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July 23, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 23, 1970

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descr~e's the ~a~aka,~ Wee Pee team as t,hey the sulm, mer se~on Pot%r up to l~t. I with t~o wins, two ties, ~and 8, d~s~ayed increased in~evest Mamlmto were Sunday e~et~in,g i, ve losses. The y o.ur~js:ters. ~md progress throu~hotYt the visitors of Mrs. OMe Moon. raoging ia age from 6 through sunmaer. Mr. and {Mrs: Kei:th Morris a~ YamllV were Sunday dinner -4~Otogr~h by M. G. and lJ. R. Hosket. -4~otog?~pb by M. G. and[ J. R. Hesket. per @uests d[ Mr. and Mrs. Ruger Decker and girls. Mr. end Mrs. Sorner G~bs and JMrs. Mutable Gratbs spem Wednesday ~n ~asltdn,~s on busi- ness. ~r. end Mrs. Nelson Harris and Sh,~ey spen!t Sunday in Faiff~ury, Nebr. wRh Mr. and Mrs. Gtts Bernard. ~211en R~th of ~fei~er, Krona. w~s a weekend ~ues!t ~f ~B,ob Garman. ,Mr..and .Mrs. Flo~d M,c~- Mnney Of L~ ~'ata, Me. were FrMay overni.gl~t guests ~,f ,Mr. and M.rs. ,Reeve Halwkins: {Mr. and ~.Wrs. B arr,y Korb ,and K~R~.e M ~Kenesaw, Nebr. were weekend guests of hLs parents, Mr.. and ,Mrs. Ctyde Korb a~d Oi;ndy. J.t~l~e J,ohn~on, Lor~e C~a'tes. Bee_k-y Terri.l~, ID.ebbie ~ertjamin eatcl Gayle ~Vaugh a'ec,mpanied Mr. :l~orwld ~DilIon ~to Wi'c,hita on ~day ~here .t'hey. ~vitl a~t:tend a mar~ing hand ~lini,c. ~Dhey wm return harne on rDuesday. ,M~. ~nd Mrs..Earl Mull.ins were T~ursday eve~intg s~pper ~uests Of .Mr. and Mrs. R~a~d Fayne and ~ami,]y in Fermoso. Mrs. ~Marie Everson of Hess- ton, Gra~e Stun!ton o.f Topeka, $1idl~g in~o[ ~t~a~h by M. G. and Poev. I.,~v~lle :Mash,slob, and IJ. R. Hesket. `Mrs. James M?e0ormick were recen~ call,lets on `Mrs. Fl~orenee Oak Pm'~st H~I Melvin Jorgen- N. D. and off ,T'h,ieff Ri, ver v.arne Tuesday to Mr. ~nd Gates, attended the and ~e~rea,t on Mi?ford by ~the Cormor- Lai)t0r cf Uaurch Rev. Bab tram the General nge~i.am d ~the Church, Na,sh- ~he speaker. 120 in a.ttend- Me,under e~ Law- Weekend guest of A,lexander. Art A.spegren ~[ro~rn an Sioux Fal}s, .P~es~ in Salima. Mr. and ,Mrs. 'M~:t~chie ~/oer- net and ,fam,i~y, Mr. and ,Mrs. ~r~am" Co'ek.rlo~:,t .and Janice. Linda Gaa~rnan, Mr. and .Mrs. Erich Penner and IMamie Cock- tar df Mankato, ,Mr. and Mrs. M~lo Tegley ~f Lin'coln," Nebr.. Mrs. G~Idie ~r~yles Of Superior, and ,Mr. and ..WIrs. Duane C~'ck- r~ft o:f Concordia had a picnic s~pper at the Superior park on Stmday evening in .honor of Mrs. E~ich ~Penner's and Arnold Pixler. Mr. end Ma~s, Fred Sanderson spent t-rein 'l~uesday until Thu.rs- day in Can~terviLle, la. where they ~v~sited ~their son :and l~am- i~, {Mr. arrd Mrs. (Reece San- derson, ff{eneece and Rodney a~campar~ied them home ~for a .,~it. Grace Ytan~ton o'f Topeka and !Mr. and Mrs. James Mc- Ocrrnick had Sunday dinner a,i t:he BpHalo Roam 9teak House in Monk, ate. In the Mternoon thw ~lled on several people at Woerner'~ birthdays, the Mankato hospffa:l. Mr. and 'Mrs. ,Keith M.oKeown M:r. and: Mrs. Wil,bure ~mi.th and ~a'mily ,were ,F'riday .supper and Sharon olf Superior and Mr. guests of Mr. and ~Mrs. {Da,vid and Mrs. Dot~gWarren and sons Dem~ay. They ,w~re. he,l.ping of CouP~)~an~ ~ere Sunday din- Susan ~ebrate her 4,th birth- nor ,gues~t's Of Mr. and Mrs. day..Lynnerte remained ~or a Ployd Myers. few days vi.sR in the I)emaray IMr. and Mrs. Fred John's.on of home. Mr. end ,Mrs. Geor,ge Abel ~pri.n~field, '.Minn. came Satur- day to ~is.it her sisters at the and Jo Scan ~ Hastings were Roy Brandon ,home ,They le[.t Sunday everrin'g vis,iltors Of Mrs. $or their ,home on Sunday eve- Lela O~llon and ~i~na. ning. ,Mr..~d Mrs. ,Perr~ {E~and, Mr. and ,Mrs. Los'for yuchs- `Mrs. {Mam~e Mullin and Mrs. rand end g~rl~ attended .the 60th R~chard Fa'a,sier and Don a'c- wedding a~ani~er.sary If or Mr. cam~anied :Mrs. Ndson Harris and Mrs. ~ohn .Wc~.fe .al Smith to aRed Cloud on MonSay. Mr. Cer~ter on Sunday afternoon. arid Mrs. ~regland visRed in ,they were a'fternaon :callers on the 'home ff Mrs. Ruby ~oore M,r. and ,Mrs. Wayne ,Herndan near Red ~ottd. and ~girls a,t (Bellaire. Grace ~mmon of Topeka was a Tl~t~scta,y dinner gues~t d Mr. Mrs. ~,rl Garman and Jdm. L~r. 'and IMrs. tA~ber.t Myers and ~l~olry df Co,.qfey~i~,le, Kans. ~Mr. and :Mrs. Philip Under- wood spent Sunday in Belle- vPJe. They attende~ church wRh ~edr son and ~amily, M.r. ,and ~.M~s. D~i,ght Underwood ancl Dabra, and ~ere dinner guests spent Thursday .in the Roy ia ~e Underwood ho~e. , Bmndon home. They visited ,Ma~. Ester ~l~gle ts Ft. her ra~her, Mrs. F,l;oren~ce On- C~llins, Colo. was a Monday' laff, d ~e~f River Fa~l~, Minfi., dirmer ,guest d ,Mr. and M.rs. wWo r~a~ a ,house @uest off &he li~,ard ,Short. ,They alt ca,Ileal Brand.arm. an Mrs. ~rcil Burgess at SU- Mrs. F_~fie Burgess Of '$t~per. perior in' ~ evening. [@r, ,Mr. mad Mrs. ,Jol'm Thron- ~Mr. and Mm. Chy Gedd~rd son o~ Oenvar; C~,o. end Mrs. snd #on o~ ~ro~Aeld, Me. were W~n~cl ~Car~leld were rscen,t $#tur~a~ dinner gues.~s ~l~e. C~l~m ~ 'Mm. CIa.ra Mo~. O~r~cl V.ma SehaBttk : . Mrs Ld Mrs. D~r- in Sa- ~ !the home Adams. ,a.l~ oaf,led John Lou,gh. ~arry Hen:son ~unday ~ter- ~Mr. and Mrs. J,a'son Louder. Thd,ma Lyons Sunday .a~2er. and Mrs. Clark Cal~ahen cal,'.ers ~eorge Mar- gu.ests Of ,.~rs. Mary ~a~neioi~g af Su~eri.or. They were he!~pin~, Da:r~.l cel~tbrate his ,lGth b~rth- day: ~)n.~oute home ~hey were supper guests a,t ~e Dale War- nor home. ,Mrs. Frascis Frye of Man- ka~o ~as a Sa;~rday evening ca.ller on Mr. and {Mrs. ~a P~w- ell. Mrs. ,I-Iem~y ~iebe~ home ,Thursday a/fret s~ending a ~fe.w .weeks with her ehifldren, brothers and ~isters in Ore,gan. Mr. and Mrs. ~,ctb SieJbert and fam,i~y return, ed ,to .their home in Kattsas CR~ ~n Friday. ~r. and Mrs. WLelvin Jorgen- son o Grand Forks, N. ~., Mrs. Florence Ortlc~l~f clf Thie~f River F.a]~ls, ,~inn., ,and Mr..and Mrs. Roy B,randon spent ~riday in Riley, ,~ans. where they vis- Red Mrs. Ansa Buss and Jake Remlin. (Mrs. Remlin ~s stM a pa,tie'at in ,~e Manha:t~tan hos- p~t~. ,Mrs. Jake M:cDonnel ,and Mr. and ~.V_vs. Hovaer Gvu~bbs were ~aad.ay dinner guests d Mrs. ~attie Grt~bbs. Mx. ~md Mrs. ~ w~re Sunday e~enmg visitors ~r. ,and L~rs. C~ark Calahan. Dar~vin Cockr~t c{ Hebron, Nebr. spent ~rcm Sunday until Wednesday in the ArL~'tur Cock- ral~t home. Mrs. Sue ~A~e~ander d Lar#- rence .and Mrs. ~Ioren~e Alex. under had Sunday dinner at the ~B~lo Roam @teak House Ln M, an~ato. Laltex in Itbe a;(~ter- noon they ,ca~led ,on several peo- ple ~t Ithe Jewe~l County Has- pitM, at the Newell 'A*lexander home, .and at the Orville Lay- hand home. :Mr. end ~rs. C~'ark Ca~aban vSsRed ,Mrs. Edn.a Mah,ler who reburn~d ,h~me ,from ~e Red Cloud 'ho~p.~tat the pazit Week. Mr. and I.Mrs. D~vid De,maray were Tuesday strpper ,guests ~f Ma-. "and M~s. Frank Dugger ,at Mankalbo. ,Mrs. J.cb.n G'aJtes, Mrs. George I.~c~u~o~d, TI~. Jzflm Abel, .and Mr. and Mrs. Ctm~ J~e~y and tarn~l~y ~ere caflers ~t the Roy l~and.on berne the p~ast week. Mrs. M.~ttie Gv~bbs ,and Mrs. J'ake ~oDnnnd were FrJd~ evening ~guests ~ar tmmemade tee cream and cake ~ the Hom- er O~bbs home. The o~a,sdon being ~e Grtfl~bs' weddir~g en- niversary. Mr. and {Mrs. Vertl {Mibhael Manl~at~ were Sunday a~,%er- noon a~l~s on ,Mr. and `Mrs. Reeve ~awMns. Mrs. ~Vin~red Ca~ield ~vas a ~ttesday dinner guest ~f Mr. and lY~rs. James ~cCormiek mad their house guest. ~Mr. and Mrs. C~,yde Korb and Cindiy ~were Sunda~j a~emoon visRors ~f Mrs. Frank K~rb ~t the Superior hospita,l. M,r. end Mrs. flan,ald Payne and ~amily ~ere gmests [or a coo~-o~ at ~he Earl M~.tE,ins Imane on Su.nd-v evening. Etta and ,Edna Mr ~oined them l~ter in the and were dessert ~uests. `Mi, tton Under~oou ~a~ a Mo~- day ~dl~er~o~n caller on tVlr. and Mrs. ~:~a~'ip Underwood. Mii. ton"s father, Chaflie Under- w~od, ~.mde.rwe~ smgery ~m" an all~en.deotamy a~; Ithe Red Cloud ImspiCatl on Monday mornir~. My. mad ~rs. `Mason ~ d Denver, Calo. epen~t a ttew days the pa~t week ~n the home v~ hi~ ais~r, Mr. and Mrs. H~wa~ ~ott. Mr. ~ [Mrs. ~enry Sieber( spent the w~kend in Geneva, Nebr. ,~is~irtg ~t 't,he t,y~le Olena home. {M~ohelle O~ena a~ecrn~ pan'ted them ,home ~'or a visi.t. Wellman was a Manda~, d.trmer ,gueSt d Mr. and M~. Carold Van S~hoi~,ek. The oc- casion boin, g the ~th birthda~ ~f Mr. Wel.~an. Ms'. and Mrs. Milton Jorgen- son of Grand Forks, N. D., Mrs. F~oren~e Orl~#~ elf Thief River ~al~, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. 'l~ Brandon were 'lahursday even, big @uests ~or 'Imrnemade .k~e cream and cake a~ edm Cur,t',ts Je~fe,ry home. ,Mr. and ~Mrs. Pete Calaban of Covame~ce Cit~, CMo. mere Frl- end Sa~rd'a~, Wuests o~ `Mr. Mrs. ,Fh)Fd Myers.' `Mrs. ~ecid F~g~gins received word IMond~y of ,~e de~th of hey ~fa~her, Frank ~iabee, of I-~l~sboro, Ore, Olive Hill Mrs. Paul Blackstona ~r. and" Mrs. ,H~ard: Mfl~en o~ Rep~b1e spen~ Mo~a~ eve- ~inlg ~v~ ,Mr. end Mrs. 'E~f~ Ban~s and their house guests, , ,M~s. Dani~ S~inemaa, Stm~ av.d J~n. tM~. {Bifl Andrews attended the ~tmera~ s,er~ces for h~" mint, Mrs. Vera T.h~'n~on, of ~ank~o {Monday alt~te,rnoon. q~he Ladies Ydd ~ the eli.re Chur,dh met Wednesday a~- ~ern~on. Mrs. Dlolyd ,D'a:vis af ~erior ~as the hustesS. Mr. and (Mrs. P.au'l ~l,acks!to~e and ~r. ~ad ~s. F~a~, VestM Superior dpenit {Mon~y a~ter- ttezm 4n fitS. The ladies a~- tended the ~ri~Mn ~omen's (~ub tea. .Mr, and Mrs. E~rett J~/ery of Woxe~bran~h ~d ~v. a~ * aom. Hu 'dib~.gh M~nda ~er~on. ~h'. and ,Mrs. C~are Schuster spent ~e weekend, 0 J~- 1~ wi~ LMr. and ,.Mrs. 'Robe..r.~ B~a'lm~ste'a,~ and Ifami:b' o5 York, Nebr. The~ wenit {tom ~ere to Cdurnbus, Nebr. on hi, sine'as and on Jtheir re~ur,~ tri~ they picked t~ A,Llen and Brenda {Me,de at York and brought them here ~o spend ~"he res~ ~ the V:eek. ~Mr. and ~rs. Evi,c,h Penner d {Mar~ka~o entte.r~tained a1 a surprise bir,thday ,l~arty ~o.r Ar- thur C~ c~ Burr Oak ~Wed- taesd.ay evening. Besides ~e 0aonoree, tl're ~ollowir~g guests were present: M~'s. Mamie ~ft, Mrs. Arthur Cockrvft ~md Jani.ce, Mr. a~d Mrs. tD~ayne CovkrcYt o,f Concordia and ~[v. and Mrs. ,Mitchie/Woer- nor, IAenold and Mi, chelle. ~Vlvs. ,Danie~l Stineman, Susan a~d Jon ~dft ~Wedne..s,da~ /~.r their home .in Malvern, la. a{~er spendiaag m week ~v,tth her p~ar- cysts, Mr. and Mrs. ~91~ ~anks, and other relatives. Mr. S,tine- man, who at;tend~s summer sbhod a!t Kearnny, Nebr., spent ~e ~veekend with his Camil~: m fne home af ~Mr. and Mrs. ~a,n~. The young 9eo,ple's tte:llo,,vship of the Wesleyan Center Church Burr Oak enjc~yed a h,ayr.ide party at the 'home d Mr. and {Mrs. Mitchie Woerner Thureday evening. ~Mv. and Mrs. Tom Mason r~ ,Svp~ior were @ues,ts d ~r. Mrs. Oix ,Raven and ,Shan- non ffVedaesday evekin,g. Mr..an!d Mrs. Henry MlaCper~ ~f Ne'}son spent ~hursda~, with Mr. and/Mrs. Joe ~urge. Mr. mad Mrs. Jerry Vader and ifamil, y, Mr. and M~rs. C~- ford Bush and Mike e~ Leba- non, Jim and Ja.ck Rie,hling c,f Darwer, .~olo., and Paitty. E,mi:th off Parker, Cello. were dinner gxtes~s of ,Mr. ~and Mrs. Rkhar'i ~cCu~tch.eo,n, Wendy arid Terry "L'ue~,a~ evening. ~Ir. and Mrs. L~dle Mc~arn- rrmn spen~t She .weeke.nd ~ J. ~u~y t2 in Palmer, Nebr. visiting Mr. and {Mrs. Ytargey i?di~an. ~,c. &rid Mrs. ~aarid Dmnamy o~ Burr Oak ca~lled on {Mr. land ,Mrs. Me~e S~mk.e this ~eek. Mr. and Mrs. (Ly,le M~cCana- mort ca!fled ~n her au.nt a,nd ~e, Mr. and Mrs. Geo~rge ff~ur~devadt, a,nd his aunt, Mrs. kle~ J~nson, o~ Manka~ on Wednesd~a~r a~Reraoon. ValleyView Mrs, C. Summers Mr. and Mrs. Lr.,wrence Grah~m and t::,.'nily c f S:aa~wnee 'Mission 'and his mother, ,Mrs. An,ha Graha::n, were Thursday evenin,g vis:.tors at the Dale CN.spi~s. Mr. and Mrs. R~ay Czirr, Ruth and ~Bi,!.lie o'f Washington, Ind. .came Sunday :'~:r ,a visit wrt,h :her tort.her, Mrs. Ida ~ath, bun, [:krbh a~d Wa:,don, and other relatives and eriends. Mrs..El,la Su'm,mers .was a Sunday di.nnor guest o'f Mr. and ,Vies. V~a~,ne ,Me,grue 'at a Cate in St~perior. Mr. and M.r:s.. R~aym:.ond {Lee,co .a, ttended 'the wegdin.g d C}a'ud~ia Jo Souoie and Douglas And,or- son in ~astings Sa:turda,v after- noon. 'Mr. an'd .Mrs. P, aut ,R'a~hbun ,were 'Wednesda,y eve.ning sup pei" ~.uests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim ,Heale~ ,at a c a,,~e in Superior in ,honor ~,f J!,m's birthday,. Mr. and Mrs. Keibh ~CK.eo,wn and family were Friday evenin,g supper gues~ts of Mr. and ~rs. David ~3emar~a:y ,in honor 04 Sus- an MoKeown's birthday. 'Mrs. ERa Summers was an overt~ght gues, t at the 3ira Healey home Thursday. {Mr. and 'Mrs. Da.]e Crispin were Sunday dinner guests eL Mrs. ~eaner C,rhpin and reverie Kirl~atriek. `Mrs. t~ctith S,mi'th elf Lincoln, Nebr. Came Saturday ,to the Tom MclKe~wn home end to see her br6ther, Tom, who is s~;~ a pa:~ient in the Nucko~lis C~un:w SospRa,1. Shannon Ha'n sen ~pent Sun- da~' ,Wi, th his grandparents, Mr. ~and ~M~s. ~aul .RaI:~h,bun. Several .qadies from ~t:hi,s vizir~ i.ty a~tend'ed the gues:t day break,fa:st ~biven tby the W.iS.C.S. :ladies a~ ,the Me:t'hoc~is,t Ch,ur,eh in Webber Wednesday ~norn, in,g. Mrs. IM.arvin R'oss in C~F~': Mrs. Don Iim'd oT F.~rmas,~ A~vin We~ber c,f Sa~lina !~pent wa,s a Saturd~a,y afternoon caller the weekend ~vi:~h his parent~. an `Mrs. Tom Mc,Koc.wn. Mr. :and Mrs. Marvin WeCaber. ,Mr. a,n,d Mrs. Darrei!l ~Rced Mr. end Mrs. Myron Inte~;fi',l v~s.ilted ,S, atu.rdas, .with their s~,~, and Ma.rk visited Sunday wR,h I)enw, in MeCaok, ~then Sand.or ~ary Intermil:l in 'Manh'at:tan. Ithoy were ,gue'z,t.~ ~f Mr..and JEWE~L COUNTY RECORD "l~U:~sday. July 23, l~tT0 Page 3 - Section ~I ANTE 100 MEN AN D WOMEN '700 Purse a Trophies For Figure '8' Races North Central Kansas Free Fair Belleville, Kansas Friday, Aug. 28, I Entry blapks available from the Following Sponso,rs: Don Anderson or Harold Kling, Belleville K~ I This Frigidaire Dishmobile helps sanitize dishes, even pots and pans. 5-year Nationwide Warranty backed by General Motors, 1-year Warranty for repair of any defect without charge, plus 4-year Protection Plan (parts only) for furnishing replacement for any defec- tive part in the motor, pump and water circulating sys, tern, except the spray Impel- ler on models so equipped. s259co Model DW-ClMP OTHER MODELS AS LOW AS $149.00 " 150 wash, hotter than hands can stand. Choice of 7 cycles, 5 options do almost any dishwashing chore. 5-level Super-Surge washing action gets dirtiest dishes shower- clean. Spots-Away rinse in- jector, forced air dry- ing help get dishes ready for company. Wheel it around now --build it in later with optional kit at extra charge. Cherry Wood top with Spill-Saver edge. Cotors and White. ,7i :/ :!i :~ Model WCDAN Small Load Setting. Save water and detergentl Deep Action Agitator. Creates currents that plunge clothes deep into sudsy water. 2 Jet-Away Rinses. Get rid of lint and scum so thoroughly there's no need ~r. a lint trap. Jet.simple mechanism. No belts. No gears. No pulleys. That's why it's dependable. Cold Water Wash Setting, Saves hot water. Saves clothes from shrinking and fading. ~ : i /i sl~, $ The room you freezer thet hems up to I~M I1~, NO more dOfrostlng @ Ot~finized doOr ~tor&~e, ~ Sheff, for helf-gailon cettop, al, Butter atld e~'t~ki. Fruit Hydtator~ h~td ~ to 23.4 cg$ i