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July 23, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 23, 1970

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JEN1~,L'COUNTY RECORD Thursda~v, Jelly 23, 1870 Page 1 - Section 2 National Advertising Representative KANSAS PRESS SERVICE, INC. Box 1773, Topeka, Kansas 66601 NEWSPAPER NNA SUSTAINING 'MEMBER -- 1970 ELL COUNTY RECORD No. 7. Printed week. Manketo, Kansas (,6956. Newspaper of Jewell County" BOYD FAMILY vners and Publishers BOYD, JR., Editor Frank Boyd, Associate Editor "Any good thing that can do, or any kindness that cen show to any human being, let me do it now and not defer it for I shall not pess this way aga in." Second Class Postage Paid at the Post Office, Mankato, Kensas 66956. |ubscripllons: $5.00 per year in Jewell CounW and surrounding counties (Smith, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud and Republic counties in Kansas, Nuckolls and Webster counties in Nebraska). $6.00 a year elsewhere. Kansas residents add 3% for sales tax. Subscribers are asked to notify this office at once when they have a change of address. HOMELY CHAffER FOR HOME FOLKS M. A. B. in one's se~f is the of su;ocess. -M&B- life o~ the party is some- a Washout at home -MAB- last Word-- The psyvhi- l'ast man to ta~k t,o to yoursel,f. ~MA~B- too bad that sin~ceri~ty is rare virtue today. -M~B- is tao short to be wasted to plea',se everyane or other Pec,ple. --~B - is easy-- it before you spe~k -'MAB- way to finish a get to work, -- Jtar't ks made. the n~t will n'Ot ea~eh an --~Denmark vienfee is the fr,uit o'f t.Se errors. --Portugal believe themseiJves: other people. ~Germany ]s a bridge which --Arabia ~IAIB. th~ those be good lash.ions which ~t te,ast o3:end their minds wi'& whom we aOugh for a man to tag be good but he a care he does good grace. ella Ca~.a. Ger~::leman 1555). "MAIB- house~!Ife. . 0f t.ryinlg, ~n this an ~food, to ba~. tge when. mil~ ire ~cents on the and meat ~vhich POund ,goes to ~e time. ~,~ staying home Is.~and burns the ~s~ :that ~t pay step- added trp by incrvas- It:ring costs. )f "e~perts" call- mothers neur- ng tha,t 'the@ o~f- ,line. ~':torney.s and ~rs and courts who aan,d down candy- because, the.v dear hoodlum up in the right an environment World wou~,d be seeing the hurt cg ,my children boA-soled vhaes Play,m ate s ~'h'o ~e ,'0he dole" get l~h'are Saturday When one Saturday closes. an'other 'rBOfore Sa~turday'' be- gi,m. ~a~xlay wa~s ,a rvery inter- esti~tg day-- My grand~chi,ldren and ,great-~andchildren came from ~ CRy, Jim and Finan- ces L~ba.Ck and three children. ~rank KIll, ,I.~ydia and S'teve. We ~ven,t to ~e swimming paol- I did not ,go htto ~he pool (~I can s't~ll ,swilm, or did three years ago), ~b~t R made me tired, so ja~t sat and ~at~hed ,white the three ,generations errjoyed the spwt-- A~ter ~ve wen,t home we decided .to pi~ck ras.~berries. I h~ve a pa.tch of red rJas.pberries in ,n~j" ,garden. ~ach df .u~, arm- ed avi~th a p~t box (~elu~i~g Steve). ~ven.t ,i~o work. ~Ea~ch one w~ ~ ,take home wha,t he pick- ed.- Next on the program ~as a @at, to pa~ty in the ba~:,k yard Of ~e t~ome ~ Mary and ~rarrk ]~qd, Jr., where Mary presided at ~.he we'mer roas and marsh- maD1ow roast (,and other ~ood thm~s) with ~rank ,HI and Lyd.m .w, il]in~g .he:~pers .... Mon- day we v~si~ied with Mrs. Lon ~off'amon. CvIrs. Solctmon had just ~tammd ~ram Virginia ~here she bad spen Caur weeks vks,i~t- i~g w~th her grand~on, Lew~s R~:hneier, and ~fami,l~/. She had ,a a~onder~ul it,me and sa~w many d the his,tort,can s:,.~hts in that vicin, i,by.-- Pauline Sl~huette Of Labaaon ,and her son, Gary, visited our ~fice Tuesday. Gary ~s in ~e fourth grade and me remember his ~lder brother. 'Adrian ,M~yer ~vere carryir~g groceries-- ~La,rry !Diamond ,was busy covering up the ~ood slt~uf~s -- ~d ~a'nice visit wRh Mrs. Larry Dm'nond and ~wo so~, Byron, 3 ,years o~.d, and ~ren- don, one year old. IMrs. Don Gar~tenbein ~was a,t ~t'he ,mea~ counter. She said that Tam D}ck was the new m~at cu'~ter. Her .buslband, (Don, ks h~tviag b~ck ,trouble. Mr. and CVlrs. C/lena Wiley. were busy s'ho~ pirrg. O. ,It. *l:tohla and Chester Bro~n ~vere doing la'stt-minute ~o1~ping and John :Ross came ~uJhin~g ,in jtrs't ahead ~f shut-eta time.-- ~2ter being gone ~rom home ~ome tt,wo hours or so. my ,I~oss to'ld ,me tha!t Esther ~lt had been t~in,g ~to find me to take me ~o ,the ~ce cream supper at ~Esbon-- Tough h~ck-- mi,~sed a good' sup,per and a plea,san~ visR ~vilth Esther. Hope to see ,you ne~t Saturday. INSPIRATION By Mllllcent "The ~bord reigneth; let tthe earth rejoice; let the mu'!~titude Of ,isles be'~tad there~'f." Ps. ~:1 ~Thks ~ Caod~s wo~dl .The Lord Can ,we believe ,this? ]~t ~akes a ,great de~a'l of faith to ,be ~able ~o onfes~s that ~he L~rd ~eigns in our kind o'f warl,d w~,th Rs ~va.rs, Rs pain and its death, l~t .is n.o easy task to ,see G;0:d .att w,ork in t~h'e midst ~" Of all the. Yet, tha~t is precisely what the ~,salmis,t sa~w, a;ccord- ~ng to l~s,a~,m 97. And his ~vo.r~ ~as not .really much different ~rarn our own. ~Ie :too, knew the pain Of war and death. The Gospel ~l~rs US 'C~f a God "a~ work and in control o'f ~.his w~rld right n,ow. This is God's srofld... ~e made i~t. He wi~ " ,bring order out o~f chaos His rule is rto't rese~ed ~or some :grea~t and ~m~al d'ay..It is now! ',W~ m:~y" ~find it diif!fi.cul,t to think o~f Him .as ithe Supreme Ruler in our ,w,orld today. But does R require any more ~'aith than i~t Aa,kes to see the ,~vio~r ~f ~e ,world in i*ohe child o~' the manger in ~Bet'h,lehem, or the conqueror Of dearth on the erase on the h i,ll #f Jeruslaem? ~vod, we see Your h~a~ in It hundred p~ces[ NaMer l~euaion Dollar Day July 27 The Retail MevchanCs L'bm. are a~vevttsing their many mitttee Of the Manka!to Chamber money s,a,vi~'g bar'ga.ins in ad- Om'm~erce ks sponsoring ve~tksing on .P,a'.ges 4 and 5 in 'DOllar Day ~ ,Mank,~to Mna- floe ~i.rst section i,n this week's da~, July 27. Jewel]. Coun~ Record. 'nm ImrUv.tmlalg ~ Rlalard Seam Camlmlgn~ [n Mankato Tuesday Ri,ohard Se~Jt~>n, Republican candidate for a~ttonaey general, was ea,mpaignin~g in Mankato 'Puesday afternoon, July 21. He was accomp~an.ied by Forrest R. Fair, who is the Jewell CotmW C~alxawan for Mr. Sea- AeeMe~t At Formoso Tuesday N The 15th annual Moh~er re- A train~car accident, a(t the u Rion ~,~as h~ld J~l.y tg, ~70, ea~;t intersection of the Rock in the caw Park at ~makato. ~sl@nd R,aidroad line in Formosa, Thexe were 31 presen:t. Grant occurred at 12:35 p.~rt. T,uesda$ Berry', president, cond~/eted the , &tly '~I1. business meein,g. He read the Vi, vg{1 K. Sid'ders, dr,ivin,g a mirm',tes Itrom kast year',s me~- 1053 F~d, was going sou:th and iag since Zone, ~e seereta~ the R~,eI~ Itsland ira,in was going ~or this ~eear, w~ imab~.e to at- ea,st..'l~hd~ ear hR ~e side of .tend. Era~otion of e~i',cers ~or. the train. Mr. 9ki, ders w~as try- the earnir~g ~ was he!d wi:th Ermfile Lewis presider~t and- ~ " Mari.lyn ,Lew.~s, secretary-ltreas- urer. The prizes avere gPcen to the first one to regis, ter, Mr. Carl Morris; la.St one o regis- ter, ~rs. ,~aymond Wakdield; and middle ehia~ to register, .shared by K=vl~a and Glenn Le.w- kS. Those present to ez~}o~ the dinner ~ere: ~'~&'. and Mrs. Carl Morals, Des Moines, ~a.; Ethel a~d Syrena ~anson, Mankato; St&In OarSman, Leon, K, an, s.: Esther ~a~bm~th, ~l Dorado; ~r. and Mfrs. Gordon Mohler, ~erm, all ~a.a;t age. Glenn ts a Dean; ,IVh'. and M.rs. Tom Moh- j~mior ,at Kansas ~t~Jte Und~er- ler, Superior, Nobr.; Mr. and sity ,rmw. -- Syrena i-hnson M.r~. ~Russe~ A. Kanson, J~ames- s~pod to .ge~ ~ .R~coxd ,Wed- town; l~chta ~ol~l~r, M.r. and nesday. ,I had missed ~frena Mrs. Max Le~ks arrd Allen, and and she otld me ,she l~ad an Mr. ~md M_~. ~ci~lle Lowis. enforced vacation, nursing an I~ and G~,enn, Burr Oak: in~ected t~oo~ h,trt was back at Mr. and ,Mrs. I~avry ~anson, .work ,again. T.ues@a~, I ~ha.d a ~a_r~; Mx. and Mrs. Frank- vksit with She l'o~relly bl~>nd ,lie l~tz~a, ,I~s; Mr. and Mrs. SCacy Moans. She was ~i~th her I.JeRoy Mahler, Mz. C~aat Ber- aunt, Sharon ,Means.-- Thu.rs- rs', GaFfe and James, Mr. and day ever/ing, Vvian Oslt and I ,Mm. ~.ymand Wak~ield, Man. ate dinner ~og(~ther at ,the Bu~- ~ato. ,Roam Steak ~-I, ouse. I ca~- ed ,her ray secre'tary, with,out tlVlrs. ~ois Di, an~ and Mr. portfolio and ~vi, thout ~sal.axy--I and .Mxs. Darry Di~amond and can read ~,i~vian's writing better sans, Byron and Bren'aon, h,ad then :I oan mine and she no'tad dinner Sunday evenirrg with ~r. down the ~ol.l'awir~ names: Mr. mad Mm. J~m Frost ~ Estmn. and rMrs. W. E. Bembo~w, Mr. and ,Mrs. Fr, ax~ Kis,singer. }~azd Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Grout, Sr., Opal La,n~, t.Ie~en ~afford, ,Bvtty Put, t. Mr. and ~s. Thomas Patterson, Sam mad Vaierie, .Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. MeGinn,ls, Louise M,cGin- n~, ~,gnes ,Ca,vana.ugh, .'vlr. and Mrs. 'E. IM..Tyler. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bail Neita Jones, Lydia Beam, BuCa.h Folsm'n. Pm,th Kier, Mr. and Mrs. Clar- ence Fearin,g, Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Fearing, Mr, and Mrs. Dyle Wood. El,vira and Don W~te, ,Mary Handr.ey, Doris ~oOm'trmon. ~r. and Mrs. Homer ,l~oac.h. ,Mrs. Karen R0ss w~s our ,gr.a'cious hostess and C~'a ,R~binson ~ted on as. 'to '~launt. .n, ,oo, o Main Street i:igent.'.y bein,g r thrilt w,hile ,is cod, d~ed with Sick and ,tired ~f wi, th initta:tive and in~genuity p'u.,h- Io~ers ,are ,be. =l'o'h~ful. I'm s,ick ps~rcho.~ogy Stem the ancl ~ae ~cok af this once nation ~ut ,From the d~ ~I ~x~k an ad about the tee cr#a'm so~dall to be held a,t the Un,Ilted Methodi~t Church a't E~bon Sa;turday, July tdth, I warred to ~o.-- Kept hapir~g ~a~t someone would ask me ~o go. Worked ha the o.Niee S~l~rday ,u~til l:00 p.m.-- AIRer lunvh I ,started to clean nay ga,r.ag~_ Stop'pod t'o ,go to Hel- en'~ Sesuty 8h,oO ~t G:Z0. Wanda llowarl, Media WhlJSey and Baul, lne ~e~ltusen had been there ,ahesd at ~ne. Vi,~ited wSth T~Iw~a ,Proctor. ~t ~o~aarts ~atCha lterrmam~ wu at the eheek,,~ end Mike Pe~ete and Hospital Mankato Livestock Donations Commission Company Aveording to Richard D~a- The market was uneven with trmaa.d, ~ndv~vme~ Association C~ws and ehe Light Cat:fie o go l~reasurer, ,the f,ol!lowing con- back to grass showing the ef- ~utivns to ~he Jvwll Co,ux~ts, fect.s Of ~he dry w~athex, rrhe Hospital ,Ec}uipiment ~Pund have He~w Feeder Steers were rea~ been made during the past ective and #,he HoPer market week: ~as slower. 1112.00 " Weather H.00 'Aocordi, ng to the m~ficial 50.00 U.S. W~ther O,bsewer, Clyde Reed, the low tempera~ture for ~.0~ the ~eek r~as ~19 degrees on IVar~ Shop Vera Thoml~son ,Mam~rdal (Cora Carter and friendel Jua.nita Peters. ~mald Seamaas Memorial -"--" Tuesday a't'a)rn,i.ng, J.u,ly ~I. The Total $7~.00 high ~tempera!tu,re ~or the week Gordon's Cone,co donated, two d~zen canta'loupes to the Jewe~l w~s ,I~ degrees on Saturday, Calmly HospRal 16it:hen. J~y 1~. rl~ere ,was no mois:ture. Hospital Courthouse ton. T~fis is the second time News Hi-appen'ngs Mr. Sea,~on ha~s visited Jewel,1 Coun durin,g this, campaign. Axle Whig Vtisiiting I'I~s: Mr. Seaton's gz'andfatlher, the l:00-4:00p.m, and 7:00-~:~0p:m. ta,te Fay Sez~ton, w.a~ a native ADM/SdIONS Judicial Ca~es: Of Jew.all. The name is welll Acute- ~IBt~gene W. Eilent, DWI. known in the cou,rr,ty and Ri, c:h- July l~t.h: 'Mrs. Vesta Me- $100.00 and ~osis. 90 days m ard po!lled a good vote in Jewe~a Common, IVankato; Mrs. Min- Jail. Detfendant .l~a.ro,led ~or 6 Calmly tw~ years ago. hie S~a]~tord, Formosa. months ~nder conditions ~mpos- od by ,the court. C~arles ~M. Ah~ord, coun,t one. careless driving; counlt ~wo. l~ai, lure ,to report. 1~ined $35.o~ on count ~one ~md $20.00 on caum two and court ~os1~. George ~ames P,ricketlte, Jr., tmla#wlfu,l 4e,pr~va,t2*on of proper- 15", ser~teaced to 6 months in jail. ~elea~zod 'on parole ,upon conditions "J~posod by the court. Jul~r 1'~: Mrs. Bessie Burton, ,Burr Oak. July lr/: "Mr. Harold C'h~iteott, l~an, leato; Mr. Robert Broyles, Mankato. &d~y 18: Doris BLauvelt, Su- perior, Nebr. Jub' 19: Roy S,I,ate, Jewel~l. DISMISSALS Acute J~tr~ 1~: Mrs. Ze,lda Williams, .M~r~kato. The ~den FirMs Estate 80 J~ .H: Mrs. Vegta M~cCam- a~ores Of land sand ~ Sheriff's man, Mauka, to; Mrs. Amber Sale at the Courthouse in ,~an- St,~fford, Mankato: Miss kate Tuesday, July td, for Blan, ehe Thomas, M an,kaita. $16,300. The pur~chaser was Guy J,u'ly 19: Mrs. Bessie Bu~tun, Noller, Be~oit, Kansas. Burr Oak. The Ha,ndte~ E~ta~e 1~0 acres s~d a.t S'neri~-~Ys Sale ~t the Courthrouse Tuesday, Jury ~I, ~or $1~300. The buyer was Ray 9mi~, Mank~o. Silver Day Far GeHngs Mankato Cookies Lose To Smith Center IMr. and Mrs. \Richard Gering were honored on.~their 25Lth 'wed- The Ma~kato Cookies lost a ,~r. Her tmcle, Dallas NOt@on. about all I bare kelp ira,ok Of. d~g armi.versary\Sunda~ Ju~y 17-7 contest to Smith CenCer on af Memphis, Tennessee, was in am" ,fatally ha~e scaJttered: tPth with ~ ....... ,' ' , . ,~cepr~ton grven rn the Mar~airo diamond M,~nd'ay Coa~tay to see D~an.e run. The Diane, the oldes~t, Of course is their borne by t h_c~r son and e~ening, July 20. Mike Peteete. Gaxmts, on .their w'ay home, married and has one li.~lfle girt, daughterdn-taw, Mr.'~ and Mr~ ,who h~t two home runs, furnish- spen~ the weekend in Memphis, Sl~aratIy~ Joy, 2%. She and her Jer~y C-eri~g ~f H~tchin,son. ed the main offensive p~ver Tennessee, vi.~tin,gat the l)al,las h~Sl~and, Herb Lyon, wi*il be Blue an'd s'ttver were the color.s for Mankato. N, ,alson llcme, going ba.ek to Kenya, East M- used .to decorate the table from The Ccc&ies will pla'y at Lob- In ~ n~tiorml track meet, r~ca, in September. (~e hope rada[~.h Mrs. Jerry Gerir~g ese~ved anon Wednesday, Ju:.y ~, arid w~hi~ch will be run on a ~artan the new arri,val wi'll be a boy.) cake and p~ to theia~vi.ted wil, l close the seas:on a.t J~wela tra~ck, al~ the girls in the a,ge ,Linda, am" second, is married gtres~. Monday, July 27. ASter the grou@s 1443 wi1~ cm~pete and her husband, Ru'sse~l G1ess- SrnRh Center ~oss, the M~anka?to again, st each other. Diane wi~ nor, ks s~g in the U.S. Arm~, The g~uests were Mr. and Mrs. team's season record stands at run only the 220 in the Ma~tional. in Gexmatty. ,Tl~e~" hrave one ~Loyd ~Hawel, l, WIy. and Ma~. Hat- four vi,atories and ~ve det~eats. She wRl h~ave her expeskses paid more year there. He p~a.ns to old May, Martin:a, Sus~an, Jane " Coa'eh Bc,b Gu~mm, Jr.. the to Knoxville and will. board a return to Nebraslm Uni,versi~ and ,Ray D., Mr. and Mrs. Val team manager, wi'shes to th, ank plane at Kansas City. Parents, to firtish ,his seh~ling in sci- Garman. Mr. and Mrs. ,R~ch, ard ~cal ,bo~:s~ers for ~arnks,hir~g by pa~ing their own expenses, er~ce. They are bath graduates Waugh, Gerry and Carl. Mr. ears, h~ping keep the diamond can take the same p~ane. Mrs. Of the ~ormer Oma.ha Baptist and Mrs. DeCbert Stevenson. in ~d'ta,pe, and the fine co'opera- Grotrt Igans I~o make the trip Bthle Col;t~ge, now @~aRh Bap- Mr. Raymond ~eh, Mr. and lion\ he has. received this sum- mad Glenn, Jr. may go. tts Bible Col,logo in Ankeny, .Mrs. J'a.c~ Tu~. or, Mr. and mer. Di.ane's many ~iende ~tre ~or~ta. , Mrs. Charles S0ash, Mr. arrd proud Of the ex-eg_Aen track ~Jar.ry and his wile, ,~e, Mrs. ,.R~attd De~M0rf, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Lonrfie S,gi,ker record s1~e ks making. She is a left in ,April ~or Hondttras wlhe.re Mrs. Roy Crouch oft Mankato: and Sot~t ~rf Siqver Dake, K'a~. de.finlte i~t~re Ol~'npie team they axe ser~g under Cer~tral ,Mr. and Mrs. Don H~ett and visRed ~aeir attar. E~a Co.leon. proape~. She l~as the determin- American Mission a~ the Los Mike of BeloR; WIT. and Mrs. Tuesday ~t~ternoon. Mr,s. f~pik- alien, ability, and desire to Amaricas Ae~ademy, a seh~x~l Md~vin Bowersox and Mark of er ks the ~nmer Jani!ce Co~son, compete, w~ich ev~ry real for mL~sionary children. They Oo~ordi:a; Mr. and Mrs. H. @atrghter ~f tMr. and Mrs. A/loin daarapion must have. bare a tla,by boy, JeJfry 8co~t, Bernard Niles of Digh,ton; Mr. Golson, tfor~n'erly Of ~nia end Lisa Wallace, Baxnard, fin- and Mrs. Floyd Barnes of ~ow Of b2~ch~.son. Silve.r Lake ished 2nd in the 220 with a time Dodge Oily; and Mr. and Mrs. is ,ge*~ing reader ffor Rs Centen- of 25.S, while Andrea Pollan~kt, Bifl ,May and Troy ~ Ha.~tings. n~ia~l July 234t6. Cuba, was ~nd in the high jump .... 'with a leap of 5-I. Debbie Bell, Beloit, was 5th in the high jump g'~ at 4-8. Diane Grout Set 220 Mark Diane Grout Of Man,ate se,t a region ~ AAIU 2~0-yaxd dash record 6f 25.6 seconds at the Dear Mr. Bo~d, ing to stop at the time Of the reWioaal chacrxpionsh~ps m Con- R ~vas a plea.s'ant surprise to ~mpa,ol and the car ,w'as carried wa~,, At&ansas Saturday, Jt~l receive the Jewel1 County Rec- over an en~bankment on ,the 1& ord wRh the account of the I~40 novtheas;t s,ide c,f the intersec. The ,timing qt~alffied Miss class reunion. Was sorry I ti'cn. Mr. Striders. who was Grotft for the ~ational Junior cotild not make it btR circum- taken to the Belleville hospital. 01ly,mpi~es at the University o~ stances .wi~h 'Good 4Nears Camp' csica,ped with bruises and .wasn'l I'enne~ee at Kao~e At~us~ and the fact that our oldest seri'custly injured, according t.u l~th. daughter ks with us and exgect- Sh.er'i!ff Donald H. Heske,tt, who 'Di'ane also ,placed 3rd in the trig am, time ~eve~ted our woeked the avcident. The ear 100 yard das~ in HJI. Miss ~s'~ing. ~a's t~tal~y demolis~hed. Grot~t has qualified for fl~e Na- ,We er~yed readkag the a.e- The above picture was s,nap- ti~nal Jaycee meet in Bo~dirtg cotm, learning about some o~ pod by Sheri,fff Heskett. Green, Ohio, which ~vi~l be hem the ctassarmtes and their w~here- Juicy 31. aboUlts. I usuat!lly hear ~rorn Diane ~as accompanied to l~ose Marie ~tnd Mi~t at ~arkst- C~wgay, Ark:ar~sas, by her par- mas time and see Bet~ty when ents, Mr. and ,Mrs. Glenn Gro~. ,we .are in Mank'ato but th~at is IM~st af the Cows sold far $17.50 to $120.00. 5 ShoRhorn S~eers weighing 532 lbs. sold ~r $3~2.2~. 8 Bila~Ck Stee,r.s wei~gh- irlg 508 ,~bs. s~{ld ~'or $~.30. 3 WhRetaee Steers weighinlg lbs. sold 'f~r $35.50. 5 Black White~aee Steers ~e~ghing 435 i~s. sokl tfor $35.40. 14 {B1La~k Steers wei ghin~g 457 Ibs. sold f~r $35.20. 4 t~taek and 'Bla~k Whiteface Steers wei~',iing ~1 ths. s.oId ~for $35.60. ~0 White,face Steers ~veig,hin~g 7~0 ~Ibs. sold for $32.20. 28 ,White:fa~ee Sitee:rs ~vei~hing 620 l~bs. 'sold ~for $3~.~10. .10 Whit~fa, ce S~eers weighin~ 630 ~b.s. s01d ,for $,.~.70. 5,1 Mixed Steers weighin.g 8,50 ~.bs. sold ,for S30.20. 5 WhiteCace Steers we.i,ghin~g 955 l'bs. s,old for $'30.46. e5 Whi, t0face Steers weighing 87~ Jibs, s01d If or ~1.15. 7 ~rmck W~titefa,ce I~ei!fers weighing 4~ ~bs. sold 'for $30.~0. 8 Shortho~rn Heifers ~eighing 470 lbs. so,ld for $:29.50. 9 ~3:;ack Heifers a'~ 453 ~bs. sold .for gt.9.~0. 8 iB~aek and Dlarok W~iZe~fa~ce Heifers ~ei,gh.ing 4'50 ~bs. s,a!:'d .for $@1.70. H B~ack Hei:fcrs wei~hi.n~ Ibs. s,~Id ~,r SOl.75. 16 Whitetace Heifers weighing 642 lbs. sold for $29.,10. Langer consignors were Don Walker, Jennings B orger, Dan Seamans, L. M.cElroy, H. Wil- liam~son, H. Krmrr, Adam .Rose, Ai~vin ,F~ll, Sr., 'K. Braden, L. Gentry, Gene Swea~, and N~les Greene. Cant'Jr are still brin~gin,g a lot Of dc~lars per head. Itf ~'ou are thinking of se;.ling, call us. We wi~ be gl, ad to a,pgraise and ad~eritise them 'f.or you. See yv~u in the auction Fri, da~. VAIL McCLINTOCK Bdoit, Kansa~s BOB I,~AC Mankato, Kansas NOTICE Mr. Gene Lundgren. Field Representative of the So~c-ial Socurity Administration, will next vksi~ Mhnk.ato. K~ansas on Tuesday, Ju~ly 28, 1~979. Persons dos.iring ir~form,aition are reques- ted to c~l~l at the Courth,ous between 1,0:00 and 1~:00. Pro, cedures in al~] ~y,pes o~ busi.ne~s are bein'g chan,ged dra~tioally nowaday~s, with the advent of fu}l t~tili~a,t'ion oil cam- pute~s a~rcl modern business methods. Social Security is no exception, h~a, vin.g adopted the most advanced and sophi.~tieat- ed methods and sys'te:.ns to ac- celera.te a.ll phases of their op- m,ation. There is a way, tho,~gh, in ~hic'h you, the poter~tiM ben- oficJ'ary, oan contribu~te to the speedy prcmessirrg o~f your So,clot Seourity busines,s. Use The Teleph'one. Your ~ocial So!curtly reprosenta, tive ean an:s~er most SociM S~curi.ty qu~,~io,ns over ~he tel'eI~hone, thus savin,g you time and th'e cc,~t ~ a trip to the oflfice. The Social Security peo!c:.e can even t~ake some ap- pl:i'oatiorm i~or bene~fi'ts by tele- phone. They can reduce your wa,iti, ng time fc~r th'e first chock by advising you o,f w~,a.t proofs or evidence wil,l be needzd with yottr appli'ca~tion, lqf .you Uve o~ of the town in whi.ch your ,~ci, al Seouri~ 0~i,ee is 1~cated, just oa~ or ~r~e them giving yo~ ~ame, address nod teleph~one n.urr~er. Y, ou w,ili be catled, no co.~'t .to yotz, and your S~ole~a~ Sec~.ri,ty bt~n~ss will be d~ed in th~ most expeditio~m ~r. 6 weeks old. New Assistant We axe p~eased ~at the Lord Area Conservatlonls/ has cM1ed all of our children in'to His service and we knom theY ave where the Lord ~ants ~ern. ,We ,plan to be in Mankato the midtlle Of August to visi~ end help our f~Iks some, Per- ha~s we ann drop in and chat The north-central Kansas ar- ea has a new assie~*an;t area co~serva:fivnist ear opera~ion.~ Sharon McKee, Jan Smith, Jan Braun and Melonie Miller of To- peka set a now state 4.10.yard re. ~fle ~vhen we are there. lay record of M.7 ~conda. I m'n not ata'e wh.o sent the All the girls partieipate for the Re:s)rd to ~, b~t than~m to Thunderbolt Track ck~b ~pon- eared by the Kansas F.,lectrieal Cooporatlves, K-14~-WIII Be Surfaced From JL,~vell To Highway 36 A~therizitt~an to .the eofftra,e. tar ~o be,gin su~a~c,in,g O~era- ti~:r~s on new K.14 oa0v~a,y in J~wel,l .Count,,,/ has been re'part- ed ;to ,G,overnor R~bert D~ckin,g by Robert KenL SMina, hi,gh. way ~ommi.ssioner. who did. ~i~cerel.y yours, ~I-lilda Co, ins Hewer ,P.O. ~ox ~8~ ~, Tez~a~ 7~01. Ist IA. Don Kluinger Arrives Home From Tha~and 1,~t I.Jt. and ~s. Don Kiss- inger arrived in ,Martk'a;to M~n- day evening ~or a week's visit at the Ivome o~ his parch, iS, Mr. man:agemen,t with the appc.m merit, as af Jul~y I'2, ~f Coy A. Garrett. ~His o,f~f~ce is .at Man- h~n. The announcement wa's made by Morrie tA. B~lltne, ~ta~e Con~rvationi~t, L~SDA. ~ofl Oonserv~i'on ~er~iee, Sa. Rrm. A ,gradua~ af Texas TeOh College a~ L,t~bo,ek .in .i,968, Gar. refit has been an ~n~tern,al ,aud- i#an av~ the ~fice of Ins,pe,ctor Crenera~ i~ Kansas City, Mis. souri, &rr tire past three yeats. Prlor'o ~at he Was emp::oyed by the @aft Conservation Ser- vk~e. 'He was DistriLot Conserva. tloni~ ~t San't.a Fe, Now Mex- ico, &xma .19.54 to ~alYT, ~he proje,ct be'gin,s .a~t the and Mrs. Prank Kissinger, and atle and his w,?fe, Barbara, north c~y l.i'm,i*t~ Of Jr*well and with o/hher relatives and fr,lends, have ~wo ,sons, G and 6 years ex~tends n.or't.h on the prcLsent Dt. Ktssinger, who spent a year, rid, ~l~r.~velcd way 7.G mil.es ~r~ the stationed at Karat AIF~, Thai- Gaxrett jvin.s the st~f #f B. jur~otion~i,t~,L~S-3G east c,f Man- taped, i~ew bae,k to the Uni,ted K. Ger~ghty, Area Conserva. kate. ~3o.m:ple'.ttcn .o.f ,the ,project ~tif~es. His wife, who haa been tionis't, who ~u,pervises the S'oil will provide 1,5 'miles ~f i~mprov, livlrtg wt't~ t~er parents, Col. and C~nserv,ation Service st,a~fs in ed two ,la,ne roa,e~ay on K-#I~ Jn ll,[rs. Bill BMdw/a, in Me~phi's. e~eh of 17 c0un,ties in north. the 'Nort;h~Cen,tral area. A grad. 'Pevnessee while Don was over- cemral Kansas. O~era~ti:on,s in, i~g and sunfacin,g ~,rod.e.ot solos, n'mt ,h~m in Denver. Mter c~u.d.e :five twa,tershed projects through JewEl and sout~h 7.5 their visit here, the Klssin'ger,s preser~tly in ehe 'cons,tr.uctitm I wRl go ~o For~ Worth, Texas t,o stage i~,c,lving more than .a Voluat~r~ Work On &H Hone Barn I ~e a~mve pitot, ure ~as snap [H.enning~en, Fred Deibert, Lee- m~leSsurfacingWaS eom,~.e'tedc.cn:tra.c.tm. 'in l~..on ~the visit frien~!s and t'o Memph.is. h.a,~f a'nillfo ,~cres, ~,ix irrigalion __ [pod Tues,d'ay alfternoon, J~1~' ~I. [lie Jensby, and St~ve Van H.or,n. n A ,g'rot~ of 44-/ mea'nbers. IFrn row, leltt to r!@ivt: Da~e ~Darrel F~osi.e, eotm,ty a,genL and curren,t impr~,vement i,s C~u'~.,Rc Trance, see to visit her paren, t's. Wojoct delete;monte ctrvering .,'~s~alt Co,, Into., o~f Lilbera~1, They leave New Jersey by nearly ~.I00,000 ceres, 700 Great parents, acid trlend~ Of this 'l~eCmranon, C~y Kelmingse~, JJenning~ BorIRer. who were pl'a.ne A~gu.~ 10th .for Wire. Plains ~2c~erva, t~on Program w~r~hlle ~o,gva~ are w~,n- D~.k Wiautgh, .and ~l~ax V~n[h~'..~ing w,~th the work, were on a bid o~ ~5'I,3,3,3. t~ering th#ir servi.ees t~o he,19 Horn, Back raw. left t0 right: [outting wa~termdon for a re- ,E, 'L, ,Fulton o,f E:.Ivwovth l*s baden, Crerman~, where the ~n~ra~It's on a ha.,, mi!!ion a~:re.~ eoaKrtt~ a Horse Barn on the Jac~ Delbevt, Lax.r~ Je~by,|fre~ent break when lhe residont'engine'er on the praje~ ~tmdr~,ers wil~ be stati'oned, m~l-a ntmaber ~' co~,pet~v~ /)tnl will re~ive h/~ pcema~tion road p~*ejec*ta on county. ~.~e, 44t Itrounds. ~)afl Si~, Leon Jeneby, Rex [eho~ p~tm'e was snalpped, foc 4~he Sth,te I-Ii:ghway Comm,.~- ~ 01~ L "~ ha a [~w v~t~. and ~r~ highwas, ~~.s. elan.