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July 23, 1970     Jewell County Record
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July 23, 1970

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JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, Ju.~y 23, 1970 Clay 'E. Hedri~k, Newton Page 6 ~- Section ! SIIATE *'ERtEtAS' URF_~ Vote for One J ,t ~Ftrst Ptrbllshed in Je~vell Co. WNter H. Peary, Topeka Re, cord, Thursday, July 9, ATP0~NI~Y G]DN~R~A,L 1970) 3t Vote for One NOTICE OF PRIMAKY Jim Bous,l~, Overland Park ELECTION Richard H. Sealon, of Kansas, C~ff6yvil,le Sewell C~m~y, as. Tom Van Sick,le. Fact Scott Vote for On~ ~K Vote for One Lloyd @~en, Hardy, Nebraska PoDA~J~ErR Vote ~r One Clarence Behrends, Wether Vote for One 'Max Crispin, We'~ber COM'~ITTEE WOMAN Vote for One Opal Joy Botl~vetl. IIardy, Nebraska 'I, the tmdersigned. Count~ GD.~%Ir~S'IO~ER O,F Grant Township EIIeetion O~ficer d the a, bove INSURA:0E. Vote ~or One T:RUSTFSE Vote for One named oounuy, have race:red a Fietcher Bell. Lawrence Ployd ~eed. Form'oso certified list of candidates for R.C. "~-~ob" Buehler. Kaasa~ CLE*I~K Vo'te for One the various nominations to be City Forrest Dempsey, Formosa made lly each of the ,t~litiz..a;t par'des of this stare, and in ~ccordan'ce with the provisior~ o2 =the law, I hereby p~lish as much as is a,pplicaMe to thk~ calmly, and 1 have added ~here- tO the names m~d addresses oI George Hang, ~arveyv.i,Ile Nurman S. Nm%urg, Topeka ffhamas D. Spink, Wichita JRobert C. Staatoa, Kansas City D. Wayne Zm~erman, Olathe the andid~t~s ~or nominal'ion STATE t~R by the several pc~lRi, eal parties Voee far as the s~me appears in my ~bert ~R. (.BOb) Sanders, Ollflce. SaJ inca The following named eandi- ffrATE ;NEPR~E,~2NTtATI,V~, d~ for nominati.on bY the 9~qth District Vote for On~ several politi, cN parties and ,Rex R..Bergen, Ashervil,'.e TNDA,S,I~RE~R Vgte for One DonNd II(,wland. ,Formosa CA~MITT~,E MtAN Vote for One Dale H. ~witzer, Formosa COM~MITTEEWOMAN Vote far On~ Irene l~ark, For~noso Vicksburg Townsh~ IRRU~STEE Vote for One Ralph Anderson, Randai~l OI]EI~K Vote for One Ralph. L. Spieg61, Formosa 2IP~E~U~FJR Vote {or One their post offi, ce addresses ap- STATE R~PRESEN~AR2I,VE, ~Ioward Field, Jr.. Forvnoso l~sr urMer their respective 1:1~ ~)istriet Vote for One OC~MMI'TTE~M~N parties. .rden ~Dier6oNf. Smith Vote for One .Eleetlon to be i~eld on Tues- Center day, A~g.ust 4~h, ,1970 a regu- lar voting precincts. Precind~s COUNTY TIC~Z~ET are to be opened ,from 7 a.m. O0~U~TY OAJE~IJK to 7 9.m. Vote for One I~N V. WILSON. Eiieen V. Wi~Ison. ,WIankato Cotmty Eleeti.on Officer. Lt~cile IM. Cl, a.rk, Lebanon REPUBLICAN PARTY Q~mntin Leece, Lovewe~ ,R. A. MeElroy, Ran.daB COM'MITTEEWOMAN V~,Le f~ One Ena M. McElroy, Raneta~ Allen Township "P~L~ST~E Vote ~or One ~R. G. M 'a~in. Itandal~ OI.,EWK V0te for One N~tlolml, Sta(e and DlstHot Ticket ~B~-,SSMAN, Firs.t District Vote for One ~ G. Sebelius. Norton G'OV'~0R Vote for One ~e~ ~rizzel], ~Wichita ~ol. Donffld C. Canard 0Rot.). Topeka ~Riek I~a~man, Shmvnee ,MisSion Joseph V. Lindah]. ~orro~vi~le Raymoad J. Va, n Skiver. Wk~hita MEtYr~ANT ~0,~F_~NOR Vote for One WflUam H. addk~toa, Wt~lta L. A. "Bud" Bi,:liags, Over}and l~ark L, F, "Cush" Cucher~ber~, Ob~l~in Ben ~star, W~chita l~y~olds "Ran" Shtdtz, Lmvreme J~em 8. Stevens, ~Wi.chita ,10h~ O, Stewart. Kansa~ City ~Y OF S~A'rE Vote for One ~I ,M. S,haaahan, Sa~lia,~ fflWl~ AUDitOR Ri~G]l~q~t~R OF DtEISDS J,oh~n E. Hart. I~andal~ Vote tar One I~RIEWSIf@Fff{ Vote ,for O~te Ardeth ,Wilson, Jewe$ Alan E. McMiilan, Randa~ ~mma KL~be, Randall OF DISTR~ffP cou~/r Vote for One V~rgln~a .Wrermh, ~urr Oak ,l~va M~er~, Mank,ato Leonore G,ordanier, F, anda~ O0~IM IT'I~E'~M, AN Vote for One R. G. Mahin, l~andal~ Richland Township TI%UST~E Vote for Oa~ James Pa~ge, M, a r~a,to OLl~rtK Vote for One ~ervna~ Loom.is, Randal~ TRE-'tASIH1;F~R Vote far One Robert L. Kibbe, Randa~ C~EVI IT~E~EMA~ Vote for One Sherm~ Loom~, Raadafl COMMITTEEWOMAN C. I. Young, Lebano~ QbHRK Vote far One ~arion Attwood, Esbon T~EASD~'R Vote for One $,,~len R. Keeps, Ca~vker Ci~ Ervh,g Townehip TR~ISTEE Vote ~or One Joe Seam~n, Oara~ker CRS' Vote far One CI#~ Vote /or One Vera LoorMs, Randa,~ ~aroed H. Wiehers, Oa~aker Harrison Township City 'IIRUCdTEfE Vote for One TR,~.%SURER Vale for One Vernon Stone. Mankato 'Walter Schoen. Ca~ker CRy CLEI~K Vote for One COMM'ITTDEMAN Detma r Boyle,s, Mankato T~EASURER Vote for One Dew Stan~ury, ~urr Oak OOMMI TT'E~E, MA~ Vote for One Dedmar B0,yles, Mankao COYrMHq'EEWOMAN Vote far One ~. E. Schoen, Ca~ker Ci~ COMMITTEEWOMAN Vo,te f~r One Si.nnle Schoen, Oawker ~ity DEMOCRATIC PARTY Vote far One National, State and 'IX~La B.~'les, Ma.nkato District Ticket Center Township O0d~G.R~SSMAN, First DistMet TRUSTE~E Vote for One Vote for One Claren'ce B'l,a~k, Maakato ,Bill? D. Je{ltison, HaFs GLERK Vote for Due G0~E~RNOR Vote for One E~ran Harmon, Mankato "P~E~.~g~,,tt~R Vote for One '~'..sie M. Hmvard, Maakato WEIST COMMglq'E~LMAN Vote for One F. R, Fair, Manka,to WLIRYP GOMMYrrI~E~VOMAN Vote tar One ~orma Cortner, Man~sto EA,~ COLMMI/I'I~.ELMAN 'P~obert Docking, Arkansas Ci,~y I.EB~ANT ~RNOR Vote /or One Jerome E. Haltvman, Prairie Village ~cl Phil'lips, ~g ~i'chard J. Rome, ~ut~hin,son Jack Steine,ger, Murmie Vote far One SIDC~Y OF S21ATE ~t~v}n T. K,~a,ner, Maaka'to Vote for One Calvin Township {D. Jeni~ee Mi~er. Newton TPd~.'STE~E Vote for One STATE A~ R~I'ph Schuma~cher, Jewel~ OIIEI~K Vote for One ~on Durant, Jewe]l . TREASL~I~ER Vete far One J. L. Cross, Je~vel~ CCtWIMITTEE MAN Vote f~r One ,Robert J. Johnson, Jewell COMMITTEEWOMAN PRGu~'I~E J~12~ Washlng~ Township Vote far One ~I~U~E Vc~te for On~ Jac.~t D. Bradi'J;ck. Maakato Ji,m B,Neh, Formosa CO[~NTY A2.~OP, L~E:Y GD~ ~ote for 0~ Vote ~or One Hal~iie Maser, Mankao R~bert H. ,Meyer, ~Y~a~ato TI~EA~b~P_A:t Vote for On, ~L~BK Vote for One I:~UNTY TRII~A~UR~R Eclv~in Dtmsta.n, Jewefl ~avo~d Topl~, Je~vell Vote for One O0~MITTE~MAN ~gl~DA'gt~, 'l~DR V0,te for One Edith H0ffer, Jewel~ Vote for One ,Robert Doxon. JeweIl~ ~X~NTY SI-I~I~FFF ~Nelson Keeler, Formosa Vote for One COMMITTEEWOMAN Wi~ia~n A. ~Bai~ey, J~ ,R. K. (Skeet) VanlDeveatter. ~Iankato O0UN'TY C~MlV~I~SNIONE~R. ~t District Vote tar O~m V. E. 'lM~ller, Jc~'el't L~le V. Jackson, ffewell TOWNSHIP TICKET Jackson Townehtp "I~itU~STDE Vote [or One IMyron Intermfll, Webber Top Prices Vote for O~e Mama Keeler, Formosa Buffalo Township TRUSTEE Vote far One ,.E~ml Willrne~&, Jewell. ~q~P~K Vote for On~ George Wilson, Jewe~l TtIND~SDI~ET~ V~te for One Vern.an Fed,de, J~ve~ O0~M.ITTE~]~AN Vote for One Calvin James, Jewell C OLM MtITT 191~ W, OML~N Vote ~or One .Barbara Crumrine, JeweB Prairie Towllsh~p 'PRL~ST~]~E V0,te for Ono ,Lloyd I~llott, Randall COOK House Painting,s a breeze when you decorete the DECCA WAY! DECCA atex or OiI.Ba, e HOUSE PAINT Available Every Friday At Our Sale , EoonomMal, easy to usel Sir 8prade smoothly, evenly ... drlas In rnlnuteal * Cloan-up'a qulok & eaeyl * 28 fade-resistant oolors & whltel MeElroy, Ibmdall, sold 9 Blk. at the Sale in Mankato Friday, July i 'rhey weighed an average of 453 Ilm. mul ~.90 per 100. The buyer was Herb Columbus, Nebr, Borger, Ionia, ~old 6 ~ht. 8tr~. at in Manlmto Friday, July 17, They an average of 534 lbs. and laid for 100. Bob J~lmon, Sabetha, Ken. was the buyer. $729 ~ALLON MANKATO , LUMBER CO. Lives.lock iSSlOn L0. V&U, M~ : }. i Vote far One ~m m~e, vopeka STARIE 'IP,~~ Vote/or One George Kart W~.htta AfrT~ G{ENE~tAL Vote for One Vern 3f$1qer, W~ehita 00~fMI~,~ION'II~R OF Vote far O~e E'~S~ Vote for One ~mrmbe~e Cross, Jewe{[1 ,Robert S. Faleone, 0~the Brownsereek Townsh/~ ,Wa]~a~ K. (W$~ly)Jolly., ~}:~1r,qT~E VOte for One glt~Wi~h~ .Clare Wiley, Jewe~l Vote for O~m ~.~n W. Barker, W~h.~ta ~arvy F. Stone, Topeka STA'I~E I~EPRtESENTATIN~, O0~M;MITTEIEMAN $8~ Dls~ict Vote far One Vote for One Ernest E. Ki~Ick, Beverly J. W. tAen~benger, Jewelq COM~VflTTEEWOI~AN COUNTY TICKET Vote far One PRO(BAT~ ~.q)GE Mary Tullar, Jewe~l Vote far One Walnut ~ownsh~ John W. ~, Mr~ 'I~I~USrIW~E Vote $or O~ ~ A~ W. W. Warner. Burr 0ok Vote for One CA,I~RK Vote for One ~r~ford HoRy, ,Manka~ THE CHURCH FOR ALL ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is ihe greatest factor ,,n earth fur the building of charac- ter and good citizenship It is a store- house of spiritual values. Without a btrong Church, neither demncracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why ~very lwrson should attend services regu- larly and support the Clmrch 'l'h~,y ..re: l ) Fnr his own sak~L ~ 2) For his children's sake 31 For the sake of his colllnlurxlty and nati(m (4) For the sakt. uf the Church it.~e]f. which needs his moral and matermi support Plan to go to church regu lad3 and lead your Bible daily. // PsoM~s P,overbs \\ //. 6~:]-10 3:21-27 \~ ~I Tue~doy Wedne~y Thursday I~ II Isaioh Matthew Mork Jl '~\ gridoy _Sofurdny /jr ~\ Ephesions I Thessr/oniar~s // k 3:7-13 5-I-11 / When each new experience springs a jack-in-the-box . . , and your fondest are toys . , . and your chief concern out of every hour the last ounce of then it's fun to be surprised. Bu~ when you've grown too old for when life is laced with serious challenge happiness depends on a thousand social, and moral decisions then surprises can tating! It is elementary that our early prepare us for the later surprises. The habits and skills we acquire must be meeting the unexpected as readily as the And because religious faith and are men's chief resources in the of adult life, we must nurture their in every child. Support. encourage, serve your vital efforts to mold the character of -- tomorrow's adults. .Earl Buckley, Burr Oak TItEkSIL%~R Vote for One Ardean Jeffery, Guide I%ock, Nebraska O@MMITTE,E MAN Vote Ibr Oae ~lenn Wall, ace, Burr Oak O0Y~ITT~EWOMAN Vote far One [" Pastor Jones, Norway ; a3o~ald H. Heske~t, Mankato .|Elvle Konovalsky, Organist l 00~ OOM'MIB~I~, ~Worship Service . 8:45 a.m( t~t Distvlct Vote far One ~findav School .... 9:45 a.m. Jkn ~a~, Randall -- %%rEBBFR METHODIST TOWN~mP TIC~g'r CHURCH ,. MANKATO Mass Schedule ~undays ........ 8:00 a.m, cATH0i~IC (~III~CH ESBON "" Wlnter Schedule; METHODIST L. Russell Church School ..... Womh.Lp ~rpv~ee ... (2mar, Wednesday _. MONTROSE METHODIST L. Russell C~lote, Vo.te for One Pralrle Towmh~ Weblmr. Kanss" ~rs. @lena Wal~a,ee. B~.r Oak ~,MMITTEE~ ' i Lotmt J. Sflsby, Minister Burr Oak Tow~mMp Vote f~' Ole [ ~ale Crispin, S. S. Supto TR'U'STBE Vote for One Lee J. Nichols. l~andal~ Morning Worship 9:30 a.m Keith Terri]~l, Burr O~ak Center Township (~) Church School .. 10:30 a.m. CI~EttK Vote for One 11RtLq'ILE~. Vote for One ~Choir Rehearsal, C. W. Fearir~g, Burr Oak G~,y~e Cristman, Mankato ~ Wed ........... 7:30 p.m. ~ITItEASL~I~ER Vote for One COMMITTEEMAN ~WSCS---Ist and 3rd J. C. Gates. Burr Oak Vote for One % Wednesdays .. 2:00 p. m. C0~IMITTEEMAN Lester B ro~les, Maaka.to Vote f~ One (X)~ITTF_~WOM/EN *' Jack Byers, Burr Oak V~te for One NAZA_R~NE BURR OAK 8:30 a.m. at Esbon Verne Dempsey, I0:00 a.m. at Smith Center , Worship Servi'ce ..... --- ,%., ASSEMBLY OF GOD C~ G. E. Smith, Pastor ~unday School ... 10:00 a. m~ Morning Worship 11:00 a. m. Special Children's Service in Basement ... 11:00 a. m. Evangelistic Service 7:30 p. m. Midweek Prayer 01~ School ...... t UNITED CHURCH Cecil Rankle, Ionia: Worship .......... Sunday School .... Y.F .............. Odessa: COMMITTDEWO'MA~ Ola C. W~ll~ck, Mank~to Vote for One C~ter Township tWeet) Catherine avers, Burr Oak COI~MITTEEMAN Llmesteme Townsh~ V~e for One T;R:US*TIgE Vote for 0~ne Carl Westin, Ms.kate C&ester Hanson, Maakato Gerald Thompsoa, Mrankato (X21~-tK Vote for One 00~II,V',Jq'I'E~W~MAN ~Duane Bennett, Mankato Vote for One ~RBASIJ~III~]R Vote for One .Late Dietz, Mankato Donald Sie~non, Mank~to Whitemound Towaship O0,~MITTI~E.MAN TR~STDE Vale for One Vote for One Earl M. Silsby, Esbon ~tay W. Smith, Mank~to (R~RK Vote for O~ COMMITTEEWOMAN l~an I.~e Frost, Esbon Vote f~r One ~~E{R Vote far One 'Ll],a M. ~'nieh, Mankato Claude F~'ost, Ionia Towa~ CO,~MITTEE MA~ TRUSrI~EE Vote far One Vcee for One 'H~arold A. Triton, Jer#eC~ ,M, aurice Pl, a~in, Eslbon OLI~RN Vote for One OOM~I~WOMAN Orlo Van Weft, Mankato V~te for One OON~MITTEEMAN ~ Frost, Vote for Oar Eabon Town,hip Wende~l ColHe, E~o~ (X,E~ Vote Itor One COMMITTEEWOMACN Jerry Vobar~l, E'~n Vo~te far One ~R~E'R Vote for One ~. - .... Service .......... 7:30 p.m. 1 DavM Wilmm, i~ider - " ~omb~ Worship ........ II:~ I~b~IROAK CHRISTIAN tkmday 8~oel ........... 10:00 ~ .~ CHURCH ~ening W~ ........ 8.~0r Terry L. N~Idehi, Minl~tir P/euth Se~viee ............ 7:~ ~Wedne~day ~vealag Prayer 'Meeting ....... e:00 UNION CHAPEh UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Earl Enyeart, @all@l, SupL, Ralph H~mt ~rd WedCm~sd~D~ 7:30 p.m Sund, ay Sdmol ..... 9:$0 ll.m. St. High Youth. ls,t & ~ff~-~hag W'or~ ... 10:~ ~ a~t~d W~y~ 7:30 p.m ESBON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH ]F.murl Enye$2t~ ]Put~ Earl Sllsby, 8. 8. Morn.i~g .Worship ... 0:15 a.m. Sund~y ~eaool ..... ~0:~ I~m, C0~leen W11~da, Ionia Joe Peroutek, E~bon ' Terry L. Neldemt, M~n4$#e#, ' CHRIStrlAN Athe~ Towuhl~ C~MITI~ ITvI~.N . ~ , . :, Gene ,~yd~r, Pa~or "I~USTEE VOte for One Vote tar One Morning Worsh~., 9:30 A,Mi ~nday lilehool, 10:00 a.m. Me~vin Douglas, Glen Eider ~ Perou;tek, Ds~on Sunday School .... 10:30 A.M~ ,Wo~hip, III00 ~,m, 0DI~%K Vote to# 0~m OO,~,'@~~ ~ary Rl~, G~m Elder VOte ~or One 'I'~Y~'~ NoHhb~mJl'h.reK ~~I~R Vote for One {-Iarriet TOpI~, E~sbon W. D, ll~lekley, P~ " Warran Hendershott, pastor ~arreR Phillis, Jew~l - , ' Herb,rf J,ffary, $, $, Supt, OOMMITTE~MAN ~lan~atta~ -- Ara~ ~e new Sunday SehooT-~'.... 10:00 a,m. Sunday School at . ..... 10:00 ~orshlp S~a'v/ce ",, 11:00 a.m, Worship at .............. 11;00 M~/or MtI~, J, well m~ti ~or ~a~l lera~r em'~b W. Y ................... 7:00 Friends Youth at 6:45 OOMM~W~MA~ mo~ i~ Na~n ffmt~ UMi~r- Evenir~ Service ........ 7:30 Evening Worship at l~.,~ VoLe foe 0n, ~,, ,M'.~mtt~n, ~ week cif Prayer Memtlng, Deai~'m Carl, ~ Eld~r ~y ,l~t7 w~ Da1~ Et~one ~ Wednesday ............ 7:30 Prayer M~ting Wednesday at m~M~ ~ ~ ~ ~, ~l~o ~nr~tt~d tn ~, .......... ~ 7:a0 p,m.' ' Vote tee 0w ~ ~ a ~ ar~ I%$- FORMOSO~NITY " V~den Doyle, Jr,, ~ ~e~, CHURCH OLIVE HILL CHURCH ESBON CHRISTIAN CHURCH C.W.F., 3rd Wednesday, ... 2:~} p.m, Phone J~U 7-2293 ~ A N D~ .......... CHURCH NOTES UNITED METHODIST Ralph Jarboe, Pastor 'Worehip, 9:415 a.m. , ~hlnd'ay School, 10:45 a.m. $ $ m Worship .......... Sunday School .... Jet Cadets', .Monday ....... 4:20 p.m! Bible Study, TUe~y 7:30 p.m ~r. High Youth, ]st & FIRST BAPTIST Larry J. Duncan ............ " Sunday School "Sm~day Schoo-~. I0:00 a.m~ Worship ........... Moaning Worship . 11:00 a.m, ]~verting Worship Service .......... Mill Week Prayer Wednesday ...... CHURCH Carl Cocklin, Sunday: Bible. School .... Worship Hour., Youth Hour .... Bible Study ...... Gleaners, 2rid and 4th Tuesdays .. Primary Endeavor, Wednesday .... Jet Cadets, Wednesday .... ,. Dentonls Church (7 m11es, south Bible Classes . : Worship For Information, ,--H, B, UNITED CHURCH Burr Oak LuctUe Mashaleh Stanley JohMon, Sunday ~hool .' .... Wm'~hlp ............. Jr. M,Y.F,, let and ard Wodmmday$ -- 'IPJ~u~Uttl~R Vo~ far ~ ~ ~ t~s camp~e~z~d ~d~ant ~, Red ~Im~t, etr~ll~e~t .y~us~, ~ude.ts 1~t ~4Rtt~ ~vedmr#lled t~ Vote f0 Owe Iprl~, ~1~] ~me #tttd,ar~ts ~h0 ~IIar~M Beam, ~,, E~ ~A1 be m~t eta the lacn~lm~ ne~ 'IIN~ASIIItER " Vote far O~ ~ ~'l~lpa~ ~ the J~t~ pro* ~anda.ll ~, ~ ~a~n, C0,MMITTEtEMAN ~ ~ em'al~e~6 program Vote for 0~ i~ovides r~w t~d~ ~lth @n ~r~ld De~k~w, Burr Oak ~t~n~t~ ~ b,,0me ~quaint. COM~A'ITTE,EWOMA~ ~ui ~Rh the oa~npu~ a~d tmlwer~ Vote re# 0a~ ~ p~mmael tm~r l~ pre~- @leone Fogo, B~rr Oak ~red, c4~um~ga~# ~an th~. E~m Towathlp cbarm~lattc ~ ~m 0g~l ~egi,, q~l~Uffr~ Vote tar Otw Station Ver4od. Orl~ A. BailoUt, ~ Now ~I~I~ who do not p~- ~,MAN tel~altt in ~e J~IV enl'01!llmem Vote far One ~B ,mrS1 d~rtn, t~e ~o~a~ Carl L, Sapp, ~ ~ ~tgr~ttoa ~rlo~ Au~t OOMMI~WOMAN ~9. Vote l~r One ....... ~!'ova Belie B~l, ~ []ect}rd C!assilr|eds brlng Odn~ TownM~p fas~ re~ul,s ' ~ , . R.R. 1 - S,perlor, Nebr. C~rl~ Underwood, Charles Seemans,,MI.i.ter Rev. German Foley, Pdlter arm Nora De~ar Sunday School .. 9:45 a.m ' V, ar.en $1one, $,1. |.pt, f~, M,Y.F,, 1at and Morning .Worship 1i',00 a,ml Sunday ~hool .... 10'.00 a,m, 3rd Wednesdays Youth Fellowshl0 6:30 p,ml ChurctLServloe .... 11:00 a.m, Mrs. Keith Te~Mll, Evening Service .. 7:30 p.m, Youth Service .... fl:30 p.m, and Imcllle M~ Prayer Meeting Evening Serv/ce .. 7:30 p.m, W.S.C.8,, ~rd m~d ,Bible Study Mid-Week Prayer , Wednesday ....... (Wed.) 7:30 p,m. MeetinR, Wed, 7:~0 p,m) Prayer and . ...... ,. & Cth wau h oil 8 Co. The First National " ank McCarthy Hardware Helen's Btaaty 'Shop Mankato Lumber Co. Mankato Sales Co. R.I( Shopper; /nc.' ' , Business Inflate Laundry "&r aarts Wagntr Dru# St e Jewell Coanty Record Weltm,r Abstract Mankato F, U, Co.op .~UT'~ EVANGELICAL '- ," ": CATIq[~L~,-CHURCH. F~R~IONY nERAN CHU.CH