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July 21, 2016     Jewell County Record
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July 21, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Tnursaay 2~ty 21.20|6 Public Notices ( Fir~t publ ished July 21, 2016, m the Jewell Coun~ Record} ]n the District Court of Jeweli County, Kayos No. 20 IS-CW-07 Jew ll County Courthobse, 307 N Commercial, Mankato. Kan. 66956 The Board of County Corn mission. els of the County ol'jewell in t~ Slate of Kansas. ptaitdift, us: R~: r D. Garrett. Demand No. ] Dawn D GaiTer|. Demand No, I Liqmdativn I-~oi~r~les, Inc De- mand No- l Trinity Fmanc ial Services LLC.De- mand No. I Brio Vemures I.[-C. Demand No. 1 Clifford E. Vog~er. Demand No. 2 Our= sty J. Ti mmons, Demand No. 5 Robert Grucnt'~'rg, Demand No. 6 Iham t,~Ru~. Demand No. 7 Hudson & Keys LLC. Demand No. 7 Ronald G, West. Sr, deceased, De- n]and No. 8 DoraLF, y West, Demand No. 8 Ro-xa Michael, Demand No, 9 Benjamin A. Black, Demand No. LI State Bank uf Downs, Demand No. tl Micheile M. "l'hurstun, Delnalld No, 13 Michelin M. Tbmston. Demand No, 14 A~zona Gru~p VeniRes, Den]and No 16 Sid Goddard. Demand No, 17 Kansas Del~rtment of Revenue, [)elnand No. 17 Michael Sowter, Deatand No, i ~, Clayton Belyea, ~nland No. 19 Am~nd~ Belyea, Demamd No, 19 Mark E, Whillaw. l"n.stee of the Mark E. Whitlow 1996 Living Trust, dated, February 29, 1996. Demaml No. 21] Du~tin ~ ', Ct~]'k, l ~'|na31d NO. 21 ('ath)Jo I:. McDonald, Dcm~,nd NL~. 21 Kan',~. |kpamnenl of Revenue:. ]~tllalld No. 2 I Wilse E. Cram. decease. Demand No. 22 Jane E, Lave, Demand No, 24 Kansas Department of Revenue, Demand No. 24 Affiliated Group LTD. Demand No. 24 Justin Menhusen. Den]and No, 26 Betty L, Crihlield, DcmawJ No 27 Charles Crain, l~n]and No, 28 Medyn R, Mcnhusen. aka Merlyn Menhusen, aka Merl y n Rex Menhusen. Demand No. 29 Gearanty State Bank and Ttusll Company. Demand Ne. 29 Gary Morgan, Demand No. 30 Department of the Treasury, Inter- nal Revenue Service, Demand No, 30 B lva C, Vestal, Demand No. 3L William F. McCracken, Demand No. 3l ]10 L. McCracken, l~mand No. 31 Luctlle McCn~cken, Demand No. 31 Harriet Lucille McCracken, de- ceased, DemarM No. 31 Dustin Ault, Demand No. 32 Valerie Stand]ey, Demand No, 32 Andrew Roh|~er, Demand No, 33 Michelin Rohlexler. Demand No, 33 Andrew Rohlcder. Demand No. 35 Michelin Rohleder, Demand No, 35 Ranae L. Ja obs. l~-mand No. 36 Derek M- Auk, Demand No. 36 Michael L. Wilden, akn Michael Layne Wilden, Dem;md No. 37 Tina M- Wilden, aka Tina Marie Wilden, deceased, Demand No- 37 Central National Bank, Demand No, 37 Thomas M. Green. Demand No- 38 Gle~n H. Puckelt, l~mand No, 38 Ned Stribliag, Demand No. 3?, Rob r~ A. Vain, Demand No. 38 Warren Morr ll. Demand No. 40 Sharon MuroflL Demand No. 4t) r['~ Paeesetter Corporation. l)e- nland Nt}, 40 Anita Adams. Dem~d No. 41 Ira C. i,ayton, Trustee under the Ira C t,ayton Revocable Trust Indenture, dated May 2, 1988, Denta]~d No, 43 Robert Lovew ]l, Demand No. 44 Helen Mac Briggs, de{'~e~d, l~,- mand No. 45 Bobbin Dean Bdggs, decent'd, De- mand No, 45 June L. ~Langworthy, deceased. De- mand No, 48 June L, Lai~gworthy, deceased, De- mand No. 49 Clifh~rd E. Vogler, Demaw, I No, .50 William C. MeNeiee, Demand No. 5] Bernice McNeice, Demand No. 5i American St ate Bank & Trust Com- pany. Demand No- 51 Cornerstone Bank, Demand No. 5 i D. Michael Meyer, Demand No. 55 lftl~ above defendants are living, and if dead, then Iheir unknown spouses, heirs, executors, administra- tors. de vixens, trustees, creditors, suc- cessors and assigns: and The unknown executors, guardians and t~a stees of such of the alive named defendants who me minors or are in anywi~ unde~ legal disubility; and The unknown executors, a(lminis- uators, trustees, creditors, suecessor~ and assigns of such defendants as are or were partners or in partnership; and The unknown executors, adminis- trators, trusties, creditors, successors, receivers and assigns of an)' of t]~e above name Defendams who are or were existing, dissolved ar dormant corporations; maj The unknow n spouses of the defen- dants, and all other person s concerned, deti:ndants SheriflPs Notice of Sale Public notice is hereby given thai under and by viaue uran Order of Sate issued tO mOdULO(the DistrietCoun of lewell County. Kansas. in the above entitled actitm, I w{!I, on 23rd day of August, 20]6 all0:0'1) o'citK1k a.nl,on said day. at the I'r~mt dtlor of Ihe eourt- htmsc in the C=t) td" Mankind. Jewell County. Kansas. offer at pahhc sale, and sell to 1he h,ghe~t and Ix'~t balder for cash zn hand. all ~d III1." following de~cril~'d real eslale .',floated in Jev, ell Confl|2F. K;ln,;as. hr- v~ It: Lt)lb SIX 16l. St.'~.L'rI [Tk, gild t =ghl I8). m P,h~:k lqlrL~-t~o 142|. Ill the ()riginal l'ov~nn]te o'f the ('ily nl Ma,~kato, Kan~a, ]ot,tl la~e~ aml In. lerexl:$6.4()l 57 ('o~l*, l'a~ed al Mark F District #3 Jewe,l Cou !oemmmj Jionnerg i would appreciate your vote in the August 2 primary election for District #3 Jewell County Commissioner. I have served as Jewell County Commissioner for the past 4 years and with the new districting, I would be proud to serve as County Commissioner for the new District #3. Thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing to serve Jewell County as County Commissioner. Adv. paid for by Mark Fleming - Karfa Fleming. Treasurer NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The governing body of Jewell County Library Distrld t% Jewell County will meet on August 1,201@ at 5:00 p.m. at the Burr Oak Community Library for the purpose of hearing and answering objections of taxpayers relating to the proposed use of all funds and the amount o[ tas to levied. I)etaited hudgel reformation is available at the Burr Oak Community Library and will be available at this hearing. BUDGET SUMMA R Propomd Budget 2017 E~pendifu re~, and Amount of 2fl16 Ad Valorem Tax eslablish the maximum limits of tht*20]7 budget. Estimated T~x Rate is subi~ to change depending on the final ass~st~l valuation. Ftol,~b Gei~flr~ ~,bt ~t~ :. ~ ~.~, 2015 Actual Ex.p~.~d]l ttK~ 14,983 Syslem (.;rant 3,980 TotaLs Le~: Transfers Net Ex~.el~ditures Total Tax Levied Assessed Valuation 0 14,863 5,929,929 Actor I "['n~ I~te* 2.506 2 ~9~ Outstanding Indebtedness Ion. 1 (l ; "() ' Bonds Revenue IStmd.~ Other Lease Par I'rmc Total ~I'ax rates arc' expre~c~cd in mills, 2014 0 0 0 0 0 2016 C~rr~t Y~ar IL~trnate of E.~penditu~s 15,062 4.4OO 19,4o2 0 19,462 152106 6,797,934 2015 0 O O 0 0 A l al Tax Rate" 2.207 2 207 Propo~t Budget 2017 AImru=tl ~1 Est. ~11~. Ad "I',1~ Ewpendilur~ Valorcm l'as rate" 17,is~ 1s,895 2'.i'~'" 5,100 22,285 15,895 2,1 fl 22,285 XXXXXXX~t 7,434,%7 20~6 0 0 0 0 Rebecca McNichols, Treasurer $25~J.tX~ $250.|HL l'otal amounl of j~.idg nl~:nt $6,b51.57. L'nd=~.~dc-d on -so, leenth (1fl6) ill. b.'[uM In and l'l, all of thC O~I, gas and mineral ,n nd under the surface of: Noflh ]lair ot the Southeast Quarter (Nil2 SEll41 and tile Southeast Quar- ter of the ~mtheast Quarter (SEIt4 SE 114) ofSOL'ILOn Nulelt.~n ( 191.'row n- ship Fi,e (51 South, Range Sis ~6) West of the 6th P.M Jewell County, Kansas. Total taxes and interest: S84.16,Costs taxed at $250.00: $25U.tgl. "l'olal amount of judgment: $334.16. Lot Six 6) and the undivided one- half(1/2) ,nterest J.n the South 18 inches oflhe Fast g0 t;R~,:t of Lot Five (5). all in Block-rh$rty-scven 137L Original '[ ~wnsile of City of Mankato, Jewell County, Kansas. 'l'ota~ taxes and inter- eat: $5 ].973,56. Coals 'laxed at $250,t~): $25(l,6X).-fu~l amount of lodgment: $52.223.56. Lot "thirteen ~13) and Twenty Feel ot'f the East Side of tat'twelve I 12), in Block five I5 I, m Bifhop's Addilion to the City ot Mankalo. Kansas Total laxes and intcrcgt'. $156.70. Cest~ taxed at $2511.~): S250.00.Total amount of judgalent: 'MU6.70. Lot Nine (9) in Bl~'k For~y-nine (49) i, tim Original Townsite in the City of Mankalo. Kans&~. except the south ,~ v .a (7) f 1 thereof, subject to a peru]anent easement of the Seerelary of Transportatitm for the State of Kan- sas. in Ca-~ Na 2014-CV-O7. District Court of Jewe]l Count). Kansps Tara I taxes a,]d inler~st: $158-49-Cost~ taxed at $25t).tHI: $25t).00. Total anlonnt of judgmel]t: $4 D8.~9. Noah Half {Nil2) of Lol Nine 19J and all of Lol "Fen IIOL in Blta ,k Twenty-nne 121 L urlglnal townsile of (;ity of Mankato. Kansas. "['olal laxe,5. and interest: $1 255#,7 Costs taxed at 5250.tWl: $250 (X) fetal amount uf judgmenl. $1.5115.87. Lot I {.). Block 26, OoginalTownsile o~ the Ctly of Mankato. Kans~LCl'otai I a ses and interest: $ 836,78. Co,ix taxed at $251t.1~-): $25CJ.(XL ]k~tal amount of jtidglnent: 5] ,I tl~6.78. I,ol~ l)m: I I ~, Two I21. and Three 131, in Bk~:k t"i~-e (SL B]igham. Cnll. a]~d Rantiall% Second Adtlilion to the Cil~ ol Randall, Kan.sas. "J-oral taxes and interest; $3.857. I l. Costs la x :d at $25C1.{~): $25D.IWL J'c;la] anlom, I t~l judgment: M. RI7.~ I. Lols Fi~e (5). and S.x 161, in Bl~rck Five 15L Brigham, Cri]] ar|d Randall's Isl Additto,~ Io the Cil). ~fl R.andall, )ewell County, Kansas, Total taxes and interest: S117.44. Cost I;|~ed at $25D.00; $250.1Kt. "rolgl amotml ~1' l ols 'li]l~e (3) and F0ur 14). in Block ]:is'e (51. Brigham, Crib and Randall'.~ Ist Addition to lh City of Randall./ev, etl County. Ka.n~s.'lolal ta~csand inlert'sl: $ I 17.44. Coals taxed aL $25tl.(~h $251),t)l),'L'otal amoun| or iudgment: $367.44. Lot {}~u.' ([), Ul l|lt~.'k Nit]{," 19h In Brigham, Crill and Ra~dall's f:irst Addition Io City of Randall. Kansas. Total taxes and inteo:st: $294.53, Colts ta~ed at $250.00: $2.50.00. Total amouat of judgment: $544.53. Lots Seven (7), Eight (8) and Nine {9), in Block Four (4), Brigham, CrilL and Randall's Second Addilion to Randall. Kansas. Total taxes and inlet- eat: $] ,4115.53, Costs taxed at $250,00: $250.(Y&Total amount of judgment: $1,655.53. Lots S-even (7}, Eight (8), Nine (9). J n |10~. I:l,:~ n (I ~), and "l'wclvc I 12 L m BIo 'L l'wo 12), Brigham. Call and Randall's Second Addition, Rattdall, Kan~ ~ Total taxes and. inter- est: $886.76 Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.[YJ. 'l't~tgl anlt)unl ur judgment: $1,136.76 Lot Ten III)I m l'It~L-k "l'wo (2) in Original "to~, n,ue ot-R andall, Kansas. Tola| L~xeb al|d interest; $373.50. Costs taxed at $250,IX)- $25tI.00. Total amount ~ff judgn]ear. $623 50. An mtdividedone-tourd~ mlerest in n]ineral~ in: SW 1/4 N%' U4 ~,t Sun2t ion 24, Township 3 Suttflt. Range 9 W -st of the 6tl~ P.M J e ~ 11 ('~u~l), K~.nsa~ 'rotat Laxes and mteresl: $50.74. Cost> taxed at $25(L0tl: $25[L(10. ToP-I amuunt tit judgment: $31KL74. A parl t>| the St)Utheast Quarter (SE 1/4) of S{'x'tltm Twenly-five (25), "l.'ownsht p Ftmr I4) South, Ra0ge Eight 18~ We~t of the 6th P.M JewerlColmty, Kansas, de~-rib~d as follows: Begin- ning at a point on the ~clion line 196.08 I~t Noah ur ii]e Soulheast comer o[.~id Section 25; thence West parallel [o the south s~'tion line. a distance uf 1 fi2 I'eet: Ihence South par- allel to the c:.~t section tree, a distance u[ 8~.(J8 feet; thence l~sl parallel to the south ~ liul:l litm a distance of 162 t' t; Ih ltCC Nolth 88,{ )8 Ic~ t to the plaoe t}f begnm|ng. ]'o~a] I~xcs andinLerest: $265.5]. (?~)nLn taxed at $25t).I}O: $25U.tX~. "Colal ;| rn~t||',t of judgmen 1: $515.5 I. ] ,ot-~ 1 and 2, Block 25. in lhe Origi- nal'l'uw n of Jewell. Kansas. Tolal laxe.~ and interest: $1.439.4(], CoSlS ta~e0 al $250.[)0; $251L(X}, "Folzl amount of judgmenl: $ I ~689.40, Beginning al a point 23 feet east of the northwest comer ol Lot Eight (8] in Bl(g'k Fifty-nine (59), in the Origina~ "['owns|re t)f Jewell Cily, .llewell County, Kansas. al Ih center of the wall n~w there standing, thence mooing east IWenty-six (261 feet. thence South ~v- ealy {7t)) fi.~l, thence West one (I} t~lt.lhen(.- South fifty (50) tk- l,ll~nce W ,a I~ent)-six (26) t'cet, thence Noah sixty {6tb It, el. thence -East one (l} fool. Ihenc North sixty (60) feet through the center of said wall to the place ol beginn|ng. Total taxes and interest: $4.389.44. Costs taxed at $251UXk S25q).tKI. Tola| amounl id jndgrncn'{: $4,639.44. BcgilmJng at u point 20 [eet Fast of the Norlhwesl corner of Lot Four 14), ]n l]lw.'k Fifty-nine (59), in the (Itigi- hal "(ov,|ts,le of Cily of ) w ll CiLy, Karl,s: thence nmning South 120 ~-eet to Ih.e South line of said Ix|t 4; thence L:a~l 24 feet: thence North 120 feel Io Ihe Norlh line of I Jot 3: t'aenee West 24 fcct tt~the place of beginnil]g: be|ng 13 t;.:et off the Eit*;t side of Lot ]:our (4~ and ] I feet off Ilte West side of l,t}l Three 13). ~n Rka'k Fifty-nine I59). q'u-la| laXegalld inlere,4: $693.68. Costs taxed at $250,[)I): $25000. Total amounl ofjudgrne~l: $943.68. Lots I, 2, and 3, in BLock 24, |n the Original Towasite of Jewell City. Kan- sas.'rotal laxesand internal: $2+983. [6. Costs ~ax-,d at $25U.tX}: $250.00, Total amounl of judgmenl" $3,233.1ft. Lot Three (3). in Block Twenty- five (25), Original Townsite orCity of Jewel1, Kansas. Total 1axes and inter- est: $1 (:2.92. Co~ts taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total an]dun1 of judgment: $362.92. Lot Five 15) and II1 West twenty (20} feet of Lot Four (4). in Block Fifty-nine (59), in ~he Original 'l'~m'nsite of Jewell City, Ka~seLs,Total T:hu,r$~la.y 2Wv 2' 2016 taxes a~ mlerexl : $941.r ~,b. ('o',t', t~xed at $25().{~.): $250.1)0 'l'ulai dll'lL='l.l|'il or j ~dg meat: $1,193(19, North Half(N I ~.~ of Lta Seven (7} a0d lhe East Twenty-eighl {.2~) feet of the North Half(N U2~of LoLEight I8), in Block Forty-tour (44), Original To wnsite ofJewell Cily, Kansas. Total taxes aad interest: $1,O85.22. Costs taxed at $2511,00: $250.0(]. Total amount of judgment: $1,335,22, ~rts O~ ( I ) Two (2). Tkree (3), Fou: ~4) and Five (5). and the Fast 27 Ieei of l ~.]t Six (6). all in Block Eight t 8) |n the City of Jewelt, Kansas.Total taxes ~ inter~t: $142.50. CoaLs taxe~I al $25D.OI): $250,01L Total amount of judgment: $392.50, Part of Tract 22 m NEI/4 of 3-3-10 described as follows: Commencing at a point 60 feet Nanh and 60 feel West of the NW comer o[ Block 2, Esbon. /ewetl County, Kar~s~; thence West I g0 feet; thence North 170 feet ir~r~ or less to the South line oflhe North ilal[ of the Northeast Ouarter, Section 3-3- II); lheuce East 180 [eel; Iheltce South 170 tent to the place ol'lx'ginning.Tota I taxe~ and int r .st: $1,193,16. Costs taxed ut $250.00: $250.00, Total amtmnt tffjudgment. $ $,443.16. Lot, Twenty.two (22), Twenty- three 1231 and Twenty-four (24L in BIoL'k Ten ~ It)l. originat lowusite of Chy of Esbon. Kansas. Totaltaxes and interest'. $675.73.Co~ts taxed at $25(1.(X): S25c.).{~t. Total amoL|nl of judgment. $925.73. Lots Nineteen 1191. Twenty t201 and rl'wenL:r-one t2 I), ire Block Ten (10), Original l'o~nsite of City of Esbon. KiLnsah. Total taxes and inter- ca|" $f66.43. Cosls laxed al $25D.t~h $25tl.tKl. "l'taal ammml of judgment: $416.43. l.uts (J-no ~ I t and I'~u 42J. i|] I 1 k~.'k Five (51. Or [gin al "['Ow n~,Lle ol LI]e City of BUtT O:lk. Kal]sa~ '|'dial taxes and inleres~: $1.')33.31. Co,is la~,'d al $25I).~: $2511.Ot1. l~ta~ aTnOUUt ~]t judgment. $2.183.3 I. I Jar Seven (7) and North Half{ N li 21 of l.ot Six [6), in Blta.'k One 11 |, McCormick's Second AddlllO|] Io the City of Bt,rr Oak. Kztnsa~. Tolal t~,x :~ and lutcP2sl : $] ,'~52.4], (.'c~sts taxed at $2~|3.(X): $25().I~1W. lotal an]tmnl of judgll]ent: $2.2{12.41. Lo~s 12 and 13, in Block I. M cC~wm=ck'~ 2nd Additim~ tu the C it)' ,~1 Hun Oak, Kans:ls. 'It=Jut taxes and internal: SI.166.59. Co.'its laxcd at $251~ |HI' $25{1,(}{). L'otal ;tlnount of J~dglE, cnt: ~ ] ,J, I fi.59 Lut s I-|~hl [~). Niue t9), Ten ~ liD, |'le~*.'n ! I ~ ). lwe]ve { [2 L and lhir. tc~'vt ( 131- |rl Bl~k']'w~ 12 ). in H awlcy's Addkllt'm R| Cil)' ol" Yor|~x~su. Kar~sa.~. 'l'~]tal la xesand intco:sl: g980 ~ I Costs taxed at $25{).11{1: $250.I,L Total alnounl ~1' judgm{"ltt: $ 1.23~ 18 I. Lots Thirlecl] I 133 th r(~ugh 1~ enty. four 241. hath inclusive, ill P, It~-k 1:~gFi- I 11 (18), ir~ Original Told'nacre atCity ,~t I'~u,m,~o. K~m~ax Total taxes and Illt*.'le~,l: $820.63. COsl.~ rased al $2.'itl.tRr $251) 00. "l"o|a'~ amoUl~t O1 jud~uienr. $1,070.63. An undivided one.half (I/2) imer- 'st in aml to all oflhe oil, gas, and other n]in ral~ and mineral rights in, upon ;]1141 under: West Half of Northeast Quarter {WI/2 NEI/4) nf Section Twenly-six (26), Township Four (4; Sarah. Range Tea ([0) west of the 6th P.M Jewell County, Kan-~-'L Total taxe.s and i nte~st: $1 I).5.27 Coals taxed at $25(}.(}0: $250.00. "l'u~:al amount of NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The governing body o~ ATiiEN S TOWNSHIP JEWELL COUNTY will meel on August 9, 2016 at 6:{)0 p,m. at R,~y Winkers Re~id* nce for the purpose of hearing and answer, ng objections of taxpayer~ relating to the proposed use o[ all funds and the amount of ad valorem tax 1)et,~iled budget in[ormatmn is availabIe from a l"ownship elf leer and will be available at this hearing. BUDGET SUMMARY Propo.sed Budget 2017 ,Expendituces and Amount of 2016 Ad Valorem Tax establish the maximum limits o[ the 2017 budget, l':st Tax Rote is subject to change depending on the final assessed valuation. ~;I, iItdS (.k-neral LX.bt ~,rvice library Road Sp.xial Machinery lota Is 2015 2016 [*r~ur "l"t ]r Actual C|:ll~q'lt Year Actual ']'a li~inu~le L~ I-x1~n, dthtr ,~ Katu0 E penditures 1,| 32 0-7~0 1,400 Net "Expenditure Total Tax Levied 1,132 L*.'~',: 'rransrers 0 1,132 1,310 Assessed Valtmtion :i"ownship 1,658,181 Ot!t~tanding [ndebtL~lnt,'~s, I,m I 2014 Go. L c Other J I] Lea~ Put Print C rohd C "lax ent~ an exp~,s~-d m m 0.790 1.400 0 1,310 i 1,92! .67"2/ 2015 0 0 0 0 ActuM Rate" 0.682 0.t-,82 Pn!p.osed Budget 2017 Ar*loUt~ Iot E~,I 201fi Ad 1 ;1 ~- l!xl~nddl~n.~ Valorem lax HMe" 0,844 1,31C 0ol3 ~844. 1,3]0 fl~t3 o b,844 X.~XX~XX 2,1:k~,352 I 2010 0 0 D 0 Ray Wi::kel 7"o waship Officer THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 5B j]l~gl[lenl $"t~5.2 7. 1.at', 9 uaid it). BIt~.k 3, ()r|ginal 'l'owJt of l,o~e v,e II, K ~|ha-s. Total taxes ;uld |merest: $11~.24. Ct>st~ taxu'd al $250,t~1- $250.tK). Total a|noi~nt of judgment; $369.24. Commencing at a imint 98 2/11 r(xh Weal and 23U tect North of the Southeast comer uf Section Fifteen { 15), TownshipThree i 3~South, RaJtge Seve|~(7) WesLof the 6th P,M thence -East 140 feel, thence North 11)0 feet, thence West 140 feet, thence South ] O0 feet to the place of beginning. '['hi s lmcl having also been described as follows: C~mmen~.'ing at the North- wesl corne~ of Bltg'k Eighteen (I g), in Montmse. Kansas; thence Fast ]4{) feet, thence South l! ~ feel, thence West 140 fern. ~henc NoOk I iX) feet to the placed(beginning. Al.'~ described a s Lols 21,22,23, amd 24, in Block 18, MonL,ose, Kansas. Total taxes and in. terest: $ t 33.7& Costs taxed at $250.(X): $25(I,00, Tolal amounl of judgment, $383,76, An undivided I/8 n'fineral interest in a.ad to: Southeast Quarter of South- WCSl Quaner (SE 1/4 SWI f4) r scc. tion One ( 1 ~, Township'rwo 12) South, Range Nine (9)West of the 6th P.M Jewell County. Kansas. Tol~'; tax ~ and interest: S2M.gqt. (;,~ts t~-~d at $250,00: $25(3.(X). Total dn|uunt t}l" judgment: $494.911. An undivJdc'd I/8 rnllt ral inlere~t in and to: Northeast Quaa.er of North- wesl Quarter INE1/4 N'W ]/4 ~; Weal Half of Northea~;I {Q|~arter ~ W 172 NI~I ' 41; South Hall of Noilhwesl ~IJ,i|t l |St#'2 ~Wl/-I)'. S'~UI|lWeSl ~[IdllU[ ISWI/4): all in Sectiol} lv.elvc t [ ~. Township Two 121 ~]tlt h, Rd~l~e N IlK' (9) W e ~t of thedt h P. M Jc~ II ('t,u.nx Kansas.'lolal la~.C.~ ,tll~l IlliCit.' 1 $27452. (.'ost~ ia ~d at $254~,~ $250J.X). Total am,rant of l~l.dgmC=tl $524.52. Undi'~idcd tree-haft! I/2j I|ltCh:',l In all ,t)f the oil, ga~, and uther ntmcral, and mineral righlS in and nnder: Ntt]lh. c:uxq Quarlcr gNE1/4y S4.]tlt[~ Hall of the Noah,eat Quarter ~SJ/2 N'II~' [/.I k; Sot|th,~ est Ql|dl-[er,SW I/4 F; :rod Vv ~1 Half of the ~tmlhe:|xt Quancr IW],t2 SElf4); all in Sectmn "l'hiny (31)L I"o~ nsh|p One~ I I South, Range Eighr {81 Weal of Ihe fith P.M in Je,we|I Cn|mtv. Kan,~a Tolal taxe~ ~nd i|ller er, t: $1"SD Tg Cost~ laxed at ~2~t|.tX1'. ~'~50 m. Total amoum of judgn]-'nt- $4(~1.7& An undivided Ol]e-halll 1121 ulm nt- {"ral rights during the jtnnt hv ~ ol William C McNeice aud Bernice McNeiee in and hr. We,q HaIIfWl/2) of Se~.lion Th|rly t 31h. [ownship One (11SOtllh, Range l- 'n ~ 101 West ullhe 6th I'M Jev,elf {.'out'|l). Kansas. To- lal taxe.~ a:|d t|ner .~t: $75.{~, Co~ts laxcd al S251t.lkl): .$2511.1111. 1-oral amount ofj|atgnlent: $325,119. 5.45% of mt ut|d{v ided one-hal f of all lal, gas,and mineral rights in 1.dis 3 and 4 m Se 't|on "l-hrcu ~31.-row~|sh|p One ( I ) Sou~h. Range Six (6) West =f the 61h ]'.M-, JewcH C~;tiltly, Karmas. 'rolal taxc.~ and niltcre,M: ~Sq k,t~], ('o,I, taxed ;nt SZStl.O(l: $Z5{).[){3. Tonal alllonnt =~1 jtltlgniel]lt: $.;~i~'}.~-)lt. The above described real estm ~ laken as ixoI~.ny of Ih reslx: tiv dc- fcndants desig~mted herein a.s t]l,e owner the~uf and is to be sold and will be sold withoul apprai~emenl to salisly said Order of Sale and the ~sp~elive adjudged liens thereon. Witness my hand at Mankato, Kan. sos. thi~ 18111 day at July. 201{). D~|natd J, J;|cob~ Shet)ff of Jew-ell Cotutly, Kan~s Allest: Dixie Dethloff Clerk of the District Ctmtt Jewell Counly, Kaosas ])arrell I-. 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