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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
July 7, 1966     Jewell County Record
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July 7, 1966

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PAGE 6B ii MI l ii Jewell County Record, Manlmto~ Kansas Thursday,,3u :/] ~ott9~ Commissioners ......... Proceedings 2~2~;ii" %/tree, 1966 :_LA+. * 2- + m 0ard of County Gommis~toners, Jeweil C6haty,, Kansas, met in re- ~ar 6:,c, sion with the fol- ~'~res,nt: Neal C. Har. r~,- ~th:man Ray Dietz, E; Member;V. . Tullar, Mem- Commissioners Mileage & Expense Ray Dietz 9.60 Neal C. Harris 37.44 V. E. Tullar 25.20 72.24 Office Supplies & Equipment Jewell County Record 43.00 Wagner Drug Store 4.00 ~;:J(Rubert H. Meyer, Burrough's Corporation 9.16 ~ty.Attorney; and Alvin Sam'l Dodsworth Printing ~:,~J/IL~Jr., County Clerk. & Stationery O~,!::MOTION THE FOL- ~ING CLAIMS WERE ~-:,,~ ALLOWED : " G~NERAL FUND hl~rtes & Wages ~9~ Kibbe 333.33 /~F~-C. Fall, 430.00 Comp-my 874.68 ttodges Badge Company 14.55 First National Bank 3.89 Superior School Supplies. lnc, 52.21 Sam'l Dodsworth Printing Mankato Lumber Company 6.41 Mankato Lumber Company .80 Diamond- Menhusen - Nichols Agency 10.00 Standard Oil Company 25.52 Charles R. Murray 6.50 Continental Oil Company 23.95 Charles R. Murray 182.51) Stuart & Smith 41.41) Eva Ro/~ers 3.~0 County Matching Social Security County Matching 458.97 Social Security 888.77 County Matching Jr. Roberg t-I.J~ eyer 341.66 C i'oI ' 7to.s 303.33 Byron Rogers 466.00 Carl A. Westin 418.84 Faye Andurson 375.00 Charles R. Murray 383.33 Eva Myers 242.00 Edith Hoffer 242.00 Helen McCammon 231.00 Eva Rogers 242.00 Velma Cline 231.00 Esther Dauber 176.00 Arden B. Clegg 295.00 Nina McClure 84.00 Lucile Clark 185.00 Ardeth Wilson 220.00 Doris Alexander 21.00 Ruby Brokaw 21.00 Irma Fogo 45.16 Maxine Fall 10.00 Pat Hunter 15.00 Carl Dennis Murray 37.50 Roberta Holdren 7.50 Clara Hancock 7.50 Ray Dietz 179.25 Heal C. Hams 179.25 V. E. Tullar 179.25 Edwin L. Walker 700.00 Goldie Thorpe 210.00 6811.90 Less Withholding 555.50 Less State Withholding 83.40 Less Retirement 169.86 Less Retirement 16.75 Less Social Security 291.35 Less Blue Cross - Blue Shield 106.64 5588.40 ADM. Director of Internal Revenue 555.50 l~fidhd Department of Revenue 83.40 Kansas Public Employees Retirement 169.86 State SChool Retirement Board 16.75 State Contribution 291.35 Kansas 'Blue Cross - Blue. &t~ld 106.64 1223.50 & Stationery Company, Retirement Inc. 135.99 Sam l Dodsworth Printing & Cotinty Matching Stationery Company, ] Retirement 700.05 Inc. 33.31 [ ROAD FUND Consolidated-Saline 96.531 Salaries & Wages Sam'l Dodsworth Printing i Gordon Alcorn 409.20 & Stationery Company, Robert Badger, Jr. 400.00 Inc. 141.79 Lester Bausch 311.25 The Lockwood Company, iLeo Birdsell 337.50 Inc. 117.84] Wm. Marshall Bishop 313.50 Amsterdam Pen i Wayne Broeckchnan 293.30 Corporation 39.07 Wm. E. Butts 351.75 Amsterdam Pen Corpora- ]John H. Caylor 289.50 tion 21.97] Dean L. Cline 325.00 Fhe Paymaster Corporation]James E. Compton 274.40 ,, 100.00 Win. P. Dillon 345.00 Lommunications Service Jerry Foulke 485.10 Company 72.57B.DnaldF. GoffGering 347.20334.50 1760.56 Dean Hoard 489.60 Telephone, Utilities & Postage Carl A. Westin 6.15 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company 180.10 Charles R. Murray 25.00 Byron Rogers 25.00 Jewell County Clerk 200.00 The Gas Service Company 146.30 City of Mankato 113.97 696.52 Coyote Bounty Richard Harris 4.00 David Mendenhall 2.00 Earl D. Leonard 8.00 Roger Roe 22.00 Larry Williams 4.00 Marion Meyer 20.00 Walter Mechsner 2.00 Douglas McNichols 16.00 Ralph Russell 8.00 Joann Badger 2.00 Harry Hall 2.00 Ralph Dunstan 10.00 100"00 Misc. Carl A. Westin 34.20 Robert H. Meyer 59.15 Huber Janitor Supplies 1.65 Huber Janitor Supplies 1.65 Jewell Plumbing and Heating 61.44 Joseph E. Howard 239.85 Paul Huffman 357.00 Gerald Mahin 393.60 Vernon Marietta 333.75 Joy Michael 375.00 Virgil Mohler 312.00 Warren H. Morrell 259.35 John Parsons 310.00 Theodore Powell 275.80 A~ F. Reeker 193.20 Carl L. Ross 257.40 Pearl St. John. Jr. 358.88 Doyle Shoemaker 311.20 Richard L. Sipe 329.18 Duane Spatz 346.40 Vaughn L. Stafford 330.00 Edwin L Stansbury 336.00 Robert J. Switzer 375.00 Frederick S. Thomas 276.00 Harold Van Wey 343.20 Lee Vestal 345.60 Henry Wright 315.00 Lyle Wright 318.00 Melvin Zade 310.00 Erma Dillon 220.00 George Bingham 210.70 Ronald Burgess 101.50 Kenneth L. Huber, Jr. 66.00 James M. Jensen 152.10 13,658.51 Less Withholding 1039.50 Less State Withholding 155.25 Less Social S+~curity 573.64 Do you know the Sun size? m mlS GAy ANO AGE OF SPACE I:tIOHrS AN. mOON SH , SHOULD KNOW OTS WE UNIVERSE AN" BOUT THE SYSTEM. wuK OWN SOLAR STARTING NEXT WEEK, A NEW SERIES OF SCIENTIFIC AD NIENTS Wi'" ...... VERTISE. L,.- #U~rPl~,o,R IN THIS NEWSPAPER. ALL THE ADS GIVE IN. TERESTING INFORMATIO OUR SOLAn e,,o. N ABOUT - ara/EM. EVERYONE WEEK. #'Oil THE SERIES EACH F.. in Mankato, Kansas FIRST BANK IN MANKATO OLDEST BANK IN JEWELL COUNTY , r . *.. ,~ The Bank on the Corner & the Corner-Stone of CONFIDENCE xllSgl~l# Member Kansas Deve Iopment Credit Corp. Member F.DJ,C. Since 1933 ESTABLISHED 188 re, ![ Ll I Jl J II 1 I IIII I / II Ill Less Retirement 435.50 Less Blue Cross - Blue Shield 209.00 11245.62 ADM. Director of Internal Revenue 1039.50 State Department of R~venue 155.25 State Contribution 573.64 Kansas Public Employees Retirement 435.50 Kc, nsas Blue Cross - Blue Shield 209.00 2412.89 Eq uipment Axtcll's 20.60 l lumes Sales Company 3.96 Mankato Welding & United State Post Office Gertrude Howard 15.00 35.31 County Home Director of Internal Revenue 42.20 State Director of Revenue 6.15 State Contribution 25.81 Kansas Public Employees Retirement 16.00 Reserve Social Security 25.81 Reserve State Retirement 18.00 Ross Hancock 19.95 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company 4.00 R & K Shopper 194.64 Machine 5.60 Mankato Feed & Glenn's Mobil Service 49.99 Seed 54.85 Ross-Frazer Supply L & B Electric 6.00 Company 30.24 City of Mankato 35.80 Salina Tractor Waugh Oil and Gas ffompany 916.43 Company 35.70 Jensen's Texaco 1434.35 Raymond Seems 10.00 Williams Patent Central Chemical Crusher 43.00 Company, Inc. 44.20 Superior Motor Parts 535.29 Ben Franklin Store 9.99 Waugh Oil and Gas 102.20 Gamble's Store 3.96 t,ehrling Chevrolet 25.32 - 55-'~.06 Brown Welding Supply 61.06, Morley Shoe Shop 1.851 General Assistance Martin Tractor i General Assistance 64.50 Western Power Company 728.17 & Gas Company 2.21 I Boogaarts Store 15.00 City of Mankato 7.42 MATERIALS Gas Service Company 9.91 Mankato Lumber Baxa Grocery 28.00 Company 4.38 Continental Oil Company 1363.07 Ross-Frazer Supply Company 303.98 Republic County Highway Department 20.04 Mobil Oil Company 125.77 Phillips Petroleum Company 8.93 Jewell County Co-op Ass'n. 287.53 Sinclair Refining Company 100.60 Mrs. Christine Dodd 558.70 Lester Bausch 32.00 Burr Oak Plumbing & Lumber 4.32 John H. Alsop Sand Company 18.54 2827.86 MISC. Del Chemical Corporation 253.60 McCarthy Hardware 4.15 Jewell-Mitchell Co-op. Electric Company 60.53 Kar Klean Company 9.50 Del Chemical Corporation 117.80 The Gas Service Company 18.97 Jewell County Engineer 31.45 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company 28.27 Capitol City, Inc. 9.95 City of Mankato 27.84 Ace Hardware 100.84 State Highway Commission of Kansas 12.50 Special Bridge Wheeler Lumber Bridge & Supply Company 11304.86 A. W. Williams Inspection Company 138.80 Eaton Metal Products Corporation 2040.98 Secondary Matching Russell Oplinger 50.00 WELFARE FUND Salaries & Wages Dorothy Borger 309.00 Gertrude Howard 505.00 Blanche Penner 395.00 Thorborg Russell 415.00 Marilyn Schaffer 210.00 Ross Hancock 250.00 l.eah Badger 96.00 Lois Thronson 112.00 2292.00 Less Withholding 205.80 Less Withholding 42.20 Less State Withholding 30.95 Less State Withholding 6.15 Less Retirement 73.36 Less Retirement 16.00 Less Social Security 77.03 Less Social Security 25.81 Less Blue Cross - Blue Shield 8.60 1806.10 ADM. Director of Internal Revenue 205.80 State Director of Revenue 30.95 State Contribution 77.03 Kansas Public Employees Retirement 73.36 Kansas Blue Cross - Blue Shield 8.60 Reserve State Retirement 82.53 Reserve Social Security 77.03 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company 21.04 Jewell County Co-op. Oil 20.07 Consolidated- Saline 7.53 Phillips Petroleum -~,+~ Company 3.10 Blanche Penner 3.00 127.04 Aid To Dependent Children Aid to Dependent Children 913.25 Pearl Stephens 181.55 Rhoda Keeps 168.60 tendency to harden. How- ever, by drinking milk, we can regain some of om bones natural pliancy. Been having trouble with bones which break easily and lake a long time to mend? Better check your diet for a milk deficiency. Remember, y(~u never outgrow your need Ior milk. Doing his part f()r .he Dairy Program. Dalu Swit- zer, Jr. erected :~ w d,),~, display publicizinl; National Dairy Month. and ',lrl'ing children and adults It) drink or eat milk and its many products. Dale Switzer. Jr. reporter SALLY SAYS - cessfully must watch these closely and keep them as low as possible on a per head basis. Cattle feeding profits ave- rage on the narrow side. The farmer-feeder, who knows his costs, and then buys at prices which allow prospects +A' some labor income, im- proves the probability of feedin~ at a profit. Profits are essential to a farmer who intends to con- tirtue any speciltc enter- r)rise. Cattle feeding is no exception. The farmer, who knows his costs, has improved his opportunities to manage the enterprise profitably. GLANCES WITH MARY FRANCES News from the Desk of SALLY LYDICK, Junior I Assistant HEA, [ Jewell County LEMONAD~ME ] Summertime is lemonade Jeweli Co. Home Economics time "lifts tart fruitade is a Agent 1263.40 favorite at any age. Pink Old Age Assistance lemonade gives a colorful Old Age Assistan~:e 11370.75 appeal on a hot summer day. Hazel Seals 10.50 For a bit of color and flavor Van Sickel Funeral add a sprig of green Home 50.00 mint leaves and use bright Tibbetts Brothers sipper. Lemons are an axecl- Funeral Home 18.00 Mrs. Melvin Jensen 46.50 Charlotte Pletcher 6.50 11502.25 Aid To Disabled Aid to Disabled 979.25 Medical Assistance For Aged Medical Assistance For Aged 52.00 Nicol Rest Home 150.00 Cozy Corner Home 150.00 Good Samaritan Home 300.00 652.00 Non-Reimbursable Assistance E & R Mobil 2.55 BINDWEED FUND Salaries & Wages Don Modlin 375.00 Mary E. Modlin 191.10 566.10 Less Withholding 34.10 Less State Withholding 5.12 Less Social Security 23.78 Less Retirement 15.00 Less Blue Cross - Blue Shield 17.20 470.--~ ADM. Director of Internal Revenue 34.10 State Department of Revenue 5.12 State Contribution 23.78 Kansas Public Employees Retirement 15.00 Kansas Blue Cross - Blue Shield 17.20 Johnson & Platt Service 72.00 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company 19.86 Kansas Weed Association 15.18 Wagner Drug Store 3.21 R & K Shopper 1.50 Jewell County Record 6.50 Don Modlin 17.21 Wayne Blaylock 11437.02 Mrs. Hugh Cusie 1.60 Nellie Lutz 6.40 Boettcher Supply Company 2132.00 Woodbury Chemical Company 660.92 Lehrling's Chevrolet 16.03 Mankato Welding & Machine 46.13 Lee Corvis 47.50 Formoso Willing Workers 4-H lent source of vitamin C. The juice from a medium- size lemon will furnish be- tween one-third and one- fourth of the daily recom- mended amount for an adult. Vitamin C content of a le- mon doesn't decrease in the uncut fruit. There is little loss in extracted lemon juice refrigertated for a day or so. Blanch Vegetables Before Freezing Why do all reliable direc- tions for freezing vegetables include the blanchh~:_', ;~,,- cess? The answer ts. "'to ,.- tain good color, flavor, u,:d texture." Blanching is heating the vegetable in steam or boiling water for a certain time to inactiviate of destroy the enzymes. If these enzymes arc not destroyed, the vegetables continue to mature and be- come "overripe,' hard, take on an undesirable color and straw-like flaw)r If you hold the unblanch- ed vegetables in the freeezr for many months, they will decay, turn dark in color, & become "smelly. Enzymes are substances within the vegetables caus- ing a chemical chan~ze to take place, within, ,with the resulting ' old age as the vegetables continue to ma- ture. Home freezers or lockers at 0" F or even -10 F are not cold enough to halt the enzyme activity if you do not blanch the~ vegetables before freezing, according to results of research PROFITS IN CATTLE FEEDING Feed costs most frequent- ly are 70 to 75 percent of to- tal costs of cattle feeding. r However, they may be only 60 percent on some short term programs, and over 80 percent on the hmper ones. In figures, the real cost of home-grown feed is deter- mined by what the feed could have been sold for, or what the land could have produced for sale if ~ feed crop had not been grown. Cattle feeding costs, that must be conoidered in ad- dition to cost of the home- grown and purchased feeds. include all equipment costs, veterinary and death losses interest on investment in cattle, taxes, trucking, and other marketing costs. Commercial feed lots have certain advantages in some of these areas, So, the farmer who competes sue- 14578.26 Milk and its products are by far nature's most perfect fuod, nutrition-wise. They're delicious too, but for some reason, unexpainable since the b~ginning of time, both adults and small fry alike must be continually remind- ed to consume their share. This is the purpose of Na- tional Dairy Month, to so.rye as a reminder to us that milk and its products should be foremost in our diet. ,~l~:l~,isn't just for kids. As ~OW' older ~ur bones, wlilO'h were once mostly +'bendable cartllt l , havea 4-H FOODS CLASS The third lesson for the foods class of White Rock Hustlers was held at the Burr Oak Park Thursday. Each of the nine members fixed food for the picnic lunch which the members & some of the mothers enjoy- ed very much. Lesson was (m use of electric mixers. Also importance of carefully reading recipes, not only in- gredients but time of beat- ipg, combining ingredients and baking time and tempe- rature. arrlson Mrs. Marshall Bishop Tracie Bagley, the little daughter- of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bagley of Broken Bow, Nebr., was bitten by a dog and is having to take a series of rabies shots. Traeie is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stenzel. Olive Hill Ladies Aid Soc- iety met Tuesday afternoon at the church basement for quilting. Mrs. Elmer Brown had dew~tions and was also the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bis- hop received word that their granddaughter, Dianne Me- Mains had undergone back surgery at a hospital in Salem, Oregon. She is re- covering satisfactorialy. Mr. Leo Stenze! of Omaha spent Tuesday night with his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stenzel, and Mike. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Black- stone were Thursday even- ing guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Larsen of Courtland. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Pettit, David and Dixie and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pettit of Red Cloud returned Tuesday from a trip to Georgia for the wedding of their son r /!:! ,/" ,? Alan Pcttit, to Mar year, Mr. and Mrs. Ri Cutcheon of Cast Colo. came Friday spend the weekend' parents, Mr. and l~ Hudiburgh, and his Mrs Cita McCutcl Superior. Wendy m McCutcheon return~ with their paren spending two weel~ Miss Faythe Hudi Wichita came Sal spend the week , brothers, Mr. and 1~ Hudiburgh, and t/ Mrs. Glenn Hudibl~ Mankato. A l-c and Mrs. Carter and boys le day morning for th~ in Jacksonville, A spending the past f( with her parents, Mrs. Marshall Bist family. Mr. and Mrs, Ja called on Mr. and Blackstone We evening. Hays, Kansas - from 90 counties, states and 11 foreJ tries make up th summer enrollment at Fort Hays State This summer's to per cent above laS figure for a compar~ Registrar S. V. D~ pects another 80 t~ enroll for two series of workshop~ Students, enrollel June, from Jewell'~ Burr Oak: Orvill6 her, Evelyn M. Hard D. Wilson. Esbon: Lois J. Peggy L. Frost, RiI Elmer E. Lisa, Mannebach, Jari ] Ann Louise Nebel.' Formoso: Michelll son, Clelia Howland E. Johnson, Rutl Jeanette McClure, Jeweil: Inez Jackie Birdsell, Jat~ sell, Richard Clark, K. Houston, James husen, Katherine Irl Marilyn Kay Ross, Stapleton, Ed Swe~ Mankato: Beula/ worth, Ella Page, Powell, Alice Ragl~ Montrose: Janis l Randall: Janice A, Fort Leonard W0 - Army Pvt, RiC Wakefield, 19, son Mrs. Webster P. Vg, 705 N. High, Man~ completed an admi~ course at Fort Wood. Me., June 30, During the eifl course, he was train! preparation of mili!l cords and forms. In~ was also given irt mentals of the Are system and in the of office business Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis returned from San Diego, C where they have several days visiting ter, Miss Cecilia i They went be~ Cecilia's illness. SN turned from the h~ was making a sat recovery when Mr. McGinnis returned Roy Reece ente Belleville hospital day to have an opel his neck to remove Paul Crangle took 1~ DON'T LET A SUMMER COLD OR DRAG ON AND SPOIL YOUR FUN. Ptl MEDICATION CAN PUT YOU "BACK SWIM". MANKAI'O, KAN ,.r.~. %. .... , ., ,, /'