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July 28, 2016     Jewell County Record
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July 28, 2016

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Thursday, July 28, 2016 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD.SA iii ~i i ............. !::::2:! Joe Eilert brought and drove this 1945 Silver King, Threshing Bee. The tractor is a military 38 mph. which was made by International, tractor to the Jewell County tractor and was on an air base in Ohio. It is a six speed and was built to travel The living will or an instruction list ihe forms. Consider keeping a copy in Post Rock Answers about what type of care a person would the glove box of your automobile, on like to receive at the end of life is also the refrigerator, or somewhere open Continued from page 7 an important part of advance health andaccessibleathome.Don'tjustkeep care directives documentation. Unlike it in a safety deposit box at your bank the heil~ of a lawyer. Naming a durable thedurablepowerofattomeyforhealth because if something were to happen power of attorney for health care is a care form, the living will formdoes not to you there are few people, if anyone, much' simpler process that requires appoint someone as a voice but rather wh, have access to that box and can get completing an easy fill-in-the-blank explains in writing a person's end-of- form and getting signatures from two life wishes, the documents for you. witnesses. Specifically, the living will ad- The packet available through K- A person's named durable power dresses a person's wish to not accept State Research and Extension has a of attorney for health care can make lifesustainingprocedures, beingplaced wallet card for people to carry that multipledecisionsincludingwhattreat- on a ventilator or receiving artificial allows them to list places where their ment to provide, who will administer nutrition and hydration if at least two advance health care documentation is the treatment and where the treatment physicians deem that person in writing stored. should take place, as terminal. It's important to note that copies are It is important to choose a trustwor- If you have specific wishes and valid. So even if you keep an original thy person perhaps a close friend or your wishes don't exactly align with in a safety deposit box for example, if relative and clearly communicate any the Kansas statute fill in the blank form your son is your agent and he comes medical wishes with that person. Make it's recommended you consult an at- with a copy that will be honored. sure that person is willing to advocate torney. It's also important to note that People should also know that each for you. Your health care agent's views in pregnancy the living willis no longer state has its own statute forms and it is do not necessarily have to align with effective. There are instances when the not guaranteed another state will ac- your own but it is important to ensure mother is terminal but her baby can be cept the Kansas forms. If you move to that they will carry out your wishes on saved by life sustaining procedures, or spend a large amount of time in your behalf. Like the durable power of attorney another state fill out forms in that state Naming a health care agent could for health care form the living will is as well. This will help ensure your be difficult, especially for parents who valid if completely filled out and wit- wishes will be honored no matter what have more than one child. Understand nessed by two people, state you're in. there might be hurt feelings if one child People should review their advance is the agent and other children are not. health care directives documentation 'But I haven't pitched Having an open and honest conversa- at least once a year to make sure it still tion about why the decision was made aligns with their wishes. Also review ill a long t~lle' and why you think that its best can be the documents any time after a major beneficial for the whole family, life event such as a marriage, divorce Talking to someone who has not yet or separation. completed their advance directives can To revoke the documentation sim- be difficult and starting the conversa- ply destroy jt and complete new state tion Can be the hardest part. It might be statute forms,~Kcep ~note on who has beneficial to start the conversation by copiesoftheformssothatthosecopies saying, "I need your help with some- are destroyed and replaced with new thing," or "I need to start thinking copies. about the future. Will you help me?" Make sure the durable power of Startwithtalkingaboutyourownplans attorney for health care, close family and then spin it around to ask about and friends, the local hospital and a their plans, primary care physician have copies of You Finding Senior Housing can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. Call A Place for Morn. Our Advisors are trusted, local experts who can help you understand your options. Since 2000, we've helped over one million families find senior living solutions that meet their unique needs. (800) 735-9914 A Pbce for ,Mow, is :he nat,on's Mrgest sen;or l~wncj refewol ~n[om'.~r~on ~.e. Wt do ~ oe,m. operote. endo~e or re(om, menJ ony sen~r ~in9 convnunity. We one pa~d by 0~'tecr comm~ak~, so o~" serwes are cow.pl~cely ~ee to famrhes. FOR BID Rock Hills USD 107 has several items including HVAC Equipment Music Instruments Portable Workstation that have been declared surplus for sale on an intemet only auction located at www.purplewave.com under Kansas. The interact only auction will end August 2, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. may also call the Rock Hills USD 107 District Office at 785-378-3102 for more information. ll.16 i ionship multiple times with me as pitcher. But I finally had to give up softball. As my family grew, so did the time commitment I needed for them. I thought about it fora moment, and realized with my children mostly grown, I could probably try my hand at softball again. But would I be able to pitch like I used to? "I'm willing to give it a try," I said. "But I would like to have some prac- tice." "We won't be practicing again be- fore the game tomorrow," Tim replied. "But if you want to come early, I'll be happy to catch for you." That was the best we could do, so we agreed to meet an hour early. As we practiced, I was disappointed in my skills. Only about fifty percent of the balls dropped through the strike zone. If I tried to put on my old spin, it was about thirty percent. When I mentioned my inadequate percentages, my neighbor encouraged me. "It's better than anyone did last night." When the game started, the other team won the toss and took the field first. I only got one chance to hit in the first inning, and I popped a ball to center for our first out. We didn' t score at all. We moved to the field, and I went to pitch. I walked the first three batters. My team called out encouragement, though I could tell they were frustrated with me. The fourth batter caught my pitch and drilled the ball right back at me. It hit me in the forehead and I flipped onto my back, hitting my head on the ground. My team was able to stop the last two runners after two had scored. Then they gathered around as I lay on the ground. "We' re all friends," Tim said to me. "You can swear if you want." "He's too religious to swear," Rob said. He then asked, "Daris, do you want me to swear for you?" They were concerned that I couldn' t continue, but I knew they were count- ing on me, so I pulled myself to my feet. I swayed a little, but eventually stood steady. Everyone moved back to their positions. The next batter was one of the other team's best, and he pounded the plate with his bat, grinning at me as he did. I threw a beautiful pitch with a perfect spin. He struck and missed. There were two more beautiful pitches and two more strikes. I struck out the next two batters as well. From that point I pitched an almost flawless game. I struck out more than half of the other team's batters, and those who did hit popped it to an immediate out. We won six to two. As the team gathered around to congratulate me after our win, Rob said, "Next time Daris pitches for us, let's just hit him in the head to start with so he pitches well right from the start." $1,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who damaged the headstone of Laverna Mizner in the Burr Oak, Kan. Cemetery. Please call 785-378-3194 By Daris Howard My wife called me in from the gar- Threaded fasteners den for what she said sounded like an at the core of one urgent phone call. When I said hello I :heard the,voice of my neighbor, Tim. ~ Kan. business,,= i "Daris," he said, "I understand that By Non Wilson : you used to pitch for our community "Nice threads." In the 1970s, that softball team a few years back." was a slang phrase a person would use "More like a hundred years back," tocomplimentsomeone'sclothes.Now I replied. "Back in the time of the a"thread" refers to a line ofdiscussion dinosaurs." on social media. But today we are "Here's our problem," he said. referring to a totally different kind of "The only pitcher we have is out of thread: The kind that holds things on a town. We had a lot of guys try to pitch metalrod, such as nuts and bolts. Those at practice last night, and frankly, they threaded fasteners are at the core of an stunk. The balls were too high, too entrepreneurial business in rural Kan- low, inside, and outside, but never in sas. the strike zone." Weldon Gullickson is owner of K- "That doesn't sound good." W Manufacturing, which produces "It wasn't. And to make matters various kinds of threaded fasteners. worse, we barely have enough to field Weldon is a native Kansan, having a team, so if we put someone in to been born in Horton. His wife, Marga- pitch, they have to come from another ret, grew up near Everest. position, leaving it vacant."After a stint in the U.S. Air Force, "But I haven't pitched for a long Weldon went [o work for a bolt and nut time," I replied, distributing company in Kansas City. "All of the older players on our He enjoyed the work and was offered team were talking about how good you the opportunity to open a distributor- were. They said you put a beautiful ship for the company in Dallas. After spinontheballandmadeitdropthrough several years in Texas, he and Marga- the strike zone at the last second, caus- ret returned to northeast Kansas where ing the batter to strike and miss, or to he had a long career in the bolt and nut not swing, thinking it would be a ball." sales business. I had been quite good when I was By 1991, Weldon was ready to re- younger. We had played for the cham- tire, but he wanted to keep himself Vote Jewell County Adv. for b, Tom in the August 2 primary. Thank you for your support. I look forward to continuing to serve as your Jewell County Sheriff. Adv. paid for by Don Jacobs Sam Becker drives a 1951 JD MT in the Threshing Bee parade. Grandson Maverick ,who sits on grandpas lap, has started getting the feel of driving the MT. active. He decided to try to produce specialty bolts and nuts himself. He opened a small shop in his garage and launched the business. He named it K- W Manufacturing, using the initials of himself and his youngest son, Kevin. K-W Manufacturing began to grow, and it soon outgrew Weldon's garage. He rented space in the nearby town of Everest. The company continued to expand. Today, K-W Manufacturing in Everest produces a host of threaded fasteners. The company facility has grown from Weldon's garage to in- clude three industrial buildings cover- ing 22~000 square feet of manufactur- ing and steel storage space. K-W Manufacturing produces square and round U-bolts, stud bolts, eye bolts, spade bolts, anchor bolts, hook bolts, J-bolts and more. The com- pany also makes a variety of special- ized welded parts, utilizing the MIG welding process. It can do various metal bending and threading operations, uti- lizing coarse, fine or acme thread type. The company works with both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and various types of surface finishes. Mechanical plating is K-W Manufacturing' s most recent initiative. This is not the process which uses chemicals and acids, but rather a me- chanical process to strengthen the metal. "One of our customers was us- ing high alloy bolts that came from overseas, but the heads kept popping off," We ldon said. K-W's mechanical plating on ~e~bolts solved the prob- lem ........ "Almost all our parts go into farm implements," Weldon said. "They might be anything that is bent or threaded or fastened." For example, their fasteners go into tillage equip- ment, grain bins, irrigation equipment and all kinds of other items. "Our prod- ucts are found in any ag state, prima- rily in the midwest, but we go as far west as Idaho,"Weldon said. The com- pany has grown through word of mouth. "Farm equipment manufacturers can relate to a family-owned company," Weldon said. K-W Manufacturing remains a fam- ily business. Weldon and Margaret's grandson, Dustin, joined the company shortly after graduating from college. In January 2012, their youngest son, Kevin (the very same one for which the company had been named 21 years ago),joined the company also. He now serves as manager. Weldon and Margaret have been married for 66 years. He also serves as a lay preacher for various churches in th " " e region. One church asked me to be a temporary preacher while they were looking for a pastor," Weldon said. "I ended up being their pastor for 13 years." Weldon enjoys the rural lifestyle. Everest is a town of 311 people. "We go back to visit friends in Kansas City every so often, and I hate to sit in those traffic jams," he said. "Our people are good, disciplined workers. I love our people." Big service ,offered .... : by all toW ' a sm - :', ," ; L Kan. lumberyard ....... ' By Ron Wilson It's been called a "step back in. time:' a local resource for hardware: : and materials, and a lifesaver when, , somebody is in a jam. It' s a small.towx~ Kansas lumberyard which now has new life under local ownership. Randy Kemp is the manager of Eskridge Lumber, LLC, in Eskridge. ,..~ Eskridge has had a lumbe~ard.for:a; ~ long time. Eldon Roberson and Dean,., Miller had owned the lumberyard sin~ ~ 1970. Randy Kemp came. to work at the : lumberyard in 1981. He is a local,- , having been born and raised here. _ . "I tell people that I've never gotien offthe main street of Eskridge," Randy:, ! said. "My dad ran a gas. station and shop here and we lived down the street." ~, Randy continued to live on main street ,, when he finished school and. starle.d going to work onconstruction projects.. After he got married, his wife didn't, want him to travel so much sohe took a job at the lumberyard, right there on, main street. In 2004, he took over as ~ ~ manager. "We'rea small town lumberyard;", Randy said. "We have hardware, build-., ,; ing materials, lawn and garden sup-. plies, home furnishings and other things." When a local farm store close.d; the lumberyard added barbed wire and k related fencing supplies. Paint, keys and some appliances are offered by the :. store. "We have everything from wooden matches to water heaters," Randy said. Because of the old counters and ,: wooden floors, some call visiting the store a step back in time. Randy strives to maintain old-fashioned customer ser- vice. But by 2015, the future of the store " was in doubt. Owners Eldon Roberson and Dean Miller were in their 80s and ., they decided it was time to sell. In fall 2015 they put the store on the market; but no fn-m buyers came forward. They, , finally set a deadline of March 16, 2016: The store would either sell or close. . One night a group of people got., together and decided to organize,an LLC and look forinvestors to purchase the lumberyard. Randy Kemp was one, and he was ultimately joined by about 30 other people who were local or had, ties to the area. They bought the lum- beryard and now operate it as Eskridge. , Lumber LLC. ~ ~, "Those people remained commit- ted through the whole process," Randy. ,; said. "And it's not just older people. Some of our investors are in their 30s." ) How car a small town lumberyard ,: compete in today's economy?Service i,~ and friendliness are two keys identi- fied by Randy. "We have rea.lly good : loyal customers who s,upporL us," Randy said. "We get to know our cus- . ; tomers, and vhen som~ody'~elt QG, they'know htv i6 eh ch hi%Jr jusj,, d Brian Badger and his granddaughter, Brystol Badger, drove Alex Badgers 1956 JD 60 in the dewell County Threshing Bee parade Saturday, July 16. NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The governing body of WHITEMOUND TOWNSHIP JEWELL COUNTY will meet,on August 10, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at lone Shipley's Home for the purpose of bearing and answering objections of taxlaayers relating to the proposed use of all funds and the amount of ad valorem tax. Detailed budget information is available from a Township Officer and will be available at this hearing. BUDGET SUMMARY Proposed Budget 2017 Expenditures and Amount of 2016 Ad Valorem Tax establish the maximum limits of the 2017 budget. Est Tax Rate is subject to change depending on the final assessed valuation. ~ 2015 2016 Proposed Budget 2017 Prior YearActual Current Year Actual Amount of Est. Actual Tax Estimate ofTax 2016 Ad Tax Funds Expenditures Rate* ExpendituresRate* Expenditures ValoremTax Rate* General 1,348 5,000 19,130 .... Debt Service Road Special Mach 1,348 0.000 5,000 0.000 19,130 0 0.0()0': Totals Less: Transfers 0 0 0 " - Net Expenditure 1,348 5,000 19,130 Total Tax Levied 0 0 xxxxxx wAoS=~LdpValuatin 1,359,020 I [ 1,565,735 [ I 1,731,461 [ Outstanding Indebtedness, Jan 1 2014 2015 2016 G.O. Bonds 0 0 0 .. Other 0 0 0 Lease Pur Prine 0 0 0 lone Shipley, Total 0 0 0 *Tax rates are expressed in mills. Township Officer # / r t