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June 6, 2019     Jewell County Record
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June 6, 2019

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3A JEWEL( COUNTY RECORD l'huP, Klay, Jure 6, 2010 Thursday, June 6, 201 g THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3B l~li*i~A. ; zr I --~.ml~q -- Children ptayed games outside as part of II~ Vacalion Bible School in Fomloso. Kids playing were (~tom left} Natalie Mohler, Brian SI,Jdec. Wyatt Strnad. Bran01on Studer. Laloya Kendall, and Col|on Strnad T~ddl~s eal snacks al Vacation Bible School in Forrnoso ToclBlets at the table are (from left) Carter Nelson, Clara Mohler. Anlhony Jl. Kend~H. Charlsie Mohler. {back .ride of table) Hannah Wai0e and Bucklynn Mohler. Children sing sengs they reamed through the week al 1he Vacation Bib~ School in Formoso They perfnrrnu.~ Friday night. Pictured ate ~back rowl Wyatt arr:l E "nma Stmad, Latoya Kendall, Nakda Mohler. Datlon Stmad (second row) Samara Reynolds, Natalie Mohler. COIlOn Slmad, Isaac Nelson. Anlhony Jr Ke,r~lali, (fronl) Cmra M0hlec Bucklynn Mohler and Levi Waide A plcmc ,n the park was hetd the final day of Vacation iB=ble SChook m Formosa. Pictured are Ruth Fleming. Haley Nelson. Jared and Tricia Nelson ((ar side of tabfel M~ he;le Pip|f. Sh, ley Free. Jason Nelson, Sandy Nelson. Bob Harris and Paslor Danml Waide. Three from Rock Hills in the Kansas 8 Man All Star Game ' 1w 341h Anltll~l Kans=s 8 M;.ffl All S,[:Lr I:~thall =;UlX.'S will 1"~ pla,cd i:l t| loJ1,1111 SalUPJ;.|), June 8. The Divi- ,L,n lJ gati"1 ~ill I~' herd at tO ram. at IP,u;nl FieLd on Nt)nh Hers,e) Avenu~ |'rc u:.lm v, ill ~'~ha a,i ~I:'~(3 a.m. v, ilh mln~duezion of lh pJaycn "rh Hcloil Ar~a Chaili~'l~'r 01" ('oI~11. n'=L't' c' is llo~ting -', r~,p r:ill~ t~ii' lilt play|l%. |t~IL'IteN aJ~d l'~ll'i.'=. '~l;i~ilt~ ~Ll 4 ]~. HI. <,11 |:ri~i;i~. JIIH = ?+ at ('i'|~l.lC;.i|i~.iti,t I'~rk, l~u Rewk Ihll-, 2tll~,~ ~dtmt='~ I|~vc ~','n ~'h +ded f~lr lit| 1)~,1N+ 1 LI I';l~t "l'-'illl"= + Zalic ('o|n[IH, ~.:Jllk:i1,+. ~.1 r'd.I I Xir~.n.'k Gill|t|. E~ km ~J~t, lh~ck .McMdhl R,1~.'k Hills too-|bull u,1~:l~=rts and .~wnding tln~ '='~ it~ hi~ I'ai|til~'- Aeti~.|ltL's ~i|~.Cl i'i[~L"l.k.11"~, il'! ~ 'h.HcI'I ill- ~ud I-FA 4 scat' FBI.A 2 ~car' %1 |id illl (',=OIk'[] -I .~ cur, I]c the ('i'-'r'~ ( ~ a/'~ t"i~/'L'll',t= ", ~- ~,d;Jr %Llt~JLtr-, ~'11~i I ~ J.i JrlLI I~*~%~ |'11P1|11 .1, ~,C,kJ"= t ll~, p,ircnt ~ ,~r~." .lt ~ and ("l.1TI',l) ( :O[~OH "~ l'IP.i.'l',~l~ drill lli,Ilti, f III (~TkF3'IHI;L] JkL-- I IVY." (.;LLL II'x l,~,sll~.tll ~.i.J.liqiu"~ JI].LI J - COlllpl~qli11 HL', II~k'lu~Ik' I~~ ~.';~.I'~.'('I rr,;IN%|n~ ~ dl~,~ ~ ,'~( I I ~.-,IT i~.:,-r |i.l~ll LI I~' ~ .~.i !.1 ~ ]()~ ',ICL'L'[ [LIL'k[L'~', ~.'JTL"I2J gbalt~.'JhZLu k IJhl~ I ILL~ a~t 2[flW ~Ll~.k Hdl v,k', ()i~,ql|~=.l ~Ll[l.ll~.'l L f~, JILJ IlL +lil.~ lltu'~ ~ct~." [)J',|rlt'l ,ll~.l IJl. ~[)i'q F |ell (. "~'l.illl~li~|].'~ tl~qlOl', ,l=.1d ~l ~-,qll[~]L'.hct~ l',t'. I , o[Itcl- TX=ri ~li~.'hld~.' I'ulllL I LIII al Ihc .~th .:1. bachcl~=r "1r .~'i lP.' @,~e1 ;=11 physical c~W,a I Kill, McMillan he,an ; ~'~in . at Rock l Lill, II~ 2i]I]+ al~o lilkill~, over a head l.~;l~.'lt '1,f tile Grizz [} football pRtg, r;lln ;l~ Ih~.l Lime, Ill Ihal span, IIwGrizzlics liar. c rcc'1wded ul jg- 18 Fun.:|>rd ~oJ made the pTu ~ ~d'l, ~hl'c tinnc.~. In 2L)I& lt'a.' Gn/~'l. ~, v, cIV 8 M~m II Db.trict #4 ~-I]~+n Plonk. ks ]lll[EllI'i~ LI I'ir,d r~qil~l phib - ll,'i=.lII~ I.[i Ax cll t,~ Vlld ~h~',E '.rL ~;~.'~'1|ll. lh ~.'k I,~ ~ m R,u"1d;~H. sl>lIH|l"1~ I,II i-~."t~ i;11 IL%Lchnl~ dlld i.~l~-~ I~IHIII.~ l'.~krl|l II"12(11 .~. LV.' man ~ d ~=~, ~ ire Mc~;o~- Kin;). l Fontloso ~.-.~ ~ ~'~.", rhc l;ori"1"1~+~o Cnr~ht"1uI"1{t~ Chup:h kiekc'J o11 |tic v, ck >1 %"ac'al~U~ Bihk" .~ ht~,l ~ ith .I pp.-|lie al Ihe itT pure Storm damage could attract illegal contractors K~l|~;l~ .:~.It ,>rl)~ (.]ener;|l [X'F :k .~ 11~]11'Jt in I,i~'~lil~ I+.:sidcnt.'+ ~,rl I~,~l~.-nl aiKI N =nh Cenq{:iI K;ln.' ;4is I,:' IIInl,~ VaU,- |i,uirl t~.!l :l,l= ~.',1~ ":,r~LIT'i']5, I~l II-d:[IMVli~ 'k-'OI1- lra ?t)rs Iollo~.llr h.lsi ~ k'n ' '~'r2n: ~ ,~ather. "At'l.cr tu.ml d;li11:i~+ OUT ilt.Mirl.~.'t is to lc:m up ~t,~J ,n;ik~." r~l+U,rs as quickl.y as I~.~,~ihl ." ~'h,mdi =s:l,d. "W~cg cor, sidcrlng ~.d-m~ ~ork =+l} home c~r b-~;iitcn~, it is iml~+Ean Illal [~nsuitttrn m'ake ~una IIIcir t'tx~fil"1p ~ t,rk. done. (.'un.~ umcr~ ,h~uld rcq,u t xl c't~p, o1' iIt lr t'tx"1t~r'~ rc~islrrl~i|nl rlifJc~h.' uorJ 0",|hi ~hotlld check our ~.''1m,~|imcr prolu'ctk~rl web~ih: t~, ~,'~ltl- t'irrm Ih;~t Ihc rcgi>t~,li~nn ;c111~dI"1'~ ,:l - ti~ ." ~I'Lii-I" I~om lhs: ~itt>rn ) ~Cl-i~.+rar~, Rt~ )t-ill~.Z i{C~L~II'~Iti'3,g LIIIJt 1"1;IVU' Nt~il it' ~,1,"1t~Ct ~ith man) Lt~al ~=l;ti i:iI~ Mt ted b.~.- the.' ~It=rr:iln Io ii~i'=l lit r ~.p~fldIl~[Z It, COntr;LClOT~ ;llt'lJ "lhc ruqLlircmcnl to rv~ist l ~illt lhc BIl.llrtl~'y ~01"1L']',[II'N oHicu' ~s hi ;id.di- iiL~g tO ~;in~" {ll.her k~.'al ncquircnlunt~, tim| ill;.i) ~ lil}l"~ ', g.I hy ell i~.'s ~,=r Coelr- IK'S, "l]le '1tiilil~ Jirc~'tor.~ qd tc, gL~lra- I{on~ is available at www ~tlY("1ut ('t)nlct'K,'ll~sa,~,org. ]-h~' Kan ~as Ro'1~filt~ ('oll|rault~r R ~i.~tELlit>n Act w'~s .'It,'ICIL"Lt "~V II1 tJ.'g~l:/tur ;.n 20 1 3. W~th Ie~ XL'CF- #,ons, Q, ' la~ lrCq~lll' .~ ro+)l'i n~ c~m~rac- IoI-~, to '1)blain a rr~j~41nktiol) CFlll i ;~.1 I'nim lit| KallSan ,-~.ttttrly~'y (;clt ~d ill order It+ legally pro|' id ~.'Ot~ln~u-n.'J~l or I~S~denti~( n~ufiH~ ~crviccs IW Iu'e ~il l ~itimat n,~,~ll~ COrll.rdCU.)T~.;Jd'~ k~nl- 1.1Lving wLth -',L~,IC r~quir~nlcrlL~, such as c:,n3'mp appr~=pri~U: inscmi,~.' . ~nd to I~'lp i"~" '",rtnt tl}-b)-t$ Bhl ol'~.'ral~r~ I'A,n t+',kirl L'ld'+'-'Ll'll.'l~ (31-~;lri~.ls COl|, ":;,4.i II"iL' i~. P,"<.1rkmg wqha p.v, Jl+~ r that is rcBis- tcrcd i~ ;I G;LrC i]liiilln'num tO help pl'L'- ~, n~ prohlvm~. The at omcy ~tcircral's lip~ ill dcalm e ~s fill ;.1|1) [r~ll~i lit CttO- tt';u.'tt+~. IIl~.'lttkllttl~ IO++l~'rn. (+ct rL' ~m.1Hl,qld+.HiOl.1~ JIl"1d I+ 'l r- (i~l ;Ir l+'aM II"1ruu ~,~,rl[Icfl ~'~,ll;+~:l~ll=.'~ Irom ddl'crc~l ~mlr:ErorP+. ('ltL%'k uuittra( lt.ir i>nlpl:ll=~.l rcc't+rd+ m ith the' Better Bu~,i 1e~s Burvmu t~ndcrszand vo,r pa>,l].1~n"1t OplUOZl~, and right to cancel. ~v it h n~ 1f{ng C ,Illr.~L'tor~ or t~c~ .r IOl].1- panics their foJlo~ ~qt,nl~ Itta~ fib: a zi~qtI ,~l l'or Ih :lH,1.1m~ y t~etlcral" n C "1n. "]cam I.~Hrlnl~ L All ~L~I I ~ hacker I~t Tl -~111-2OLh, 2tll?. 2{I1~ - A IL I q.'='l~ u[I l.ineh;u:kcr. N UIIH In~ B;Ick. I:,1=-tt~ll '~t;.|l J.';I I ', inc hJd~: 4.2.~{~ .~ ;l~ds. 208 ,;t"1kl I,;hek|c.~. 2.'<2 a~sL,;,led t~qkh:.~. 872 y3rd.';, .+.1%' i[11 I~nls. 70J r~c~.'~l ~.O~t yards, 64 rushil~8 'rD'~. ?6 total " D's. Rock Hilk had a 7.3 r~'.~ iq 2015 alld w'a.~ di,~lnct runnu'r-up. 2016 - %2 r ~:,1.1rdI. 2()17 - S-2 rc~x.1rd+ District RLII"111er- Up. ~l.II 8 - 7-2 n: or,J+ Districl (.'hanlpiO~. l|oll~>Ps and ~.lL'L'~.~'lllp~i~ht~,'P'k[~- I11 ~+ther nfa,fl~ ii~l=~de, t~ur Ill"lie ~,t:~l+ q=.lalllger HI mreMhnLj. ~|.=.~7-1~1. 4Lh I~[~u,'caL ~,la| I~2 Ihs; 2IH ~-2{.II tJ. -~1;11~.' fZf~.lmpi~|~ al l i~2 Fmndn: l~t~ ,im~ +,t~l~' qualifier il'+ tr;u:k, phl~'~d ~.lh in Ihc 4 1130 n.'l~ I~'~,~"1 ,i 2OI ? a,ld 211d ul t]lv 4~, IIXJ .|.'hi) II"1 2Ifl S, inchld pl'+,~ il,~Z hascball. ~ t~rkm~ ~rl ;i |;,-m ~nd v+.rkin~ for I'= l~ll~<~r~. ",1,1|~.' t:r,w~ I'1"1 VI Ill~ ~li l~'lq.' J-X IIMI 'hL~. I-I~." ~,1~'~ ;I lilq~lllh%"'I of II"1v 2|JI---+[HF, I'mskcll+~dl tcan+ ~ +11"1 a 17--4 rccold ',l,d wa n~nt ,J All St~ll~.' Basketball m 2Dt7+2(11~ b.~- tim' V,'ichim i'+a~l~'. ~+-', .wkn:tcd to the NPL All-Star Ba nk~l- I'mlt t~=tm ~ played in the: Clou~t C~+unt~,' A~ St~r G.',m,:. (+ilk't+ enjoys ha~leil"1~ out v+hh tl~e Calalirla Boy,~ a+l+J wr~i~htlil'ting, fish- in~z and hunt(rip. elude ~'~A. FBLA. ,"iluCO, ~i,] ,l~,i's Homer Rt"111aad FBIA; 8U.~H"1C-~s A q,~, ~ttt, J. GiIlctr ~ pa~nl ~ Jim and K ml ( ;iilctt and he plato, II.l altcnd ]"~vcl.2dlclip,2 ('t,lle~ ~lld I]"1;~jl~ In ,4r~:ll~lh an'It co~l. lili,rfil"1g mId Pt~l~ fi~olba].[ Bro~'k McMiLian brliltz~ ~r+ ~uar~ oi t'|'b~iCl"1LH~ I~I'P 'FII[.'II'.'t " I~+ Illll~, ~ ;ir'~ m;iii :lll-ntar ~,;I, Illl,'~ Bl,1~l~k ~.Fil~lJ~.lRd il'~,~3r J ~ 11 High .%ch.ol m'2(X)~ LImJ la~l ,Mt,lld~.~, ~ nilt~. Fto~dogn aad h;imbtirgcr '~ rc l','o~Id|d at~ c~kcd ~II'n,I ~rllb+ al tkV+' p~rk ~hik" exer)ol~. ls~ pilci~ d Irt ~.t. LLh sides ~.l.1d d~s-a;rts. Thk, r ~,~.;Ih. ;J ~p20,1 0,1n'l t.1~l ~ml h~;,lut|l.- I'UI ~ +dller It~r ~t'. Attel.1dlll~ VBSd|ir. n.1~ I1.1 ~cck ~-> a I~,talo~ 2a chiMr~n. "l'e 1 ch~lLhen ~.'~' u.dc~ |h~' a~" ~,1 lo|lr~+lld i 4 rallied llHl|~, |'i~, .+ I:L'n ! 2. "1i1,~' tit|the v,~,'~ lh hlc,cdll~h: Race. I,IIk. in~ '-I~,t the 1~ ~r t+l l]ah l. (iud' 'r-~iIion ill DN,'~. io airy,1,1 Ior ~Id;I?I~I. llLlll~. '.llld IIIg-I1% +,hatk'~. t}l ~kin. rh~-~ b'~nlc<.t i11;1| (]'t~.l nlu;If=L For u+. IV hi' difl'cr ~l ycl ~r~'+'+lcd +.'~uall.~, -i'h childrvn ~'~e cnceuragcd to ~r, '1.1|It and ~hu~ the acccpt=z]~ !o~ ~I- G'1~ qo Lho~ around tilcnl thi~; ~,bll.1- nler. TII~ Ke,"1n~ d~,/NI.xml ek.~'tion w~ ~]lu ~>1 Ih |c,c.~1 ii1 hi.';t~L The ch.'ch~t~l vote ma~ 31~.~, i,+ 2 I+. ) ) Fridaq, ~une ? ? p~.- Mar~j~ ) ~ ~ ~,~ t -qatur~, June 8, ~. M~# ) T~ ~9, ~ ~, +~0~,-~m~ Live PeRorman~e~ at Manl~fo (~it9 Park Beer Garde~ Cr~ VeM~ Fme F~e= 6ampin9 Break: a t on the Brio 9aturdag, June 8 8 - I1: ~0 a.m. in 0owntmun Mankato 0,h+ldren'~= movie, Ear~ M~n, at the Ute Theatre, ~,dulf art wor~hop=, Food and drfnks arid Free admlg~ton fo ~e ~eu~ell P-,o. H&torioal .~o~ Mu~um ~t~ The C~d gam 8/~b Band i 9unday. June 9. I0 yr.- t p.m. i u+w kan,amma mmodd'emt.0om &y+mc~ At .an,L~ ~ Pare +lVla'ri~j b,~.m uu~'~ (~ L'OII~, 1.1111' '1'.+,- ,d.:.y,v 4= ,: ~, , All decorations and flow not in permanent containers need to be removed by Sunday, June 9 Mt. Hope Cemeteryx t ~L A, ~'+;' Honoring Wendy Harris Sunday, June 9 ~,|l~'~'r Pr+J|I%'|I,1H1 ()l~-I~l'Dn I|'J in,1' +,l i+ (~'~,lrl"1~l-I'~.~lll',il'+.i.'r;I-~2 TI"1c ~.11,1,r11+.'~. r ~lqri .liD, lll"111 ~l~'[ 'ri 'd () rhrdln c.r Loan forbearance program may help with student loan Bon~+~vern ha~in~ tro~ht,z irra, k kfl~ Ihetr iudunt h.~-'|lt r]'~J~lll~-'rll~ illg.~ I~." ~.IltL" i,1i I;Lk~.' ;.id%'.'ll~.l.'i~ |)i' -'+ It.ll 10I- ~tL';J.rat~.L'.i,; prt.1~r:Lil.1. +'i C+.ll'dill~ Lt~ KttLAA. I-orl' 'araliCC', all'11~ I'~.'~.1pkr tt~ .qt"1p l|'Jaki+'l# p;i)'111 l)lM+r rllak." sg%l-tJlb'r f~)" |t!. .'nl~ f+nr ;.I I~ri ','.-I ~.lf t1111~- A forl'~,ar- aIW k';i~ ('~-' gCl"1 r~.lL u~' II"1~.l|dat|~l'~.'. A gcncrul t'n~'bcar;im.- Z~|i~J]l gn|nlcd if J h"1m+wcr i~ ha~,l~g'tin;m- cJal pi~,hlvlrrn ~ h:P. to pay high IlIp 'dl- eal bills. A in~rldat'1.1r~ iOFht+:lr-'l;E ~~uld I~ ~',~rlt~.~l il' ~ i~)ll"O~~'r who ['~.'knrl~,~ I+ 1 the .l~+3ti|~l|:tl GP~a+d or R~I" scrx ~ in ;111 d o acCivc dLil~. B~ln'ow ~ must rcqUesl a fi.1rl-~+ar- ;u1 from their loan ~,crviccr. The ~:r~'iccr ~11 i.JCCjdq.+ "% Ilclhcr I,) pr, Inl a : ~ r~J I'or~;~r:ll}~le. If a ht>rnw~cr I I IIIL'~[~ Ih ,:rit+JrlLi I~+r ;~ IIl.lll+.JLi1~q ~ liar I~J.ir;ll~' . Ihc net% I ~.'L*I' r11kP, t ,ipprt+~ ~', KH(! ~,A is ~L ptlbh~ lhl'| pr~,lll iRl~orll"1.'lll~ill ~lb=,ul ~Ill~I;'b 'IJ~ dltl and l'ill~ll~igl htcr;Ic, ;It n'1| (.'t}',t 113' :.;.Ind+<.'rtl,~ 1111<.1 t'~rc~l~. KHI'AA .In,1+ h~lp~ +:,1+1. f-'l~lt r'JtCS :lr, d verify inforntatio, sub- ~,]ilted on the Free AppI &'at ion Ibr Fed+ cra~ Sludcnt Aid. IFA[;SA~. -[-o icam ~110:1"~ a~|)Ut thl.>sC .~ rvic ~. VIN~.I v, wv, ,khcaa,c|+nl, Carry-out Bag :' ~+~,~-i~ ~ % Swede, y( ieme 785-378-8600 Now SERVING 3 meats a day. 5 days a week Saturday, June 8 Baby back ribs NOW open unhl 8 p. m. on Su/'/daj~ Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 7 p+m. Friday - Saturday 7 a,m+ - 9 p.m. Sunday 7 a.m. - 8 p,m, LOVEWELL MARINA 785-753"4351 ~ GRILL Join Us for Community / Vacation Bible Schoo] Children who completed Pre-K through G~ade 4 are welcome to attend. Monday, June t0 through Friday, June 14 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. For more information Contact Ti ffany Hollerich 785-378-8057 EVANGELICAL LUTSERAN CHURCH " 201 S. CENTER MANKATO, KaN.