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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
June 4, 1964     Jewell County Record
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June 4, 1964

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m ~s ~r~l ~amtl~ of Mr. ~ Mrs. Met. of C~wke~ ~.ms. Newel af ~rfl~a~o d~rmev guests E~v~r Alexemdev. ,Ma's. W~I~ ~(:h~han of Ore., were Friday ~~. ~sch a~l gue~ of ~. ~ 2hmm o~ end Deann~ Gar- ~is week ~t near Abalone. and and .Mr. ~ at ~o I of Fum~m, Me. and Beekie m~l Mr. and Mra of W~ber weee ae, d of Mm ~a~o ~'e Sunday M.r. anti Mrs. C,~ar~ d ~rL ~ C~ht~ of ~ 3~, Mm M~V~ Orner af ~ ~Mm. Emma ~rv~m~ o~ ,Mr ~d Mrs. Pete C~ah~a ~vev ~lo., Mr. awl Ma~. ~ela~d of 2k~peka, ~. rr,.,.UnCm,a ~ Supedm', ~of Guide r ~Rem t~e p~t week t B~haldev. ~e week-e~ m~ A~hur r~ Pa~ ,Bam~s ~i ~oumFr~ De~,er, ~ ~be ~ of Mrs. l~fle R~I,Ae Ztm- ~ Day ~t Ctm~k {~han were e ~e Boyd Camev~ ~ Gutl~ I0wa, Mrs. Mt~mie m~d ,Mrs. E~a Cole. Mrs. Cole ~ o0~l~e in ~heir lVfm. Florem, e M, iz~e~, Mrs, M~, Ves~a Lesl~e o~ ~ Modtin, a~xl Pu~t o~ @,e Mem- ~r. Mr. St., m~he ~ Mr. ar~l Mra , ~ ~md C~. Okl~, week. He was a /Mrs, M~xine Olemor~ eud of ~iz~y, Nebr., were F~ida~ ovev-~ gues~ of Mr. a~d ~h's. ;-laz, ve ~go. Mr. a~ ~g,s. Iv-a~ Pa~aode, Terrry ~ Azm~te, arid ~&m. Bes~ sie ,Burton were/M~rn~'iM D~y d~n- her gue~t~ of ~VIr. ~ ~h~s. I~ren Fo~o anti family. Mr. and ~frs. Ralph Sol~id, a~ of Ci~axron wer~ ewen.ing ~isit~,s. Mr. a~d iM_m. R. L. Fvas!er and !famil7 c~ Supe~0.r, ~. Marguev- ~i.~e Fr, asie~ of Fcvrr~so, Mr. and ,Mrs. t~oy N,e~son of Sublet're, and ,Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fras~er and farr~l~y h~cl a picr~e ~-m, er Sa,ur- day ~t ~he W~av~to park. 'It. J. Kowb, Sr., was a Memorial Day dknn~ guest a*t ~he FA,%on Gi~- l~t home. ,Mr. ~ Mrs. G. G. Smifl~ of Bouh:h~r, Colo., were Tuesdary d~n- net guests of Mr. and ~VIrs. W. G. Decker. Eva T~omas ~nd h~r. mad Mrs. l~a~ Hafner were ~'~'-tcla:y dJr~er guests of (Mr. and IMps. Ika~l~s" Gil- Mr. aw.d M~s. R~y Head~ey Sunda~ ~ guests of Mr. Mrs. O~a~ie EaNy of Nont~n. They ware ~rg~g oa~t~'s on Mr. mad NI~s. Chav~ie ~,vson and Mrs. Ca,1- v~ lawsom. ~Mr. ea~d Mm. Ga~Id Ohn~de ar, d twi~ ~f Guide Po3ck and Mrs. J~m~y ~ock~vo0d ~ Kevin of Wide, re were Stmd~y visions ~n ~e ~lenry Heskebt home. ,Mr. arid Mrs. ~ H~ghes and ~avp/15, of A~, Nebr., and ,Mr. and ~VIva I~an .Hu~hes Stud fam~ ~e~e Sundey dirmer guests of Mr. and ~Irs. A~ Rennav. ,Mr. ~ ~Mrs. Raym~x~I Spen~er and Kermeth ~ Mr. and Mrs. t~be~ W~ and ~m$1y were ~'~- day evord~ visitors c~f Mr. taxi Ma~. Bill Overtn~ mad favn~ls, of Oak, Nebr. ~Ir. mxl M,m. ~ Smith of I-I~l~, 'Kay., Mr. end Mrs. ~ran- cis F~',ye and Mary ~dl~ o'~ tv~an- ~idlols, Mr. and M.m. Jack ~kev 'and Kebl~,y I.~ee of ~, mad ~r's. J~rs~ie ,H,un~er and famit~r were Stmd~y ~ guests of Mrs. Lela ~rldndN,l'~W~lix~. Mr. m~l, ~I~s. t:km, Kc~ a~l fam- ily of Chy Cent0ex, Nebr., Mr. taxi Mrs. Ceci~ 'Korb ~ fm'n.ily arid ~Ir. ~rxd Mrs. Frank l~o2b off M_m~- ka~ were Sunda~ d~xner guest~ o~ 1Wx. ~ Mrs. O]ryde 'Ko~b axtd farn-i fly. ~he occasio~ wa~ ~re bir~days of I.a~la Je'an Kceb, Cindy K~b, .,mend~ ~h~s week ir~ ~e Ra~sse]l Lewis home ami ~ FOg0er is apeaxlh~ ~he week ir~ the Forest ] ,, ,f,, ence Pix~er and Mr. ~ ~ erie lai~l~r were S~a~ay supp~ guests ~f {Mr. arid tvI~s. Mii&axi O~ arid ~mfly. ~,x. ami Mrs. Ed ~, Mr. and ~I.rs. Otark ~ m~d Mr. aud $&rs. ~adph Sotkhy were Su~ d~j diva~er guests of Mr. and Mrs. I~a Powell. ,Mr. and Mrs. ~ob Siebe~ an6 Daaa of I~ansas CRy, Mr. and Mrs. Lytle O)ena ,~nd family of Geneva, Nebr., a~d Mrs. De,art Pixler of /~c~%a, Ore., were ~Ievnori~l Day dinner ~ues~s of NI.v. and Mrs. Henry Si.~be~t. ,Mr. arid Mrs. Er~eille Lewis and ~.amiy, Mr. az'~cl Mrs. ~losrd Myers and Mr. a~d Mrs. Letter Suchshand ~nd f~m~l.y were S~n6a~ .d~r~er ~uests of Air. ~nd ~Virs. W~bure Smith and fa~i.Ly of Supenior in honer of Ro~nie S~n~h, Wh~ t~wces Thursday for ~he N~vy. Mr. and t~rs. Bob Siebert and D.azm Of Karmas C~ we,re Stmd~ay supper g~est~ of Mr. avxi Mrs.. Wayne Uaxlemvood and Cheryl ~r~r. a~cl ~VIm. R~be~t Wilson and :~arnily ~vere Sunday ~ visit- am of ~r~r. and Mm. Bob Woerner and fmnily of Supe~k~. [Mr. a~nd Mrs. Glem Srtydex and am~ly of ,Bel~i% Mr. ar~ Mrs. S~anley ~verama ~nd fm-nibr of Oak, Nebr., RVIr. ~ Mrs. Milford Ost 'and fam~,l~, Mr. and Mrs. l~n- evaki Ost emd Bruce, Mr. avid Ol~,rence Pillar arid Mr. and Mrs. L~mr ~verson a~cl famfl~ ~rere Wedr~s~ay ev~ni,ng supper gu~_~s ~t ~e Arden Ost h~ne ha hearer of ~I.vs. '~V~b~l W a~ of Cat,bad New ~Ie:dco, avid Mr. and Mrs. ~:~t~e Jm'~es of Wa~xia'~m, D. C. ~i~rs. Kei~h ~ awd Jane Of ~asetmr, K~ns., ~vere Sunda~ m0vr~ir~g ea~]m's at ~'~e Gtl~m l~u~ h~rne. ~.. ,Eva W~t:m of Je~,e]l, Mrs. Jennie W~xm of Le~, Mr. arid Mrs. L. V. Drex~ard of Dan~i'l~e, Kant., l~r. and Mrs. Largcre~ce Wil. s~n, ~xl b0~rs, mad Mr. andMrs. Robert Wi~0~ end fan~ly e~oyed ~,A_~__~, ,~e~ Mrs. ~R ~ v~.~d Mrs~ Gery Foster et ~e ~ Ceraer tmspi'mt (m ~y. Tlmy a~o ~t- ~emded ~ahe ~ aonce~ ~ Dr. 2/Abert ~urot of. Cahe 1:~hfiippi.~e Imlar~ds ~t Smi'th Cea'gew. /Mr. and Mrs. ~ Ma~ieVta ~f A~ were Sur~d:ay momir~g ca~ers on ~tr. az~d ~Vim. Henry S~e- bert. ~v~--s. Loyde ~wa~d of Wamego and ~_.r. ~ad airs. F_~a~ Gea~e of ~an~,t~ were S~,t~d~ af~t~n via~tom of Mr. and Mrs. P~be~t Wilson m~d family. Mr. and NI_vs. Da.vy, l Cockr~t and ~VI.T. anl ~VIrs. ENeh Penner were Memarial Day dgn~er gue.~ts of Mr. ~n~ ~/~rs. Artlh,ur Cockr~t and fam- ily. *S/'Sgt. ,and Mrs. Richard Te~ley arid Elizabeth Ann of T~ka Sl~ ~be ,we~k-end i,n ~a~e htIm~ion Ma,~ter of Jee, ve~ and ~h.e G~le Teg- ~ey home. Mr. ~ Mrs. ~I~r~e S~ and ~amily of Gaylord, ~dl. av, d Mrs. ~i~n Barnes a~d ~B~ Jo of Red Ol~.~d, arid Mr. and ~W_rs .Junior ~ ~ Sa, mily were Sa~y v~i~om at ~he Harvey F~go ho~ne, a~.r. and Mrs. W~l C.a~h.m~ of Lebanon, Ore., ~VIr. and ~Ylrs. Pete Ca~ of ~, and h4_ns. G~- SMver and sis~r off ~ri, Calif., were eatlews the past week a~t Eae hcvne of/Mrs. ,Bess Pair. Mr. and Mrs. N~an C.h~ of Pi'ltsburg, Perm., arid Mr. mad M.vs. Myerl~ of ~o were Monday ai~mc~,~ c~levs a~ the home of ~r. and Mrs. W. G. :: Decker. MHS Class of '39 Holds Reunion The ~t~ ,H~:gh School Sen- ior C'J~as of 1939, ~v~th their hus- ~bands aM wives ,enjoyed a lovely banquet a *.he Cxax'e~ He~l pavt-y room, ~mr~a7 e~re~ing, ~ 30, ,~e oecasi