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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
June 6, 2019     Jewell County Record
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June 6, 2019

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Two addrlional class members lolled the class for the meal Mike Conoer an0 V~Cky (Crouch) Adams Fo~ty-hve class ~embers attended the "new" Mankato High Scl-~ol Twelve class members are Cec~as~d People who attended Athens(A)or were graduales ol lhe Ionm Grade (GG) or High Schools (GH) and who were pmSenl at the Athens.Ionia School FIeun~on al 1he Melhodisl Church Fellowship Haql on May 26 ,?,019 were (t~ck row. from left) Don S|mmellnk GH 1950; Ernesl F~e GH 1942. DOyle Hooley" Alcorn GH 1943: Roger Fedde GH 1953, Leon B~den GG 1963, {lront row) Kathleen {Loom,s) Littre GH f953: Mary (Tucker) Slmmellnk Flene (.:~H 1945. Neva {Slltes} Shoemake~ GH 1946. Berla (Van Weyl ~]urc~a A lg59-1960 Wanda (Alcarnl Thummel GH 1949: and Marpne (KInCheloe) Slat,ghle~ GG lg56. A I9,~i1960. Not in the p~CLule. Ma~lha (Sliles) Holland GG 1958 A 1958-1960 and Diane (Menhusenl Simmelink GH 1956 Mankalo High School cla'$$ o? 1959 galhered ever Memorial week.end Io ceiet3tate the,r 601~ anmve