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July 28, 2016     Jewell County Record
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July 28, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD (First published July 21, 2016, in the Jewell County Record) In the District Court of Jewell County, Kansas Case No. 2015-CV-07 Jewell County Courthouse, 307 N Commercial, Mankato, Kan. 66956 The Board of County Commission- ers of the County of Jewell in the State of Kansas, plaintiff, vs: Roger D. Garrett, Demand No. 1 Dawn D. Garrett, Demand No. 1 Liquidation Properties, Inc., De- mand No. 1 Trinity Financial Services LLC, De- mand No. 1 Brio Ventures LLC, Demand No. 1 Clifford E. Vogler, Demand No. 2 Christy J. Timmons, Demand No. 5 Robert Gruenberg, Demand No. 6 Pam LaRue, Demand No. 7 Hudson & Keyse LLC, Demand No. 7 Ronald G. West, Sr., deceased, De- mand No. 8 Dorathy West, Demand No. 8 Rosa Michael, Demand No. 9 Benjamin A. Black, Demand No. 11 State Bank of Downs, Demand No. 11 Michelle M. Thurston, Demand No. 13 Michelle M. Thurston, Demand No. 14 Arizona Group Ventures, Demand No. 16 Sid Goddard, Demand No. 17 Kansas Department of Revenue, Demand No. 17 Michael Sowter, Demand No. 18 Clayton Belyea, Demand No. 19 Amanda Belyea, Demand No. 19 Mark E. Whitlaw, Trustee of the Mark E. Whitlaw 1996 Living Trust, dated February 29, 1996, Demand No. 20 Dustin W. Cook, Demand No. 21 CathyJo E. McDonald, Demand No. 21 Kansas Department of Revenue, Demand No. 21 Wilse E. Crain, deceased, Demand No. 22 Jane E. Lave, Demand No. 24 Kansas Department of Revenue, Demand No. 24 Affiliated Group LTD, Demand No. 24 Justin Menhusen, Demand No. 26 Betty L. Crihfield, Demand No. 27 - Charles Crain, Demand No. 28 Merlyn R. Menhusen, aka Merlyn Menhusen, aka Merlyn Rex Menhusen, Demand No. 29 "GUaranty State Bank and Trust Company, Demand No. 29 Gary Morgan, Demand No. 30 Department of the Treasury, Inter- nal Revenue Service, Demand No. 30 Belva C. Vestal, Demand No. 31 - William F. McCracken, Demand No. 31 I1o L. McCracken, Demand No. 31 Lucille McCracken, Demand No,,31...~ ..... Harriet Lucille McCracken, de- ceased, Demand No. 31 Dustin Ault, Demand No. 32 Valerie Standley, Demand No. 32 Andrew Rohleder, Demand No. 33 Michelle Rohleder, Demand No. 33 Andrew Rohleder, Demand No. 35 Michelle Rohleder, Demand No. 35 Ranae L. Jacobs, Demand No. 36 Derek M. Ault, Demand No. 36 Michael L. Wilden, aka Michael Layne Wilden, Demand No. 37 Tina M. Wilden, aka Tina Marie Wilden, deceased, Demand No. 37 Central National Bank, Demand No. 37 Thomas M. Green, Demand No. 38 Glenn H. PuckeR, Demand No. 38 Ned Stribling, Demand No. 38 Robert A. Vain, Demand No. 38 Warren Morrell, Demand No. 40 Sharon Morreil, Demand No. 40 The Pacesetter Corporation, De- mand No. 40 Anita Adams, Demand No. 41 Ira C. Layton, Trustee under the Ira C. Layton Revocable Trust Indenture, dated May 2, 1988, Demand No. 43 Robert Lovewell, Demand No 44 Helen Mae Briggs, deceased, De- mand No. 45 Bobbie Dean Briggs, deceased, De- mand No. 45 June L. Langworthy, deceased, De- mand No. 48 June L. Langworthy, deceased, De- mand No. 49 'Clifford E. Vogler, Demand No. 50 William C. McNeice, Demand No. 51 Bernice McNeice, Demand No. 51 American State Bank & Trust Com- pany, Demand No. 51 Cornerstone Bank, Demand No. 51 ' D. Michael Meyer, Demand No. 55 If the above defendants are living, and if dead, then their unknown spouses, heirs, executors, administra- tors, devisees, trustees, creditors, suc- cessors and assigns; and The unknown executors, guardians andtrustees of such of the above named defendantS who are minors or are in anywise under legal disability; and The unknown executors, adminis- trat6rs, trusteeL creditors, Successors and assigns of such defendants as are or were partners or in partnership; and "i'he unknown executors, adminis- trators, trustees, creditors, successors, receivers and assigns of any of the above name Defendants who are or were existing, dissolved or dormant Corporations; and The unknown spouses of the defen- dants, and all other persons concerned, defendants ( Sheriff's Notice of Sale Public notice is hereby given that under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me out of the District Court of Jewell County, Kansas, in the above Thursday, July 28, 2016 Five (5), Brigham, CriU and Randall's place of beginning. Total taxes and of Burr Oak, Kansas. Total taxes and 1st Addition to the City of Randall, . interest: $4,389.44. Costs taxed at interest: $1,933.31. Costs taxed at ($I/2 NWI/4); Southwest Quarter gerous. Jewell County, Kansas, Total taxes $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of $250.00: $250.00. Total mount of (SWI/4); all in Seetion Twelve (12), Now, Therefore, Be It Resoive~ll~ly and interest: $117.44. Costs taxed at judgment: $4,639.44. judgment: $2,183.31. Township Two (2)South, Range Nine The Governing Body of the City of $250.00: $250.00. Total amount:of Beginning at a point 20 feet East of Lot Seven (7) and North Half (NI/ (9)Westofthe6thP.M.,Jewell County, Mankato, entitled action, I will, on 23rd day of judgment: $367.44. the Northwest comer of Lot Four (4), 2) of Lot Six (6), in Block One (1), Kansas.Total taxes and interest: That a hearing will be heldon August, 2016 at 10:00 o'clock a.m. on Lots Three (3) and Four (4), in in Block Fifty-nine (59), in the Origi- McCormick's Second Addition to the $274.52 Costs taxed at $250.00: 6th day of September, 2016, before the saidday, atthefrontdoorofthecourt- Block Five (5), Brigham, Crill and hal Townsite of City of Jewell City, City of Burr Oak, Kansas. Total taxes $250.00. Total amount of judgment: govemingbodyoftheCityatT:30p.m. house in the City of Mankato, Jeweli Randall's 1st Addition to the City of Kansas; thence running South 120 feet and interest: $1,952.41. Costs taxed at $524.52. at the City Office, 217 S. I-fi'gh Street, County, Kansas, offer at public sale, Randall, Jewell County, Kansas.Total to the South line of said Lot 4; thence $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of Undividedone-half(l/2) interestin Mankato, Kansas, at which the owfier, and sell to the highest and best bidder taxes and interest: $117.44. Costs taxed East 24 feet; thence North 120 feet to judgment: $2,202.41. all of the oil, gas, and other minerals his or her agent, any lienholders of for cash in hand, all of the following at $250.00: $250.00.Total amount of theNorthlineofLot3;thenceWest24 Lots 12 and 13, in Block 1, and mineral rights in and under: North- record, any occupant and anylother described real estate situated in Jewell judgment: $367.44. feettotheplaceofbeginning;being 13 McCormick's2ndAdditiontotheCity east Quarter (NEll4); South Half of parties in interest, as that terin is de- County, Kansas, to-wit: Lot One (1), in Block Nine (9), in feet off the East side of Lot Four (4) of Burr Oak, Kansas. Total taxes and the Northwest Quarter (S 1/2 NWl/4); fined by law, of the structure !ocated Lots Six (6), Seven (7), and Eight Brigham, Crill and Randall's First and 11 feet off the West side of Lot interest: $1,166.59. Costs taxed at SouthwestQuarter(SWl/4);andWest at: . . (8), in Block Forty-two (42), in the Addition to City of Randall, Kansas. Three (3), in Block Fifty-nine (59). $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of Half of the Southeast Quarter (W1/2 Part of Northwest Qua(ter (NWl/ Original Townsite of the City of Total taxes and interest: $294.53. Costs Total taxes and interest: $693.68. Costs judgment: $1,416.59 SEll4); all in Section Thirty (30), 4) of Section Twenty-two (22), Town- Mankato, Kansas. Total taxes and in- taxe~! at $250.00: $25000. Total taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total Lots Eight (8), Nine (9), Ten (10), Township One (1) South, Range Eight ship Three (3) South, Range Eight (8) terest:$6,401.57. Costs taxed at amount of judgment: $544.53. amount of judgment: $943.68. Eleven (11), Twelve (12), and Thir- (8) West of the 6th P.M., in Jewell West of the 6th p.m., Jewell County, Lots Seven (7), Eight (8) and Nine Lots 1, 2, and 3, in Block 24, in the teen (13),inBlockTwo (2),inHawley's .County, Kansas. Total taxes and inter- Kansas, described as follows: Com- $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of (9), in Block Four (4), Brigham, Crill OriginalTownsiteofJewellCity, Kan- Addition to City of Formoso, Kansas. est: $150.78. Costs taxed at $250.00: mencing at a point on the l ast line of judgment: $6,651.57 and Randalrs Second Addition to sas.Totaltaxesandinterest:$2,983.16. Undivided one-sixteenth (1/16) in- Randall, Kansas. Total taxes and inter- Costs taxed at$250.00: $250.00. Total terest in and to all of the oil, gas and est: $1,405.53. Costs taxed at $250.00: amount of judgment: $3,233.16. minerals in and under the surface of: North Half of the Southeast Quarter (NI/2 SEll4) and the Southeast Quar- ter of the Southeast Quarter (SEll4 SE 1/4) of Section Nineteen (19), Town- ship Five (5) South, Range Six (6) West of the 6th P.M., Jewell County, Kansas Total taxes and interest: $84.16.Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment: $334 16. Lot Six (6) and the undivided one- half (1/2) interest in the South 18 inches of the East 80 feet of Lot Five (5), all in Block Thirty-seven (37), Original Townsite of City of Mankato, Jewell County, Kansas. Total taxes and inter- est: $51,973.56. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00.Total amount of judgment: $25000.Total amount of judgment: Lot Three (3), in Block Twenty- $1,655.53. five (25), Original Townsite of City of Lots Seven (7), Eight (8), Nine (9), Jewell, Kansas. Total taxes and inter- Ten (10), Eleven (11), and Twelve 'est: $112.92. Costs taxed at $250.00: (12), in Block Two (2), Brigham, Cril] $250.00. Total amount of judgment: and Randall's Second Addition, $362.92. Randall, Kansas. Total taxes and inter- Lot Five (5) and the West twenty est: $886.76 Costs taxed at $250.00: (20) feet of Lot Four (4), in Block $250.00. Total amount of judgment: Fifty-nine (59), in the Original $1,13676. Townsite of Jewell City, Kansas.Total LOt Ten (10) in Block Two (2) in taxesandinterest:$943.09.Coststaxed Original Townsite of Randall, Kansas. at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of Total taxes and interest: $373.50. Costs judgment: $1,193.09. taxed at $25000: $250.00 Total NorthHalf(N1/2)ofLotSeven(7) amount of judgrnent: $623.50. and the East Twenty-eight (28) feet of An undivided one-fourth interest in the North Half (N 112) of Lot Eight (8), minerals in: SW1/4 NW1/4 of Section in Block Forty-four (44), Original 24, Township 3 South, Range 9 West TownsiteofJewellCity, Kansas.Total ofthe6thP.M.,JewellCounty, Kansas taxes and interest: $1,085.22 Costs Total taxes and interest: $980.81. Costs $250.00. Total amount of judgment: said quarter section aforesaid 15 chains taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total $400.78. South of the Northeast comer'of said amount of judgment: $1,230.81. .Anundividedone-half(l/2)ofmin- quarter section; thence West 20 rods; LotsThirteen(13)throughTwenty- eral rights during the joint lives of thence South 8 rods; thenceEast 20 four(24),bothinclusive, inBlockEigh- William C. McNeice and Bernice rods to the East line of s'atd'~ection; teen (18), in Original Townsite of City McNeice in and to: West Half (W 1/2) of Formoso, Kansas. Total taxes and of Section Thirty (30), Township One interest: $820.63 Costs taxed at (1)South, Range Ten (10) West of the $250.00: .$250.00. Total amount of 6th P.M., Jeweli County, Kansas. To- judgment: $1,070.63. An undivided one-half (1/2) inter- est in and to all of the oil, gas, and other minerals and mineral rights in, upon and under: West Half of Northeast Quarter (Wl/2 NEll4) of Section Twenty-six (26), Township Four (4) South, Range Ten (10) West of the 6th P.M., Jewell County, Kansas. Total taxes and interest: $105.27 Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment: $355.27. Lots 9 and 10, Block 3, Original tal taxes and interest: $75.09. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment: $325.09. I5.45% of an undivided one-half of all oil, gas, and mineral rights in Lots 3 and 4 in Section Three (3), Township One (1) South, Range Six (6) West of the 6th P.M., Jewell County, Kansas. Total taxes and interest: $50.90. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment: $300.90. The above described real estate is taken as property of the respective de- thence North 8 rods to the place of beginning, also known as Tract N9.12 (489 South East Street/Mankato, Kansas) may appear and show cause why such structure should not be:con- demned as an unsafe or ,dangerous structure and ordered repaired or de- molished. Be it Further Resolved; 'thai the City Clerk shall cause this resolution to be published and shall give notice of the aforesaid herein in the manner pro- vided by law. Adopted this 5th day of Juiy, 2016. Donald Koester, Mayor Attest: $52,223.56 Total taxes and interest: $50.74. Costs "taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total TownofLovewell, Kansas. Total taxes fendantsdesignatedhereinastheowner ThomasRoane, Lot Thirteen (13)andTwenty Feet taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment: $1,335.22 and interest: $119.24. Costs taxed at thereof and is to be sold and will be City Clerk ZNEZ 2-2c offtheEastSideofLotTwelve(12),in amount of judgment: $300.74. ) Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3), $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of sold without appraisement to satisfy BlockFive(5),in Bishop'sAdditionto A oart of the Southeast Quarter Four (4) and Five (5), and the East 27 judgment: $369.24 said Order of Sale and the respective ' ' the City. of Mankato, Kansas. Tota! (SEll4) of Section Twenty-five (25), feet of Lot Six (6), all in Block Eight Commencing at a point 98 2/11 adjudged liens thereon. taxes and interest: $15670. Costs taxexl TownshinFourt4 South Ran,,eEi ,ht l lu'ullluld lllle$ at $250.00: $250.00.Total amount of (8)West t the6 .M.,Jewell o "ty, (8) intheCityofJewell, Kansas.Total rods West and 230 feet North of the Wituess my hand at Mankato, Kan- taxesandinterest:$142.50.Coststaxed Southeast comer of Section Fifteen sas, this 18th day of July, 2016. cOl'll lgl.lll.e downward judgment: $406.70. Kansas, described as follows: Begin- at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of (15),TownshipThree(3)South, Range Donald J. Jacobs A steady but gradual decline in t~ffrm- Lot Nine (9) in Block Forty-nine ning at a point on the section line judgment: $392.50 Seven (7) West of the 6th P.M., thence Sheriff of Jewell County, Kansas land values continued into the first half (49) in the Original Townsite in the 196.08 feet North of the Southeast PartofTract22inNEl/4of3-3-10 East 140 feet, thence North 100 feet, Attest: of 2016 across the states served by City of Mankato, Kansas, except the comer of said Section25; thence West described as follows: Commencing at thence West 140 feet, thence South Dixie Dethioff Farm Credit Services of America south seven (7) feet thereof, subjectto parallel to the south section line, a a point 60 feet North and 60 feet West 100feettotheplaceofbeginning. This Clerk of the District Court (FCSAmerica). Iowa has experienced a permanent easementofthe Secretary distance of 162 feet; thence South par- of the NW comer of Block 2, Esbon, tract having also been described as Jewell County, Kansas the greatest decline in average farm of Transportation for the State of Kan- allel to the east section line, a distance Jewell County, Kansas; thence West ........... Darrell E. Miller values - about 20 percent'since the sas, in Case No. 2014-CV-07, District of 88.08 feet; thence East parallel to 180feet;thenceNorth 170feetmoreor zonows: ~..ommencmg at me .~o.rtn.- Court of Jewell County, Kansas. Total the south section line a distance of 162 less to the South line of the North Half west comer of Block Eighteen t l m Jewell County Attorney market's 2013 peak. Nebraska and taxes and interest: $15849.Costs taxed feet;thenceNorth88.08feettotheplace of the Northeast Quarter, Section 3-3- Montrose, Kansas; thence East 140 andAttomey for Plaintiff 29-3c South Dakota farmland has declined ._ at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of of beginning. Total taxes andinterest: feet, thence South 100 feet, thence -- by a more modest 12.5 and 4.8 percent ~ judgment: $408.49. $26551. Costs taxed at $250.00: 10; thence East 180 feet; thence South West 140feet, thence North 100feetto (First published July 21, 2016, respectively during the same period. North Half (NIl2) of Lot Nine (9) $250.00. Total amount of judgment: 170feettotheplaceofbeginning.Total theplaceofbeginning. Also described in theJewell County Record) Demand for farmland alsojsBown. : and all of Lot Ten (10), in Block $515.51. taxes and interest: $1,19316. Costs as Lots 21, 22, 23, and 24, in Block18, ResolutionNo. 2016-7-5 Public land auctions declined 8 per- " Twenty-one (21), original townsite of Lots 1 and2,Block25,intheOrigi- taxed at $25000: $250.00. Total Montrose, Kansas. Total taxes and in- A resolution fixing a time and place cent in the first six months.of 201-6 City of Mankato, Kansas Total taxes ......... 7: , nalTownofJewell, Kansas. Total taxes amount of judgment: $1,443.16 terest:$133.76. Coststaxedat$250.00: and providing for notice of a hearing compared to the previous' year:This ' and interest: $1,2 32t7. Costs taxeo at ;nt@r@ t" A' O AO C'n t taxed at LOts Twenty-two (22), Twenty- $250.00. Total amount of judgment: before the Governing Body of the City percentage includes publicauctions in $250 00 $250 00 ................................ m ." : ". ". ....... $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of three (23) and "Twenty-f0ur (24), in $383.76. . . of Mankato, Kansas, at which the Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and |otal amount ozjungment: 1,303.8/. judgment" $1,689 40 " Block Ten (10), original townsite of An undivided 1/8 mineral interest owner, his or her agent;lienholders of Wyoming, as well as K SaSo where Lot10,Block26,OriginalTownsi~Begi~ingatal~mt23"feeteastof CityofEsbon, Kansas. Total taxes and inandto: Southeast Quarter of South- record, occupants and other parties in FCSAmerica works in alliance with of the City of Mankato, Kansas.Tota! thenorthwestcomerofLotEight(8) in interest: $675.73.Costs taxed at west Quarter (SEll4 SWI/4), of Sec- interest of structures located within Frontier Farm Credit to monitor farm. taxes and interest: $836.78. Costs taxea Block Fifty-nine (59), in the Original $25000: $25000. Total amount of tionOne(l),TownshipTwo(2)South, said city and described herein may land values at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount ot TownsiteofJewellCity, JeweUCounty, judgment: $925.73. Range Nine (9) West of the 6th P.M., appear and show cause why such stmc- Across the five states, lower farm ~, judgment: $1,086.78. Kansas, at the center of the wall now Lots Nineteen (19), Twenty (20) Jewell County, Kansas. Total taxes ture should not be condemned and or- incomes andper-acreprofitabiiitycon- ' Lots One (1), Two (2), and Three there standing, thence running east and Twenty-one (21), in Block Ten and interest: $234.90. Costs taxed at dered repaired or demolished as an tinue to put downward "pressure on , (3), in Block Five (5), Brigham, Crill, twenty-six (26)feet, thence South sev- (10), Original Townsite of City of $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of unsafe or dangerous structure,farmlandvalues.Unlikelastyear, when . and Randalrs Second Addition to the enty (70) feet, thence West one (1) Esbon, Kansas. Total taxes and inter- judgment: $484.90. Whereas, the enforcing officer of a strong livestock market led tO in- ' , City of Randall, Kansas. Total tax.es foot, thence South fifty (50) feet, thence est: $166.43. Costs taxed at $250.00: An undivided 1/8 mineral interest the City of Mankato, Kansas, did on creased demand for pastureland, val-... and interest: $3,857.11. Costs taxed at Westtwenty-six(26)feet, thence North $250.00. Total amount of judgment: in andto: Northeast Quarter of North- the29thdayofJanuary,.2O16,filewith ues on both pasture and cropland are ' " $250.00: $250.00 Total amount ot sixty (60) feet, thence East on~ (1) $416.43 west Quarter (NEll4 NWI/4); West thegovemingbodyofsaidcity, astate- generally down in 2016.This reflects /:, judgment: $4,107.11. . : ' .: ":., ,.,.~,fo0t,~/~nce~Noa~,~,~y.:~60)J~ ! " Lots One (l ) and Two (2). in Biook. . . I-IalfofNortheastQ.qal~r.(Wl/_2NEll mentinwritingthattt~structu~;hexo, low~,o;~mmod~ty prices fo~ grain ~s :i,,, LotsFive (5), and Six (6), in Block through tile center of said wall to 9e, Five (5), Original Townsite ofthe City 4); South Half ~of~qrtlawest Quaxter inaft~'described,:is unsaf~,-and:dan- well.~ Cattle,-, . , v ..... :. When President Obama sub- mitted another record-breaking budget this spring, Tim Huel- skamp made it plain how it would hurt us: "... Obama has effectively declared war on rural America." Those are strong words; but if we dig into Washington's plan, it's easy to see why he's right. Whether it's special deals for the well-connected, higher taxes or simple out-of-control spending.. Congress is making life less af- fordable for Kansans. In the last year alone, Tim fought a tax on 85% of the energy we use each day-- saving us an aver- age of $1,400 each year through 2035. Healso voted against a massive tax on oil, which would have cost 22 more cents on the gallon and made our utility bills even heftier. When lawmakers tried to give special tax breaks to politi- cally-connected energy firms, Tim voted against it because Kansans would pay for thos9 deals each time they flipped a lightswitch or started up a com- bine. Common sense budgeting. Living within our means. Standing up for a hard day's work- and making sure government doesn't make it any harder. When it comes to our health care, our insurance costs are climb- ing, too--- and busting our bud- gets. Tim has said we've "felt the wrath of Obamacare for too long," and he's working to get us relief. Even Social Security is costing us time and money as we work through mountains of paperwork and complicated rules. That's why he sponsored a bill to make it easier for seniors to file their taxes and reportthat income. There areplenty of issues to be concerned about this year, but nothing hits closer to labme than our monthly bills. With politi- cians in Washington trying to tax and spend at every turn, it's more important than ever that our leaders stand up for us on the issues we deal with at our kitchen tables each day. Tim Huelskamp has stood up for smaller, smarter government. That means defend- ing the value of a hard day's work -- and making sure it doesn't get even harder. That's why we need to let Tim Huelskamp know he's doing the right thing, and to keep fighting policies that make life less afford- able. Call Tim Huelskamp at (202) 225-2715. Tell him to stay the course and fight for afford- ability. PAID FOR BY ANERICANS fOR PROSI RITY ,. , < .J i' :" ;.'J /,. / t ~', - .:; )" ~. ~," ,% ,, '~ 5:,