,'S nOW when tivey weigh m~we and prices am ~-amnaITy higher Ixovidc,~ the op- i'l~.lunity for i,x~.h.we rs I,Cal"A.ure nx)re v;nlu I'fom [h ~e ~x~w,~ than leas'ing, the ~,'al v e.~ onlhe cX.lw s and wailing tO preg- nu ncy lc st at w,dll iona| weaning ti me,-, P~gnancy ch~:king i-~ al~ a per- feet lime lo evaluate the cows. Make a c heckli-st I~or tltat ~.s ill allo~ you In tk~ a cmnplete as,~mcnt dud ng this time. "[-he [.oHov, ing is a checklist compiled by l'omv2r eMeilsitm x eterinarian. [.u'n'y HoHi,L pmhlcnl a|~,i|||al', l]|dl -,tloohl m~t be kept ~ eJi IT I'ltlitlil~ h'~ h" lnegrl:l|lt'.! To II;ilk,t" ,iL;flilii illn bPld iR~prllv,'q'~l~nr '~o=.i n 'ed ll~ ~=.q r~d i~.l I~'bt. i',~'n|~,ln pgil- dl0k'tIt3, II=. ' L|ur nkt'ld C,l* ',h ,~eilr I ~'~li~e co~ ;nlx~,|x ~ cairo I:qc iii I hc c,nl ~. ing ,~ a~ m .' ReilK~tH~R 'r. i~ cO,~l ~ ,iu~l ;.i"I TIIIU.C'r| h~ ~ iale-cal~ in~ Co~ [t|nmgh Hie w inter a', -'al curl ',-cak ills cow.but tl~ late-cat~, i,tg cow g it| rarely - Are any coy, s old enough that you need to hx~k clo.~ly at their t~eth while ynn have Ibem in Ihe chute? - Examine the t.'ows physically ~I fore pulling tl'~m thmuglt the chute. Are there cows that have udder prob- lems. eye pmblelllS, lameness.or arc in Dxw b.xty condition t hal may interfere with their ability to winler well u~ calve e~ily next spring? If.'~, 11~' e is no rea~m ro run lheln through the chute unless you want IO- try to sell them as u hred c~w (assuming Ihcy ~re I'ound to he pr~gnunl ) When pregnancy checking, ask your vetefin,lrian to age the pregnan- cie-~. If there are cows that v,i$t calve later, you may want tosell them a,'~ bred co~s. By selling off the lane calvers. yOU can lighten up yclnr Calving and subsequent breeding ~asons. This should ai~ it, crease the average cult" ,~le weight for all cows that you carry Ihrk place on ~pl. 5, Ig67. Texas. Oklahonla all Kansas have gotten Ingather to plan a series ofcei- ebrarions of the tft~h anniversary. Abilene wilt kick offthe fun with a big slmw oa Labor Day weekend in 2016. culndaatiag in a~ even bigger show a year later, Western performer Red Steagall will headline the 2016 show along wilh Kansas cowboy m0sicians and poctx. Fall dir~losure: those wilL inc|ude me. The celebratitm will in- clude a parade, reenactors, vendors. car .'Qow, fireworks and much more, Kansas cow[x,y hisk+rian Jim Gray h~s been pan of{his planning. He was at a meeting i, 'rex~,~ ia Feh'uary, when 1he untikely idea surfaced of an acLuaL r~v tem day cattle drive up the Chisholnl 1'rail. Jim had been pan of a smaller version nfa ca|de dri,~e for the Kan~s~squicentennial, and he ~id il would be ra>ssible. His friend. Fontella Knowlton. said. "'l. r s L~ ilr" Plans nc~w call ford,lying up [o4(X) Texas Longhorns from Sun Antonio. Texas Io Ahilene Ih~,ln April I Io July 1,2017, .tim an~ Fontellu arc planning the mute asclo ~e Io Iheo iginal trail as lX~s~ih|e. They're orgaaizir, g camp- grounds and logistical xuplxm. People can apply 1=.=- panicipate in the c.'tu k' drive I'nr a fec. Panic,pants nlu-",L Ilm~ ide their ow I1 I~rse and wear aunhentic-lt~,kin~ ch~zhing. Jim "and Fomcllu wilt be ~rail t~es, Six to eight drovers v i~l go the enlir tdp along with I'~o .'huck wagtms, ghile panicii,~|nts can s~gl'~ Up for weekly s~gn~llS. A big celehralkm will be held in Abilcne around ti~ Fourth ~)I July tn. n'm~ the end of tlg' ea~lle drive. J:or n~re int'orn};ition a~R~Ul %l~'se evcnls, go Lo WWWrr~hisll=.~,llntn.conl, The C'hisholn~ 'Frail evokes history. adventun: and tun. all of which tun l'u~nd ,~1 Abilene's c le~alion of this historic landmark. C~wh~ys and C;i[t le witl once ugai~s be roaming ucroxs the plains of Kan~s. Ran WiLwm i,=. dir~ctor .f dw lhnk Bm'd N.timud ln.srit.re.for Rum/De- ~'Jopme.r vt K(~|att, S|(~I=.' UniYer.sity Pro]net will help veterans tranalUon into careers in ag. By Ram Wilson The chairman of Ihe U~S. Senate Subcommilt, e on Ag~cultu ral Appro- priations is calling the h~aring to order in Washinglon. D.C, This commille is Learning ah~uu an innovative project which will help ve~eran~ and wounded warrinrs transition into healing caners in agricullure. A proposed location fi~r this national nmdet fac'iliz~ is in rural Gary LaGtange is president of ,%t- diet Agricullural Vocanmnal Edtvca- lion or SAVE for sh,vl. A a retired garden mmmander at Ftm Riley.Gary knows first-hand aNmt nhe needs of .soldiers and vemrans. Gary grew up on a farm in [o~a. He joined the A~qlay, served in Vie~ Nam and worked his way ,p through the III ATTENTION FARMERS TEST YOUR CROP ACRES NEB-KAN Consultant Service offers Independent GPS soil sampling and grid sampling so you can know how much fertilizer to be applying to your acres this year. With margins being so t( lzt, checking your soil fertility is more hnportant than ever. Contact Ryan Cates 785-569-1128 rcates28@gmai1.com for informati~n Or readi us at the off/co 1115 E. Third St Superior, Neb. CONSULTANT SERVICE 402-879-4755 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 4A ranks. After muRIp|e mum overseas. his final post before retiring wasa~ Fort R/]ey. He found that he enjoyed, bee- keeping as a hobby, and he ol~scp.'~ tha~. soldiers who belled him see-led to benefit E-am the ~perience. Gaxy's daoghter, Shaft, is a clinical psychologist specializing in post Ixau- matic stress disorder and brain injuri~ of wo0nded warriors. [n 2012, she rec~ ommended ~ a ta'ai.ning farm for veterans and transitioning so]dieTs would be of great valne to them. Gary slated It) explo~ [he idea, i.ncl'ading therapy aad clinical suppo~ Meanwhile, occu.pa6ona[ therapists at Fort Riley's WaniotTransitios Bat- talion aske~ Gary ~o dev 10p ~ keeping training program for soldiers, which he did. He then organized edu- cational tours lO farms and farm sup- port org~adoas near the fort "The re~ulcs were extraordinarily positive,'" Gary said. Gary mei ex~nsively with Kansas State Universi~ fac ulty and n[hers. He found strong support for this idea from [he Coih:ge of AgricuRme. and espe- c ia|iy from the Depot of Biologb ca1 and Agricultural Engineering's AgrAhili~y ffrog ram for farmers with a disability. The College of Architecture volur~g-~red to do a class project of developing designs for the lrainmg farm, using 155 acres of land owned and farmed by retired K-State profes- sor Marvin Hachmeister. This a~'reag is contiguous to F~n RiLey and dose to K-State. lt's located in a peaceful setting between Manhat- tan and the rural communily of Keats wEich has a papulalion of perhaps I(X) people. As Gary thought a ~'~.ll the no.'@, of the 800.0{Xi soldiees who witl hc tra~gifioniag from the military tocivil- inn life. he ]earned abx~ut the need [-or new farmers. Forty pea.'ent of hrms a.~ owno.I and operated by farmers over age 6.5. and 63 per~en! of larmx ate in their last generalion of family ownership, In 1he next 15 years, aa esfi ma~ed oac million new famlers will be needed. This project can help re- spond to both needs: 5oldiers seeking a bealiag occupation, and farrr~ts need- ins a new generation of suco2~sors. In December 2015, Soldier Agri- cuhura] Vocational Education was at. ficially formed as a ntva-profit organi- zaLion in Kansas A hoard of direclors was created with diverse membership. chaired by former general Mike Dodson. Full disclosure: [ serve onthis board also. Current plans for the SAVE farm iacloflelraining~ crops suchaswheaL corn. mybeans, grain sorghum.alfalfa, produce and an on:hard, plus cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses and paul- try. The complex of buildings on 11~ farm would in lwJe a clinic, c~peL residences for I(Ya sludents and fam- ily. greenhouse, commercial kitchen. fllopz. Byconn cting with K-Stale. this mc, del contd be replicated at land- grant nni,~ersRies across Ih~ nalion. .c~VE wax ~k" ted by the federal adminislrat|on as one of the top ideas w~th Ix~ten~|a~ to help produce hegin- nulg fa~ng'rs. Ga~ was dXlfen la pre-'~nl Ihe idea al the While Hm~e in February. 2016. .~'IL Jerry Moran has been supporl- lye of this idea and invited Gary to ic.xti[v I'gqhre his suFa 'omnlit~oe A~, one I"~um organization put it "The ere- alton of the 5AVE Farm would he a win-w)ll situation fur h)lh agriculture and the milila.r~ " AItother letter said: "'When ag~icu I~al training is c~pted wilh a therapy center, as pral'X~xl by the SAVE Project s~h. an approach can lileTaliy save lives.'" Rml Wilsm~ i.~ director of inn Hzn'~ Boyd Nolio I ln.s.rltUte #~' ~erezl ~')c- '~'e]Zo~,eJ'['/[t tll KOO,s~X ~lcJf{" {.tni~- 'r.w ft. Payem Pasture Clearin9 * Pasture tree ch'arinx Post hole drilling ,Cetera/dirt or lot work + Sncno rt'mava! Rodney Payt 785646-5/41 | NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The governing body of JEWELL will meal on August 15, 2016 at 7:30 a-m. a~ the Jewell City J Iall for the purpose of hearing and answering ~biections of taxpayers rek~ting to the proposed use of all funds and ~he amount of ~d valorcm tax. I)etailed budgel information is available at the~'eweH City Hall and will be available at this hearing BUDGET SUMMARY Proposal Budget 2017 l-xpenditu res a~,d Amount of 2016 Ad Vatotem Tax establish the maximum limits of Ihe2017 budgel, I:.st Tax Role is subjc~ to change dependmg on the finaI asSes.sad valuation. . Pra~'Y~r.~cluait~rZ015 Curn.~tY~arL,~imale]ur~6 Proposc~ Budge~ 2017 I' iO YZ.'a Aduai Currant Year Acl=.lal Am.~mnl ol E.q- Actual Tax -l-l-l-l~limate of Tax 2'(}16 Ad Tax ["~x~ 'ndiLu~ Rate' ExpendJhm.~ Rob=." ~xp~ndittlrL~ Valorem ia~ Rot=:" 198e551 53.e77 232r47"/ 12,080 6,341 12,980 12,500 ]3,466 20,000 25,624 I20,000 i24,792 16,1X)0 ~Z627 27a}(]~ 31,087 16 5(]0 17.080 Gem:ral Fund 172r~45 38.814 811086 52.897 12,980 6.659 9,996 (~. 521 ,o2 ~ ~wfit 19.935 13.780 Trash ;und~;-A 101'AL-q Less Tra.nsb'rs Nel b~pelgfit urns T~dal Tax Levied Assessed Valuation Outstanding lndebtt~ntLss January 1 C.O. Bonds Reven~e [~mds Olher J .ea~,' pu reba.-~, Principal fatal "Tax rak:s at'L' ~'XI.~L'~C~ i|~ mills. 12,515 95~57 ] 4.927 ~942 16.0.34 35240 4~5~"~75 0 405~75 sU,~ 1,4~6,743 2014 0 0 0 0 0 .'59 2.'/3 59 418 475,333 91,082 ~) .4 t 8 10,000 413~31 0 4132=,31 1,5K~#09 2015 0 0 0 0 0 465,333 X~.X gXXX gXXX I~32,902 2016 0 0 0 0 0 Amati J+ Am~m#h, CTerA