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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
July 7, 1966     Jewell County Record
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July 7, 1966

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July 7, 1966 Sewell County Record, Muka o, Kans J Published in Jew: ,ll meAt and allowance of his! Fullerton. Mr. and Mrs. Earl, Moore Mankato on Friday morning l P"lit:c'q , ROBERT X. MEYER, , lunty Record, Thursday, account as executor thereof, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dun- attended Mrs. Moore s class for Camp Ripley, Minn., f(irIv t t~ ]CANDIDATE FOR [ Northwestern Mutual Life ne 30, 1966) 5t for approval of all acts and stun and family, Mrs. Ethel reunion at Hiawatha on two weeks of training [ /~nnt~llnr~m~nt~. [COUNTY ATTORNEY InsuranCe Co. LTHE DISTRICT COURT proceedings of such execu- Dunstan and Mr. and Mrs. Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. FrancisI ................... [ [ JACK W. SEANiANS :_JEWELL COUNTY, tor, for corn ensation for George Lunge and family Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Frohlich and his father I I I will be a candidate foil Snecial Agent - ~,NSAS him and his a~torneys, for a were Sunday dinner guests Moore and family of Chad- Fred Frohlich left Saturday[EMMA KIBBE, [county a'ttorney, subject to] Jewell Kans - ~IA 8-3489 No. 8156 determination of the de- of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dun- ron, Nebr., spent July 4 with morning for their home atl CANDIDATE FOR ] the wishes of the Republican [ ' ' 42tf Ted Blackstone, Plain- visees and legatees of the stun. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore. Fort Worth, Texas [REGISTER OF DEEDS [voters at the August pri- tiff, decedent, for assignment of Recent callers of Mrs. Don Moore of .Council Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Cole l [ mary. Your vote and support]- ,, vs. the assets and property of Cleo Dempsey were: Mrs. Grove will spend the nex! were in Smith Center, Thurs- [ I will be a candidate foi ]will be appreciated. ] ~r, , n~ward Blackstone, said estate to those entitled Nora Imlcr, Mrs. Beryl .lac- three weeks with Mr. ana day afternoon for Laveta's[Reuister of Deeds. sub[era [ Robert H. Meyer [ " - ri.arry Blackstone, Cecil thereto and for all other ob~on, Mrs. Rosa Schoon- Mrs. Earl Moore. check-up at the doctor's of-[to t~'he will of the Republi'caoi -- I MANiJIDI~ Ilfll/ rice. I voters at the August Pn-[CHARLES R. MURRAY, lIl1tlll-q]lMIJ llltJlala/ BlaekstOnenown heirs,Paul Black- iMprper relief; and you are'oflever Grace Cole, Lulu Jac--- i' ~ ~ | ~'none rK ~ ,~al-I stone and flames Black-hereby required to file your: obs ' Mr and Mrs. Hiram I~ / Mr. and Mrs. Don Fogo[mary Your vote and suppotx [CANDIDATE FOR ~tone, and the respec- written defenses thereto onl Futierton" of Norcatur, Ger- [~[r~l[~n and Steve arrived home ear-iwill lie appreciated [SHERIFF [ Bonded Abstracter .!re spouses of each of or before July 22, 1966, ati aid DemDsev and Lanny ..-~V~l ly Saturday morning from/ --Emma Kibbe. , i I harem, if any, and the un- 10:00 A. M. of said day, inDick." - Mrs. R. Avtson Kansas City. - / ~ I I will be a candidate for l Mankato. Kansas Mrs. Elsie Stephens, who CARL A WESTIN sheriff, subject to the wishes " executors, said court, in the City Sunda" dinner -uests of .............. ] administrators , " " y ~ - . lvlr. aria ivlrs, t..lauue JacK- ' ' " " of the Republican voters at|I1'~ trustoo~ .... a'i:cvlsees~Mankato, Kansas, at which Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dem.p- son arrived in Esbon, Tues- teaches in Alaska, is visit- ANNOUNCES FOR ing at the T. R. Smith home. CO. SUPERINTENDENT I the August primary. Your[ .... assi.ns"' ,~'~'~'l~'- ~Hu time aria place .s, alu,cauo~ sey were: Mr. and Mrs. HiP day, after visiting friends Supper guests Friday even- [ vote and support will be up-[ J I II ~i'~, L .....t-,a ~. wui De neara. ~noum you am Fullerton of Norcatur, and relatives at Goodland peTC~Stc~e~ a deceasedfail therei, n, judgment and]Mr, and Mrs. Forrest Demp- and Smith Center. They ing were Mr. and Mrs. Frank[ I am a candidate for thelpreciated. ] WATCH REPAIRING , Topliff of Nebraska Mr and office of Count Su erin- --Charles R Murray ,,,.~:::.., ~,,u~m~. oecree wni tie entereu in uuel sey and family, Mr. and Mrs. were overnif, ht ouests at the I Y P I ] CLOCK REPAIRING ~'dU[lt:E OF SHERIFF'Scourse upon said petition ~A-rrDem-'se" and Bob ..... % ~'~ - Mrs. Emit Sink called in the tendent of Public Instruc-[ I JEWELRY REPAIRING Sa:v ,,, '.- ..... " ~ .... r,. :, t.. K. l.nanoler home rues- evening. [tion, subject to the will of]Arden Dlerdorff Announces] We do engraving ~,-,~ .~ L. iVi. WUuu r he Watson. Mr. and Mrs. Vern day. The Chandlers and the Mrs. Earl Enyeart and the Democratic voters at the|For State Representative l ___ PARTITION ACTION as Executor unde t Dempsey were afternoon Jacksons had supper at the daughter left Sunday after-[August primary. Your vote/ I NELSON JEWELRY Notice is hereby given will of the Estate or "~U'~rs / "- .... - -- ,at unn ..... , ,.. ............ " ...... C~mntry r~ltcnen soum or noon f~ Kansas City where and support will be appre-[ I will be a republican can-[ M;~nk~ts~ K~nS~ ord~,o~leYisy~rlule m Manel t~:, uecKer, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ful- Lebanon, and visited Mr. the daughter will attend alciated. ]didate for State Representa-[ ............ ' .......... ,~e Clerk of "L/'u~'~' '~y .... ~eceaseo .. - I lerton and family of tlast- and Mrs. H. R. Cole in the beauty school. [ Carl A. Westin tire from the new ll2th[ ~urt of Iewte~l~( ~Jl.,tr!ct AIJl=b[.l: .~yron Roge.~, ings, Nebr., spent Sunday evening. Eugene Conrad and Dock District, subject to the vote I ..... - :ansas in a -e'" " ~~u.n)y, .. (~eal) r'roDate JUUge. ,, afternoon with his parents, Mrs. Berneice Lorence and Lamb tt~:k Frankie Perou-EDITH HOFFER, at the August primary.[ I I I I c rt31n ct onweumer weltmer ~ wctt endin~ i- -~" ' ". / ,, ' - ' - Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fullerton. Mrs. l)oyle Lorence and son tek to t Smith Center hos- CANDIDATE FOR Yotir w)te and support will| ill:, ~ ~D~nTCq,~ 156 ~wl~r'~.~'~a~.la,/)urt' !~.o. _.mer ~ .~ . Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meg and spent Tuesday evening with . , . . , . ~,,~..,. ~. ~l r~.,,~,~, pltal, and they sent him ImICOUNTY TREASURER I be apprecmted. [ .... bore named' c,e part!es AUorneys :or Lxecutor. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Folk [he James Johns. to the St. Joseph's HospitalI I -- Arden Dierdorff " Dentist tveb, "1-: ...... arc r c~pcc- spent Friday evening with Mrs. Mary Wallace and at Concordia tor observa- I will be a candidate t,i.'[ I Office Hours: 8:30 to Nee. nts:an -, j.j: ai),o oelenu- (First Published in the Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hoard in sims. Bill of Arizona and rich. [County Treasurer on the [THELMA L. FOLSOM I Afternoon hy appointment igned ~er'iff"))tf'saT(~21nuer- Jewell County Record, Jewell and helped Andy Bud of Tipton, were in Es- Friday dinner and supper Republican ticket at the At ICANDIDATE FOR Mankato Kansl, s ire ........;- ~ mnl;y Thursday, July 7, 1966) 3t celebrate his birthday, ben on business Tuesday guests at the Courtney De- gust Primary. Your vote ant IREGISTER OF DEEDS .... 7utl~ic ~aWc~ili~r~ll:rd]lsrcl;alle IN THE PROBATE COURT Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Folk They visited at the James Bey home at Cawker were:lsupport will be appreciate0 I , [ I II he hi~hest bi~ln,~ r,,: ~.~. OF JEWELL COUNTY, called on Mr. and Mrs. AI- Dutton home. Mr. and Mrs. John McCleery, ] ---Edith Hoffer.] I will be a candidatL for/ " hand "a" "~"~" ""'~"~'~ KANSAS bert Anderson in Republic Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dou- Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Thron-] I Register of Deeds, subject/ - o"- o, ~t the ~gst ]runtIn the Matter of the Estate Sundav eveninu, brava visited Mrs. Karin ,,,r ot the courthouse inof Abioail Brush, Deceased. Rev~ George Sills attend- Young at Beloit on Tuesday son and family of Ionia Mr. BYRON ROGERS, /to the will of Democratic| .) ") .....art ~TuC~vtY o/ Mankat~) m said NOTICE OF APPOINT- ed a church camp in south- afternoon, and Mrs. George Caves and CANDIDATE FOR [voters at the August Pri-/ 1 r. I ale A. ~tew ' ~ ......... ro nay o~ ' , " " R family of Lincoln, and Mr. I PROBATE JUDGE t, mary. Your vole and support/ Optometrist mgust, 1966 .~t la.nn ^~nMENT OF ADMINISTRA- ern Kansas this week. Mrs. R. Griffith, ay and and Mrs. Sam McCleery ofI will be appr,~.ciated. 1202 N. Mill f said d.-' ~' ......... '*:' TOR Jerry Kinsey left Thurs- Janet, took Max[he Shipley Lebanon were also supperI I will be a candidate for] --Th~.Ima L. Folsom I 3 doors North of Beloit tact .... uy, ,.in .separate ~TaTr n~ ~r~N.~A.~ day for National Guard to Red Cloud on Wednesday guests. I probate judge, subject to the [ Jewell, Kans. I Theatre ~,~, tll~ ]OllOWlng cos ................... , : ; rlbed real o ............ JEWELL COUNTY ss" training in Minnesota. afternoon to see her mother. I Republican voters at the Au- L [ Phone 262, Bole[t, Kin. -,atatc ~Jtuaieo in ~ " he Count.. --~ ,- , ..... NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Mrs. Jerry Klnsey and Mrs. H. Shipley, at the Web- Re EILSON I gust primary. Your vote and ICANDIDATE FOR | " . : - , f Kin"""y'-'n~a~ ,o-wig'S'well' ~la;e .,_,Tc~ ~,~.^'" ~__,D~vSONS CON- Kathleen are in Manhattan .ster Cotinty Hospital. LEON BERT N I support will be appreciated.]COUNTY ATTORNEY / T~-^ $~,., t. CERNED that on June 20, this week visiting Mrs. Kin- Supper guests Wednesday I ---Byron Rogers I -- /~ ~t~,l~ortncast Quarter,can ,~.~ ,,,~n,~i,,n-,~ was sey's sister and fam ly. evening at the Bruce Corrick Leon Robert Neilson old-I ] I will be a candidate for l ,11 II ,_ ..) ction Elgh-I~.., +~. D..,~,o C" .... ~ ,fl Mr and Mrs Charlie Hol- home were Mr and Mrs est child of Alice Corbin andlALVIN C. FALL, JR. Icounty attorney subject to/ ' _ teen 18 T ' u v t,,~: ~.,,,..~ ......... .... ,,, ownship One .....i, ,-- ..... ,,, u- ..... , ,,1,,Idren and family spent Fri- Sammy Mitchell and family Arthur Wright Neilson, was I CANDIDATE FOR [the will of the'democrat c/ l)r. John J. Patzei t~) ;bOUth Ran,e Seven ., tg'_ ~_~-=- kato High School in 1909. iFOR COUNTY I ~ iWASIIERS & ])RYEP~ Section Six a~ m,~...Ipublication of the abovei bv'A~ ~IVEN .4, I =~:-Y:t, v,~a. Z, ~"K.~'--- ~%~--~" He taught school for two/COMMISSIONER / WADDELL & REED, / A convenientr~ay'to wash ,,v/,~vvli- . "" "-=:~=- t('( ~,~j/l/~'t ~" = shl ' 1 notice shall be forever bar- -_ =. - ] . . ........... .... ..P One () South, . I EI2 EANT"E" I years and later farmed near i 1.... / 9. h ....... .,., ?a,]g.e. Seven (7), All in I re~ . _ _ l C~)bqMISSlON 8Y 1~('7,:~'~,h~/-y~,D;'{'~:~'~i Mankato until 1929 when hel I am a candidate fort ..... ". ,~, / Seven da-s a Week moved his family to Man-lcountv commissioner froml Mutual tuna ~nares / ~ o eWelland -~ County,. _ Kansas, ,I l