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June 6, 2019     Jewell County Record
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June 6, 2019

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8I=I THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thu~, l,~y, June 6, 2OI9 Midwestern farmers Four Ways from Northbranch facing tough decisions By ]:rma Dillon Monday, the dcsig,mted Mcmo~-iaJ. Day holiday. John Parsons. Steve Dillon and Erma Dillon went Io M i IIOi11,'aic [o the cc ff~ 'tetT w I~'r Thane of our rclalives are hui'icd. F~allow.il~,~ de='orating gCa~'c ~ we nml Ihmily il|cin- I'~'r.~ and drove [o the re~tuacant in Lo~,gford when- we enjoyed a few hour~ of dining and visiling Imfi)re parting Io ~lum to our ht)rn~s. Sieve zelumcd tu his home near Peck. Janna Dilhm amJ a fri l~, Nick G:,dbois ~[ Belwn and K.C Me ar- r=~ cd Monday e~'enJn~ an~J were hosted :i~ my home arid at L,zzic's Huu~c. "l"he ~ll,~ 1Lff: f~=Ek came lu take somt~ day trip~ and had a ,~ell-plalmed a~erl~a fi~r- ae.~dgy u:ld Wednesday, They ~erc on Ihcir o~v~. lrue:,~ la.~,+ nl~.-~iin~ II1~.' III l.[]~.> elLcnLng ai |l'lr," ~=[eill~h4 ql~l in .Xla,kL~tO JU~I nl time for :ill Ihe e~,- cJICl11L-rl[ o~ a l~nadt~ hc;a.d@,:i t]Llr W3~, ["C~r a '~JJurl ~,l',[c the staff and dincr~ :+,Wnt more time p~' rm~ uu= Ihe ~irl- do~-s Ihan c~ing~ But Ihcn (he air cJ '.:lr ~[gnal came and ~ enjoyL'd uur time there. Wednesday. the three of us got anearly ~ia~l. heading wc tl,vard where we planned to ,~Cc the i uppo~,edJ)' rc- ccrlt[) i;.]p~znedl I-ittlc Jc~s:dem Bad- lands State Park it1Logan('(~unt~, Atier vi~i.tint~ the.' hir|hplace of the ~ong "'Home on ~tic Range" ~,c m~l[orcd. uc!.d ~llotorud - and motored, lookiug for ~dgt| 01 lhe new park. l'~ndcd tip in [=o11 ~ct~tI. Hol ~.el, il '-A u~, lit}[ .'ill 111 ~. aiD, tUrlli,rl~ -'lr=~L4 I'id ;J.nd hea.d il-lg It|'F~ ~1 ~ Found Lhe Kcy~tOilC Galle='~ ~;id. ~,cn,~d as 'coi]veaientl~, h~ :ued" in Ilte middle of nowhene' L "W'hw ;t ~rea,ured sp~! and gi'~at h(~spil-'ilit, a ~ ~'c Lc~inicd Ih~l IIIC Lttlle Jcru.~al i~ Park had mq ~p,enc~l. ~ I.e~, q learned: d~m'l h.elic~ ,: 'p,h:l[ 1he L',[knt~ I.'I [~.'r,~)ll teL[' "~,~u, =.'~. CIL lJl~i[ ~er~ r'Jltlrnlllg~) }]A,|%t~. F ~L' Ic;Iriled r;lore ahem[ fl~e JL%'ai alva 41hi tlld :i l'~l i~I '~hL~prllli~ [ ,I~.'Fi d~irCCliO-ri, IIk~ % .1%1[ Thi." It'LRC,Lt Illtlrl|X~lL~lll ~I.L'~>, arFd ,ICItl,t]]~, Iiil, dlJl~ [hL'fn ~a-, ~! - r~claL part qfl =tit ,id~ k'etltit'oI, J~ trip. A .%'h ~;L. ,11'I ro~.kt rd~L'rlln~ nl -;.tl i|l",le k'L=OIIII'~ i|1 PT].P jtl,a .can I ,:.;ill |[ dul~LC.r k iri .~l l.' *J i. Jewell Arian :ind Ir~l~;.i FoJsoi-n I'~turrtetl[ t~ their hor~ n~. JeweL[ last week ~flCr ,omc Ijmc in-t-uc,on. ;MiL, ~xhui~: the~, had gOI1 for tltc~r gran,Jdaugllter, I)cili'~e ]:td',Oitl'~, high ~hL,d gradu:i- tt*,t I-he? ~l;l~ed a l~'~a, d,I~'~- lh.e~' ;.l|]~.l ~, l~,II~i.I Irir,'ndN, JloM~.'d :l ( '(1111 ," arad (jo ~.'~trtl ,%ho'~er aild R cepl~un I;rid:L~. for ]=din T eRoy I'hi'.~'r. I eR~L~. a~ Tno~t knl,~ I',~rn. ~v.'l~, i'~:ti1,ng allw I-~'irtg an eitlplo~ee Of EFCL" l-,w 31 ycar~. LeRoy wa.~ ~i~en ,i ~,l~,'~,fl l',llllh.'l~ l' dlll~,ll llcnnc,~ '2 lillr,~" [~I ill~, l~.'|ll~,'II]Vl]l IrOlll 1 lI~," L~-,ol~ J'TH ',U[ " -r.cl,hL~ I', ~ii1~ l,~ I~ flil~,',Cd t~) 1]l~.aD, oJ lh~ IJlllllCl, ,tlld ~11', ~ ~.l- ~,~rk~.r~. ('tffl~l ;lli,:Jiltnqi~ l.e~o~ ! [he (;LJaraiii~ ~l i*l~" l~,m~k ;ind :[ru~l t','tlll~:ilI,~ celcb~ated I.~ ~c'ic~, L~l'',~'r~- ,!.lx. Iht'[ql la, llh ,1 dlll~er ;.1t th,2 .rc~ i [i I,~I[IIII'LII]II~ (. " i|tk'r ~, lunch ~ aN :,~C f% L'd h, lhL'li" tl',[lqnl:l'~ -l-ti~.') ;.II',o > l,ed Iio.- toilet and ClilRalt]~ll roll, lh~Ll l lltYl 1~111~ ,IlL I]'I' ' Rand.'lli ('.~.or[, ~ r~, ll-~." -IJtiOJl lh,t v, IIl~lz'l"~ 'Lit- IhC d'lav, Llig ',~.'r " Ill ; IglL=~ "~h~'M, [~I.' l|~.l~derl. ba',kct. Kal~aun (it it h ch: ~irl, ba~,k l. | .Jilts l lii.~ dell', aild lh ~I ~ ~.'~,'TI irt~',itc~, - fi"ll~: ~non~.~ irc'c ~x. ~.'nt I~, Hill ( i, it [c[h. .%an~ar:dh;t .%1CMiII,LD, ,~tL"~ ~." ~1CIII,1 I '. Kaihh.'~C, I.ilIK' -~rl~:l.;,: C~ilt-t:L ~on /.el]i/. Ridmrd M Red Clo~d, lhe clo~e t IOWI~ Ihey ever go tu ti.]r ;l game. I~.~ck Gillett wa.~ pI.',ynlg all All Star game. Sclccl .%.~tior~ Iroin the NPI. [~:ie~.' pl~.~ a~ainsi player~ from the 1' %" Ir='ague in Nebraska. Th.t " illtllga[ BUn Oak ('Ol]lmanll~ Sandal eharch ~,ur', ice '~, u.~ a bL~:~ing /orlh~ atte haling. P'~torJtm Harkness <+l~ncd Ihe NelXIif :e, welcoming ca~.-h one, and then h:d Ihe coneze+al{onal dngine w ith L-'rmu I)i] Ion al the pi.~nt.L ARt olfering ~ a~, taken ~-illi P-,~t =r .hm ol'fe ring p~i','c~', l):i~tor Rt.k:l R,~c ~ [x)kc of file evenly, Illal h~." wa.~ involrcd with to make teleph~m~.' COT~n 'I[oI)~ with ,+crcm) Mc,Meen of Supcnor Hc was ~u,:c ',~l~JI in ir,~aing him to agree I- come speak t'L~r II~i~ ~vrx.ice. What a te~linltnt) of b.u~. (it,[ gave h. a]iag Io the family [olht~inS thci~ tni~ic L',:I[ 3 CId~rll it h v, ~, ;Irs agO. It in ohVloU thai God co,~l~c*, t~ hk'~ eh~'ir fain- iJ.x a,~[hty r-rte]~ tell ol thclr hlcchan~- i,t[! c xl~rJ~: n~.-~: A C;UT~, -nl dinzlCr lol- luwed lhc- ',~rvp,-c. ~vtth time for t~:l- 14,k~A ~hil") - hc~ cl'.iJ, L ut~f'qlng l'rCl-ll], a di' - I,:~nt'~' Iq+ jC, ill for ~ ,+rshJp ;1|1~ dli|l'[,i'[', .'V~ lhi', ~ Ii~ir~# '~unday ~.',~:rlm~. l>izl:''i ~l~'arI'lll'l i", I[I ~.he Br(~l~hme Me- mon;,l I Iru~pilaJ. i~u~ ~'~,i~I~ IO I~: ;tHe I~ rn:[u.m It,tent, ~.~,11. A ~u'~.'k ~i~ on Sunda) cvei1,:n~ F):i~,un Jon ;rod Enldy tt~)k IIteir family :lP.t J in~t [':tii[[y'~. p:,r'~tff~ in ]-lays. "J'hP ' ,~hildr+:n ~ ',t to ~o h,t>t11~ ,t+ it1", (~mndp:i altd '(,;r~.rtdtlia and ,~l;r ~d ~ ie'm da'+~ v [th fl'~c'nl i.t~. H~ il+'m l'. Joil :md I.~r'nil+, uc~'~rnpl~h tltLng~ aroLmd Ih. im,~, qi~al Ihey had ~ 'n ~an(ing Io d0 part~. All ol Frank and Th lma ,~h~'lt~ill'S hmul~, teL're p~csent fiw the c~cnt, ~ith a Iol of famil.v piciur ~, luken after the wcddiny Rachel CrOtl~C ~, a~, plea~cd 1 ~ hare her b-r~qheL Bret ('roT[s. und r~cph w, Re~, ("I'OtP~. Iroln (;arden City ,I~OII'H~ tt+ ~, i',ll ,~;.i[tl~'t];l+, "riIL'~, ;il.',t+ YISited Rex [he B~:Lt+il High %ch,~d Trap Tealn ,t'q n[~tcd ,:LI the Tult Ic Creek .~hcKq ing [~;II'[ StcI~Ll;i> I'~ra~tdl ~oI[,Gra.nl Ani,m Ilh and .In. tf~lih oiR~2[inl~2 IIli~i v~ ~ i~k. I laylc.~ Burk~ pJ:lc~%l ~.'~ent.h iTl tx~ll chc I(~lXirn:ind .~2[31hn ;l: l~e K-~IIr.~AA %l:m;-l+a~k ~,h.-cl hc[d at th.L" [.'c-,~na ~t:J,m In ~Vw]iihl .~,la) ~4 aild ~ IUI| dLiitii.- lh'~: lli :l p,~,~ d,L~. ~. ,~I 'v,h.d [%%-,111it" i| [hJk'C dLL~, J||,ddl I'K', Jtt,~" i)l '.tr~qi~ ",!.~qiPi,~ :illd ,|~tiIh]Jrll l,ll|l. IIL [I1L'rCI h,l'LJ 1~1 I]lilql "'JkLI].tLi% ~ ]IL~ [C~ ~ --JCV' JI (',llh2~,dLll.lrJ,J~ 11.4~ Ic~ I t ~IIIi I,i,'LJE]I h ~ dl II~:'[ l~i ~LILkc ,I hnI~tqc. ,fl LL r,H.i~.h. ~.L~[I ~Ii~I) kick tl ,i~~IL~LJI ,Ill I.Ja~, h),v ,i I~ ~ ,lh-41 L, aill, I |l ~,l, ill I~" r, Ni]l,L[ ,ill'4 ILiJl ,11 I '~, r '[~Hng ~.],t.'ILLL.I~ I~, lliV 41"lhl) I~ ~L%ILJc IJ'W Bctw~ . Ihe c~unlr~,"~ (raOc dis- pray ~ith Chln~ and i'h~ ~'mingly cndl ~,~ ~torm.~ ~hat haw dr~i~h~d lhe ~ntral U,S, |owa farmer, Ro~b [:-woldt, ha.~ plc.nly of lime go mink ahm~ ~hclher it "s hx) late Io plato ~his ~eason, how ra ~-h fi.'deral aid he might ~Ci If hc d ~ or whcLher IU ~ki~; it alln~ether and opI +br un insura~'e payM~.'+~|. In.~tead or' driving h+s II'LiCII3f. he's ~Jriving a truck Ihc~ day:, Io eanl :I li~,i~lg ~,hile Wuildt:~'lZ~[t how king it v,-i[I Ix- I~-fo~ he can rmurn IO hi~ I~eld~ "'Som~.rmle.~ I ~h]nk. what Ihe heck am I d.in~ famun~?" He ~id a.~:ently h) ph~nL' ~hilc r~'lUrnill~ hoilic after ['ILIU[.IIIg i,l ,~hJplnci;11 of d~ i~.'u EO C'hl- cago~ "'When >ou ~.e th~ i'~nk nl~r~.}. .v,u dv ~oim: pr 'tt~ era,% ~mft." t.~oldt I% ~,ilIL" 'LIf lhou~,and~ tiT lil[~d+t c~,14.'1~3 I'+tFInr21"~ I'ZLL'InE ',uk'h deC'l- ",l:.ql+ J" iht') ~.'[:Idurt' a %~'Pllll~ [Iki " ii,~' OIII~:F- ['I ~tJr[ed 'LAI[h rh.|clr c,t~i.l'L .i:llid s~:]~'h~.-;.ifl DFi~.'e~. faJli~|~ i ,~,4 ~ itlr[[tcf a,~ the L'.~. ;,IIKI {.'hin:i [ilIp~:n:,~.:d l)ew lar- iff aud w:,~ CoTnpmlnded by token. lial ~ain .'ind i].c~Idil~.~ IIlal ha.', PJl~de p.[a nili1~ [n l~)~,~,ilde and k l iicd L~IT~.'rop, lh;il ~~re jnM hla~In~ Ill ~in'l.l i[~e. ('o~,viuu~ Ihal the trade di%pu[P ,Aa~ dexaMillln.~ ~.mencan f~rmer~. Pwsid~.nl Donald Tru.np pr~uni.~.d $1 6 hllli~n II!l aid. an hlcp 'a~,: ux'er ta~t ~ ;ir'~ SI 1 h[[[l +n In aid. hUl tl~z pronl- i~e h; [~ mJ) adl, l d IrI Ille farrll,l r~" ,i 'l+ll. I[l%ilrql ii~l~.|l.l[ hovi L,L) ;=Lppil ',al, 'h 'ibis, sffalig~: ~prmg. 'ihal'-~ h,e~'aia~e d~ qaLlJ~. :~i~oUl ho,0, mtiLil rtloTle.~ I0.rillL>r~, ~Ldd teLcite ~VOll-'l be rc.J~ a~,~ d Lmtll later, [o a~.~id n11]ti~2nL'll1~ whal crl~p~ llle) decide It~ plant. While therc',~ ;.i r:itioi|a.ll,: ~'~,:hlnd keeping the :,d detaJ]~ ~crct. il adds :t,mther layer nf 0JIo:~aiilt:, Io, farm- Or", al~';Id) gtley,~il'ig il~,u[ the v.ealher. fulun: crnp pricL'~ and ho~ imich Ihe~, ~,~ot, kl ~ 'I in iil~uran c p~LVTllCm~ i't tltL'~, d~,t'l pJanl ,i crop. :lt'~, -, lake ~,llal ~o~ can get aqd kccp mt~ m~ .~ car/"-,'did-I-~d Itubl~ ;~11 a~r~cuJlur-~l ,i 'l~.qlt~,lll~M .:it II1 : I '111- ':!",II~ ~,~tIIIirn.q~ "[X-i1~ ild nig .n htl~ I|1~," p~ll~ I1)k'nl~, ;Ind e~ 121 .~ l]ilil~ ~'ll'~'ak ont ~ci~ ILlrP1i I", dil'l'~'l' 'illt.'" In the I~ ~,Klt~:'*~ '[11:.1~, ~r(l'~ l~ltS'-.I ~pf ,llr,; n;illk).r:l", k'oln, otll.~ .~ ~'l,c.fucFll ~i[ Ihc ~op II;,~ ~' n planted as of la~l week. a far or.', il'~mt l|i~ q{I p~:rcent Ihal would ordinaril.~ I~' plan=,cd h)- Ihal I~inl. In sial ::, IIl~.l i|cady grov. :ill of ~o.x-bean.~. IL'~,S than hal[tel the ni.)rnlal crup had bl 'Pn p~;Inied, l::trn~ r~ hax.e even hiken I,u, "l~ilter, c'rCallll~ ;i "nt+p]allllg'" hashta~ to commJ~ 2r;ti and "~,h~.JJ'i,' phol,>, L1f lheir ~%alilr~L'd fickl', |:~T h,ff .ior~t-ii~,t~l. it%, l~. aLl ~.'cin- hulllirl~ Ll~,l ~,~iOtl tH how much hi* |otpF, hl 3.1~I~II acres of hOLI'[[')W ~-ICiM io~ a l,md i~'ca n prol-r~ahl~ .~inn. Ahem ,i qLi-'~rl~ r of ii ~'ari't b~, l-arfllcd ~ 'c'ua~, of .M|~',ouri RNcr l'[~v, Ji~. and inuch ot hB, ~m~,ning p~.~rD 11~ l~.'en Inundated with rain ~|ld u,attr from zhe neighborm~ Ni~hu;i~,n~ River. Nu',igatin$ inudd} road~ in ili.~ pickup Iru~:k la~,| wcek, he triL-~l I~i Il~- ure ~,hLqher It ~-ouhl ~. ~v ~rfl~ pump- ing ~,~,:i~er off |ll~ land 1r whether Ih~l ~uuld e~en I~e p~,~lbJc. Normally+ il ~ ou[d I'~.- x.~ollh |h~," cl'l't~ hut 9, iIl~ Ihr: pro,l~ v| rh,|r rite M]d~,cst',~ mi~'rahlc ~ ;~Iii~ i ~,II tv~u~.-c the faJ] h~.e>t. corn and soy['~an p~i~e.~ have ~.l;ir{cd It, ri~ and planting c~ ry acre possihle hu~, h~cun,| znorc allraclive Ihan ~Cl- ILin~ for insurance [hat would i~=.v roughly halrf Ihe rcv ~uu OtI a n,rmal trap. Jorg.~nson. 44. said il's a puzzle t~'ine lO figure nul how rll~.ich land 6ouTd remain unplanted altd eligible ft~ insurance pa.~ment~, ho~ much sh~mld he plan~eJ, ho~ much mone~ in fcderal aid will ~'a~ ailahk" at~d ~ hc~'her IIIc.~,u ['LIi~dillg ~'I>U:r, 'L'~ wdl i'~' enoLL~h -~I'Io|lc~IJ~, ~J ]lOlLir~ ~i cl~.~, tbl~ I~ all ~{~tl ua[! thll~ JhL:tl[.'" h~" N:kld ~ J lll "ll.' ~'~l.'~h 'l*~'li.K'-[ h ~.ta rP 'd lLiLinlllg |it ] I'~7|). []'|I~, i% IIIc lir'~[ year he',opled tlOI I|] pl.~Lllt ~rl ~11~)~i' ~[ IIL~ -~ .q](}{} ~lcre~ ucar IhC "~on[h~e.~[~'fJ! .'~lillnC~oLa COi11~h- nit) of I :,kc Bcnkm. II wa~ a ditticull choi~'e, hul one ~'~rtti ~,u.d he I~'lt ~hll- ~atcd Co m~kc elV~.'n Ihe duck~ that are :,P,inlmiil~ Ill'llh~ere hl~ ~.'om alll.I ~L~)- N'am. ~hould ~" gro~ Lng "I'm iIt}t ~.o1~].+ t|I, try and dcs|ro) mF gruund io ~,a crop in." he ~i~d. r|olmg filet plarllin~ cquip1llcnl ~,~uid ful ariJ ~o|n~acl hi~ [and. DL'npilc m-,ur:ince p.: b'm-i,: hi:, I1 %-iJJ re~'i~,~:~ Worth. 66. ,~md he'll need t.L~ r l'ir1.'l~~.'~.' hlarl, arld hJsL' ~,oi1'i~." o~" III~: cquhy tlC ha~, btl;It tip on land that ha~ b~'c~ in hi~, tantlJ ~ K,r ~:c;tcrali~m lhc dc:id]ine for 11OI pl;.e|ltll'lg ;iitd taking all insurance I"l~i~ ML'rll v= ithout a Wn:ilty varie~, de[x'ndln~ ,n the ~tate ~nd crop, hut Ihe dec~ni(:n terI~c h;i~ either pa ~-~d or i> appn~;iehing, t lubl~. the I ~li,loi, CmlOnll~l ~,;iitl choosing h~ me. ~,~ ,igOr|i/LTI~ I'tli I'a.l'lii~i'l, b'iI| nl~,:x I%~ lh ri~hl c11,u~.- ~'~.-:iu,r f the ri~i~ ~la i~i l~,;ir~ ~,I x.~ helk I~I;.~.|1!.11~,~ late in ~.~ g~) glOLleld ,|rid the," po',',lbllJt) Iha| Ihu I~.i|il)er ~,~, Oli'l I' - td~h: Io hur~4.',il Ih c.r~ ~[) h~l~.q the u, ~alllel [~l'll: ~.-c, Id. OUt for i'tlar)% fLi)'Tlicr~ !AII[~,'~,~ ~Ul!c].lllt'[ and I~lL we'.ltl~er L',l, plidil]~pl~, arL- lill,'~,lT~ ['~:1'~'~,-[, ~ ~,~'enar~o Ih,tl hc said se~in~ hard I,I [t31a~i|1C. ~i~L'tl ~lt;l~ "'~I[1;ITIl' IU ~,t keep firing up and rtlov,n~ Ihmugh." CIl~d Hi,rl. an a~ricultural e~'oi,~- ~'t~ffi[l~ IJlal the IL~Jcl'aL aid "l"rUlg)p an" noum:cd ~, I I L ,211couFagc SL)]']3e 14rln l"~, v,ll,~ ~tmld no~na[Ly h,rgt+ a crt~p IO I?i",ic~t []',k pl.~llllllmg i~'~n v, l land, ['hal" ;I totl.~h, d~ciMon l~r irldi',itluul~, ~ul i ',l,~[[~%'t[~t l'l, i,I cuuld n.'ducc Ihe ~.uppl ~>l'l~-'l::l~ and '~Oyb~,: a ns and lead (t) hJ.gh~r "'~"e'~-e h~.'el~ ',lLi~.k In a .rlal.'[l?[n ~i[ ~,~ elTl:!'L1,d.Llt'll~ rl. and lili x cf~u]d ,chu!q~.~ Ih~,t.'" Harn ',aid. [-wo]dt, who farm ~+n uhuul ].JO{) ~cres he r~ll[~ [rl:.il"~ ~r 'lLll[Ix'.r '~ r~ar th,J ,M'issis~ippi Ri~cr out ~ide Davenl~rL -~:ii0 he holx'~ he can figure uUl what', hes~ E~rllis Einm and his I'amiL~. E~voldt, 47. ~lid he'.~ ~,t~ ;it pr~xJuc[ng a crop h, ui thai figurin~ ul whal ~o do tit the coming weeks sec111~ like gu~:~swork. "'You'r~ trying I~ do ?he algebra L~qUatiOi~ and figun.' thinR oul. bul you huw: to m;in.~- ur:known.~ righl no~/~ li~ ' ~id. "'N-h~ly h~, a c~ue what ~,e're d~i~." In II1+." game c~I lil'~+ it"+ a ~ot~J It~.'a k~ have a lu~ e:,dy io,;~c~. Wi~;~ri~ ~:" i".'V ~ ~tm Or" lhc prc~stire ot tryin~ to ill~lnl~ln arl i~.l-id~.qeated ei,'a~,;~il. ii Jf yuu ha~,~.-iI't 'dz',l~.'k o~l in your il~t three nlinules. IL=p ~,rinF! Patrick Hough 3 6-259-6822 your newspaper. Esbon Thu~s luy. June 8. 2019 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 8A Jewell Co. Memories ii ~1~ 14 19S9 A cTclone eav '~ith a thick eeinen( Nuckolls County Foundation James B. Nichols Student Loans Qualifications: Nuckolls or Jewell County Graduate Junior, Senior or Post-Graduate College Student For Information and-or application, contact: Anna Hawley: 402-879-5077 Lois Sullivan: 402-879-4387 John Hodge: 402-225-2341 AUCTION SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019 10 a.m. Auction will bc held al the lhrm located l?om Burr Oak. Kan, 5 miles South on f ligh',vay 12~ to Q Road then ]'2 mile cast or li'om Mankato. KaJlr. 5 mr[us v,-esl on I iighv,ay 36 t0 Highway 128, then [ mi]c norlh to 0 Rd. and 1 ''~ mile east. TI~C]'ORS, MACH INERY, CAM PER 21100 Bohnen I ~" trailer with dm.ctai] 31"J=l raltlps, 7{|0{I Lb. axle. S ho|t wi~cds, ~cry guod; .A.~co ,~.]Ii~ 5650 li'oat +.~ hccf assist di,=scl 1,r,J'L"It'l L46~ hrs. 3 el . dual hytli~tli[u, with Koykcr K2 1omk r 6" bLItkct: Ford ~B()U diesel trach>r 3 pt. dual ]i.~d~'aL:ll[~:. ~b. ~,itll duztr'. Mass~)' 65 high cr~,'aim1 ~: ga.~ traclor. 3 pL sin~l hydraulic: .Min,~cuptfli~ %lo]inc ?Ilr6 t'ront '~ he~l a~ms[ ,~Lmldard tl'aL'tti[' {.~uri.'tl nLimbcr 15] only 2000 hLtih). ~,itl) dual I~mdcr, ra;~ wh~:n p;trked il:l ,~}led; Minneapolis Molinc (;7(] st;+ntl~rd trador; Evcrsman 6{l(ir ptfll L.vpv ~crapcr:. l,~hino 5(}[} ] pt. 8" Made: ~lohN~-r[ 3 pt. bale tbrk; l lyd|':Ittlic post hoG" digger ~;ur loader; hydraulic v~ ire windier Ibr t'ron~ Made,-; ~ irl. u]~ntinLlnl carrier', 3 el 2 row ~:u[liva[or; 3 pt. 2 ro~ Jis~.cr; 3 pl. boom; 3 el. A l]i.~ 3 bottom pl~: Kraus ' 16' o|'l' ~et disc; ( 'asc 12" field cuhiva[o|'; Vtrm cr 605 (i round bal~r: .I])[tydniu]ic ~ving 16" s~'~ali~cr" H~s~un stack mo~cr: Art W:L~ 425 grind~zr mi r; :%I;.I.~.2) sickh: mox.~cr: L;raham t h~ctnL, lO" cllis~.']; D(wtahuc 2~' drill trailer, g" 50" auger: 2 section KirscllnRi~ri }lt,~." drill: it)grain dI'iIl: li~' ~ ~lon 11.112 .~vatiter tnr parts: 2(104 Sa]cm 26+ purl type canl]~cr ~ ith .'did t~tiL ~ot~ ~.',n~htlt~i~- 1954 L-hc~ roh:t Ik']Air 4 du~,r car, docs:1"l run; 197.3 } [oi1~da '7{.I inotorcyc1 : L :t~ t Chcvrolcl Sc,rtsdMu LU pickup doC-~ll'l rL|]l; 19.78 L'hc% ro[ t pickup - nt, motor: I tJ~4 ( 'hevrt~] t 4400 i'[at~cd truck do~.~n'~ rLJ|1~. 19~(ir Chtvrol l 4100 Iruck chassis: 1~49 %lud 'hakcr lrLIL'k C}ia~.~is: COLLECTIBI,ES, CATTLE EQUIPMENT, TOOLS & OTHER (.'a~41c CL]Ll[l'mlCnt il~C[l~d~ll~: I lr ptwlah]e Col'rat p~n ]s: 2 ptwLahIe feeder pane[s; 3 round bale l'cl 'dcrs- 'st% ~:r.I1 rt,lls ~o~n ~virc; electric fcilC,U post arid wire: l clric I'enccrs; Signs inc: J'~>nUac .~cr~ Ic~:. (t+kc. tltl~cJ,; 3 pedal ear b~dic,: sci+,~l I~.l:lUSC 171;ip,;: 2{I casl iron school desks; ~A (~rJ ;.t' 'l, I%~,'~S~ L]l l'r~ ~t3 i't~lJrld- ~,1~ oodcll ,k'i, ll'[] ~,hcJ] l- ',t ash lubs: i)Jut[~)r|11 sea}c: 2(} galltm birth lcaI r~ck: cr~ck .iu~.~: l~arn d ~r~: milk i~uckcls, d~,r~, t~~m~ State E~chml~e bank: ~indlnill hc[Ld, lilt1 p:.L;'L ", laC[. '.xatcr picnic> =l~.']ud|N~: }':tll'bLJr~; ~li] kC~s; 70 dra~.~cr inctai ~.llaillCl r]Jtl~ tin" as~rtmenl ,~th.~- c~dl,:ctihl~.'% ~ [~rL l~]i3 A (" ~.~ v,'c[der'+ a~ ~t~rtnlCl~T, huml tool,~: buL'k l p~,il~.! ~pra)cr; I [:.nldv i]~.U]l juck,~: 'bOOll]Cr~; Cll;.ejl~.~; yard zo,fls; belt I;~.' nmehinc: us+sorLincnt lumber illch.l~titl~: 2" ',: S". 26"- 2"' x 10". 24'-2" x i 2". ;'" x 12"" 20 hip 2 ~,' i[|[~crs; Sattlcy 3 disc pIt~w; t':~s 2 bontmt piu~.: )1 C:| e hor~e lister; lug. cxtctt~on for cast ilXm wheels; 32 yah ~encralor ~ ith g~ engine: .~hop huil~ cast iron sem -c; ~" 1,2' ~ruck b~i with hoist; 250 gal propane |ank on ~ i~c ls- 3<)O ~allon ii~cl barrels: [atgc- assorhv. nt [YOI|', as.~r~mc:|t (d" olhcr henls. Note: This i,s a large ;.tLIC[iOn. ( '[|CCk our web SIC=: thr pic[Ll:[%'~ ~t[ ~ '+~. ~,k,tjlUl~tCt~.II;it eti~} 1 0,! I LLOYD & MARY tlANSON Audion Condncled By Thumnlel Real Eslale & Auclion LLC 785 -738-0067