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June 23, 2016     Jewell County Record
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June 23, 2016

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7A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Tr=ursOay, Ju~e 23. 2016 Thufs0ay. Ju.e 23 2016 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7B Classifieds Phone 402-879-3291 or 785-378-3191 or come to 148 E. Third in Supedor or 11 / E. Main in Mankalo to place your ad. News publlahed in 1936 or before by nearby newspapera Tw~ shopli frets at Core;attila were put in log 'ha!as and set to work for five days breaking rocks. A crDwd walched the men work. Mrs. Frank Gubser of Superior did some quick thinking. She was doing tl~ family lata'Klty in the basement when the oil stove sFaang a leak ~ the flames were soon as high as die base- menl ceilir, g. She starled to tun 1o give the alarm whoa she chanted to see a garden rake in the comer. She grabi~d it. went hack and hooked the rake into the boiler full of water and overturned the boiler. The water qu ~hed tim, A man rashed into the bus sial!on at Hulchin~m just as the bus was ready tu leave. "Quick." he shouted, "Give me a found t ri p ( ickeC'"Where toT" asked fl~c ticket agent. To which 1he traveller replied. "Back here you big booh- Where do you think I would want m ~lOrr, to?" A bolt of lightl)iag struck the team of C.W. Evans whdc driving a lixlcr. hilling and kz|liag iastanUy the two insic~ horses. Apparently the two out- side I~rses were not injar~, Mrs, Tom Thompson saw an inter- c-~ling sight ~ a Ford automobile was chasing a span of runaway mules. She said hath parties to the race were [x~ea k- ing the Slx~d limit. About 60 men al~d boys were par- tlcipating in gum him!games near Falls City wlwu five bandiLs appea.red and held up the crowd. One 15-year-old Ia~y w~ ~ht*l and killed. Local DAR members attend meeting at Constitution Hall Three members ufdu: Des ice-Tohey ~ars DAR Chap,er attent~d the 12Sth Continental [ 'engre~s held al the na- tional i',c~lquarters of the Daught 'rs uf the An'~rican Revolultion, Cons|i- lotion Ilall, 1776 Pennsylvania Ave=, Was]~ingcoa, l).C Wednesday through Sunda3. The (-'Hngre~', w;~ under the ilit~c- ti.m uf l vml l:,rne~ Y,mng, pr~ident gela:ral ,>1' Ihe I)AR. This yvar win, ek.%tll~'n ),2ai ~.llh a n,2v. ~lllllH~lr~t- lion '["l~'mg VtffgxJl tiltlS' plata .-1,[lend.rag I~ the lo~.'al~.h,~91c! ~ crc R ltllt tli cha, chapter Irezt~utei aiid li l'1~,' fh.':l~2d stale i'e~l~lrar, ilrenda Do~lley, chapter registrar and honor- arb slate repcnl, and Rebecca Craig chapter vice-regent. The owning night was a it!bale t~ ~25 yea~s o1 service to An!or!ca I~rf~=iilttXt.I by the US Navy Band. The ad minL~l rat ion presented Io tl~ dangh- ler.~ a challenge a year ago h> [~rm~-rv,: tl'~ hnusc women huih so long ago and said. "'We mnsl s~.%'nlV mtr h~u~l for thC I-Ilillirc Bei~:aliuas- rl'tlis cainliiligii is lo ~tablish a p~mianenli) re~mcied fiind IO suplXlrl Ih pre,gervalllili anti i:llmiervalion ill' our ualiollal la,-'adquarter*s alchllc%'turc ~nd ~sto- rali~Hl of our histttric htlllll.- lid li.l iund, Ibf inlniediate rcsloralkni necvJs at Ih I)AR'-~ ('onslilUlion Hall." Meni~r5 z~[Kindl,'d i;i, ith an Dill- standing ph dge and conlribulions to 510 million for this hind. The organi- ,~afion also reached, the chal~enge of the official Guinnn.~s World Records to collcct the most l~ttets in milita.~ tx~l'~lnne] ill one nionlh w ith more than I tiO+0L~.l letters. Also several telcvi.~n pnigtaills and inovies lmve been filmed at the DAR headquarters including the HBO Series Vecp and the upcoming movie )+:ck/e starting Nalalie Permian. Bu ,~illL'ss ~ssions v,'e~'e hetd Thurs- day and Friday innming, with the elec- trons on Saturday "Fh =~tsdaynigllt was Ednealioa Award Night. the US Air Force Band o p.' ned 1h~, evening. "rh National Park Service received Ih President (io~ral' ~ Medallion Award.the BK=ud- *An%' inuMi2~.[ /.~t,rt.qr'.hroP,~, t~cciv+:d the ntertammem award, the rif|h throttgh c ig hlh gp~ ex,',~l] O, llil7M "lvtnnePs were I'~e~eni, alol!g with ti1 nalRmal DAR (;oc~ Citizen for 2IN h. the American h,stor'y scl~.~larshlp winner and abe Oul- standing 2(116 Teacher of American history award winner. Mary than $2411,tllKiin ,;ciu31atshil~ were awarded b)' the DAR. "l+h,t~day cl0se~ with the awards t~.)r the Nathmal OuL~landing lumor Jamie Ba~on. the Kansas rep~senla- live. was a finalist. Members werctcniiaded $283JXXl were given Io the lwo DAR ,schools and four approved DAR ~h~ls to help with education. "[)turulay afternoo~ Brenda Dooley were hoste.~ for the golden West Tea. Rc,~, idenlial, Agricutlural, & Commqrcial Tille Insurance -E'~nc, w E CI.L~in.g Tithz & Lien ,~,orche~Abstracts !deal Title ha+ the Naekolls Count)' dc,aln the IIc~,! winh.+r hul is'as u ing Jl-'w+tl (.'uuilty as a sunilUel li$1ill. Benj. Musscr shiplx'd ia 5<)cak'es II'roui Kan~s Cil)' and sent them ont to I1|~ l'ann. June wa,~ c~lf and delightful and l'oanty resld lll5 ,';aid th{: air Ich like Illounlaiil air. "ll~e 1. D. Robcaslm MerchamiIe Company ad~ i~2d in a quarter page adv~.~iseme,ll. "'Dtm'[ gel wet! You Mn'l lq,~xl to il! .~ MOp into our ~toll2 and Ilu)' a line nlnl~ri:lla. The) are jU xl tilL' thing tilr rain or sttttshille." NIt Middle Buffalo c.on-e~t,~iidcnl noted, "'h ha,~n'l rainc~d fill four days." .lane 19, IgbYi Late cherries were ripe and plenti- I01. "l'llc hiwn Iennis cluh had a lively iliU~tin7 with Miss Edit Kre~mer. S~v- eral new n]call31L'l-s were initialed with hilario.~ ceremonies. The hostess served ice cream arv.J cake. Mr.~. R. D. Jordan's liltl baby left t'+ul Ill" =i second story windo~iP and landed tin the groulyd The family 'a'aS nearly trighlcned out of 1hair ~nses and Iwo c~cto~ wCrc called nut. but zinc baby did not take much notice of the mishap. == Bees had done well and l;red J a'~es m.ak 20 pounds of nice honey from his gwarrn, The Se~lnth Day Adve~[isls wen~ I'~l~cing to hold Iem mL~tings on the grounds formerly occu pied by the Pen- te~ct~l tent. Corn plnwing, alfalfa haying and w heat "ha~vesling were all cam!neon at once making too many jobs for the fam,er. As a result there was a hig demand for help+ The caliihumpinn band was prac- ticing tbr the Fourth. l'~ly cam was arrayc~ in silk and lasse|s. Ari edilor noled, +l !tad ltlsl oul tin acctiunt of an irregularity in ltlc k>nd eleclion. .luue 7.t. 1917 Wheal harv ,~t ,~as set to l~gin m lewell Cuuniy and Laffer's store ad- viscgl, "Wear unionalls in harvesl 1his sea.son. Y~m+ll fiz=d they arc the one thing that will help you keep cool." Mr. C. Bruebaker purchas=d the c nlir line i+f K=hn ~:lcvalorS including lhc lille in J'ewc]l. Fra,tk Hall was It> I~ ltruebaker's .fewcll manager. Every ilew crop of bullheads takes Ib salll o h| bail and ar~ Callg hi lilt Ih ";alll old h(x)k. "l'h A II work Tractor man uf~'tuxed hy the Eteclric Wheel Company, Qaincy. lit was a roar-wheel tractor wilh 16 inch t~c drivers and a 4- cylinder melor thai pullc~l at 2.5 mil~s I~r huur. Thecylinders Ir, uJ hath pump and splash oiling system~. The Wn,~1 Branch Jnly 41h celehra- lii~n was ~pcctcd to have all the old 4th mUnls The ,a 'hedule called f,~r two gtx~d ball games, horse raL~-s, wres,- tting match, merry-go-round, acresof people, abundamce of shade, good drlnk,L~ water, h~nds a]] day, bowery dane,2 and address hy Alrn-d D~cki,ig of Manhatlan, Kan, 90 )-ears Ago Jliil I I+ 1926 Fly lz l IJinc had arrived, Guy' Blacker r~lumed frDin his va- cation In ('olor'~,do to build a new oven for II~ Wll~nl Bakery. h.tls~, Olive"l"cddc+ 1he Paladin: ~ch~ll leacl~,wa~ attending ~mnmer ~ch.x~ at Hays, The aunual C,I,C. Plonk- was held aL ]toward i-Zlwa~d' s grove. ]'he new U.f.C. Library at Jewell a as CXl'X:cling a s hipmcnl nf books a~d ptann 0 Z- he open Saturday allot. r~>ns. Annual library ca,d-< were sell- lug for $1 each, The Brunr~mcr Fitiing Slation was closing out ~11 4-inch tires. Itmc !8, [926 After tlieirFtstur=s went dr)', H, M. Whcc[e~ and S. D. Elye~ look ~hcir caulc "'onl Ior a ride." But g~x~ r,~ins mumcd and they changed thcir ideas aboul the caul b~iness.']'hcy bought ~hn: c~lo~ds finn1U~ droug hi stricken secti~nsof Nebraska and reputed Lheir [xmds were tramming rnll and the grass was good, By mstalliqg a sccund switch ,l became possihle [o serve Jewel: with eleclric power from either the Concordia or Lebanon power plants. Grandma Miles suffered a stroke tll- Brodstone MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Bmdstone Memorial Hospital is currently seeking to fill the following positions: Central Supply Technician - Experienced preferred, but willing to train ~ r~ght person Resptrato~ Therapist - RRT registration is preferred. o Nurse Assistant - Entry level Certi6calion preferred . RN/LPN C (Full.time) Floor posilions. ff you am a candidate interested in any of these positions go to our websit~,br0dstonehospltal.or~ or Contact; Jeremy Lilbell, HR Oirect0r 8red, tone Mem0dal hospital 1:'13 Box 187 Superior. NE 88978 402-879~A32 ext 274 paralysis and was ir~ crRical tend ilion. "[:'he )onia city dads played the kids art intcmsling game of baseball. "E'hc ki ts won by one poinl. 80 Years Ago )une 18, 1936 Cecil Smith was the night watch- man at Mankato. Highway 14 had been oiled and rocked b lwecn Jcwell and Bctoit, E. Obhlingcr drilled a well behind his meal markel to furnish water forhis ret~geralion plant. Newl Bas)' 's well drilling rig. which had been idle for s~veral years, was reconditioned for the job. A party was held in Maakato hen- oring ].P. Fair on his 931"d birlhday. Mr, Fair wa~ ~iiil ae[iv in the First Nalion~t Bank and had many other busincss interests. M~.~s Ota Marie Btoyle~ of Supe- rior and Mr. RaLph Stapleton of J ewell were married at BeloiL Mrs. Oninc SIIls calh: I on Mrs. Limon Rightmcier who, h~x'ause d.'l'h[mgh the price was thought Io !'~ low. il was I~i1 i than the previons )'ear. rl~e Kansas Slaie EmpIoymeniScr- vice planngd [o own an office in Je well o ax~i~l I'armers n~'eding eustotn cul- tcrs l~ hc[p wilh the 1956 harvesi. Alex Young, 79 ~+r Jamcslown. a carnival man tot 50 ye~r~ di~:d. "t~ Yt~lin~ i'lruthe[s lne/ry-go-roaud was a regular f Calu~c at Jcwell"s Old Scl- Ilers Celebration June 2 I. 1956 Hampton Boo!ann Iotlk ill at his ++turc and was hospitalized in Ctnlcordia. A n~ xm-day fire caused serious dam- ge tu the home of Mrs. M. A. A~II+ An enclosed hack porch was chafed and lhc roar damage ia addition to ,mnoke damage lhmughout the house. A large ham on ~ farm ~x:cupied by [.eRoy Fonlke was struck hy ligh|- rang and humed to 1he ground. The ham was located nonheas! of lewell ~ar the F2~si BulTal0 g'hooL "l'lle ~;lor111 had awakened Mrs. Foulke who saw the fire starling and. cali' d for help. Because of muddy roa~s, a If~CII~T was used to pull the township fire truck to Ihe farm. Neighh~rs hell~d ~nlove the animals and ab~ul 5(1 hules or hay from the barn. Al~cr being dosed for 13 ye,~rs. plans wer~ being made Io rcopea the Jewull C;,fe. Tlumgl, it cl.sc~l dr,flag WWII, t he cqaipmeni was in place and kept ready for u-~e A 8oogaar~ Supply Company .~mi- Irailer truck was wrecked and a Mis- souri Pacific frei~h~ train partially de- railed when the two collided where Highway 36cro~ed II~: tail road tracks. The a~'rd geraled truck loaded w ith dairy pto, dncls wag 11 route from Sabetha to Smith {:enter. The impacl ~railcd the firm nf [ht~'~ locomofivex. A railroad wrec;:er was sent from ALchison to terail the [0comotive aad Iwo cars. Because o[ w hem harvest, the base. ball .~ason was al a standslill rer f(I days. The wheat was yielding from seven its 15 bnshelg l~r acre. 40 Years Atlo Julu~ 3, 1976 A 4.000 sq~t~ fi~t boitding was constructed south of Mankato IO serve as the maiatenance shop and office for Hills, [nc, Employees wor~ing in the building inc|udcd Eleanor Hiils and Loretta Wil~m a-s bookkeepers, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hills and Jim Hills were al~ aclive in the business. The ferme H il Is )no o flh.x~ and mai~ lenance huii d- ing east o[ Mankato was sold io Boh Kadel, owner and manager of Y~mng and Cooper Truck Lines. The lruck line had seven full-l/me drivcr~ and two mechanics,/elf Pierce aad Kenn)' Relier+ ha-~'d at Mankalo, The corn- pan), specialize0 in Irar~Slmr~ing ca!lit- and sheep. The Hills family wa*, ~- Members of the Rock Hills Coach=Pitch 2 sohbafl team are (ba- k row, from left} Coach Nalalie Frosl~ Aaron Ur,~erwoo~, Eli Var~e, Col!on. McCutcheon, Cooper McDill, Mallhew Rice. Coach TonJa Unde~od. (Iron? row). Maddix Faulkoer, Ty Vance, Nelson Under, Chase Fogo. Tyler OeSpain, Whiltey Frost and (not p,ctured) K~bi Bowe rs. Members of the Rock Hills Litlle Girls 1 soltball ieam are (back row. kom left) coaches Nikk~ Qst. Palnck Faulkner, Bobi Fogo, Linclsey Alvord, Laura Shipman. (middle row) Faith Reined, Amber McDan~el, Valenoa W,ll,tLs, Kmsey Garsl+ Kadeigh Davis, Alexandria Fog~, (front row) Emma Alvord. Anlhia Faulkner. Cadence E ,n.~,a hr. Meih Oat, Sadie Greene, Laney Maser and (hal piciured) Savannah Cod. pareJi~g its Simmenta[ catLIc business. Aud~'y tiamillon was honored For 15 years of employntent at Ihc I~:al ASC'S ol't~c . Cliff Me, uric retia.xi as janilor lot the Burr Oak scho~ls. /une IO, ]976 Mull $chlolterback and Tim Gnu[die played Taps lot the Memorial Day Servk~ held al Mt. Holg" Cem- etery. Harry Swope, a meml'~r at tl~ Mankato High 5cilool Class of [907, wax Ihe oldest gradual 1o attend the alumni ["~.nql~t held al the arlllt~f)'. Mrs. [.~uie itasetneycr, Jr,was s~r,'ing as this newsr~per" s Olive Hi]l con~espondenL Today i~r daughter. Ro.scmary Ha~mcyer, is the Dlivc Hill orrCSl'Ull~ nl, One hundred LWenly alunmi and 55 gnesls afire'tried the Burr Oak High Sch~d alunmi banquet Clarel~e Fearing. ~;5, was piclu~'xl wearin$1be suil hC wore for his wed. diag 61.) years earlier and riding a hi- C}'cle tin Ihc Bnrl- Oak n|llin slreeL as pan ef the communily's Bk' nlenniai Ce:cbration 20 "~ t.a~ Ag, .iiule 13. 19"-,~r, MI. aild Mth. R~dx'rt { ~,lliil~ ,ln~l Mr. alid Mrs, Ra), i to~cll ~ e~c prepar- i Jig tt) ceichrat~ their gMdc'u Ivc~lding anmver~Lries, Ivy How]and. daughter of Ron and Greta Howland was preparing to pat- tivipate in Ihc Mis~ 'l'ccn of Kansas conlesl. ~Bike Acioxs K~U~a s r:dcr~ stripped in Ma~k~o. 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