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Jewell County Record
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June 4, 1964     Jewell County Record
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June 4, 1964

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miles ~80 m1es of main- 25 ~cat~er~d ~x~ Ad "dL~t H. P,o ~tm c~q~rects in 12 ~No~ on e t0~al b~.d of ~eeto Construction the seedir~g o~ low for c~l~ ~u s~te end cotmty secondary web $2,162,- metudes six K-47 east The w~n b~ c~act~ ,Tol~ I~audscape ~e~e, has the for $6,7,14.60. end Lir~ ca~l for 12.2 sttr~ce uxnn I~nc~in. San Ore Construction Co., Inc.. Me- grees ~ canticles ea~ed s~cel The fo~owing is taken from the Photon, has ~he e0~t~ct far the t~e 1963 ~eme~%. 2~gs is A~urnni No~.s. Medi~,a~ Cent~ Bu~- work ~r $~26.776.63. i K. U.'s larger cl~, ~ ~e 1,etm. f~r~rn the U.n~vevsity of Kan- Bi~l of H~vamer AsI~M~ Co., 2,438 in 1950. ~ persons corn- sas Sdm~,l of ~Med~cme and hfed~- Inc., "Ik~1~_, ~a,~p~p~mted ~ 10.9 pletirtg work &~r degrees e~t this ca, l Oe~er: mil~ of ~i, tumin, o~s ~vermy on ~ ($ .urm 1964) n~be~ 1,5r-#2, ac-I Ninety-year-old Wi~iI,iarn L. Chi,I- K-15W ,in Wa~h.~n~t~a eo~anty fromt~g to Jm-ne~ K. ~I~tt, regJs~*ar eott ('09) is "e~joyin~g ~ife", he ,M, om-ow~i'],le ~ ~o ,~he Nebraslm and dive~tx~r of admiss~m-~s, says. ,He r~ds, watches TV, emd state ,"lkne, f~yr $270,60q.00. I K.U. hold~but one Comme~ce- Arnc~g .the bi~o~t~ sea~h~g meant a year. In, A~tgust. October ~rojeots a~varded to M~ss~uri Petro- ~ Fob~ary, 800 d~grees were eum Products Co., O~rl,a~d. Mo., }@r~n~d ,whi~ during the 12-month were me ~o~owi~: I peri~. 120 ~ .ea~. ~i- J~we1~ Cou~ty~lS.9 miles or~ ~es m medicine arm meamar set- K-28 n~h ~r~n U~36 to Nebraske v&~e finds. state ~.in, e, $17,817.20; 2.5 miles c~ The Grad~late Sohool'~ 564 de- K-I 1~ nort~ from US-~6 to ~, ~grees a~v~r~ed r~ the year is a new $2,771.78;" I5.3 mi~s on K-12 ~h 'high as ~ ,the .107 d~ct~ o~ lxh~l- from ~v~it~h~.l e~u~ty line 'm US-36, osc~phy ~ doctor off ed~mation de- $17.494.,2~; a~d 0.4 of a mile on K4~B each ~r0~ K~128 to Im~ia, ] The C.o~ ~f Liberal .Arts and Sciences ~h~s 422 persons ear--n~g $498.95. I~awrence--Eigh~ stu~nts f~om Jewel~ cotm~ received de~rees J~ne 1 ~rom the U~i~ity of IKnn- i~ ~e 9~d av, rAm.1 Commc~ce- merit ex~er~ises in Memm~ail St~d- i~-n. ~e ~e~cernem ~rog~arn re- corded the g, rar~tir~g of 2.477 de- PUBLIC ,are leaving the farm, we will sell at Public Auc. farm 4 miles north, 3 east and north of or 7 miles north, 5 west and 11/2 north of Downs June 9 SALE TIME 11:00 O'CLOCK Cow, 5 yr~ eld, ]~de~ee~m',Zy~/~hs~a Oe,ivee by aldo 'Widtebu.~ (:I~mp~. 8 yra,. t~'edn, amom ~, 5 ym. old, e81f by dde $ Whft, etm~ Hell'e~ I l~m" old dd, adf by ddn I Hois~eln,-Jeru~ erN8 Hetf~, 1 yr. FARM MA Y ~ROP TR, A4~- Z..KoW Lb~r md meter th~ with new l~-ft, S~ (~f not ths ml~). MolIne S-i~. two $-r@w ~Vm~l~ts; John I)eere M~dei 145 (~ ~dgv~ with ~ A~budunemtet $4oego~ Dl"a~ ~ ~.4Jee. snd 2,4eo. rmm; M 4~l.~im. ]Plow; n~O 10- it. Groin RIndm', ]Pro| GI 1-row M PIoker; S-bui,tem ]Mew~ 2- bottom Plow;. John ~ No. 110 Hammes'mlU; Lets No~ ~.O Burr Mm; Weed ~; ~.ft, wIMev ~ttaehment, 1981 FORD 'l[~,UO~ 19~ ~4-~m ~gV]ZOI~I" I~E~P 1949 ~A-ton I~J[CKI~ with 8t~ek Rack a~l a 1~ Meter 0frier MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES Muhiz~ I m~ mm- Grlnd~ on ~md| ~e ~e~: ~DeeU~e Ga~va~ ~eeA; ~wa ~ ~; see.pL H~me: 100-pL Gss SO Hedge P~ts; INm~e IZ~s; ~ Batt~ I KE~ Eleetrle Blew~; New ~ ~ Ze. r~U~r ~ther New s.ml Used Nvoral reU~ of new Barb- El~l~ w~r, new & mind 3o Bales of Bedding H~y tee mma,. ~ Bu~l~ ~t ~..ey b m~lm~ 100 Bmdzek of ~,~ Lunch Stand by the Twelve Mile Club HOUSEHOLD ~b- Admir~ Deep Free~; l'r~erstor; C~ronade G~ Eu~e; M~ytag Washer; S~v~l G~ Reh~- vr~t~; I~,N@-BTU Gu H~t~| Dln~te Tu~e and 4 C~dru~ S4did Walnut ~ R~m ~M~, B~fl~t snd 5 Clmh~; llmM~t ~ ~| Pl~form Rocker and Ottmmm: Bed- room Suite oomple~ with Chest, VanitY, Mlrrar ~ ~d; 4 {~ Dr~wem; Antique Drms~ with Mirror; Z mm~ m~,t~ with Sl~s ~ad M~; Steel Bed with Sprh~s; D~|, 'l~ble and Clm/rs; B,t,ttet7 R, auflo| Bookem,e; Obfldren's Flay Table; Old F~hioned Icy M Frlslmm~; W~tm' E~oler; 2 Tabletop l~toh~ C~Mnete; I Plenic ~ble; Fruit Jars; some C~nned l~uit; s~l ~ Oth- e~ Articles. FEED M Balm of Whest Straw 4@B~esof ~Hsy TERMS: CASH AND MRS. LLOYD PLETCH 1he ~bax.~h~Jor's de~e ~ ~his time vch~e 341 are ~ow reeeivi~g de- grees ~rom ~e Ga~adu~ School. The ~oo} of Bd~oa~on graduated 269. Other soh~l~ ~ de- 102; E~gineeviv~g ~ A~r- ~il~ct~,re, 91; ,FLne Arts. 51; phm~ ~mey, 33; ~,,~w, 32; Joua~r~lism, 28. .1964 ~n'~m,l~s heard ~ brief 2aa~wel~l from Ol-~,neel]or W. C~ke Wesc~e. and greetings ~0rn C~ve~o~ Jolm A~'~-son er~cl tt~mry A. Bubb ~f Topel~, chair- man of ~e ~ of Regents. ~he gr~c~ua~es from, Jew~t ~t~r of St, ience i~, Jo~ kmo. Dootor of M~ C l~t~ Bachelor ~f Science ~ Nursing~ Dixie ,Da~,ler~ B ,ak~-, B~rr O~k. ~c~elc~v of Sc~ea~e i~ ~:~ca~ tio~--Ju~ith W~Iver P~ss. M~a~ka~o (S~). Raeh~lm- af ~ ~duca/on--- ~L. Watson., ~a~nose. of ~ttsic~ha Shiv- :BaChelor of Scietme i~, Ohemi- eat ]~g~neer~---J~l~p W~l~ki Westin, M~m&ata Badmlor of ~ oar.e~ for 'his roses arid yard a few hours each day at 1040:1 South Mav~a~'ta~ Place, tx~s ' Angeles, CalE. ~)r. C'hilcott married Dr. Simeon ~eI,1 s grav.dd, at~hter amd wer~t to ,Mon.tana. He spenl l0 years in ~he India~ sm~vice, be in~g s~atior~d fir~ in VCashmgton -~here he wa~ to }nspect drying ~a,~on w~ich the (Indi~av.s caught and u~ed f~or winter food. He w.as tra~er-,~, rod .to ~ Attache ,r~s~erv~t~o~ i~ Arizona and 1,a~er to P~iverside C~'~f.. ~ere t~e was to o~g~m.ize misison In~tians ~o ~cc~t m~tioal c~re. I,n pr~va, te ,practice. Dr. C~i,1- cott ~ided minim d~ri~,g ~he dig- gi,r~g of the l~mi,le t~meJ to easy .w~ater from Hoover Darn to Ix~ A~gel,'es..He retired i~ 1945. ~Ie has two cl~i.~Fred M., a licensed architect, amd ~VIavj~rie Br~tm, a yu~ h~h sdmc~ ~er. i .~m~~oe Hun~er, ~, C~n~al O~ for Rep. Bob I~le Dimmr to ,be in 1~he H~t~inson Sports Arena. 5m~e 6. {arm~ ~t0daT ~he~t l%ep. JOhn i Av~ersm (~R), ~R,i~ois, ~viti ~ttend I~e evem as a ~-~stirnonial to h,is colleague. ! C~~I awd Stem ~andi- da~es w~,M ~Iso ,be ~n H,u, tc~nson far ~D~le ~)irmer. 2~he3r -,~,ri,ll be in- { tr,oc~u~ed dm~rkr~g the e, vem,2~,g, Hunt- er said. { "2~his dinner is ,being ~ve~ m t ~e request af ~he ~ f~ over ' ~ tIM, g (F~t I~istrict w~ho fee] they h~ve a ~ssma~ "~hose i~teg- rity is ~questim~ble," Humor said. '~cl~ ~ieket sales iz-~dica~ this wiM ,be one of ~e largest Re- pubHc~m ~ of the 1964 cam- ~," H'tm'ter ~. educa,tiorm~ tour for hi~ sdhool j~iors ~md se~iovs from ~he 58 eou~ies, of ~the ~g Fi~t is IMm'~ ned i~ co~jtmctkm, ~th the NO'I~E OF &N"NUAL ~G Sehool ~ N~. ~6 N~tm in ~ ~Iven l~at on ~ahe ~h d~y of Jtme, ~984, the annual n~l~ ~t ~ ~ No. ~, Jew~ Ootm~, Kansas, ~ be he~d in the ~Ro0m c the ~ ~'ede S~hcol at 8:~0 P. I~ GENEKAL FUND ]3~de~ "A.~ to 6..~0,,,~' Ope~Un~ F.xpen~: Oontracted ~ ............................ 50.00 _ - ~: = - _ .--~ : l~e~Im$ Ourreat Year Year % 50.00 IAbrarles, ~ ......................... I~I Oaher ~ .................................... ~88~ 6,0m.9~ ~ o~' ~: ~e~t mad D~lli~Im ........................... ~/ 6,~.4~ ~eptac~mt of Equipment .............. ~.~ ~ a~ ~ ........... ~ 1,~t I~ ~T: ~.~ 1,000.00 $196,400.00 ~IAL TR~RTATI[ON FUND or ~ of ~dvers ............ $ ~1~ $ I~.00 Fuel end M~ln~ af Eq~ ~1~1~1~ 1,200.00 New Bus .................................................. 1J~.W ~,'/~ BUILDIN~ FUND SOCIAL ~ CO~UTION FUND I:tt~a'~'~ ~ of ~tion ........ Tatal ~ ........................ ._ , ,, 01}0.00 $ 3,0~e.00 $ e~oo~o $ 4500~ ON MANKATO DWE~GS TO BUY, BUILD, OR REMODEL PROMPT SERVICE Cir. T. NICHOLS Insurance & Loans MANKAT0, KANSAS First National Bank MANKATO, KANSAS Dollars that stay at home pay our taxes, support our churches and schools, furnish the payrolls that keep our town a good place in which to live and raise a family. In the days that lie ahead, your loyalty is vital to the future of our community. Buy and bank at home. It's good business. Night Depository - Safe Deposit Boxes Money Orders - Personal Loans Installment Loans - Insurance of all kinds Fidelity and Surety Bonds Western Union Money Transfers American Express Travelers Checks Me~hber of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Tll_~y, June..4, 1964 Di~qmex. '"Yhis wSll give ~he yout~h of o~J.v dist~'~ct a.n c~ppor~ ,uni;W o visi ll~- ehi~sum--to vi~,it prates of in'tereet Form0so Wi~ng .Wo~ke~ 4-H Club --and ~o meet, ~~-, di,~i- ot~ga~ized their ,~,~e~nt~gs Mny 14. ~n'ies .at,~,a 5:30 p.m. re~eptd:on prior Par~p~let.s were ,h~al~cled to ~s to the di~m,er hor~c~ir~g ,l~ep Dole," eookin, g ~b:ir~s were *given by ~VI~. H, tmter said. .Veva Demp~ey, ~he leader. We }~vned to make .~nd~iches. We "Tici~e'ts may ,be purchased fvczn v~il~ he~p ~.he ~v~s serve r~h- Cour~ty Ch, a.Lvme~. We're hop,ir~ ~o ftH the A.ven~." ~tm~r onclud~t. men~ a~t the m~,'c reei.tal Ma.y 18. The boy.s are: Dale Switzev, Jr., Dormie Haw.le~fl, awd DaTm.ie Dempsey. ~.~,~+-~. :~.-. =~-~+,-~-~-~ I T~,e Cook.~g I class of ehe For- mos-o Wi~l~g Wor~ers 4-H C]ub were ~~cs a,t ~e musical recital FIRST PICK YOUR DEALER, {M2.y 18 at tt~e s~hool house. The THEN PICK YOUR USED CAR ~bl~ was cove~d wi~ a ~ace t~bl~- Every Day Is Sa]e~ Day At cloth ~ a cen,terl~ire~e of flovve~ Our P{,~w.e. ~s' used. tMrs. Phy~s Hurd po'ur-, ed ~he punch_ Other rof.re~ of sand~i~hes, relishes an~cl cookies ' vceDe 1963 BUICK ~ 225 4- DOOR SF_2DAN. So~d new a~ad ser- viced by us. I~w n~leage. Fully i equipped ~-i~h fac~vy air, power, D~ma~ow, E-Z-Eye, ~hi~e ~es, etc. Living room comfort. Priced Vo sehl. 1@63 ~UI~K ,I.~SA~C~E 4-~OO~ ~R~)TOP. One owner. Low raile- ',~ge. FLflly equipped ~ Fac~ lair, I)ym~io~r, ~"~dio, F,4Z-Eye, ~ow r, etc. A dream to drive and own. Priced ~ight. 1963 ~O~ V8 4-DOOR STATION W~AGON. Driven a }i~- ~le ovea" 11,000 fa-(m'~ o~e o,w,nev. Equipped ~r~h l=k~e~lide, E-Z- E~e, radio, Whi~e tire~, etc. An outstanding vM~e. Priced. 1963 ~ OU~rO~ 4- DOOR SEDAN. One owner. (21ean ir~de and otrt. Eq~pped wi~h ~utorne~ic, radio, hea~r, etc. Pric- ed to saM. 1.962 IRU~OK ~ 2-OOR ,H,M~I:rI~P. Orm owr~ev. Drivtm orily 14;681 ae~xm~ miles. equipped. Dynamite, mdio, E-~ ,Eye, white ~res, e~c. An outstm~- mg vMue. 1902 ,BU, IC~K S~KY~ARK 2- DOOR H 'AIID'I~P. One ~av~er. Dvi-en e l~tle over 14,000 miles. ~, r~io, E-Z~Eye, etc. J, ust'~l~ewew. P~ced~t a ni~e sm, lr~. I@~2 BUICK ~~ ~)(K)R SEIIA~. One ~. 'I.ow ~lee~e. Fu~ equipped wi~ Dyrmflmv, ra- dio, power stewing, E-Z~Eye, etc. Very oleo. Priced to 1062 BUICK ,~ 4-DOO~ ~. Local ~w~er. Low mileage. 'Eq~_ipped wi'~ Dy~R~I~w, P~wer steering, [~lio, white tires, etc. An ~ v~lue. 1982 ~ V8 B]~x~t 44~OOR ~SIDAN. 0~ owaer. Low mileage, i~vergtide, radio, healer, ~----,~ --~c~e~c" A yery r~ice me~n ,19~2 PO~I~kC OAfI~A~IN~ 4- ole~n. Equipped wi~h Hydmma~ic, power, a~, radio, h~a~.r, e~ Ix~ af ~ mi~les Ie~t. 1982 PoN'rL~c CATALINA 4- D(:K~ SEDAaN. One owner. Sold new 'by us. Ix~ mileage_ Eq~ w{~h ~x.y air, H~a~v~dc,. m- dlo, ~, E-~, vower steer- 1962 ~ OUS~ 4- IX)OR SEDAN, One owner. Over- drive, radi~, E-Z.E~, factory air, whi~e ~es, etc.'A good k~v p~oed ca~ ~i'h ely. etc. Priced .to sdl. 1001 ~DI(kK ~ 4-DR. clio, ~, E-Z.E~e, Power stee~ ~g & ~es, t~c. P~tced ~ght 1Ml ~JMIBI~I~ SUPI~ 4- IX)OR ~I~)AuN. One owner. Drive~ 17,687 ~ela~ mile~ ,Radio, heater, ~tc. 1081 ~ ~rI~A 4- ~ g~. Hydh'mnet~c. hea~er, E-Z- V~~ O~n~ ~z~n a .~od ~rni,l.~. I~0 B~ ~ 4-DO(O H~. ~ m~l~a~e. Clea~ he~er, ~, E.Z-Eye, etc. PriCe~ ~o se~. 1959 ~IK~I~Ir~IR 2.DOOR, 2- SI~T ~. S~ma~hvd tmmv- n-A~or~, Radio. ,heater. etc. Priced. 1957 PONTIAC SUPER ~cl~o, ~ea~, e~c. (~m. Priced 1956 ,BU~ St~C2AL 2-DOO~ HA~YlY)P. ~I~E. ,l~ced to saM. PICKUPS AND TRUCKS 1963 ~ 4OO6 L~B 2-TO~ TRY. Owe ~ ov~. Driven a ~i%tle over II,0(N} a~hm~l miles. 8.25x20 10.pl~f Cites. 2.~peed a~le. , I~}0 ,FORD- (6) ~AI~'O~ ~. Prmed low. CI-I~VROI.~r V-8 2-TON LWrB TRUCK 13-~t. bed anti fald dow~ stock rocks. Hoist. 8.25x 20 ,~es. 2-speed axle, etc. A good all.round truck. 1 1959 ~ V8 ~ CA~ 2- TON X,WB TRUCK. 9.00 x 20, 10-ply ~res. 2-Sp. e~.le, good 16 foot bed end fold down racks, and ~L~t. A1 sl~ap~. P~ad3t to go to wol~k. 1959 J'EF_,P (6) ~ P~dk-up. 4-Wh. Drive. 4-@p. hem~o,r, etc. A ~ mud wagor~ 1958 ~ 2-'DON TR~ Bed, grain sdde and hoist. 8.25 x 20 ~ He~y duty. 10~5 ~ TON ~K~UP. 4-speed, etc. A good se~ vice~b~e pick~tp. 1953 FORD ~ PICKUP. lq~n~ ~od. &l~n. Good tires. ,Iark,- ed r~t. '1949 CAY~ 1-~ON I~CKUP, 4- Speed. 9 ~t. bed- ,I-I.D. Ttres. milea~. ~riced ~ ~1 q~,ick. our Rm~[~L'a'r~q,'q. 18 YOU1 REST QU.4t~A'WTE~ WE .HAVE M GMA~ PAYM]L~ PLAW ANID~MOTO]~ rNS~ FOR YOUR ONV~mI~IL Cooking Classes ' H~t~tin~ort.. A book, "Americ~ T~e '~Beauti~ul", is to ~ lllaced in the The .boys cooking class of ~e ~e~ l~b~i LFm~-y in mem- sewed to ~r~th,ers. grand- mothers, friends and members of the rrmsic cle~s. ~ie I)empse~, Jr. Pep. VETERANS' NEWS Du~ir~g Jun~ a ~ta~ive of thq. Kansas Veeemas' ~on be in l!Vhnka,to, Jtme 11, 9:00 A. [M., a~ the CAty I-I~l to assist v~e~ans and ~eir depen~er~s or sttr~ivors wYd~ veterans service work. A~yor~e urm, ble to co.tact us at t~at ,time may write, pho~ne or v~si the K~n~s Veterans' Comm~s- sk~,, ~ .House. ~-a,rysvi~le, Ken~ ----Fred ~VL Hues, Field ~-~x~sen~mive. Weslside ~latrens H. D. U. On ~y 19. ~he "Westside M~at- tons met a~ @~e hovr~e of ~,~s. C2ms. V~bcv~l ~th ~'~t m~,bers ~>res- er~t end ~ ~uests. ~g_rs. Bob ,t~laek arid Mrs. $Iowm-d Dietz. Mrs. Black ~ave-hhe Aflvt~ry C~,I vep0rt, We ~ ~o semi a l~sc~ ~le.ader to M~to foe ,t~e iesso~. 'q)esi~n d~i Your Home ~gs", ~md de ~hebher we wa~ to ha~e Cr~R ~a~s ~his year cr not. C~ ,KindP.er ,g~a~e a z~vt on a~a~dawce am ~Wm~ks~ap in LAUGH .. THOUC, II: X'D DIF..I ory of Ivan Vob~z~l. June 7 was th~ ~,te set for .the M~,y ar~ Jur~e b~rct~ay supper. ~o meet at 6:30 P. M. [Mrs. ~l~as. VoborLl and ~VIrs. Oz~xl Gfl1~e~t wi1',l be hostesses. Mrs. Em:,l Perou/ek ~a,ve the l~sson on ~rm,~t Cool, cry ~nd we al e'n, joyed a ,good meal. Ne~ct meet~r~g ~vi~l be ~t t~e h~ne of L~.rs. era,1 Gilbert on J, une 16. ~. Edgar Vobor~. P.R.C. i~an~,t~. Ks.. J~n,e l~even,~y I~av~as S~te U, nivers~,ty s~ude~,ts rece~.ved scholastic ~0~=~s i~n c~n- necti~n ~v~,~h K~Stale's c~mence- me~t S~.nday, May 31. Hcnors are a~varded to no ~nore tha~ ~ percerrt off the studen~ in each coMege. Those r~nkir~g in ~e uppe~" ,~mee pereev~t of their el.ass g~adu,~te nm~g~ cure ta.ude (~ikh h, igh ,hon~r) and t~ose wi~ virtually s,trai~A ~o0~ds ~vi~l graduate sum~ eum ~ude (~r~ h~hest honor). This ~ar ~ K-~a~e studen~ are ,grazi~ting summa oum ,'la~de, awl each has on, l~ a single B for four yeal~ of cohere. They are Ve~fi~a Joyce Peeks, ~vlary~i~le. w~ho w~]ll receive a ,bacheler of so,erie; and C~hest~ Lee Nach~4~, BuYer. who w~l~l ,receive a ~ach- elor of scie~-~oe ~n n-m~._~ica,1 e~- gineoring. students Craduated mag- ma ourn 3a, ude. arid fi~t'y-two grad- ua~ed, em-n M~c~e (wi~h honor). Among thee g~ad~a'tfn~ cure laude ~a~ Elizabeth l~l~rel~l Boyd of M~.r~lm~o. ~EEIII~S, ~. (AHTNC)-- A~y St~f Sergeau Dan~ki H. I-I~sk~t, ~3, son of [Mr. and Mrs. S. H~skett. Burr Oak, Ka~s.. is pa~ic~a~g in Exercise DESERT STKI~E. ~ joim Army er~d Air ~'~rce rrmneu~er in,o~,~g 100.000 ~ps. ,be4~g held in ~he la-i-st~te area af Cal, ifomiz, ~rizorm er~ 1~ev~da. endi, rt~ Ma~' 30. ~.~ife, Mary, ,~i~es in Ki, Hee~, Let's keep alive so we can laugh and enjoy life. Drive carefully and courteously duriv~ the Mem- orial week-end and the vacation days ahead. 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