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June 16, 2016     Jewell County Record
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June 16, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, June 18, 2016 intluenced people with her faith in her "It's Me, It's Me, O Lord."Lord and of the cheese sandwiches il Esbon was amoming of sunshine as withnuts that she would bring to pot- t those attending the Esbon United Meth- luckdinners. Janice McCutcheon sang ',1 By Glenna Fogo odist Church were greeted at the door "When We All Get to Heaven" and !~ Clair and Mary Sloan left for their by Roger Underwood. Serving as aco- accompanied herselfon the guitar. At Michigan home early Sunday morn- lytes were Gillett cousins. Wanda thecloseoftheservice, those attending ing. The Sloans called about 10:30 Thummel and Janet Kriley were the gathered outside to watch the release p.m. letting family here know they musicians, Wyatt Alan Walker was of Judy Donley's doves, then returned were home. They plan to return to brought to the altar by his parents, inside for refreshments of cookies and Esbon for harvest as they have land Brett and Beth, and was baptiz~ into drinks. here, and Clair likes to give his nephew the church by Pastor Gerry Sharp. As Brynlee Manning joined Richard a hand at harvest time. this weekend is Christmas in June for Cox for children's church Sunday Alice Kinsey accompanied D ve. " and Molly Swank and Michelle . ' Schmidt to Denton, Texas, where they " attended the wedding of Alice's niece.. Before coming home, Alice attended a softball game in Russell to watch Kayla" Noller play. Margaret Colson attended a bal)y shower in Jewell for Cecilia Peters. Mike and Linda Eaton we/e 'in Springfield, Me., to be with her mother who was having some heart surge/y. Monday, several of this community the Sam and Alyce Gillett family, the morning at the Burr Oak Christian Family and friends gathering Fri- manned a food booth in Mankato for guests included Marlene and Terry Church. Richard and Brynlee talked daynightinSuperiortosurpriseBaylie " thebicyclistswhoweretravelingHigh- Walker and all of the Gillett family, about how all people who are powered Duustan on her 16th birthday were. way 36 across Kansas. They served except Kim and Jim and boys who had by the Spirit of God are capable of PamandEldonDunstanandKariigan; .. baked potatoes with trimmings, sat- obligations elsewhere. Present were doing mighty things. In his message Kaitlyn Duun, Indianola; Berkley • Callaway, Onaga; Doug Thoinas; ads, desserts and drinks for the riders. Scott and Victoria L'Ecuyer and fam- for the adults, Richard talked about Shawn Harding visited with his They guessed they served 50 to 60. ily, DavidandAutunmGillettandtheir "Death is No Barrier." His selected Aunt Marilyn Bourbon as his group of SherryandRobPartridge;JanaCadson, "~ Those working were Ione Shipley, family, Marcia Gillett and daughter, scripture reading was Luke 7:11-17. Bike Across Kansas riders stayed in Courtland; Alice Kinsey; and Elaine Daphne Manning, Barb Mizner, Linda Jon and Carrie Bonebraker and sons, This portion of scripture tells of Jesus Oewell on Monday night. Thomas Reed, Chris Kindler, Lila Frost, Gary Cody and Janell Brassfield and chil- and his followers coming up on a ill- Shirley Smith is expected to r~ . Kindler, Pam Hajny and Monte Man- dren, John and Marcia Hutson and neral procession for a young man, the B .... home this week. ~ ning. One of the women cyclists re- family. During children's flme as Pas- only son of his mother who was a lice ~ross 11d[111[$1[18 Jennifer Thomas visited her family " ' ported having run into a gracious tor Gerry talked to the large group widow. We all expect to die when we ~wl~nt r~llt~¢l for a couple days this week. " ...... --"------- Members of the Mankato Garden woman along the ride that day. Ron before him, he asked them, "What is areold, butthedeathofayonngperson through JeweU Club ventured to Concordia last Tues- and Dee Reed at their home south of joy?ItishappinessT'Notexactly, they is much more difficult to understand. Esbon offered free drinks to the thirsty aretwodifferentfeelings.Evenifyou Jesus did not know the woman or her ByKermaCrouse ......... day for their annual garden club ttur of ' ......... ~tacy ~anoer and uru uougan, Larned, enjoy a picnic in the Jewell City the year They admired the whole wall travelers. This woman said that they aresad, you can still have joy. Pastor son from this scripture, but he knew all lnlsyear, ulKeAcmsshansaswas Park Th " " • • ' ' ' .......... e two are part of Bike Across Kansas. mural before din ms,de the annex to also offered her the use of their bath- thenbroughtthemessageforthedayas he needed to know and without being scnenuled to stay ~on~ay niglat in . . g g. .... . :, . Mankato The follow:-" "~-- .t. ............................. learn some mterestmg rac[s anout me room. he read from I Kings 17. He and Rod asked he approached and told the young • ~s-=y utc gtuup wslten wire rawna uarren as we. as mr. and Mrs. At hocn, ~anna; mr. ana wall It is the lon-est scul'-tedbfick Trudi and Jerry Lewis, after several Rose, lay pastor, have chosen to read man to arise, which he did. We serve a would move through Jewell, Randall, ~reetin~ the coffee woman. Mrs. Alan Czirr Su-,=rior" Mr. -"'~ • . s t, . daysattheirEsbonhome, headedwest scriptures from I Kings during the Lord who is moved by o~ grief and Jamestown and S.c.andia, eventually "-W;-u~'enJoerghas~n'movedtoa Mrs. Gary (Petei'Myers, i~i Clo~t'~ ~ne~t~nnt~oerUsuSeilaa~sdm~?ahm~Ugeunt~ for home in California. While here, month of June. Pastor asked if those who sees when our hope is gone and staying luesuay night m Belleville. care home in Downs where more Kay Weber, Hoxie; Doris Ann - -. P ............. :~ Jerrydidsomeplumbingintheirhome. present made lists of what they needed whenwearealoneaswasthemotherin For biker ShawnHard-'mg, ................. tar.ammerapy is avanaole, r enneny; uennls ..... r enneny; mr. anu eatin-'rorwmcnmeysn°umaeproua'lunch the- learned aboutWnuethe WhentheLewisescametoEsbon, they orneededtodo.Godisthesupplyclerk this scripture. We serve a Savior who he would stay .the night about a dozen Ethan McElroy is visiting his grand- Mrs. Jeff Freeman' Wichita; Lynn ~I~" ' ~W "" " had in mind a trip to Concordia to visit for every need we may have. He will can meet our needs and who, himself, miles from his. grandmother, Carol parents, Marti and Wayne McElroy, Schneider, Lucas; Doris Alexander. w .... ~lr~"r~*h*ant'lr~'ac-a~"PL'tnen~mey the Orphan Train Museum. Theydid takecare of you if you will just trust conquered death. A brush with death ourt ,,n, andhlsaun...t, MarilynBo - this week. They will pick up Koby and Wray, Landon and Kaylee " that and reported it is a fabulous place, him. He will supply what we need and can cause us to examine what is most oon, wnofiveinaew.ell.Taatjustdidn t BryceBarberTuesdayandbringthem Alexander arrived Wednesday from ~,t~,,=~'~,'~-" ~-~,~.~,~;,~,,~,,e.~ John Frost, son, Shawn, and grand- moreisthereasonPastorhadchose"In important to us. The miracle above seem nglat, so Hardmg convinced the to Randall to give the cousins some Altomante, Fla, to attend Cleo ;''~.."~?..~, ...... 7:""%~,.'~'.~-"?" ?' son, Paul, are staying part of the week Charge of Supplies" for his sermon caused people to realize that there is '~ou" of 14 riders h- w .................... , ~ ." ..... t.oretta wnson, A~ma zaama, Jeame . r, ., w,m to .pu[m ume togemer, tilltgen s funeral. Other ramny mem- Blair Jo McCammon Barb Thomas in Pierre, S.D., on a fishing trip. The fl0e. Deanna and Roger Underwood more to death than dying. Because a few more mnes on monaay ana stay Harold Strait is a new resident in bers who came to seeWray and family ...' .. , ;7 7. ,.. "7' report is they have had great luck and served as ushers. Also Roger assisted death did not keep Jesus in the ground, - • . . Manenet~rown, Janerants ana t~renaa thenlght m Jewell. .... Randall. He bought the acreage at the whllethey weremtheareawereWynn, Enveart ~ .... r,-~ia,,-t ,~f th,, dub. ' catching lots of fish. Seventeen year withservingthecommanionelements, it can not keep Christians in the ground , staying me night m Jewe, meant westedgeoftownfromAaronHiggins, Kim, Mea and Trace, Coldwater; Mr. w~ ,, :~o'~:',,~ ~,~'.~'~ ~'~,'~"o ",='. ' old Paul caught the first fish, ahead of Following the services the congrega- either• Do you believe in Jesus and the s~eeping in a house with a hot shower, who moved to Glasco. and Mrs. Alan Czirr, Superior; Wiley '~" .~" ":-~." ..... ,'~.~," ..... ~- eatln a merits wmcn proven to ae a memo both Dad and Granddad. He also caught tion went downstairs where they were power of His resurrection? We all " g picnic in the Jewell City Park A number of relatives and friends and Bert Alexander, Washington. rable da" the largest fish. The walleye Paul joinedbytheirCatholicChurchfriends should reconnect with our source of with homemade ice cream for dessert, attended the baby shower for Cecilia Butch and Betty Thompson, Mike ~" snaggedwasthebiggestoftheyearfor and they all had a time of fellowship hope because our Lord is not hindered plus seeing famdy. Carol Bourbon, Peters Saturday'm Jewell. andKathyBrianwereinDenver, Colo., 121212 scholarship" fishermen at that particular lodge. The together, by the things that leave us helpless. Marilyn Bourbon, Dale Willmeth, JulieBoltevisitedhergrandmother, toattendthememorialservicefortheir .... ~-; . • lodgepreparedthefishfortheFroststo "God Will Take Care of You." Shirley Varney, Becky Loomis and Ila McElroy, Monday. Sunday, Ethan aunt, Julia Thompson Powell. Other esxlle(1 Dy ~l~uGenr, s bring home. They returned tO Esbon Sunday is the day this year when Local weather Bob and Pat Willmeth helped with the McElroy, Axtell, visited Ila McElroy cousins attending were Larry Thomp- About 250 new and returning stu- Wednesday. people honor their fathers. The Village High and low temperatures picnic, which was supported by the with his grandfather, WayneMcElroy. son and wife, Carol Jane, and Bobby dents have received scholarships for . LastTuesday afternoon, theOdessa Cafe will be open and serving a buffet June 5 ..................................... 80 52 Jewell Chamber of Commerce. Thursday, Elaine Peters played for Billen, and three of the children of the the 2016-17 academic year at Central Homemakers Unit was in charge of starting at 11 a.m. June6 ...................................... 81 53 Harding rides with a 14-memberthe Hiltgen funeral in Mankato. Friday lateHaroldandDorisThompsonOwen, Community College, Hastings.. Tuesday Happenings at the Jewell June7 ...................................... 89 54 groupfromLamed.that!sorganizedby and Saturday, TatemPetersstayedwith Anna, Theresa and Steve• Leaving BerniceBlomenkamnSmithSchol- County Hospital. Jean Davis, Thelma June 8 ...................................... 82 63 Larry Sanger and his wife, Stacy. The them and Dakota Peters was a guest Colorado, they came home through arshin, Kiowa Sanders, Ed~,ar; Jacob group has first time B~ke Across Kan Frida c it w r o June9 ...................................... 90 64 ............ - " y. S ottC'y here they attended a retire- Wroughton, Nelson. Bliss and Vir- FogoBeam'visitedVirginiaAlexanderandGlennawith the residents. One of Burr O akBy Glennys Barnes June 10 .................................... 90 68 sas nuers !lKe .rl.aromg, along w~th Last Monday, Judy Zimmer and ment party for Tummy Noble Reed ginia North Memorial Scholarshin, those was NoreneDietz, whoisamem- June 11 .................................... 96 68 diners ma~g the|r fourth mp across Opal McEkoy met Sandy Henningsen who taught school for 30 years. Others CCC Emolovee Donations Scholar~ ber of the group. Items shown and Watching summer activities ofBetty Becker, weather observer for mestate. .. ~neyrangemagetromteen- and Angie Dreher and family inSalina attending" wereTammy ..... schlldren, Aric ship, CCC Tuition, Chelsea Landreth, . age to/a-year-Old ~e..n~. ~m~m. t ne for dinner. Thursday afte_m, oon, sev- and Emily, her parents, Pauline and Burr Oak. Burdell VanBoening Me- tion,talked about were a bird housecollec-Zambia items, antique dishes, an continuegrandchildrenandgreat'grandchildrento fill days for Cliff and theMankat°'rep°rtedn°precipitati°nf°rweek, ol~e~comme~ed~ehdlsthatabound, eral friends gathered at Judy shometo Ken Robinson, sisterandfamily, Debbi modal Scholarship, Brett Karmazin, antique viewer and being read items Glenny Barnes. Last Tuesday was T- Ken Garst, weather observer for on. t3.~gnway ~o. ~evera~ mscussed share Opal's favorite cake and social and Don Tegethoff, Heidi, Christi and Lawrence. CCC Skilled and Technical . from a 1934 Esbon Times. ball in Red Cloud Wednesday was a Jewell, reported no precipitation for tramm,g~o.un, dLarned, but noted there time. Tamara, and the late Harlan Noble's Sciences Scholarship, Jared Kucera, . Kim Davis, along with her mother, dayofbabysittingatthehomeofKeller the week. areno nms mere. Barrett Feuner visited his grand- daughter, Holly, and family. Lawrence. CCC Tuition Scholarship, • PegMeline, Inavale, andherRedCloud and Patsy Ord, where the Bameses The group was joined by Larry parents, NevadaandCliffVetter, Sun- Willie and Sharon Beckley and Joy Robert Lindsey, Chester; Jameson bowling friends, recently returned from took Thomas and Olivia fishing at the Haskett and Jake Haskett. Earlier this day afternoon. Hancock were in Stuart to visit their Voorhees, Edgar; Cale Olson,. Red a bowling expedition to nationals in family farm pond while Keeper at- year, Jake Haskett biked 3,700 milesP~oral'flt~ sister, Phyllis Gates. They also went to Cloud;AshleiRoesti, Superior.Veter~ Las Vegas, Nev. They bowl at Red tended a session of summer school, from California to Florida. With his Noffolktosurprisetheirniece, Rhonda arts Appreciation Scholarship:. Jacob Cloud for McGuire Construction and Wednesday night was softball in arrival, serious bike talk began. Bike By Fawna Barrett Gates, and attend her 50th birthday Wroughton, Nelson. were pleased with their bowling in Oeshler• Friday morning Cliff and mode!s, ml!es to be expected, from From extreme mud toextremedust party• About 285 new and returning stu- . Vegas. The competition goes into July Glenny went to the Red Cloud Golf trent rares, nm composmon ana mnes in such a short time. Tractors cannot be Margaret and Richard Colson met dents have received scholarships for but at this time this team was in second Course where they watched grand- traveled per day were all discussed, identified in the field as they are en- Brenda Grimes at a local restaurant for the2016-17 academic year at.Central ' place in their division, daughter, Lilly Barnes, participate in a The group eventually disbanded with cased in a fog of dust How the farmer ........... Community Colic e, Grand Island We on this side of Rock Hills Schoolyouth meet of nine holes. Sunday af- conversations of"an earl-" s ............. "" • - supper. Jommg mem were June r~ee~er,-~ g . • ,, y ttuttOltllOl- Knowswnatlsnappenmglsamystery.r~,~,otaI ~;,,.h o,,a r~ ..... r~ .... .~ CCC Academic Achievement District are most pleased and proud ternoon it was off to Campbell for a row I " "~ ........... '"~ "~" ............. • t has been ap rox~mately two ..... ohi~h s.Ta l~Ord Esbon Edu ., Thenextda~_Taesdav.~,,htrvt~,..,..=t.o~.~,;~de.. ,.o~r~,~,=..a =.._ ..¢ Brenda.and,he~:¢,ousm,..A.ian.Eatun~,,.~.,~,h. _ tp ,_. y . "2.. ".. " • that GrantDavis.was chosento play in, ,baseball game :and:Monday to Ge~e , ~, ~ ..... ~, ......... ,.~ ==~ ,=~, ,=~ ~ ~u.~ ta~- ~ ~. - -'. - " - " .c-tion'~n-~t Poundation ~cnomrsnm: ..... ~ riders and su""rt vehicl-- ,k._.._~. ......... ~ - - came rrom~poKane, wasn., to attenu , -< ..... r, . the Kansas 8-Man Football All Star Rock for a softball game. And it isn't ..... e t,v __ ,~ ?~uu_.r~= me rams came wire tarce an(] speea ,,=, =am,,,2~~~o,,;o,,,, ~,,~,~, c .... Jim aI~l"Marilvn Reier"Schnlarshila, ...... game at Belo~t Trojan Stadium Satur- over yet. At least two more weeks of Jewel~ ~ore than 2UU stonr~ at'rha ,,o,.t-;,, ,i, ...... a ,,,, ¢, ...... ,~ ........~ ............... : ............ .- ...... -, .... ...... "" " " "*'" "*=". , oo ,=la ;. r.-o ooo r,;,., omson nea th uccupaUons cnol- day. Grant's dad is Todd. His grand- softball, T-ball and baseball are still on ~cooprorrreecookiesandcoffee. The Now that surface blows when it is ............................ :. arship: Elizabeth Lewis, Guide Rock. the schedule. Plus, when Kyle and Katie Palmer Museum hosted around 50 vis- disturbed. Cars and trucks leave a river parents are Jean Davis and the late Vaden Earl Davis. Last Monday, Irma Fogo and Mary Sawyer flew out of Wichita on their trip to Las Vegas where they will par- ticipate in the bowling nationals. Last Tuesday evening, the volun- teer fireman of RFD3 met for their monthly meeting. This month, Charlie Fischer was their cook. He fed them chicken fried steak with gravy, over fried potatoes, baked beans, cole slaw and rolls. The evening was passed try- ing out the new washer and cleaning up trucks. Those present were Bill Allen, Bill Friesner, Ray Mizner, Dave Hastings, Stede Underwood and J.D. Puentes. Last Wednesday was the day for the Guaranty State Bank picnic at theEsbon Community Center. Pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw, chips, cookies and bottled water were available at 11 a.m. As the hours moved on, the crowd became bigger. They guessed they served around 100. At the serving table wearing a choice of purple, grey, red or turquoise Guaranty State Bank shirts were Kim Davis, Kendra Kriley and Kenny Mizner, of the Esbon Bank; also Jennifer Waugh, Beloit branch; and Riley Shultz, Smith Center branch. A KDNS radio representative was present. He asked everyone present to put their names into a drawing for a John Deere 16 inch bicycle and a John Deere triangle truck box. The drawing will be at a later date. Monte, Lindsey and baby Kristyn Dean Manning are visiting his parents, Daphne and Dennis Manning, and Lindsey's grandparents, Edgar and Veronica Marihugh. Monte is in the Air Force and is stationed at San Anto- nio, Texas. After the visit with family in Esbon they moved on for a visit with Lindsey's family. Most of you readers know there is a program in Jewell County where underprivileged children are fed dur- ing the summer months. Info put out is that one in five children in this county fall into that group and during those months help is needed to see they re- ceive food as needed. Esbon United Methodist Church gave enough to feed one child for that length of time. Infor- mation received is that the response for this need was so good that those in charge have been able to include fresh fruit and vegetables for the children. The heat is making a difference in the way the wheat looks. It is certainly tuming. Harvest isn't far away. I made a trip to Beloit last week and was shocked to see the condition of the wheat along the county line and south. Wind, rain, hail or whatever has cer- tainly done a job on it. So sad. The first cutting of alfalfa has pretty much been taken care of around here. It was a BARN PHONE 785-378-3283 tremendous crop, bales everywhere. Last week' s paper read that Lorena Pate and daughter, Nancy, had been here. Nancy is Bergman, no~ Burgess. Ord get back from their honeymoon trip to New York state, there will be Saturday night car races. Nate, Tessa, Mason and Max McMains stayed Thursday through Sunday at Camp Brown forCub Scouts. There were eight adults and 17 chil- dren with their Pack 46 group. Doug and Wanda Frasier treated their grandchildren to a "Day Out with Thomas" ia Baldwin City Saturday. The families met in Lawrence where they stayed the weekend. Saturday morning they caravarmed to Baldwin City to let the children ride on Thomas the Train and Percy. Everyone took a ride and enjoyed it even though it was extremely hot during the afternoon. Later the group participated in a cool- ing swim at the hotel pool. Family meals were held both Saturday night and Sunday noon. Attending were Josh, Amanda, Luke and Emma Frasier, Hastings; Caleb, Lanren, Jayden and Jaxson Frasier, Wichita; along with Doug and Wanda. Skylar Frasier vis- ited a former college friend in Lawrence, then met the group Satur- day evening. Grammy Frasier had pre- cious time helping out with baby Emma. Peggy Wilson returned home Sat- urday from a week with her daughter, Leah Jenkins, in Longmont, Colo. A memorial service for Louise Korb was held Saturday afternoon, 1 to 3 p.m., at the B urr Oak Community Cen- ter. The service was well attended. Anne Oliver read Louise's obituary and then opened the service to anyone who wanted to share memories. Shared memories were of how Louise could work right along side of her husband no matter what the task was, how she Ongo/ng (plastic bag) NORMAL HOURS,• Friday, 1-4:30 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. - Noon Mankato, Kan. iting bikers• Randall By Fawna Barrett Bruce Cooper, Wichita, a mem- ber of the executive committee who organizes Bike Across Kansas, re- ported 849 bikers were registered for the 2016 event. Randall UCW met last Wednesday for the semi-annual birthday party with cake and ice cream served. Jan Thornton made the cake• There was a short business meeting. Devotions were given by Fawna Barrett from Joy Breaks, a devotional book by four Christian writers. There will be no formal meeting again until September, though quilting will continue on the second and fourth Wednesdays in July and August. It was exciting in Randall Tuesday morning as the Biking Across Kansas group came through town. Quite a few stopped for refreshments, rest and to visit. One happened to be a former co- worker with Seleise Barrett and he • Grain Hauling • Parts Sales • Truck, Trailer and Auto Repair • • Painting • Thunderston and Shurco Tarp Dealer 785-428-3030 785-428-3031 Fax Elbourbon @ nckcn.com 864 Hwy 14 Jewell, KS 66949 24.16 This week's report from 14 11 11 47 11 15 59 Friday, June 10 Mix Heifers 644 149.50 52 BIk Steers 855 BIk Heifers 659 149.50 64 BIk Steers 844 Mix Heifers 790 142.50 60 Mix Steers 810 Mix Heifers 753 140.25 61 BIk Steers 859 Mix Heifers 748 140.00 62 Mix Steers 857 BIk Steers 730 155.00 60 Mix Steers 859 BIk Steers 859 151.60 30 Mix Steers 891 151.60 151.35 151.00 150.10 149.75 146.75 140.75 No Sale until Friday, July 8 Have a safe harvest. Jon Russell, 785-374-4577, Cell 785-819.6115 Nell Boursy, 402-879-5566 Scott Greene, 785-545-8612 Kelly Bouray, 402-879-3051, Cell 402-879-5567 of dust behind them. On the windy days, the dust from non-paved roads rolls as it is disturbed and driven by the winds. It's nearing mid June. Hot, dry, windy is the menu for the weather nearly every day. Wheat is ripening to a golden color. Combines will soon be invading the fields. Mankato By Elaine Thomas Last Wednesday noon, cousins got together at a local cafe for a meal. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy, South Lake Tahoe, Calif.; Pam Kennedy, Indianola, Iowa; Carl Kennedy, Miltonvale; Kent Kennedy, Lebanon; Gladys Kennedy, Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kennedy, Great Bend; Early Childhood Screening The staff of the KIDS FIRST Program will be conducting a free screening for d~ildren birth to 5 years of age living in Jewell, Mitchell, Lincoln counties and parts of Osborne county that are in Waconda School District. The screening wilt be conducted in Lincoln during the morning of Fddey, July 1, 2016. If your child is expariendng difficulty in the developmental areas of hearing and vision, communication, gross and fine motor, self- help, social-emotional, and cognitive skills, please call to schedule an appointment. Parents having any questions concerning their child ages birth through 5 may call the Beloit Special Education Cooperative at 1-786-7~8-5275, ext. 1 before noon on Fddey, June 24, 2016 to make an appointment for your child. Approximately 30 minutes will be required to corn plete the screening. It will be held the USD 298 Board Office located at 133 E. Lincoln Street, Lincoln, Kansas. Red's Counlry Care#no Serving Lunch Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 10:30 a.m. • Real Estate to sell at Noon At/c/ion to be hem at the home located at 242 N. Cher Red C/ou Neb. Property sells to h/ghest b/dder, regardless. No m/n/mum. Legal Description: Lots 21-22-23-24 Block 4. Rafts Addition to Red Cloud, Webster County, Nebraska. General Description: Older 2 bedroom home located directly south of Elementary School in Red Cloud.~ Main level has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, dining, living morn, kitchen, pomh-laundry room and partial dry 1141 Highway 76 basement. Exterior features are open front porch, older garage and large comer lot. Remember this property Guide Rock, Neb. sells to the highest bidder regardless!! Taxes: 2015 and all poor paid by seller. 2016 prorated to closing based on 2015. 2015 Taxes were $729.56 Terms of Sale: 25% down of pumhase price day of auction, balance at closing approx. July 15, 2016. Title Insurance will be used and costs split equally between buyer and seller. All Licensees of Montgomery Auction and Realty involved are agents of and represent the sailors only. All announcements day of auction take precedence over any other statements or advertising. PERSONAL PROPERTY - APPLIANCES - FURNITURE - HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Frigidaire cross top ref/freezer, less than 1 year old, white; Amana white clothes washer, less than 1 year old; Whirlpool electric clothes dryer; Roper natural gas cook range; Coronado chest type deep freezer, white; 3 pc. walnut bedroom set, box spring and mattress; walnut dining room table and 6 chairs; walnut china hutch, glass door; small kitchen dinette w/2 chairs; 2 beige recliners; sofa, couch; night stand, end tables, bookcases, small cabinets; small electrical appliances; bedding and linens; pots, pans, dishes; several metal cabinets; 4 drawer file cabinet; 1 trailer load of household items. YARD AND GARDEN ITEMS: Pickup box, 2 wheel trailer; Speedway air compressor; 1 small trailer load of toois and garden supplies; open end, box end wrenches; air bubble; electric tools; hand tools; stepladders; post drill; extension ladder; Goldenrod fence stretchers; yard windmill; picnic table; forks, rakes, shovels, scoops, ax, other hand tools. COLLECTIBLES - ANTIQUES: Approximately 60-75 toy tractors, all makes and sizes; Moorman tin cup; 45, 78 records; collection of metal pencil sharpener; ice cream freezer, wood; Emerson "Sea Hopper" 6" fan; Royal =Triton" motor oil sign, has hole; jewelry; pocket watches; several wash tubs and boilers; small metal cream can; metal sprinkler can; wire trash can; old fuel cans and funnels; 3 old lanterns; old yardsticks; old marbles; milk bottles; several wood chairs; quilts; old baby clothes; old road maps; sets of tea towels; Aunt Jemima syrup container, plastic; stamp collection; (8) kerosene lamps; horse drawn plow; old push mower; wooden door;, old aluminum master; granite and enamel pcs.; Sudweiser thermometer; glass coffee and tea jars; whiskey decantars; cookbooks and magazines; old military uniform; old calendars; globe; old advertising; postcard collection; milk glasses, children's jelly glasses; children's Tom Thumb cash register; Mar tin barn; cheese boxes; blow torah lamp; wood hat box; pair oriental figurines; cracker tins; metal picnic basket; 3jewel tea mixing bowls CAR: 1994 Buick LeSabre, 4 dr, 3800 V8, loaded, one owner car, nice and clean, approx. 130,000 miles. NOTE: 1 very large trailer load ofcollectibles. The Williams were married in 1942, and kept many items throughout their marriage. Something for everyone. Plan to attend. "'-r- r-'-,v,n 9 em Owner 1141 Highway 78 Guide Rock, Neb. Roy Montgomery, Auctoneer/Real Estate Broker Hm: 402-257-2335, Cell: 402-746-3823 Website:www.montomeryauction.com Email: info@montogmeryauction.com Terms of Sale: Cash or good check day of auction. Nothing removed until settled for. Merchandise at bidders's dsk after bid off. All items sell "AS IS, WHERE IS", no exceptions. Owners and Auction Company not responsible for accident or theft. 34.1~