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June 23, 2016     Jewell County Record
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June 23, 2016

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8B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday. Juno L~. 2~16 Four Ways from Northbranch By Erma Diilion A week ago, most oftheGillett (hm came to Sam mzd Alyoe's home for their Christmas in June celebraUon. Are/ring on Thursday were Cody, ~anell. Bryce. Clayton and Bryal ~ Brassfield, Phoenix, and Marcia and Allison Gillett from Mirmesota. Fn- day.-~'ott, V ic IOri~h Makayl~,a~d Cade L' -Ecuyet, Valley Center, David, A~- turan, Logan. Addysen EaLston and Larson Gillett, Bennington, and .[on, Caz~c A~:lrew and Jacob Boaebrake, Topeka, alJ arrived. Brett, Beth, Lily, Claire and Wyatt Walk~ and J im,Kim, I~reck and Jezrod Gilletl joined ~mm fur s=pper. Then the Jim Gilk-lts left for Goddard where the boys were play- ing MAYB basketball. Sam, the Brassfidds and Logan went to Glen Elder to watch Ross H~t~n play base- ball. After the game they attcam back for homemade ice c~.am madeby Beth. MaR'm and Allison. Saturday. John, Marcia, Rosg and Luke Hutson, Downs, joined the fans~ ~ly hn Chnstm~ dinner and their girl ~chan~e. Lois of ball was played plus much time was passed swimming that day. Sunday, the family was p~sent for the haplism of Wyatt Walker at the Eshon UMC, The whole family was present ['or dinner plus Terry and Marlen Walker. Mimw.apo[is, and the lira Gilletts who were hack from bas- ketball. Thm evening the annual fish- ing tournament and wiener roost were held. Addy~n caught the first fish, Mo ~t of the children caught a fish, Lily even got one with her Ba bie fishing pole and Cade gm a tadlmle. Autumn. Senti and Jan didn't get to go as they had to get home to go to work the next day. Monday after lunch David leftto go home hut Logan and Addyson stayed for more time with cousins. That evening Sam and Alyce,Logan and Addy ~+n. t+ity, the Brass fields, Carrie and boys. Marcia and Allison, Kim and boys and Victoria and children ,~ ent to Mankaa~ t<~ watch L~ke's ball team play Rock H/|is. "r~ Bras~,fields~utd ViLloria headed 1or home I~n Tuesday Bryce had an AII-',IAr game In play in this WL~k MarL,a and Alh,~m [ell early Wednes- da) 1o get hontc m time for Allison's ~otthall Laame. Came t+~k [ ogan and Addy~,Lm home wnh. her Andrew had a g,'$11~ t)lat evening "lht~ r, An am,icing family that knows how h~ cclehrale! Hats off to Sam and Airca h~r etlakiEg this s0.ch a memorable tune t+,~ all. .N~.~.rll~n .L~[t .'~ "~'kMIL'd q~ne f~t hP high ' 1|I ~,] L la',~ rrl ate,", ( Hadv~, MiLler. Behul Jan Cole lind Kciron l|alh.'~', frlcnd~ loath (;wdu RID&Ik. came I,LI ~I MI al the h,mnc <~" John and Frma DLRon ]ast "l'ue.~ay af[crmmn. They had plans Iw| e b flffe to con|e u vcr hut ix~'an~ t+feither muddy mad s errata they were heM I an I t<~ come. The women rei~',rted a fun attemo0n vi~iling, reminiscing and ~,haring family SlOn ~. When Pat aud Jan owned and , the re~ahs of hay|rig a ptece of art m Ahiicne |n Salina last Monday. Fnmt displa)-, maybe in a yard there they tm~k Sam ttr Hutchinson su l a. ,l Wt~esday'was the qua.ncdy he could attend Space Camp in H-u~,- meeting o[ the Je~ell County Conser- Ion. Te~.as. '.'al~t>t'z Board. Attendin~ from our di- Holland, Irma (Kennedy) Fogo, Joan (Lamb) Broeckerman, Sharon (Bal~) Pack, (fmnl row) Burdette Callaway. John Frost, Fre~ Shook. Clair Sloan, Iva~ Frosl, Glenn 6artley Jr. and Dawd Miller. tee|ion wc!m Bretl Walker, board mem- her, Dwight Frost, county commis. si0ner, and Chad Simm [ink, board n'~mblgr. T~ meeting was in Mankato. Usa,dly when someone says they have been m Keamey you right away ~k,"To the doctor?" But that was not the case Wednesday when John and Lila Frost went that direction. It was a CabeHa's day. At noon Friday, I0n Shipley jo ined cous ins, B arhara Brian, and ~r dangh- te~, Amy and Angle, Ft. Worth, Texas. and Mary L~n Lanin, Smith Center, for lunch together in Smhh Center. They were a]] interested in the activi- ties at the Highy Cabin. Thttr~ay. Beverly Frost drove her mother. Beth Jeffrey. Superior, 10 Wlchila where they visited daughter and s|ster. Debhie Platt. and la.mily. Virginia Alexander helped in the loading ufa c~mtaincr Wed,he,flay and 5~tu rday. The container will be sent io 7 ~mbia with ilems needed in that coun- t-. Friday night, lone Shipley was a gue,;t of her daughler-in.law. "J'e~esa 5hipley. They aLt nd d a mother- daughter event at the Thornberg Ch~trch. A woman from Beloit was the guest sl~aker. Last W~dn ,~lay. this wnter was shocked and saddened when she re- ceived a telephone cal~ saying her sis- Ier. Beth {Topliff). Hardy had died. PJeth was born SCpI. 7-6. 1928, toG]enn and Hamet Topliff at Howard. When she was probably three years old+ the family moved to Jew tl County to a farm south of Mankato Beth starled school in M ankato. Daring that year ia March after Granddad Top!|if' s death, the family moved to -~uth (d' b~bon where h~ had lived, Beth atte~tled Exbon scl'~ds both through grade and high school and graduated from Esbon High wieh the Class of 1946. After graduating she went to Wichita ta work, tt~n to Dodge City where she met Robert Hardy. She ar,M Bah married and made their home in Greta Bend nmil the~ di.~xwered their oldest son, Lon, was allergic Io ~he grass around the home they owned. T)~y moved to Longmont. Colo. bought a lmm a n,d rai~d their family, consisting of a daughk~-r and three sons. l~oh dit'd many years ago. Beth c,ntinued to Eve in their home. She worked many years at two different ~obs in I.~mgmont, She was a -,~cre~ary and a ~.mkkt.~per and was an active person. Until recent yea~ she walked fi~,'e miles a day, belonged to two aerobic ~ezci,'~ groups, I~lh was dedicated to the Chnstzan church, Her boys were all ministers, Her daugh- ter never ~' <1 as a minister but was qualified. Only during the p~st months [12<[ It ~'en neces.~ar) t,r her to move into an A%',l~ted iix mg i at|lily. After OLIr parcn|s ~ r gone i dtdl,i+l s my ~i~ter often, hut a~ you all ks.w, [ will Ir|dv 'miss h, et. ":Guide Me, (] Thou Great Jel"a~- Gnmting eve~ne as they Arrived at the E~hon Linned Me|ht~disl Church Sunday morning was Roger Underwood, lance Kriley and Wanda Thummel were at the piano and organ, Li[y and Clair Walker assisted by their mother. Beth, were the acolytes. Do- ing ushe~ duty were Roger Underwcw~ and Gale Burgess, Lane Undez~'oocl assisled Red Rose. lay pa~lor, as com- nmnion was ~rved The days a~- nouncemeals included the fact that vacation Bible school will be at the Mankalo Chdstian Chun:h for chil- down three years of age m sixth grade and will he in session from June 20 to June 24. Also ntentioned was that any- {~ p[anning Io prepare shoe h~es should hring them in sx'~n An update on Scott Marihugh's condition tom of the signs, which have given the family some eneoaragemenl D~ring chi|dren's time, Rod gave the girls play dough and asked them to make a ctmkie and a pancake. He then told them lha~ G~ wants to mold us ax they had done on their project s Alyce Gdlett in her spee ia~ read devot lens ~at eouid be compar~ t~ living life asa farmer, how we will reap a harvest if we don't give up, Rod cht~e "Elijah Runs For Htg Life" as his ~mton title and read ]8 verses from ] Kings 19 [or scrip- tures. EItjah did run. An angel a.rn'~'ed and directed him as he was given or- ders on what he was to do. We 'an see God also work in our live:~, bul -~ome- limes we refuse to follow hi~ n~ets. Fellowship followmJ the church ser- VlOgS, "Rock of Ages Cleft for Me." Megan Frost and Lindscy Underwoo~ stayed lhe weekend camp ing out at the lake. Haley Klusner and Brett W~itham, Eslmn. were married Saturday at the Chinch for Christ m Be[at| '~. tth [-.dg~ Marihguh officiating. Fant|l~ ni ln- bets here fi~r the weddnng stayed the night m Vera's house. Colleen Baker and Gale Bmges~ drove to Millhrd Sunday afterm,m where they slayed lite nighl with son. Wc~. and his family, Monday Ihev ~e~t[ into Lincoln, where Gale had his las[ maintenance chemo treatment. From now ,an it will only be checkups every three months. "Ihe many fathersahmg with eve(y- oneels could not have left th~ Village Caf Sand~y without being full and happy a.s they had eaten the barfer that was .served, We have passed alva|her FalheFs Day.'('he fathers ~d grand fathe~ sill[ 'living were probably ull remembered in one way or the ple in the United Slales duri%~ lh s'tuning de- cades wil] lead 1o L teatly ilu.'rc~-scd nceds for expaaded attd enh ancL~l puh- hc translxnlation ,erv|ccs,'" The quc~tiou |~ h,)~ ~ ill tcti~, no longer ahle Io dri~ c an auummbil ob. lain needed .~r ~-u.- -~. 12HONTH 12,000 MILE WARRANTY a continuum of care you may never have to ask, what if?. Because we have senior care and sewice options to meet VOl|r ttceds if they chattge. To learn more about our communhv9~J~n Sa~mal ltan+ Good + J AIFTER ALL R[BATES, ilISCOUHTS, AND INCEMTIVES WOMACKSUNSHINE 1"688"243"1220 , at," e.rory mend us on Facebooktor the latest deals! Concordia, Kan.