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June 1, 1967     Jewell County Record
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June 1, 1967

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JEWELL COUNTY RECORD be needed by all hunters. Ap- r"*_l_J / Esbon High School Style Review May 16, 1967 Thursday, June 1, 1967 [plieati0ns for the ape-I rLhrL ~r~a The Esbon High School Style[ excellent job supervising thelbY the Home Economics class- I placed first in the Page 6 - Section 1 [cial permits, which will be is-[ A _ Review was held at Esbon| members of her class. |es are shown below. [ larship Test in Fo( [ sued free of charge, will be [ ~'-mf111 ~ N~IA/ May 16, 1967. The instructor is [ A. few of the garments which [ Marcia Voboril, who is ..... l I available about mid-June from I ~"~"" * *" vv ~ Peggy Frost. who has done anl were constructed and modeled[ shown in one of the pictures.~ license throughoutVendrs andthe countYstate, ~~,'~~ ~~'~ ~ I~,:: ql I~L' ~ -- -- ! I Coleman said. The final dead-I And Berber County Contracts s at Barber County State Lake i IW~F Z~ ]headdedgtvingthehunteralanaa'tme~trlp'r'l~SW'Ua'" . me management Area nave "~~J~ F;~~~I ~~.~ ~ ~ ~ l two-month pemod m whmh to[ ....... '~ ~ ~ r an a 1" "i n nd a ~Deen awaraed to lOW niaoers ~.. secu e pp ]cat o a p- h '-~ LL "~:, ~ I"1" for a free "ermit The "~r I bY t e Kansas Forestry Fish ~:,~-- ,~ [ v J will b ,v " "r m tV~h I and Game Commission [~'i~s~ and ~a~S:e~o~nissione[ Two contracts totaling $30,-~. ~~~ ~ : --5~_ ---"- q |hpndmmrtprg ~t pratt" 1504.45 for water wells, pumps /y!l!; l"',~tll'~teal'hunters "bet'ween the I ~tadt:iVlai~: atB::be:cf)~nty' ~. - l l ages of 16 and 70 will also[ ........ P ' , L,ayne-western wlcnlta was ~~ ,need a vahd Kansas hunting ' .... ' .... '.. L~q ~~ - ~ Itlr~nq~ and ~11 th-~,~ ovor 161awaraea an ~,~u comract for ' i stets f r l mi ra clrull g of two Irngat on-type must po a ede a g - or" L'i-'~ ~d' c'-' .....[water wells and installation of ....... ' .,.. t..,. ....,..~ I pumps. Eve, Inc, Hutchinson /B,, Le,.Isleturo [submitted a low bid of $21,- Manhattan -- H,,nored Son- louLthRandall Ronnie Luns-] ~ .w _. . ]R44 4R far nin~lln,~ ~nl ath,~,, Back Row: Geneva Bartley, BecXy Young, Elaine Back Row: Pat Nebel, Helen Deibert, Sue t Grifflth, Cindy Davis, Vlcki Kugler. Debbie Clark. Front Row: Vickie Burgess, Rite Countryman. Front Row: Pam Spooner, Cheryl Underwood. ............................. o .... " Back Row: Janlce Bartley, Judy Atwood, Sharon Rack Row: Dixie Obert, Marcia Voboril, -, Johanbk, Glenda Hatfleld. Kriley, Ruth Biattner. e e uouoms normeast o~ FrontRow: Judy Lewis, Beverly Belden. , Front Row: Carol Hancock, Cheryl Peroutek. al'lrlSenctoVUsa]ti:tmne rt~ommwll~lslne 'We Were- unable to live-{ tions received and postmarked I ~~~ In addition, 1,400,000 wall-I I J~ ~'~ - ' ' , r'raCt ~/]ve new i-ws or, ......... "~" ................ Game Commission s game di[ t r Euro h iors in the Collcgi~ ,e 4-H Club. ford, Ashland'. , Marcia Low-I amenu- -~m~nte s aHecung ..... ~'~.ansas I materials, ues Ireme s[ow opening, at Kansas State Umvermty thor L~wrence' and John Ton- [ ..... I Walter Harrison chief of the ' ' ' OU nunters ana nsnermen were ' Manhattan. re:ne~revC~n::atet~- ey..La~c~stth~ cEoal~eh Y::: flu~ ienacted during the recent sea-i 'leld service~l division, sald the latlons a a g P" P " senlo ",' g ' | ~;nn nf th~ L~al~lnh~r~ I contracts wl provloe me lake a : te tanF:eddrWt::e:nSd Phi:: 3S~he ~/l toa ~ppdYaiOf ~h:t tin C ' ' " "" " "' g "'''| |nw ~nfnrPPm~nt dtvlginn fnr/ve of the lake, a dike s be' g Club president. Left to right tion of former 4-H era atte [t~o ~ ..... Fo--~*r,, w~h -na [cnstructed at the shallow end are:Wood: RichardMcCul-ing KSU. I f~.nrn~ Cnmmi~ginn ~nid tho Ireduclng the surface area ............................... fro 77 t 51 s r ..... I . will . . f I m o urface ac es. - new*laws nocoecome e - Christian Gleaners Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Olsonlfective until JulyI and untill In the Strip Pits Wildhfe ........ " and Brenda started for theirltbe Kansas Forestr- Fish and]Management Area, two con- The Chmstian (;}caners met home in Reaton, Washington. I Game Commission adonts sun-I tracts were awarded. Fred May 23. Itha Seam;ms led us early Sunday morning. They lnortin# regulations where au I Beachner Construction Co.. St. in prayer. We s.duled the had a 6:30 breakfast with the~l~orized for the enacted le~isllPaul' was successful with a American Flag, Christian Flag Max IIo~ard family in Phil-[latton " [low bid of $6,194.30 for con- and the B ble We ~ang 'TII [i|)sbH|/g They plan' to stop in " h n "-"-'~" th^ cur i struction of a reinforced con- ...... ~ ' One c a ge a,,,=...~ = - Go Where You Want Me to Wendell idaho for a slmrt visit -^-" ~ .....""-" "h" Com I crete box culvert at the Pitts- G ' ~-=.~ .,w ~..,.1.~ b = . O '. Lenore Smiti~ led us in it in the Glen Parsons home " n burg Quail Farm while Hy- ; .' mmsion to estabhsh possessm prayer We sang "In My ~ soat [ es ie Farsons'in am nd ame Grade Materials, St Paul was .... ' * limits on g e birds a g . " ' for Heart There Rh~gs A Meh)dy". Bliss, ldal]o, ~nirnal~ f~urP~ntiv th~ mnYi given a $21,670 contract Lenore had for her devotions, -- ~ mT]m number nf hird~ ~r ani ~11,000 yards f gravel on 25 "TheRoof of (Jod's L,~ve", Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Zorblmals in possession is set by l miles of access.road,.. - Liall 15iss read the scripture' r Mother s Da uests of " wo in otner action, tne t~om- . . . : ..: ~. . .. , ' we e y g [law and ]s not to exceed t -[ . . I Jonn '~:/-~I. i)uet by ot, m;'e~ their children Delbert Donna 1 a~., h~a Um;t I mission: Hines and Pat Hunter "Why " ....... Hill'o Cat | ...... I I, Voted to take over own~r- ......... ~. -~ '9, .,,. ano ueram, ac me t p e / "z'ne statute governlng cer-~ ....... ~noulQ lie Love NLP SO, ' '[no in Superior tam' methods of hunting" has snip ana management o[ me group sang "In the tbmr of ....... ,~,~,~ , .... n ..it/ Kansas Power and Light Com- rrmt . J~enore 'msed tlw de "" ......... | "h"ll b"~ unl-""-I to locate [ pany property known as Rocky 9 ~r ana lvlrs L~einert anarp " ~ """ ' f r h ' votions w~th prayer 1, mere .... ; " [ ..... i als/ o d, on t e Blue Rwer, south . ana fatally ol ~uperlorand aura or pursue wuo an m bert answered roll call. Secre . . . - I -'r" from n i lane or[f Tuttle Creek Dam at Man- , Mr. ana ~ars Clay rorney of or Vl as a a rp h ' tarys report was read and ap ..... " .... i .^ ..,... :., ..... , ......... ;....l attan. The power flrm pre- proved. Betty McAtee gave Mutonvam were.;:>unaay .ran-/~ae~,l*o~a~],on-~e, re,of ,v=raZo/Sented the site to the Com- , ( , ner guests ot wir ann mrs ~ ..... treasurer s report, l,en n'e gave ... .... ~ 'I_ ..... ...;~o, a .,, o/m ssmn as a gift, including , , ~aymona uallaro ~ u,,~, ,,,=~.,,a,,,~.c,, u~..,~= . . the card report. Alberta l)m- " nn niPnl~no dnrin# onenIbuildings, parking areas and mond led us m a B~ble Qmz .......... ._~...~.^.~ .. ,_... ^r] severa acres of land along Lucy ~.~,de ,,,.~ ,.,~,~s~ ~,,,d ....., ~.., I.oo.,..o. ,o~ ,. .... o, ..o I tbe river channel. The s,te has "" ....Next meeting will be June 13: Season Announced /arms for hunting" deer." /lngo. been a popular fishing :,: uevotmns Grace C,',stman aml Pratt For the third year I thi~,~ .... ,~m,~,t ~o,,;,o. /spL ~ ~~~':I. .~ ' -- A ......................... 2 V hostesses, Joyce lioll and De- in a row a 9-dav svecial teal i,,,. ~..o., ,~ ,..~;.#, .. / . oted to give Bar- lores Hines, hunting season has been set / lawful to shoot at or kill any/ton County.20 feet of right-of- .- -Reporter. bv the Kansas Forestry Fish / ~, o. r~h~m~n~t of. #~m~ hirt~/way along 1/z miles o[ county -- " i ion -1-:. .... v-,-.,: ...... ,, ......... road at the east edge of Chey- and Game Comm ss . / wxth any firearm other than a/ nn ....... Mrs C T Clegg enloved It will be September 9-17 |shotgun } ' having all of her children at inclusive. Dave Coleman. | A new law now makes It[Great Bend. George Moore, thousand eggs. [ man added, and only applica-] - - " - - -- "I home over Memorial Day. Pratt, chief of the game divi-|lawful to participate in the[ ............ This was the first time since sign, announced this week. | sport of scuba diving in speci-J wi~_n_j ............ trap enough male walleyes dur-I from July 17 through Septem I ~.ji~ ". .~ ~=_ ) -.w--~ ue ea ann surfaces ny me ing the final days of the col- ber 1 will be eligible for per- [ ~F'~,Jd~i~ ~l~t....~~ lection process resulting in im- mits. I I T '4 proper ertili ation and a low I The archery season this year I 4 ltll EB co e oea oy me game o]v~ hatch for a large number ofI will be from October 1 through I ll~ I',~P'~ ~ ~lr eggs," Roy Schoonover, chief|November 26, and the fire-[Bg ~ir.,~ ~lili~IJB' | of the fisheries division, said. I arms season will extend, from i I i 711 ~ I I More than 5 million eggs were[ December 8 through Decem- I B[ i ~ '~ I a hatched and stocked with a ber 12. Archery permits willi majority' placed in the new[ be unlimited. Firearms per-lib ~t~~i~ ~&~_.,~ Milford Reservoir. I mitt will be limited to 6,450. [ ~\i~ ~ ~~ wood ducks have been killed natcnea xr egg eye fry were stocked in Elk l ....... I I Y ....... I tiutcninson beveral mous- I I / 4 i :~ ~:~\ ,.;"~ pp re iy mistaken lor t.;ity Reservoir. Tnese Iry werel _ - .. ~ ........ I i /~! ~,:~'~:~:~ I ..... om s obtained I ana Nlemoolsts irom tne al- I ~ ~~'~,":,~ , ~I ........ t most 400 local churches in[ ils!~i;ne ~:~r?:ak~a~:m~: I ce~:raclonvan:geWenterHutKansS:S [ i ~ ~ ~::~ii!I :!-;,~31 / No "h rn ike numbers in/ May 23-28 for the 29th annual I ~ ~lmm~~~~ ', :~ ~ rt e P , . / session of the Central Kansas [ ~~: ..... : !]1 p a o a umner o, nan crease~l w'~thrtheea~Id~tion ......... i Church. Trinity Methodist I one m,n!o.n.t.ry m w~sot~ t~| Church is host, but because of I ~eaar mmL~eservo~ . Y..[the number attending all sea I ~ ~ vJEdl~~~ ~ ~ ii!i}rB2:lrv :7=;--sn/ alf~n:noeXnCeptillt~a: :~dTUe~d:n~ i ~-"'~'~~~ .... _o , vention Hall. , moss Fisnlng I:xcellent.~ The ...... most ]m~' nort~nt d~,c]s]on' " ..... ~ Back Row: Joy Kindler, Linda Reinert. Leta support ol me new o a all had been to ether Coleman said the season rain rights of way strips are n 1955 that" " g ~. ' [ fled areas of impounded wat-[ n" Those attending were: Mr and will be open statewide, with[ers The law stinulates that[cu t y. . . . " ~ ~. ~pproveo a regulation re- Mrs. Orval Meeker (Elmse), the exceptmn of the Marais|theCommtsslon Is todesignate[__mm n...... "'' Mrs Francis Lammon (Joan~ des Cygnet and Neosho Wat-/the impounded waters and/ ' ' '" Ht nte/ !Refu r as which i ...... /sion to close the Marais des Mr. and Mrs. Wllnam " ertow ge a e ,, ! areas merein wnere scuba alV- ,C- n s and Ne h " 1 , yg e os o watertow ('Sharon) Rachel JoandLaura will be closed because of ailng is to be permitted Cer-[ Lynn of Denver Colo.: Mr. high rate of illegal duck kills[tain safety requirements are[areas to teal,hunting duringI ' ... one specml tea~ season in ~ept and Mrs. Everett Reed (~w]m the past two years. He ex-ialso covered in the law/ -I . " ember A large number of an), Mr. and Mrs. Merl Reed plamed that both are popular| A companion bill again a-|" . [ a~d Michael Dean of Burr wood duck areas and that sev- | mends the current law per [ Oak; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon eral hundred wood ducks have[ mitting the lawful shooting of[dur~ng the special season the I past [wo years at Dotn areas Rawlings (Marlenc) Mr. andbeen taken illegally during the~fish with a ~,~,~ a ...... hnol '. .... ~-~-- a .......... when a a nt ..... ' Mrs, Bryant Clegg, Trudy and teal seasons at both areas | skin and scuba diving The law[ ....... | ' Nebr" Mrs " " sai . . .', ~em, uave ~oteman game m- Dawd of Fremont ..... Surveys show, he d,[ specifies certain condltmns and] ............ " .. . I Harold Wiggins(Twila~, Rich "that both have a low num.| types of equipment to be used.[V.~smn.cmeL~_[L me.t~ommm[ M s Ro " slon ne aaaea mat omy a mond Va.; Mr. and r.'. - ber of teal and a h~gh num-I Each spear fisherman will be[ ". . ' rost Colo fin Se smau numoer of teal general- bert Clegg, Mont', ,: ber of wood ducks du g P-| subject to the regulations of| ...... I ..... Winon .... ~ ........ I ly lrequent me two areas. ] Mr. max ~mgg. ~. temner. ~ the /~lsn ano ~ame tsommls-/ 4Vo ....... I ..... ~ea to proceeu w~m Minn.; Mr. and Mrs, Ronald The hmR on tea/ during the|sion regarding the open sea-| 1 ns f r n ..... k] Clegg Michael, Patty and special season, Coleman said,/son in which fish may be tak-/ .......... I "' loit Mr and r ' ' i h . . pono' nsnmg areas amng me Man Lynn, Be ; will be foudaffy w~th eg t/en, raze and creel hm]ts and[Nfnn scah -i ' "h "'i I n ~ e ~ ver m t e l~ ng Mrs. Arden Clegg and Don ~, in possession, as in previous/species of fish which may be[man Count G m Man e-I Mr and Mrs. Tha ne Clegg, years. [taken I . y .a e ag-I Keith " ment area west of Kingman. J, C. and Dena, Mr. ' Also, as in the past, a spe/ Warders said the Cmmissin / This will consist of di--in-I Ctegg of Mankato. cial teal hunting permit will/will soon be giving considera-I ....... ~ ~] , .... ! severm ~rencn-nKe pones sev-1 tion to preparing aumorizeo ~iiiiii~ [ .... r mend [ vtet~n tthel yards long perpendicular to the' ''"~::::" " '':~;' regulations to be compiled in w NOrton If..ym, odOU?t a:/to be made mrthe ~- - - ::::~- -!~.~pil~~ti!~i~ || ed legismtion". " ~[river' andf lettingh them fill, with I ervoir, Kansas newest fishing/ Evangelical United Brethren [ Foutz, Cindy Corrick. ~~~ ~ .... !i ..... . , i water rom t e river ' TheY l .................. ~:' Certain legal proceaures k " More than 4,000 anglers par-/ state in size of this denomina /hundreds of high school stu- Jim Skeers and h] ~i~~~ii ~i~~ | ....... ]ma e excellent fishing spots '" lake. Church Kansas is the fifth "::~:::~:: ..... }:~:~::~:~:~:~ ~:~: must be IOllOWeO in aaopting ,, ' ~~i: | new regmatlons" tlowever / D~rector Moore said, and can ticipated in the lake's opening/ tion havin~ some 175 churches [ dents attending the sessions ters, Dorott~y Owens ~~ii ~''-'.:~! |. . " ...... '/be constructed at a nominal l -~~ ~~ |Kansas sportsmen wm oe noti~ ~cost." The Kingman area, of Jlast weekend and found large-I and' almos~ 30 000 members Iand an annual youth luncheon. LaShear, of Denver, ~~ Ified througn all news men ~ o r i ...... ~mouth black bass fishing tops.( There are almost 800 Kansas ~ On Sunday morning, a mass stopped at the Reco ~/"~.~ ..... ~c u se, s open to me punnc i Many daily creel limits of one~ Methodist churches with morelwrship service will be held Monday morning and i . ,.when sucnregulatlons arees- llll ~~ / I free of charge for hunting and[ ......... tablished I , .. [fishing purposes, to two pound bass were taken] than a nuarter million mem-I in Convention Hail, with Bit newed his subscrlptio~ ~ _= ~ o ! ~~,~llIHl~L~l~ / Unmow,d Rlght-o~-woy / .... , Saturday and Sunday. / ,....., ,-,/,~ .... ~mo** ~a ,,0 / hop Stowe preaching. At the coming year. They h~ N t over mgnwey ueer Kills Rainy conditmns and bone-/ are in the Concordia district /closing session that afternoon. Sunday mght m Man~ ' ~:~: ~ ~J~~ ....... i / Provides es ing C [ I I ....................... - .... , w Continue To C imb | Salina -- Unmowed eeds[ I chilling temperatures on open-/ which includes Mankato" '/the dramatic "laying on of were on their way t( :~i :i. " s Emporia -- Kansas motor. ~~ [and grasses along h~ghway. [ ...... ling day stymied fishing acti-[ Other important business in-[hands'.' ordination service wil! to attend funeral.0 .... ':::::::~:::~::? ~:... may be unsightly to most pen- ]sts were warned toaay Dy mend v/ty ann mscouragea many an-[ volves a new benevolence fi- | oe iOllOWea oy me reaomg o~ Monoay afternoon [ ~:!~'~ [ple butto ground nesting birds[ ::.~:.:..:.;::.~ ............. ~:~ Kansas Forestry, Fish a glers from Jolning in the open-[ nancial nrogram for the nextl the appointments of the rain sister. Mrs. Guy He ...... on :~ ~:::::,:: uame uommlsslon tO De ing. i r-mdr~nn-ium to succeed ti~elisters for the comlng year. Mrs. IIenninger pass~ ~::ili [they appear as home-made[ ...... I ~i:! ~~.:!:? ~ Inurserles I me aler~ for seer. Several nlce strlngs of bull-| $~-n~.~-aa v r nnort dur l Friday morning, ~!~ ~~:,~ ! ' I "Due to pre.fawning move-| ........... 0~. a .ea su._._ -, ?he Kansas State Highwa.v of deer n rin heads ann cnannm cats wereI ing the four-year period end-I Mrs. Gerry Howard, Pare ,------y---~. i I ment , we are te gl amo taken rut Gray a scatter-/ ing in 1968; election of dele-/ela m,d~ Steven Ray came last ~,....~ ~.. ~ ,~ ~~ii ~~ |Department in cooperation!a high road kill neriod" Bill in of walleye and northern ,,. ............. , ...... ~P~[~:'~: ...... ..: with the Kansas Forestry " " ' g gates to the General Confer- l Wednesday evening and spent ~.,,~ ~a .... ~ ~',~ ~, - ,/Peabody, Emporia, big game[ pike landed in creels. Very] ence in Dallas In the fall of/the rest of the ~eek in the ""~ ':.'" :',"" ~':'%,-"~,~ ~~:"::~ ~~ i Fish and ,Game Comm/ss/o,n, [IMologist in charge of the deeri few crappie and bluegill .were] 1968 which wlll be the uniting/Elsie Howard home. Gerry ~o ~:~]~r ran~I~x - l ts continumg a program ae-i .t.ot~t .aid I ' = I / road kill, t.-I caught: ...... / conference of the two denomi-]came Friday evening, his tam- Joe ~;arner and famil mowed right of way as nest ~ ................... = ~': I ] " " li/Volvlng automobiles contlnuelP . / nations if the total vote is/ily went home w~th him Sun- ,, ........ ;. ~,o.~.:,., fishing prospects remain bright/ favorable; election of dele-]day evening, th alumni picnic SU] ling cover primarily for qua [to rise. According to the Com-I for thenew reservo!r._GrowthI gates to the Jurisdictional Con-[ th~ Decoration Day ~kA,~b|~,~ Aa,~a,,~&,~ ,,ol&h ]and pheasants. [ mission, a total-of 133 deer-1 or moat species ot nan m meI terence which will elect newl ........... llt3bhlll ~blJUUlIL~ WILII i 'Under the agreement, cer.I automobile accidents have[ Impoundment has been excel-/bishons of the Church: e/ par. ana zv~rs. oomss .. ', .... IIA d " " [ bee reported during the first] '-n' N,,rthern ,,ike u'~ to 10[ - ~" ..... / tended the tunerm servmes mr ~vir. anu tvzrs, aess ~ "' " ~" ~ cnange In me program, ume, being left unmowed urttil June uarter of 19 pounds, two-pound walleye and[ --., ,.-..-..,, ,.- * ..... , [their sister-in-law. Mrs. Roy of Washington, Kan.s 10 to 12 ounce bluegill were] fe"r;n'c;;~t~wo' ne"w churcl~e~"t'oI L~omls. at Ionia Saturday af ed the alumni plcnlc caught in Kansas Forestry,l be established, in Hays andIternoon' Mrs. Loomis p;issed kato Sunday. Fis.h and Gam# Commi.lon[ Great Bend; and a new par-[away a~o theiiiB:~oit hospital Mr an~ blologts~, nets ..during !he re;[ ticipating health insurance] rater a ng s. and family of McPhel cent normernpiKe mllglng / .,T.. ~o. ,-,inis*,,r. ' ~ - ' ....... / ~* .............. . . . ./ ~,,.. T..... v .... M-nhat In Mankato to attend l otmrauon. Ten young men, just out ot "" ~="'~ ""~" .... ' a d M and Mrs Ecl m picnic Sunday n Dill' Applications [ semf~ary, will be welcomed[ tan and r. .% ,,,.. n .... ~ ..... "~os Tt~ Available In July / Into active servlce In the Con-ILoomm were ~unaay~ " omnet ...... "~"~ ........ Pratt--Applications for per-| terence, and retiring ministers/guests of Amos and Mabel mrs for the hunting of deer[ will be honored |Yapp at Burr Oak Bert Sanderson o[ i* Start checking here NOW.' /es In other areas are being. |include does w'ith fetuses thatlin 1987 will not be available] The unusual I)ance Choir of/ was a Mankato vlsi [ I left as permanent year-rounaiwere not examined "for earl-iuntfl mid.July, Dave Coleman,[ Wesley Foundation at Karmas| day. He stopped at th - .... Ioover for utilizattbn by wild-l,,-s r*asons " Peabody said I " ted' .... . . Pratt, chief of the Fish and] State University, which will] beMhr:'aG;r~rsH~Wra~dnfl::n %~le~lo~n~orrt~:w::m ,--- ~. [life. These areas are p~ I Topcountles with hi hwry[ , " ou pe t is summer, will]0f ' " ..- illl [ [ /wtth black and white slgnsideer kills and totals are:lvislon, said todav [ ..... ........ Renton, Washington stopped ,' which read 'Unmowed Wild ou Sh ? I "The appllcatton~ are belng]worship service. Saturday l,[ ot ec dhO i eT: :d;Y aDr'f:nndl}~[r~' J~yh~e -; [] HI II~tlO, l~K ,, " D glas 6; awnee ; Me. -. v.,;.em me ~aturaay evening !~! [ II !,.-._, /,f.~v., . . I.h.-on ,~ Montgom.ry 6~ II-~l~UWtll l UAI~ , I!l l~]lJi~l]h ]111}11 | "iur" | Unaer no circumstances areland Ford ~ , Iit,.prlnted..~.t at,,..,tthe.m~present,~r,~ h,,time'j.all.!/youth day at Conference, with//auu~u..... m'~- m.................. nuu~ur~p.un .,-~ ........ M~nk.to Sunday evel~ t nANU I ~ " "" '"", [ , .~ |the patches of cover left /nlwau,ve. ODeratl6"._ ComPleted; l_ able .............. for shlpment' ......... to county[ ' SPARE INCOME l Mr. and Mrs. Olson left Sun- tend the alumni plcnl, "" I~ i UV [ - ~ I KOJ.0. | areu where they might "be a ]More Northern Plke frocked I clerks offlcel until about Ju]yi /day for thelr home. Gerry ....... - ~/~MI~ [ 7. ~ 1 | traffic hazard. ' The Coopers- [ Stockton -- T/shin7 crews of [ .~" /r~|~,. m~ ..# ,,,~mL usw / Howam came #easy mgnt ~rs, w, .:, ~ --- ItJva pllm hi put into effeetlthe Ka,~.| Forest,.,. Fish aad I " k,~.e~Uotm for deer "--|~'g ~s~,,.~~~ [and i~pent the weekend, The daughter, Bonnie "~" -,- *.r- r'.. ~,v, ~, r were in ~ o..~e. ~.,~.,,~., re.or IO,.. C.=m,. h.., **=. I.,t, ~ ,lth., .~h.....---/~~a__~%~~ / O..~yo.~y ".:2"..~ ~: :,2~"Y;~: -lu, --,.,--,, ~,.~ ~ Io .,m0.., .).~c, i ,- ~., - ,. ,-. ~o .~ .~r l~.-d ...-.~ ,,,.,... I ~, ~. co=.,.,.., ,..~,..~,,..,.-~/~~~~ " ...... ~ "veletauve l~Wta, WO(Xl aaa .......... arms - will not be accepted * ~,l ~ I for"""~'the tU~M'"~' of ........... Ray Parsom day': .......... and Deco| ]lJ. I I II i i I | P I,,..~m~~ aim nat~mmg olmm- I . , -.....- .-..-- s, t, ~1" vices Tuesday. /