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June 23, 2016     Jewell County Record
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June 23, 2016

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Price 50 Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 25 USPS, NO. 274-940 Thursday, June 23, 2016 41 Survey will assess assisted living needs with/n Jewell County " TI~ .lewell County Community De- clopment A~sociation moei~ a gnmt from the Dane <3. Hanson Foundation to fund ~scarch in the county to be conducted by the Docking Insti1~[~ at Fort Hays State University, The re- ~1~ s ~rch will be in the form era postaJ- adatiniglered s~rvey with the p~s of mea~uhng the demaj',d and support in the county for an assisted living facility. Sm'veys will be sent out to l~ adul+ population of.tewell County and can be eXlg'Cted to arrive iJz the mail on Monday. All who receive a .~arvey are en- couragex[to respond quickly, esp ciaJ ly those in households that me home to ~m on over the age of 60. or tho.s who axe responsible for the well-being of a l.y,qae who is 75 years or older Feedback is vital to the institute's evahmtion of health and, living needs for the aging population in Jewell County. The Docking Institute 0f Pub- lic Affairs has a mission of facilitating public po]li y for both lgo~emme~tal and non-purl t organizations,They are pi-oviding Jewell County Community June 1, Lyle Dauner, owner and Pharmacist of Mankato Protes.~ nal D velopatent th opportunilyto~t Pharmacy, ol~erved his 401h year in busLness in Mankato. Last Wedeeglay, d,~ta to public officials about the ~ssu c~ffee and cookies were served Io patrons with Lyte and his wife, Colby. of assisted living, with theobject/v of pfef,~ent. facilitati ng local action to serve Jewel l Coumy'~ elderly population as effec- tively as possible. Jewell County Fair will survey in the mail, till it ~t and return it imn',~iately. Also. m remind theirbe July 10 13 in Mankato older i.aved ones to watch for the sor- m .'ey. and tell Ihcat it is important, not junk mail, For more informatwat, con- A: this year's Jewelt CounP] Fair. leaders and 4-H families at the fair tacztheJewellColmWCommunityDe- ~ere will be a 4-H GOLD display of foodstand. ~'- ~,'etoi~menl Association via email at past and pre~nt 4-H members. These TickeL~ for this areal will be avail- jccda@~cken.oom, ateatbePsneedtocontaeltheex|ension able at Central N~tional Ba#k. J~vell Col.l.lllty offi,x:. Mankalo; Faratway Credii Union+ The extension office in Mankato Manka~o;GuarantyStaleBanksinBurr I~ H~tor~! ~iety WheA[It ~st ~ still has a few 4-H fair plaques that Oak, F sbon and Jewell: and The Slate recelvea grant Staxted for 2016 medsponsors.Onceagain,cuntactthe Exchange Bank. Mankato, untitMon+ / TheJewel[ComllyHisloricalSoci- As early as last Tb0sday the 2016 extensionoffic for more infon-nalion, day, July II. 1-he .~pousorin8 banks' ' ely Museum received a gra~t from the wheat harvest story had progressed as The sponsored supper will again be employee will be helping to ~rv the DaneG. HanseaFoundatio~sp0nsomd far nor~ as Glen Elder. That day the set~ud Tue~ay terming from .5 to 7 meal. Family fun planned forTue +day by Ihe JewellCounty Coatatunity De- Farrnway Co-op Elevator ~ceived its p.m, The mcal is made possible thraugh evening. There will be snow c~nes, a velopng-nl Association. These f~nds first load of 2016 wheat. Accmdingto donations from local firtancia! institu- gream~ pig contest; children's tractor have been u.~--d, for an ek~:~cal up+ Christy EIlenz. cnlph>yc of the eteva- tions. The meal wilt be sliced smoked pull sponsored by NexTech. water grade project in Ihe sooth b~iidirtg of lor, as of Monday at i0:30 p.m tim pork loin mr hot dog, cheesy potatoes, inflatables and a giant sfide sponsorc,J the museum. Older citizens of the elevator had token in 82(+I (KD bu ~el green beaRS or c~m. garden relishes, by Prairie Land Elechic. and a 'Tun county will matemberWint Smith ~-ofwheatthat had an avm-age test we/ght watermelon and a beverage; prepared n'vJ o"spon~ edby theJewetl Coamy inn thisbui[ding indowmown Mankato of 62 lhs. with a few 63, 64, and even and setvett hy the fair board, juniur Saddle Club. m house his "Grandmother*s House"65 test weights, Moisture forthe most eoll clion. The.tewellCe myHistori- County commissioners : ca] Society received tbe building and According to Eldon Pate at the . -, many of the historical contents after FarmwayCo-op Elevator at-F .sbon,the ++'+"+++"'+ "+" "'+ okay funding equests 11 is estimated to have been built in b~bels, on Monday. The wheat had a r th mid 189Os and ha ~ lTansitica',ed teslw~ightof fiOto611bs, petbushel from RC&D CASA mgantllighlingoptions. Newlishting perceal. The p~.-~nl pt'~e T~ sd~y .- was installed on both fl~x~rs, a pies for was $3.5 I. viewing the museum collection heats. Dan Waterman at the Jewell branch Addiliunaloudelshavealsobeenadd~d etevator operated by lhe Randal l Farm- TheJewcllCountyCommissioners Bouray's claim. Hlkms will discux~ aLSV+~:llasupLaadestothebreakerpanel,ersCo+opElevatorrep0rtedtheeleva- Steve Greene. Mark Fleming and this laim with Darrell M,Iler. t-~upgrad~willatlowforatoreversa- torr~:ivediLsfirstloadof2Olbwhcat Dwighl Fmstpr .~alrm.qMonday. Comnlissionct~, appn,v+.'d igmng lilityandpmgramopponunidesbythe on Thursday. By Monday the wheat ChrisP~eu, cum~iaa,disck~gsedcoun, the contracl wilh the Kan.~s Deparl- Historical Society at the museum, was rolli,g in with ~O,L~Xl bushels house repairs withthecommissioners, meat of Revenue for ass, stance with Semi destroyedby fire east ++,+,+++,o ,n ,ho+ CharlieSmies+viewedtheKansas d,e,~,+unty'scon,plianccwithth laws Jewell Volmmteer plus sange with moisture of I0 1o I I. Ct,~smads RC&D's annual reqaest and diP2clives pertaJnzng to pFopeft:y The wheat market closed Monday atfor flmding Commissioners approved laxalion and to organize 'and manage Dept. responds $3.61 in Jew ll. the request far $700. the off~ce of ~.~anty appraiser. ofMontrose; dover uninjured to tractor IL, m Kmm,i=.sa, They a,+oam, ro the ,+m m- she,a me o.-s,=. ++.iae, of Co-op Elevatm re]x~rted 113 first load eial District Supervised Visilalion and LKT'K, reviewed the 20t 7 hudgel fe- At about noon on June 9, theJewell of 2016wheat was ro ivc<.LSaturdayChildExchangeServiceMemorandt~at quest tlf$23.94g which i-+ $697 nmr Wreck fr S li d h l off kage VolunteerP3reDepar~men, re~ponded t~l. ~ weekend harvcsl was really of Undvrstanding for the use of the ,ha, the-" 2(;16 budget requ.',t ,t er om a na use to au wrec withtwO fitetruckstoafirelhmemilcs slow. Monday the w]mat was slatting ou~touse rn~ting room. $23,25l. Ja,r+ ~, Qudlem + co pres,- .south awJ six miles west of Jewell. A to roll and by Monday e~ ning the Carol Miller+ NCK CASA rcpr,dent of LK'CK, provided an over~',ew At approximately 12:40 p,m. M oncray~ the Mankato olunteer Fire Department respo~ed to a fire 3/4 mire east of tractor fz~' had bee.~ ]~poRt'gl, but it elevator had taken in & total of I l 1,00[,IsCala!ire re'.'Jewed the services pro- of.~rv,c+.~.'providcd. Pauick W allcrm.~. Mon~rose on Highway 36. A sem~ truck lo~ded with vehicles had caught fire. The driver of the CARS, Inc truck, who had been extinguislg~ for the most bushels~ Avenge test weighL~ were 60 vialed and the 2017 funding rcquesl of chief ~t]nzutcial el-fitter uf OCCK pro- wastrav~Pi~gwe~onHighway36~sm~s~edsm~keand~pped~ehe kit~u~Thetn~k~aught~mandwas ~mp~ete~y part by the time the fire department withmoistuzeave~gingl2.SOnl~har- $4,000. Thisisth ~amca g2Olbb-ud- vide.d information on the programs destroyed. Some o! the flarnas ignited the glass along the north ditch dght.of.way, but the tim department waS al~e an-ivcd, vesture cut =nti l nearly l O p.m. Wheat get. offered. to oca'~tain 1he fire and it was extinguished before spreading. N~e of the vehicles hein0 hauled on the ttal~e~ caught The fire is believed to have been prices had dropped to $3.$5 by the L3o~ .[acobs, sl~dff, discussed up rite. The dr~ver o4 the semi escaped without injury. Jewetl County Sheriffs Depa~me~ and KanSaS Deparlrnen! st elecmcat in nature, perhaps igniting time thenewspapertalkedlo KrisTocs- orations of the law enfomemunt de- ~811 'W'i~Bt]bL~l[' Transportation personnel stayed allhe scene until a wrecker Item Saline was oble to terrlove the wreckage and debdg pease. The tea.tier, which is owned by day at id-atoming, partmenL H ink and Io1~. lem~,ratures The acci~nt was mvestigated by the Kansas Highway Patrol Jerry Birdsell, was slit! operalional M- Dchbie Patak at Midway Coop El- Bill Spiegel said tha~ he appreciates ter the fire. crater in Burr Oak said one lolm:l of Iheworkthathasbeendonebytheroad June 12 92 69 June 13 9] 69 Annual net farm income in Kansas plummets ++bridge deporlnm+m, in Allen and wheat came in to tim elevator Monday afternoon with a t~l weight of 613 Vicksburg townships. He asked aboul June )4 92 68 and 12.6 molstum. Reports wen: that hridge and mad maintenance and dis- Jt,le [5 92 62 t6 101 others started latez in the day Monday. cussed the budg, cl and rex process. June fi7 ,17 I00 70 Joel Elkins, genera~ superintc nden[, June Aserat:enel farm inc, ml m Kansas record, a~c, rding~[['kthe US. Depa~l- I.ower commt~ity prk'es wezghcd Weald. KI:MA econom,st for m+nh. Julie Harvey at Midway Co-op El- reported Ha rued and bridge mainte. June 18 I(:'[J 711 plummeted t~+ .~ s61~ ,=l 2II]5. or less mere ,~1 A+~ricultLm:' Evonomic Re- mt;zgr~:ut,i,rcm nORhea~| Kimsas ~i~d v,e~t Kansas. ba~d in Colby. Ih;,nfmvewrcentotthep~v,ou year's -~earch Service KFMAecont,uislg'laySm~ons. t-m~d erie =~suit of the.' lower grain and evato~ in Maakato said Monday they BettyBecker.weatheroh~r~.erfi+r average nl S I 2K73 t. acct+rd,nl~ to an. "'A~ we come Ola.I ~[ a period of in Counci3 Grove. "'[tt~gated cu~ a~ h~'e.q<~:k prices and suh~cqucncdmp m look in I 1,000 bt3shels of wheat with l~m~c. The cx)atmissionePs ~eported an average test weight of 62 and 11 nmd concer~.Thecommissione~sand Mankato, reported .05 of prectp,~auoa t:ual Kan~a~ farm Manafcmen= Asso- ~tr,+ng pmt'Jlability ,n the ag ncqlml"e er~ ed 213 hush l.~ per acre cornl~ared he, farm income is ntac]t,~ry pu~lta.~s moisture. Monday tim closing wheat Elkins di~ussed an email from 1]~ fortheweek. Ken Garst.Jewell weather t'~azi(m mcRll~! data. The 2(II5 level +,eetorandenterthiscurren~downzum. ~-Ilhonly 177 hu.~hetslheycarbefore, havesh~wcd, theo:nnomi~.lhsa~d And priceat Mankato was$3.56. KCAMP concerning Lawrence bserver'rep ned'OS fF'fecipilarI n' ~a~ the Iowes~ average level