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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
June 30, 1966     Jewell County Record
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June 30, 1966

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" ....................... WELL COUNTY, RECJJRD, MtLNq(A'i 3, I{Jd SAS -" Thursday, June 30,- ._JJ II .... r,, .... -- , "# . ,- . I I III I I I I L Ih I I i~. .... ---- | II -- I -- - P I termill of Jewell were Sun- and Mrs. Earl Tobias. I maron and Mrs. Gee. Davisl Obituary - Aura Belle and mother was t mly a l Howard. The honorary cas- A. L. C. W. ' ~iAirmflil[~ I day evening visitors of Mr. Mrs. Muma KePler enter-land husband of Altadena, I Murray Kimbrough pioneer of K,ansas, livit, g onI ket bearers were Mrs. Kim- i I VIIIIVdlV ]and Mrs. Cecil Clark. tained with a coffee Thurs-ICalifornia were in Formosel the plains during the txialslbroughs grandsons: James The A. L. C. W. met at , it ir Miss Del a Joerg of Beh)il, ~ Wauli a We I. "" . day morning, in honor of lover tim w~:ekend to hell; I Aura Belle Murphy Kim- of near defeat and thej,oys Teagarden, Mtchael Kerwin, the home of Mrs. Anna , Iwlr and Mrs. B A l:ield & Mrs. Leo (Jan,;) Jacobs, a i dispose , of the householc[brough, the eldest of four of triumph. Besid.~ helpi.ng[ Steven K. Price, Richard Thronson as hostess and , *flflI~ENAGE ROCK" ] Steve were Sun(l'~y dinn~r new comer to the neighbor- [ furniture behmging to thei~ [ fiaughters born to Frank and rear her own family she ar, dI Trentman. Mrs. Doris Kennedy as co- l ' I guests of Mrs. Vernie Emigh. hood. Those present, besides ] father, Mr. E. E. Ritter. Mrs I Minnie E. Belot - Murphy, on her husband opened the doac ] hostess on Wednesday, Jun~ The t~n-age rock and rolll Mrs. Emma Jeers and Mrs. the honor guest, were: Mrs.[ Blake Dewey bougbt the kit- [ October 5, 1887, in a sod- and helped in needs ofle.ADn o~- ,ruar~u 1st. Mrs. Frances Weaver, ll~atS up the film story for Margaret Gertson were af- Nina McClur_', Mrs. lla Nel-l ter property. ] house near Hill City, Graham others. I ................ ling was program leader. . ?'rl~l~d~E ROCK', provo~ [ lernoon callers. ~on and Kendell, Mrs. Mabell -- I County, Kansas, departed She was a member of thet ... . .-7--77-., . ~ A very delicious lunch ~t~e, widely - screened I Mr. l)onald Bowles and 'Sweet, Mrs. Doris Lee Kitts,[ ELMER LESTER PATRICK [ this life June 22, 1966 at the Royal Neighbors, Liberty [...we wren to._tnanK, you fort was served to 15 membors, t~l~-age raotion picture to]son, Jef, f, of Oaklaud, Calif. Mrs. Dianne Gardner and] I Phillips County Hospital, in Club, C. W. C. Club and]~ne ma.ny w~enusmps_ ano 13 visitors and 16 children, be shown at Furthest) Com-i were vi.;i/ors Tuesday of M) -;herri, tqnd Mrs. Pat John- [ Elmer Leslie Patrick wasi Phillipsburg, Kansas, after helped organize the Holm- ]expres, smns or.sympamy ex;LThe next meeting will be Inanity Church on Sunday. lu)d Mrs. Johu May, suB,:on & " " " " " r cauoe of tezmeo to us m me lost or ~on, Tammy and Bradley. I born near Formoso Kansas | a hngermg illness Her pa - wood H. D. U. Be ~ ] .... ~ .... l July 6th at the church par- JIIY~ ~, '/:30 p. m., accordinl; ] Mrs. Isis Bowles. Donald is - ...... " ........ n others ' our low.a one in,. trmutes ~ ............... Mrs Connie Smith is] (m April 3 1892 and died on| ents were homesteaaers ot her K?cn interest i ,I ...... ~5..,, ~ ...... k..--.~ I mrs wnn lwrs. manyJ tod~f00pm~on given by Rev. I son of Mr. and Mrs. McKin- , , . yu~, v .......... e .......... cu raiding an art show at the/ June 20 1966 at the abe oi[ Graham County but later she enjoyed these fnend-[.~ .... [Jensen as hostess and. Mra PaMl C. Temple. [ley Bowie,; of Berkeley ............ #~' IR. K. Shopping Center m| 74 in the Veterans' Admin-/settled m Jewell County. shtps and contacts. Her won- ] ....... I Margaret Countryman a~ iMankato through July 7th.iistrat,on Hospital. Grand Is-[ Early in her life she gave derful sense of.humor andI Family Iprogram leader. , Produced in close col!abo-l(:alifornia. , . --- ~ura t~. r~morougn with young peopleI Mrs. Bessie Tiplon, Mis, [Mrs. Smith has some] land, Nebraska He was the] her heart to God, was bap- outlook of life that she naa: ~ ! __ ~_O~. all over the UnitedI t,ota Githens, Mrs. Esti( 15eautiful paintings of Kan-| son of George and Julia Pat-/tized and united with the were an inspiration to many. [_ . ~ . ] Sunday dinner guests ot S t$~s! who partlc|.patcd !n[Allen of Republic, and Mrs [sas scenery on display,/ rick. /church: She was a long time Since the passing of her [ltepu~,can women Meet ]Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sea- Bt'~nstormmg sesmons m I B~.rlha Grec:nberg wer~ [ which are for sale. [ Elmer had spent most of[ member of the Harmony Me- husband in March, 1960, she I .... ~ .... [mans, Elaine and Do~ ~ deWOll ounty reueratlon L, eit eities as Detroit, Lo.~:l ~,uests Monday of Mrs .1()~ ] Davida Peterson of Hays/ h s life around Formoso,/thodist church in Mankato, had made her home with her[ ......... [were Mrs. Harry Reyno] $11~eles, Chicago, and Grand [ t'lasl,'ins " I is visiting her grandparents,| having attended schools/an active member in the sister, Mrs. Grace Kiser. She/r ~ep, um)can vvmen m.et/ Mansfield, Ohio; Mrs. ll~ds, TEENAGE ROCK] Mrs. Emily Dunn (,f Cim [Mr and Mrs; ChuB. Doxon. [ a,.',r ~ho)'o ~' ........... i--~[ Circle of the W S C S enloved and received added ~June ~tra m me ~ommumty[ Peterson Beloit; Mr [ Charlotte and Conme Has-[,m An~i~ a ~O~ ,.. mnn ~enter, lfrom Emporia and Kan !~:'~[t~l.~ Blinding.Edna Applehy of I s,,n,[ lesseSMrs.Were R()b( rtMrs" ChaS.Howtand I ~ouWaI Mrs. JimThereSareturnedFh)wcql hi)me/and/ eany~,e.m b:"~,r r-age" ofr~e..JamefiWas a cnarter [ CountvMarr[ ........................ buro Thenrthothersfin Philli~)'S-lewell ~o,.-in-I;,W-seven grandchildrenfUr sons-in-laWand one ]Mrs.iAmermanizatmnEd Woffe, ChmrmanGaylrd' [ CitVlcorw n,whereRuth theVand viSiArl , of Fwst Distrmt and R re [ I hursday after spending a]. ' .... " . I county -rout ,randdaughter;an ~ . . -P " ] Seamans of Emporm and .~l~ody was a guest Thurs- [ Mrs. l.ewis Reece, Mrs ' ' ' ' , ~ ost ~.~.) oi tne American ..... , ~ . [ week v)s,t ng Mr and Mrs.] ...... I On Anril 17 1912 she- was aunt Mrs Lily Skinner, ], . a land Mrs. Dt)n Ward of K arltLFriday of Mr. andI Hugh Cusic, Mrs. l.averne ' ... , t.egnm o~ rormoso, nawng ~" '~ ' "' sent tive Eric Penner of ](.arence Peek and famdy[: ...... " [u) ted in marria~,e Io lames Dqnvte, lli" threesmters [ C u y. p - a-lsas Cty also Miss Doro , ~!t~i. HtlWard Appleby. Mr.]Haegert, Mrs. Bill Fu~lerlon . servea m me armeu serwcos ....... , "'" . Jewell o nt Re res-nt , hve Rex Bur en, Asherwllel , ~!. d!l~'MrlL Dennis Appleby of land Mrs. James Fullc.ton. m trance mr anout two ........ ' ...... ]at luka, Kan,;as and Mr. and] .......... ]Alvah Kimbrotwb at her Mrs Grace N.iser and Mrs. ] g . " ,Neilson at Kansas City. : ):'. It .1 tehita ..... .:were weekendi mares,Mrs" Mrs.EmilYBobDunnlligbe(,f Cimand ]Mrs. Lee. Volker and family[ yearstae wasaUrmgpreceaeuW()'r' m'Warueatn I ":"I rrents'.... farm home ne ;r Ruill Kier, both of Mar, kate [waSHe. wasUnableattendmt" bee LePrCsent'mla' i ! t''. ~..'~dia .Kepler andidaugh(,,r of Kansas City, :andlat Sl'ffh)rd.co murat serumel"y.......I,arent ,.... one ...... ~mtc,,- ce ,Mankato. The friuts of this and Mrs. France~ a,,ckhilLl, t, e. t~omm~ttee'~' " ' meet,ngg "' g''m -1 Mrs. Lena Monb~CkFr [ As a . m 'y '. ] .... 7 ..... (-'- r / : '. ,[union were two st)as and Fresno, California; and a. ' . -[turned home iday al an lnlant I)F )the .~UrVlVlUg ' [~ :_~,:~i0e,Peteete wereIMrs' Clark Dudley Aurora,/proiec! the Formoso Willing]?. ' ~. .~.~' ...... five dau~,htors" Robert host of other relatives and teresting talks weremaue DYldriving to De Soto, Kan nlm are nls wile ~tella, 1)1 ~ '~ V ' [~ tl~!~'~ia'coffee.:,Wexinesday[were coffee guesls Saturday~Wo'rkcrs 4-H Club installed[... 7. - "-- IFranklin who" "di,~d in in- friends " IRepresentati es Dierdorff[t() spend Fathers Day x~ , . me numB; mree sons, ver- , ~ "" and Penner / ~omhlg, at the home of [ morning of Mrs. Isis Bow- ] the flag pole m the c~ty/ .... - :,. ' . I fancy; lames Merle of Memorial services were [ . ] her son, Orville Gaston, 1~, KePler, in honor of Mrs. I les non el JeHerson L.it , IViO , "I .... , " ' . i park the past week ] ..... " Americus Kansas" Ruth held at two o clock p m., I The next meeting will be I family. She reported l!bdtne.Ba|ch, who is movinp I " Ir and Mrs Purer .Ion- / rmwaru or eormoso ex Ol ...... ' . Those from here, who are ...... ' ' ,- ! Ellen CMrs Oakle PricO Tuesday June 28, at the I a coffee on auly 14th at 9:00 ] thing h)oked good th ......... a ----v . ' c t_.reswell, orep}n" mree " , "" ~ ,' " ~' , ' tO WOodWard, Okla. Thoselson attended the funeral ofl(akmgsw,mmmg le,,sons,[ ..... :- ,', .. ,, [North ludson, lnd; Amy Kramer Funeral Home Man-la.m. at Zetta s Cafe m Burrlsmce they have had sponsored by the Red Cross, [ ~ gr.. st' :'; ...... I Florence( Mr~- Alva Tea- kate, Kansas Rev /-larold [ Oak [ inches of rain in the no ~ent, besides the hont.~r ]Chas. Jensen in Republic, . taau ,nters Mrs t)am Jvlarme .... " " ~:. ()[ wtcnltc.; NitS. W|Ulam .... ... " " I Mrs. C, mmelon Friday morning, at the Mankato pool, ar.:. ,,,~+ ...... ~ ,(,,, ]garden)Frankfort Kansas Nelson Ph 1 psburg, and I -- ]of June. Danny, Renee, Remta Demp-, ~. ,.~ .... . ~., , I DorothyAhc~, (Mrs hweph Rev Dean Ro.e, Mankato, I .----- ... ~lalith, Mrs. Marv.l Judy, I Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tl~)bias ' ' ............. ~ ....... " .......' ' Nr$. ,$oyce Spiegel andlwere Saturday evening " t~am)rma, anu ~mss ~nmey . - ..... .'. . sPy, Ferry t-lowland Jayne,[o.,.~.,.. ,: .... ,., ~,,o,.,.1 Kerwm), Long lshmd New off,oated. Interment was ,n I I d~lUl[lll~t~, Mrs. Irma Dun- [visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Terri and Kirk Berneking, ." ..... ."- ~'~ ~"-'~ ...... -~.~,'-"[ York" Grace [ucille' (Mrs Mount Hope Cemetery, Man- ~.~m~sr~rt~ i~rla.nd, daughter, Lisa, l.l,)hn Magnu,;son. Mr. and Dt,yleaatda.ln~a~lCaeriReneda~dl~.tu~l:~st~r(Trmo~VlrS'Mi~.~"r~la_lParmater), Lansing, Mich- kate. . ...] tl~d~WO~]k~ Jtal~ Kepler, Janet andlMrs. Leslie Jacobsen ,)f a g Y .1~,~,,, r~;,t, U'~ns-o "~it" ligan) Faith (Mrs. W. Max The music was rurmsneal Sheryle Balch. Mrs.BalchiManhattan and Mr. and Mrs.George, Sarah and F an- .,( ........... IHoward), Ph)llipsburg, Kin- by lanny Dmk, Shoryl D ck, I We will nell fireworks this . ear hme 27 au ces "'cCune~vt visited theirI ivi ).,; Iour Drolners, Wllnam, i sis ..... and Blanche Thomas ' r~ .... n WaS l~Sented a farewell [Clayton Htghcs were af- "i~""" ~" '.,- ,__: . ]Formoso, Frank Salina I" , ..... .... [July .). Special prices to wholes, lers. 11 . " ..... [ternoon visitors, s..,ter, wws. mary r~ugnes mlR , ." ~,: ..... ('.,:~ .nSI The ramify fivea south casket hearers were I n.... o hr,,. ..... Mrs. Betty Cox returned [ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mooreth( Good Samarilan Nursing ~ mpn,,wm.enp m.~, a u e t o ' I1" l-llll~ ~ l~ltl.24.1~ IIOY~ ~tllLl# " [Geor-e Kansas Cit, Me'lOt's) f r many years until Gene Johnson, John W - [ to her home in. Topeka on [of M,mtrose and Mr. and Home in Superior, on Tues-[also- ~ourtoen "~'rancl~hildrentthey moved to the home llams, Bud Platt, Arnold! BURR OAK, KANSAS Monday of last week after ~Mrs. Percy Jepson attended day. I,~,~ ~ .... ~,~ ~.~.~,~n.~a.~.m i north of Mankato. This wife Ernst .Tames Wilson, Max I I I I 1 spa, cling a week visiting her [a fish fry Saturday ew~ninL Mr. Marvin Murray and)""~ .... .~"~'"." .......... I sister, Mr~'~6~/:Keeler, and,at the home of Mr. and Mrs.~'m, Bud of Vallejo," Cahf' I runerm,, . .serwces were I ..... ' " hem at th~ Formoso Corn- Mr. Keeled,. I Chester Van Meter in Love- was a Saturday afternoon[ .... " . : .~. , [ caller at the home ofhis I "1 1MI~, Cornelia Trussell &]well. . mun)ty t~nurcn w~tl~ t~acn- , llt t randchildren, TammY, I Funeral services for aunt' Mrs Etta You-a-g ]clor-Faulkner-Dart, Funeral] N "l[ I[ /i ] [ I 1 , Home in charge, and Rev ~1t11~, and Theresa of Den-[mer Patrick, age 74, were Friends'frmherehaver'-I'aul 'Tern" offi' tin,'1 )UULL~ L/lkI~UIr] , J [ 1 ] ~!~, Colo. arc visiting this lheld Friday afternoon at the ceived word that Mrs Jack]~ . , pm cm g. [ at the home of Mr. &l Formoso Community ChurchGav)n' of Mesa, Arizona,' us-I t~una~, was in Hillgrove ] MI~S, Joe I~sRins. i with Rev. Paul Temple of- -' ..... + "~',; ........... r~ I cemetery, south of Formoso. I ~, ~ = ,. ~ ,, ., ,m * Mrs. l~is Bowles spentlficiating. Mr. Patrick died ce'nt~y"~Th"eJG'avins'arefor-ISing,ers were Wybern Ber-] ~]Vl]Fl~j[']~|][l f~|~|] ~ l l "at, the home of Mr. [ la~e Monday afternoon at the ............... ~'~r ~rmo~o residents I Mrnemng" nnWaraHur .... rml(1, Jr.,rs 'I w 1 ~LltU Lit I. UlLPl ~ * lu~Mrs, Raldo Hale in Ran-[Veterans Hospital ih Grand Mr and Mrs. Leonardl...s. Lmn a, aria M ~';I and visited Mr. and Mrs. I Island, Nebr ..... '~" " ..... n" ' ~vmton tmara, accompanmu ,, ~,)mple, t~)noy t aro a aI ........ , ...... Quick of Mountainl Mrs. Vernie Emigh was a ~'" n " S ith Field oy Mrs. ~ruce nowlana.~ ' ~@~z~ ...... ~nerma ot m ' " ' N( ~~'~--~ ........ : ........ American Le mn Post ). l'ave, Me., who are,house[dinner guest on Monday of Nebr were Saturday after- , .... g , . . ] ,llm of Mrs. Quick s par- [ last week of Mr. and Mrs. nee " and ewnin uests of or vormo o conuuctea a) trots, the Hales. IHoward Appleby and a din- "-" n . .. ".- g. g brief graveside serviceI Mr wm R StuG~'r W'~S a Mr and Mrs Gus Hallgren., ." .'.. " - " : ,, I MX. and Mrs. Wendell In-[ner guest on Tuesday of Mr. Mr._ ana... Mrs._ :';rrea ...... lammer. ~unaay" " winter" at the' Steua," ana Mr. aria Mrs. rma teas- Patrick h(;me. 1 II I II I gren, Patricia and Peggy of ........ Courtland were Sunday din- Relatives from out of ,d ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. town attending the funeral of Elmer Patrick were the -[A ATED EAST OF STATE IIIGIIWAY BARN ON ItIGHWAY 36, MANKATO, KANSAS NOW OPEN Fort BUSINESS FULL LINE OF GROCERIES Walter Grimm. Afternoon vi~it()rs were Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Farlee and Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Farlee and fam- ily of Republic. Mrs. Etta Young was a Sunday afternoon caller at the home of Miss Sarah Baird and the home of Mrs, Stella Patrick Mr. and Mrs. Henry Piper and son moved Sunday from Salina to Beloit. Mrs. Emily Dunn of Cim- following: Mr. and Mrs. Ver- non Patrick, Jefferson City, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mar- ble and family, Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. Rex Patrick and family, Creswell, Ore.; Mrs. Wm. Armstrong, Long Beach, California; Shirley Patrick, Lincoln, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. George Patrick, Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs. AI- meda Dick, Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs. F. L. Stut.~man,, Guide Rock, Nebr.; Mrs. Wilma Woodside, Superior, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Glen L. YES- WE'RE TALKING DEALS NEW OI,DS & P'ONTIACS IN STOCK 1966 - t966 - t964- 1962- I961 - - t962 - 1961 - L960- 1957 - ............... ['954 - 963 - Toronado Demo., with power ,and air Delta 88 - 4 dr. with pr. and air PONTIAC Station Wagon, with power & air Chev. 4 dr. Chev. 4 dr. - 6 cyl., with st. trans. 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