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June 23, 2016     Jewell County Record
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June 23, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Public Notices (Firsl published June 9+ 2016 in the Jewel/Caunry Record) N04tet of Sate [n the District Court of Jew ll Cotmty, Kansas, Civil Depa.rt]neat. Federal National Mot'Inane Asso- ciation, p]ainliff, vs Micheile M. Thu~ton, et al, defea.d~mts. CM No. L~CV3 Pmsuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 Under and by Woe of tn order of sale J~stted 1o me by the clet~ of lhe District Corn1 of.lewel] County, Kan- sas, the undersigned Shariff of lewell County, Kansas+ will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at dm front of the cosrthouse at Mankato+ Jew ll County. Kaa on lu,e 30. 20[6. at 10:{X) a-re the following real estate: Lo~x Eleven (I I) and Twe[ve ll2L Bk~ck Two (2}. Original Townsite in City of Randall, Jewell County, Kan- sas. commonly known as 304 West Third Sl~t, Randall', KS 66963 {tim "Property") to satisfy the )udgmenl in the above-entit led ca~. The sale is to be made without appraisernent and subject to the ~- dempt+on period as provided by law, and further subject to tl~ approval of the courl, For more information, visit ~ww.South law .coat. Don Jacobs, sheriff /ewe]l Con~ly+ Kansas l~pat~ by: Snuthl,~w P.C Mark Met]or, 10255 245 N. Waco, Suite 410 Wichila, Kan. 67202 316-68,t-7733 316-.684-7766 (Fret) Attorneys fur Plaintiff (178103) 7 N -EZ 23-3c (FYrsr pub#shed June 9, 2016 in the Jewell Courtly Recordl No~ of Hearing In the District Conrl oF Jewell Counly. Kansas Case No, 20L6-PR~G9 In Ihe Matter of the F.~late of Karen S~ AIIphin, deceased The State <)f Kulaks to all pe~)n,~ concerned" Yuu are hereby notified thai a Peti- tma fiw Admission of Foreign Will to t~-obate ha~ lxr:n fik'd in this Ctmn by Patneia J Hi)earL an heirofKaren S~ AIIphin. deceased, praying that the fot ign wilt of Karen Sile Allphin, decca~d, be admitted In probate and ret.'on [ in l hiscoun: that no adnt mislra- tion of thL~ estate r, nocessary: that the w ill he cc, nsl rued; a nd thai the property dcxcrih~tl in that Ptqttml, Ix." assigned in accnrdam.c tx tth Ihe lenns of Iht will. You .w required I. Fde .~*mr V, lln ll dch.'~lsv~ ther 'l,rb OII Or I~l't~re l~Lll~, ~. 2[~t6. at Iq|.tX)a.m. ut ~u~ihday~ II) ~tlvh four! Ill Ihe CJ.t} OI Mimkalo, I1~. Jew-ell (.'om)l.y. Kan,:~s+ at Whlt'h litr~ and pla .~: .~uch cansewdl be heard+ Should you IaiL therein, judgment and det'n:c will be entered in due connie uDm the Pelilion. Pulricia J. Hogan l~o.itionet Harrison Law Office LLC Jerry l, Harri.~m, 7434 l~ Box 463 I25 North Mill Sttt ~et Heloit. KS 674211 Phone (785} 738-363tJ Fax (785) 73n-3640 Emai~=: harti ,~tmla~ ~ nckcn.com AIIomey |hr Pelili~J~|cr ZNI.~ 23-3c t Publi.~hcd J+mc 23, 201 , ia tin' Jc,tell C.untv Rec.rdl Notice mr Places and Dales uf Registra lhm Notice uf Clt~ing Reglstration Bm,k,~ for August 2, 21116 PrhtutD Elet'timt In ctmipliance ~vuh thc provi.~km~ pt-~t at Ihe Je ~ell ('ount~ Clerk'~ ()lfice+ 307 N Commercial. Mankato. Kal!s:i~, during rcgularvt ork- iU.~ hotlr~ [:1' I|u.~ courthtTu '~,: ,lfice~ At 4:30 p.t~t+ on die 121h day o1' JaN 2016 all regi~.traliun I~.;ks for IIle i+rilnar3 election will close at the.' old td regular hu~ines~ I~rs Kcgi~wation I-~;k~ i~ ill renu,lt~ cio.~d until the 3 d da? of Augu.s]. 21)10 A cau, en of the United Stale.'+ wh~ , I ,~ } car, of age or older ~ w ill ha~ ,matned the nee ~;l' [8 wars al Ihe ncxl L'le l~o~L mt~Crc~i,~l ~'ix, l t)re he t)r ~h Call '=4 )ll~ '. A,~ ]~.~r, orl may apply in IX.'r~m Hr bS' Ilhti] U;1 Ihe ruuilty election td - rice(h) be Fee b, lered. A pplicatit~II :~'~l'lltS ~h:lll ix" pn+~ Idcd b~, tile etmnCy elec- li~m ~d'l,ccr Ul~m request by ~;he appli- cant. I'.'acl~ appffcation nh:lll be signed by the applicant under penalty ul per- ju~ When u registered v,ter t':dls t, ~,-~.te ia two cons~'utive genera] clec- t~.nn~, such voter's name fia*,' he re- tat;red frout the r~g~slration bt~k~ and party at'filiatitm li~I-~. Such voter may re.register i,I on.ler ttl be eligible tu vole [n witness whereof.I h;ivc PIc~Ulttt: ~t my hand md ~:=t thi~ tSth day ~+1 June 201 O- Seal Carla J Waugh Jewell COUtlty ]:.lcctLon Officer ZN I'.Z 25- lc Thur~ay June 23.2016 I (First published J+me 23, 2016 is~ tl~e J~'well C'otmty Ret'ont~ In the District Coar~ of Jewell County, Kansas In the Matter of the Esti~t of Freddck L. Alexaiv, Jer, deceased (Petition I~rsuant to K,S.A. Chapter 59} Case Na. 16-PR-10 N~tit~ of lighting The St;tie tel' Kat~ to all persons ctmcemec~: You are utrtified thai a petithm It,s been riled in thb coon by Margie A. Alexander. :m heir of Fred~-ick L. Alexuylder. deceased, requesling that: die t~reign ~.ill =+I" Fredrick L. Alexander, deceased, dated Ma~h I i. 2009, bead mined topmhate and n~cord in this c~uR: no udminislrarkm of the estate is necegsaq,': the will be con- sttued, and tile [ollowi,ig Kansas Real Estate owned by the decede at, siluated in Jewell Counly, Kansas: The N erthwe ~t Quaner(NW 114) of Section Twemy-rive (25J, Township One ( I ) South, Range Seven tT) West t)f Ihe 6th P M Jewell County+ Kan- The Non~ast QuarleroflkeNorth- west Quarter (NEII4NWlt4) of Sec- tion Twenty-two (221, Township One 1 ) South, R ane-e Seven (7) Wen of the 6th P,M, J*.'well County. Kansas: "]'he St)u~h Half of the Nonltwest Quarter (SIf2NWtI4) and the North l~alfof the North I-|a]f of the South- west Quarter (N 1t2N 112SWI.t4) of Scctiurl Twcuty-eigbt {28), "]'tlw.nsllip One ( I. 3 Suulll+ Raqge Seven (71 West tff the 6th P.M Jewel1 County, Kan- sas: "]lie South Hall' of the Southwesl Quarter (Sl/2SWI14J 0f Section l"we,~ty-four q'24t. Township One {~) South. Range Seven {7) West of the 61h P.M, Jewell County, Kansas; and The South Half ~f the Soulh Half ~SIt2S112) of Seelinn [,:'iftecn (15). l'trwnship One I I } .~lulll. Range Seven (7) Went oflhe 6th PM +Jewell County, Kansas. IR' assi~IItM in ac t)rdaf~L'e with the.' tcr,ns of the will Y<;t: art~ ~q~fired to file ++'our ~rit+ te n detet~se~ to Ill=,' i)t,'t ilion oltor belc,~' Jute 18, 201Oat 10am . ill the D~.slrict ('nail in the city t~t Mankato. Jcwell Counly. Kansa ', at which time and place the caust' will be heard. Should you fail k) rile your written defense, jude n~'nl and decree wil~ be entered in due coursu upon the petition. Mar~ie A. Alexander Petitk+~v:r Suhmilttnd h): N,rton+ Wasserman+ Jones & Kelly, LI.C -' !3 .~t+utb Sant+'l Fc I'.(). B,x 2388 Sultan Kau. (+7402-238S 4755J 827-3O40 Fax (785) 827-0538 By: Caden I Bullcr S( #24~4 AIIt=nlcys for Petitioner ZNI~ 25,3 t f'Trxt f~tdHi.vht'd .lucw 23. 2o!6 i~t tht' Jcwc# C. o1" Iturr (b.lk. E~.~oII, ItarrLs{~|l. HLgldat|d. I Lollnwt K ~l. Wal nut and W h itemt,u+|d h~wnships will vt)te it, C~m|nunity ('e|l~ r. Bun' Oak District/~2, Resident, of t'cn. ier. Grant, Jackson. t.ilttest.tqle+ Moll- I:lna. Richland, Sinclair and Wm, hing- I~|; town~hips will vote iu the ~s~.'. ~x'n~ ~1 the Counht>u~'. Muakalo Ijisl riot ~3. Residents t;l'AIk:,t. Ath- Ctt~ f~rt.1~,~,llscreek. BuffahL (';l]'~'il~. Erxin~d hmia, Odes~.+l P~airie and Vicksburg Iownship~ will vole illl 1he ('t)luinut~lil~' Ccnler. Jc,v ll, 1 he hour.', ot voUug in all preciuct~ in Ihe tmnl.V will Ix' fnml 7"(X} amL I|~ ?:00 p llr tm the 2nd day of Aug|+~l. 2010. In "l e~,tin~.my Wheretd. ] herein ncl. utv h:md and cau e to be affixed my o fi'~ |al ~'at. done in Ibe cit.~ ~f M allr,alo IIIr', IS11! da'~ ~l' JU|le. 2I}1( Carkl J. '~'aug[1 Je~ue]] ( 'tIUill+;. ]i]ec|h ~ll tJft-[ccr Sea[ ZNI-Z 25-.~C 30M0Xt0 L f F+r.+t published J,ne O. 2016 ++I ~I .t~we[l COU~l~" Record) Nolk~e or H~ On Petition For Fiual Setllement in the Dislrtct Courl of Jewell Ct|u.qly, Kansas Case No, 2014-PR-~ In the Mailer tffthe Estate of Donn G, Toptiff, deceased ]'he State of Kan-,~, Io all persons concel~led: Yeu ate hereby notified that a peli- lion ttas been filed in said court by Dwight Danids as ex.et:utor of the will and of Ihe estate of Donn G. Topliff, deceased, asking for final selllemenl of said estate; for settlement anti al- lowance oFhisa count a~executor: for approval afall acts and proceedings of sm.'h executor; for compensaliol~ for him and his attorneys: for a detetraina- lion of the heirs, d~v Lsees and legatees of the decedent; for assignmcnl 0f the assels and property of said estate to those entitled thereto; and for all other proper re|ieF: and you are hereby re- quired to fi, le your written deletes thet~lo on or before July |, 2016 at I 0:00 a.m. of said day, in said court, in the City of M~kalo+ Kansas, al which Um and place .~id cause will be heard Should you fail therein, judgment and decme will be enlcred in due out~ upon ~id petition Dwight Daniels as Executor of the will and of the estal of Donn G. Topliff, Deceased Attest: John L. Bingham (Seal) District Magi+trale Judge W llmer-Phillips Law Office P O Box 303 Mankato. Kansas 66956.(1303 (785)378.3172 Attorneys for executor ZNE Z 23-~ ~'/"i'F ~./published J~mc 2.<, 2016 ht the District Ct~u~t t)t Je~etl Courdy. Ka~:sas In the Mailer or Ih f~,~tatc of ('bar- loire C, Wa]ter~, deceased ~Petititm Pursuant to K.S.A. {'hupter 5q~ Ca.~ No, |6-PR- I I Nolia, ,f Hearing The Slate tfl Kat~sa~, to all wr,~m~ ~Oll~eITicd ." You ;try tlo~|lit'd Ibal ii Ih?l i[ioU h~~, ]~L' I~ filed ill ihl'~ ~.'our[ hy N[arlall lt|t~e {?, Waller, dt '~'asi.'tl, requ -~tilt Ihal: the [|~rei+~1 ~, ,11 ~q ('t,;+rk~ll (" Waiter% dcce~ed, tJdCcd ALt~L~t I. 2{ 107. I'~.+~.Ld|11iiled t~p0n, h,|h: ~klt~J ro.'~-rd In this CC, U~" [ltl adi:l~iitu~,ll~,|[ItHI Ii.l' Ih{" esla~e iS 1|ec~ssa~t.: Ihe t~ ill ~," ~'o||- ~trt|ed. :lnd the I~,liowing Kmlsas Real I-:Male ~;~x ned by the decede||~ ~it uat~'d iu Jcwell ('oumy. K;Irlsas: A~l undid, ideal onv-I:=.alf t 1/21 inier- csl in tile Nortll+ csl Qaa~+r i NW 1/4) ,f Sectit~n Tw e ate-six (26), `]'tw, n~hip O|w. 41 ) South, R;|n f e Six 161 West of the 6th P.M Jewell Ct~un~y, Kansas: An u|'Jivided one-hMf (I/2) in~er+ e~t ill the Nonhea,t rQuaner (NE I/4tt|f Se titmTwemy.~cn 127 I.`]'~w,tship ()lle { I ) Soutb, R~Jtig<.' Six (6) West of the 61h |).M Jewell ('I)UlUy KaTl~as: An u|Mivided ~:e-half (112)iil~er- est in ~he North t lalf of II1~ NtlrlbeaM Quarter tNI/2NE1/4.= of SecLio+| Twenty-iw|~ {221. *r~w,+|l.~hip One ( 1 ) ~|ulh. Raii/~e Six {6) West t)f II1 (~h P M Jewetl COurtly'. Kansus: alld An u|ldwided ~me-huh ( I/2) inter. e~t in the N~r~beast Quaner ~ NE I/4~t)f Seclit;|t thin,v-four <341, To~.n~hip One [ [ ~ South, Range Six ~ 61 Wexl td Ih+? (;111 P.M Jewell (.'oal~,ly, Kaln, as, be a,Niglled in accordaltCe ~itll the wrnt~ -f Ihe will, Y~+u are required m rile your ~rit- tt~I| dt.'t~" H ~4.'S It+ tile pelithm <~r| or Ix' I't ~,re July I ~. +O I(). al !0 a ln. it1 the ])i~triet ('t,un, iu the ('it), t~t Mmik;lio. Jet, I'll ('otnll~. K;~.n~:l~. at t~hich lhlle aJld PI;~cc lIlt-" ~-'au'~e 'q, ill Ix" beard. Should ~,'|,u fail to l]h: ++.'our %rittt.'n ~t'fen.~'+~. iUd~lllellt alld decree '+,i3 ~ IX' enlcrcd i|| due c~urne ur, r,n the I"~titi~t Maria,| V. Wal~m. Pelilit|net Submitted by: NC;-nt)U+ Wasseri|q21!~ Jt!ues & Kelly, LLC 213 Sonlh Sallla [;e P-(.). ~o~, 2385 Sathl~ K;II~ 07402-2388 t 7851827-3046 I:~x 1785 k S27-053g ztbq, nw3klzw.c,m By: ('aden I Butler St" ~240(r4 AItnn:eys for Pelilioner ZNEZ 25-3c Passports5 Photo Supedor Publishing Company t I ~ E ]1'111~I %Fx.nor. Neb 4~2-~;~-3Z~1 $23,9"/0" Garages I Hobby ~hop~: Agrlcult4ral - Equostnan - C,-omn~tcr~l JL:NI 23. 20i0 Post Rock Answers 8y Neff Catty, Port P oek Exte~kna Dur|ng dry years, ammoniafin.~ wheal straw has been used as a subsli- tute fiirage by many to fill the void of ttad[Imnal grass hays. E~'en in wetter years.ammoraating wheat straw sl~uld still be ronsidtred as a va'ftlahJe fgt."d SOtltC~ tor your cow herd. It is a great vompliment to a balanced rali0n. F~s- peciatty when mixed with ~,dage and by-pie, ducts such ~ dixtL]le~s ~rains. What do i need zu kJ~,~t, ab~lt mn- n|on iati+| g sr ra w ? First off+ let's talk about the cbeutt- cal process TreaIment of wheat straw with anhydrous ammonia |~ ~t rela- tively simple process 1hat enhances the digestibility of low.quality forages by 8 10 15 percent and mcrea ~s forage imake by 15 to 20 pe.~e/ll When the anhydrous ammaniu comes in contact with roughage, il combine~ wizh the n~is~ure in the roughage ~) h~ml am- rr~nium hydroxide. Plant celt walls am made ap ofcomptex cart~hydrates eansisting of three primary compound ~: cellalo ,~ hemic llulose and lignin. Ammoniu~ hydroxide is an alkaline compound that ~lubilizes hemicellu- lose by b~akiag chemica~ bonds hold- ing lignin ar,d hemic llnlose togelhe~ and partially hreaking dnwn the slruc- ture of cellulose b,y disrur~ing hydro- gen builds. This reaction cau~ a swe I1- ing of tlu~ fiber and allows cellulase (the enzyme ~p0nsible t~r celh|lose digestion) better access Io the liber for digestion ICht~rch, 19~8) Now that we have had a chem|stz3. les~on, it's time to discuss ~!nre im- [x)rtanl considerations, Suaw is lhe peffe l candidate for amntonia~ion be. cause of its tow nutritive value. For- ages above 5 percent crude protein and a5 percent TDN (toIM digestible nutri. eats; should nol be used. Toxic com- pounds can form if higher qualily tbr- ages are ammonialed. The straw shotdd be clean and mostly fn~e of weed , The sile selecled should be rela- tively flat and well drained. Anhy- drm~, alnlnonia ~i]i rl~nelt-'a~[ the gr|~tmd ~n which the stack in It~cated. etfeclwely sterilizing the rote ~, be t:uuh,us t)l your sile ~locl|on. A hght t L I iage oft he st a<." k site is recommeltded prior tc, .slacking In rfiinimlfe the long term e[l ects. %f possible pick a ~,ite storey, hal protected from the wind. B~]es sl~tdd be stacked in 3 x 2 orientation if they are six feet in diant- eler ot 3 x 2 x I ca~ be done if the bales are 5 feet in diamevzr. MakinB each ,+Lack t 4 to 15 balex June. depending on bale ~i~. works best for the plasl,c ~izesavailable. Best reSU]tSOL'Ctlt when thene aue aboal 3 inches between the bate~ within each row to faeililate movemtn~t of Ihe anhydrous ammonia through d'~e stack In order lO apply the appmpriale amnttnt of ammonia, it is imporl~r|l t{| make an accura~ determination of the roughage ',vetghl Weigit al leas~ t uve large hales m ~rder to get a g(w,d mdi- cation of average weight Also. esti- mate roughage moisttme eontem he- cut|~ the amount of anhydrous ammo. ni~ applied is based on a dry matter (DM) b3 ~i,For e~anlple, wheat suaw with a 10 pe~'eEtt u~oiMUre content has 90 percent DM which equates to i +~(X) pounds of DM per ton of ~traw Nexl you need to calculate the amount of anhydrott~ ammonia to be applied. Thehislorieat application rate Of~ 1 percent an)tydtous ammonia on a DM basis of weight eflhe stagkequates to 60 pounds pet ton. However re- search done recenlly across the stale has indicated that ffeclive resuhs can accomplished from rmes as low as 1,5 percent per ton. Ai.~: con~iderhow to regulate the treat antaunt of a|nmo+ nia applied. One option is to calculate the lotal amount of anhydrous ammo- nia nettled per stack and order a lank that contaill.~ that exacl analunt.The ammoniashould be applied slowly (no more than 30 pounds of .~mmonia per minute). 6 nil black polyethylene plastic is recommended to curer the ~tack be- canse it is more resislan! 1 3 ultmviolel light deterioration. The most common size available and rect)mmended For Uhe iS a 4(I-~"CKH X .r(x).|ta)l fhe t. Be careful aol to te:lr Ihe plaslic while covetmg. The stack shouM be mini. ii Pa3me Paslure Clea Pasture tree clearing Post hole driUing General din or lol work Snow femurs/ R0dney Payae, 785,$4~.~141 ,( Inst~lJatlon WeatherWrap Insulation ~" (2)9x8 Insulated OH Doors e an~ a~ ~,=. ,( i1} 3* 9-Ute Ent~ Door,i . --.- i. '4" {2) 3~3 Instt|att~l Windows ~ 4' Waln s(: -tinl~," i " ;1' ~" 12" Vented Overhang , ,+ co,=, aoo-s/4-11Ha -; -, , ~~~. TnursOay J~,r,e23 ?0~ It)red dutmg d~. ['K~ e, .~|ld all h~d ', patched to minill~,!/ tl|e ~c;?e of ammonia (duct tape v, df ~1 }It~Ut ~ friend for this). To make the'~tack a|r lighl, leave at ~easl Iwo to tl't;ex tcel of plastic along the edges and pile al least one Foot of dirt around the entire stack+ The length of time required for lhe slack tt)rema/n sealed depends on tem- perature. At lempe~l!l~e~ around 8|) degR"es, lhe Ireaimetll will take aboul two WL'~k~. The 1J0eatmcnt prc~u~.s can be completed in approxitnat ty one week whet~ 1emperatutes average 100 degeees. Keep the straw coveted until a few days prior to feeding. Ammoni- ated slraw takes on muistu~ more readily and is more ~sceptible to spoil- age than tmtreated straw because the fiber has been p,xrlially broken down. Ammonialing low qttality forages is a great way to increase your Forage THE SUPER+OR EXPRESS 5B t 'am r |rt)nl W~.z||ego [.o attend chun:h !n Jewell and ~,hare [;at.h~.Ir'S Day with Joha and I,Inda W~.~n)er L:rosly, Kerma and Rachel Cmuse attended Larry Haske|l's birthday pic- nic ia the lewell City Park Saturday evening. It was Larry's 70th birthday. The picnic aisu celebr~led lake Haskett's 3,7<,~ male h~ ycle tide com- pleted during lanuary+ February and Match. Randall By Fawna Bar~tt Seuior Citizen~ will have U I~+tluck dinner in ll]e ehttrch ba~ment on Tues- day. Wheat h~rvesl has started in this area. Report ~ ate the grain is dry and has a good test weight. supply, Wheat straw can be on~eaed Mar'/ Ann Kibbe and her skier, into the mltdliv quality of prairie hay Ruth Eastin. s~ayed the weekend with through ammoniation+ For a detailed KaraandI,ucasKentarMl~ys in Kan- instructional video of this process, [ ~s City. Sunday, they attended their recommend searching "ammoniating sister. Manlyn Niemeyer's, final wor- low qua lily forages" on YouTube. ship service ar+d a r tixemem dinner in T 11 jeweu sr Ro .a Hold.ten Carl and Mar~ha Kna]r attended a Calmly reunion during the weekend at O age Beach, Mo. A memorial service was held Satur- day I'or B~,ll Stapleton. Bill g~w up unread Monm!se and graduated with the Class td 1963 from Jewell High Schtx~l, ["lag Day. June 14. Rachel Crouse alzd her parents Kerma and Frosty, held Ihelr ulon|hly pnny Ul the Scoop, Kcrtna gave an inl'orntative talk almul flugs and their history, Several differ- eat flags were on display. Bob and Pal W/iImeth displayed a larL.zU flag IhaL had flown o~er Fort R!ley (a new one is pnl up everyday al Lhc tort I. Rachel atlJ her mother had made Ilag CUp cakes. There ~,cre 45 people unending Ihe event. ~,~eral of II't,t,m weanng red. while and hlue. Anumg those atlentl- It~, were people froln Nehra ku ]-hLIchmson and Manhattan. Oite can'1 say enough good things Ior the panle~ that Rachel and her pa~'nl~ do namthly A funera'~ I or Maxine |.ooltl=i~ McCt!ne wus held Mo|tday Maxi|',e lived in the ruin1 Jewett area pri(~r to In4wln~ I'D Bek~il. She graduated with Ihe ('lass of It/37 I'n;m Jewell Rural High Scht~t)L {'l gn~LIp fronl Hilttop Lod, ge wen1 fishing at Lake Emerson on Hag Day A }ewcl! woman ++aid she knew she was gelling tfld as she enjoy~ Inking her teeth om and bra offulxm returning home from work. Hobby Hanson entered the Mitchell Cotmty Hospital Friday. Word was received that ILene Owen McCune was in an automobile acci- dent and is in .~rious condit~o~ in a Wilchila hospital. Joyce Nichtfl.~on retil~.'d from the Sewell grocery store Friday. She will be !nl~ ~J. Susan Dalrymplc Gorehan!. Pinevil~e, O~ died I:[~- April. Susan was formerly from JewcJl and gra~u. uteri with theCla ot 1973 frtrm/ew ll Rural High ,%'hoot Cindy Traump l:ta-~ pu~ha.~d the former We~tey Green house on I)elware Street. ~.'indy calls her new hOtile "'Tcaunlp 'l-t)wers.'" Pastor .~ i m, A lU y and M art hew Rice left Friday for u vacaLton m Hawaii. The 2016 wheal harvest has began. Jo'lUl St~ber bt~mghl Ih~ first k|ad of wheat in to Iheelevator in JewelL Jan McColluagh and her grandson Kccg~n piret'orlned a vt~.'al duel for t~e oft-etl.ury al "frini'~y United Methodist Ch~ffch SLInday. Linda Wt~rner pre- -'rented a video tribule to duds as a special numl-~r. Roy and Amy A.rasmith were Sat- un.lay ewuing supper gucs-~s of the Bran Arasln/ths ill Boloil+ Saturday evening Ruth Haskell held a party in Maag Park honoring Larry Haskett for his 71)th birthday and lake Haskett for compleling hi.~ bicycle ride front Califi!rnia lo Florida. Friday evening several t~nt Jewell ~ttended thepl~y"Singing in the Rain" at the Salina Community Theater. Wayne, Chalee and Jordyn Brats her h~r~r at the United Methc, di~l Chtwch where she has served as their lm.stor for several ye~ in Misst:uri. Lasl weekend, R~ger and Jan M Co]lough and all o|- their families. Joan.r~ and l~n Allen and tl~lr t~mi. lies, Bob and I~1~ Abram, S|~X~y .Doll and Dalton Del/eil and Dan Bates" pa~nlx camped at t.xwewell Lake, J inl and Sharon Abram joincd them each day. The*/kept four boats on the ~ atcr ntosl of the time dunng thp, ir~.nual gathering. Ko gan Cfider is v i iting at the hi Sly of his grandparents, Jan and Rt)~:cr M Collough. Elaine l%te~ went to ()uaga I++~1 Wedn(::~<.l~y aJtd .~layed tM night w|Ih ~}sie and J+D, Bt~s~, Thur~t-v mr|n1- lug she played l~)[i| i'Llnerat ~td-acct qn- partied Rtrsie. II1 X.lt~alist. She r~tunloJ hmne that afternoon. Deh Hurley has been in Wich~tix ~i~ su|ne time as her utother, w h|~ had been ill, died ro.'ently. The I--~trl I)unxta,~, family b~out.'ht pizza SIinday tO the Clifford V~ ite~" home a~ they celebrated l-'-al her'-, Day. .~,k,v t=.ral other faat ily me mber~ altended. Keri Barber viii'ted her parents. Man! and Wayne McEImy. last ~eek. She ttxtk her ~ 1ns, Kohy and B~'ce. home with her far the rest of tltc %tl!It- IYler Trevor Henningscn and hi ; friend, Taylor. ~tayed Friday and Salurday with his grandmother+ lady Zimmer, and visited Opal McE~n+y, (~ 1he way horne,1]'~y nlel Rnger 7Jnlmer ixt B,eloit for snacks. Alya and Nick Kc~etlche!. l|ank and Hanna K|||nmur. F~thel' a.nd Emnta. Charles and Della Houghttm. had a F:Iti~(s Day supper al Lhe home <,i R()ger and Bonnie Hougblnn Salurday evening De~,la and Alya prcpared the meal The Kummerr, sl:|yed the mghl. t.zrry Behrend~ stayed a few days in the Mitchell Cmtnty Hospital lasl week. Sunday. |:awna Barrett ~ellt It; the David lu~,d Natalie w~ ht~me I=~ help withchihhenand harvest meat', .~lc!,e Barn:It .~ta,' d .%Ul)tlay ant] Molltl~.ty h~lpIBg a~l~. Paru -arna By Fuwna Barrett July weather ILt June Day~ ~ I'~'ll temperalur~, rt ~a!lllg tt; near and honer than 100 d~gr(' n. (Jrotuv, I Ix.~comlng hardpan, The hoe I~)~n~e~, t,t| the ",oll in neat open spt,l~ where the Si.hq ['|as baked the ground e~er >o dr).'. L :=zge cracks zigzag, thnaugh Ihe d!!l. Clouds total occa~iona'Lly and ~1" spite the Wel wealher f|n'eca~t, nt)l a drop ofrai~ falls, Wheat ripens! |:lug,- ers droop! Heal i~, inlease fr<:m z|ud morning to ~ater evenmg Yd+ Satin- day morning, it was ctn,1 liar a icy, hours |f July ishotter.thistonnto' is in Irouble +'Ext, ess of grief for the d~d is mad- hess: forit isan injur~ tothe living and Ihe dead know it trot," Xenophon "Grief is the agony of an mstanl; 0re indulgo! e of Brief the blander of a life " Benjamin Disraeli At Hays Municipal Park ,tit Hays, K8 Thursday. June 30 * 9:30pro " Ma, ddie & "rue Friday, duly I 9:30prn * Blue, Hawk Saturday, July 2 * 9:30pro * Warrant 15 One $15 Ticket ig your pasa tO all eyefuL=. ," I1~ LI. -1 ]rickets availab4e at I * m ~ , WWW, wild weRt|estlyal+ c,m t Idonday, July 4~" ~0 p.m. * Fireworks Displ~ ++