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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
July 7, 1966     Jewell County Record
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July 7, 1966

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+ . ~I~i ~, ~ / 1PA31 2A - ...... ......... . ....... Jewel! County Record, Mankate, Kam m ' .Thursday, u|y 7, :mmn m mmm m mmmmm mmm~ m m m ~ mummlmmm m! ........... mmmm Combine Operator [" , ~We rememb. ,,'r Jerry, Jet-. [ers, school ( rmlt's ~vll() shall e,)rl trt~ct an fa " ' ( it .rePSychologmtS,provi_~ I enforce the act. I txons asknngthroughthe State LI- ment and extensxon" of. ser- take ~,t slow.i_j_jL.~~ll~~~~hme.,.omade ice cream l[-larvelts 20th Crop On [ton especmlly, Max said]doctors, cwic admimstrator~,,l Jackson says he beheveslbrary Commmmon for sys- wces and maternals through'As i:wer, fireworks afterwards. [hiker F,.arm Here' I"lle worked for us so Ion6!:[in fact, all community mind-Ithat most property owners[tem'designation on June 27 library development ac- --- d~".e~ & Bessie Outler ----- [ he ahnost became a fixture, ed citizens, for the purpose will comply with the lawlin Topeka. counts to be used at the dis- - -'-------'----- - Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loomi~ It's ~ 20 years, now [ If everything goes; well -- ~)f determining the needs of and he hopes it will not bel ('()unties now included in cretion of local library Mr. and Mrs. Jim Platt & are constructing a nev0 since C,~'. Baker or his son, land why st|(,||ldn'l Jr/ -- l h~i[tlne retarded in the o)mmun-lneeessary to take legal ac-[the cooperative plan to im- boards, family ~)f Lincoln, Nebr., home, one-half block soutl~ IO,1tleth~ have worried one[ Max l.ouder crew will bcl ity and providing strong fac-I ti)n against very many in-Iorove library servicu in the Lewis, a member of the Latin a~tld Jay Platt, and of the Christian Church whi,t al~ou{ who's going t()lba(:k next year lo ha|'vestlilities to serve lhc~m. In this/dividuals. /area are Barton, Cloud, Ellis, Great Bend Library Board Lucy M,:Bride had supper Mankato. Joe Prickett is ~t the wheat crop onI wheat for lhe Baker falher(way we can l)rovide a con-t Quoted below are the maj-[Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, is working with libraries in the ~"Bake, r spread" south-J.'md son. , !l inure of care. t'(;r tim men- ()r pr()visions of this act [ Phillips, Republic, Rooks, the 13~county area to create M~nday ~evening at the contractor. l~t of Munday, in Haskell]--(The Mun(lay Times, l;:lly retarded !ram thel Complete copies of the) Rush Russell, Saline and I the syotem and to qualify it Harry BOqton home with Cottnty, I Munday, Texas) cradle to the grave. In l law, administralive policies,[ Smith Pawnee county is an I for funds available for libra: i That's how long one man,I sl)arscly populated areas, ] procedures and requirements] affiliate member, t ry expansion under existin ' m llmmlnm Louder' il of Mankat.,] A grant-in-aid t() assist these ';ervices should be pro-[are available at the County/ The proposed CKL system ]laws. During the rest of 196~ ]Ka~.~ I~en combining| the North Central Kansas vided on a multiple county[ Clerk's office. ] is one of seven in the pro- I CKL will continue provision- the Bak~,.Wh~at.: He started[ Association for Retarded or regiunal basis. [ 65-184. Purpose of Act. [ tess of formation in Kansas [al operations under a federal out in 19AT, nd the first of] Children in the (leveh)pmenl There are. many services] It is the purpose and in-[ It will be one of the first]grant of $38,00() allotted by tats week was just waitingl~)f the Day Car- Center pro- needed for the mentally re-] tention of this act to assure/ three to be considered for I the Kansas State Library for thego ahead signal told,ram hasbeen'approved by tarded: Day Care Special the maintenance of health-[legal status this month Full- Under House Bill 621, the combine his 20th crop f()rl Staie B(,ard ()f S()cia~l Educati(m m the Schools,] ful and sanitary development[ scale operation would not I"system law", all property the Ba l~s , ' Vo ,, i(n ' 'n, b q ....... ~ ] Welfare The local A,;socm- cat lal Tramx g, S c -land condmtmns m the areas[ begin untd January, when[ly ng outside present hbrary Just otit, of the army with[ tion ha.~ met the standards tered Workshops, Recrea-]of the state surrounding cer-] the funds in use for the[district is subject to a om:- tho~ imPortant discharge/,ind criers set ui)bv th(~ lion, etc. A commuMty]tain mpoundments of water[planning period end Ihalf mill levy, effective Jan ' ' ' " ' '/ " , r .... I ~11, Louder started bin[State Board of Sacral Wel-should begin wroth prmrnty so that the state will reahze Approval for the project]l. ~'D_~,~d[ ' ~ln!r~g~'eareer in 1947.[;are. to be met by pariicipat- seeds and meet the ,,ther the maximum benefits there- is expected according to M. Fundamental in the law is A ' lpa4 #IV Hb and liis brother, Rolhe,[ ine centers in lhe anplica- needs as they ar~s~'. [from and for the preserva-IC. Lewis, CKL prasident of] local control, providing cam- In ~'~hip with still an-] ii~]n i(ir funds - ------------- I tion of the health, safety and Hoisington, Kans. [ plete autonomy in the local oth~msri,"dame to the Mun-[ The I~w pr )riding for a SANITATION ZONE i welfare of the people of the Services provided by the] library and making use of day,'ar~With two used ct,m/;inancial aDt~r(mriation t, ------ state, proposed system in(:lude: A[ local personnel m the growth b~. ~year, Max is op-[centers for t't~e mentally re- I)awd A. Jackson, Kansas165-186. Sanitation Permits. Itravehng collection of booksland development of needed erll~51ilM [~lr new Massey-l(arded' and otimr handicap State Deparlment of Health,} From and after July l,lfor each library in the sys-llibrary services. Under the IF~. u~'bOmbines and five/p~:d children provides thai imet the Jewell Counly C(,m- 1965, no person shall buildltem. New books will be]law, a system l~oard of con- lm~;t~s. These are.equip-/ lh, Stale Board ()f So(" al Imis,( oners Io ex~)la n tim op- or construct any facility available to each participat-I trol w II be established with ~, WLt~, tWo-way radms,. Welfare estahhsh a day care leratmn el the reservoir sam-[structure or buzldnng m any ling lmbrary regularly. Often, lone representatnve serving ~i~t a cost of around advisory i'umm llee ~f ten litton zone law enacted hylsanitation zone without first the combinednumb.~r of vol-lfrom each member library ~,~'_ ]members t(, develop stand. I the. 1965 session )1" the legis-lsecuring a sanitatiun permit lumes traveling through a ]and an additional represent- ' ~i~ttt~r,,Rollie, who carries ards and triter a f ~r aDD ca- ature ) therefor from the department 1 brary in a year will be lar- [ at ve appointed by the gay- ~E~ ~:til~arate operation now, lt~ m .l the tunds Ret)'n'~sen-[ .laeleson zs -0art cular v l(,r a duly authorized agent[ger than the library's tt)tallern()r from each county par- b/ bines in this at ves .f eaeh'i,f tilt' f,,-lanx0us hattheli_eneralpul;-[thereof, sanitation permit collection.Iticipating. " HORSE ~" 'i ' . . [lowing stale urganiza!i,,ns or [lic and ,)w,,ers ,)f land ad]a-[shall be issued bythe depart-I Permanent volumes will l last MondaY]at, critics are -n this commit-)cent I. the L,,vewell Reser-]meat or any agent thereof[ be added to each member li-I ..... ndalia ~/~les. Baker "wasn't ]t(:.e: v,)ir understand the [until plans for providing wa-lbrary CKI. funds. I ~4/~e ~V~~TV-~ " ~ , ~an Anlonlo, lex l~Zl~ rash'led then. Neilhe.rI (l) Divisicm of Child Wel-!sions of the law and the p,,l ]ter and disposing of sewage[ P, eference and intcr-lihra-I .-. " ..... W/8'L~.v~e mar.rma soon at-[ fare of the State I)eparlmenl icies and l)r(reedures of the]have I)een approved by the[ry ]()an services will be ex-]Uear t~)m.S" . .. Controls Bloodteorms, Roundworm, rst tnp!,here,, and[,,f Sac al We fare; (2) Kam departmenl as lhcy pertain[deparlment .r its duly auth-[lended to participating libra-[ Herewtm ? am senumg Pyn Worms. r ~j~4~er and thetr fourls~ s Asset at on for R(larded [to the ssuance of the re-[prized agent. Any person[ries Requests fur sp~ciallPa,ymenr mr my renewal ..... make the combin " ' . . . . m ~ " ~" t " sut)scnptxon to tne teeters New, easy-to-use wormer that - J Ch ldren (3) D v s on ol Ms- quired sanih|l )n l)e ] . " ' . "~ Y " - J materials of nf )rmat )n a ]' ": . -. . '. 'to r" ith hi " ' ' ' .... . .... , " - ~ ~ m. [ternal and Cluld tt,alth ol n~=fh, lhp tqw r)roh h l~l(ddY budding or structurelrelaved from lucal hbranes], ,M,y s on, aames~aster, a.no solves the palatability problem. .... '" " h Lit r -, . " ...... - ...... ......... , , . . _ . - |t)OK mrwaro to me comlng Horses like the tasty, fresh- j.ii~.,~., h IiUml/ler, I e , )tde [ he State l)epartme!~t ol [the construction of anylm th..c san|tat!on zone w!th [va telephone. Larger areal o , .. ~=:.home and trucks are[llealth; (4) l'he l)nvm,on ol [building structures or facili-[.ut lnrst t)btannnng a saints-[libraries will try to fill the[r your paper...lt usuauy apple flavor. .)U~t north ..at thel Special Fducati(m ,,f the, lies within three miles (,l lhe[ts')n per.m~t or cuntrary .tt)[request. If the bt)()k is still[ resents us ont:~a~u~ay~* elv,~ Makes worming safe arid slm- ~mg pool, t)n tne pro- I Sh|le Departm(nt of Public c mserval on nool of a feder- ] any samtation permnt whnch[ unavailable a call goes tol . "~ ~'~ ..... .- .~.~.:.; ....... .-~ pie. Just sprinkle over feed. .... of Mrs Lula McFI a ' r~ ,. ~ ' " " " ~ ' e ' JeweH ~ounty resments wno /~...~( . , , ' .Y ]lnstrucl|on; and (o) lhe al or stale reservoir, which]h~s been msued shall hav [Sahna where the book may[' ..- ........ Tasty, effective, economical. ~.:OI her home. TheY lKansas Pediatric Society. ~has a water su,fac~ area ()flvi,)lated the provisions of] be found and mailed to the lwere my pupas m ~.ne rn.es ~~lllmllmmmm~ ~ ,~n Mrs. McElya"~l l,he other five members shal 10i) ~,cres ()r" mr)re" without [ this act and shall he subject I requesting library Other- I bcnoo! some ..smxty-mne ...... , , . - -- -, ...... . . - ears a o come tins ~eptem- during the harvest lbe apt),,mted from proles-a, nroval of the water sunpl,,lto mjunct,ve actmn m the[wnse, Sahna places the re-Iy . g ...... ~nfor some 15 (,r 20[sionaI or civic or other pub-',i~i sew',ge dis~,,sal "facil(-[manner and to the extent]quest on the Kansas Infor-]ner lst; ..nat. was my nrst ' ' " ' ' " '" " re " ' " .... year ur teacnlng inere are ~, ]1 c or non-publ c voluntary ties t),, the state denarlmenl ~P vlded by thus act. [matron C~rcmt the teletype[ .. . " .... ; t first the combine , . : " : " ," ' , many omer Jewell uounty tt, ., (~rgamzalmns or of health At the ,,resent 165-188" Enforcement of [network connecting Kansas [ .... .S. :arrted bed rolls and l,=r.ups omcerned wilh day time iher: are 1"1 federai re-'the Act. 'six largest libraries. This'resments wno.were my pu-k'A'M'' l n uxl l them wherever am. Icare ......... ; ..... a 99 f ch The county attorney oflmakes one and a half rail onlPUS at one ume. nrougn ' ' ~ " "~ .................... ~ ....... ~ ~ the columns of our a r V'~t_ t, For a time they us-I The amount of the appro- anti ,,ame lakes that hqve|every county and the citylvolumes available to any[. . .Yf P pe~ tl~:~aker ranchltna Slee m homeuarlersf)r [ prialions~ made to each of conservation ._nu~,ls of m~,re ]atl(,rney, of every city .is ]Kansan. Service usually re-]!tncm. Can reeep upwm.tn,ana t cnensn manYme op 0-I- ~~~ ~.~.',!, .~ P g q .... '. I the centers was based )n the ban 100 acres in area [ hereby authorized and d~r- ]quires about two days.] . .. " ,a. tranler,: house was[ number (,f appr,)ved al)pliea- ,Sb(,retine" " developments]eeled Io file appropriate ac- Central purchasing ser-Iprtunlty" , er 10 s , ..... ~lncere! , ~,~. LOUtl. i .w ha. Ilions and lhe number of around these reservoirs var-[l~t!ns for the enforcement of[wees wdl permnt addtt]unal[ . . Y ........ I~ OWn air cond tnoned , th s act u on the re uest of lv rs Lucy lolanu WnlCOX _ :. " Ic.hildren served in rclati m to ies widel,, The five m()stI " P q Idiscounts on book prices] "" l~L'Lt~l!er. .... !funds available. The grant- rapidly deveh)ping shoreline]the department or. agent lthrough vnlume purchasing.] ~ starts ms commneI in-aid was nol considered as areas are around Milford, lt!aeret)f" Actmns at mjunc-rThe books will be selected atl Boulder, Col0. ~'~.~n`~ceptfc~rmaybc~partofthecenter,s~n-goingTutth~Creek~Perry,P(,mona~t.on~ mandamus or quo , the local level" ] June25,1966 After Harvest mul~t nelas belore me maml )udget and evidence had to 'r'" ~'h ..... r ...... w):-~ TU.,Iwarranto are appropriate rut ,-. .... , ......... : ......I,-.^__ T,.....,~ ~!8 reaay, wnm,[n.e tinKer|be presented to show that state health department[enfurcethe provisions l[viding trained librarianstol Enclosed find check for U lFe la aoesnt nave tt,}there was no reduction of Pians to give the five reser-Imis act. In any proper caSelaid personnel in study of[Jewell County Record. ~a'utcust.mers'enn-|the current budget because~voirs their major attention'nereu.ner,a o,stnct coma)materials, services and te.ch_] Looks like Mankato is ,,,~. tie ~,~em llneo up as t~ t~ ranl m ~d Thero , ~ m~y ssue its order ranting " ~.~ .- ' , .... , ' ~ ..... g "" ":" .... -]'rod w 11 have full-time per-[ "' ~ g Infixes of library oneration[ really ~,rowin~ Mr Outler ne .~o~S some az.a mvms/h,re, lhe local Assoc~atum sonnel assigned Io each of/n.!hef m the nature of af [through individual confer-[isn't very well but still IMI rmwara to L..ut t~m)K;[will still need the help and lhe reservoirs. Controls[l rmaUve orders as well aSlences and in workshops. [working. He had a heart at- ,t~_onramrla, wnncn ~s reputeo/support of community funds aro-nd th,~ oth-~ reso~,;oirs|negative oroers. I ~,;,,+ ...... ,1 .... ~,~., I+~,.t, .... ,~, ..... h~ +,, +~l~a ~h,~ ,-,~ln.~t ~,,,+ ;,, ~,~n ........... ~ ............. ~ I ........................ ............... s .......... 23" Admiral Color T. V., was $,59,5.95, now ,,....,.~ us.. ~,~,~ ov"~ '" ~,,~iana uonatnons wiP % c rrien o,,+ b" "'earls/U;)'l~" lnappllcanlllty Ot atttt A Board of D rectors Act to certain lands ., '. . . / , _ , ~of periodic reconnaisance] " I I f" m I I 16" Admiral Portable (Black & White), tie always starts with the/meeling at the local Asso- trips around the reservoir byl The provisions of this actl .......... l~alterswith brand new tom-|elation was held Man. even- denartment en~,ineers and]shall not apply to land de-[ rmst unmn annum ice t ream upper (used) .... : ............................................................ $11 bila .' After completing the|ms. June 13, m Smnh Center sanitarians and 'throuuh re-|voted exclusively to agri-] Sunday, July 10 - 7:30 P. M. SI~SOI~ ~lt Cut Bank, he]to discuss future plans for port ng oi: peal c tizen's andlcultural use, or under the] At Community Center 17" - Zenith Space Command "300" ~es.,the machines in on[the location of lhe Day Care ('ffflri,ql~ I,c.nl .iti~,,~,~ .~,~/contrul of the state nark and/ ....... ' - , . (196,5 Floor Model) .................................... r ~l~Wp ones b fore starting an-|Center and the recruiting of urge(l""to " reo )rt"'anv resources, auth()rity under| Jmng enner nee. cream, or caKe..ano your own 1" Zenith (Used) ................................................ $4 other season. /a new teacher for next fall. building within the sanita-] the control of the state for-1 servwe. Drnnk furnnshed. 2 The Louder. c?m.l?ines are| ----- tion zone to the Chief of/estry, fish and game com-[_ I I - n~.mtmr~t:ano ]nmaled, as| "Planning without action General Engineering and[mission. ] l_O,l!OWS'rl'J, 2"K'3-L'4-M'nisfutile, but acli(,~n without Sanitation, State Department / ~ ] I ' " Ft;dders il~i ae jmtials stand for the|planning is fatal, said Mr. of Health, Topeka, Kansas. ]Mankato Library |- lt~r l.,ottae~' children.|Popp. Therefore he sugges- Individuals found to be/Participates In CKL System ] , 1 r' IA number of local boys[ted that lntcragency Coun- constructing buildings with-/ ~- I I !~Ve. .......... started,,, the harvest (ells be established in local in the sanitati(m zone. with-] The Belleville Public Li-[ ' ri n(tlition lelli~, with the Louder crew./.eommunit es. made up of al out having.., secured a sanita-) brary I,'S one ()f ]3counties,' li[|V M~ l~nlembers three of[interested citizens such as: tion permit will be given/cooperating in a plan to im-] ,, Iql M41~ ~, especially: Jerry Jet-|County Welfare Dcpart- notices to cease construction]prove library service in its] Tooy 0bert and Igna- ]ments, School Adm nistra- and a copy of the notice will[area. ] B. T U A/ala, who have worked/tars, Law Enforcement Of- be sent tu the county attorn- ] Eighty representatives of] 20,000 - ,$27").18 - plus sales Tax & Installation '"seasc~s. Others[ficials, Ministerial Alliance, ey. The law authorizes the)42 libraries in 13 countiesI ted her' but drop local Assocmtnonsfor Re count attorne to use m me II ;: ' ,, ,:| .... ' ' -- Y Y " -I t June 6, at Russe , Kin., I II 18,000 - $258.70 - Plus Sales Tax & Installation before the tour [tarded Children, Mental junctions, mandamus and I in regard to the plan. ThirtyI m , [Health Associations, teach- qut) warranto proceedings to[librarieS submitted resolu- 14,000 - $211.21 - Plus Sales Tax & Installation ',, ' 4,000 - $102.92 - Plus Sales Tax & Installation i i~!i~ ?? ii,/;5,~, EXCELLENT VALUES IN LADIES DRESSES SWIMWEAR SPORTSWEAR CHILDREN'S WEAR i, / ,~ ..... O.~ , Lewis Stretch, in Bl,aek - Loden - Sand Starting at 1:30 P. M. JEANS Loeatmn' --7 miles north of Esbon, Kansas and 2'h miles west, or 1 mile south of state lnne south Large Bath TOWELS 99 yd. yt.I 31enoro , Klopman's ,~ . , . IWHIPPED CREAM " Omamunlty DevelopmentlState University campus, lagricultural agent; Finlay Mankato, Farmers Home Ad- I &iiil how one Kansas townlJune 6-10, by this panel oflMunro, Mankato, city clerk; ministrator. Theme of the| nized their program was]Jewell County citizens. Left ]Jim Wilson, Mankato, farm Round-up, with 1,200 clubl 4 t #lained to 4-H club mem-]to right are Rex Headrick,[service director of the Jew- members attending, was[ at Kansa 4-H Club I Jewell, a farmer; Jim Gun- [ ell County Electric Coopers- "Young Citizens in Action." llound-up on the Kansas ter, Mankato, Jewell County/tive; and Walter J, Campbell, " / I - [ ................. I .... : ................ Illlll I I of Red Cloud, Nebr., 2 east, 4 south and mile, 0ast. Eight ventian blinds, book case, library table, pulpit, rostrum curtains, piano and bench, 2 coal and wood stoves, lounge, linoleum rugs, song books and other books. ALSO- church building, parsonage (large house), jiffy pump and sink. Anyone wishing to inspect property call or see FLOYD LEWIS, Esbon, Kansas, Phone RA 5-3930 IRA CHANDLER, Auctioneer Sta e Bank of Esbon, Cashier / III I II Ii I !