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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
June 30, 1966     Jewell County Record
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June 30, 1966

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June 30, 19M Sewell CourtW Record, ,MRnkao, gm mm - An IMPORTANT DATE pect, among other things, Illll[ , I ,.Am...ll IN JEWELL COUNTY these three developments: Illl Kin, lln'll if IS IT -- 1. That this large industry l/ll Vi~ lialll Fl- 11 illl Monday June 20, shouldwill attract other industriali/ll --' .... ~" " be setdowasa an important_ firms and new business to Mill G o, e W to. date in Jewell county, as it~ the county; .... Thursday i .... 23 1966 was the day when ground 2. That Jeweu ounty :::'' Mr andJ'M=TLewis San ~a,v,,,r, An was hr"k"" f~" ~ new 1 2 population, aireauy StaDlllZ- ~ dl/llElml/ ' " .... ,,L,n~, .... , ~ ,.: ,u, ,. T "_ ed after man .... ears of de .~J' ~~~/derson called on Mrs Helen ----- Stolon oeet pacKmg plant :~ :~ - :, ~: .......... cline will be-in to -row ;~ illF:~] Allen Sunday afternoon y, June 30 - to be DUUt near lvianKato. , . s e~ , t ~ ~/1F:,:~/ ....... " -., k u ................... . 3 That this turn of events, ~ ~11~:/lr Mrs na t~urress ann cnu- -YV t~C M, IUD - IYlI~. lne site oi the new enter- ~ "** , :l| %ii~' ' r k ~ will .~ ....... d er~ spent the past wee Harve when furth~.r developed, ~ .... ~'/ yPowell pnse,sjust north of the ....... /,ik .*~' f ~ w" h her "r n Mr. nd , r ~' it pa e ts, a Wedne . add a dollar value to p e- ' il~.~::::: sday, July 6 - Rock Island railroad tracks . . i ..... :~ rs Geor " R, W S C S Hobb,, Show ll/ miles eas" of the de~'ot scntly establ shed business i !M ge Selvage at ed iareak-.-.-o ~. Y _ " ./z . . .t .. ~ ~r' and residence propertie.' in a i al ]~F All~ Cloud. Fellows~ o~711a. m. at,ManKau~,on tne.],:rmer wide area and to farms i -' llMik In Mr. and Mrs. Raymond p " Jonn ivlagnusson naIl-se ..... } "~, / E U B W S W S ,,._,..... ,, ....... ; ........ w,th,n the county. } Ill /i Scott and Mrs. Myrtle Scott " ", LIUII. de~ell 1 lll, Jtt~llD L-3 ~-~L~ 11 , ~ :" ' C D A ....... , Certainly June 20 1966,~ llr '// from Concordm Mr and reacn It easily r)y turning ' . ' }.1 /,ill ' " A L C W ri-ht at th~ first townshinis an important date in Jew- I lzill Mrs Edwin Wharton and ~7I s'" " " ~' '~ '- ell County .... family spent Sunday evening -- y tic Circle Club road intersect,on west of the .~ ., ~, I l//with Mr and Mrs Geor-,e Thursday, July 7 - nort of onirv on ll~ 36 --l=verett vainacr /// g Royal Neighbors thence north one mile, and Jewell .County ll ill Wharton and Frank. west one half Repubhcan 1 ill Mr. and Mrs. George Dessert Bri~ .. I - " ~ /// Wharton and Frank and La- age tarry As an agricultural section , C " '" ' , , , , ,-, ",. : -~ Vern Frmger spent Sunday omphments Visitors 1, ..... u ....... ,,, h.,s man,,.Salt: ol. Series E and Scr- I III .......... I o'~.vv~H ~-uul~3 . 2 Wl n Mr an r I,~;.,.~ ,,";no q-~ i* in "n in,es It Un,ted States Savings[ ........... t . ,~ u lvl s. rrea an._ . ..... l U--,s~ ~', s, ,- u a -t~.,.a. .,,,,i.,n ,v~n.r7 q)rI t)onald ~ay blru, son oi Zimmer in rormoso ~va~n.raarolu veterson ., e ..,,..us t..ta.eu ...o.-..,. t entertalno,~ ,.ith ~ a ..... + ]dustfl, ous, homogc,n,_(m,s tlw month of May in Jewell Mr and Mrs. Myron B~rd and Rodney Stanley helped his ,..~ ---.. ........ . ,.,,.oo,..~ I population; rich, tiliaOle Z. v ... ,- " ffrandson of Mr and Mrs undid Wilbur Rot'kor with urloge party at her home ' t~ounty, accormng to a re- ~ ' . " ~ ........................... . Isft; much farm land under .... e ....... L- ,,, Buck Warner of Fort Colhns, haying and other farm work ,;?,uay evenmg corn- Im~ern soil conservation ~', .... ,"2'~'. .... ~ ":~'.'; .~" Colorado, was awarded a full last week p=!mentin.g, her house guests,[practices; record production County ~a~ngs ~on~s Chaw7 ttdtion Athletic Scholarship ~vnsses ~lizabeth andMar-~-~ ..... .--, , ......... kman Gmn Grout. Mr tJrout ............. ar el grain, nay, anu nvc~toc , , to Western State ~Ollcge o[ g et .Waiters of Prairie Vii-[grain elevators, business reported that Series g and H Ounni~,on Colorado Don is a Regional Mental Retarda- rage, Kans The uartet ~ sales for the year now totm~ ' ' ~ " i Plannin M in ..... q I firms schools and churches; = ........... ,,r' uate of the 1966 class of t ong eet g moles were centered with ,~,-~A ~;,~,,rl r~il'~nrl hlohu,~w t~24tiba4 for me county in ~, ad colonial h ...... to .,~ ...... +l.""* ~""~ ,'. ....... ~"''s'':L''~ the Januar~ throu-h May Poudre High School of Fort --"-- _._ , v,. transportauon routes, une , . ...... ., --w "Federal statistics show r sSsanaasesata s esi a b~iwll~[t.h~ng, however, ;otound tn Pe~ut~'cwide sales reoorted sch;)ol in operati[Tn 2 years !hat !00 to 200,000 b?bies "ILIIULOk~ULIOIIO, ,o --~'~,,,~ - ', oorn tnls ear are destined of pink ribbons The hi-hi'n, ....... ,. ~ .... ~ ..... " to Glen Grout gave the State now, 1)on was a right half . . Y ..... score brid~e nrizes were l "o~.. '~'n~,',~...." ...... -...~e- Mav E and H ourchases back on the football team to oecom.e mentauy retara- ............... Y" - - ' ~-~ 'r he ed At the present time it Won by Mrs. Lester Broylesl To remedy this situation amountmg to $4,652,1a8 both years. Last yea t y . .. ,~ . . ~ . and Mrs. Raymond O'Hara .... compared to $4,423,454 for were Northern Conference m e ma,ted at,th e are T~ .... " ....................... ~ ........ - ......... Champions and went to o.. , ................ ,,,,y .c~.u- ~l~ IYIISSeS Walt,,rs,tile me same monm or 1.'5oo l, ,._ _ . Assoclatmn set aboutthe ..... ";, ", ....... . . ..., .... ed in thm country and this aonorea guests were r~ ~ lne ivtay increase aaoea to ~bem] t reals m ~tate ires , P .-- task of attracting such an " ' -' " estimate is expected to rise sented with gifts by the hos- enterprise to Jewell county, a similar increase for April year they won Northern tess. ~ Those who have tried tell u~ served to overcome an early- Conference and made it to to 65 million by 1970," -'~- that turning a field of soil- in-the-year-deficit and gave the state playoff with Pueblo stated Dennis E. Popp, AC- Mr. and Mrs. Dick Boyd, bank grass into a $1.2 rail- the state an increase of 1.4% who beat them, which gave SW, Director Mental Retar- Larry and Becky of Phillips- lion industrial enterprise is for 1966 over 1965. At the l Poudre 2nd in State Triple A datSun Planning Project for end of May of this year, Sav-: ball clubs. Don played as a Community Mental Health homebUrg visitedof his parents,Sunday atMr.the& nOwillingSmallto task,take andtheirWewordare ings Bonds sales in Kansas:guard on the Varsity Basket- Services, Division of Insti- Mrs. F. W. Boyd, Jr. They for it. totaled $25,896,745 compar- ball team 2 years and played tutional Management, State had been ~o Concordia to at- The men who w,~rked to ed to $25,545,023 for the 2nd base on the Spring Base- Department of Social Wel- tend the 10th reunion of the accomplish this (and are same period of last year, ballTeam and named as 2nd fare. 1956 class of Concordia High still working) were all intro- Glen Grout said. base first string on Northern "Statistics from the Needs Conference all star team for and Resources Document School. They also visited at the home of her mother, Mrs. -Lawrence Brooks, in Concordia. YOUR FAVORITE SHOW BACK AT STARLIGHT PETER PALMER, DOROTHY COULTER II! ~IIIMUND ROMBERG'$ IMMORTAl. THE DESERT SONO JULY4.JULY 10 IMoem Arerm $1.00, $I.S0, $2.00, ~so, ..oo, $3.so, ~.oo whes&l and Bexes~ i~l.ll0 ~nd ~lf Addressed Envelol~ With eck or Money Order to |TARLIOHT THEATRE, B0X ~ Kansas City, Mo. 64141 duced Monday at the ground-breaking ceremony. They included the Omaha men who invested private capital in the enterprise; of- ficials of the Small Business Administration; Jewelt County Electric Co.; Kansas Development Credit Cor- poration; members of the Mankato Development As- sociation; Mankato City council members and Jewell County commissioners; and the architect, contractor, and the couple who sold the land for the new plant Their names will all appear in news stories, and each one may rightly take pride in his part. What does all this mean for Jewell County? We think it not unreasonable to ex- ,4 Kiss.me-Kate fashion by USE OUR CONVENIENT LAY AWAY FOR _ BACK TO SCHOOL Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mosier of Benkelman, Nebr. visited Sunday evening and Monday at the Clarence Blaylock home. Cecil is interested in cattle buying and was look- ing for prospects around here and farther south 2 years Mrs. A. L. Berry of Jewell and her daughters, Mrs. Jerry Imke of Arlington, Va. and Mrs. Robert Wilmeth of Topeka visited Friday at the home of Mrs. Kenneth Ball. WOMEN'S VALUES TO $9.00 THE WAStIABLE SHOE ? REG. TO $11.00 WOMEN'S I I lilll I compiled by this planning committee and based on population figures of 1963 show that there are 66,000 mentally retarded in the State of Kansas and we are providing services for only 5,000. Even though the set- vices provided are very fine, we are sorely lacking if we miss 55 to 60 thousand." Mr. Popp was the leader of one of six regional meet- ings held throughout the state for the purpose of planning and organizing ef- forts toward implementing comprehensive services for the menta!ly retarded This was the Northwest regional meeting held at the Student Union of Fort Hays College, i Hays, Kansas, June 14, 1966. [ A cross section of thirty. [ two interested persons com-I posed of County Welfare![ Agents, County Health Nurs-] es, School Administrators,] teachers, students in Special' Education, members of local~ Associations for Retarded Children, and parents' at- tended the meeting Mr. Popp mentioned that the backbone for commun- ity planning in many com- munities has been the Asso- ciation for Retarded Child- ren. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Par- sons, Jeffrey Allen and Connie of Emporia visited from Friday until Monday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Parsons and other relatives Illl } JANCL IN OUI~I*NIAL. FUND IN IOMP ONATM~ in approximately 20 different basic industries for as little as $20 each month. FOR FREE PROSPECTUS write or call FINANCIAL PROGRAMS, distributor, WALTER $. CAMPBELL Mankato, Kansas 66956 Registered Representative The Columbian Securities Corp. ................ PAGE f Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Par- ! Mrs. Harold Ahrens re- [ Manhattan, who spent a ew .... sons of Emporia and Mr. and turned Sunday after spend- I days there. Mona r eeivt ! a :, Mrs. Leo Parsons were sup-ling a week with her daugh-[ civil service appointment& guests at the Bob Par-I ter, Mrs. Mona Meier in[ began working this sons home Sunday night. ]Fort Collins, Colo. She ac-/with the Fore$try Del : at .... I companied Mr. and Mrs ] Colorado State Unt~sity~ CARD OF THANKS I Steve Ahrens and Elaine of/ ~ : Sincere thanks to friendz, I ~,f~:.. 1 relatives and neighbors forl ~',: , cards, visits and flowers / ' ~ "#~ while l was hospitalized and. l , since returning home. [ [ -- Mrs Carl Florell I } i .... Smith and Daisie Nelson[ 1 N; were supper guests of Med,al} o'i ~~~i~:~~~ Whitley Saturday evening.! ~ :,:~~~ It was Daisies birthday. [ { ~~ Mrs. Robert Bales of[ i Densmore, Kansas and Lucy] [ ~~~ Mcbride drove to Salina Sat.] | ~~'~~ morning to get Rachel Bales. ! ! ~!~ She was dismissed from thel ~~ hospital and is convalescingl ~~ at the Robert Bales home. I !' I "l:un Day" for the Iml~,er-lenj()y~a sack lunch at noon Mr and Mrs O W Bee.ler] an Vacation Church Schu~fllal~mg 'with the teachers arid of Pompano Beach, Flor!da I group was Saturday, .lunc 11 others who helped with V. C. spent rrlaay ann aaluraay[ at the Cily Park. This w::s[ Sch()ol.i ., visiting at the Leo ParsonsI the climax'to the w,,ek (,lunel At tile June 12th~,Sund~y home and with Mrs. O. R. ] 6-I0) of church scht)ol :~,~ tb,~ ] mornin~church service t.h.~ Beeler A plcmc was held m , . ; ' h.,," . ,. [ groul, sludi,~d the c,,t,,m, "II lninm@,~ junior and. Inter- their nonor rrloay night ~ , ) ) s -,., " . ; 1 LearnA~ tit Jc,,'us" each [ mediate ~groups sang,~ lnose present were Mr an(1 ) 1()~'1' Wl h ( 11 ...... after,u)( n, a p, 't g~ ne,;,lnumbers~which Pastor~ Nell- Mrs uon t~eeler ann Iamlly , , 1 := ...... sin~ing, etc. On "'Ft n Day"[ s~n had ~:lirected during th~ of t~elo~t; Mr. ann Mrs. Nay~ each ~child invited a p, ucst tolchurch st~hool week,' mond Beeler and Mr. ano ' , Mrs. Don Bigham and "--"~ ' .'-',"7"" Stephanie of Randall Mr. & " Mrs. Marvin Parsons and ~,/ family, Emporia, Mrs. O R. - ":i Beeler, and Mr. and Mrs. L~,o ., ; Parsons. ' ' ..... Evangelical United Brethren Church Paul Life, Minister Sunday School .. 9:30 A. M. Mrs. Grace Black Supt. Morning Worship Service .......... 10:30 A. M. Holy Communion Ser- vice Sermon, "The Lord's Feast" Wednesday, July 6 W. S. W. S. meeting, 2:00 P.M. Local Conference 7:00 P.M. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. 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