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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
June 30, 1966     Jewell County Record
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June 30, 1966

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PAGE 613 lewell County Reeord, Mlnlutto, Kanlum Thursday, June ! II I II I I II I III III I I I I I I I II iiii III Ii Ill itI ,111 III I," ! - I,I ,, .i! ;I, , __, i i , -, - li !! !m ) ! i ! i !and Estel Terrill,.and attend famHX of SacramLf.t/,, Mrs. Mildred Reece andiShe,han. Mr. an, Mrs. Walt-l ys at the G,e. and Mrs.I N #~ I I , ~, I , ~ Craig of Clay Center spent Sutliff I l SRmstt Crm l" '2upSrk " I M rC' ard r al2 ':}Y Mi ;'ter Cl lwfrd fl endl ldrsa l id/ll fs;milty 'tfFrtweCffllil' tl lMrl aannd Mrl;; y(dmSirm n Cutaway at the Rolla Dietz ] Mrso Lloyd Gardnl eblyj e rOt man l, rS )rWol [ Taheil e(!'yllm oi :tne.l ii! ] p! l Tu.esl: [ !i!i i;ilnybaa( on!ig iLtO; o r! [ Lh/irslii ntns) Mr. and Mrs. ] !ritmCk!!di! eiif !i i;to,i f cMii: ] ;imwa Tija y.Y Cie:ny! &dg li[patientMrs" inAnnathe KinseYlhospi~ i~taiAil2' ~IgieCe~atem, eer~nsg. [ thM;] w2YdhMms:: Riley R,ch [ M2rSMF~:iaW~shC;~lCdo(~l i ~v:~Y l:~ortb~lltreC~g~fds a[ ~-- i mMtr:~toth2s~ i~;~pfi,i.ar~'ret;, sI_)pel~ingttaedh/2eat a t~er, Superir" ,1 Mrs. Homer Metz, [ i ]I~il (Heaston) Mathews ardson and Mrs. Grace ~tai day'aftarnoan. "' " Mrs.' Vachel Crawflrd Ionia phi.ilips, Mr. and Mrs.'Ken-h~ie atnh2irg~d~al~r~l~ncalledSUtherlandon Mr.andandLCWl~Mrs. J] 01[ ~Voodburn, Ore., who call- ] worth were ainner guests or Mrs Woodrow Wilson sp_nt Thursday with e netl] t~raaen and Mr. and ". " = ternoon. | ,2nA?t . tevMnr:.DaDa e }MreSak li:lnesM211 ;. at t.he i ;i t;tiinllyW2ttherlooSt.:mh y rtic IncM/ ;a.Floyd Dunstan,I 2SGaLrOr:t?;hBai pi?pent [ l;'s. allr YrnaPAhii} in)s, wDeC , ! ith cfR )d !l n tM e ibempseyEthyl laSt.DempseyMOnda,,, Mrs. Heaston Mat_h ws Mr. and .Mrs. Merle K,n-] Linda Ross of Stocklon,! eMr' Mrs. iRn)llo St;)s ila recent weekend ot Little[Tuesday sup pe[guests .o! lonia E. U. B. Church Sum[several days this tVmded school m D stnct 4,: ser and ch!ldren of Eudora, Kansas spent a f( w day>; w e .,dth e.r g Uu( h t River, Kansas visiting Mr. Mr. m .d Mrs. l(Jr.y Phfll!ps day and w re dinner guests the Jack Sills home in,| ~lel'OfrBUrthOakl'ail;ea~h2r~lK~t~sa/hspeltunttheMwe~tk~illwith her pare:~ts, tl4r. ;~(~I ;;Ir:hi~I:~(')rr~eg~s ~e;red? ~nrl and Mrs. R. J. Phillips andllitleE~ilbe~hizM~W~tl hcl~l~nll~mMr~lian~d MrM.rS.andMa~iiCse. lhattan, [ Carhill O Brien, also Myrtle[ McNichols and Merrill. Mrs. IMrs' Ca, l Ro,s a d I u I family. Afternoon callers Tane. . . [celebrate her 1st birthday " " .'[herMrS'paintingsBill Smithat theWill|R| ~ld.h'i'hka2kealarn;Pcti3reWaS[Ha~lle~rMCNic~h(~snenl~(~a~d il A?aralene Malsbury ,',pent ;:i~i: IM~iilVid~ ~n)georlndID.MrilS'Bes}'% S~te~aylall]wG~rYtP~liP~alSpe~;)ird~e~tl]O[ISVa~y Wey %~/d/o~l~llShopper in Mankato fa] '.'Mrs Winifred Canfield [California and hacl quite a [a few days with her cousin,[Mr, and Mrs. Chapman,[ vWerC2otna Twrit~e Mr. and MrS. lhome while his mother l alsi~id~illr MgUrseStS~)rlo Van I nextMrs.tw JamesWeeks" Full~J her daughter, Mrs. O. P:[visit with other ones of i er[ ilJe;ryy Vidue taJcrryi d[ Mariey. of ReeceNebr.andska.SOn, GGreg'] Steve and ary Dietz. of[assistedat the Brownie DaY[wcy'a d Sandra and Dougie[came home Thursday| ~derson of El Mont.~, Calif.. [family. "... N~lson, egl it;amp wnieh Dee Dee anu i. ~ I spending two weeks l lr:ghterA, nd Sr; i's" grf n [ NiM ;12nadndMr amLi( Tel ntMc_ l )ileids a Da lllnenSth a et, I iPell aafemsdays" witch MhrisS [ i!!!zCaen Are.2ah hlrlSt ell [ iTrlad Ailene Phillips at- lVl i2 ;) y!teUAi! ri(t r; m nn!t [ herEnterprise,father' whoJakieis Mill. iil ll . l' I w?r l alieln n /I a2e aC ] to inI, dmMr: IMIIe MWr!ilcuti[ NH!i'P Is i LeMirs. l;iv e;d Vetter corn-I j ldn Ygh R )hSircl tt n?ell al Nl a h1 em ;'' elll a /vhe in2t! [the hospital. Z| Mr. and Mrs. Earl 1~ M l IFrKeiThUrSwdi' YoneVel'llgi ] le ler2' enrs?sd Cahnidldrel i?sf. [ stone" a, l Mr,:, an i MrsC vR(/~y ] bin2~fordWl~tur2a; TVa re! ] 3eaardS l)ilt lasts WolekoRghVe [ of SM i i,ett ,erenAtlsC v rihan eMwrsh.illl2;cr [enjyed aChester VanfiShMeterdinner i~hol] ,t iday a. m. at the Hawortl!lHelen McNichols and Merrill[Rn(;g ees o)ed sd YMy le]mers are al.l lUSYrCOmb, migr]counselors" [ A larg.,e .crowd attc:ndedlJohanek' and family are at-[Lovewell Saturday ~al~e~i hoMms" sF~Y~ay M~emr~[ tMd'rnn~rS~ideay" Dillon oflRl~rs Vera D e c',lled on[w~leata;nhakmg'ca e oft . [ phM .s ~ anM~irs.Gi~ror, e[titcheu21d))~,~i)nt:I p~h;it ~I~ ~(nldyi(nge,a facn2)Yrar~oU.ni~-t~tJacobson,Mr" andManhattanMrS. ~l] ~ y, Mr. and Mrs. Clare nce[Nampa, Idaho, Mrs. Verda Mrs. ~larshal, ;Ysho~; Friday[ On,r'day.Jun~24t.h. Er~llShoe~a'ker and Mr. and~lYs, nitureattl.~eE. U. {,.church[c!~ildren enjoyed swimm,ng Mr. andMrs. Elza Ja, ~oore of Lebanon, Mr:al~1 Glover called at the Lowell[afternoon I l~uns~an ~elelraine~le hl~irth[ T~rry Phillips and Elizabeth}Sunday w,t,h 1),. Ford pre- at the Mankato pool after [Saturday afternoon andl Cs. Clarence Maag c, I McNichols home Monday. ." . b th(ay, y " -g " " " sent. Among the out of anc s art Saturday evening M GiOl;,)e,Q~)lCklCri ui!s'?2r~el~ej/ l~iupperdgul~lstsS" town visit(,ri we're: Mrs. INMrYa21 Irs. Bob Boyer[~,~.?n~YMnr,g~ern(,n Te.r- [ guests of Mr. andMrs, l~ Mr. and Mrs. Everett I Mr. and Mrs. Curtis T er-lMTh }i[ll2rtyC) b: iltw day at his home. The invited ~ ~ ~cnYed c~iias= ~ .:r:Te!,, of 1Vl~h(:z ll~laPhllhpl ly~,a?:~My] i(], ~ eMrMr! jatM~ii Jacobsen. :J ]~lulnild chll~ ~tt;rt[ilcI terno?n.. Y. I~t~t)~ls leh(~,,Ji~lanr~ ~l~lel: ]Larr.y Phill!ps and fami!y.of l~)sS.S~.~Syr~ll)i.ps My~l f~mc} s!ent Frxday at lab~hl Nancy Hancock, Pla~ V/~n C~la gvaenilillt:;] ternh :! rs ,gthD tlan. J(~tIal~relcl B~el~trahtelP'ingbi ,s.i1:l:.[ W ~.1 !!?;!4i.; FtOii~mlir is spending this wee~, s Iher grandparents, Mr.] their parents, Everett [rill" of Cucamong , Ca,re,d ' ( ,[; ilDunstan. [. Much combining was dote L, oomis and Jack and ma,j I i ir. Ld Mrs. Eldon[Mrs. Lyman Rightmeie_ /i~i [n~l~; aMnl" inls;Mlr.K2q~th Ter~lllmai~t;;n?llm~,h~W, edi~.~;] Thursday,'~une 23, 1966 i Y'ie~l~s rar;ir~llt ~eek 15Vwtth flhc~C of the Odes.a[JnOlil;ke%ndngi;ls we~oWel}] Mr. and Mrs. Earl and Mr. and Mrs. Ray~ l l / l ! [--'guestsSundayof Jamestown. ,eveningMr. and Mr," thur Allen at Burr OaR.; Zella Slaughter call Mrs. Jennie Briggs ! ,~~o_ i/~ra .and ~i3~l.y Fitciti il Je~-[BiM~, Md. iMn~SMrs." l~'y [ ~'r. "and Mrs. Vache} [l~ed sra~n2crme hoa(e hCayt. ' ~he ;ridge i)a~' our "home their grandparents. Brenda [morning.Mr. and Mrs. Alvin/~! m 17a lyS)t r. Wa ntl aMn se.ce aend_ l Carier .and boys, M.r. and, IrrdWafn id'rs" aEn maMCl.a j. I Mile is growingPnicely and li llasJre a /( ola/ ty e lkwlY] lilt!itaillrlt WeYrena l [son,visitedSanMr. FernandO.,and Mrs. i i e Mr. and Mrs. 1~ Powell and family, I~ ll~l I ~l]mCi I? F~~chMI ~nadt uMi) I ~t Mi~l a~ ~e~iii,nsMere ~ at! ~! ~.~ii I ~ili Ii Eli~ e~2 s~i[il ] ~ili.;; ~i~ ill pT! i iiii (i y]GNi! dl iail I iorn N ! Icalled n his Jacobs, SaturdaY.attendedMr. anda MrS.familyaUnt'Lloyd.:][Mrs'~'gat.l~" at the Clarence ~j2~llpr$pactul'bOklet ] U.IVE#;a~AII~ iSh~Cokli~Y, Nebr, Monday af [[i:,t~ M~,~;vC)aanr~eYC~llslll l~[legl ~hc~oel~lOs fa~lllanlnttl~r Ti:phk;~l~n co~i~lr~?ettil!i~ S~ttI lext~OitwiY~hiogaenof t~ieclald[ home in Concordia day evening. :| I[[]Mt rls| s h fBishop [ _ l iCn