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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
July 30, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 30, 1970

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Jewell Record Five County Contests Are oun(:y Highlights Of Primary Election, The ~rimary E~e:~tion ~ be ginia Wreuch, Le0nore Gordan- there are i~u'ee candid~ates: Jel.l'ison, Dem~craic candidate, hdd "I~uesday, A u~t~s~t 4. Polls ler, .and Eva Myers; and C~m l~ch.ard H. ~ea'ton, Tom Van will ~ 0pen ~frem 7:00 a.m. to missioner, ist Distrivt: Vic ~.'ckle, .and Jim ~us'ka. rI'here 7:00 p.m. in Jewe$1 Caunlty a~ Tu~iar and L. V. Jackson. There the re&~lar pollir~g p1;aces, are no primary Dem.o,cra.tic con- ,The ~nain intere.~L ~n Jeweler tests on ,the eou,ney ~cket. A CONSOLIDATION OF THE WESTERN ADVOCATE, JEWELL COUNTY MONITOR, AND THE FORMOSO NEW ERA. IF IT'S FOR JEWELL COUNTY, WE'RE FOR IT. Mankato, Kansas Ttmmday, $~b' SO, 1trio 80; No. & t Sections - 16 Pages o/ Commerce blmtkato Ohamber of held a regula~ MOnday noon, JUly 27, BuSfalo Roam Steak Boyd S~ts- Charge af the business iMee~ ~Jt ~dyw~g ~h-~,~, 0~l~o. She~ bea m~ Of the Kaasm team and w'gl run the ~0 a~d be a ~ Of the rela~ tmm. Augtmt 12, D~ne wi~l be In Kno~ville, ~ to com- pete i~ the N~tianal ~unior O~i:cs ~ov gir~ from I4d~, 6he ~ be a m~ Of the Regional 8 team and wi~ com- pee in the ~0 and the re~sy. Diane has vim ~ ~e~onds flat in the 220, wb~h is a pending rm. tiona~ record. The prese~ ma- ti~'tal record is 25.8. Diane q,~ified /br the Na- tional A~U ~ck meet a~ Smgeles. she is the second 14 Your Library Reporting On ,the ~ay to the Jewe~q Cou~,ty ~usetam, M~s. J, anot El- wood and Ithe .Fourth Grade stu- dents in the Su~mmer Schoo'l slapped ,to ~ee the Librmv ,and s~y, "Good Mornin,g" ~o us. The pur~ils ,were Ta:mara N~b~e, J~cklyn Leonard, Matt Schlot- terba,ek, .fay Smith, ~Way~e Herrmann and rPi~mmy Gouldie. -V~hen Finley Munro delive~d a ,box o'[ books :~o he L0rary he noticed .a number o~ hc*:~es in the box in ~,,hic,h Ithe b,ooks were mailed. Mr. Munro corn- merited, "some e~ these new nove~ are 'so hot they need to be shiFped in air.conditioned boxes." Pair, ,the ~Pavade and then meet here, Th~rsda.y mo~nin~, ~ug- us~t :1~. 'Phls year we wa~tt 'at tea,~ one .~dved Fou~g~,era. We have never qui~te reached that ~u~be ~et. Our ne~st .foreign newspap- er ~vhi,ch }uslt can'te today is "The Browne0 B~letin". One o,f the pictures in ~is paper was a whele bu~h eL[ centipedes ~erambling to Sa~e;tF when ris- ing ~'lood waters dro~e them ~rom their ha~ea in a reser- voir. The Ma~layan Sbamp ~g- ency has a specia[ ad l~or Fi~t Man on the Moon and Other scarce StampS. Whenever Mrs. Vera B0~ling- co~nSy egenL his g.ues~, Keith and Earl S~l,sby. A nurn- v~RrReer workers were 44-I Grounds Monday on the new bees barn th and Earl ~ere hdp. this work. Mr. I-fosie schedule of events of 4-H Fair which will 5-7. announced that the Livestock As~o- year old girl to over qua]~ll~ 'WIarry in ~a,s~te" by Jane and I)inner woukl for this a~ ~ters, alll age ~odge ,received an a:occ~ade o,f T~esd~y, j,.f~ ~. R meet. Hey coach decided not to praise ,~rom severa~ di'sler.imina- tha~ the Dis- e~er her in that mee~t this year. ting patrons. The no~el, prilnlted ~'ee Tourname,~ w~s Diane can~ed for M.anka~ in I~70, ,set in the beginning af i,n Mankato this I-~ Sc~o~l hst spring ~here the nineteenth ~entury a,gains~L ~ob Rabiv,~an w~s. her coach, the .colonful b alckgrcund off ~Re,g- Her jt~a~or hi~ coach, ])on A~- ency England, ~e,ll~ ,the story ef . 'l~ark W. B~i intro- derson, made a~nan~eme.nts for a vnan and wc~ma,n .ca~g'h,t in ~the her guests, Diane Grout her to compote for the ~hunder- ~rtgte o,f N~pbleon's e:,qTorts to m~her, Mrs. ~len~ bait C~ub in Topeka ~i~s sun~ conquer 'Europe. In 1~307, ~with Mrs. Boyd ~ve a mer and he has accompanied al~t Of ,Eur0pe reelin2 bedsore 0~ the fine track record her to mar~ meets. The C~.ub Napoleon',s en~lau.eh,t, we $oli:~w been ma~ng. ~he is spousored by the I~an.sas the activities c!f CamilTa and in 14 track mee~:s Rtwal E~lectric Cooperatives. her friends ~through t~he pages and has won 33 let The z~l~b voted to he'.p D'tane oil '~Marvy in Haste." eight ~nd place in any w~a~' possible and the Thins ~t~mmer several Iriends. one ~rd phce pveside~ appoLn,ted F. W. Boyd, notably Mrs. Carl Wesfin and" her three years of Jr. as cha.irman of a camwRttee Mrs. ~h~aTd Ozmun, have kep~ won 62 medals to investigate avhat can. be done the .IAbra:ry gqo~v,iwg ~,ith l~vely wdthdn the strict amateur rules. ~vers tfrom their gardens. a short ta,~k and This fine young lady is ~ f~ture Our Ann.uaq' Lib,rary Parity ~9r some of the O[:y'mpie praspec~ and the toc~ ~1 ,the children and their friends won. C~r of Conm~me ~ants to w, Rl need to he the Seco.nd compete thi's week- sponsor her in every possible Tbursda.y in Au,g,u:slL be,cause we Na~tiena~ JaFcees ~w. wi~ not compGte with the 4-~-I Pair. So ~et uis al~ enjoy the NOTICE During ~t~gust a repre~en~- ~.~re o~f the K~an,sas Veterans' ~m'~mi.ssion ~vi,]~l be :in Manka~o on Augus,t 1'3, 1970, from 9:00- t1:30 ,a.m. a~t .the City Olerk's Office, ~to ~ssist ve:terans and their dependents or surv~ivo~ w~th v~erans service work. ta.myone un~.hle t0 ten,tact Us a,t that ti,me may ~rite, phone or visit ~e oh%e ~listed bel,ov: Kan,sas Veterans Commission, C~urthouse, tMavys,vi~lle, Kansas 86608; Telephone 5~2~2581. --,~:ay~ton G. Morton, ~ield Re~rese~tati.ve. V~tateers Take Hospi~ ~'~ ~ ~l~ abOV@, ~i~, w~h ~ ~, ~ ~atl~ts For ~__ C~ma Grout, Jr. There were six cars ~ahle fl~umday a~ternoon, J~y ~rd, .-heCk Yore ~ ~Jt. and MtW. ~0~ Ki~" at '1:30 ~,0 Sake the Senior Cib , ~gor ~eR ,M~ ~ #pond- ~ of the Jewe~l Ctm~t~" Has- er ~ram Lar~nd:ale, Ca{lff~vn,ia ~isits her sister, Mrs. Melvin Kindler, she also visits our Li- brary. So~notirnes j~IL beo~use ~hLe {]:i.kes ~ but this time she ~made a special pil~iVaage here Co see the pain~tings 'we sti$1 ha,ve ~n disph. Mrs. B~- linger is an artist and parti~u- tarb" ,war, ted o see some Of our ~oca~. ~i~cltures. Mrs. Boyd Si~sby and her grot~p Of M,an~a~o [Eager Bea- vers 4-4-I C~,ttb he~d a planning program in*~the Library, getting ready ,f~r the ilaair. ~e tfeel as if ,we had a persanal claim on ~he ,Eager Bea.vers. l~em, bets present ~ere Cindy Pefcer- ~on, T,Fnette Wi~*on, ,T~mmy M~cCavamon, ~i'c~ard B.ar~tho~lo- mow and Tadhi SiLk, y. ~gain ~rs. Mav~e~tta Vance ~eMahml seat a shipmen.t e,f boo.l~s for ~ off tm to enjoy. 1Sister'. ~iogra~hy and trave~ books, they ,will ~i~,~ in missing ti.tles in o~tr rderen~ee section. The twow~ttme set ct[ ~avry ~r~m.an's Memoirs and Bem, ard B~avuch'~ "Bavuch. The I~,~ Years" shouM help the v~ters ev~u~,te the political si~tuation before Eeec~tioa Day. The ,be~k ,which te~,pts me most *stron,gly i*s ~he sc~o~a~y one "Helen Ke~er" by Va~ ~W~,ek ,Brook~. ~ernard Bart~ch's biegr'a~h7 '"the ~:'v~li, c Years" reviews his ~e in public a~f- ~,airs and affers an interes,ting co~nmer;ta.ry on eco~0mic .and politi.ca~ events during these years. From .thee to ~tirne Mrs. Vada Drake sends I~e Library sur- prise pa~lc.a.ges. Th~ ~ime we were hs~ay .to ~find "The Jean Harlow ~tory" by John ~.aseal, "Castle ,Do,r" by Arthur Qui,l,ler. Cou'Ch, many, many A~.,fred Hi'tchcock's Mystery Magazines and various other IR,~e delights in ,the generous box af books. ..-4~ara Gates, IAb~arian, Library Story Hour There will be no Sit0W Hour during 4~.I ~alr days. The Sat- urday ~l~win!g Ithe Fair we will have another S~oW Hour. The Annual Par:by for the srnal.l L~brary patrons will be Thin. day morni'ag, A,u,gust 1~. Ch.rl~stopher Fair ~rom St. Frar~ci~ wa~ a @ues, t lasit week. Since no ~ocal child had a b~rth. day during the week, the child- ren sang, '~Ha~y Birthday" to him ov~ though R ~a8 not hl~ ~i~t~lay, ether, Date a week v~sitl~ ~ts parents, pl~tl ?.or rides. Mr..and ~W_~s. Frank Ki~sinJger, The drivers and .~iders were date l~ stam~ a~i other rela~vm end ~rie~k. Ltwy Wiley and Gea~ie ~a~'- copy Of the Jewel Don reoolt~@y returned from IOck, ~ 'Ka~e an~l Dai~ Jen- If your date ~ a 7ear t~ Kora~t, ~bal. ~m, Joanne Rehmert and ~Inez the las~ copy lined. ~t. ~i~er and ~I$ ~i~, Fer@tmon, ~_Aaine ~vni~ and Li. YOu will receive Carol, ~ lea~e ~ ~0th ia ~lw~t, ,huella Y~smer a,nd =ubaeri~tian is 're- 'for Ge~any ~ he ~ be 3~anlta rl~son, ~rginia stm~ianed. IU~n~er and (~a~ ~he0chl. eopy Of the ~ rl~e vohm~ers ~ho ~ta~ed the subscrlp- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hant~ and and vlsSf, ed ~'i~th other resideat~ the paper is re. son ,df Cb~oago, I~.1. were Man- were F.4~er,l.lodges, E~ta Need, addressograph day evening vi~Rom ~ the ~ Pat Sta~hter and I~a,rtmra Sny- bange home. Mr. Hen~ch waa def. the fine co- Dml~'s 1st Sergeant when he 'M ~ou ~rou~d Uke to volunteer our subscrlber~ was ~m~wing ovm~eu with tim Fern" ~m~vkes, please