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July 23, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 23, 1970

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COUNTY RECORD Thurgbay, JH~" 23, 1070 Page 2 - Section 9. News Of ESBON" And Vicinity Sponsored By The Progressive Esbon Merchants Esbon Softball Scores ,The resullts of NOK W,omen's 6oftball League play through July 16 ~ollow: Esbon 11, Burr Oak Women Esbon ~, GrS, ~av:oit 28 Esbon 44, Cawker City 4 Esbon 16, Lebanon 3 and Jean of 'l~arkh.ill, Me. brought her Wednesday and stayed a,l~ night beIore return- in,g 'to Missouri. Mr. anti Mrs. Glenn R~g~ht- meier and .family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. ChaSes Love. Dick s:tayed to help his g,rand'~ather ,with 'the h'ay this ,Mrs. Aurel,ia Shook called on Mrs Charqes Vo,borfl in Leba- non last Monday. W%~temotm, d Ex:tension l-Ieme- ma,kem Unit met with Mrs. Harr~ Kindler last Tuesday with Mrs. ~m,ma He,.Ifhines as a guest. ~Everycne took part in the qesson period, s,ho.wing che ~E~bon 46, G,aylord B Wh~mound E.H.U. ~he Jully sheet.lag off the Whiteu'nourvd `EJH.U. ~!as he~Id on July fl4 la't ~dae home ~If ~I, rs. I-larry Ki.n~er. q'he guesS, b~0~x w~s won by ~r,s: C)a.ude ~ro'st. ~%e presidenlt ~atle,d the meet- ing to ortder .,and ~he CSub Col- le.k~t ~t~a~ given 13~, 1he group. Roll ~all ~as a~:sme,red by 12 merrlbers and IMvs. 'F_zn~:a ~clfL hines was a ~guest. Minu,tes were read ~and ~approved. ~,d- visory repm~ w~as given by Mm. George ~an'dertson. Bel.!e- vitle 13rafft ,Day is Opt. ~3 and Jer~dl Cou~y tmilts are inxi.ted $o nO.end. Mrs. ;~,.a~de Frost We ,were indeed sorry Itha~t we did not have more ice cream for .those who c'a~me ~ter. Roger ,Broeckdman, son of ,K.`E:H.,U. Report ,ahem Mr. and IMrs. Don ,Broecke~,man, ~amebe~l D.k~kin~o~ ~ho is re- has been enro:!!ed in school a~ t~ri~g :aSter man.y years in Tc, pe,k~a. I am .sure he wou,ld t-bone ~oonm,nics wz)rk. [VIrs. er, joy cards and i,et,~ers fro,m Elarl En~ea~,t reported on "Be W, ise sOOth Your ~uys." Discus- ~bout 'a ~oa!t lf~or parade on 4-,H ~Day at ~anka*:o w~s held. ,Mot, ion w~as made antd parried thine ~ae unit ~ilt haole a ~loat. Mrs. Cl~aude Fr~,~L ~drraa,a, arid ~ommittee ~wiq~ l~ma ~e Eoat. Autgu'~It is a free mon~, ~o ~p~ar~s mere made t'~ the ~f~ami~l'ies tie meet air the Bt@hlo IIt~avn on Aaig. 20 a,t 7 p.m. ~oa" dimmer. The lesson, "~,~nous Nomen of Kansas", ~as given by fdvs. C~a~de ~reqt. IJt ~as a a~ery in, teres~Ung lesson. ,We a~l are ~l~ro,ud ~o ~ve so many ~mo~ women in I~ansas ~ ,t~ k~o,w more a~o~ ,~heir ~rk and ~cc~m- pl~slm~nts. SeveVatl brought a~ article to exhibR ~f ear~ty day ~ra~s ~,hida we ~ll endoyed seeing. The ,hostess served de- Reimts re~reshmenlts c~ ldes~sert. ~valfers, n~s ~ iced te~a. ---P.~.C. Whitemound *'Frosty" 'Mrs. Clara F,i~der ~f Kansas CRy a~ived Friday to visit Mrs. ,Freda ,Kla,ck ~ other relatives. ,M~. Fielder mad Mrs. B M.ok were Saturday dinner gues,ts df ,Mr. and ~rs. Br,uve Cc.rriok. Mrs. Edna ,I.,ee, ch 'M Tu,jun,ga, of ~oPher.son arri.ved Friday Calif. ha's been a house .guest of evening to spend t,he weekend her sister. Mrs. ,Edwin 6app, with her father, Mr. Charlets a~d Mr. S~pp since lasl Wed-Frost, and her br~,ther, Lekand nesctay. Mrs. ,Dolor,us F_,spey F, rost, and .family. week. ~hings ,made in :the early 1000's Mrs. Glen Dadd took Mrs. and t011,ing some experience Lillia,n Fogo to ,the bus Wed- they had 'had or heard thNr nesdaT so she could go to parents ~tel.1 about. The lesson, Spr,ingEeld, Me. to visi:t the 'Wamou,s Women of Kansas". Jz~ek R,t~sh and ~on F~go tam- was presenlted and history of Edes. Jowetl County was ~iven. Mr. and Mrs. ffliley Jones Mrs. Aurelia Shook called a,t drove to Sat'in,a Thursday to .the Letand Frost home Friday vi, sit Mr. and Mrs. eWilliam An- ~t~terna~n. derson and ~to get acqt~ain~ted Mrs. Freda Black .and her with the new ,baby bo,y. house ,guest, Clara Fie,'.Jer, Many !t'hanks to everyone who were Sunday dinner guests of Oberts Sund~'y a,:tern~:,n. su,p,ported our lee Cream So- her mother, Mrs. Hancock. at Odessa 4-H members wi'.l be cial at ,~he United Me,thodis Red Cloud and spent Sunday ou.t ccY, eeting,.'un~'~'o ,~or 'ihe now Ohuvch Saturday even, ir~g and to ni,g~h't there. at1 ,who ~urn~.shed and ~o,rked. 4-H ,buildings very sn~n. Mr. and 5~rs. Ciare Lamb friends at ho'me. His address is Roger Broe eke,:,man, ~3,asi~: Skills Advanced Cdass, K.N.I., Topeka, 'Kansas. Mrs. ~red Shook and ehildreh a[ F~rt Co:lins brought ,P,ame~a Frost home la,st Thursday eve- nin,g and spent the weeker~d wit:h her paven,ts, Mr. and Mrs. Lel, and Fost. They returned to Colorado Sunday ,morn,trig. Helene and Sonnee Gass took their mot.her, Mrs. Au'brey Gass, out for dinner ~as~t Sunday in honor (rf her bir.t, hday. Mrs, Fred S~o.ok, Tammer~ and Mark ~ere Sa:'..urday sup- per /guests Uf Mrs. Aureaia Shook. Ta,mmera spent t~vo ni,.~h~s wi't:h Mrs. Shook and Mark s~pen~t Prida,y ~vRh her ,Mrs. Faye Rora'b:augh of ~ed Oak, Ia. was a Saturday night guest .of 'Mr..an~ Mrs. ,George Sanderson. On Sunday they drove to Seandia to visit Mr. Dale Sanderson. On the way home they ca:ll'ed on Mr. and .~I, rs. Jess Orum .and tfa~mi.ly and Mr. and Mrs. Jay ,Patt,2a and fam.i'ly a,t Mon,trose. IMr. and 'Mrs. Vi'c Gregory and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dud- deck cif .;'~,borne spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hen ry. PamNa l~rost spent Sunda~' evenin,g ,wi.t,h Heiene Gass and enjoyed borso'ba.ck riding. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Grauer,holz 1 l Sunday-Dinner Special $1.25 here as ffoh,n and Leffa A.hl,vm's are still vaealtionin,g in Coqo- rado. Be gl!ad to have them hgm'e for sure. Lee Hooton spen't Sa'.burday avenir~g in ~ur home. Saturday evening,was Andrea Wil.son's shower. Took Edna Wei~denha,ft's and my presem ~p to the annex but didn't stay a~s it was so hot. L,ookcd 'like she h'ad an awful lc~t o~ nice g~fts. Sure do wis,h her and Frogger lo:ts of gored l~ek. *Mrs. Helen S~tites ate Sunday ~inner wi.th her c~hildren, the [-hrold Shoemaker family There's a bift!hcta,y panty a Ioe ~te's l'hts Sunday evening l~h.cse pre~ent are Mr. and Mrs. ~,Vm. Orm~bee, Gr'andma Ollie R, ansom, Keith Orm'sbee, Lor- ena, Nancy Jo, Gre,g, l~ike an'd rerr.y Bate, Joe Mo'ore and Beryl ~ines. 1Vancy Jo Pate called to see Grandpap?y and me Sund'ay evening. the sergice ,F~ri*z ,had been carxier .~or 1:tm~te y~vs. ,He terest "m 'l~er in ~o-k.~t~s and 'He ~ married Ste'mshouer Jul~ Roy. L. B. home in Le~am~. blessed ~eir art J~ti~y ,19, 2951' on ,Sept~rr~er did ,most tlhi.r~gs Bri,~z .was baamn Ohristian 30, 19~0, and .has membor.~p here years, servir:g a,s p~st 'few yea,rs. ,~a,s kis p.aren~s and on. He lea~es his two sorm, Glerm It,, ~R., a bvoCher te~, ~a~b's families; Tottay (Sund'ay) h;a,s been a Albbie Steinslhouer; 'l~r~g lonely day. Didn't hear a Lora'aine Jolmson, ,word from any of our kiddies, fly; and ~m.any I fixed dinner ~or them bu, t no Whitemound Builders 4-H Club J a~d ~ariou~ ffther ~aces ~ in-| Iteres~t in 'Mank,~to. I J~n ~Perou~ek, J~ni ~e,am, De- one showed up. Reading Group VisRs Mankato ~'me ,Ale~a~Jder, K~thy Alexan- I be;lieve we are going ~'o h~a~,e ! ! -- 1 !We e~joyed ~t,heir ,visit to thel a now nei,grhibor on Lone:y SL -- The .Whi~temaound 'Bu,flde~s 44t [Jemell Courtly l~e~od The [ tier, Lyle Sh.ipley. C~eb readir~g group Visited Mian- ~gvoup in,chided the ~oE~wha, ~ ~a~k r~z, ,~el~t lip r~gh~t: ~rs Ell'fen Schneo.r and her son. " " / Melvin Si~by and Mrs. Merlin ~ark. They are going to live in lr~to Frzch,y, J~,y a,Tth..They ] ~ron row, 16t ~to right: Otrrtisj Ed Weidenh,a~t's house -- we w~a,t ~ fire Lilbrary, Courth(mse IS~by' Me)va Dawn Sh'ilpley, ~lexander, ~e,ader. hope. So far. it's a cool nice Monday Odessa, Dentonia Mrs. Wilbur 01~ A, merican Leg, ion Auxiliary Perry A. ,Lamb Pcst 3~;~; w:,:l mee't a't 8:80 p.m.. July 28th. ,Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chand- ler ,were we::,come visitors at Odessa Sunday and ~zere dhme:' guests Of Mike Ycungs. Harry w,as shc,win'g Ot,f a picture (;t a 5 pound 'catfis.h he eaug,ht Odessa Homemakers met at Eae home of Est.her Marihu~h Tuesday evening. Ez::her ~a,vc a very inlteres:ing les~on on Fe~Ik M,usic. Lona MoCleery. Rho4a Koo,p:s, ,Ncla ~ess A,t- w~od. and Ruth Ober, t were the me~bers present. 'We attended the Miss S~%- men Vabley Pageant at c~wn.s Frida,y .oven'ing to see 'our 'fav- orite candidate ,perform. Dc:b- bie Clark did an excellent jc5 and pe~tfcrmed very WCII. %'L' were real prou.'t ct" her. Al- though rmt ,the ~x!n::cr. ~he a,,,::s .~ti!l top's in cur csbma:icn. 'D.:::.,- hie enjoyed the ex?erience and said ~i,t was tots cf fun. Stoven and BEan ff-Ieat,h ,re- turned ,from Denver wY, h ~,he Mike Ycur:gs Monday and ~t:~y- ed untid Friday. On :;ednPsd:ty Mr. and 'Mrs. La, ry Heath an.t Christine of Tallaposa, Geor",ia o~me and they all le:,t :.or Gc.;r- gia Friday morning. Mrs. Heath is a niece of Mike Young. Mrs. Ted Thum,me'l is ~resert- in~g her music s*tudents, an:l Mrs. Edward Shute her mu~ie *tuden,'s, Tuesday, Ju'.y ~th, in a recl,ta~l at the Elbon U a:'.e:t Methcdigt Church at 8:00 p.m. Everyone w.el.e:me. :Lecsa Hunter o,f L!W.':t3n, Colo. visited her ,cousin, Ma'ble Mavihu,gh, t, he 9as.[ week and w i't:h other relatives. IMr. and Mrs. Sam Qbert and Hazel Obert vis!.!ed ,the W:,:~bur took Berniece Wiekers ~o t.he Denver hospital last Fridray from L~ve'land. Mr. and Mrs. John Mi".?er. Dc,ris Bar~ley and Loin San:te':s tack .their son and brother, l~ictiar,d M.fller, and son to Sa- lina Monday to catch a ,plane to l,hei,r ha*me. ~Mrs. Lois Weeks and Doris B.artl~y made a trip to Cnncc, r- dia Tuesday to see the dentist. Misses Kay and Phy:lis Da- mon ef ,Sa'.t Lake City, 1.!.'ah. are visiting t,h,ch' re'.a!ives here in Kansas, the Lble Sl~ans. Del- bert Under,woods, and John F, ros:ts. Sund, a,y evening su::,per gues'.s of 'Ly.le Sloans we"e Phyllis an:l Kay :Damon, ~.Mr. a,.:d 3h'~. ,]chn Frost and Sharon, _~IF. 1.111,'I Mrs. Oren Underwood, ?dark Undzr- wood, and Mr. and Mrs. ~'m, I.~ge~gren. Limestone Mrs. ~ E. Roman This Monda~y mornin'g is so nice and cool; you need a coa'.t on and doors shut t'o be c0m- fort~ble. Sa:turd:ay w:a:s the hot- teslt day so far. rt reached ,Io degrees and was so uncom'.%rt- able, then weat~.er changed witch a hard north wind in the nigM and it has ,been coo] ever since. The one Shin,g wr~ng w~ i,t is it Ires brou'ght us no rain. We do need ra,in so badly but R has n~t dleared u,p yet and we ~na~ Still got rain ~Mrs. Geovgene Bossen ~aa~ed another bir~hda? last Thursday and the following he~ped her observe, it; also Mrs. Ver:a B'ol- ~inger j~st recently had ,a birth- day and so we ir~cbuded her in, ~oo: Vera and her sis~ter, Mel,via Kindler, ~Mr. and Mrs. Clyde "I "II WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH Sherwin-Williams Kern-Tone & Kem-Glo Paints Come and eat dinner with us and enjoy the good home cooking. -- Homemade Pies Our Specialty -- BETTY'S CAFE And remember to see us for Hardware Needs ESBON, KANSAS mmm, ', and Plumbing Supplies I I '~; PEROUTEK'S STORE Mr. Farmer: II THEY ALL POINT For Master Mix Feeds Pioneer Seeds Olin & Phillips Fertilizer See ESBON GRAIN CO,., INC. ESBON, KANSAS Or call 723-3081 to discuss your needs TO THE RIGHT right to a local, independent in- surance agent who can handle ALL your insur- ance problems. Talk to usl CHANDLER-SAPP INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. F.~B, gN, KANSAS Bc~sen, .~Ir. and ,Mrs. Bill Orm'sbee, ~anl Heiman and his cousin, l~l~en,ee Wes~flin'g of Beloi,t, Lee Hooton, el'lie ttan- #em and Joe Me~ore. A loveb' pat%uok st~pper was served in the Coon Humors Hall in Iorri,a and we sang them the Birthday Spring and wished ~hem many more happy bir.th'da~s. ,Hayin.g here on the ~naz~ch is now fin.ished for th, is crop a~gain and it is surprisir~g h~0~v the stu~ble is greening up again in spite Of J/o rain here for the past m,onltb. Mr. and M.rs. MeMn Pate, Mrs. Loreaa ~ate, Terry, Mi- chael and Nancy Jo, Gt'egory Bird and 'Beryl H,ines, 0'llie Ran- som and Joe Moore were a~] visitors i:n the Joe Pate h~me Sunday evening. ~ce cream, cake, cookies, c#~ee and cold tea were served la'ter in the evening to he,;p remind Joe P,a;te t'h.at he had a birthday this Monday. ] trip KetCh Ormsbee mrade a ~:o Manhattan on Friday and Oheryl O~ms;bee, who works there, a,ccc,m~panied him ho, me for a couple o,f days vis.it with t,he 'home to?ks and went back 6und, ay alfternoon. tMiddle Bran.oh Club m6t wfth Wilm.a Underwood Thursday af- ternoon wi',th nine members present and one guest, Syrena Hanson. R~cdl c~ll was telling something about the "dirty thir- ties" and believe ~ne some "d,irty stories" .were totd. Off course I mean the weather w~as wb~t was dirty and dir't storms were wha'~t we told about. It was decided to halve ,our pi.cntc .on A,u*g. 9~h and the next meet- mg will be with Agnes. I bdIierve the ~uess box was. won by Ag- nes. W~bma served a nilee [untc'n of mushmelon and wafers and a coM drink. The Village When .we wanted to take out' morning. Just wish we could ~it~tle tritp. Vera Bollinger from Califor- nia came to Beloit Saturday where she w;as melt by Paul Heiman. Paul took her to Man- kato to see her sis',ter, ,,'vIel,via Kindler. Veva called us on Tuesday, t~he first we knew she was here. Vera is feeling pretty good. She thinks it',s pretty hot here. 'Esther Wh~chel called here Wednesday with Avon products. I went wi,th her to the homes Of M~'~ford Fa~lls and Dale Hen- ningsens. They b'oth have be'ma- ti'f, ul country homes. 'Mr. and Mrs. Van S~ith of Wilmington, Ohio called at our get some rain. t @elmeNe - Oblttmry ~Hertry ,Fcederiek @ehtret~te, Founges~ child: 0f ff-lenry Jacob and ,Elh ,E~ta S0hueOte, was born in ~LeWanon, Kan,s,a,s, IMac 31. 1~9, and departed this, life at ~e Sn'ffth C~un,W Memorial I-Iosp~l J~qy 9, 1970, at the age oil 91 years, ,1 month and :t0 days. ,l~ri~, :as ,he,was known tto all. lived his e~ire life in ,t~s cc,m- munil,y. ~e ,a~tended Lebanon G~ade .and I-Ii,gh ~eh,o,ol, g, rad. uz~ti.~g in ,193~. He ~a~tended K'an- sas W;esteyan all Salina. lie home Thursday. Phyllis called loved sports and ~fayed ,basket- me from Mankato. I kne, w her ban and football during grade right away. Believe we think as and high ~ch'ool, college, and much of P hyllqs an~d Van as we ~ater in ~he armed orces. lie do Of our own kiddies. They was on some Of t'he ou!t~tanding are sure a wonderful couple, teams Lebanon had. He coach- Cl,yde and I went to Man.kato ed a ~ao~l 5a~ebal,1 Ileum for ,a to get Vera Boliinger and Md- tow years. He ,,v:as involved in via Kindler Thursday afternoon. Smiting $or *~he pasit ten years, We brcu~h:t them to Ionia where and was Seot~traa~ter the last there was a birthday party for severn years. Vera and me. We had the parity A, fter enlisting in the Un&ed at the Ooon Hunters Hall with States Aama~', he was :inducted a big supper and gifts. Those ~ay 29, lg~2. He ~as a ~er- attending were Lee ,Hooon. gean, t in the A,rmy Air Corps, Paul Heiman, Orville Det't,weil- ~'pendLag 3 years in ser~['ce, er, Florence Wessl'ing, Grand- a~proxima.tely 2 years aver- ma Ollie Ransom, Joe Mo'ore. sea~. He was seyarated ~ro,m Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ormsbee, Vera Bollir~ger, Me 1 via Kindler. C17de and I..We took Vera and Melvia back to 1V[ank,ato otter the pa~ty. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Butler ealded at the party just as we were th.rou,gh with our supper They brought Vera and me a ha]~f gaUon box ~.f ice cream ~hich we served to everyone. Thanks so much to such won- derful people. ;~aul Heiman called .at mtr home Wednesday a few minutes. His cousins, Mr. Orv'ille De:tt- weiJer, called on Lee Hoolton.: ,Alma Kennedy from Esbon was ridi.r~g" aroun'd I'onia with E~her Whelchel Thursday. Es- N ews ther, a very good ~riend Of ours, brot~ht me a beauti'ful gift. Thar~ks so much. ~r. and Mrs. Lorence Riley Georgene Bossen from Hutchinson called at the Won't to Mank~to and did our Lee Hooton home Wednesday ~ashir~g. I.t was terri'ble h~t and afternoon. the olothes dried fa~.t Orville Dett,wefler from OkIa- Mr. Noweli {Bossen fro,m Had- homo, a cot~in o'f 1~au.1 Heim'an. da~m visited in our h'ome Mon- slPent the past week in Paul's day ~fternoon..Newebl is' feeling h~me near Beloit. s~me better. He came up to see We s~till have Lonely Street Sure It's Empty t That mo.ey is i. o.e of the safest places i. tow....our b..kl insured ?:212~0,O0~N "00 . .. Established 1900 -- Esbo~ Kansas and ,f~ien~. 'Fne body My i,a Lebanon G'~risUan 2:00 p.m. sunday vice .a~t I0:00 morning, Jud@" '13. ,Iontan Ll'offd Sw4r~dler d the ~ai,n~sters; san.g, wil~h ~Dor~t.l~ corapan~ng. were G~len ten, O,2:a~. Shiel~s er, Ot~to Luke, togg. ,l~awer is Shield& Dor#thy othy Jennirtgs, Oordbs, mad The ,Bey Seo~ts were ,l~he ~onor Vdteram ~f ,tmoreig~ I11'1 of 3mi.th rail~tary ,em, ices. m Smeet 'Home tma~a. Softball News :~onday ni,ffht gM:s were b7 a s,cGre of ~1-1)9. t~urr Oak Women di.a 17-15. The week a.re: The men wi%l play Oak en 8:20. Friday night gMs will go o time w'i~.l be 8:30. 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