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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
July 30, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 30, 1970

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j, % motive sb~l be t~ms~r ba,w~ By: e~rt H. Me~, bf~mkato, Kant, ~Ier Attm-a~. ATIIE~: J~k D. ~E (Se~) Prob~ Judge~ i t~m~ord HOI~, ~avk~, I~mmm, for Admint~. atVr. (~rst Published in Jewell Co. R~xa'd, ~, July m, ;1@70) St IN ~ ~It0BATE COUR~ OF ~ ~0~, (1~r~t ~b~'~ed in Jewe~ Co. Record, rflv.wsdlay, Ju~y $0, ,In the MeY~e af ~ E~tate Of w~ be entered in due omme upon said petit~n. end RI(YK B. I~q.~!IR, By: Robert H. Meffer, ,A~orne~ for P~a,i~i~s. AirieST: Leonore ~ier, 1970) St OF KIA)C~ I, BLOCK If, AWD B~ Ill THE KANSAS IM}~2W~CK II~GATION ~CT NO.2 You are hore~ noticed fltal on the ath day of At~t, 1970 at I:$0 P.M. there wi~ be hekl at the 0~d~ce Of said la~$ation DJstrl~t in the Olty of Com~ ~. ~. ~ ~m~ th~ week. emt md the repaymee~ period maF ~ tsm.. ~ years." ~env l~use~ e0m~tmted u~ ck~r ~ (~vgram i~ Jewall ~d I~x~ll cotm~ie~ range in ~)st b~m m,,~O to $m,050. a~o be ~vaflable to put. ~Me extsti~ ~ m~d re. ~,dxler homes to make 4ram ~ c~ro~.~ and liv. able. sara, '~my fam- imve ~tulred be~e~ bonms ~hrou~ the rural hous- h~ ~ Of the Parmera Home b~kninis~stion in Jewel! Rm'~l hotmtug pro@rarrm of the ~g~mc~ ts ~ to pro. vkle ade~ate ~ for to modor~e ~ Camih'es. ma~ be adjusted a~- hmmae fame'ca thr~ the la~a'~t ca-edit ~ so ~a, in m0st roses, ao more tl~ so percent Of ~e ~anRly k~0me Is used to pa~ the cost Rur~ hou~~g ~ be~p ~cre- ate dbe kindL Of rura~ co~nm~ ~tat encm~age people to We in rural areas, he~ check the ~ ~ rural ~le to ur- ~ m'eas, eaeourage uxlban ~m~ieu who ea~ ~ en~- me~ in mr~ areas to Uve in oauntr~de. The ~-c~=rn ~ U~a~ ~, crea~ a hee~ emrh'dmme~t 0)r Ifami1~ ~fe, and ~ural oon-m,ami~es at- reactive h~catioas ~or ~e de- v~neat and e~'tsian of mrsl ~es. ~tw~ ~Ottsi~ ~oans also stim- t~te eoooom~ a~tivities in mr- el eomnma~es t~ inereas~ ~t op~orttmi,~ies Ibr eowtrtmt~ workers and in- ereasi~ ~es d building ma- teria~ ~nd home ~u~hin~. ~ke ,DM~m of M~ ~peat the weekend m M~ ~ at ~he borne Of his mother, Mes. Frmmis ~m/e, and Mr,. ~ and s~th othe re~a- thv~ a~l ~viends. ~lte ~ ~dUeation in the haYam ~Agh Sebeol and ~s ~he ~e ~ toolbal~ coach. clever ~as. tmdelfcated liner. This ~m~mer, he hes been ~atmg t~a~s la ~ ~Ym) m ~ V~ Ol~IA~, De- Court. rand, Re~aubRc Omaty, Kamas, THE IPROB~rI~E ~ eedtsed, a hearing upon the ~ anmm.~ OF ~ (X)~, , end (~t ~Bubli~ed in Jewel1 CO. a~sessme~ in Block I and the K1AWSAS ~In the Matter #~ the E.s'~ate Of Record, T~m'~t~y, J~y 16, second' annual assessment in In ~.e (M~ter of ~be ~Jstate of ~tNON W. VAN ORN~M, De- '1S70) at Blvok H and the first ann~al ~I~HO~ P. MYE'P~, Declined. ~esaed. Cnse No. ~ assessment in B~o~k ~I made NOTICE OF l~Alt~, G N~ OF HEARING ~ ~HE ~OB~ COL~T by said d,i~.2ivt as a~ainst the The State of Kamma to The State of Kansas to OF ,NgW~IX, ~, irrl~a~e hnd~ in .B~ock I and All Pertains C~: ~ Pemmm ~?~eemed: I~A~SAS I~ck H and IEook H~ otf said You are hereby ~tified that You ~re here~ nat~ied th:at I~ the ~'atter ~ the ~te of dlstri~ to repay constr~Ion a oek2tion has been ~d in said a petitlan has been ~d in said t~.~ ~I~IBS, Oecea~cl. charges of the irvi~altion d~s- Cou~t ,by ~oRrta M. {M~r~', as Court by Max L. 'Van Ornam NOTICE OF ][~ARING tr~l~)n w~rks. The Board of heir at ~ of Thomas P. My- as heir ~t l~m Of '~laache Va~ era, deoea~ed, ~r[~ ~or the Or~am pray~ far ~e deter- determination ~f the deS~e~ c~ ruination ~f ,the descenl of i~m the &~awing de.vcibed rea~ es- f~loming described real estate rate in JeweU Ootm~, ~.sas, in Jewe~ ~otmW, Kansas, The W~st One,ha~ of the "[he WeSt One-ha~ of the ,NorChweSt Quarter (iW% ~3VV~), known as Lot Num- ber One (,1), the East One- ~a~f of ,the Nocfthwest Q~mr. ter (EWWV4), the West One-half of the ~est ~ Number 'lqwo (Z), and rite East One-ha~ of the ~eSt Q~a~ter (~ SW%), nil i~ Section Seven (75, Tcwrmhip One (1) Soa~, P~ge Six (6) West of the 6tb P.M., less ~c~ ~r~ts (if rand conveyed to the United States of Amer- ica by deed recorded in Vo~. 99 Deeds page 97, an4 ~vhi~h excepted tr'a~s con- sist of 12~14 az~ts n~re or Not~w~t Quarter (~/z NV~,) of ~0~ion Tm~aty- ~ive (25). and the EaSt One- b~ of the No~heas~ Q~ar- ter (E~mN~%) Of Section T~eaty-six (~), a~ in ~r~n- One (1) South, Range Eight .(6) West Of the 6th ,P~., in Jowdl Comity, ff(~as, and the in%~rests ~ said B1a~te.he Van Orn~m, deceased Vernon 'W. Van Orl~am. de- teased, ~erein, and ~,urther yrayi~g ~or ~e deltermination af the descer~t of all e~her pro- ~,ty, real and perso~a,~ or in- terests therein, cmmed by said decedents or by e~ther cl[ them at ,the 4.ime of their de~ths and h~ss, ~ou ~re hereby required to file and ~II ~ther property (~wted ~ot~ ~rKton defenses Ithere~to by the decedent ~ the ~hne ~ on er beh~e the l~tth day of hi~ dca*,k~; and .you are herd~y A~, 1970 at 10:00 o'dook reqv~ed to ~ ~mar ~tten a.m. of said day, in said couP. defenses ~eveto an or be$ore in the ~.Aty of Ma~ato, Kansas. A~gus~ .21, 1970 at 10:00 o'~h)ck ut wh~h time and pl~ce said .azn. ef said day, in s~dd C~ur~t. oat~se wffi be .heard. "~ou~d you m ~,he ci'y of Mmtk~to, in Jvwe~i f~.i~ ~erein, j~dgvnent and de- Coums,, K~nsas, ~'t m-hich t'wne cree will be en~ered in due and ~la~e ~aid cause ~v~ be cotmse upon said pe'tition. heard. ~ho~Id you Sa~ therein, Witness my hand in the CRy .judgme~ and decree r,~i~ be of Manl~ato in said cotmgy and en~red in due ~ .alton said State this ,leth day af Jt~l~', 1970. petition. V~.tness my hand' i~ ~AX L. VlAIN OP, t~WI. the City of Mankato, in said Petitioner. Cotmt7 a~d ~tate this ~t da~ ~. R0ber~t ff-I. Meyer, of July, LS~0. ~ONWA M. ~tAP~. T~ti,tioner. Rober~ H. Meyer, Attommy far Pef~th~er. A'I'PE"ST: Jack O. ~a'adri~k, (Seal) Pr~Sa~ ,hdge. (First ,l~.ublished in Jaw e~l Co. Record, Thursday, July ~3. IB70) ~ ~N THE I~RO~AfPE C0~-(R,T OF J~WE~.~ C~UNflW, A~;~y. ~: J~mk D. 'Bradvick, (seal) Pre~te Jud~ge. (First Published in JeweTI Co. Record. Thureday. July 16. 1970) 3t IN ~ DISTI~CT COLORer (IF J~V~E~L COUNT~. Case No. 8379 ~Leonard M. Strom, AV~rn,a ~trom, a~d Rick B. Bo~ler, ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF The state of Kanans to All Persons Com~'nsd: You are hereby n~tilfled tha~ e petiion has been Ifi~ed in ~a.id ce~t by ~)arl 'E. Sa~p asking for ~e ~adfl~ission ~ probate M the w~ Of L~crefia Gibbe, da~u~d Augus~ 27, ~19~, w'ifl i.s ~fled wRh said petition, and ~r the ~en of FJa~l E. Sayp as exeoutor ~f said w~ll; and or Other relid; and you ,are hereby required to ~Re your written defeedses thevato on or before Augusl 7, 1970, a 10:00 A:M., Of s~id day, in said oou~t, in the (~ty Of Mar~ato, Kav.sas, ~t whk~h time a~d Phce sa,id cause witt be heard. t~muid you ~ there., }udg- me~t and decree ~ be entered in due z~ourse ~on said peti. tion. ~e~fianer. ~: Jack O. B~'adrick, (~Seal) Prebate Judge. Wieih-ner, ~el~ner & ~df~rner, A~torneys ~or [Petitioner. Ddreotom has Icy.led an assess- men~ a.ga.in~t each irri~a~Ae ac- re within said ~leck I a~d B~ock H and l~ack L~I, and a hearin~ ~ill be had thereo~ a~ the time and r~a~q~ stated in order to determin~ if such is ~ and equitabte and to eq~slim the stone, and w~ll hear aft cbjec- ti~$tSr tO such a~ents ~t stmh time and p~ce; and w~ then make such c~es in same as sha~ ap~pear to be just and equitable a~d eq~aUze sarrm. Schedule of said a~sess- men~s are now on file in the ~ice of said Die, riot at Court- land, Kansas, and ~ htteres. ted person may examine the schedule. J~t~N E. AYEP~ 'D~WAYA~E ~ M. ~-'~, Board Of Directors of the Kansas Irr~ga.tion Oistri~t No 2. (,First ~ished in Jowell Co. Record, T~ursday, Jul~y 2, 1970) 5t THE D~TR~ ~OU~T OF J~WIELL COUNflV~, (First Pufalished in Jewetl Co. Record, Tlmr~hy, J~ 16, The First State Bank, 1970) St Case No. $279 I,N TH~ P~TE COI~T 0~ 3~WII~L OOI2NT~, KANSAS In the Mater o~ the l~tato of JOE R. BEE[IA~R, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOH FINAL SETTLE,M~_~NT The State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned: You are 'hereby ~tified that a ,penSion lm~ been filed in said cour by Verneda O. ~l- ew .as exect~r Of the ~ and at .the eats.re ef Joe R. Beeter. deceased. ~Sng $or final set- tlement ~f sa~d estate, ~r .aO- p~mval Of a~l ~ts and preceed- in~s ef such ex~r, far determination Of the hedrs, de- at Os~orne, ~s, a Corpor- ation, l:%ai~ti~f, vs. Keme,th VanTi;.b~g and ff-laze~ vadr',Lbo~g, Husband end Wife, Harding ~lass d ~nsas, Inc., of Manhattan, ~ansas, Defendants. Case No. 8365 NOTICE OF SALE ,B7 vt?,tue of an Order of Sale issued out Of the abe~e named Oistriet Cour~ in the abo~e en- titled cause, and Co me directed and de~'ivered, I w~, on the 3rd day of August, 1970, at 10 o'~ack A~M., on said day, m the East ~.ront door d the Court- house, in the City o~ Mlankatd, Je~ve~ Ooun~, Kansas, o,~er at public sa~e aM set~ .to .the h~gh- est bidder for cash in hand, aft .......... .~)LL---~. --~g... 'i'= "J.c ~.,atter clf .the E.s'tate e~" , ~, Ju~ 30, ,i~T.ylr~,H.p. sr~EGEL De'ceased. Y~/O) ~ ,NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT ~ Pl~0~Afr~ (~OUPdr in ~ ~aO~r Of the ~'~ate o~ al~ Imawa as ~ W. ~, Deoeased. Case No. S&M NOYICE OF A~NT Or ADMINISTRA~RIX .....~ ~ hereby give~ to the eredi~0~, heirs, devisees and ~@atees ~ Donald ~ayne DV~g~a~, ~Iso ~own as Donald W. Do~Whs, ~, and a~! ~,~a~cemecl, th~t on the do@ of J~, 1~7o, the under ~gMd was by the P~baSe Jew~ll Cound~y, Kansas, 4t~ ~plm~ and qua~hYied as o ~trix c~ the estate of W~me .Doughs, aiso as Donald W. Douglas, htte of Jewefl Court- Kansas. ~B parties l~tf~ereeted in said rotate wi~ take n~ce a~d are notified to exhibit The State of Kansas ',o the Creditors, Heirs. Devisees and Legatees of Sal.: Decedent and All Others Concerned: You are n~ot:!fied t,l~a,t on J.u]y 21, 1~70. ~he unders~ted wa.s a~poinCed and qua~li'fied as ad- ministrator c.t.a, of the .will of the .abm/e na,med decedent; that ~ters af a ,d~niniz,tratiL~n c.t.a. have been g ranlted to him us s~ch administrator c.t.a. : and ~at you must e~hi~ai~t your de- mands a~ains, t said es~tate with- in ~ne monks from the date Of the first pttbli~ca'tion here,'f, or ,be forever halved. ~drnini, sbratar c.:t.a. AT'DIdST: Jack D. Bradrick. (Send Probate Judge. ahrelbme,r, V~eltmer & Wet~mer, Attorney~ for Adrnin~Stra,tor c.t.a. f~first Pffh(lisWed in Jewell ~. Record, Thursday, Jul~ 23. 1970) St Sta~e of ,Kansas, Ptta~s, vs. J~hmmab Anderson, John E. Anderson, Anna *Louisa Anderson, James H. Speer, Sar~h E. ~inner. :Amos W. Will, ,Norman S. Field: and the unknown heirs, exeou. ~ors, admin~ors, devis- ees, trustees, ~redi$ors and essigns of st~ch o~ the de- ~endants as may be de- ceased; the anknown es of the d~fendants: the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees. trustees, creditors and as- signs of the ~o~lo~ving nam- ed deceased persons: J0. hannah Anderson, Norma~ S. Field; the tmk,no~-n ,g~ardians, conservators and Of su'ch o~ the above named d~endants as are minom or are in any- wise trader legal disability: and a~ other persons who are or may be com)erned: Defendartts. NO'HCE OF The State of Kansas to the defendm~ts above rammed and de~dpeted and all other visees ~md ~ga~ees a[ ~e de- cederR, ~for a~signmenit Of' the assets ~nd proper~y d said es- tate to ~ entitled thereto and ~r ~ other preper ~ellief: and you ~are hereb(y required to 4iile your m'ritten d~femse~ thereto on or before ~g~usrt 7. t970 at 10:00 AiM. Of said day, m said ~ou,~t. dn the CA~ of M~n.kalto, .~as, @t wlki'.ch time ~d ~ace said cause will be heard. 't~tauld ~,ou tfa$1 there. in, ju.d~mnt ~md decree wi~ be er~tered in due ~urse upon stud pe,tiion. V~E~)A D. ~, as exeoutar Of the wi~ and Of the estate of Joe ~. Beeler, deceased. AqvPEST: Jack D. Bradrick, (Seal) Probate J~dge. Wel, tmer, Wdtmer & WeRmer, Attorneys far Executor. (Yirst Pt~b,lished in Jewe~l .'~a. Record, Thur.sday, July i6, lS705 St NOTICE TO LANDOW~ OF BLOCK I, BLOCK If. BLOCK m, BLOCK IV AND BLOCK V THE KANSAS BOST~WICK IRRIGATION DISTRICT NO.-~ ~leir d~ a~ai~s~ lhe said Jewe~ C~, as: , ~ nine nu~ths from fin "PIdE '-PROBATE C~PJr OF da~e Of first pu~ication a/ S.~D COUN~I~ AND gPAf1~ as ~ed ~ i~w, tlm~ de~ds are not thin ezls~bRed ~,y s~ be bar~ed. ~L. ~, Jack D. 'I~ram-t~k, ,Probate Judge. E. Stein, We~nmr & ,Wd~me-, Ka~a~ peme~ who are or may he coates'ned: You are bereb~ not/~ied ~at ,I~ the 5r~ter ~ the 'Es~te e~ a peti~on has been filed in the t~,I~E l~I~JI~ ~, De, Di~tric~ Cott~ of Jewe~ CounCy, ceased. Ka~.s by the above named Case No, ~17 l~ain~i~s asktn~g for jud~nem NOTICE OF HEARING ~ i~Ri~s, as ~ed ia The State of Kansas to p~n, are the owner~ of the All ,Persons Concerned: following described real pro- YOU are hereib~y not!tried th,a~ perry, in Jewe2 County, Kan~as: a petition h~s been f~led in s,aid The Wes~t 0ne-ha~ of the Court by Ge"ovge E. Ca~ter, ad~ .Non, east Quarter (W minis,tra~or of the es,tate olf Ei~. 'NEP4 at Section Six (6), fie ~etle Caz~ter, deceased, .'r~ Pour (4) South, J i~: : #~" ~~x. prayin~ far an order for the Rar~ge Nine (9), except the sale ~f the fol~,c,~img described sou~ 20 feet oSf the south in Jewe~ Co. real estate belonging to said es- side thereo~, in Jewe~,l .~, Jt~y 30, ~ate, far/the @u~p'os,e d paying County, Kansas, 1970) St the dob~s of said estate and and a~l2ng the court to: dete~- ~R(~ (~T taxes an'd expenses of adminis- n~ne ghe desco~ of the above CO~, trati,~n, to-wit: descrYoed reai propev~ throt~gh the estates of a~ decedents; dstermine ,the adverse claims of ea~ ctf the defendan,ts to any estate or .i~tere#t therein; q~e~ pl~ti.f~' title, as a~eged in the pet~'an, to s~id r~l pro. l~ against a~l at the de. feaden~; forever b~ar and ex. clyde a~l the d'~enda~t~ arid ~q per~ous c~aiming by, throu~ or trader fl~n, t~n. an~ ~ate or i~terest in, or lien u~on or c~a~,n a~ainst said reai p~o- per~y; and g~ra p~n~ a~ such other and ~ter re~ as is ja#t and l~oper. d ~e Estate of or ~,~er ~q'J[tlX C.T.A. ~e v~ Kant, ~~ sa: ~ ~ Oh-m to a~Penmm Ceeemmd, that on t~zo, e~e u~d~ , ,the Prc~ate C0ur~ of coup. z~msas, du~ ami qm~i~ as ad- ~x c,t.a. Of ~m ,estate Ruth F~ de ~ate ~ Jem~ Conmy, imerested ~ said ~ take ~ottce; end ~v. ~.A~ exhibited sz~i~ A~I~EST: ~r~ the fia~ Of .(Sea~) the abo~ Cats ~igbt (65, Nine ~9) and Ten (10), Black ,Th'ifity. (~0), Original Tvwnsite of the C~- of Y~anka~, ,Vemdl County, Kansas, and you ,are hereby required to file ym~r written defenses there to on or be~re the 1.,~h day August, IS70, at 10:00 o'clock AIM., ~ said day, in sa~ Cotm~, in the City of M ankato, Jewe2 Cour~ty, Kansas, ~ which time and l~lace said creme w~ be hca,rd. Sh;o~ld Fou ~ therein, j~dgmeng and decree w~l be erRered in due course upon said petition. GEOI~}E E. OA~'l~iIR, YOu are bexehy required to Advainistmtor ~f the ~$ate plead to sa~d pet~ion an or be- of 19~ie ~ Carter, fore A~gut~t ~7, 1~0, in ~d deceased. - eom~, in the cotu~ouse in the Jack D. ~Sradrlck, citF Of ~f~mka~o, in Jewe~ Judge of ,P~Uate Omm~, I~nSas. ShouId you ~atl (First Pd~tish' od in Jewetl Co. Court. therein, ~ and .decree Revord, "I~humday, J~ .16, You are hereby n~ied that on the ~th day of August, 1970, at 1:30 P.M., there ~ be held at the offi*ce o~ said ~ri@a- t~on District, in the City of CourE'and., RepubUc Coup, I~ansas, a hearing on the an- n.t~al a.ssessment made b~, the said DL~trict as a~ainst the ir- rigable lands in B~cck I, B~od H, B~o~k ~I, ~ ~V and Brock V of said DdSta'i~ to meet the general ex~mses of the Di~lh~i'ct and the c~sts af operation, mainte~arme, repair and improvements of sa~d ir- ri,ga~ion works to su~" water to the irri,ga~le lands within mid blocks. The Board of Di. rectors haste levied an ast~ss- mere against each ctassified ir- ri.gab~e acre Wi:tl~ said bfocks a~d a heari.r#g ~i~ be lind thereon at the time and p~aee stated in order to determine i~ mmh is just and equiCab~e and to equalize the sa~c, and w~ hear a~l Objeotions to s@dh assessmerR~ at such time and place; and wRl the~ ~.~e such changes in the same as slml] a~pear to be juSt and eq~table and equa,~ize the same. A sche- dule of said as~essmertts is now on fi,le in the office o~ s@id Distriet at Court,and, Kansas, and an~ in~erosted person may e~ne the schedule. B~t~tD OF .iylP~,(3rol~s, John E. AVers ,De~aFne Lindberg Kenneth M. Tuley. ~f the fol~wh~g des~cribed real es~te si~atekl in Jewel] Coun. ty, Kartsas, to,wR: The Sau,~h Sixty~ve (6s5 feet Of L~ts One ((1), ~wo STATE OF KANSAS BUDOlgT Fol~ NO. 5A PUBLIC NO'HCE is /l Soy for the purpose of comtdering FUNDS General Operating ................... Library, t15 South First (2)., and Three (3), in ~,1ock the foreclosure of j:udg~n~nt en- $'krt~ht (~), Origin/al tered in the above ent~t,]ed Osborne, Attorneys Tawa, site d the City of cause. A,TT~ST: ~Vhnkato, Jewell Ootmt~,, DONALD H, I-IESK~rlTt, (Seal5 Clerk ~aasas. Sheriff d Je~veH District Court fFhe above described real es- County, Kansas. County, tote w~l be s~Id pursuanl to Cordill & 1~ar'tin, J YOU CAN'T PUT 12 POUNDS IN A 10 POUND SACK ! AND NEITHER CAN WE .... BUT WE MIGHT BI~~, TO S~PPLY AN EXTRA SACK! ( CHANGE BANK Ill "=" DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $20,000.00 BY CITY OF "7~. ~,A ~,-~ )'t'~. , KANSAS NOTICE "{~B~)GET HEARING given, in compliance with the p~si?ns O~ K. S.A. that ., 1970, at I) o clock, questions of taxpayers PROPOSED TAX 1970 Less: 1970 l~oeal Tax Ad valorem Tax ~ents Reduction Net 1970 Adds% Ad valorem Tax for Delinquent Requirements Taxes / "Tq; _ COMPARISON OF INDEBTEDNESS, VALUATIONS. TAX LEVIES AND TOTAL (For Citiss e ~,~ XXXXX_ __ KXXXX ~XXXX ~2./0 '7/l GENERAL OPERATING FUND8 Library ............................ ,,. O, b-o 0 lull 4, o ons Weed .................. i;.. eP, Bond and Interest ................... _'/~ ~.~ Water Utility ...................... X X X X X Electric Utilit~y ..................... ~ X X X X .... xxxx Total .......................... ..~ Ci~ A'~ zJz Tax Expenditures Tax Levy Levy [ / .-0"" ] X XX XX[-,~ Preceding Year, Current Year, Pr( 1969 1970 gxpendltare~: Genera] Government Office Expense and Printing ...................... ; ...... B.|h4|n~ E~en~n~m *nel ]q~nt ............................ FUNDS Tax Levy ~eneral Operating. .... /O,7~ tangible Valuation ................. Expenditures Year 1969 Year 1970 Yes [ndebtednem: Jan. 1, 1968 Bonds Outstanding.. $~ No-Fund Warrants Outstanding ..... Total ............ " ............. ....................... , .... .~ ~_)~g) 90, Jan. 1, 1969