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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
May 28, 1964     Jewell County Record
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May 28, 1964

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puhRshed h~ Je~el~ Recovd ca May 21, 1964) Zt NOTICE OF ~ON for UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO: Resident electors of ~he Jewel~ OounCy Plmmi~g Umt ,and to al~l other ~vs0ms c0m~d:' You ate hereby notified ~ha o~1 ,Sur~ 2, 1964, the.re will 'be heki an election in the Jew~ County P ,training Unit for the approval of unified school districts a's is pro- vided in Chapter 39,3 of the Session L~,w~ of Kansas of 1963. A2~l qualified eleeb0rs residing vci, thin ~e pl~m2n~ unit sha~,l ,be e~t~led to vote a~ such election. No voter registration s~a~l ,be required for such ~Aect~on, bu, t eeoh voter, if challenged, sh~,l ~be required to si,gn a statement that 'h'e has been a r~.skten~ of ~e state of .Kansas for six (6)mo~ths ~ af the Jewell County Plarm~ Un, it ~rt. y (30) days prior to Jm~e 2, 1964. The pars w"~l be opened for vot- ing et ,~he voting places described in ~ r~tice at 8:00 o'clock A. M., end will remain open continuously until 6:00 o'clock P. ~I., ~ v~himh ' t~e they ,~i~ be ckx~ed. The ~rc~os~tion to be voted upcm is as io~lows: '~ha~l ~he proposed u~fn'ed cl~t- NetS be ~proved?" Ur~der this proposition wi~,l ap- pear the folJowing: To vo~e in favor of the un~ed dista~ic~ make a er0~ X mark in ~he scFmre a~er ~ ~ "Yes". To vote a~i~s Che ~m.tfied ,d~ist- Acts make a cross X mark h~ the ,a~er the word "No". ~ ttES~DING IN TH~ ':PI~I~N~ING U~NTr MAY VOTE AT THE APPRO~RIAT~ POLL- I~G PLACES AS I~r~ICATEg:) BELOW: Eleotors res~diug ir~ Li~e and ~ Townships vote in the bases~ent of ,~he Court House at ~,arakato; Eleomrs resi~.~ in Wash~ng~m mad Ric~md To~nsh~ps v~ in at Morm-ese; residing in Gran~ and ~inelair Townships vote in ~he ily~smsium at Fovmoso; Electors residdr~g i~ Io6Aa. Em~rtg, and A.thens Townships ~te in ~e CammtmiVy ~ at residing in Mor~ana and J a~ksm~ T~l~ vote m ~e ~ur~ity I-I~I} in Webber; Eleote~ residing in. Pravie. A~en ~ Vkrksbu~g '.W vote in ~he City Ha~l ~t..-~....~,R~ndatl; ~ z~--~.h'~ m Bu~ Oak. Wah'mt, ,I-Iarvis~ arid Holmwood vote ~n ~e City Hell a B~rr Oak; Electors residing in Esbon. ! ~. ~ m~d Highland T~ voce in ~the Legion Eebon; ~le~0~s ~ in Bu~a~, ~t0e in ~e CiCy H~l,1 st SIRV~IIA~Y DESCR2P- TIO~I OF THE UNIFIED ~K3~IOOL DIS'I~'ICTS PROPC~ E~ TO ~E ORGAN~ED IF AP- PROVED AT 2Vr~IS ~ON AIRE AS ~: Te, r~tory co~ of, be~ir~ ~I ~t ~E ~ ~ W1~WY~ Sec..I ~ i~a~ Tow~. W~4SW~ of Soc. 12 ~u raound Township, ~hev~ce E ~Euamev~fNWYa of Sec. '13, ~ S to S~V4SWV~ of Sec. 13, Chence W ~ NE corner c~ec. 23, ~henceS ~ SE of .NNE~ of Sec. Z3, ther~ce E % c~ a mile 2VE comer of SWI/4NEV4 of Sec. 24, therm~e S to SE corner of NWV4SEV4 of Sec. 24, thence E ~o N,E corner of SS~V4 of Sec. 24, thence S co ~ co,rn,ev of Sec. 24, a~l in W'hitemound To~ship, thence E to SE cor~er of Sec. 19 in Burr Oak To~ 'n~Ap, thence S to SE corrmr of NEW c~f Sec. 30. thence W .to NE corner of ~Lot 11 in Sec. 30, thence S to SE eovrmr of Lot 14 m Sec. 30, ,~he~ce E ~o NE eo,r~er of Lgt 1 ~n :See. 31, thence S SE co~,er of ~ 8 in Seat. 31, th, e~ce .E to NE corn~ of ~EV~ of Sec. 31, th~e S to SE cov- ~er of N~hSEV4 of Sec. 31, thence E ~o N,E corner of SSE1/4 ~f Sec. 32, a~ i~ Burr Oak ~ip, thence S to SE covner of Sec. 17 ~n I~n~a Township, ~ence E to ~E corner of Sec. 24, ~hence S to SE ~orner of Ier~ T~p, the~e W 2o ~ con~er of WNEV~ of 'Sec. 4 L~ Athens ~ip, thence S ~a S'E cor- r~er of W1~V~ of Sec. ther~e W to center o~ Sec. 4, therme S ~o C~E co~er of SW% of~c. 4, fl~ewce ~V ~ 1VW cmx~er of Sec. 7, ~he~-~e S to SE oom~r of Erring Town~.ip, ~hence W to SW ~r of JeweH Court, ther~,e N or~ the Jewehl-Smith County ~line to ~W cccner of Sec. 30 in, W~,t~rnotmd Town~hip, thes-,ce E to SW comer of ESW ~f Sec. 30, ther~e ,N o of ESWZA of Sec. 30, ~ha~ce W ~ SW c~a~r at NWV~ of Sec. 30, al~ in W~e- rn~md Towr~,p, the~ce N NW cmm~r of Jewel~ Cotm~, ~mnce E to pl~e of ~i~g, sha~l e~mst~it~te .the g~el,l C~un~cy West Un~ed ~1 I~istriot. Territory comprised of, be- ~irming at the ~ earner of V~kVbm'g ~, ~hem~e W to NrWcarr#evof Sec. 1 i~ OM~in Townst~ip, 4~ence S to ~SW ~ ~f Sec. 1, fne~me W to NW comer oi Sec. II, S ,to S~ e~mr of Se~. 1 I. tsetse W to ~ ~ at S~. 16, ther~ce S to SW corner of Sec. :16. therme W to corner of Sec. 19. thetme S to SW corrmr of Ca~'~, s~i~, ~h~nce W ~ NW of E ~'E V4 of Sec. 4 in Ad-~e~s To--p, ~herme S' o SW come~ of E ~Eyt o~ Sec 4, ~ence W to cer~ter of Sec. 4, the~,0e S to SW oavner of SEy~ of Sec. 4. ~e~oe W to ~W corner at S~. 7, ~,~ce S ~a S~' camev of A~ ~, @~m~e E to OW comer of ~EV~ of Sec. ~I in ,l~rair~ ,Towr~, thence S ~ rods to SW corner of Creek Tow~shlp in Mlh~h~l v~dsur~, Kawm, ~ce~E 160 to SE corner ~ N1~EV, of ~td S~c. 6, ~nt~e N ~0 room ~'e~Sec'~l Jgw~31 in C~m~, ~ence E %o SE ~ of Sec. 34 hl A~len Township, ,lt~ea~e N o ~E c~aev of Sec. 22, then~eE~oSE cm.n~ of Sec. 13, ,~ence '.N on CAoud- Jewell Cotmty ~k~e ~o NE cor- l~er ~f Sec. 25 in Viclvsbu~ Town~Ap, ,kl~ce W ~ SE cor- ner of SW~ of Sec. 24, t~enco N to NE corner of ~I~V4 of Sec. 24, thence E to ~ co~n~r c,f See. 13, in V~cksbu~ Town- ship, ~en~eN on- Clo~d.- Jewel1 County line to place of baginn, ing, sha~ eans~tt~te She Jewel] Cotmty South Unifiext School Dstr tot. Territory e~nprised of, beginn- ing ~t the I~E corner of Si~ clair Towa=~ip, thence W to NW covn'er of Sec. 2 i~ l~[eh- land Town~hip, thence S to SW comer of Sec. 11, the~m~e W o SE corner of Sec. 8, .tb~ce N ~o h~E corner of Sec. 5, ,~berme W to NW corner o~ Rich~and To--p, thence S to SW co~ner ~f Sec. 18 Rich.l~ud Tow~, thence W to ~W comer of Sec. fi2 in, Hoh~mood Township, thence S to ~ c~rner'of Sec. 22, thence W to I~W corner of E of Sec. 29, thence S to SW of E of Sec. 32, ~hea~:,e W to corrmr of Center Town- sh~, ,~he~ee S ,to SW cc~.er af Sec. 6 in Cen~r Tow~, W to ~W co~er of Sec. 1~ in I.Amestone To~n~Ap, Chen~e S to SW comer of ~W4 of~ec. 12, thermeW to center ~f C~ec. 10, ,thence S ,to SW corner o~ E of ~ec. 22, thence W to N-~W cc~ne~ of ~ec. 28 in ~Jmestorm To~,n SecSh~P.., thence S ~o SW corner of 16 in Ien.~a T~, ~ence .E ~o SE corner of Sec. 17 ~ C~l,vin T~, thenVe N tocN-'E ~ of Sec.17, ~er~e E t~ .SE cor~ of Sec. 10, ,thence N ~o NE cornea- of Sec. I0, therme E ~o SE cor- ner of Sec. 2, th~ce N to NE corrmr of Sec. 2 m Calvi~ ~at~t' ~ E to SE cor- Towns~p, ~ence ~ ~d~e Jewel-Republic Co~n- ~ ~i~e ,to NE ~ of Sec. 13 ~n Garret ~p, ~2mnce W ~c~e ~~oW~E ~E co~er of of WSE~ o~ Sec. I0, thence W to cer~ter o~ Sec. I0, thence ~q~oN~coITtero~ ~v~rv4 of ~ec. 10. ~e~ee W to ~W cor- ~er of 1~W4 of See. 10, *heine ,to SW ~ of ~S~W4 of Sec. 3, ~m~:e E to SE c~r- r~erof~S~~ of Sec. & ~ce N to ~he ce~t~ of Sec. 3,~eneeEtoSE corner of ]qE of Sec. 2, then~ S to SW corr~ o~ Sec. I, thenoe~ ~ SE cm~er of S~c. 1 in Gra~t T~v~n~p, ~ ~ ca ~he JeweH-~ep~bl~e Oc~r~y line to point of~, ~a~ era- stymie ~ Jewe~ C0m~ Cer~r Untied Sdm~ ~. ~t the ~I,E ~ of S~c. 4 E1~, ~ See. 1 m H~h- SW comer af ESWV~ of Sec. 12 ~ Whttmn~md ~, of ~. 12, ~ S ~ SW roy- Two forms of protection you ought ,to have Comparing seat belts with the American FINAL/FILTER* isn't as farfetched as you might think. They both give you the peace of mind you want when you drive. 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I " ~er ~ SE~ ~f See. 13, fl~mnee W ,to ZqiW corner of NNWYa o~ Sec. 34, ~t=~x~e S ~ SW cor- ner af said NY=~N~~, thence E % mile ~) ~ of NE4 of said ~. 24, ~hence S to~OfSEYa of Sec. 24, %hev~e E ~ ,&E ccamer o~ 1NVEY~SE~ ~f Sec. 24, thence S ,to SW corner ~f Sec. 19 in ~,u~v O~k Towzmh~p, thence E ~to SE carrier of Sec 19, thea~e S to $E covner of NEW of ~ec. 30, ~ence W ~o ~ cor- ner of ~ 10 in Sec. 30, ther~ce S to SW cornea- of Lot 15 in Sec. 30, ~h.enee E ,to SE corner of Lot 16 in Sec. 30, ~henee S ~to SW corner of iN'El/; of Sec. 31, t~e~ce E to SE comer of ~r~ h~E 1/4, ~.hence S tO SW COl ~r~er of NV~SWV4 of Sec. 32. thence E to SE corner of NSEV4 of Sec. 32 in Burr Oak Tow.mhip, ~nce S ,to SW cor~er o~ Sec. 21 in IAme- stone Towr~h.ip, ~ E to SE corner of SWV~ of Sec. 22, ~henve ~ ~o the oenter of Sec. 10, thenoe E ,to ~E corner af I~EVa of Sec. 11, then~ N ,to SW corrmr o~ Sec, 1, t~,ence E to SE comer of Sec. 1, ~ence to NE c~~ner of Limestone Township, therm~ E ~o SE cor- ~mr of W Vz of Sec. 32 in Helm- woed To~nsh~, thence N to '~NEcomer of W of Sec. 29, Eaerme E .to C~E comer of Sec. 21, thence N ~D ~ ce~.ner 0~ ~Sec. 21, thev~-,e E to SE corner of ~ec. 13, thence ~ to NE cot- of HolT~wood T~, ~hen~..e E to SE corner of Sec. 32 ir~ WIo~t~ne Town~hip, - ~her~ce S ,to SrW" covner of Sec. 9 in Ri