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July 30, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 30, 1970

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19 National Advertising Representative KANSAS PRESS SERVICE, INC. Box 1773, Topeka, Kansas 66601 A,I. NEWSPAPER Founded NNA SUSTAIHING MEMBER- 1970 COUNTY No. 8, printed week. Kansas (~. NeWspaper of Jewell County" BOYD FAMILY and Publishers W. BOYD, JR., Editor Frank Boyd, Associate Editor "Any good thing that can do, or an,/ kindness that can show to any human being, let me do it now and not defer it for I shall not pass this way again." Second Class Posiage Paid at the Post Office, Mankato, Kansas 66956. ;ubscript/ons: $5.00 per year in Jewell and surrounding counties (Smith, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud and Republic counties in Kansas, Nuckolls and Webster counties in Nebraska). $6.00 a year elsewhere. Kansas residents add 3% for sales tax. Subscribers are asked to notify this office at once when they have a change address. HOMELY CHATTER FOR HOME FOLKS M. A. B. w~te their time mud hens, whilte by. AtA~ ~la~wilOsol~y ~f l~fe is Rttte we know. eal~ d~fions rtVhea't we Sl~ak of "student dis. ~'e rnea~R some of the the dorm were not ~ there hope ~ the Paris One ~ ~ast the I-la~ol peol#le ~" to l~m. ,M~,B- Art Op.ass~ w~nt i~ir yacRt for four rail- The dignes are a~ the a's~ trays M! "~v~AJB- of no aeco~nlt wi~ They are as When ~ey passed att~or'a m~ad ages -W[/t.~'. a c~p on your af the borden ttat ~ -- provid- tlae trouble to -Ma~. wa~ a child someone '~0pen your mouth e~'es-- I wi~R give to make you teamed by ex- more you keep and Mrs. Pparteis Prye, R10h- ard Ne~on, .19d Soas~, and son, Richard, ~ Meg, L. E. Weft- mar, Me~vi.n La~Rue, Mr. and Mrs. ~ Me~er. Tuesday ev~nir~g we a~Jtended a '~V[eet the Candidate" ~ @yen by the Jewe1~l CotmlW RepubU- c~n Women's Club. A ~an~e g~oup enjoyed a dinner at the BUfZalo Roam in honor of Beth Rogers, n.ar~iom] Re,Roan comm,iKeewoman ~ Ka.~'s. At the bus~nezs meeting fo~.' e dinner, ~e county c~ndi- dates ,were ie2vnd~ced. Mra. Rogers gave her o$ffe.hal report and her btuband, ~ate Senaor D~k Roger. ~a~e a fine talk aboult ~egi~l~lve mattere in Kansm. A~ter a~ourmnont, the ~mp we~t to the dining room the high sc~oo~ where they were served coe~ing re~resh~ me~s and visRed w~th the va~- Lotto candidate.. ~tss Bernice froward, president of the 3ewe~l Conr~ ~n Club, and her aslsi@tan~ ~ld ~g~ e~ the nu~g. fee you next Satin. Hamnan T~9 Candidate For The State Of Kamms ~iok Harmon, Republican car~dicta~ for G~vern~)r, is my choice for ,the top candidate for the State of Kansas. Since the "one man, one w~e" ru,ling the rurM areas of the st~te h,~ve recei~,ed less and less a~ter~tton from the exe'eu- t~ve and legislative branches o,f and your nm'Jth Kansas. A heaRhy rura=l area become, ks vital to the bes~ interests of Day ~s inde~ted to ,M-~. for a recipe ~r The fd~A~ waslaing clothes KentUCky grand. a new bride: ~ke in baeky~trd to 0f r'aiawa~er. 30 smoke won't ~f w4nd is pert. one hole oake Lie water. make three b~rite, I pile ousted, ritches and rags. in cold water to en thin dawn w~ on boa~l, b~e. rub cul- ~ust reach in !ite thir~gs ont o~ hand~e, ~rM s~arch. towe~s on .grass. m~s on fence. w~r in flour w~th hot so~ t~de down. on dea.n dress, w~th side combs, tee, set and rest atl ,Kan*aa~. lermn the start o~f his can- didacy for the state's highest office, Mr. IIara~an has sh~n a hea~tlry, ba~ar~ced interes~ in both .t~rban and rural econo- mies. R~ok is a native Wevtern Kansan and a su~cce.ssfu~ Eas~ Kansas business~,an. He has .roots in both se~ti~n~ o'f the Sta.te and understands its prob- lems. He understands that Kan- sans, in a~,l sections off the a0ate, must eoope.r~te and work together to gain the type o~ eeon'oray ul~ K'an,sas c~tizen~ de- Sire. Ri,ek has expressed concern aver devlinlng rural p,op~atio~ mad h~ts been seriou,s~y studying the passtbiIRies otf implement- Lag ~omm,unity i~provement projects ~ro~gho~t the sta~e. He has been vis il~ing w.lth Uni- versIW o~ Kansas Medical Cen- ter o,ffici~s and other persons in autharRy con~cerninlg the need for more do,c:tors and other medical personnel in the rural areas off the state. :For several years, certain urban legislative interests have 'been aavvCa'ting consolidation of counties on the basis "it !~i~ i wou~d be more e~fi.ci'ent and cheaper." We know by exper- ience that bignes,s leads to more speR and cottnt exlpense and less e$~c:ie,n~. Government is best and cheap- e~t when the pu.b$i'c o~icia~s are Street has been nath- I made no trips visiled in the noon we K and C cafe. Z. M. Ty~, Ken~ S~augh- .Dr. and and sons, G~n name to ~tt~l vofee said, 0m. eat had (h,e I noticed Were H~m M~a~- ~'~tmier, M~. the closest to the pev~le wire elect them. ~Mr. Harmon, a topnot,vh b~as~- hess executive, recognizes this fa~t. He is the only candidate for governor who has $1atly ~a,te.d he is against "consent'ida- ti~on o~f counties." Out of county tuition for Ju.n- Lot Colleges and Vocational SchooLs has cau~d headaches to a~ county govern~iag I/odies. There is no way a emmty er school distri!ct can aeeura:tely predict the amounit off money that wi$l be needed ~or th~s p~r- pose. The casts have been going t~p e~ year. Like a~ irdormed cY0izens, t.Mr. Harvaan re'cognizes JEW~J.'COUNTY RECORD. Thursday', J:u~y 30, ~70 Page 1 - Section 2 Volunteers Work On 4-H Beef Barn Hosp,tal Mankato Livestock Donations Commission Company Aeeordin*g ,to Ri:ehard 'Dia- mond, Endearment A ssoei,ation ,Treasurer, the %,:ilo~win,g co:n- ~r~tions ~o the H0~OiLtal EqUip- men't Fund have been recei~ved du~. i~g the past week: Rona~d Seaman's ~emorial WYW C~ub rl~ri~t S~op Hospital News ADMISsIoNs We had a ~l~t d buyers on ~e sea~s and ,the market was guod Cows were ,~ower wi.bh mos~t C~ws se'l'l'i.ng from $1~.S0 to $19.50. Raymond ~McD~I:,I sold 3 B~ack ~qteem we?ghieg ~34 lbs. for $35.80. Di.ak and Murlin Nell- the ~al.ue of the Junior College : and Vocatio:aal Trainin~g pro- ,. grams. He pr~p~,ses th,at t.hese htstitutions be placed und~r the State Board ,Of Regenl~ and the money for tuition come from s'ta~e funds, as it presenifly does for studer~ts a:t~cending state c~leges and tmiversi~ies. Atfl~Ug~a most of the ~vtcs are in EaStern Kans,a,s and cavapaign ma,nagers tinge can- didates to spend mos,t o~f their ",time there, Mr. IIarman bas campaigned extensively in the oa~ern per~ .of the sta'te. He sin- cere~y is irrtere~ted in gll area~ o~ the Stale. As a thud generation marcher Of a pioneer western I~ansas fam~F, i~ is reff.reshin!g to me to have the o~por,tunity to sup- port a oundidate for governor who is a fxequent visitor in .theirs area and can go from town to tow~ ~itho~t the ben~it of a "road map." 'For fl~is and many other tea,sons, ~is ~vrRer recom- mends Rink ~arman to the voters off ~is area. --4~an~ W. "~s" Boyd, J~. J i ~ * , INSIq~IAI~ON B~ Immemt "~And v~aen He Im~te~ tenth tl~ own sheep, ,He geeth before them, cad the sheep te~low Him for emy know ~ veice." J~lm 10:4. ~h, en ~ our modem curule ere is no picture more be- loved than ~mt o~ C~rist as the Good Shepherd. Whether we l~e in mv~I' areas or the city, the picture is Just as meranil~g- ltd. The word "she~erd" ha~ taken on a mea,ning wh~t s~g- gests ~ace, slmp~ty, beau~, Idaailm~ and ~n~ert. A shel~herd boy wou~d argue abo~ the, however. Hts e~per- ience is that the mer~ ere ~a co~d and the aRernoons )tot, with no shade anti,here. Pote~tiaO. danger turks behind every roc~. The sheep stray far and ,,vide and there are ~ ~l~a the ~arabs oaa a~lsspPear and never be totmd e~in. is also the ex@erlenee o~ the sheep in God's pas~ture. ~he 8h~erd ts constancy seakm~ for the lost sheep and lambs. For ~ a~o, danger turl~ beMnd every rook. Then, there ere the w~leya of indeei,sion, trta~, h~a~ache and sorrow. How mt~,,h we need the Shep- herd's tender care at s~c.h ttnms. '~a~lma', Rl~ a shepherd lead M~c~b we aeed Thy tender care: ~ ~sas~ ~mstu~s ~ee~ Far eta" me ~ fokb prepare," -~otm. i Dl~trlet Pee Wee Tournament In Progress At Misp.kata ~I'he D~sltriclt Sur~q~er Pec ,Wee Tournament is being he~'.~d in ,~ankalto July 27, 28, 31), and el. Teams ~from t,he Jewe~l Coun~ Lea,gue and the Sun- ,~ver Leagae ,are p,artiCi~a~ting. ,Monday night, Os~erne de- fea~d ~Esbon and Randa~,l wan from Lebanon. Tt~esd.ay night a~ 7:00, Ca~vker CRy p,~ayed the third V:!ace team ~ram the ~ ~'&mflower League..&t 8:30 Tues,- day, the Man,kate Lions ~J.ayad the eecond p~ace team from the Stmflower Lea~gue. Thurs- day, July 30, a~t 7:00~ Osborne play ~andal,l. Thursday, at 8:30, ~che winners o'[ the Tues- d'a~ night's ~ame:s will tangle. .The third ~ace contest w:'l be hem a~ 7:00 Fridia, J.u):~y ~I. wish the c,h.anapionship game at 8:30 ,p.m. Friday. rrhe firs, t !three place winners in the League Tournament w.::~ participate in ~the State Tourna- raen~ at Glasco At~ust 3-7. Me. and Mrs. John Ga.tes o.f Laramie, W~yo. were visit~i~g with ~_~eads and re,alines ~n Mankato l~e first of the week. b!rs. ~a~.es is the tormer Bests $ 6.00 Acute- son soM 3 B, tack Steers weigh- 30.00 July ~- LeRoy Meier, Man- 'rag 307 Its. for $38.70. Tom 16.26 k~t~. Miles soid 50 BI~.aak HLe~fe,rs Jtd,y 22: Ira Hun!tsinger, M~n- wcLgh,ir~g 750 ~bs. for $29.15. $5~2.26 ka~o; Marie Ku~l, Ma~a~o. Ceph W~l.de sold 20 head, with The W.Y/W. C~ .'ub recenjt~ J~t~y 24: MiChael 2ktr, nex, M~n- 6 of his ,Whitvfa~ce Steers with gave several evergreens,, P~itz- kalto, horns, ~i@hing 740 ];bs., se~lir~g Long Term Care er j~niI>ers and Andora cl'eep trly 23: Roy Man.or, Barr era, wh~oh were p~anted ~ceord- mg ~o the laz~ctscape plans for Oak. e h~.~al ,grounds, and akso lYISMISSAI~ enot~gh man-d3qe e.hips ~o fi~ll the Acute -- indoor piaster m the hospt~l Ju~y 20: Doris ,t~l,aLuvelt, Su- iobl~, parlor, Nebr. J~J3' 21: Roy Sl'a,te, Jewe~]. ,Mxs. Ira Powe~ donated the ub' 2~: L~Roy Meier, Man- ~/0 copies off the Readers Di- kaY: Minnie Sta~ford, Formoso. ~e~ to the J~d~l OounCy Hos- J;~y ~6: Micha~ Turner, M~n- ~i,n Hanson s6~d 17 head wi~ for $30.45; 3 Heifer :Mates art 570 0bs. s~ld for $29.70. Loren D~wdy s~Id 6 ~Nhitefaee S:teers weig~intg 655 ~bs. ~or g~l.S0. :R,@yml~nd O'~Hara sold 1.7 head width ~ of his B'l~a,ek and B::aick Whitefa.ce Heifers ~wei*ghing 570 s. se:E'ir~g for $3o.a0; 3 C~har. olais Heifers wei~ ,hin, g 7~3 lbs. sold ,for $29.40. l~a.n and Del- pRaY. kate. 112 ,Bl~ek and ,!q~ack ~Vh~,te~ace A group d volunteers are can. l~a~r A~g~st 5-7. In the pi~ctu~e I leR to r~h't Frederick Deib~,t tI~a Lea P, ayne o~ Formoso .... Steers w6ighing 757 lbs. se:.an~g"t" str~ofing a now Beef Barn at I',/bove are gh~wn a group o~flp . ~ .~.~ :.. ..... ,,.'.~ .' a~l Dam l~el~ "l'errlllNel ~e 4~H C~rotmds. The~, expect [ men, ~ho were wavktn~g on the | . . , .., . hro~h,t i~ve small p~lc~s to the 'M~s. Lttcy LV~CBride e~tertain- for $32.30. Fritz Sob,after so.!d to lmve R r~a'dy ~fo:r the 44-t [~Be~ Barn WIond~.y. They are. |son ~ee~er, and E.a.~ Si~sby. J~well :Oou~/ty Ho~pi'ta~, which ed Mr. and Mrs. George ~Hun- 8 13~a~k and Bl,ack ~hi'.teface she and other members of the de~adt and M,rs. ,~:llen N~qler Steers we~g~in~g 760 '~bs. fro' Chesebro Club at-Funnoso were a,t ~er home or dian,or ~Monda~, $30.90. Glenn Benne~ s.c~id 5 dO~fi~g, eve~r~g. ~lack He~fers we~,hing 41r/ Ibs. County Republican Women- Sponsored Meeting July 21 M~s. L. E. A~R, and Mrs. F. W. Bo~, Jr. ~egi~r~tion: ~'.s. Dar~ Hermi~sen and Mrs. Laura Swl~er. ]~freshmer~t committee: Mrs. Perw !Kier, cha:ir,man, Mr.s.L. E. A~l,t, enoch airman, Bu'Lah ~lsom, Lyd'm Beam, ~ttoy M~ Bride, ,Mrs. P. J. ,Raifferty, Peg- gy Or~n~bee. null Of counW gues'ts present were: Vernon ~ajors, Topeka, R~chard ,Botto r,f oil Fl~orida, and ~r. Daley, ,who ~v,as dr~ving ior tticha~d Sea:ton. addRion to President Haw- a~:, the ether ~fi.cers Of 'the Jewef~l C~u,~y Federation ol~ Re- publ~oan W oanen ,are: Mamie S~ttery, Joan Diamond. and ~'b Cosand. Sidewalk Sah August 6 The two veteran ~egis~l'ators are show~ above, left to ri'ght: Rex Bergen and Arden Dier- do~ff. Rex represents the 98th district, ~hic~ includes 16 town- sh~ in Jvwe~,~l County. Arden is the represen,ta,tive ~or the ll~th district, whiv.h in'~udes The ,Reta~' Merchants Co,m- mRltee af the Chamber elf Co,m- metre is sponsoring a Sid'e~wa~ Sa~e in M ankato Thursdia~', A~@ust 6th, ~t will be held all day. The ~t~ti,cipating merchan~ well h~ve a n~,mber elf "red h~t" ~pecials on sale lhat day (both ha thei,r stores and In merchandise on ehe sid'ewa~Ik~. The merchan*ts w!,l,l be lis~.ing their Itearrs i:n ad,vez~ising tn the Jewel County Record T~u.~ay, Jul~ 30. Wa!tch ne~ v~ek s paper tor these i~tems. Wilfred Rupert premed Away W~red Patpe~ d Linxx~n, K, ansas, son.dnd~a~v d Mr. and Mrs. A~fred Andersen af Jewell, pa,ssed a~vay Sunday evening, The above ladies served ice 7:30, at Asbury Hospital in cream sodas to the g,roup which Sa~ina. At one time he w~as attended ~he Je,well County marmger o~ Mankato Elevator. W~omen's Rep~ubli'can Meetin~ Tuesda.~. J ul.v 21. They are, lelft ~or $~8.~o. GeraM Carl;ton soM 4 Whit~aee and Ho~stein Cross ~teer~ we~ghir~g ~5 '~bs. Lor 11@0.50. L. ~an.cte.r.san sdld 4 W~ite'face Hei:fers ~vei~gh.in~g 600 lbs. {or $29A0. ~de Al~eern ~d lfi White!~a.ee Hei:~ers, webgh- ing C-85 tbs. $or $30.05. Gerald l~er sc~ 3 ~Whi, te~a~ce Steers ,weighirag 010 ~s. for $3~.10 al'so 4 W~Reface ,He~ers wei,g,hing S~3 ths. for $~0J10. Or~o Van Wey sold 2 BSack Steers at ~7 ~bs. ~or $33.30. Ri~ard Get- trig s~ld 4 W.hite~a~ce Steers at 810 ]bs. ~or $~1:11). Kenneth ,N~- lea" sold 8 White[a~ce Hei~ers welshing 605 lbs. fur $2~.80. Dewey Uaader~vood sold 17 ~a0~ted P~s, m,a~be weighing lbs. for $1q.~5. you ~have r~iveStock 'to sel*l, ca~ us. Fan sure vee can satisfy you. VAIL 'M~ Beloit, Kansas BOB ISAAC Mankato~ Kansas ! ,The 'above persons, te~ to[ r~ght, were on the programl 'gtmsday, J~y ~, at the Jewe~l f The Jowell C~u.n, ty Federa- tion of fftepultrliean W~men spon- sored a ,Meet Your Candida'tes Me~ing at 'the ~t,tle The,a.tre e~t the IMankao ffligh Sehoal Tuesday evening, Ju~y .~I. ~iss ~Bernl~ee ,H,o~a,r~d is president of the organization. Ninety-seven persons registered ,and a nu, m- ber Of oshe~ a~ttended, who didn't re~ort a;t the registration desk. 'Bhe ~o~lowin,g program Was presented: ,We%ome: MIS~ ,Bernice ~w#- ar.d, ,etub prestden.~, who then "~urned the ,meetir~g over to Morma CorOner, chairman ~f the program cmm~ttee, who presided. ~v~oa~ion: ,Roy. Lar~ Dun. ~.an, ,Pa~tor off FirSt ~a.ptis~t Otm~c~, WIa~nkato. ,Fttag SalUte: Sarah Jane Russell. Group ,Sir~ging: Charles Doug- las, ~.eader; Roderick WelSmer, ~corr~pmaist. Presen~a~.ion of the County Cent.r~ Committee by ~iss Howard I, ntrodt~ction ~I the ~Republi- can candidates by Calvin 3ames, county ,oh, airman olf lthe Repu/l~liean Centra.l COlm,m?.tee. iMusicai nu=mbers by Charles Doug{las, who sang and played kls gu~Rar. ~r~r#troduction o~[ g.ues,t speaker hy Mrs. ,Bradley Judy. ~[ora in'trodtming 'Mrs. ~Ro~gers, Mrs. J~a,dy read 'letters mad telegrams ~rorn various state and na,tiona4 Officers ~ho were unable to at- tend the meeting and ser~t tbe'~ best wishes. Gue~ speaker, =Mrs. ~chard ~tBe~h) tRvgers Of IManhal~tian, is N~a,tiongl CoanmRtee~oma~a for ~anLsas. ,Mrs. ~ogevs, a~t the con, chiffon of 'her ;fine speech, intro'du~oed her ~u~band, Sta~te Sen. ,Rtchsrd ,Rogers, ~ho made appropriate remarks. IF. R. ~air, ~oun'ty ehairvnan for Rtoha, rd Seaton, introduced Mr. ,Se~l~on, ,who is a ,candidate for a.llt,orney ,general. Mr. Sea. ton, who .bad a'ttended a simrtar ty~pe mec4in,g in Phiq~l'ipr~,bu,rg, Imrried ,b~vk ~o IManka.to .to par- ticlpate in this zneeting. 'In his short '~ta~tk, Richa.rd mentioned his ,gre~t~grandf.ather, O. A. Seaon, h'omeslteade*d ,in, Jewe/l Ooun, ty ,over ,I00 years ago. His g~n.dfather was a n~tlve o~ the Jowel,l 'area and lived 'there be- .~ore moving to M~anha~btan to go ~to the 9uq~lishin~ bu;sinss~. ASter 'M,r~. Cor~tner thanked the guest speakers ~for their ex- cellent remarks and expressed her a~pre.ci~tion Ire the c~n- rai, btees ~for their cooperation, the meeting was edemas! ~i.th group singing. 'A~ the conotmian ~f the meet- ~g, the crowd enjoyed de- licio~ r~f, reshrnents o~ ice cream s~clas. ~n her fine i.ntroduetion off Ma~s. ~ogers, ~Mrs. Judy gave the q)~ckground af this lfine d, ady. Dk~k ,and iM, rs. Rogers have two de~l~ters, 20 ~nd ~6, and a .son, 8. ~n addiction to 'her work In ~che po'l~tJ~oal ~ield, L~I~rs. R~g- ors ~as. been ~etive in ~,1 w~th- wh~e ~aumtmRy ~at~vtties. Her speci~ 'interests .are ~ .~he field of .rrms~c and she 'has direc*ted a ~trrr~3er of e~mmunRy pro- duotiom. Sir~ce the ~.ivst af She year, ~e ~has been the o~anist for 20 weddir~gs. ~V~r~..l~ogem, in her tz,lk, gave a ,good analysis. Of I~e ~rk Of the r~ati~na'l ~mumTttee an'd the r~le She ~omen ,are playing in the ~.ovk ~f the pa~y. ~n. ~Rogers. r~ho served in the ~ouse Of ,Represen~ativ~ b~ore being eleCted ~ the Sn- a~, ,praised ,the Line L~egizCators, Ard.en 'Dlerdodf/ and Rex Bor- gen, ~to re~-eeent ,t~his area in Farm program Poymea~ ~tleking To Early Sebed~e A~bottt 45 pereen~ 0/ the 1070 pro~rm~n pa~nen~s earned I~' ~od~cers in JeweR Cotmty h~ve been made, s~eeordd~ to RaSh O: J~i~Son, Ch~rman of the JeweM Cotm~ ~ Corn* mittee. "Thanks to the fine eeolmra- tion ~ participating ~rmers. ~ we are we~l on the .way to com- pl~ing payments in the feed grain and "~hea~ programs. The U.S. Departvnent d A~k'uRttre this year made a commitment to make ~ payments eafller an ever ..before-- and we are kee~g that commitment." Mr. Jx~mson said that in pre- vim~s years, partial paymen~ lind' been made i.n a@vance to Srntsh Center and e~ght north- feed grain pa~iCipants. Budget west tc~vnship, s in ,lL~e'.~l Court- restrain~ tl~is year made it tru- ly. Mr. Bergen is chairman C possible to make a,n farm pa~- the Social We:!:are Com'mit.lec and Mr. Dierdor~f is ch~irman of the Roads and High,rays C~mmittee. Both men are high- respeoted and very influen- tial in legislative circles.