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Jewell County Record
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July 30, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 30, 1970

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COUNTY RF_,COftD Thursday, J~5' 30, 1970 Clay E. Hedrick, Newton Page 6 - Section 1 SIIA.TE T~t~U~,ER , Vote for One I First Ptrblished in Je~ve11. Co. Wa~lter H. Peary, Topeka Record, Thursday, J~tdy 9, ATTOI~Nr~y G~N~I~A~L 1970) 3t Vote for One NOTICE OF PRIMARY Jin~ Botzsl~a, Ovmqand Park Vote for One OL~K ~oyd C~sen, Hardy, Nebrasks 2LR~ASDltF_~ Vote ~ One Clarence Behrends, WeJbber CC~VL~3~N Vote for One TIax Crispin, Wet~ber COMMITTEEWOMAN Ve~e for One ~ Vote for O~ Sherman Loomis, TR~]ASU~F_,R Vote for One Robert L. mbbe, Ran6~ COM(MITTF_~MAN Vote for One S~ Leom~s, Rand~ OOM'MIIWEEWOMAN ELECTION IRichard H. Seaton. Vote for One State of Kansas, C~ffeyville Opal Joy Both~vel~, KardG', Jvwell Cmmty, s~. Tom V~n Si,clle, Fort Scott Nebraska 'I, the undersigned, CotmW OO~SI~IO~ER OF Gra~at Township Election Offi,cer of the above ~NSU,RANOE, Vote ~for Orm T~USTI!YE Vote for One C. I. Yotmg, Lebano~ OI23RK Vote f~" One ~arion Attwood, E~aon VOte far O~ ~*~en R. Keeps, Caiwker City m-v#,ag R~'b-'T~E Vote ~or One Joe Seam~n, (::t~er Ci~ named count~, have received a certEied list of candidates for the various ~ominatioas to be made by ea.ch ~f the political parties ~f this eta'to, and ha a~eeordance with the provisions af ~the law, I hereby pt~blish as much as is a?plica~le to thl~ county, an~t I have addeA ~here- Fle~cher Bell, LaWrence Floyd Reed. Formoso R. C. "Bob" Bueh~ler. Kansas C~.~E~K Vote for One City Forrest Dempsey, Forma.~ George ~aag, I~arveyv,ifle ~0rman S. Noz~buvg, Togeka .Thomas D. Spink, Wichita ~R~)bert C. Stanton, Kansas Cit~ D. Wayne Zkmrternma, to the names and addresses at Olathe the ~eand~daCes ~or nomination STATE ,PRLNTER by the several p~li't~cal parties Vote for One as the s~me agpears in my /~bert .R. (.Bob)Sanders, all flee. SMina The f~llowi~g named candi-STATE ,t~EPR~S~tq'r~FI~V~, cka%es for :nomination by the ~th District Vote for One several politi, cM parties and .Rex R. Bergen, AsherviEe "ILRIE~B~P,~R Vote far One Donald Howland, ,Formaga O3~MJ'rTE;EMIAN Vote far One Dale H. Switzer, Farmaso COMMITTEEWOMAN Vote far One Irene Bark, Fownoso Vicksburg Town~ T~tUSTE~ Vote for One RaSh Anderson, 1~andaltl ODI~!q~K Vote for One Ralph L. Spieg~, Farmoso T~EASUr~IffR Vote {or One their post Office addresses ap- STATE R~NT~, ~myard Fie~d, Jr., Formosa pear under their- respective l:F2~h Distr~ct Vote for One O0L'v[MITI'E~.~A:N parties, tArden !Dierdm~L Smith Vote f~r One ,FAeetion to be held on T.ues- Center day, Augus,t 4th. ~970 a.t regu- lar voting precincts. PrecinC~ COUNTY TICKET are to be opened ,from 7 am. G~ to 7 pro. Vote for One E~rLDEN V. WILSON, IEileen V. Wi~lson, Mankato County Election Of~fieer. REPUBLICAN PARTY National, State and District Ticket CONtGR~,SL\IAN, First Di~rict Vote #or One Kei%h G. Sebelius, Norton GOV,]~I~NOR Vote for One ,Kent ~Frizzell, Wichita Col. Donald C. Canard FRet.), Topeka ,Rick Harman. Sha$,nee ,Mission Jvseph V. LindahI, Morr owvi!ile Raymond J. Van Skiver. Wichita LIE 15TE~'~.~N~', I' GO;V~51%NOR Vote for 0~e Willia~n H. Addir~gton, ~,V~chita L. A. "Bud" Biliu,~, O~erhnd Park L. F. "Cush" Cu:cher~bery, Oberlin Ben Foster, rNichita 'Re~,nolds "Ran" ShuI~z, La~reace Jolm S. Stevens, ~richita John O. Stewart, Kansas CiW ~R. A. McEIr0,y, I~andaU COM, MITTEEWOMAN Vote far One Ena M. McElroy, RandaU Allen Township 'I~USTEE Vote for One Vote for One (X~I!IR~ Vote far One Vera 1~amis, Rancta,l~ ~hroM H. Withers, Oamker llarrlma Townd~ip CRy "I~R~E~E Vote for One T~EA~R Vote for One Venton Frame, Mar~k~ta ~'alter Sehoen, Cam~or C~ Vote for One COMMITTEEMAN 'De,mar Boyles, Mankate I~tIRASUP~R Vote for Dew Stansbury, ~ Oak O(YNIMITTFAI~MA~I Vote for One .De~rtar Boy/es, Manka~ CORrMITTEEWOMA.N Vote for One ~V. E. Schovn, Ca~ker CRF O0~M, ITTEEWOMAN Vote for One S'.mn~ Schnen, Ca~vker CRy I)~OCR&TIC PARTY Vote for One National, State and ,~,,~,~ 'l~]~a BoTles, M'ankato District Ticket .. Center Township O0~&/tESSMA~, First Distrit't }:'~i,.~ 'PKUSTEiE Vote for One Vote for One Clarence Bhck. Maakato ,Bill7 D. Jdlison, Hays GDERK Vote for Dne O0CCHRNOR Vote for One .Evan Hanson, Man, ate TPJE~b'U~q~BR Vote for One ~Isie M. Howard, Mankato w-4~vr COMM~MAN Vote for One F. R. Fair, Ma.nka.to (X)M~OMAN Vote for One ~orma Cortner, Manloate C0(MMIfI*rlE, ELMAN ~l~bert Do~, .4xkansas City ~A'NT ~0~R Vote for One Jerome E. Holt,~m~, Prairie Vfila~go ~d Ph~lips, L~ui~urg ~ichard J. Rarr~, H~chin.son Jm~k Steineger. Murmie Vote for One SF_L'21]YIt~Y OF S2WI~E T. Kramer, Mankate Vote for One ...... Lucile tM. Chrk, Lebanon Quentin Leece, Ixwewel~ SE~I~E.TA~Y OF STATE Vote ~or One .F_2~zi:~l ,M. Shanalmn, Sa.lina ~rA,'I~E AUOI]TOR ,1t. G. M 'a:hin, tbanda~ Calvin Township D. Jen~lee Miller, Newton GLEI~K Vote for One 2~I~UST]~E Vote for One STATE AUDTrOR R2~h Sehtmmeher, Jewe~l OI./ER~ Vote for One Don Durant, Jmv.e]] . TR~.W, ASU~RtE~ Vote for One J. L. Crass, J.e~v~ ~A~MITTEE MAN Vote for One Rc~ort J. J~hnson, JeweU R[I~G1]STJ~R OF D~ J~hn E. Hart, t~anda~l Vote for One "II~I~%'SL ~t~R Vote ~for Ozts Ardeth Wilson, Jewei~ ~l'an E. MeMiflan, Randa~ ~Emma Ki~be, R~ndall O0~'M~MIAN OF DIST~Tr C~IN~3r Vote for One Vote for One R.G. Mahin, Randal~ Virginia Wrench, B~r Oak Riehlami Township ,Dva MG, e~s, Manlcato TKUST~tE Vote for Oa~ Vote for One Jkx4am Rose. Topeka STArIIE 23RtEA:~ Vote for One George Hart, W~..h,~lm AfrTOttNDY CAEN~L Vote for O~e Vern .M~er. W$chiCa Leonore Oordanier, Randafl James P~,ge, Ma,n~ato Pt~0tl3;A'I'~E 5I~DC.~E Washington Township Vote for One T~I~U,.qT15E V~te for O~ ,.~.nabe~le Ct~s, Jewe~l Jack D. Bradri~ck, ,Mank.ato Ji, m B,~l~ch, Formoso Brow~nmcreek Towns~ COUNTY ATTO~ GhEKK Vote for One T~U~PE~ Vote for One Vote gor One Ha]il.ie Moser, Ma 'nkao Clare Wi}ey, Jew~tl Robert H. Meyer, Mankato TI~I~.~SI.~E~ Vote for One C%Eff~K Vote for One OOUNTY ~UP~'R E~in Dunsta.n, Jewel1 Vooe far One O(yM,.~E,EMAN Edith H~ffer, Je~ve~l Vote for One OOI;NTY ~I-IIF_~I~'~F Nelson Keeler, Formoso Vote for One COMMI'I'PEEWOMAN 'W'~'iam A. Bailey, Jewe]~ Vote for O~e ~t. K. (Skeet) VantDeve~ter, ~ankat.o COUNTY O0~'IM~SSIIO~N~-~ l~t DsW]ot Vote ~or O~ V. E. Tu]lar, Jevce2t 'L~e V. Jackson, Jewdi If-Ire'aid To~liSf, Jewel1 T~D~ Vo,te for One ~Robert Doxon, Jewe~li Vote for One J. W. Lienbenger, Je~ve:l~ Merna Keeler, Formoso Buffalo Township TI~ Vote far O~ .F_Ar~ W~eth, Jewell, OLIEP~ Vote far O~ George Wilson, Jeweli T~v~&SU, I~E~R COMMITTEEWOMAN 00.WfM~S~ONIBR OF VOte f~r One E~'S~OE Vote for One ,RObert S. Fallc'one, OCathe WaRace K, (Wafly) Jones, Wivhita fflIATE ~ Vote for One ~.ten W. Parker, WiChita Harry F. Stone, Topeka S2qAT~ REPI~ESENTATINrE. ~th Dstri~ Vote for O~e Ernest E. Kissi~k, Beverly COtvE~TTEEWOMAN COUNTY TICKET Vote for One ~'1~ JrGDGE 'b[ary T~Uar. Jewell Vote for One Walnut Townsh~ John W. Ross, Mankuto 'I~US~EE Vote for One COUNTY A~ 'W. W. Warner, Burr Oak Vote for One Vote ~or One CLERK Veto for One ,b~a~fard Ho1~ly, Mank~o Happy day ! Money in the mailbox [ But does it have to be money ? How about a letter from loves you ? Or four tickets to the next World Series ? Or an good friends to dinner ? And surely, good things don't have to come by mail,~They in kind words from a friend. Or in your boss saying, "I'm raise." Or as an "A" grade on a carefully-researched term But what is the "best" happiness? Where can we find it? The best happiness is a letter from God, saying that His invitation to His Kingdom. Where can you find this letter ? In the Bible and in church and every Sunday. " ..:..:..... { :\ \ iiii: -:}:.- \. I ::*':~ ~ ::!:'.~;,i~ ~."."~ ' !~ ',. ,, ~:!~":.~ .............. Sunday Monday Luke Luke 3:1.18 23:33-43 1 :2 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Numbers John Matthew Mark 21:4-9 3:1#,-21 9:18-31 9:14-29 Scriptures selected by the American Bible Societg Copyright 1970 Keister Advertising Service. ~--'--EV~GELICkL " " " CATHOLICqEHURCH - IIARMONY METHODIST m TOWNSHIP. T~CKET Jackson Township RI~TE~E Vote ~or One (Myron Intermill, Webbor Top Prices Available Every Friday At Our Sale Doyle Alcorn, Mankato, sold 15 W. F. heifers at the Sale in Mankato Friday, July 24. They sold for $30.05 per 100 and weighed an average of 682 lbs. Herb Klug, Columbus, Nebr. was the buyer. Tom Miles, Jewell, sold 50 Mixed Heifers at the Sale in Mankato Friday, July 24. ' They weighed an average of 735 lbs. and sold for $29.15 per 100. Vernon Thiessen, Beloit, Kansas was the buyer. Republican Candidate for JEWELL County Mankato Livestock Commission Co. BOB ISAAC " VAIL MeCLINTOC~ Maka~, Kans. Bale/t, ~. Vernon Fedde, J~el~ ,OOI~MtTTE~FAMAN Vote for One Ca~tvin James, Jewell COtMLMiIT~IDEWO~A~N Vote '~m" One ,Barbara Crt~mrine, Jewell Prairie Tow~skip 'PRUSTE~E Vc,te for One ,Lloyd li~liott, Randall .Earl Buekley, Burr Oak TP~&SRL%I!)R Vote for One COOK Ardean J~fery, Guide Rock, Nebraska C~LM'ITTEE MAN Vote f~ One ~lenn Wal.l, ace, Burr Oak CO~MJTTDEWOMA~ ~ i LUTHERAN CHURCtl Vote for One ? Pastor Jones, Norway DonaM H. He.~ke~t, Mankato ~Elvle Konovalsky, OrganistI CO~Y C0."~'MIS&TOLNEIR, Worship Service . 8:45 a.n~ 1st Distr.ie~ Vote (or One Sundav Sc~. 9:45 a.m, Jim ~mvson, Randall WEBBER METHODIST TOWNSIHP TICKET CHURCH Vote fur One Prairie T~ Webber. Kansas (Mrs. Glenn WaRa, ee, Burr Oak CO YEVIITTEEMAN Loren J. SIIsbv, Minister Burr Oak Township Vote for One ~ale Crispin, S. S. Supt. TRrGSTF_,E Vote ~or One Lee J. Nichols. l:Vandal~ Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Keith Terriltl, Burr Oak Center Tewn~p (East) Church School .. 10:30 a.m. CLEP.,K Vote for One 2qR~ Vote for One Choir Rehearsal, C. W. Fearir~g, Burr Oak Gayle Cristman, Mankao Wed ........... 7:30 p.m. ~%EASILR~R Vote for One COMMITTEEM ,AN %VSCS---Ist and 3rd J. C. Gates, Burr Oak Vote for One Wednesdays .. 2:00 p. m. O0,MMITTEEMA~ Lester Broyles. Manka.to Vote f~ One (X)(M~KI~.'WOM ~AN Ja~ Byers, Burr Oak Vote f~" One I~,ARENE BURR OAK COMMITTEEWOMAN O~a C. Wilbeck, Mankato -, MANKATO Mass Schedule Sundays :. ..... 8:00. a.m. cATI~0LIC C~JRCH ESBON Winter Schedule: 8:30 a.m. at Eshon I0:00 a.m. at Smith Center ASSEMBLY OF GOD G. E. Smith, Pastor Sunday School .... I0:00 a. m. Morning Worship : 11:00 a. m. Special Children's Service in Basement .... 11:00 a. m. Evangelistic Service 7:30 p. m. Midweek Prayer Sere/ca .......... 7:30 p.rn. Care for your home with A.KRYL.X Latex HOUSE PAINT Select either the beautiful, soft flat, or sat/n sheen finishes. e Spreads smoothly, evenl Dries in minutes! * Easy clean-up in just soap and water! Over 40 colors and white! $035 .3ALLON LUMBER CO. Vote for One Center Township (West) DavM Wilson, ~t" Catherine Byers, Burr Oak CO~MITTEEMA~ ~oraing Worship ........ 11:00 Bt/RR'OAK CHRISTIAN Limestove TowusI~ Vote far One Sunday Sehool ........... 10:00 T~UST~E Vote for One Carl Westin, Mankato ]Dveniag Worship ........ 8:00 ~ ~f CHURCH Chester Kanson, Ma.nkato Ge~atld Thompson, Mankato ;You~Sorvice ............ 7:~6 ( ,erty L. Netde'n=, Minister C~ Vote for One CX)(MA~I~l~W~3~MAN ,Wednesday ]~e~h~ " ":--'='" " (Dua ne Bennett, Mankato Vote for One 2~P~EA~R~E[R Vote for One ,Leta Dietz, Mmakato Donatd Siomon, Mank~o Whitemound Township UNION CHAPEl; C~MMITTDEMAN Tt~I)SrrE,E Vote for One UNITED METHODIST Vote for One Earl M. Silsby. E~bon CHURCH ~ay W. Smith, Mank~to CLERK Vote for One Earl Enyeart, Paetor OOMM~ITTEEWOMAN Wan Lee Frost, Esbon Sup#., Ralph Hooton Vote for O~e ~E~R Vote for One 'Lilla M. Skmith, Mankate C~,aude Fvoot, ~bon Ionia Tow~s~p C0,1VEVIITTE E MAJN TRUSTE~ Vote for One Vote for One 'Harold A. Tartan, Jeme.~3 ,M~urice Fl'a~in, E~bon METHODIST CHURCH Phone JiU 7-2293 Vote ~or Oner COM]M.,ITrr'i~EWO~#L~ Earl Eayeartt ~ RANDALL ........ Orlo Van Weft, Mankato Vote for Ons Earl Silsby, S. S. Snpt. CHURCH NOTES O0~MITTEEMA~ ~ FroSt, Esbo~ Morn~g,Worship ... 9:16 a.m. UNITED METHODISI" Vote for One , Esbon Township Stm~ ~ ..... ~0:~ It.re. Ralph Jerboa, Paz~,or WendeU Co~}ie. E~bon (X,~ V(~te ~ One Worship, 9:45 zt.m. COMMITTEEWOMA~I Jerry Vobor~l, Esoon ESBON CHRISTIAN Sund'ay School, 10:4,5 a.m. Vote for One ~ Vote $or One " CHURCH * * (:k~lleen Wilson, Ionia Joe Peroutek, ~ Terry L. Neldem. Mtnlste CHRISTIAN Athens ~ OOMM~rTIEIE~MN ~ Gene Snyder, Pastor 2~I~STF_~ Vote for One Vote $or One b~rnii~g Worsl~p .. 9:30 A.M: $~nday School, 10:00 &,m. Melvin Dou~a~ Glen Ekler ~ Pe~outek, l~lZm |uaday School 10:30 A.M, Worship, 11:00 a.m. Vote for One C~~W~ ...... ~ary Ritz, ~ Elder VO~ for One " .~V]~-,y~"C.,r~'~~~- rI~ELMWURtE~ Vote for One l-Iarriet Topliff, Esbon G~rett PhilRys, Jewe~l .-, CO1VEVIITT~EM~NU.8. C4mtral Leugae Vote f~ Oae K-IS Cooide Bimeb~ Meyer Miles, J~eill COMMITI~EWOMAhT Momlay night, July Z0: Vote i~ One Ke~sk~z~ 5; ~ S {Decima Car~, Glen Elder Burr Oak 0; Jewel' 10 mgblami Towush~ ~ ~ lq; Ma~m~o 7 VOte tor One Wednesday, july ~Z: redan Davis, Jr., ~ Man,aCe 7; ~ $ ~~ Vote for One IL~ague Staadla~ ~_xt~ard Shttte, Red Cioud, W L Nebraska Smi~ Center 10 1 Vote for One 6 6 'Har~d Beam, ~r., F.~ S 7 2qP~AS 'LL-R~ER Vote for One B 6 I ~.anda~l G,a.~, ~ ~ 7 ~C01~M'ITTE~MAN Vote far One DerMd Decker, Burr Oak ~ague eehed~e. COMMITTEEWOMAN --~rs. Pat Ftm~k, Recorder Vote f~" One Smith, Waagh Oil Co. Glenna Fogo, B~r Oak , . ipvo o= The First National -Bank Oris A. BaiCno~t, E~bo, eha~e,= = = =e ,i /,4cCarthy Hardware " the St. Johu's e,~s~tal at o. a = Helen's B zuty " Carl L. Sapp, E,gOoa James Lane, we works in the ' = hlankato Lumber Co. Vote for One Stole ~1 ~, ~Tebr., is = ,=-"'-'-'manl(am ates"'- ~'~ara Belle Ba~, Edxm O&.~a Towmt@ L. Rumell C~uvch School Wars~p Ser~ce ffnvir, Wednesd~ MONTROS~ METHOD~S~ I,. Veme Worship Service (2awch School UNITED Cecil Io~a: Worship Sunday School Y.F ............. Odessa: Worship : ........ Sunday School FIRST Larry J. Sunday School Sunday School .... 10:00 a.rn. Worship .' Prayer 'M .eetiag ....... e:00 Mo~'aing Worship . 11:00 a.m. ~vening Wor.~hip Service .... Mitl Week Prayer . Wednesday .... Jet Cadets, Monday ...... 4:20 p.m Bible Study, 'l~esdsy ... 7:30 p.m ~r. High Youth, 1st & 3rod We~e~hy~ 7:30 p.m Sunday Sdmal ..... 9:S0 a.m. St. High Youth, Is & Carl Cocklln, Mor~i~g Worsh~ .._ ~0:S0 am. .3rd W~ 7:30 p.m Sunday: C.W.F., 3rd Bibl~ SchoOl ., ESBON UNITED Wednesda~ ...... 2:~} p.m, Worship Hour Youth Hour .... Bible Study. Gleaners, 2nd 4th Primary Wednesday .' Jet Cadets, .Wednesday .. ,0'.to.,. Bible(7 miles, Classes . :.. Worship ......... Northbrs~ch FdendslmrcK For Information, --H.B. W. D. ]~ur.~Jey, ]L~ " Warren Hendershott, pastor , ~_-' -- Herbert Jeffery, S. S. Supt. UNITED Sunday Sehoo! .... 10:00 a.m. Sunday School at ...... 10:00 Worship Service" lh00 ~:~ Worship at .............. 11:00 W. Y ................... Friends Youth at 6:45 p.m. Ludlle Evenin4t Service ........ 7:30 Evening Worship at 7:30 Staley Prayer Meeting, Prayer Meeting Wednesday at Sunday School -' .... Wednesday ........... 7:30 7:30 p.m: " 'Worship ........... FORMOSO'r~~UNITY ' Jr. M.Y.F., let CHURCH OLIVE HILL cHuRcH : 3rd Wednesdays R.R. 1 - Superior, Nebr. Carla Charles Seamans,-Minlster ,Rev. German Foley, Pdster and Nora Sunday School ... 9:45 a.m Vernon Stone, S.S. Supt. St'. M.Y.F., let Mankato Morning .Worship 11:00 a.m, Sunday School . ... 10:00 a.m. ard Wednesdays Uebamm Youth Fellowsfiip 6:30 p.m. Chu~kService .... 11:00 a.m. Mrs. Keith Oak Evening Service .. 7:30 p.m, Youth Service .... 6:30 p.m. and I,ucflle Evening Service .. 7:30 p.m.W.S.C.S., 3rd K~ Prayer Meeting Wednesday = 8 ~ -a~id Bible Study Mid-Week Prayer ' -- Each ~ p]tays a 12 game.,l (Wed.) ....... 7:30 p.m. Meeting, Wed.. . 7:~0 p.m~ Prayer&4thand StudY, Business Laundry ' Boogaarts 'Wafer Dragstore! Jewell County RecOrd Wehmer Abstract Suttalo Roa #l ato F. U.