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July 17, 1975
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McMillan home and on return to Ozark, they through Salina and took granddaughters home them to visit. Shelly Brummer, Osborne, ~as been visiting her grand- Mr, and Mrs. Ted and helping her grand- with canning and free z- and fruits. Mrs, is feeling better, Those who helped Mrs. Stites last week with canning and freezing of and fruits were Elsie Railsback, Mrs. Van Wey and Mrs. Helen on Wednesday; Thurs- tay, Mrs. Emma Burdett spent day with her niece; Friday, Pat Boden, Nancy and Beloit; and Sunday Mrs. Benoit, Tim and Julie. Stite s is improving from recent illness. Capt. Dale Collie, Topeka liaison department, is ~ssisting with the security of Susan Ford while she serving a 6 week summer as a photographer the Capital-Journal. Capt. :ollie is the son of Mrs. No- ene Collie and the late Vernon ~ollie and a graduate of Ionia High School. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Juran children, Salem, Ore., and 4r. and Mrs. Rolla Dietz were 'Uesday supper guests of Mr. Mrs. Dean Leonard, Marta J acklyn, Mankato. Gall Bartley of Superior Monday and Tuesday at he home of his parents, Mr. Mrs. Glenn Bartley. While he did plowing and other WOrk for his dad. Mrs. Chuck Wright, Cary Alex returned to their in Highland Park, Ill., a visit here with Mr. and Borger and Mr. Mrs. Don Barrett and with 4r. and Mrs. Charles Wright Topeka. Chuck was attend- National Guard Camp. Friday ev: n i L~ee st:~ i e~;t eOsf 4r and Mrs L ~re Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mr. and Mrs. Clyde and Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Notice: KWHA Horse Show by Jewell County 3, will be held on afternoon, July 20, be- at 3 P.m. at the 4H in Mankato. There will 20 events with a stickhorse for kiddies, ages 1 to 5. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Juran children, Mr. and Mrs. Dietz and Heather, Os- were Wednesday sup- er guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dietz and Robert. The left for thei r home on sday morning. Hazel Burns and Mrs, McBride, Mankato, were evening visitors of and Mrs. Roy Van Wey. and Mrs. Gerald Bol- -'COmpanied his sister, Nickolson, Beloit, Saturday. women' s softball coached by Gall Apple- Played the Lebanon women rsday evening at Lebanon. crowd attended the me with Lebanon winning, Mable Bell, Beloit, for- fly of Lebanon, enjoyed the and visiting with former Her granddaughter, Bell, is a member of Followir game, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Bartley and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bartley were guests of Mr, and Mrs. Joe Arneson. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bol- ler and Mrs. Sadie McMillan were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Helen Stites. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Thayer, Ronnie and Bruce of Superior were Sunday supper guests and visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bartley. The following enjoyed the church and community spon- sored wiener roast at the school grounds Sunday eve- ing: Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ault, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burks and two granddaughters, Pam Burks, Mrs. Marie Burdett, Mrs. Nolene Collie, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kincheloe, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moyer, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ormsbee, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Phillips, Mrs. Ruby Rooker, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Simmelink, Mrs. Helen Stites, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Totten and grandsons, Gary and Glenn West, Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Van Wey, Doug and David Ault, and Shelli Hillman. Following supper Mr. and Mrs. Don Schmidt, Janice, Steve and Roger and granddaughter, Kristi Schmidt, and Mrs. Mor- ris Hillman, Ranae, Shane and Renita joined the group. Rev. Dillinger was unable to attend as he was in Courtland for a meeting that evening. Another get-together is planned in about a month. More details later. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Deters and family, Victoria, Tex., were visitors last week of his mother, Mrs. Marie Burdett, and relatives and friends at Lebanon and Smith Center. While here they attended Mrs. Deters' class reunion at Smith Center. Mr. and Mrs LorenDawdy and A. C. Fedde were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mrs. Em- ma Brinkworth. Mrs. Emma Brinkworth re- ceived a telephone call Friday evening from her nephew, Dr. Roger Fedde, Manhattan, in- forming her the family would be in Davis, Calif., for the next month where Dr. Fedde will give lectures and do re- search work. Later this year Dr. Fedde will spend two months in Germany in connec- tion with the duties at K-State. The family will remain in Manhattan while he is in Ger- many. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Orms- bee visited a short time Sun- day evening with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate and their grandson, Tommy Seay, who will soon return to active duty in the armed forces. Mrs. E. E. Ransom Harvest weather is still with us and there is still some harvesting to do, as weeds are the problem. Sunflowers in some fields and'milkweeds had bothered earlier. I never saw more milkweeds then we had this year. Some are just cut- ting patches and some are swathing the grair, to let the weeds dry. Milo and other crops are doing well, but do need rain. Nights have been nice and cool Located 9 miles South of Red Cloud on Highway 281. for the past week. We went to Lebanon Satur- day evening to their parade which was good, but not as well attended as usual. Tommy Seay, whohas been visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate, to let his broken ankle heal, will go back tomorrow to his base in Soutb Carolina. They will take him to Salina to catch a plane. We had an ice cream party for him Sunday evening at the Joe Pate home. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ormsbee recently made a trip to Hoxie, Ks., after repairs for his tractor. We are not happy to learn that we are to lose still anoth- er of our few remaining neigh- bors that we still do have. It is Mr. and Mrs. Everett Roe, they have sold their farm and will move to Smith Center. Mr. and Mrs. Liby have bought the farm and will make good neighbors, but still we will miss our old friends and hate to lose them. But we will wel- come the newcomers. She was the former Kathy Deibert. We hear that the Garman combines are home from har- vest in the south, but will go on north with the harvest. Terry Pate works with one and Greg Pate with the other. Georgene Bossen Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dick from Kensington and Mr. and Mrs Dennis Dick and baby of Smith Center ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Compton Sunday. They stayed for sup- per and Mr. and Mrs. Burtis Mocka, Smith Center, joined them. Judy Hillman, Ranae, Shane and Renita and I went to Jamestown. We sawPhyUis Hake, Patty and Debbie and Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Long, Brian and David. Judy Hill- man, Renita and Ranae, Patty Hake and I went onto Concor- dia and shopped. We came back and ate supper with Phyllis and family. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Shrum brought John Ahlvers to his home Saturday and left Sunday. John is alone, but he haswon- derful kiddies to help him. Lorena and NancyJo Pate, Sarah Walker and Grace Bird took Dad and I to Salina Satur- day where we visited our sis- ter, Zella Honska. She sure wasn't good. Monday evening Dad and I and Lee Hooton and Paul Hein- man ate supper with Vera Bol- linger for her birthday. She served us a very delicious supper and we wound up with ice cream. We left about 11:00 wishing her many more birth- days. We took Dad back to the doctor Monday for his check- uP. His Rch had left and he was O.K. Renita and Judy Hillman also saw the doctor, Went to Beloit Tuesday and shopped and looked around with Judy Hillman and kiddies. Mr. and Mrs.Jim Compton were here Thursday evening for a few games. We girls got beat again. Friday, I rode to Mankato wRh Jim and Nellie Compton to get my pills and do a little shopping. Got mypermanent in the afternoon. Lee Hooton was here for awhile Friday to visit Dad. He brought some apricots. We have them by the bushel. Any- one wanting some, just come get them. Ranae Hillman spent Fri- day in our home and went to town with Jim Comptons and I. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boiler took dinner with Helen Stites Sunday. We called down to Salina Sunday evening to see how our sister was. Her nurse, Iva Carlson, said she was some better. Don't see how she takes it day after day. Mrs. Clarence Jensby R seems that there is no let up to the work. Some are finishing up combining, but the busy work now is irrigatingthe corn. Straw is being baled from the wheat fields and be- ing stored for winter. Apricots will be ready to can this week and fruit trees and yards are being watered since it is very dry again. Dean Thortun was badly burned Thursday afternoon when he was gasing up his combine. A spark ignited and caught his clothing on fire. Mrs. Thornton put the fire out by spraying him with agarden hose. He is in the hospital in Superior with second degree burns on his legs and hands. The Bible study group met with Mrs. Guy Allington last Wednesday. Those attending were Mrs. Anna R. Graham, Eleanor Crispin, Mrs. Dale Crispin, Mrs. Edwin Ross, Mrs. Floyd Sisson, Mrs. Will Gunn, and Mrs. Fay Vestal. Walter Fair, brother of Mrs. Minnie Davidson, had surgery in Rochester Tues- day for the removal of a lung. He is in intensive care. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ross and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ross went to Wisner, Nebr., on Wednesday where they visited the men's sister, Mrs. George Gross, and Mr. Gross until Friday. The LovewelILibrary Club met at the home of Mrs. Bob Watson Thursday afternoon with 13 members present. The president, Mrs. Darrell Han- sen, conducted the business meeting. Mrs. RodneyWarren brought the guess box and R was guessed by Mrs. Clare Osborne. Mrs. Ivan Warren had the entertainment. Each member brought something from their garden and it was sold at a silent auction. The majority of the items were pies from cherries, berries, and apricots. The August meeting will be wRh Mrs. Ri- chard Barry. Each member is to bring a picnic lunch for one person and they will be ex- changed and we will have a pic- nic luncheon on August 14th at 12:30. The Webber EHU members enjoyed a luncheon at the home of Mrs. Leonard Worm Tues- day at 12:30. All 13 members were present and six guests, Mrs. Ruby Burge and 4-H girls Gwen Jensby, Ronda Doyle, Shelly Purcell, Lori Bothwell and Linda Frerichs. Mrs. My- ron IntermUl gave the lesson on Mexican-American Heri- tage. Several members fixed Mexican dishes which were served for the luncheon. Rev. Nina Anderson, form- er minister at Webber, attend- ed church in Webber Sunday morning, She had dinner with Mrs. Carrie Thomas. Rev. Anderson is retired and lives in Osborne. Mr. and Mrs. Clare Os- borne and Lisavisited Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hamel and familyat Guide Rock Saturday evening. The Hamel familyare livingin his mother's trailer home in Guide Rock for the present. Mrs, Bill Stoics will have LoveweU Service Club at her home in Courtland on Thurs- day, July 24th. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Mettler called on Mr. and Mrs, Joe Collins and Mr. and Mrs, Victor Collins In ConcorJla on Friday night. Mr, aad Mrs. Leo Zadina, Superior, visited Wednesday evening at the home of Mr and Mrs. Clarence Mr. and Mrs. Don Bollig, Omaha, spent last weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ron Konvalin and family. The AaronBlair family left for their home in Chapel Hill, N. C., last Monday morning after visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Blair and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jensby here for two weeks. Mrs. Clarence Jensby and Lynn Parsons took Mrs. Don Parsons to Lincoln Monday and she took the plane back to her home in Newhall, Calif., after a two week visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clar- ence Jensby, and other rela- tives. Both families visited the Jim Jensby family at Hardy. Mrs. Jensby and Lynn Parsons called on Mr. and Mrs. Keith Petersen of McCool Junction, Nebr., enroute home from Lincoln. They found Keith in good health and able tobe back to work after his stroke last November. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rus- sell, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lay- ton and Mr. and Mrs. Art Dun- stan of Randall went to Junc- tion City Sunday to visit a cousin, Mrs. Phylis Griffin, in the Good Samaritian Home. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Rothchild, Norman Rothchild, and Tammie, Dem'er, had supper with Mr. and Mrs. Em- mett Rothchild in Formoso on Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Rothchild were evening callers. Norman and Tammie went home Thursday. Mrs. Willard Mettler visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gil- bert and their house guests, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Thorpe, Debbie, Duane, and Chuck of Yuma, Ariz., at Jamestown on Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Chet Poole, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lovewell and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Davidson Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd David- son, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Simms and Andrea, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Diamond, Mrs. Russell Lange and Jessica, Mrs. Gregory Diamond, Gwen and Cogi Shoemaker had apic- nic at the lake Sunday. Russell Lange took atrail- er to Oklahoma Sunday after- noon. He took Gwen and Cogi Shoemaker to Minneapolis, Ks., to visit their grandpar- ents where they joined their parents and went home to Kan- sas City. They returned to their grandparents the first of the week. Gregory Diamond had sup- per with Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Davidson Thursday evening and left Friday for National Guard Camp in Wyoming for two weeks. Clarence Jensby's sister, Mrs. Tena Calder, died at Nuckolls County Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Jensby called at the Joe Calder home in Hardy Tues- day evening. Services for Mrs. Calder were at the Union Church in Hardy on Friday morning. Mr. Jensby~s and Mrs. Calder's nephew, John Kriger, arrived on leave from the Navy Friday morning in time for the services. John serves on the ship Corral Sea that rescuedthe merchant ship in Cambodian waters this last spring. Mrs. Edwin Ross called Mrs. Raymond Leece at the Paul Hicklinhome in Longview Sunday. Mrs. Leece is pro- greasing fine after her sur- gery. Mrs. Dallas Diamond took Mrs. Gerald Shoemaker and Cogi to Kansas City last Tues- day. Wednesday morning Mrs. Diamond and Cogl went to Greenwood Springs, Mo., and picked up a mare and they re- turned to Webber Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Mettler visited Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ma- haffey in Mankato. Mr. and Mrs. David Both- well had supper Sunday even- trig with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bothwell. Rev. and Mrs. Ted Kon- valin and Tim of Nebraska City and Mr. and Mrs. John Eckels of Columbus came to help Mrs. Joe Konvalin cele- brate her birthday Tuesday. They were all guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Konvalin at sup- per Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rus- sell and Mr. and Mrs. Fred- rick Thomas attended the bar- beque and horse show at Scan- dia Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Rothchild spent Sunday after- noon and evening at the Floyd Slsson home. Shannon Rothchild, Amy and Kevin Tuxhorn came from Smith Center Saturday and stayed at the Delbert Rothchild home. On Sunday Doyle Roth- child, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rothchild and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Daryle Rothchild and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Del- mar Rothchild came for din- ner and spent the evening. Shelly stayed all night. Marlin Rothchild came over Monday from Smith Center to spend the day. The Webber 4-H Club had a camp out at the lake Friday night and stayed for breakfast Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. VerlanBroy- lea met Mr. and Mrs. Richard Doyle of Tulsa at Wichita Sun- day and brought Jeff and Deb- bie back for a visit inWebber. Mr. and Mrs. Sale Burge went to York Sunday to the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Berry to bring Klm home. She had visited her Aunt Twilathe past week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Calder, Randy and Tim, Fairbury, had supper with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Behrends Thursday night. The Joe Calder family will be moving to Montana around August 1. They have sold their home in Fairbury and will fly to Montana this week to look for housing. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.JessWilson, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Crispin, Violet and Anna Graham from Supe- rior, and Eleanor Crispin had supper with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sisson Thursday night. Lynn Parsons spent the day Sunday visiting the Clifford Vetter family at Randall and Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Vetter at Beloit. Noel Vetter and Ronda of Fremont were also visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Vetter. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensby, Gwen and Linda attended the Mitchell County Riders-Play Day at Beloit Sunday. Roy and the girls brought home 12 rib- bons. Mrs. Edwin Holdrsn Community Club met on Thursday afternoon with a good attendance. Miss Sheryl Balch, Woodward, Oklao, was a guest. The program, Bingo, was enjoyed with the chair- man, Gwen West, presenting each a prize. Cecile Gardner served a delicious lunch. The next meeting will be July 24. Mr. Kent Slaughter was admitted to Mitchell County Hospital, Beloit, on Tuesday for tests, observation, and treatment. Being a patient is an unusual experience for Kent and his many friends hope he is soon feeling a lot better, Mrs. Dora Smith, Fair- bury, Neb., was a Tuesday visitor to see Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Sills. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brooks, Ontario, Ore., were Tuesday dinner guests of Miss Zella Slaughter. The Brooks, Commencing at 12:30 Rfn~r Gas Range. Frigidaire Refrigerator, .f.rost ~o_uur. Frigidaire Electric Dryer. ~peea ~u~? , nventional Washer, 3 veals old. Propane ~t~ete~ets 3-p~ece Vqalnu.t ~]~edr~.m^Sui~e-M:tc~i~ Se*- _ ~. z-piece l~edroom ~tut=. T:~~, of Box Springs and Mattresses. Dining ROOln e~vle, 6 Chairs, and large Hutch. 2 Swivel Rocz- ~[~i~ IHC Cadet Riding Lawn Mower. e.asy-t~ut G-,"~rpelled Mower Electric Saw. *fno_r uencn ~,rXnder S,,* -,~ 3/ ;:, ~,-kets Large lap arm Set. 45" I ox "of 2-Vgauge, .410-gauge, .22 p~ and 30-30 Rifle Shells. 75 large creosote .. is. 65 Steel Posts. Barb Wire, almOSt new. This is a partial listing -- many more pieces " "*" " "-- ~ of extra good Furniture and Tools. .......... Squire .... "'=' "=" .... "=' ""':' Terms: Cash. 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Construction Co. sm~ Ks=== Register in Participating w.=c.,, Slim and Ed Montgomery, Auctioneers and Clerks Stores for Approximately $500 in Merchandise. who recently retired from farming and dairying, are en- joying ~ well earned summer of traveling and visiting. They plan to spend time also with their son and family. He is a career Army serviceman who is being moved to Fort Hood, Tex. JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, July 17, 1975 * Page 3 - Section 2 : Keowns. Mrs. Alva Nelson of L~ nora, Ks., and Mrs. Ethel Saw~ er of Atwood, Ks., and Mrs. Bernie Leece Congratulations to and Sunday. ~ and Mrs. David Fullerton on Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bail~ ii the birth of a daughter Fri- spent Sunday evening with i day, July 11, at Belleville hos- Mrs. Ella Summers. pital. This is their first child. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth He~ i Mrs. Fullerton is the former riksen, Darci and Ryan, Ml~: i Mary Jansen of Mankato. and Mrs. Kenneth Heitm~ i Mr. and Mrs. Vachel Mrs. Martha Grauerholz Crawford were Friday evening Diane Heitman were Sund~ ! callers to see Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Sills. Mrs. Cecile Gardner and Mrs. Gwen West called to see Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keeler in Formoso Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Holdren and girls, Belleville, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed- win Holdren. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holdren, Jewell, were evening guests there. Mrs. Jeanie Sills returned to her home in McCook, Neb., Friday after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Sills and being storekeeper for sev- eral days while Quincy was ill. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sills and family came Saturday and spent the weekend visiting his parents and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brooks, Ontario, Ore., were dinner guests of Erich HeitJ roans. ~: I Mr. and Mrs. DaleCrlspl ! and Mrs. Eleanor Crispin :I were Thursday evening supper i guests of Floyd Slssons. ! Mrs. Keith McKeown, Lyn- ette and Susan called Friday afternoon on David Demaray. Mrs. Eleanor Crispin was a Tuesday afternoon caller o~ Mrs. Joe Konvalin. Mrs. Bess Wintherso(Ro- dondo Beach, Calif., spent Friday and Saturday at the Dale Crispin home ...... Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mc- Keown were in Salina Wednes. day where Mrs. McKeown had a check-up at the AsburyHos, pital. They also visited Mr; and Mrs. Tony Patrick family. :: Mr. and Mrs. Alvin We~ Wednesday forenoon callers at ber of Glasco visited Sunday iI the Edwin Holdrenhome. the Marvin Webbers. it| Brooks, the former Mabel Diane Heitman, Lincolrd I| McNickols, was a schoolmate was a weekend guest at th~ | years ago. Erich Heitmans. "III Friends were sorry to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carlson II learn that Mrs. Ruby Fuller- of Alma were Friday dinner II ton was transferred to Bryan guests of Dale CrisPins. In Memorial Hospital, Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Inter, II Nebr., last week and is under mill attended a dinner inMa '] treatment there. Her manykato Sunday with theintermlll I friends hope for better reports relatives. . im soon. Some of her children have been with her all the time. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Sills were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sills and family, Manhattan, Mrs. Ethel Jacobson, Miss Ethyl Dempsey, and Mr. and Mrs. Layerne Dempsey. Miss Ethyl Dempsey and Miss Zella Slaughter were Sunday afternoon callers to see Mrs. Cecile Gardner. Mrs. C. Summers Mr. and Mrs. Dale Crispin returned home Monday from Chadron, Nebr., where they attended the Marpel reunion of which 52 relatives spent the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Web- her accompanied their son, Don, to Springfield, Ill., where they attended the Dickey John open house from Tuesday through Friday. Mrs. Beryl Mitchell of Hutchinson and Mrs. David Demaray were Thursday evening callers at Keith Me- Mr. and Mrs. David Dema~ ray called Monday morning at i the KeRh McKeowns. Mrs. Eleanor Crispin tended prayer services at Mrs. Guy Allington's Thurs, day morning. Doran Marr and daughter; called Saturday afternoon on I the Dale Crispins. The University of KansaS now has what may be the flnesf undergraduate communica( tlons laboratory in the nation' for the teaching of electrical engineering students - thankf to a loan from the E&~ ~lti~ Force. A multi-plex voice eoml tions system, costing $500,000 when built five years: ago, has been installed. At the" time it represented the "high-" est state of the art,= A key' person in obtaining the equip-j, merit for K.U. was R. L. Falk~ chief scientist at the Richard- Gebaur A. F. Base, Grandview, Mo. Record Classifieds Bring Fast Rasultsl I r =O0-I,b. -- m-Lb, CORN FED BEEF r QUARTERS ........ LB. QUARTERS ........ (.Price inchdes process for your home freezer.) 30-LBS. AND ItO-L|S. Beaf ond Pork Bundles mFA rr I ). '