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July 21, 2016     Jewell County Record
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July 21, 2016

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7A JEWVELL COUNTY RECORD Ionia PastorGen-y Ska~brought the Sun- day morning message at t11 Ionia United Methodist Chun:h. The mira- sage was titk=d "Fruit ~ Famine." Scripture reference was Amos 8-I- 12~ Greeter and roller was Brad Kohn. Pasto~ Gerry lit the altar candles. Arm Colson was the pianistand Linda Kolm was the organird, Visitor'~ were Atom and Maryssa Schlaefli, North Platte, Bill and Nancy Malston, Abile~, Dave. Peggy and Mac Jolmson, Salina. Ream EJting, Deshl r. stayed Tues- day through Friday with her grandpar- ents, Dick and Gloria SchlaefH, Wednesday night DickandGlofia took granddaughters Reata. Anne and Maryssa ScM~fli, to Beloit for supper and a movie. Bill Schla fli joined theft tbr ~=pper. Kare~ Bodcn judgea the 4~H arts and crafts entries at the Washington County Fair last Tuesday, and at Ih Smith County fair on Thmsday. bouanna Fmkcs. Delphi, was a Wednesday visitor at the tiptoe ofFtar, k ttnd Pat Diemart. L. un and Karen Bo Km did voJu,n- tear duties at 0~e amsuai Jewel! County Threshing Bee and Antique Farm Ma- eMnt:ry Show. Frank Diemart visikxl Harold Sht~- maker Friday. Weekend ~isitors uf Roger and A,rrilla Fedde were Bru~ r-- ~e, Bob Fitzsimmons of Billingltam, Wash, NO CynthiaWundede. Bob played the harmonica at theJev,~lt County'rhfesh- ing Bee ar~ Cynthia servctt as a colon- tt~r. Many Rose and Jessica Shaffer, Lincoln+ Nab rode a motorcycle Strop day 10 visit RM ~ Rita Ro-~ All wtrtt to Beloit and visfltxt Bob and Jean Rose. Later, Rod male his motor- cycle with Marly and Jessica as they returo~ to Lincoln. Chad and Pare Curler visiled Coke and Wv.n~ta Wdght, Sunday e~ning~ Monglay. BobRosew~ n~owfl from Be[oil to the Golden Living LTC at Downs Where he will he m~iding. Saturday. Dick and Glt ria Sthlaetfi went tn Salina and visited Ron and Dianna Coad in the morning. Dick and Gh~ria had lul~.'h with Darin. Chrystal, Danyn. and Dajah (.;a~aan and later riddled at the (.;amlaa Mmm, They cel- ebrated Dajah and Gloria'~ hirthdays. Bill and Nancy Matst,m, Ahilene. ~erc weekend guests at the home of BT',KI and L.inOlht~.' Tkreshittg Bee arid Antnque Farm Maehittery Show. Brad and tlannah Engelbert and A.J Law~nc,K;m were v~ekend guests of Ntva Shoemaker and anended the Jewell County Tkreshing Bee and Anlique Farm Machinery Show. Bra~ helped with the sawmill d~monstra- finn "and other places ag ~.Hamqah bellx'd iq the entry stand. Brad and A L drow an a/nlique tractor in the parade. MoncLty evening, Garold and Bar- bara Ohmstede, and Dick uad Gloria Sch~aefli had supper togelher at a care in Scandia~ Spider mites found in garden tomatoes By Jenae Ryan PO~I Rock Extension Dislricl Agrk'uIlure Agent - llorticullure Acrqss tk slate exlension agents have ,g~n sonm im~ ~, i ve spider m ire damage on tomatoes. To identify po~ible spider ntil damage, look f0r stippling on the up- per surface of the leaves as well as son fine webbing on the undersideof th,: leaves. "Fl~e tiny arthropod : (the)' arc no~ t~u insects) are ellen diffv'ult lo ~ee due to their size and their habitof k~zding on lh,e underside of leaves. If mztus am sus~x.'ttM, ht~ld a slg'~t of white paper beneath a leaf and lap the leaf. Mites will be dislodged and can be seen as tiny specks on the paler thai mtwe about. Adult t'~males ovtrwinler m~d may 1urn an orange color in late fall. As Ihe ~eather wamls in the spring, Ii~ I'e- male will begin laying eggs. Newly hatched eggs give rise to the ta.fvae wh,ch in turn give rise to two stages of nymphs. "]'hc ad~tll follows the sc'~ond nymphal stage Th.s who|e prooess will normally take from IO to 14days during the summer with intiividttal fe,- rn ales l i ring an average of two mouths. There ran be tO to 12 generations of miLes per year! Spider mite control cam he chal- lenging. A strong jet of water can be used to remove the mites hut may not be as easy as it sounds. A high pressure direcled spray is r~,ded m distodge the mites. Since spider mites fe~d on the undersicle oft~ leaves, the spray is most effective if it comes from below. This can be difficzdt to accomplish with a thumb over the end of the ho~+ Some gardeners ~e a water wand hooked 1o a shut-off valve. The water breaker is then replaced by a bta&s nozzle. Plants should be sprayed twice a week umk-'t the hot, dry conditions these mites prefer. Horticultural oils a.~ insecticidal soaps can also he helpful. Both lyl~S o[ prcyJ~:ts help suppress all Ihree life stages: eggs, immatvres 'and aBUllS. and r ~y are kind In mile predators. However only lho~ mites, imma~mres and eggs actually hit with the spray will be affected. Therefore. it is vital to hit the underside o1 the lea~'e~ Spray early m the mornnng when tempera- lures are cooler and planls ha~e rehydratcd. Resplays will iike]y be nc~d. Tl~uPsoay. July 21, L7010 r ' LeNae Knight, Jewell. ~ought her bucket calf to lhe J'ewell County Fail and entered it in 1he Open Class category. Suped0r Publishing Company 148 E. Thi~, ~p ~r, NVo. 4~a79- .~91 OFFERING FOR BID Rock Hills USD 107 has several items including HVAC Equipment Music Instruments Portable Workstation that have been declared surplus for sale on an internet onty auction located at www.purplewave.com under Kansas. The interact only auction will end August 2, ?.016 at 10:00 a.m. You may also call the Rock Hills USD 107 Distdct Office at 785-378-3102 for more information. R ht Beloit Special Education Cooperative de'eML Mitchell and Uncoln Ceenties P0 Box ,~e * 8elaL Kan. ff/42e Early Childhood Screening TM~ slaff el the KIDS FLRST Program ,OIl be c~u~ti~ afree .~memng ~ ~hil0ren Izr~ to 5 yee.~, d age living in J~udl, M~t~e~. L.incolr~ counties an i parts 0~ Osborne cotJnty' Ihat are in Waftmda Sdx~ District. The .~teening will be o0nducletl ,n Bdo~t during tl~e morning oIFddey+ Auffest 5, 2016, tf ~rchi~ is e, a4~rie~ng diffi~ ,n Ihe 0evelof, mer~ areas of I~ari~g and ~sion, ~unieation. gro~ and line motor, sell- ~lp. sociai4~t~ioni& and cognitive skills, l~ease call IO s~mlu[e an al~o~atm~r~. Pamflts I'muing any queSli0~s ~mce~irtg[heir ~ a~ I~tth II~gh 5 may call I1"~ ~ot Special Edueatit~ Cou0emtive at 1,71~7~/,e,~ 1 beft~e noo~ t~ Fdday, duly l~ 2016 ~ n'~ake ~n i~3oinlrn~l for your ~ild. Appr00timalely 30 minutes will be requir~ ~o o:)m~ te lhe ~reenin~. ]t will ~ held lira B~0il Spts;iid E~calion I~li~. 1714 N. Hemey, B~. ~d~n.~Sr ! Boord Cedifiecl Health Core Pro~der~ ~/ (~ "ADA Cedified " '~ Andy Walker, M,D, Nolan Boovers, Marilyn Dunstan, A.P.R.N. Dlanne Kramer, A.P.R.N. Bryan Houchens, P.A.C. Services Acute inp~lie~t core. Swing bed& O~3cdient care, Peciiotrics. Hospice, Cr~e College Apor*ments. 24 Hour Emergency Room Diagnostic Lot3,o~or~. Digital I"a~iologv, EKGs. CI Scor~s. MI'41& Holter Monltonn9, Sltess Testing. Venous and Carotid ~ler 5"ludies, Echocordiog~oms. Annu~ Heo]l~ Fair Par'licil:x]nt, Women's Heo~ Clinic and Kon Bo Healthy Clinic Rehabilitation Dlobelic Eductcdion. Phy~c~l Theropy. Speech ll3eropy. Occupoffonol Therapy Jewelt Courtly Hospltal - P,-ovh~Ing a Mendly, cadng ~mvironment Serving our ~ oral commun.y JEW~LL COUNP/IKIIM& HEN, TH CUN[C 102 South Center, Mankoto, Kan. 66956 78.~37&.~t 1 HOURS: Monday, Tue,~doy. Wedne~10~'. Ihursdov 8a.m.- l~on, I 1 Sp.m. Friday - 8 ~m, - 1 JEWEIJ. C~UNW HOSPITAL 1{30 Ctes~"0e, Ma~ato, Kon. 66956 71~378-3137 Thursday. Jul) 21 2016 A public slorm sl'~ler wits installed on 11~e ~,utt~ lots of City property at 2o2 Lamm Slroet, which forrnedy was lhe site of the Webber Community Hall. recently Jewell County Memories THE SUPERrOR EXPRESS 7B Joey and Slaty Bch~ends, Ra;hel F.ngel. Kelly Peter~. Kathy Wilson, Bry~ Shaffer a~d ~cotl Lnenberger. Ken Garraan ,~,~s hxted president and M,k~ Dcthloff vice presidenl of White Rock ~hoo[ board. Forty Ytmr,~ Ago July IS, 1976 The Mankato Pee Wee baseball learn finished 12.7 for the ~gular .~. ~on with a win over Bun Oak. The distric~ tournament was planned for B~ O~r BOb Mueller ~,'~ the com:h, Sam Porter and Dutch Gerths were the ~mpims. Aplx~;dnlately 2.l O0 people wct served at the tree Bi-Centermial barbe- cue l~ld at Ionia. Lorelta Wilco waspr~idenlof the Gelhvieh Gals. ~he national organiza- tion for the wives of Gelbvieh breed- efg, Bob Meyer said he needed to de- vote more time toms private law prac- lic and would re q seek re-election after serving 24 years as county attor. hey, Sam Colson was ia Montreal. Canada. to compete in the 21st Olym- pk: Games javelin competition. Hi= brother ar~ ~tsted-in.law, Stun and Anrt Unison.and John Wettmer also planned to attend the games as slxclators. Lights were installed on the ~v.:w]y built Maakato Tennis ChurLs. 10 Years Ago Ju.Iy 2O, 2OO6 Wayne Dempsey was ~t toretireas a rural mail carrier. He had served patrons of the Formosa off'me for 27 .years. Despite daytime tempcralures lOll- ping |O[) degrees, a record mtmber of pcoph: atlended the 291h annua I Jewe~l Co~mty Threshing Bee and Anlique MachineTy Show. rl~ F~rmoso cat'e was burglarized Kevm Slmlton was elected presi- dent at the Jewell Count)' Cri mestopptrs group+ Delilah Pate me- retary+ I.esa Peroutek+ treasurer, and i Barhata Rannebeck, resource council representative. Twenty Years Ago July 18, 1996 Chad Osborne, Jason Ba '~l and David Robin~tt rcpre ,;ented Jewell County m the g-man all-star football game played al Beloit. An elccl ncal ti re ~ verel y damaged the home otDale;md Jane Gemaehtich. Rain which started falling about l() p.m. brought about an early end tn the Old Set th.ws I)~nce at lowell. Members ofllt winnii'ig.~olthall learn were Max and Susan Flin~. Fred and Janiee McMillan, Wayne and Kelly Gardner, l Calvitt James was a nlemt~r ol tl~ national Repub]it'an part>"s cr o.len tim committe~. 60 Years ARo July 19, 19s6 A ftg mer J wcll pl~y'sieia~. W M McKinley, died at his home in Gardner He practiced at JeweH 11r011~ ~923 r 194 . and retired at age 86 al (latrine! Mr. and Mr, |~yle Sht~llhlk [ L~I Mankalo annotmccd the enga~gerncm of their daughter, Fcnla Gale. t~, l-,rty Wayne l~itlips, the ~n of Mr. and Mrs. Ga.r~[t Phillips of Ionia. Continued to page 9 QUARTERLY REPORT OF CITY TREASURER, BURR OAK, KANSAS Fort.he period from April l, 2016 toJuly 1, 2016 Old Ftmds BalattCc Gener, r.I 32,S I g2t) 1 G&s Tax ~ Special Highway 7.5Og "4 Wa[er 55.726.OD ~m Total s 127.739 32 3,872.B1 1.900.00 23,79& $9 ] g.381L I~ 133,147.73 Cker~! Hillman~ C~ T~rer 1 NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The 9o~*rnmg body ~ Fomu~ ~M meet ~n Ihe AIt~ 3, 2015 al 7 p,m et City Hall r~ me ~n:,ose # rlear,ng ,i~ a,'~.s,eo--ng t~aje~,ts at taxpayers ~ng to the proposed use o4 all luods ana the amount d aa ~allVem tax Detailed budget iNommlkm is availa.t~ aL City Hall and wilt be ava~la0ie at th~s r~e, at,ng D6ET ~t/MI~RY Budget 2017 ~ms and Atnounl of ~16 Act Vatorem Tax eslat~l,sn e~e m,~mu, m ~,m,ts 0t !*:-e 201;' txaXjel E~ Tax Rate is suqect to cmmge depen~i~ on lira hnal a,~.~e~d "olua1~n {~ rl.{ [i]J Funds I~r Y~ ~1 for Z015 F,~punditu rts 29,24,8 Deb~ Sezvice l.ibrary 4.g.M NO FUND W AI~LAN-] Spc~al lhgl!way 2,303 SO1.1D WASI'E L-I!'I FI~' 3,600 SEW ER IJ-[lJ .[1~ 3,1 $5 WN[ER UIII.IIY 19,219 Non-Budgvled Funds -A 7,4]6 69.805 4,5OO 65 'R15 12,329 2014 0 0 0 0 0 "Iotab l l.~ss: Transfer Net F .xpx 'ndilur e -total Fax [.etv:d As a ~ ~1 VaiLnatio~ ('~,tst,mding Ind l~ dne ~ Jamm~" I~ C.O. Uo,~ds O[lu.'r Lease I'urcha.~ ["ri,~ipa] l-oral 'Tax ral*.~ a~' pn.~,~l in mill~ Adua[ Ti~x Rate" 00.799 16.648 m 77.447 Cur0m, Year E.qm~ iar ~t~ ! ExFm nd itu~ a. 30.930 4.900 2,700 3,600 6,000 2a,~3 72.793 L000 '7I ,793 12,564 |70,401 2015 Acing1 Tax $4L~9 19.343 Budg~L Amhon~y .[~ E xlX'mlitup-'.~ 33.950 &663 Atl'~Lm,t ,if F.~timate ~)]t~ Ad Tax Va'~nrem "['ax Rate* 5].1)5 3,918 23.] t8 169, 475 0p 74.~'~ 20~6 NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The governing body of JACKSON TOWNSHIPJL=WELL COUNTY will meet on August 29, 20!.0 a( &00p.m, at City of Webber Meeting Room for the purpose of hearing and answerin~ objections of taxpayers relating to the proposed useof all ~undsand the amount ofad va|orem tax. Dehtiled b~dget information is available from a Township Olfice and will be availab'~e at this hearing, BUDGET SUMMARY Proposed Budget 2017 Expenditures and Amount of 2016 Ad Va[orern Tax estab[ish the maximum limits oi the 9~017 budget F'sl Tax Rule is subject to change depending on the final assessed valuation. 2015 Prior Year Adual Expr.'nditu~s Furtd~, Gemeral 281 Debt Service gtmd 28~ 0 28t S[x '-cial Much "l'otaL.~ ho~.~: rransfer~ AdLml Ta~ Rule* 0,01~0 2.016 Ctn~l Year F-',I i mate ot E pendi~un 5OO 5OO 0 0 2302A~ 20]5 0 0 0 0 Adual Tax l~al " 0.0(30 Propo ~ Bu4ge't 2017 Amount o~ Est. 2016 Ad Tax Ex~clilur~,s VaMmm Tax Rate* 8235 8,235 0 8,235 xxxg.g~g-xxx 2,760,115 L621,2~ 2016 0 0 0 0,000 Net "Expenditure Total Fax l.ev,ed "l'ol, a.J A.'k.~2ssed Valuation T~w~Isl~ip A.~,~ ~,~cd Val. Ordy Out standing lndebt,~x'l.ess, jan I G.O. Bonds Other D.+a.-,e P~r Prir~ ]t,a] 2014 Lisa eoyle~ Township O~cer * I a~. rates a~ exp~ s~ed |n mlll~-