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Jewell County Record
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June 6, 2019     Jewell County Record
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June 6, 2019

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Thmsday. June 6. ;~g JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 2A Church, Business Directory, Polytechnic offering free UAS training - Mankato - we Sell Mini Storage , GE Mejor 4pplianoD HeMtll~-Air Col1~lltt~lirng , At>pSance ~rvice . Backho~Tu~-a~hing Water Softeners & RO Water I~ndfien Drai. Cleaning ~met and Sept~ SyJtems 785-378-3541 113 N. Commercial, Manka~ ii Rubber Stamps Superior Publishing Co. 1415 E. Third St. Superior, Neb 402-879-3291 Mankato Professional Pharmacy T25 N. Co,nnJercial MJn ka.t,n Kan. Phon e 785-378-3183 A tier Hours: 785-378-3849 Lvle I)auner, Pharnlacist i , ~ ; E y. ~-- N o,-t // T"~r- l~,k~' 11 Orm 1:30 p~m- i/ Cloaed on M0~ays I //" T=s~v: hick~, F,~. U.r,~el I // ~r~ 0,~ ii'Friday: S,~"~ke HO4J~ Bofl~I "~ I Swisher Chiropractic Health Care ?link lib E. Main, P,~ Ioil. Hours: Kan,~;i~, SI :ize l. ;tl, v ~il y '> Poly Iwll. nic can,pu~ i~ ollerinp iz~ :tw;ii~-~i;I. riifl-tl lrainmz~ u~ tiiUllaimcd aircraft ~)'~tem.~.al~k nt~wn a~ d~me.~. Io Kan- sas high .~chool ieaehet~ a~d princi. pal~. AILciadee~ will experi ~)cc an immL'r~iv~, vne week e.~r 'n.~ n paid I~ru.eram Junu I 0 Ehrough ]unc 14, Aficr COil~ple[ine the program. ;It- tund ~, will hu' Iedera I a~ i;tllon adlltjn. iMl-a.lliffl-~enli'icd as (}n)lll,Jl'CRt[ L.IAS pilot% have Iund:lTner~ial ,~t411irotor tlig,hl ",kill, and u=l~cr~tand ;,li Ol~P.r- lut,i|k'~ :,~ a,lahle ,u iJll~Jcn~Pnl d L ','IL~ ~.'l.lrTIcLlJUin jt th i:r le~[%-~:l.l~, ~ ,~'.h~ol. t?J" iN I- I-~:r,~ m. hand ~-~ in l.' i0,%?,:l'L lt)llt ll';~dl I. ~n~ Dn L'A,'~ ~p,'n]IMn~. I'AA r~enl~. Darrell E. tlOIl%, safc't3 c{pn~idcGlTIOll~; [l~J all Lop. k'~ r~k,tcd Io the F.~,A'~ 14 C|:R Pan J(17 ~,~,~-iI[cn ~,'~,am, laker) un-sile at the compt iion of Ihc course. KailSa~ S|;ff Pt)I~ rethink' ha~ - 99 pcz nl p.'i~ r:ib' fr.m a~tu,]d ~ coinplL'tmg the Iram- /11~. Attei~d~.' w,II ;d~ rcc ~ h:md~- ~1 n|ullir~lor 13 I~ht tlanlh=g o~ r t~ o d;l~.'% ;l I ;IIIJIV FIL|I ,I~ ;lllabk' Irl online- ~,lli) Hall|l~')g' ~l~'C'a] alb'nL|t~.n ~,~. LII he ~I~ I~ h~ ,iplfl} llI~ ~dl'cl.~ l]fi~ :llCe~ during ll,chl ;~'=d h;,~lc prolk'J l| .s ~ I1(~-~,~. ICd~L'~.~t 1.1~|1%%[1111h.'~.} ;icrJal ~. h)~.'h: I'li~hl op:n~.liurt~. 'l'h~ progt:,n al~ I~IV [~.l~r ", L|h.'|lm~." t~.C.L'k'",~. IO onJ tile con- I II!.Llll'l~ cdUeal]~m h~r i' k'riiJ'lV~l kln. Affordable Tree Service of NCK t ~&, . ~ ~t~,~. ~o,o, o,=0o0, gy/ Brian Cockr~pft Ioma, Kan. 785-786-3837 785-614-1982 or 785-282-0738 Kier's Thriftw y Ih uc m Hometown "~l~'b?~,' Imv l~'~e, o(lcrirlg Llli~ pro- ~n~m Sillk'L' the in~'epliun of/he I:AA's n" g'01u[ion~ 011 commercial UAS op- ~aid Kurl J. Can~J ~ay. Lhe 0AS exeeu. live ~ir ctor of K:in.~a~, Slate L'nivtt~il v'~ Applied Avi;lli~1 Rc- ,a:arch ,L'cntc r on I hc P(>ly lechn ic" CaffJ. |'Hz~. "Our program,~ pr~,~ on. un~ ~x are proud it= he .Ih]C Io offi.'r It a% ;I M rz~te g J~: Kalr,;,~.-' (';iL'1'a'~va ~ ~0[d, "At'for lhreJ Oa~ P. ilt out I:I| li] I l~I~, ~: ;.waz~-llll[a; ~'~.[,l;il~. Otl]" 411u'lldeL'~ ~.~. L[I tlL' rL'ad~, hi [zLkt " (.~| FAA c~,tm on the IOtl[-!.h d;.L3. I1] addL- I]LHI. ~,~ l~, Ill rl;d|l" L1|1; [|4,~ C~.'", I, ip wl|i)otlr Ken's Body Works .~lal'? uI Illpl,t ~ll ~iruclt~r ~ ttl ii|tr~llCt: Ll| nl to L;AS l~l[hl oll~ratit~lts. "~,'t lnok l'~rward to ol~'nin~ our du~r~ m aca ~ inia and ~:xp;n|10n=lg UA-~ u~uca- I.ion aurO ~ [he s~ate '" ~.ttendc~'k will rmnk'ipuzc i, a col- laht~rativc ~'~siuct v,ilh Kansas S~ale I~ol>.tech,c admmi.~lr:,fio,L on des'el- oping UAS curriculum Jn Ihuir re.sp 'c- (axe higlt ~,ch~d. Teachers and princi- p~aN ~,ho an: jtl~,t h,JgiilnlP.~, a [.',4.S pro~vm], h:r,u' already had ucces~, in oll' :rLllg~, or aN corlnkk.rhlg dew[op- ~np 'i program arc cnc.ur,~god to at- tci~d. "'Kar)~,a %lab - Univtr~t)'~ L%AS ~;Lid AI~ ',Ha SI;(T~' ~ ~ iBH~ 'DitI OR.(),ti|d d~',ln ~[I ?ft - ~a n,~l-, ~ [,LILC I]kg) l ~.iIIT]icCanipu'~ "An I:lle sL' 'o:lid L.Llll%,i '['~,Lt% III [hk' n~l[lOll LO OI'['CI dl I. ':~.~- tt-LaLed dc -,rcc ttl~.'te nx Ih~ h ll,'r pJa;.' pU~ I~J ZJ;]lll ,| |*~I|I1C[.B[~]O;I ~i]] [ '.A ~ II LII;L- Nick Hadle and Nathan Had[e Home 785-7~N-2250 Cell 785-534-7212 Es~n. Kan. ~s'"'="P "~' .' '" 785-378-3938 i11[,? and education." Stark ) %lid 1 his h)rm of o[u, treac h. i .~ consistCfll wHh ~ailsa.~ Slat=: U,~iver~ib"s [w|d-grant nti%i~n. "We arc committed to prepariag high s~,hot,I stud ~is for prot-cssional ~'aree~ in av i.z ~o " Starke y said. "Th is 'vent i~ OU~ newesl m ha;tinm for devck~ping ~ur ax'iati~O picu~cers ~f tonnom)w. |n our ini .ractive s,:s~ion wiLh uur atrcnld~s, we pan icn larl y It~k iorwar~ l0 cxph)rang v.'ay~ [o ~er~ hEzh ~ch~fl slndent~ ~ hKh cu~dd m- elude" ~amin~ Kan~a~ St~t~ L:lii~, r.ql} erL'di~ ~owarO a degree ~l'lfle .n h~ln ~ch,~:l." AU.enidL%'~ will sl~l~ snn ~hc Kan~a, Stale |>ol)1 1m1 rc>]dei) e hall, ;tll.d dlnP OII,C,;nllI)U%.L'[t lht ~.~M All tl~' IT'lJ :" 11011. II~;l'[L'i'LJh ,LIb.I t]|~Jhl IiLiir)~ii~ ,]IC pl~ Idtd Ltl-klnd IL~ KJIt~:I~, ~l,n% Pol leChl|l< .A, lli'l|dCts ~,II K' rtqu,[u'd tu 0~ r the I'.1A u'~.aln If'L' Lir~'ll .o111p1 ln)Jl *fl'lllL' ~:OLLr~~ 111 kic ~ lex it ~.] I,n. Ih I' ~,A Kan',;i~ ocd> ha~ Ihrc IA-~ Passport m,[h, ~,ed t ,', ~cntc,Jar,dr, m," ,11 he m (';Irtlpli~. ~ 12i'dF, ItlOn for the.' ~.-a.1.1Ll.r,d." ]', IIk,~.~ Photos r~'" '~nd i~ a' ;'il'~'blc 'ratine II "' I I Ix" Hmhed Io Ih," I'iC~l .%2 i ~ i ll-al~l,- :.llid i~ e.'~L'~'cc'd Co reach E;.hr~;.h~:ll'~ q.lLik-kl', 5 - I)i~d ~siunal [{dllvrl~It)n :~tld" ()Ill r .F.ll Olfice :itprotL'd(~'k-ntah'.cdu or 7.',;.~. $26-2fi~3 with qn ~tions. Sup,~mr Simmelink Plumbing 148 E. 3rd Street Dale Simmelink -- ~ -~u t~ernor, Neb.' . Ionia . - r -402 879 3291 Home or 5hop 785-786-3721 Mission ~',COM LISPS 274O940 Periodical PosLage Paid at Mankazo. Kan. 66q56 Bill Blauvclt Publisher SL~bncripti~m Raleh, paxable m ad', ;UICC" One year in Kansa $30.OD- One year in Nebraska $28.00 Elsewhere in Uni(ed States $39.(X) To Our Readers We we]come l l~e ~.!.l]'qtl |gSiotl OI inhwena l l{)[t and pi Itltes k~r pubhcahcm m I1"~1~ i'=e'wspapu, r l'lease ';t, bruit only mfc~rmalitn~ and piclz.n res Ior v llnch rot, haxe Ihe righl I,o tx'rnnJt I fie newspaper lo u~, and publish. All .;tfl~rn issioil~, requ i~. Ihe name and address ~,f the persor~ suhmilli,~g. A]i i, hologr,tphs suhmil,ted Io the newspaper n',av Ix, published, used and di .;tribuled in print oi ek~l ronic editions o( tile t~ewsl;aper. Thank you for you r ct~lt'~,raLiorl. Pubtishe~ every 'rhursd~y hy Superior Publishing ('~|np;nny, Znc. 148 East Third Sffc l, IV.} [|~x JOS. Superi,~r. Nebraska 6~;978 l 11 E:ns! Main. PO Box 305, Mankal Kannas e~OM~ FI." A'wd C mv R,~ d PO Boa . 15. M,n~th Krtt|.~,~ t'K~V.~6 Telephone: 785-378-37(15 h~c 'r~*rtt|itLq m,' J~'~t'~'// R ~nhfi<'o~t FAX: 785-378-3782 ,! tf~ Jt tf ',~,m. /',~ "- No~hbranch ;,~ Friends Church Phone 785-647-8841 ]a~v,mWd ,']~1 it lllllt'~- il~PN~ i] Id[ S~unday' .'%~|llLl, l~" ~:k']'l<~<,],It) ;I.H1. "l'L.'e,'~"~i~lI~, [ ~ ;i nl. ,h,~ ch;,~ t iark,~'~.' I~;~v~r Wh~r~ Tt~ ~ Atw~s Shines" Formos~ Community Church .V~)~td| '/~,lttl-II~/tt}t/l(l/ /f;7~/~' "/i'~l~ "h;i,'.I/ Dannnel ~Aande. PaMor .%,m~ta) SChl,4 '~ ~-,|.m. ~%'n tV~ITlp ~t'~'i~'i" . inn i~ d--I|1. 1,% kh lirk|lit' lflbh- SIn ~iie -, 2|L1 Bai 5 Slreel, 1-'ormo~), I~tn "fl1~-794-24~) Olive Hill Church Matt Ehlers 785-335-3150 S day St,H[lay ~'ho~>l 9:30 ;|.ITS. Worship I [}:30 ; m. Located Ilx'(" nlile~, south u~zd l~,v ~' TIz{lt .'~ wt'.".;[ ul 5u[)erior P~*creim|ng Chr~ Since 1~ Calvary Bible ~t.u~ lJca] Free Church 99 W. ~L Jevt ~ Kam, .~r 71~421E1,-I~ 2 I1~ ~ Jen-y While, PLzstor Tuesday Ehble ~l~LttV ~:L I) p.]zi Saud~y Su~lay Scl~t .9:~5 a ~ 511~'[Id.1~' W~r~l~Ip -~,r~,14.|, i(l :'a,I) |.|L|. ["','l ra~T|l[ ~']<' 7 L] .|T| ~tl,ll.~lrd d.lh lid I dl~:d.d I H~ I h llI,Hl.%lHIrh. Jewell County Catholic Churches St. Theresa 785-378-3939 5acted Head, E.~bon .%Lur~d.~% ~4{]{I ,|.u~ Fath~ Damian R; ha:ds Father David Mkhea! Webber United Methodist Church Webbe . Kan, ~~ Pastor []Hail Faust Sunday Felltn~.~h,p ~:~ ;L,n. %n ,~rMzlp ~J ,~.lii. I]lble ~1 LI~I,V I~.:'~,r| [7 Ill Jewell Christian Church "'A family yo|t ~zn belong to" t 11 .Ma|rl. le~veLI Da~ Daniels, pastor Church 785-.12~'~3657 Par,~]nag~ 78~-428 K~23 Sunday ~ht)o[ <]:1 5 a,n'L Worship .~,rvic,: 10:.~1,1.111. Kids f, v O|ri~t ,fr It. tfi,~h io~t;n Cro=ry~ Wednesday,; al 4:15 p.|n. Jeweli Trinity United Methodist Jim Rh-,l',stor Sund:|.~ .~qH'llll'L~,: ~.%,il'~hlp Iq.| "~| ,I.ni Kid', h~r ('hri~l .]:-1% p.m Evangelical Lutheran Church 201 South Center Ma~nl~to, Hjm. 785-378-3308 LCMC ~NALC Su nday W0~hip 9:00 a-re. ~unday ~ho~l [0:30 a.m. WANKLYN PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC Trenching Backhoe Jewel/, Kan. 785-545-8104 121 N.Comm~rclel MankaZo. Kan. Po,s~ibilibe~s Hou[s: Monday- Fi~ loam Io530pm SalurOay 10 a m |o 3 p m Hon~ o~'. ~fls and more. 785-378-8484 Walker Construction Conse~,atio. Co.tractor I$,]~'d in Ranidall. Kan. I lome Phone: 785-738-3231 or ce]l 785-738-8121 Johnnie & ]oleen Walker 22%2 ~30 ~c[ fk'1-il, Kan-, ~742|] Pierce Electronics Two-way Business Band Radio Sales and Service 785-378-3158 1970 V Rd. Mankato, Kan. Chief Disposal Ma~Hom~ Po Bo~ 54 Je~. KS 66949 785-545-5945 Rela~, der~r~ res~ ar~ ~ Vas~ ~k-m s~ce in Je~i C-~ ,w~e~y. B~ce~ot Uo~ly Dm-~slees a~ for rura~ ~ c0rrmetc~d ~st0mets; ar~3 ,We~d~y ~ ~ Manka~0, Jew~ ar~ Eslx~ ,R0utss also,ciu0e 10n~ F0e'm:~. and RardaB areas Bi Iling 78S-37S-3I }(~ Available for Special .~,rvice a.~ Needed, A t,clions ~ Remodels and More Call for Details ~.rving Jewell County since 199~1 ~ .rv|c ~J Every Comer, Every Town 1 " ,~6 u'. Miller Spirits o o.oo Allomcv at iaw Otde Kegs . " - Liquor Beer Wine Over 30 Years of Service # w~ ~ t/~ d ~ wd//~ to ~/#~ Oualily.Aulabedy Relent & Pamtnn~ 208 N. Commcrci:=l,Monday - Thursday 9 ;I.m - 10 p.m. Hours Monday-Fr,d~ Munk.'[to Kan ~ Fr|day-$atu~ayga.m.*11 p,m. 8a.m-Spm HWY 36 " 124 W S0ulh Man~'c- Kan 5~a W Saulh ~Slr ,el . Mar~ka|o. Ka,1 78.5-378-3128,785-378-9181 ',- 7ss.37s.s~30. - . /"<', ,' f ,' I~ ~ eaen wee~, you are missing the ,' t mP~#[~ ~dl,m~ ~ %J1Lff.dJ, ~- t ~. =i ,] Mo.day, Wednesday & Friday news. features and pictures reporting on ~iund.n~. Irl n. tip|l, S::~[| a -- n,~ id 2-. p.~. tl li f fd d d ighb '". le yes o your en s an ne ors. ' ' ' Tuesday " ~ .~ d/ /.r~- ~'1 If~,- " g:30 a m.-noot~ Jewell Count)' Record Jewell Count)" News .s r ~. v ~,| k',| ~ mL -- Other hours by appointment 011 Ycarin Kansas$30 One ~o~o N~,',~:,*', Thrift Shop SERVICE 7~.s.s~s-.~,: ~. . 785-738-2221 r t t,~,- K, ,~ s,n -r,m,U,ht,' o,e Year m Kan.~us ~ I,:[i ~l~ "t~,',ll 'LTl'.~.l|-". ".111 IO I$'('[i'/~'i~l~ dt'/iw'red} IKttm' s" suhscri/~li.a~ illt'lmh, sa/r'.~ I ~) Hou~ . , Hidden Treasures The one Year in O'ther StaLe~. $39 One Year in Other SlHICs. $.]9 I;riL'i,l.V 1-4: 0 p.m. Pldf Walton Quilt ShopFeathered Nest . s t,~.i,- x, ,L" " " ,~ ~, ,-, 101 N Commercial I 1914M~t- B"ll'v'll~-K~n Stop by or mail your order to the office. ("~'|rl~ ri)721S-'~iT[~"l~4Z Mankato, Kan. 66956 78-~527-7200 Specia Is Every Week! ~ I I,me) 785-3"/8.3297 785-378-8020 ~Furm/ure P.( '). Box 3(]5, Mankalo, KS h6950 785-378-3191 o~#~r iPIIlillliilll;i illill r I( 'hc~k ,no) "i lby ,o~a,-~r,~. ~ oa -~ .o,~,~,~ i i ,~ -.~ ~ i,' [:~ Je,~ t (' r -,l"'],~- (' n~, i Mankato Carpet Me Saturday 10 a.m,- 5 p.m, ~, Co,f,f~,~, io/J~ ~y LOOkl;lttSi* l~ffc, l "J~wR/'/~,n~./"J~ '~l~ ~ I N;ILI]'i : ", Mortua lor the purpfe door www [~atha(ffl~dn(P&|$hopp~ng,~om B I ;.&dd~c " -i 42O N. Hi,It ~. OV IEN ,~ -:=. -.~, Weltmer I~ " Sl;~,c Zip U Mankato, Kan. . ." ,w.---~ " '~"~':~'~ " 3 ,:.~i~!~.: ~ Wright u n ""'~-.""""'~' 785- 78-3211 I "~'"'"'"' xc, Rcn~v, al J . Sta in (hmcd Avai I;,b~c swe,e, Lieme ---j,--- LLC I|om,("4rill dr m ,he l,ur "q ~','Fr'|/ 'P,""[, . i'~" I,= .~, ae. m~.~a,o ~.Scott D. Wright ~ ----------- a o~, ~:~ Attorney at Law ""'"'"'""'""'" oMo. yd's. -- " n In| Otil' t'l|lHHllt lti~Fl '" o,~ ~o,c,~,~.ou, Mankato, Kan. LOVEWELLLAKE 1 Area ch D" ':" 785-378-8600 785-378-31 72 Chur zrectory . . SlnClal! -- WORSH,p Services I ,J,i Worshtp at the one .'~y ~ ~:, " '" ',' ': ' Servicing unun.~ :s. '- ll.~pt,]l ii p, ~ .I[, n,j ~e.~.~r{ q~ie,~[t.a * | u~,dJ:::hl. F~nl:[ l~. ~ : i'l|Ll.! ||1~ uuf:~a' lt, Surr0~nding Areas niilb~ ~. o [rte moth area ,o Sunday t 41~ Broadway * ~c~x 404 Jew~ih. Kar Commercial '" " ~.~,~,~,-o.~,~ alalbOI11 Chu=h United MethodList CllristiaJa Ch=h I~1~ ~1 cayle waug, Churches of Mankato ~s~ness Managet O~r ~4 $ Center St Manka~o. KS ~955 ,Christ ~ ~ ~ s. c ~ i mmm,~ :]'~: "~s~ I .'S,r ']'il~[1,|'[t's rl~t ~lii'LJ;t~' -%,~,'] lLHJ'L:', ~[,;.L;i[IJ,~'i'~L;-, i ,i111, i i Sunday died %%', ,l'~hLp ~%~"uY|vv 7~5.'.]7~;, 3707 Slates Wastef'-~u, ~'~'"'" I ! w~.nnn ~uol, . ,r ,' -nd ]la. ili~ ~' (-=~ 1~] I U.~.')I~ :i.ill. All Your Trash Gone in a Rash Se~v,~ . . I[. I:;'. m [ ~, '~"~u ';r " I'~ ' ;" ~.: ~:''"' ~ ~" lh'a dd e u s ,3. t {i|,~e . n I 8:30 D.koht a.m.- Walker 31.]0 p.ml II [)el,endal~le .~.r,ciu- t,ea~.Lmat,k, Rdle~ 400 Grand Ave. 'The ol0 gr0cery store" It,~l:r,~ k W r,hq ~, I~" Minister L I