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June 23, 2016     Jewell County Record
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June 23, 2016

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3A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thuts0ay. June 23, ;2016 Picnic held to honor 'Gunsmoke' actor attends event, By Kerma Crou~ On Saturday, m~ than 50 people g=t~ in the/ewel! City ~ far a picnic to celebrate Lan'y Heskett'sTOth birthday. But it was al~ to revie w and celebrate Jake Haskett's. "The Ride.'" "q'he Ride" beN as an idea at CmssFit in ReloK wl'~re Jake I-inskell v,~rked out. One of his friends at Cro~sFil was I~maris Niewald, who was ba~lmg cancer The owner. C]im Horirm~ was also a friend and so was his little son, Benedict .8,en~ict was batt]iag a rare eye cancer. HaskcM wanted to help both friends and the idea of a benefit hike ride w~ born. The be~ tirc for Haskert to rake three months offwork was win[e-4" when his landscaping business wa.s at a yearly lull Plans were made to takeoffon a 3,700 mile ride across the southern United States on Jan. 4. Having never been on a long bike tide, not even Bike Across Kansas, I-Iaskett'$ first long mp was going o be a nmt[y rung one. Haskett said Santa Cruz, Calif is the headquarl s of Cro~Fit, go il seemed like a natural star*dug point, since CmssFit was a major supporter of Haskett on his trek a~a'oss the United States. As the start date loomed, he make his way to 5ante Cruz. Clint Horiaek was in cha~e of ar- rangements. He located the CrossFil centers where Haskett would stop each day. He had about a thwd of ll~ ~p plamu~ by the Jan. 4 start date, and he worked to fill in the r~sr of the trip as "The Ride" ixogressed. Pot 1h majority o f h", hip. Haskeu simply ~y~ from one CmssFit Center m the next. Watt, "simply" is r~t really the con~ct word as riding 50 to 75 mil,s a day is ant so simple. Yes. the firsi two 25 mile days o[the trip might have been desert had as "simple," how- ever. with the regala~ grind of ridin~ twice that many miles or more e~h day.achy knees and sore muscles set it. Haskett noted. "It took nndl Warn, Texas, Ibr the aches and pains to go away." Bat did he have thou~hzs of quilling'? No. he "'never ~hought hut what I'd make it." He did take 1we tlays to rest at Wac~. Hisgeqeral plan, tLsc-,d Ior the rest of the trip. was to te~ one day ~ week. If one is going oat on a nearly 4,(X}O mile nde, what kindofa hike is needed? The answer In that question was sup-, pli~ by John McClure of Blue llill Bikes andToura in Osborne, McChir . who attended the celebrat~m, was in- slr~nlental in get~ing I'[askett the right bike for the tnp. That biketumed out to be a/ants Aurora The Aurora ,nmlcl ~ a inuring bike. lou~ m~ hl~e~, an: ~hr ourmg. meaning Icing dist~ce riding. 'I'ltey are hghler than tnount~m hikes hut h~a~icr than racmg lukes. They arc built to I1 more conlfortahl than the t~tl)er blkt~ urn; the long distances r.hey wdl be ddden. "]'he Aurora ~rrved the purpose well It una&qhetripia fineshape, stilt with the original front tire! The back tire. which wears out more quickly, is anolher story. Haskett is on the [ourth hack tire. When asked what the best part of the trip was. Hanker ' as quick to answer: "'The people." As he male from Cross.Fit to CrossFu. he met people, a ~ of people. "]'hose pet)pie just "rook me inY Plac~ 1o slo~p, pot luck sup- pays.massages, work~utfacilifie~bike re~irs, all from [rieraily tx~pl ~'d never met hul Was glad {o meet. Anolher wonderful part of the trip revtll.vedafound Ben~icl Honnek and DamarisNiewatd. By thetime Haskett arrived home on March 23. both w c ft~unO to be cancer free! Two year old Benedict Horinek at- tended the picnic with his family. His mother. Sarah Hnrinek, con tirmed that he is cancer free. However, little Benedict faces otherhealth issl~s. He deals w~th 13 Q Delelkm Syndrome. This nreans his 13111 chromosome is m~ssing a section and a major n:suh is developmental delays. Each day is dealt v.ith as it comes, hul being cancer free is a significant blessing. Haskett a[,~ ~a~ked about some of the mfique experiences he had on the ~rip. One was when he tried to hike ~hrough NASA. He was asked ~li~ely v,'hal he w~s doing a,~d did manage to con'.'ince the o ffieers that he j u.~t wanled lo see NASA as part of his cross- country hike ride. They e~ plained about the "'No Bikes" ru}e on the size. Ha~kett'~ hike taft the site in a police pickup and Haskelt in the hack .~at of a pan-ol car. MeMco was another experience. Ha @~ett was ou, of the United Stales for abom 15 minutes. Just long enough to film his daily mporl. Bat, ,='tossing the border was "No problem at all. Nobody else was them." Then though "'scared of heights,'" in Florida, Hask~t treated him~lf m an 18,000 foot skydive. The man "'Ioves a challenge." A re.at challenge wa.~ getting tofack- gonville, Ra, in time for the CrossFit Open Cool Down Show. Haskett said they didn't find out about it until about a week before it happened, To make the show. which he did, Haskeu had t~ rid6 800 mites in seven days. One day, he made t30 miles -- the Ionges~ day movie screening in Smith Center By Dorma Chds~ nsen We are not often blessed to enter- lain a famous actor, but this privilege was granted to Smith Center Sat. malay when actor Buck "fay lot ma~ aa appear. ance for a special event tear. in- ckaied a sc~, 'a- inn of "'Tomb- s~," one of his L lrrJovi~g, l From 9 Lo It ~i~ a.m Saturday, Taylor was a~ the Western Plains Village. Smith C n- let, to display some of his art work for v/cwing and purchase. He also had his picture taken with many of the art=gl- ees and was available for inteTviews, The -,amt lasted anti] nearly norm. At 3 p.m. ~ was a sc~enir~ of "~Tombstoa ' in tile town d~ea~r on Main Street. Taylor spoke about movie and his tie in it, as ~a~e[[ as future involvement with I oa Chim- n~ Films, bd'm'~ the showing, Ken Spurgeon, executive director of Lout Chiamey Firms, also spoke about pro- posed fu1u~ films tO be shown on larBs later in the year. Spuvg ~m is also Ihe director of the "'Florae on il~ Range'" docum~u'y project, "When a I/ontier home was d - s~.myed by fmL" Spurgeon said. "the only thing left was the chirrmey, hence the cap~ion for their im>ductions, Lone Chimney Films." in "'rombstot~," Taylor played a champion ofjustic~ in the early settle- meat of Dodge City, which was over- run by outlaws called cowboys, It was a broody baltic between the establish- m~tt of justice and the evil con1~[ of many fxoutier towns. After the screening, veryon was invited to a pork burger meal at the Stud= C~w r, prepared try the Peoples Hcartlar.d Foundation, a nonprofit or- ganization that owns and manages the Home oa the Range cabin site. A trio of mmicians f~ovided a wet- come rendition of several, western songs. Galen ~ played a bass violin, Wendell Boltm. played a har- monica and Dave Hutsou joined li~m on his guila~. All ~ of 1hem sang a-s well. G-'a[en and Wend l! are farmers and Dave is a pastor, who composed spiritual wo~lings to the tune of"Home on the Range." During d~ evening, two "Horr~ on the Range" rocks were presented by the drawing of names of those in atlen- dance. El Dean Holthtts, Smith Center. hosted theevening~ gave agracious Ix~yer of thanksgiving for il~ meal. supervised llu: drawings. Walter Clarence =Buck" Taylor was horn in Hollywood. Calif on May t 3, 1938. H. is best known for his rok as guas,mith, turned deputy sheriff, Newly O' Brian. on the CBS television show, "Gut, smoke '" When askeel how h= was cast for his role on Gunsmoke, Taylor ~',pl~d,"It was a ~y aceide, nL I got t]~job with Gunsmoke, when I was 29, arA was37 when1 left." He had previously studied acting, bat admits his success was mainly b~ cause of aumy "'happy accidents," He said he has no plans to netir,but agreed he might consider it each night about 9 p.m. He was acquainted with the Kansas actor, Milburue Stone. They became good friends and he gave Taylor an i,troduction to the midwest. Taylm" was married to JudyNugeat hum t96 I to [983, and he married Goldie Arm, his cu,r~nt wife, in 1995. His children are Tiffany, Matthew Cooper and Adam. S5 carry out Salurdoy. seveeal gathereO in the Jewel[ COy Park lO eele~rale Jane Haskerl's "The Ride" and Larry Haskett's 70th Uirlhday. Pictured (from left) ace Clint Hodnek, Jake HasKett, Benedict Horinek and Sarah Horir~k. of'q'be Ride." With ~ many positiveexperiences. we~ there any negative ones? "'Not really. I only recall being pus.h~ off" the road once." ]t seemed to this re. porte~ lha~ once in 3300 miles was good. Hasketl'S comment: "[ think it was really good)" So what bi king c~llenge is he th ink- lag of next? Husker tho~tgh~ j0xt a see.o~d before n]entioaing the 2.2iX) mile Appalachian Trail. When? h',4' "Maybe in a oaupte of years'" John McClure was quick to list seve~l sheller hike trips, inc|uding Bike An'usa Kansas. Haskelt agreed, BAK would he a good choice. Time will |ell, bat it is almost too soon to be planning another trip. Haskett said it has taken until just r cendyto feel normatagain. When he first get back there was*'nothing there" and hecouldn't even work out. Nov feeling heater, he works out a~and three ttmes a week. What about the Aurora. would he ride it? Haskelt noted that he hadn't ridden the~Aumra since he got h~me. "'1 haven't been on it." he said. "'It is special. [t made 1he uip. I might just hang it on the wall," Besides that, the through sixth grade. Ly le Dauner began lke worship wi~ a piano pretude. "Father, Lift Me Up." Meili Oat tit the altar catullus. In his chikh, en's rnessa~,Paszor Geny Sharp talked at'~ut feet and their pta]~s . 1-[ said we should Ihank God for K' t and all thai God has given us. We should use ooc f ~ for His puzpo~, to glorify God, morning ,'Scriptun: ~as I Kings 21:1-21 in which the prophet Elijah confronted king Ahah about his sin, Pastor Sharp stated we all have 1o con- fmn! sin at some time. 11 is difficult to confront others who have done wrong. It may not be your place to do this. If you feel this is your job. you ~ d lo be ~u-re that God issendiag yon. You must ,lk Nursing Exceller~e Awards ~m wiven in recognition of Nalio~al N omen eek May 6-12, at WakeMed Health & Hospitals in Car,/, North Carolina. Amanda Heitman, RN BSN CNOR. ~0rrnen~ of ru -a.l Me, nkato, was an award roci~ent. She was nominated hy her peers, wh~ makes ll'm award extra special. They wrote. "Amanda is an excellent nurse and mentor, and I am extremely gra[oful for her guid- ance in th~ periopera'dve 101 training program.`+ Amanda is Ihe Education Re- source Specialist f~ Surgical Ser= vices at WakeMed Cary and is re- sponsil~e lor or~anizalion a "~ instruc- tion of their AORN Periop 101 intern- ship program as well as staff o ienta. lion ar~ compliance. She has been employed by Wakened for nine yeats argt is a Slrong advocate for he~ pa- tienls as well as for doveloping fut~r~ nurses !or a protessien in per~operative numing= She is the daughler ot E]don and JoAnn Doud, Mankato and 1he daughter-in-law of Ken and Parn Heitman. Wel:/oer. Menhusen nan~ed to UNL dean's lipt Elizabeth Ellen Menhasen of Mank ate has been named tt~ the dean~," h~t at flit Um~,'e~ily ol' Nehraska.Lm- coin for the -~pring 20 I b, semester. Menhu sen, a ~nior autrni~m and health ~cienc s fnuui|ion and dietetics op- Imnl major, was named to the dean's list fur the College of Ed~tealit:n and Human Sciences. Qualification for the hat vanes among the undergraduate colleges within U Hi A II quail t'y inn grade- Ixfi n~ averages are haso.hm a foar-poiut .~cale and a minimum of 12 ot more graded semester hours. Sludent> can be on the lisl for more than one college. ,Seniors targeted with insurance, Medicare, Sodal SeeurlW aeauns The Kansas attorney general's of rice h~iu0ntly hears about phone call ~ams zargming senior citizens -- it- posters posing as grandchildren to try to get money to get out of a jam. While these seams contin~, them are a few other seams that have been popping up iml~rsonating insurance company, Medicare or Social Security. Several consumers have ~ enlly reported receiving ceils fix~m "Kansas Insurance," slating they nee0 bank ac- count in formafi(,n, ax they a~no longer going to utke checks as payments for monthly premiums. Remember, a~vcr give bank account information over me phone. The ~am artist may even "spoof" the caller ID so it looks like it'~ coming fwm a legitimate insurance company, Even if you think the call might be coming from yore insurance company, it's wise to tell them ymt'll call back and hang upthe phone.Then go look at your last bill and call tke phone nut- Ttt~ay, Jure 23 20t(~ THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3B senior citizens. Often the~ callers ate not trying to steal your money, but access your information. '['hey will try to g~ your Medicare or Social Secu- rity card numhers in order to steal year ideutity. With this infon-~tior, the scan~ can falsely file far Medica~ or Social Security benefits, and even rite false tax relurns, "['~s gos~rnment agencies will never ask you for gersonal information o~r the p~ne or by email. If Medi- cal or Social Socurity really needs to Those ~rvlcen~ who are involved go t]u~ugh exten siva testmg and 1.cain- inn bo~h when 0~y 10r otn for [he privilege of bemg picked. After being chore, an for thisd lait.tbey must adhere to strict regulations even aft= their time of this sarvke ban ended. The guess box was really a guess box and tin'ned out tu be some things usable m art there, it was a new type dis0enser fitted with brown sugar. T6 winner was Gtmna Fogo. get information from you, they wilt Fro-tawny Co-op send you a letter requesting informa- tion. Ifyoedor eivcac~dl,aadthink ~JlllOnll ~et$ ~-016 it might be from a legitimate agency, w~hOf~ contest ask them In sear you a ]etter detailing whal information they need. F'aratwa ' C op. Inc invites pho, You can report these and other scats to the a~tomey general's Con- sumer Protection Division by callmg (gO0) 432-231D, You can also file a complaint and find men: tips for slay- ing safe from scans on the websit , www.lnYourComerKansas.or~, ,p~nl~s 91 ][~r llBa~ rennion held The armual F~man family r~anion was held in Jewett June 17-19. hosted by Bob and Dea.rma Freeman, Twi~a Means and Sharon Tullar. The reunion sta~ed off Friday evening with a barbecue and potluck supper at Eme~,xon Lake, along with some fishing and a lot of visiting. Sat- u~lay morning and Sunday moming~ the Dale Freeman family provided an outdoor breakfast at the Country Cor- net RV Park where some of the family was staying. Saturday the a livities were held in the Jewell Community Center and Maag Park with more vis- i ti ng,pictmes and lots oflaugMer, eios- inn out the evening with a Ixgl~ck ~pper and one last game. Those a~nding par; or all of the activities besides the hos~s w~"~ Belly Koukal, Bel[evi[le, Robert and Vonda Wakefield, ManEato; Max and Judy Freeman. B lleville: Carrie Rinehart, John and Slaci Stfe, e~s, all of Colo- rado Springs, Corn,; Mike Freeman, Mankato, and friend Jennifer Moore, Phillipsburg: Devon Freeman and friend Jodi Meinaer, Jessica Freeman and friend DakatoThomas.al]ofHays; Rex Freeman. Dale and Joarme Free- man. Cotcy Pre~man, Chad and Bohi Fogo and children Samantha. Alexan- dria and Chace, all of Mankato: Tw M and Janelle Staats and daughter Brook- lyn, ]conifer Freeman and chi|dren Austin Manring. Madilynne Pate, and Grace. aJl of Garden City; John and Miehele Freeman and son Logan, Jeff and Becky Freeauta and children Kyle, Jaegen. and Jayc,all of Kansas Cily~ Me. P|ans were made [or tim 2"017 Free- man fami|y reunion to be bald in Colo- rado Springs, Colo fl~ first weekend in June, with hosts Staci and John Streets. Odessa ltomemaker hold re.galat meeting It was flag day. By ~he way, d~d) ou emember 1o put your flag out? 'I'~- day was also the day Ibr the Ode-~ Homemakers Uni~ to tuner, Eight mem- bers answered n+ll call with a patriotic" item, article of dress, jewelry, a stow of whatever. After 1he flag salute w~s repeated, minu~sof|ast monlh's m u inn were rtad and app~ved. The treasnrer's report was given and the Jewell Connt~ FaiT. which is/uly l0 to L4, was discus,~d, T~ Bike Across Kansas a.ml those who provided food and shelter for them was dis~0ssed. The Esbon Community had one of those food stands, it was in Man~to's community cenler. TImlma Beam was the hostess and she also had the lesson. This tira,il really was a lesson learned ~s she n~ad about 1he changing of the guard at the Tomb el the Unknown Soldier. This e~m has gone 0n 24-7 since 1930. tograp'l~rs hem actors Kansax to enter the 2016 Farm~a~ Photography Con- re,st. Eligibte coatesta0ts can visil www.farmwaycoop.com for complete details on how to submit photographs in oneor both ofthe~:ate~,ries: Kuasas Agriculture and Farmway Fan CluK There is a I Ophoto maximum entry for each c-ate~ory per emrant. Entries m ~st be indigital format and submitted elec. ~'onical[y. The contest, which is now open. cads Monday. Sept. 26.2(116. al 5 p,m, Phott~, mu,i betaken w.thm the 2016 ca.[enda.r year. Kansas Agficullure: Kansas farm- era anti ranchers a~e .he lace o1' a ~zricu I- ~u.r ~ You are whal energtYe the s~ate tkrough your hard w~rk, dedicalion and goodwill, Fmm a child exper,enc- inn his ~r~( harvest to) a t-arnler takmg ca~e of livestock at all hours we wahl you ~o share the st, eclat mt>nK'nms (d agriculture life. Showcase the lypesof cmF we grow and how we lake care o! the land we 1.ve ~:o provide the world's food and fiber needs. E, lict pht>k,~ Ihal showca~ the hreathlaking beatit) t,1 wcrking and being part of K~nsa~, ag- ricuZture. Farmway Fan Club: Let'~ celehrate Farmway being pan of Kansas com- munities [or the las~ 10.=/yearsl Taken phuto of a Farmway )~:ation. a stld-f membex out in the field, your grain Truck weighing az a Partway elevator. you wearing your rewrite Pathway hat, anything Farmway related ~- get ! crea~is'e Eater photo, with a Farmway- regaled tie that features the coopera- live. Photos will he judged un quatity. c~eati'~ily and relevance to each cat- egory. Farmway will milize different ~gments of the coo['Jerali~,'e's em- ployee team to jodge the phvlos. First place in each category will mceis~e a $100 girl card Second place in each calegoD ~ Ill r ct~ 55il g*lt card. A people" s Ch,>wc a,~ ard wmll be decided upon po~nm-, carried thr