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August 4, 2016     Jewell County Record
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August 4, 2016

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Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 31 USPS, NO, 274-940 Price 50 Thursday, August 4, 2016 This ~r~ge across Ihe Whita Roc~ Creek at the west end of Lovewell ~ake was constnucted 60 yeats ago. The grading bk:l was $199,400 and the bridge COnlraCl was $1~,945. Though Ihe bddge deck has been mp~red, it remains in use loclay, H/$lo,6~tl#/e~o/o horn Tho q2~~E, Wre 60-year-old White Rock Creek bridge still in use S~ly years ago work was under. ay to raise and i~ka~t the Highway 14 crossing o~r the White Rock Cn: k. Whoa compt led the highway curved slightly to the east. The previ- ou~ hnghway mute allows fishermen lo athens the ~akc west or l~e current highway In January of ]956, the stale high- v,a3 oinmission let contacts for a n '~ bridge across White Rock Creek along with the ne~ -s~ary ~rading to raise the highway. While [he bddge being replaced was mm of the newer highway hridges in ~ m~ea. the work was required by the onsu'uction of the LoveweH Reservoir. The replaced bridge wasprobab]y panofa Highway 14 imptuvem~t i'woj~t undertaken in the early 1940s. The cost af the new badge and grading was borne by the Bureau of Reclamation Adtain Sc~,weitzer of Osborne was the low bidder for the grading with a hid 0f$199.400 E. W. Be|get Inc. of Topeka took the badge onl~acl for $115~945. The slnicture would have five steel beams sf~ms totaling 370 feet. Though the l'a'idge deck has been repaired, it remains in use today. Fill material for the grade was taken along lhe east si~ of the grade. When 1he lake was first built an access; mad al- lowed access to thai area. ]~.'fore 1.be I~/X~S g~w and the access road e~xxkd. lx~at Ol'~ra[ors fTex.luently lau.nchedtheir baals from that a~a ~ left. their ve- hicles parked with their trailers in the water so as lo he easy to 1,0ad out when leaving the lake. As the ~d cn3,ded, the guard rail was ci~sed ok:hying easy access. A slight change in the guard rail appearance and a r~arty eroded berm shows where tl~ Whi~e Rock valley mad to Lovewetl once was Io-- cated~ Substituting wheat for corn for livestock may prove cost effective for producers ['~.L' = I ~ )"1 .:1] L'L t ~ L Ld "Il >,tHnet~ne 1,-,'xa m II:~klUg gfRIIt, Ihcr ~,~ llltL numtiunal ditter- *.'FB.C tff n'LaIl,d,~t'UlL'llt fit.'in~e lleedct~ ~'l~.'[g ]'i -~'[catia I]ak ~d corn al'q~t Mt.'alB t~.akx.'d ~hcal.' ~.'in~til~|l ~id "'The (9. = It~-~JMl.fl I~ ~TCt'JiyJ~ snltltl~r in tertllln oi: >.larch ~itil~lhLInT} ai|d t'rl~2 risk of ac Id~'~ ~ .'- T i~:'~.'a I d~fterenc and nc'~d Ior ~ ~'h.mge lii litJ[~ldg 'CLl' ~t philuso- ph3 ,~ t~-tv, cen dr} ~nl]cd wil~'at and dr} Io.i.lk'~ ~.L,T]I Re libretti t'autionc~ flial d~ wllc,i v. hc,~t has a higher risk Of aeJLiU'",L~, lilalt dfV rolled cont. "'A ipr~vJ.u~ez nlzmild not switch on. t~rel> Ir, sn] teedin~ l~) l~ent dry r~llctl cu~ lu t =.'ding II.~l pereenn di~ r<,llccl ~hcaC" Rcinhardt ~.d. "rypi. curly v,c rc't'O mmend the d ie! be azxlund 35 pt'rL'~nL Lo an nn~l 50 l~n.'enL dry r, dh.'tl ~heat. A prods'or wil! warn tt= gr+',th=atiy ease into the level maybe ~,iLIt a dose in thai 15 percent range t~ get the caule adapted to the higher rapitll) available starch load:" Wheau sbonld be proc .~d wi~h 'ahal n, called a coarse cra~'k Io im- pn~ e digc~.Uhilit'-/ A enar,~ crack v i~h Pr,~essing is ke~ ~.~, Ith ~heat pr~c ', :In xt,qP2 .l~t',~, ~t~l~i[~ill~ !~'1~ ~-Um ~ ~1~ ~, .~m m-9 L~c [ ~,'~ llu,J.lJn~ y~ttr 0~11011~, lot alll(1]~[ Iced Jf ~mi .',re a l'~' t',~r u~m pm- .[:[n~.'er. Ihe e prices may pin you if1 a Ntock r;ntionh in place of c0ral. A iar.ye harvest and relatively slav, demand has pulled wbxat paces m .~unne pans of Kansas. partic~tlarly m ;outhwe~t areas of the state. Ix, hw, corn prk.es, ac.~.~0rdingto Dan O" Bnen. K~a~ State Un~ersi~ agricultural economist In beef production Chrb geinhardt. K-Stale Re ~'a~'h anti Extension feed~m Hxx'iali~l, ~aid that b atn~,e wheal normally has a nn- '~ntional feeding ~'alue appruximale$y rive to Ill i-a K'enl hi~her th;m Cam for gro~, Ing ~ild ti~|ishlng Cattle, this pro- v~dcs a:~. t+pl~+rlull dy t~.~r c~t~le prc, Juc- Whcli fini~h,ngtcedlolca~=l I ltc~ are generally tv, o ptmlu.r v n~ean pn~.' ssinlg Iecd ~f:~ii)~" ~,team Ilaking the ~aln ur teed,ng in rio rotk'd.- Charlotte the sp~lo.r emerges from the petLm,as ,n Jewell gar-de~. ~ica% P.tmer thait a ,:~=ar~ ~xi~'k with ct+ni due iu uhe difference int Ihe physi- ca I py~ ~i'~n ies tel lht, St~LYC ~t. W heal tends hru'ak sn~o '~c~" ,mall s~rch gran~les, like IIouL which lead,tt, tiltt ~ panicles In the diet and rap~d runlnnal feralenla- t,nn of the starch. It is re'ea~, It, freer Sheriff F.d Owens und~rwezqt a liver Iransphlnl. Spontaneous combustion was blamed I'ur a fire al Ihe Rock Hills Schcml gyln, At the lime lh gym floor was being refinished. Rachel DuffS. a White Rot'k High S tl~d student, wa-,~pi kcd Io mag'h in '~h 12thannual Masunic All-Slat L.tmgl parade. The Rock Hitls School Dislrict placed a full page ad in the lowell C',~tLIllly newspapen; giving parents and snudenes needed information minting Commissioners okay weapons trade-in for sheriff's office The Jewell County Boa-rd reel Mon- day with cams issioners Ste,v Gree~, Dwight Frost and Mark Flemmg preScnl. Carla Waugho county clerk, w~ also p~sent. Minut~ oflhe July 2S meeting were: al~mved. Travis Guest. solid w~te director. revLewed the monthly actwity report. He rcpo~ed on mainlenance on 1he building and cquipment, Don Jacobs, sheriff, said the Nexl G~n 911 equipment is installed and training will be provided Lhis we~k. Jacobs had a quole for a cage to he installed in the patrol vehicle. Cam- missioners appmwd the purchase of the cage for $749ptus installation from Custom Cage, Jaeobs also reported on the testing of the security system. Darrell Miller, county attorney, dis- cus~d nhe changes to the conceal carry law. Miller at.m+ discussed a complaint of catde running at large. Joel Blkins,general supefi ntenden n, rU~,~L~J on road and bridge Jnainte- ntanL~ The commissioners reported mad concerns. The commissioners approved the letter of sup~rt for the DVAC K fund- ing reque ql, Marilou Becker, deputy county ap- praiser, had the G1S developmenl pro- posal forag use analysisand parcel soil unit reporting from Clint OffuLl G[S specialist, m updale the Odon data- ha.'~ Io mulch current G]S mapping. This opl$o~ ig IO ~nd out mailer que.+- donnaires to land uwners. There are 4,530 ag parcels to I" verified, The cams issioners approved OCCUR' s pro. IX~al for the G]S geve~opment pro- Imsal forag use analysisand~rcel soil unit reporting, for a total of.$4.40[]. Don Jacohs. shen ff, said he visited w~th the couaty attorney about the fire- arms the department no Ionser g-sos. He said that thecomm issioners need to give their approval to trade or sell the ficearms for differem ~aes. Jaco~ had an in',~ntory of current fimam~s. Com- missioners approved the trade or sale of the firearms on the lis~ provided. Carla Waugh,coanty c~erk and ela- tion off~lcect said lh eLccticm results will be pomed on the county website at jcw ll ouatykansa,~,neL the CoUnty's official eh-' t~on websit . Ute Theater group discusses progress made on renovation The momhly meeting for ,lewetL County Cinema. lnc, wa,held al Har- mony United Methodist Church la st Monday and was called to order by Chris Klos. president Memhers present were Judy Dunun, Sarah Unman, Kristin Uaderw~x~d. Chris Klos, J'eanne Bleecker and /anis McDiff. Treasurers report wa~s given and approved with change. During old busin .~, il was ml~rled that the remodelLng ol the concessiom, area is moving along well. It is ex- lasted Lo be completed th~.s month. The installation of the new .seats i.~ complete. Belinda has painted the floor. The carpet will be c~eaned after all of the ~enovatio~s have beea com- pleted. Seven rows ~=f the old seats have sold as well as .'~nte extra seats. There are ~vcral more ieil ~o be g~kl and nhere are severat Ix'uple who have ~p~s~ed an interest. We adveni~d again in the J 'w ll Cntmly Re'ceded that we have five more .r O'~, s av anlable. "Tl~e neon li~h~ has nol been finished. After di~ussimt about the True Glasx Refrigerator it was approved to pur~:ha,~ it |hru,ugh Maukato Plumb- ing tu be here this month. Jeanne called Phyllis to verify she would lake cam of this. Judy amended the motio~ by add- ing that Phyllis be allowed to make this purcha ~. Janis seconded. The man|on carried 6-C. Alter d~s~u=i.~ion aboul purchasing a new popcorn popper as the cument one is slowly failing apart. Judy moved and lanis seconded xo allow Kristin to make d~e Fu rcha se of a w '~. <,nc 1 + Iv,: here this month. Tat, nlotitm carried unanimously. The Ule hingo and ice cream social wfl! be held at Rock Hills High School Aug. 20. Serving will begin at 6 p.m, and bingo a'~ 7 p.m. Lisa has sent OUl a note looking for votumeers IC help with the serving. Several il~ms were diseased dur- ing the new business ~gment of the nle~?Lillg. AUg ~, from 6 m8 p.m, was decided UlXm as the cheat~c ~at cleanup date. An entail will be ~nL ~un ~o vol- unneers asking for help with this, After the xeats have been cleaned and uhe work dune iu the conccssicm and restroom areas, Ma]ly Z' ad.ina 'B.Ill ~ " eol|li~ted to ctean the carl~'%. Sarah brought up an idea h,r a Santa's workshop tha~ she is working on and asked i fthe de'five~ ~int vould he at 1he Uteon movie nighb, with the stir, ulaliun that s~,meone would come pick the it~n~ up afler each weekend The board approved the Ut to be the drop off point on n'~vie nighls and then: will he farther discussion at the Aug. 22 meeting. As per our hylaw s. an ad wnll be pal in the paper about our annual ntccling tn 11 held Aug. 8. New boa:d ol'l't~:~.'rh. will be elected at this me ling 1)tnring the ftflure t'msinuss ses ,dozi it w~ ,ide ided the nex.t ~gu lar meeting will be Monday, Aug, 22, 5:3t)p.m. al the Christian Chamh. Discus~d will be Santa's workshop: clean up of the- ater and changes to bylaws Improvaments were completed recently at the Jowell County Fairgrounds, thanks to grant km ls ~r~m Lhe Dane G. Hanson Foundation. Among the work was renovation of the fair~rounds food stand, which included new restroom entrances at 1he back ot the building The k%chen in tl~e fairgrounds food stand received a to~a~ renowat[on, which in l.uded new cabinets donated for the pro~ect from a demolished hou,~e. o lhe staet of schc,ol on Aug. 24. lowell County 4- H ntemlx, r~ asked to judge the Osborne County Round Robin conies1 were Brennan Lk~yles, l]randun Brockelma.n, 3a ~m ShipIcy, Ch~ M~g.llin, Biam:a Bn~.'kclman and Ashley Loreuce. August, I996 As part ol'lhc Jcwc[t Counly Fair+s AgO ly Inpi .~, Leott Bc~. ~t~ g;i'; e Ka rel-i [h lcn a ride in a wheel "ha.m~w. "le, ni-~ hall si~c hail fell ,~ Wcslern Jewel] County. A car parked al the Paul Herringtou hvnu suslaiued $6.LKX] worth of damage Bnb Windrn011cr ~-ra+rlcd 3.5 inches of rain as his rural hcgqlc, /ewell Agri Sere|o.k.' upencd u f~- tilirer distrihntion facility at lo0ia. July 3o, 1976 "Fhc.lcw ll CO~+Ly Fair wasplanncd for Aug. 3, 4 and 5, Amu~g the nelly|- tics would be greased pig and Cak'h a I:mlb ~ontcsts. Sam Co~son fioished fifth in the javcliv Ihn~w al the Montreal Olym- pi:~ Mrs. Curlis Fol~m~ and Mrs. V. C:. Scir r r ltimcd home after a 27-day, IU,(.RX] mile bus lour Lo Alaska. Mrs. Helen Rtns.~ll and Mrs. )}ale Cmngte allemlcd u Central Kan~s [ i- hrary workshop al Greal Bend. Emmen and Ruth Rolhchild v.~re crowned Biccntennia! king ~d queen during Ihe l:ornu~ at celebrat ion which featured a parade, potl uck dinner at the audilurium. ~ly~'e ce 'Itc and t~[her con. lesls Mr. and Mrs. Ira I~v.cll wen: pic- t|zrcd slatid~ng ill I~Oilt oi [heir nc~ bOUle an I(~ |'. Monna It wa,~ bn.h ~m the s11 ell the IorTncr )-vangchcal Contunued m page 3