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June 1, 1967     Jewell County Record
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June 1, 1967

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f JEWF, LL COUNTY RECORD ucaooi teacher. She loved herI afternoon guests at the Rolla radtcaUon is particularly re- growth, the soft and in areas of limit- Rabies Clinic A~ 'rl~May~ June 1, 1.967 family dearly and was so] Dietz home. commended for the more arid 9,4-D should be applied at a ed rainfall results may be or- Athens khoeih0u~ proud of their achievements.I *"-- I areas of Kansas where, in rate of % to 1 pound acid ratic, so check with your ___ She 4~njoyed her gardening andI . .... ! m.:. e,k~. e, ~.,~e most areas, one year of in- equivalent per acre on a lush county weed supervisor for There will be a R flowers as long as her health r , my ~.qvuw ~..~,~ tensive fallow and three years growth and the plant not dis- chemicals suited to your area ,,, r.. n.e Rt Ath, permitted her to work. Many Wtlbecl , I} S011 bank -rass"-"mav be a'1.az, of wheat shows excellent bind- turbed by cultlvat[on untll all and to their relative cost. house Fri~"'day" June I nts s J "" d- n hay turned '- ' of us have flowers and p a 1 A., ~....a .,._ ,,... ....... +w^ weed control. Bindweed see parts of the pla t e.Eradication of weeds clime to 8 p,m. Immunlzat . ' I1"00 cu .... ~,,= ..... j ......... she would share with us. Our Visiting hours. 10.00 - . -. o ,,,, ne ,witch lings are se~sl~,ve to 2 4-D brown. ~ to sA inch of rain is notes the need for annual con- tl .~fl n,~r net Pie ez A~ ' v--- r-- a---. ---- 0 This grass h ...... i sympathy to her family, a,m,:2:00 - 4:00 and 7:0 - -rass in it and it is a"vigorous ...... and a spray application may necessary after spraying, be- trol expenses, and fall. appl - your pets in boxes, Following two extremelyI 8:00 p.m, ~rower Subsoil moisture has be substituted for some of the fore seeding v0hest, to reduce cations of dry chemicals are on a leash This cli~ hot days of temperatures of[ Monday, May thew22erned, ~a:~- ~en b'uiit up in these fields cultivation operations...., chem~a! resi.due. ,., usually more success.fu! than scrod by the Progr, near lUU oegrees rest WeeK[ era m me nose ' and the switch "rass ;ust a In areas of h/gner ramzall un hems where wneat ss not spring applications mat pro- EHU and the Lime children of s J " relief was obtained by a most Glenn Figgins and 2 4-D is effective In control- to be seeded, delay spraying cede spring and summer rain- lay 4-H Club bout grows the cattle right off , . _ welcome rain. At our home Red Cloud, Nebraska. the -'round These areas could ling bindweed if applied at the even until after a light frost, fall. we had 1,10 inches; at Maur-/ We wish to thank the Me|he- ~._ ~ ~" hard now without proper time and rates. Appli- use the same recommended --Don Modlin, IN APPRECIATION rice Simmelink's, 2.25 inches;~ diet Church for the copies of ~arng;;j~o the grass Switch cation of 2,4-D Should be made rates of chemical and ground Weed Supervisor. ~ and at Rolla Dietz's, .30. To{ "The Upper Room which ~ ....... "^--* ~.--~f ~'roducer when the bindweed is well e- will be ready for planting of --- Dear Friends and Re brou htto ~ ~" ~'~"~"~ '~ v the west of us in the Den-[ Mrs, Perry Kmr g but gets unpalatable later on merged and growing vigorous- spring crops. Mrs. Laura Sw~tzer accom- "Thank you" for a~ tona-Odessa area they had aI us, ....... son Cattle "ain ra" ly. Fall rains and cooler Soil sterilizing chemicals are panied her son, Robert Swit- deeds, cards of f, destructive hail and some I001 Mrs. Arden Vestal and 131v"on~i~~ ~ v- weather usually bring about a recommended for small, scat- zer, and family to Hays Satur- food, the memorials : percent damage to the wheat.[ ChrisAaronofBurr Oak v.i.s- ~lewl- "nlanted -rass should second lush growth of bind- tared patches of bindweed, day to visit her sister, Mrs. your visits, and flol Some of the ponds in that area[ itea mr. ana ~rs. harry wn- be sprayed for weeds now. weed. Fall spraying of 2,4-D These chemicals are more ex- George Reed. She returnee on such a comfort to ran over. ~ beck recently. Put on one "^und of 2 4 D per when the plant Is actively pensive and leave the land un- Saturday afternoon with Mr. many are standing b~ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rose of~ Mrs. Waunda Donahue called acre ~ ' " growing and ample soil .mole- productive for a period of and Mrs, Reed, as they came Elsie Howard an~ '['own Boy Omaha came Friday and will~ on her mother, Mrs, Gertrude Last ear's -rass seedings ture is present will usually re- time. However, the cost is for the class reunion at Re- --- Wounded In Vietnam remain over Memorial Day tel Fiero, Wednesday afternoon. -^^.~ ..#~ .... [;,o,~ n .... also suit in excellent reduction in justified since the spread of public. MANY THANKS The following telegrams vl~tr.atatheMArds?r~eRnr~eK~te~,/ ShMjCaTr~ei!::~a~Urt~a!f Iv~ra: ipryj~V~l~o~v~;hi~frt:th:::lgr~)ss~ Svtaa~da~eaSo~hneaftaur~:rprtao~kessaidx ~v:epd:e:J::eda" ~4ide; arU ;a3! Mr. a~LM~.~a ~R;yn Ray- a:d Wnt~ihght~o~ha~okr were received by Mrs. Alta Jr, of Kansas City spent the[ bee q '" " ...... ass Mowin- the the plant and chemical is car-] ducts, both" liquid and gra - holds of pc " ' " - _. Lovewell May 5, 1967: weekend at the home of herI Mattie Metz. sWwe3yt Ic~ovegrr wili kill it ~so ried deep into plant's root sys-i lar, are appearing on the mar- kate to attend the alumni p~c- and flowers sent m, "This is to inform you that parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam~ Mr. and Mrs. Gone Barrett ~ . .... ~.. *- ,.lant a wind tern with the food supply in- ket. These chemicals depend nic Sunday and Decoration was m thehosp~aL your grandson, Pvt. let Class Rose visiting with her brother of Randall were St/nday after- .. ~,,~ v ...... v " tended for next s rin 's! " " "' -- David S. Lovewell, U. S. Mar- ana- wile' ' ............... ana wzm rem~zve~ a~/ .uu. ............. ca.vr~ u~ .,"'~ ........... m.th,~rbreak the area should be sum- P g on ramfall to carry them into. Day Services. . --Mrs. rrea. Inel~, 1967CrPS'ln theWaSvtctnityinjuredof QuangMay] Mrs Minnie Barrett mer fallowed. The SCS can ~ II [ Cawker. ' ." help you plan the windbreak Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dietz of] Mrs, Giadys Hamilton of Su- area Payments for trees ""~" ~'~" " ........ Lb. -- -" Trl, Republic of Vietnam. He Salem, Oregon are here visit-/ peror visited Miss Alice Fer- .-laniin" and fencing where PUL ~ ~H ~A U~A~E S~-~'T~ 59 T ~ DE D~JM~I~'~ (]:LILD'~ ~LI@ received fragmentation wounds ing relatives and friends, j guson Friday. v - ~ .... r -~- tO head from a mortar, whileMr, and Mrs. Harold Shoe-| Mrs. John Diamond visited ne~a~ra?y:Vm~a~m" terraces I~.-IO.a$ -- ' engaged in action against hoe- maker and Mrs. Helen Stites~ Mrs. Mattie Metz and others .~.~o.~ +~, ~,o -fanned for now ~| | #,ts,..~ rta H v-K as Lb. e~e"~ .~|~n f~{~=~.~ { N~ Qua tile forces. He is presently re- .,~+.~n ~..o a--~,~d Livers at/ Sunda- ......... ~ ~,:i m -s=im kl~ie "1 ilU W.~ e, te~v,~r I~ l~t ~- vnm=-n~,~ s.~..--.-vv ..~.~ da~ ceiving treatment at the 3rd ~."~'~':.~. :"*.~" "Z .... . ..... / -'- "~' ........ '~ormanWheat will soon be harvested. ~1,,, | ~1~-I~ U/~I~UI1 ....... ,*~', N~t/ me wer)stcr t~ounty rlOSpltai lne r~overenu ~v~r. ~ _ . , Medical Battalion. His condi- in Red Cloud one evening lastI Foley, Mr. and Mrs, Gerald ca~~er c~:Pt:~rl~tatlv: granS~ SmoKes tion in Prognosis was good.week Mrs. Livers remains[ Boyles and Gayla, and Mr. .. . P ......... . I I/'Ir v Liquid Deter en JUly planting is alr]gnt 11 we ~ ~ ~'1~ Your anxiety is realized, You quite" ill and her daughter,[ John Hiatt from the Olive Hill ...... it u"'in Jul" I~U Swt Smoked Shanks [ rural are assured that he is receiv- Roberta, of Portland, is now{ Church held the May 28th ~*'~ ~ . v ., ..~. . l|s~tr! . ~,#~I ,rig the best of care. His me here. ]Christian service in our Home tu~:: iwal~ro~tiUnaUnit: y~s- -- ther has been notified. His Limestone Valley 4-H Club[ Their fine music anda~he wmerne ous We are ft~m; ground ~ALU mailing address will rein.in members and their parents, ister's interesting ." . fw'iaicrcsin ,,. """ o CATSUP BRAND ~-~ "~ the same. --Wallace M.held their spring tour Sunday{ appreciated by all of us. water m.a e P.' . P ' tJLLO Cinnamon LO j Comm. of the M.c.Green'Jr., Gen. U.S.M.C. ~~:m:i:a~l/~:- :~~:~ ~,., The second and later teh,- Ing 69, COFFEE " p Your grandson, vt. let Class David S. Lovewell U.S,M.C.," " J "-n of rab | Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pat Extension Made Possible .......... has been evacuated to the U. as there zs cvme ce "/ terson and daughter, Valarie .... e |'tLl~-~[~ I #1~,? i(~ OZ. .... S. NavaIHosp.,Yokosuka, Ja ies in our area the H.D-.U_.16. andSam. 2, ofButler. Mo. Gilbert W Egbert chair- P.ANTAIf ItPI:'. "o Q.q |uo pan, for further treatment,is sponsoring a rames vaccm-[ were in Mankato last weekend .... v ..... " I vn s. sr,--vv..--v weet r ~jt.# Marl may be addressed to him " "r ets at the Athens,] LhdMYrr~. arn~:ht~~s:e::!w~'ofr ' ' ........ a ....... s-.~y ...... Sta- at the U. S. Naval Hospital, ~!i!nj:~i: !;ti::g !U:p:~~ ?::::: ~i!!:*:i!~:~!: L EHONS PO P Soda Pop Ass~, 1~B F.P.O. San Francisco - 96662. 0 t Sunktst DOZ. --Wallace M. Green. Jr.. Gcn. " ; " :| for the Federal Aviation Ad- be extended for pricc-supportl U.S.M.C., Commandant of the era are ;,ssi~lin~ with this an~| ministration, is being transfer- loans on 1967 crop grains and[ MarlneCorps.M,. Lovewell later ' P0~,0~ ,ooo, oo 49' D ILL SL ICES . a few lines written by David: "Dear Warka, ( a childhood pet name for Alta.) held at Odessa SUmnday fry a[ Kansas City.. the present "reseat" program| ~ ~=" ~ T I~ A 3 OZ. Ja~ Suppose you have heard by There were so .... y .. | ,Mr. Patterson will service for loan commodities storedI ~ltl { Sweet w~^~, 3 Lbs. II f~t R[-OIL=PW ulstancc WhO laltnlUlly remra the Omn/ran e and Tacan ~.~.~v. now that I was wounded a few . ' . . | g on farms. In either case, the{ Nil | UIlO ~.~,.~,~.~ S~| 'days ago. Have a lump on each year to :,V*:2:gg3I (Tactical Air Control and Commodity Credit Corporation{ "l~ ...... O! IO~eQ ones w {ze back of my head. A little head-' ' . .[ Navigation) equipment, whlch would DaY storage costs dur-{ ~wff" kl/"t t~. vn n. r~.,t. WaA ~ -~0 I ache. Am at Naval Hospital there Sunday mornmg we got| iS located on the Vandeventer ~.~, ~n~lo~,n extension period. ~ e~ ~ e~ r" Green Texas Mad- .4 s=. ..... cans ]/n Danang. Nice here - break- to visit w~th Beulah MasonI farm, northwest of town. This ""~"~'~'rt'-r~intcd out that the] ~# A [~ [~A L~ r_.. ..... o v~.. | ~ ....... /fast, french toast. Mywriting Jones of Wymore, Nebrasza,I equipment has been serviced ~'~:l'~']~"-" loan cxtensionl .......... c A~,,.-- "looks funny. Done laying Inbed. Just wanted to let yOuknow that I am not hurt too ..... ~!!i !ill~' I E TE.IIB, S ChCeLearl i :EpAI HNSA:HK . : I I: ' bad. Will try to write more in day or two. Love, David." on " son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne residents of the Odessa Corn-/ (Joyce). Va'larie, and Sam to soWao . ;" Tve more equitabl31 ,.,. t, b-~,~4Z ,4 ast few ears Brummer, were held at Downs munity but the pY | Mankato. He starts work here ~o~,~..+ hv ,~nablin~ farm-[ ~ I l=t%# r= I n Fairmont Gal. V -tY h6 oz. can | Friday morning and interment their home was in Downs Wet the Sth of June .................... seal in -- - ~ -- .was in the Tip2on Cemetery. extend our s;mpathy to' his[ " crs to participate in re { ue | ,x! ra [ [~ Assorted Flavors ~)~ Besides his parents, he is sur- family, { ---- areas where farm storage isl vived by three sisters of the | More than 900 Kansas State not practical because of the[ ..... Mr. and Mrs, Paul Viotz vls te ' Too h Paste (Family) home. his maternal grandpar- venin at the,{ Teachers College 1967 gradu- hazards of chma and msects:l ~'t LI ~' ~' C r Fa~imon5 et .^ CREST ants, Mr, and Mrs. Ted Wright i ted ,Sunday e .... ~^ ates will receive their degrees The action would rose exteno[ ~# II L L ~ IF_ "Cot~8.ge .... l" " I." oz ~,~ Jennlngs DorKt'r ,IUIiIZ, / " " -- of Ionia, great grandparents,. and Mrs. Lynn Dietz~{ from President John E, Visser the benefits of the resc al pro [ Mr, and Mrs. Jim McMillan anl~r~ons or Clay Center spen at evening commept~emdentr::s g::zZ'stO:~noat:'ttS~nqdu~ezfsnJ " BREAD and many other relatives. We the M,,t~mz'ia] lioliday at the{ ercises May 26. T e g , l -,,, .-.- - ..~ - ~ ~" -' g extend our sympathy to his olla Dietz home. Mr. angi{ wfll be conferred in Welch Sta" storage, i HIJJ.&l} l-lv-Z1 8 2 lb oz. family, ~,,s. f)can Leonard and girls d!u.m, at 7-30 p.m. Lesley.lrene In announcing the new au-{ I~l~t Im ~ I.t-~" v v , Mrs, Juln Boogaart and son, John, of Mountain Home, Ark. wcrc Sunday guests, walaer, manaato, oaugnt_er o_!m r thority, Secretary of Agricul-I . P. I M~A UI~M Df}I.__IK ~ Carl Gilmore of Rogers,[Mr. ano mrs. ma wa e. +,,,o n,.,,ql,,L Freeman said'/ ........... ,,..--z~.rlam O OZ-- A,~ v s s=,~rz,-uv,~ ,~v u a~ are visiting at the John Bur-Arkans?s and Mr. and Mr:of ~llle reck:ere: iBa~huelc:tion "Now that surpluses of wheat' 0RAN6E JU ~ ~t~ '~ (~) 1U dett home and her sister, Mrs. Carl Mocker of Saline plan 'I nee g ' and feed grains have been[ Lester Stites. and family, oth. spend Memorial Day here andI~ eliminated, supplies of these[ ~||L|~ Coney oz' Famburger er relatives and friends, visit at the home of Mr, and[ Alfr.ed. Konvmsgy mUyl commodities must be assured[ ....... ..., t~.. ~ ~. e~ r~ -~ ~U |It,~ 10 or 1~ ill Mrs. Robert Slaughter and .. S H F RBI"/ ;~ l# children left by jet for Cuba Mrs Adam Rose, / R~tstereo Angus uun at levels necessary tOn meetex eX-ort/ ~,,--.. .= ,%y-~w.,u, - Vacation Bible School will| ~'fred Konvalsk" Formoso pected domestic a d p ] whilelaSt weekRobertWhereslaughterthey willof livethe begin Thursday June 1 from[ re~ntly purchased' an Aber' needs plus adequate carry-{ Dft//~ 01d Fashioned 12 U, S, Navy Is based there, 1:30 to 4:30 p,m. Classes for[ .... ~., n from Ideai overs for added safeguard in] ....... ...ffi ~ #,~ 7ju..W.1.8 /~#,~ ~ ~k~|,,. ~ ~ Pota~o ' Mr, and Mrs, Darrell Thayer Nursery through Junior High,[ ~ ..... ~ ....e::....,^..,,. N~.,.'~o~- the event of unforeseeable] t~T ~~= ~ I ~_~ "'~,v ~..^~ ~mv/W4 Mr.. Bob g '/ __-- '{ and Ronnie were Thursday ev. sRose is in char e ,',-a,,o ." o- ....... w , " emergencies At the same ~ / I~i ~ Ill I,# It=. I~l s I I,,, v en/ng visitors at the Glenn Mr, and Mrs, Kenny ThomasI Don Wll"~on, son of Mr and time, farm pldces must be pro-[ r r r- y-Zlas Bartley home. and Mr. and Mrs. Paul DietzI Mrs AW Wilson of We'bber tected. / .... Wheat 16 oz, Funeral services for Mrs, were Saturday dinner guests[ "; :' / ............ ~ The additional operating~ ~"A ~J~ ~'-IO.aB c~ o~.... $ I ~ graauateu monuay zvA~y ~ ta__ ~ x~.l~U a V V it announced toda for L7 tm M 11~/ a Roy Loomls (Lou Brant) were of Mr, and Mrs, Rolla Dietz ....... inar "n author y y / ~e@ll " held at t. Ionia E.U.B. ~~ibritl