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June 6, 2019     Jewell County Record
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June 6, 2019

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4B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS tt~urs~lay, June 6, 2Olg. I Thut'l~y. June & ~019 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 4A Researchers find new clues from improving wheat Public Notices Late planting with (1"ir.~t Yohli~h<' l May 3o. 2019 A team of Kans~,s Slate Umver~ily ~heat scieutists are tapping into I U.t XXl year,~ el ewrlution tn the plant'.~ ge- netic code as pan of 1-1~ir comimw.d elf-as to understand how historic pr~- tests that ~hupcd modem wheal can help tl~ improve the vu.tietier grown by tt~lay's t-anners. The exhaustive study . ~.'ltich i~ published in No- lo re Genetic ~. invo I veal.sequent mg the genome.~ of nearly I.~X~ wheat li~es edit'ted from different patt~ d the ~,odd with tl|j]ef~n! 1~'i ~gnfllt~ls. "[llg ~,ork was led hy re,archers from K- State and Agriculture Victtsria oi-Aus- mtlu, in cdhboration wi, th the Uni- ~,ersl ty of Saskat~:hewa~ (Canada I and '~he Uaiversily of Minnesota. "We compared the gel,tome l ill die l.I)~ ~(1 wh~l li~'~) al~ainst ew,'h ~,lher. ,rod It~,ked 5, nucleu~ ide ba e changL~, ,r muI~aims, that distinguish~mew~at a ce,~ston from a~other:" raid Eduard Akhum=v. a K-State wheat geneticist, I, t~.' tholed tha~ the re~earcJ'~ ftmnd nlOre than seven million dif[e/'efice~ ill ~tle ~em, tic cMe of ~b,e I.tXKI I,ne~. -The~ differences can affect th." function of genes which c,alml vari. +,Us traiL'; in wheal thai heIl"~d ,I atla~;~,l to r~w g mv,'~ conditions, such as with- ~land]ng drmtghl and I~.'at qrexse~: fi[zhling off di.~a.~s: an~ yieJ.dln~ at+- tritm~+~ grain + Akhunm' Sal~. The ehange~ that c~eu~ed m the gentile code can tell research:Is a h=~- ttn,~- of each wheat aL~lJ ~-'~il.')~l. "'When humans ~tarted spreading w bet from the si te of il.~ origin to other places, they bmugh~ i~ intn Cealatt with wild wheat. ~ wild m~cestor~ accidenlally began to inter-breed with hread wl~eat," Akhunov .~aid. "Whal happened thel,1 wa ,~ bread wheal inher. tied the gcnelic diversity r, re.sent in the wild mmer wheat." The prw.:es ~ of tree ~pecies sharing genes with another species is called gent flow. and it is key lot explaining tile genetic diversity ,f tt~ay's wheat varieties, according to K-Slate wheel bre~lu Allan Eritz. "'U n~tandi ng gent &iv betu.'een wild cromer a~J ct)mmon ~-heal is nlOre, than just academiu4~)-mtem.~t- ingY Fritz saal. ''/-he imFvlaexe ot hi~torical in~)~remon ~ugge.~ls a rllOre stralegic u i,e t)f wild e~nv r ~hould have value for future wheat ~,prove. ntenl." Frill n,dell thai K-State ~'=entkst have I"~=tt u.~int2 wild emma in deed- opine gem]ptann) br m:~, wheal vari- g.lte~, in projects liltfled I)y ~ile Kant,s Wheat A,~,~ ~,:iat ion and the m~iver~it)"s Wheat Geneli '.~ Re~)un:e Center. TI~ work by Akhurmv ilnd his re- ~eap.'h team al|ows breeder~ to -eva hi- ate the divemw in wi.td cromer and he intenlional and ~trategX'" in h,m' they employ desired Ir-.-l~t tn rw.w. 9.heat varieties~ accurdinu to [:r,tl. "~As we mm'e forward, v,e cart ap- ply what has ht~.n team-'d here to also l'o~tts future effoils on trails relaled to health and mtlrili~m that wouldn't have been direct largets of historical' ~elec. tiolL'" he .~id. Akhunl~v adds: "'For the fir~t time. we have de~'ril'~d l~w wild emitter's genetic diversity contributed to the deve Iop|t~nt of h~ad wheat. And what it's done ~ince humans domesticate8 wheat is it's helped In dcvdop a heifer crop." K-State'-', study wa ~ funded by the Agriculture and Food Re ~e~rch Initialiv 'l competitive grants pro- gram. ~ministered through the U.S. DepaM meat of Agrieulture*s Naii~ real Inaitute of Ftkld and Agriclnltur~: and par~ of the lntemalional Wheat Yield Pan i~t~hip ~ttps://i wyp.org.b, w hich AkhLmov raid aim~ al increasing the gene~ic yid'd I'X>lential of wheal e;ing innovalive approaches. Akhun<)v also said thai Corleva Agrisciencc imd the agricahure diet- sam of ~w-DuPtmt prm ided finan. cial suprx)rl thn:)ugh its collah,ration wilh AgriCldlUxe VMmia Serxv:e. Their ~Ul~)n, I~ .~ld. a~bwed the re~archet~ acces~ In needed I~;hnolo- gies and to develop the ~et o[ dal~ in~icatin~ Ihe ~zenctic difference~ in wheal va~seti~.~. Hint) called an SNP dataset, K-State re 'eived add~ti~mal I'tmd- ~n$ from Ihe Kama,s Wheat Commi~- stun atvJ the Bill and Me],intla Gates Foundalrm. How did wheat err, lye? Wheat was domesticated nearly IO.IXIO years ago in t~ M~dd]e East region known a.~ the Fertile Crexent From an ancestor called wild emma. K-Sla|e wheat geneticist F~uard Akhumlv mats thai natural I~eeding between wild entmer and another wild relative, goatgrass, in tlt ~outhwemm Ca~pmn Sea xe~ ion gave rise I(~ bread whol as we kntm zt ~v tay. A ftel lh.ort~ttt, humans spread bread wheat :,cr s the ~orld. hringing it to Europe arntuM 8,|NKI year~ agt~, an~ to Ch ilia ar~ ~t, lid 4.61 it) years ago. This to st di.~s='mmau~m required wheal to adar'A qmckly to i)e~ environmental c~:mti- tkt)ax tltal otk'n were quilt disltncl from those ~,'hert' ~t ~ngtna~ed. Eduard Akhunov. Kansas Slate Un iversity professor el whealgenet~cs and pathology. Researchers explore cover crop's benefit to soil health i~ 771e Jr,eH Co.my Rrcord; Notk'e d Hearing In the District C~mn of lentil County. Kansas. In the Matter tlf the Estale of Doyle Lane Michael, a/k/a Doyle L Michlxel and Duyle MidmeJ, deceased. Ca~e No, 201#-PR- I$ The Stale of Kansas m all perxtms concerned. Yuu an.' hereby nolified that a peli- tk)n has ~en fil~.'d in ~d c,~a hy Ronald R Mich~'L l: xecmor of the estate ,f Do)-Ie l ane Michael. :lJk/:l Dtbl I+. ~li~.'hLle] aml 1~,3 h: ),hchae~. dco.'aseJ, l~r~} Iqg h~r f,tal " arid Grain Craft i,s ex- i)J,~tlig the role t~t n|lr, gcl~ and ~,ultiir ',~. il~'i r|l~]llertql, v,'heal v;lrl Iie~ r~l~lT]~P" ~1~ tht|'~ o-|nll~)on le~ Kall~,a~ wheat I Idth ] .dialt, %lid the s~:I ilII~;Is a~'e lry I~.~ lu tlnderqafld l~.~I~. ~ ht.al ~arlelj.en rC- sl'K~nd Io dll feline Ink's o~ I|tttt~2en arid ~,ultur. l"he~r early data inO~ates that wheu sdfiir ~ exlremely clef|cleat in a fzcld the cr,~ip ~hls',k'ed E<~ re /x)nse tl~ I11tl11.- ge|~. ~'h|ch mevilabl) ;|fl'et.'t.~ iIr~ yldtl and qu:tlit.v, lb, wha~ ,mlftlr ~a.~ ptesel|t =n s~=fliclcnt .ll~.hlltl)t:~, "lyidd increased, and the crnp I%'t.'aille rC- sr~.lnsl~,e to the upplled nllr~-gen,'" Lollatu sa i& He add : "We are able It) LI~' rllln~- gen more efficient1) wha~ ,ull'ttr i, avail;ihle ~rr i~. added It, die planl"~ t.-tLal, -,aid the work c~mlinue~ ii'~ kStp~x o1" hr|ilgln~ sr~ tfi;- :~L.~|'rn]~leil datlOll.~ lu wheal gr.oI~-l~1"~ NOTICE SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS ]rtlsltit.' ~ ~,f the [~elliar~'tir~ X|tlsser Estate Trtl.q+ Inc. are ram' ,~ccu.ptilag a|'~plicatit~l~ ~ for grdi'Ity+ from the Clilioi'd Molter, Sadie Rott.ql, ,1lad .'triter1 Fedde .~ci~olar4~ip Ftll]ds. Applicants must be high seht~d gr,~duate ~ x~.']'=i) have resided in Allert. Vicksburg, Prairie, []t~,fl~-~lu, Calvin. Browllscruek, lenin or Athen~ Town,Ill ps ]11 JeweLI Ctml~t) for two (2) year~ prior to their graduatiOlL Applicants must L~" current residel-~ts of said Township. Gr,mts may bt,t]~t~d at arty c ~llege, university, trade school or teclmical sch(ml. STUDENT LOANS RetuminF; colloge students and 2{)19 graduates of any area high ~chool, who have residt, d within the former U.S.D. 270 district bouladaries for the la.~t two (2) x'e;Irs mad remote'= eurre~'=t rt .sidents of .~aid area, are eligible tt) ap?ly for studel~t Ioal}s. Excellent terms for cdlege bottl~d ~tudenl~! Loan ap~-~lications are considered at any regular trustee meeting, the third Mo, d,w of ea(:h month. ot~hel)lt,d ~!/ r ,Ytlhe ~ t(+: Benjamin Musser Estate Trust, Inc. P.O. Box 16~ lewell, Kan. 66949 ,'11:'l;li:,'zlW+z~ (1t br Citizens State A~ency, LLC 109 N. Columbus }ewell, Kan. 66949 r'#l I~'~,hz o. Fridm,May T(j, 2(;/9. Atl applications must be relumed to the above addresses no later Ihan Friday, June 14, 2019, Benjamin Musser Estate Trust, Inc. .~,nTn~l t;pl.~l m, I iwid~,nl - S~01l Lknk~rb~.lr. heel r~.i cnl ~,t,~, Barks. ~< ~ ea~.'-T~.la~un:r .~m Kmter. l"r~.~k~L'- J~h Barb, Tm.~'~' ("1'1'~, sl I'ERINI ENI)I'.N 1 Tth." (. II~. Ill ~'~'ll.llll[~ll'~ I%;~1|~ ;[~'~ IIN~FL )i'l[ll~l II;.in, ;ill Ikl) Iqjill~l: i,i 4 t I'~% "~ill~l.'llille.'li,l, tk'lii I&N, UL-If~k" hq ~,p.'~.llloil~, ~ I lilIl~.ilc ~.~ I "H'k ~. d C f~lrl |'Ilk'Ill I1h.'ltld IIl~ ~,';IICI" ~,l:ii)t Ili,lll.|- illOil d~'~-Ililltl|L,|ll. %'.3".l '~,le;Ih '{. ;-:~rbu~ u~l~Ohqq. ~II II~q Ik pl" ipuir i+,'.~ q gl~cr I~] } ", I)drl~ ~, ]i (K'll|k'llk']'.~ I ++'l, ltl I ~)111LII[I h-'L~;lll ll~;HP~.I,'|1;llh.'u', l'~mt ?~ ",C~ ~,L':Ifk, L~'i -Lmll;u ~+r lrJ;ik'd ~.'~ Ik'fI,:~l,~' I- req,k d il~'".lt|'l I.I1 q'dqLit~r ', I' I"@Lt~.'tI '~ Ill ( II ll I- I~.'~.' ( Itli~ll'~ ~ill~lli Ih iihqlLli~ ,~ (].Iv'. I{ t ])1 %~1~1 illl hI.Lk-~" VIh]Lll- 'fll 'ilr f~llhlll 12 Ill~k:kLlI,~. ,ii Lh| IIll- I~ ;, .;lJ.lll ',~l [ilC,II I'.'~iCll| tl,h'LL~C1%LI4'1:||I ,~'~L'I I~,IILk'II .LJqd J.IIqiliKI I~, I ilied "lh h;l~h c~mditi~m, it| Kan'~;r, ~hi.~ pasi winler ha'~ imtntptcd Ol~" ot Ihe %l'ltC'~ u,ea[hr:I dgenL'if, b I'il dc~el,? ;t ua)l th:lt ~ |11 hdp callk' pr I '1~;~ I ~le already had ~ [t+t of ltC~a- li~C impacls ~m the all1 i|'E[tl,Iry I~- t';.ItlSe td lhc cold lenlfk, ralnr~s lh~s v. inier.- ,m~=d Mar)' Knapp. ll~ ~i~. lalll slate "trlimalulogist ~'i~h K;ll~i~ Memncl. ""lhL~ ~oul will a~ I~k ;~l e-~|lqk~llk' high K'ntr~i'illUFr~-,'" The Cal LLk' Comb>It L ndex etmipilex suc h climatt)lugical fuctor~ a~ u, eat~'t. humidity, s~lar radi:|tion and wind r, pecd itt help plMucers deleFIllll|e the lexel ~)f ,trc~.~ Ih |r ;|m[n~b n),;i} IX" r ':'l,l'~'r|~.'|~.l,'l[+~ ;,It ;,tl|~ ~i~,~,'~'l tlnL . "'The ind x it, d|L~cn b ~ ,u| Ii~c- minute data that it, ;i~ ail;thtc frol|] K~|i. -a~, MtSOII I.'" KrlaPP +~aJ.d, "'II ~ LLb ix, cal~'ulaK't~ rl.'al-|n11 ~,nd iJ.ildatl,~J t3|) ;j r~tllar I~asis ~, that pmdu~- L~ c~n ~ ~l~;v, I,h~li ~-dl cltan~. d~trin.~ Ihe da),'" "l'hg d{inaK, iT~i'ornialik;tl i~ alh- ered frt~n'= each of the Me,~n~ t~, 61 ~.:l~)Rin.~ ~;l[it it)ll-~ in Katls;t.% I:,r eaJl~-'h, t~C s~,~tent rqm~s the j~,n.~,ivcd com- forl fe,ud olcall]e irl {hat area. fnrm nu ~,t'~:>~ Io imld. nnd~ ral~.* and ~,~ v~ rc. Ktl;Ipp ,;,atl. "'lltc '4ctna~ =.ii;'Liiii~] rL~- Sp liiS~ I,LI k'nq'~r.'kture ',i(e~ ~ ill L~' LL'I~L'~iL'I|L ~n a nuntbt, r ol I'; L~'It,F'~ ItW[ at'ct~,Lillted for in tht I il'ideL'" n]dttdin~ :lee. h:|ir cmt. hohh. ~Kly colidlttt~c). i1tk~.'nl-ci],virt+i)lllCnt, al'~.l a;clint~ltl/a- ti~,n."The i~ldex slt~=~,n il"l;i'~' ~-ILi.~ oftat ~l rca~+llahl ollffUJl Le~,el in the nto.r~- in~. bul a+, in thL' aflcmonn ~xllen thai he:it sian~ @~ dopir~g and lhe Iltli111~- it} ila~,e)'l oh;lied. 1hats ~hc~l Mkliil,'O~" the: hcr, O.jr:t*t srl't~s~ i[)n |he ID, L'SttK'k occurs,'" ~e said. "'A eha~ 'a ill ~,h(Iw the level m r 1|Int. hut hr, tml,:a~ data P, Iinltlcd lO ii1 ~ ck. coding ~ ith the ct,rret~ d:l~ .'" "I'he ILI,Lk] ~,+,I~ ~.le~.L+J~t~'K'~,l hdCtt t ~I" r,t,L'al'fh fo~khlCled ;it Lite L.'a)l~,~ -r,tq% Lit ~-'e~"qIC IFl iud ~, :~. 11|~.Ip II)dl ~,I1,m-, L"t,id~lLk+n~ :lCt'tl'x~, titL" ,4ate :ll'ld h~1't~ th:q Inighl pin) into rink I~r ~':lqtlc. o r roy| er-~ ~~/ Bryan Houchens, P.A.C Down Steinman, A.P.R.N. Jewall Counly Hospltol - Providing o faendly, cadng environrr~nt Servlng our patients and community Services Acute ii~DQtiOrlt core, Skilled nnd inlermec~iote 5w~ng beds, OutloGtient core+ Phy,sicol T~etopy, r~urQI HeQPIh Clinic Adults onU Ped~otrJcs. Monfh4y Cordiolocjy Clinic. Crestvue Collage Aportme~ts. 2z~ Hou~ Emergency Room Diagnostic Loborotory, Di~titol i'4odiology, EKG, CT SCanS, MRI, Bone Density, Holter Monitcring. An~uol Hecfth Foir Porticipor~t Rehabili~fion Diobetlc EOuctotion, Phy~co~ Tl~eropy, Speech Therapy. Occupntionol Theropy JEWELL COUNTY RURAL HEALTH tUNIC HOURS: Mond(:=y - l"hursdov: 8 o.m - noon; 1 - 5 p.m. FriOay: 8 a.m. - ~ - 785-378-3511 TO2 South Conter, Monkoto, l(an. b695b JEWELt. COUNTY HOSPITAL 100 Creslvue Monko~O, Kon 66956 785-3,78-3137 from storm damage l'~) l.'a~isie Hollian [)Oxl ~.~Ck l!~,h.'11-'qnfl [)l',lrl,;-I I tL,fl tL'U.IItlle t~gClll ~lt," drY," ifl rcdk tolel:ld(~ "~.'amqi IP1 I~r laJt~ t,P,L ~t'e~, |1"', II],1.r'a.q[;|.l:l| lt] pl~.'p;tr [or I~.iurr "~hq|r~, 'khql~ ~ cttl jo)ltal'dl~ln~ LILJI x:|tl '|~ did propcIt.~. ~,lJ:li]ll]l'r,* ' r ,1drill', C'LII| ~lal:l:l~ IhL' t r~.'~,~,~ a, nd plalltX arc.i.IJltl ~,IIr h~]|!q ~ I~. ~011 ~" thll~.~lh I~ tl~lrrl~tln d ~L IR.'C ~-ill ,ur, cW Ii~.'a~, .1, " I.l.iI ~| tl~.l11'ragiL', .4~IlUclir11. ~ o111~ IJ.|ne i~, ilf |ell. OtiL'n -'~ II~'C lh:lt |s I 1:1 hq)dded Ol Ihal has suslUnl~ d dalll:.t~t' I~| Ihe Irurtk v, lll nol ree~er. Ihme~'r. tl Ih~ I~'~.' ha, ~ml) lob( One .r I~t~ 111a]-i~r hlnlv~. [~r :r.ll-'ln~ ~nlail II111~. |1 ma'r h: *,al,l~ d~,lc. Follm, Illc~" gmdel'mc, ~,~ him d',a~,- inn |R-'t.' d~llttag . Be ~'Jt'. I1]l~tlu'tllal~[~, ,dter the ,~tOrll~ tla~. p:l~L'd. ~l}~'~'k r,~r ~lm~ ucd i~.mcr in fl|e t'anop~. I.~,|n'~, vt, nlnlt rlcar or u]ld~r II1 ffe~' UitliJ II i J~:lCnllil'=~'d Lo I'~ * S-'if~'. li Large lilllb~, .'tr~." h.'lrtg[[l~ F,%'ariou,4}. a ~'cnil'|ed ~rhulint h,',~ the I(~,)|~. training aiid kJ)O~- k.d ~, IO d. thc work ~411ely, AI t-ii'~,L tJ~,~ da|i]la~ L'an It|~k WOl' ' IIl:kll II aLltl~t I} I~, Al'Ic~ ;t *,tt~rl& the.' )ald nla) I~: lilk'R.~.l ~ Ifl~ ~ntal:l bnn~:hes alld k, ave,~. "I'~,c ~ |ha) i:~lh:l|lit]l~;-|ll~" ',hed ~illall t'luslern of leates aud Iwi~s II.~ ]ighk'n the tv 'ra]i wright t~l' their larger hranc~: "tn: s that ~tffl'~:r t)n|)- leaf arid IWi~ Io~ ~ wil| t)~:lk a ItflJ rL~'t|~d'} hul nhLinid ~I ~' alcrcd through dlotlg ht Ix'rl~ ~,l~. fltKIr il| Itle suuIintL'rl I~3 cIIt't~ura~ ~k'~ g fowl h. []rtl.~l(= b:l't~-~'~I| 13r;,~ilcll~.-s I'~aL-~ It) t~]~,' |t+.'~l iar&ze hra|wh ur tu Iiw trunk, ll .-tittil)~ hack bJ jt~ trunk, de ra~t Inak~ IIt CUt i|unh ~-ith the |rwlk bUt rath~'r cue at Ihc ~fllar art, a th:lv,er3n the hr;|ttch and the lair&k. (Itl[[ill~./ Itu~,h ~ ith ;he trurlk ~, ill Icaw u nlueh hrFr ~ tit;lid Ll~,;tl~, ('U|flltg i~l Ihe collar, and it ~,11 |;,ke lu|rger to heal. Col~itk, r |he aget,f the I rL,'c %1 idde a~etl t Fr)Olln~ r. ~ igOl~|ll~ Irel: ~lI~ ~la~ up I~1. tlfl~ IIIn'd of II,: crt)Wll relllm L'd and ,till mukc a ,~t,l'l~+ I~li'L~i} "~',", Ill colnei~ack. ()lder II.k l~ .lit' ~ ',~. tu-MIlet~.l .~lllld I'ldlll~F~ln~ the li'Cd 11111"eL~ ||i;L} ~' Ill~' %liL'~,l L'l~'rl tl, lll lot ~cx ere d,Llna~ I'l.'tli pr-ultmg. l;tk I~li'~u' il||ti", ,~1i Ili %r~i~LI~i II u)II|~ h~ hike ulI 4 IIL[~L~ li|||h in OIK' CLII. It ~'lIJ OtlCIZ ~ICa~ ~el'or Ilic ~.~tl is Ill~i~ltcJ atld ~Ll'tl~ h:lrk i i.~in| [hd Iree. 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Rer, arch has Iomld best tilnilt~ to pte'rent scab is ~ hen .~tl percent d tl14." ~'leadx a~" at ! 5 I~'rt'cl}l fkm cring I-~.~u:at I) v;Irl} fhm erln.t" l:Io~ r.lg ~n 9.he,it h~,'g I I'[i", kn IIIc T111dtJlL" ~'1" Lh Iteqd. entIe Fidd D;I~,: Jtln~: -~6 ~, ~LI Iv llC ~[~'I SOUth (~lllr, llI Ag I.~'~1~ ~,~,cetJ hl.| li, t" I'lcltl liar near (.'kt) {'eu~ r Ihc t~.ltl ~.~.tili i~ginll;ili~n heglll=tllig at ~ ,I 111 "lour~ il]dmle" :Next. "lcchm>h~[:) Ih'T bi idc', for W.t.'L'd ( 't+lllrt=l IIl' Sl~1.) ~l~Iilli, I1.c~icides i or Weed ('~|t||rol m {.';)l'n'~ and a pr~,entalit|r, h) ~ob Kik'ln t)ll "Whal Works and Dt~sll"t ' it)rk ~n Mana eing Spray l)rit'~." rher,: i i1=I- ct~*,t tt~- attend and ('('A crt'dits are av~i[ahle. 1'31eLi-%-L' pre-regi Ler aI: hLtp:/ /;.Ig rontHn) u n L.edt I'ieldd~.i)'. 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