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July 21, 2016     Jewell County Record
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July 21, 2016

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6B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Public Notices [First published July 14, 2018 ia die Jewell Cuu/Vy Record) Notice of Ilear'~g on for Final S illement hi Ih District COIJLrt of Jewel[ County, Kansas Case 2014-PR-20 In the Matter of the Eslate of Marjorie K. Savoy, Deceased The Stale of Kansas 1o all persons concerned: You ate hereby notified that a peri- l|on has been filed in said court by "l~mas Thronson as administra|or c.t.a, of the will and of the estate of Marjor~ K. Savoy. deceased, asking t-~,r final senierr~nt of said esr.t ; for svttlentent and allowance of his ac- count as administrator c.t.a.; for ap prova] of all acts and pro(x~in~ of su+.h "administrator c.t.a.; for comlx~n- saLton Ibr him and his auorneys: for a detennina.oa of tl'm heirs, devisers and legap'es of ",he decedent; for as- ,ignineat oflh assets aa'+d property of ~id e~tate tO tho,entitled thereto; umd for all other proper relief; and you ar~ hereby ~qui~.'d to file your written deten ~e, therelo an orl'~fom AuGht 5, 20lb at lO'.l~ A.M. otsald day. in ~id ur,se upo. mud petit~n. Thomas+ -Jhrunson as Administrator c.t.a, of the w,tl and of tim estate of Marjorie K. Sav~y, l~eva~d At~'st:L,~cbra .1'. G. Wright IScal)Dist~t Magislrale Judge Agsigj~ed WeItmer-Phillips Law Office P. O. Box 303 Mankato, Kaa.sas 66956-0303. (785] 378-3172 Attorneys for administrator c t.a. ZNEZ 28-3c lFi,~! published JMy 7. 2016 hi Jewel1 Couam Recordl ll+ the District (fou~ of Jewell Count~. Kansax In tl-~ Matter uf the Estate of Eu- gene M Pope +.k~.'ca ~d No, ~0I~PR-12 Nol-k'e of Hearing Tke Slate of Kansas to all per~on~ ~-n~:emed; You are anti:fled that a Petition has ken flied in this Coat1 by Elbr.ab lh bmdham, one ~;f the hei~ of Eugene M. Pope, ~cca,~.'d, rcqnL~Ling: De- ~' m be de~ernnJ~ ~ ol- the following de~lbed r~al eslate ~ilInllll.'~'J in Jewell County, Kansas; An Undivided ~m . halt'< I/'2= ~ inter- est in thc North one-half IN I~) of Scctkm Ninek'~ n t I ") 1, Townsh ipThree (ih Range Fight ~8~ all in Jewell County. Kansas You art* |cquirvd lO hie your wril- fen t~f,~iCll.~ I~| ti~ IPL'tltt|.ni OiL n.~,r I"~- lose Jul) 29. -q|I6,112:lglo'ch|ck p.ln. an nhc Jay, ell Cn,mty t)ismcu Court. 3t)7 N, COlnltR'rclid. Mat|kurd. Ka, as~ at wh,t,h ~m~ aM place the cause wdl La.+ heard, Should )ou tail to file vo, lz written dclensvs, judgment and ~k.cg~ will be entered in due co~r~e Ul~m ~lp: P~titiou. Fli/ubeth Fo~ham. I~:liliunvr Ch~ilIt N, Martin I~'rasiCt. John ,~m & Maim, LLC L If)North He~y Avunuv I~lorL Kan~s 6742{) (7 8517 3~-5 723 ZNEZ 27-3 (i~'rst pirbh'sfwd July 21, 2016, in tire Jocell County Rewordl Resolulian No. ~016-7-5 A rcM)lulion fixiaG a linlc and plan2 and providing for notice of a hearing bvfor the Governing Bt.vJy ul' the City of Mankalo. Kansas. at which gig' owlet. Ili.~ or her ~gcnt, lieahold ~s =~1 rocord, tx:cupanl~ and ~nher i~ni ~ ~, inb,;P,:sl of slnlctUP ~i located wllh+.n said city and ~--'~'ril~J hcreii) ma~ appear and show caa~e why sud~ sire - rare should not be ound~mned and or- d+.'r~.xt ~:paircd ~,r demvlishvd as all |Ln ale or dafllgL'fOUS ~ll'tJ' '~ltIV. ' hvreas. the enfim.'ing olficer of 0u: 'ltv of Mankato. Kansas, did on tl~: 2~tll d~ .l'Jammry. 21.)16. file w,lh tiP,2 govenlifig ["a.K,'~" ol sa|d ctly,a stal - me||l m 1 . rntin|g Lhal Lhe strw.'t art, ilere- mall+.'r dc-~ribcd, i un.~are and dan- g~.'r t~ ~ No~. Therefore+ I~, II Resulv :d ]]y ltw (ioscminL: J~vJy ~+f the (.'it) of Mankato. -i'ha~ a hearmg will 1~ held oa the 61h da~ of September. 21)16. belbrethe ~+~ ending Iv,~? ol'thuCity at 7:30 p m, at the C|ly ()ffi+.'e. 217 S. High Street, Mtmkalo, Kama.~. at which th~ owner. h|s or hur agent, an) lieaholdvrs of r~.~rd~ any tg+:ulmnl and any othff parlous iLl interest, as that team is de- fined by lay', of tile structure localed a]: Part of Nordtwest Q~ner (NWI/ 4) of Section Twenty- tWO < 2 2), Town- ship Thr~ (3) Soulh. Range I='~ghl (81 West ol' the 6th p.m Jcwell County. Kansas, d=scrib~ a.~ folluws: Com- mencing at a point on the -East line of said quarler section uforesaid 15 chains South of tk NorlJ'~ast comer of said quarter section: thence Wesl 20 rods: thence South 8 rods. ,hence East :20 rods to d~e East lint,: of said so~'tion: thence Nort~ 8 rod ; tO die place of heginnmg, al+o knuwn as Tract No+ 12 (4Lg~r-) South |~st $1~-~1. Mankam. Kansas) may appear and show cause why such struetlme shouhl nnt he con- demned as an unsafe or dangerous s,aructute and o~dered repaired or ~- molishM Be i~ Further Resoived, that the City C~erk sha~'l c'ause this resolution to he published and shall give notice of ~he afm'esa/d herein in the maimer pro- vided hy law, Adopted thi.~ 5th d~,y o[July, :~016 Dona|d Koe~er, Mayor Attest: Thnma~ Roane. C, ty (+le~ /.NF.Z 29-2c Thurs:lay. dkly 2t, 20+~8 I LII (Published July 2 I, 2016, in r~e Jewell Co.aty Record) Co.~li~n~ Nnlke This notice is to inform you that ~e Asbestos Hazard Emergency Act {AHERA] 140 cede of Fvd Reg.763 } reqaJ.res USDIO7 Rock Hills School District to i~Lue'ct its buildings for as. bestos, This initial insp,ovtion was com- pleted Oclolx:r.1988.wab ~ inspection every three yea.rs,USD IU7 Rock Hills School Dislricl is in gx~mpliance with all requirements. This sumn~z we had 2.300 square feel 0[ Ule and mastic remO~.' ask for Pxogram Mamagvr. Robert Rvr0sh Asbestos Program Manager ZNEZ29=Ic (Punished July 21, 2016. hn the Jewell Count. Rec~rdj Oedinance No. 426 An Or0inan~ Excluding Certain Territor~ from the Boundaries of the City of Formoso, Kansas. Be it ordained by the Governing Bodly of tim City of Formoso, Kansas" Section I: All that portion of the fol low ins de~"r |bed r~t ~4at,to-w it: A pa~ of the Northeast Quarter (NEl/4) of ,Section Twe|nty-one (21), Township Tin're (3) South, Rang~ Six (6] West oftbe 6th p.m described as follows: Begi~ming al the No.qheast corner of said Section; thence West 2208 feel thence South 796 feet 1O ~,e ChicaGo. Rock island and Pacific Rail- road right-of-way; thence in a so~th- easterly direction akmg the north line of said right-of-way to the east line of said Section; lh~nce Noah 896 feel to place of l~ginning, in Jcw ll County, Kansas lying wi~h ia the beandarivs of theCity of Fonnoso. Kansas. is hereby whndcd pursuanl to K.S.A. 12-504 from the boundams of n~ Cily of Formoso. Kansas. Section 2:This ordinance shall hike effect after ils I~ge P,c,~'d and a h~ptcd thk 6th day of July+ 21)16. hy the Governing Body of iheCity o| Formoso, and signed by the Mayor. Lavvrnia Peters Mayor Attest: Elaine Watson C',ly Clerk ZNEZ 29-tc tPubtished July 2l. 20t6 in #re .h-' ~fl Comity/t c'ordi Notk'e In compliance with '.he prt, vi tons of KSA 25-441 I. lh~le will b~ a te~,t of thU E:~m~.S iV0ln~)nic touch sc rc~.'~ re, l- ing machines ~,~J hy lowell County Ch ie fEl~:lion Oflk:er ma.~ |st incoanlt- ins the voles of the primary election held on August 2, 2016, This test t~ ~ned to ~he public. It will I~gin at 8:30 a,m. m~ July 26. 2016, in the Courthouse m~fing room, 307 N. Commercial Maukato. Kansas. ZNE.Z 29- Ic Smmll town 'a good neighbor' By Ron Wilson "Well, ill had a g~0o~O'sto~, here's what I woulddo. " That statement on the part of one Kansas woman may have b ~n proph~'y, as she has h~ come the owner of a-n innovative gro- cery s[o~ serving rural Kansas. Paul Budenlmnder ol~rat~ a floor eu~tint business in rural Kansas His wife, P~'n, has strong opinions about grocer~ seres, and she recently had the OR~rtu|nity to p~t ;hose opinions lo wm"~ 1 was a military brat, from every- where and nowhere." Pare said with a smile. Along with other duty s~ti0ns. her dad served m Fort Riley and .con Leavvnwoah near Kansas City. While w0~ing 0a a construction job in Kan- sas Ciq~, Pare met Paul BL~d~ibender and they ulUmately were married. Paul's family came f-ram a farm ha noaho-n Ponawatomi County. Pare and Paul ~auld frequently come go the farm on the weekends. The nearest store was in Onaga, but it was small and limited. "'Ill had a grncery store, this is what [ woutd do,'+ Pare would oceasior~lly say to her husband+ Then in2010, tl~ old grocery store burned down and the owners leh d~e business. Pare realized that Onaga needed a store, and she had an oppommily to us~ her ideas. She and Paul worked with the city of Onaga, carefully con. sidered many floor plans and designs and uhimately huilt a r~w huildingand opened ~e store with the support of the city,On Dec. 1.20t I,theOnagaCoum try Marke| opened for business. "'I love the store.'* Pare said. new. energy.efficient bailding has col- orful, a ces, sible displays, As one might expect when considering her h~band" s business, the floors look temfic. "l married a fl0~r gu~.+' Pare said Beyond the physical infra ~ls~cture, the bottom line is erring customcr~. "]t'~ all alx+u~ customer ~rvice,'" Pare said. "'Our staff is couscous and friendly, and we provide aM- lash toned service with a smile." For example, the Onaga Country Market staffcatties cmt the custorr~' s gl'oe~i~e~. "'| ~ 1(1 his box stores ia Km~sas City where I ~ ~niorcifiz.ens and morns with kids. straggi/ng ta gel their groceries in the car," Pare said. In Onaga. slore slaff will cam] out the g~->cedc~ for ~ou. High qaa]ily meat a.ad produce ~m al~ priorities fi)r Pare. "'Charfie is my meat CUlIeT,'" she ~id, "'All our meaL is cut ~Ld pack~ fP~sh. And every Little kid w ho comes +.o the meat counter gets a ~lloon." Onaga Cuu.Lry Ma.rk l has a dell and ~andwich shop, where the staff coslom makes sandwich The store also .mstans+ The funeral service for Max|he i JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 6A S',~ nl~er ~ a~ h ]d Mouda) a|~rnoon at the ~.'(|I]i|~ll|rl|l) C |l~'r. Dale arlL] J,~aHi'1 Freeman were in Sa~ina Sunu[ay ,+ i~|t inE Adam, Jes:, and Zachary Freeman J'enniler Thomas, Clad|n, visited her family for a few days. Ill I NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING "[he govemit~ ~dv of CITY OF F SHON will meet on August ! 1, 20+,6 al 7:30 p.m at "E dxm Cvmmur, Jty Ce*~ter, tor 1he p+a~, of hc"al'i|lg arl,cl answering td:~,<'lions of taxpayL~ miathlg to the proposed use of aii funds and the amoui~l of ad vak~rem tax. Detailed badger infomfion is availablu al Esborx CommuniLy Cent~ and wit) be available at this hearm8 BUDGET SUMMARY b I'n~o.z, ed dudget 2U]7Expvndih~r0s~dAmOm~Ltof2~16 AdVa~.~t~mTaxes~htishthe maximum Limltsofthe2~17 udgct. F+st I~ Rate is sub~,cl o change depending on the finM ass~,sed valuation. F-nd~ ~neral ~ IX, bt Serve-+: i Prior Year Actual Cu~ nt Year Actual Ammml of 51, Actu.~i Tax Estimate of Tax 2016 Ad Tax ExpendR.IX-~ Ral~+ Exp,mditums Ra|~ F, xpendJtures Valonem Tax Rat~' 53,996 ;~t25~ 33 ~9 22.706 ]'39.542 11.043 231,~66 Library ~:~ ~ 1 I [ig, hway l.Sofid Wo.ste 'Water & Suwe= To~ls" - ~60 14~s44 ] 0,348 ] t J)00 22,655 29,478 44,000 SO, .:a~ n 0 o, o ~,322 s9#3~ 8.852 10,748 [-- 4]0,~0 1 1- ~; Tra~.:~,rs Ncl Expend Rare T~tal Tax L~.vi~d Ass~+~+e d Valuation Outstanding Indeblednvss, january 1, G-O. I~mds Revenue Bond ,~ Othvr Ix+o.~, I~r (h-ir~ipal *Tax rak.~ a~' e~pnL~d i~ mills. i 2014 2015 0 257,446 XXXXXX- 470 597 2016 0 0 0 0 0 Lila Frosl. Treasrwer i NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The governing body of IONIA TOWNSH1P.IE1/~ELL COUNTY will m~t on August 10+ 2016 at 7:,t0 pm at ~he Ionia Cat-6 far the purpose o[ hear/rig and answering obiecfions of taxpayers ~lafing to Ihe proposed U~L' OI all funds and the amount ofad vaIorem tax. Detailed budget information is available roe a Township Officer and will I~ available at this hearing. BUD(; ET SUM MARY Proposed Budget L~:017 E~:~ndit~ras and Amount of 20]6 Ad Valorem fax eslablish Ihe maximum limits o~ ~che 20t7 budget. Est Tax Rate is sub~e~ to change depending on the final assessed valuatio~, Funds 20~5 Prior Year A~cai E pvnd itum'~ General 2.317 Debt Servile i Road 5pec'ial Math ]'orals '2,3]7 1 ~,~,~; l"rans/ers Net l+:xponditu~L, rt,tal Tax Levied 0 2,3~7 1,100 .Ac~uai Tax Rate* 0.76] , ~.:761 20t b il Cu~nt Year .4 000 4,OO+ 0 t,O~ . Actual To, RaL~" 0.655 0.655 Pr~st, d B~dget 2017 ExpvndiLup~-~ t,to+ i !.+,i.0o 0 XNXX~X Assessed Valuation "Fow,~ship [ 1.446.183 i Amvunt ~+| E.~. 2016 Ad Tax Valorem "l'a~ Rate" d~h 0 597 i 2015 0 0 0 0 I I~42,1491 Outstanding ~.l~xtne~, Jan t C,O. Bonds Other L.ca~ Par PTi~ 'JW~al + i J~ laq~ ore .~" g p r L" vL~aL%~" n Iq ~'illi'+ 2014 2016 0 ~00 J~ CoCson, TownsMp Officer i i . i ii Attention Jewell County Voters - Advance Voting Information Reminder: If you wish to vote advance for the August 2 Primary Election, you must first complete an application and return it to the ]ewell County Clerk's Office. For those who want their ballot mailed, the application must be returned to the Cterk's office no late than July 29. The appIication is printed in this issue of this paper or you may contact the Jewell County Clerk's Office (785-378-4020) or go to the Election page of the Jewell County website at jewellcountykansas.net, to obtain an application. Jewell County CIerk, 307 N. Commercial, Ste. 5, Mankato, KS 66956 i i i Office of ~ Kan~i~ Sec+atary of 5~ ApplicaUon for Advanco 13allot by Mail DOV+Nk,~'AD TId~5 FORM AT W~/V,~O.~ ~R ,~OV 1. ~imaatian 3~e at ~x~a; C.ount"/of Vo~r iden6,Elc4~o,a Ra~lulmmonta a,-~ sm~ # Ka~ I~mi~g ~ V~e a~ ~dva~e'v~x~ Baik~t ss (wt~em ipp-rP.Jl~n ~ com ~l~-d~ i urKterstand ~t R cunnBnt and var~ Kansas drr~ar's iicenia nu.ml~r O" Kat'~as no,-K~rivefs idenh"hcahao card numbec mua.~ I~- pro~deql rn oM6r ro ."eP.+ewe a balker, Cum~,t Kan~ ~s I~n~ number ot .qondtwer~s ~en?JficaL ~ card nu.nlber if I d,~ .q~ot I'~lte a bn',Lm't and vttltd Kans as d~,ers licensE, numbal or Kansas nond~vm's ~lon,llic.atiorl C~ar6 ~U~be~. I provk:la a copy ot one ~f the foffow~ ~mqs ~ ~,1~o1~ iffP.~Ci,~i~-n w~?h ~his apgl;cali~ Jn orcror ~ r+z