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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
May 26, 1966     Jewell County Record
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May 26, 1966

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~'. r THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1966 = . F. W. BOYD, JR Editor printed. - I told the girls that few remarks of some of the I retiring as of February, 1966, .It m I & ~ ~ d [ Mrs. Frank Boyd, Associate * an old know writer had ad- highlights of Grace's life. [ was $97.90. The wage earn- -J ~"- ~ ~W ~ J Editor in vised me: If you want to Mrs. Merle Semke read a[er s retirement benefit on a i| r m y ,o] [ "Any good filing that I, write a book, start it before tribute to Grace which she [ present retirement is ap- i i il ~-~l~e ~m~, --m~ta, tll~ V [can do, or any kindness that[ v~ ~rrlho w~ ~ ~mm yOU are 80 years old." - One had written. Special music]proximately $95 for Kansas,[]~ ~ ~L~s~v-- [I can show to any human]~.[ 'L ~'~2.n"C".~.^'^~'c~.~r" of our little Scouts has al- by Mrs. Glen Michael and aires[dents. 18% of people re- w .7 =~ Ill ~'-~ ---1]being, let me do it now and ~'~"n~.~a~*m' i o ue~ ,Oa~re- ready started writing on her response by Miss Grace, af-'ceiving benefits in Kansas,ml~ R~ I ' . ~a v ~b ~-. " wallt, L~ - . . . Natonal-~dvertis,ng Representaflvo i]not defer nt for I shall not]~: n . ,~;^n~ ^~, "~"e book. - These httle girls are ter whmh she was presented]recewe a payment of from,iir [I KANSAS PRESS SERVICEs INC. [ [pass this way again" [ y L.aL * I very forward lookingand I with a beautiful picture from ] $35 to $44 a month and 30% s oeen ramer regular on receiv 1 to 135 er 701 Jackson, Topeka, Kan. 666o: i] d ~1~ p,~*~,o p~i,t [n~n f~,r tho hast *hroo ~nt-lhave many interests. Th~y]the church. [ e $ 00 $ .90 p L , [~'~'~"'t'~,v~-~t' i"~ '~'"lu'~'~[J~'~,i~h,~h~v~"~o~'tjare anxious to learn. TheI Mrs. Ralph Dye, Mrs.]month. Mankato :ATIONAL~ ~ ~, a, ~, -- ~. ~ ~pD IT? D4At [kato, Kansas ' -- I h ~r~e"T o ,~, ,~, ~,~mT,~.l :g~ / eY ['-"~astSaturday n'ight [ rleSe Wmeot~eraC?~vimpa~)edibY [ W::d: ~v W~so~Mrs. G/:in [ w:mUStn a::gt c;i~ ~rYn magr FRIDAY- SATURDAY-SU ;DA1 ," Jewe, V aSw r: rLCen ;a assurance MAY 27- 28- 29 ~ ]$ P Y [ling and Mrs Robin Ander-]Show at the Burr Oak school [that loss of income because Startin, at 7-30- m. " --" -=" : "" ": ' - County and surrounding meeting oI ~tatus or worn- " " inc Th r of re ~' v. [ [ . .h~ Sto~e ~ ~[son. The gxrls luded me[ u sday afternoon. [ hrement, disability, or $ewell County Record ]counues (~m~tn, OsDorne,[~;,o :~oon ~ .~.~o~ ~.~[in their closing ceremony[ Mr and Mrs Marshall]death will be partially re- 1)OUBLE FEAT* R " ll Cloud Re ublic t, ~ . " " "-~ ~' Mankato, Kansas 66956 [M~tche 7' P .[~ ~ ~n~nh~,~o. ,~, ,~,[ T Out . I remained m the[Bmhop and Mr. and Mrs.]placed by socml security [counues m l an s, ann [circle when but two girls Harvey Sloan of Osborne [payments -- and now with RITAIN'S SWINGIN'ESTFIV " IJ llS ann webster court- o-vv .~ ~ .-~ ~.oo - , [r~UCKO . 1 [were left Recently I[wmted Mrs Edzth Clark and[medmare everyone 65 andl 'Th New [as in NebrasKa ,mu~y ~.umg me~e. - ~ wu~ . . ' " ~ ~ . e spaper of Jewell]t ," r~ ~ ,r ~ 1. a[enjoyed a family party who[Mr, and Mrs. Caro,dVan,over can have insurance cov- y~ S BIG DRAMATIC County" [$4.00 a year emewnere, eating at the BuffalolSchoiack of Burr Oak, Sun-lering the major costs of op-I v ~ **,~ ~ ~ r.q~ ~/ [ Subscribers are asked tO!mv family ;:: * ]Roam. - Mr. and Mrs. TobY lday afternoon. Mrs. Sloan ls leratmns or med,cal serv,cesl . ndtra~k a wnasang$ [notify this office at once[ "" [Kramer were hosts, and hislMrs. Clark's granddaughter, lin his later years I - THE BOYD FAMILY [when they have a chamze of ~ ~o~ ~ c~ --~'~ ~ t ] mother, Kate Kramer, was [ Mrs. Hazel Purcell return- [-- ] ~ Owners and Publishers [address. - - t'"~'~'~ ~ t'~'r'~i'n~.~,i'~,~':* h~zolhere from Smith Center and[ed to the Chrissie Ahrens] ~~i~i~!: i ] ~~~i~ n-r r l I~a ! looked so well Others re-home Thursda from Vir- before Saturday night in P . . Y,~:~'~: :::~;:;~!. ~,:~ ,if ct ]sent were Mrs. Georgeigmla, where she had been LH I ' or'ning'aft'er'l as c ' tur' lay Robert Kramer and her make the acquaintance of ' i ' W~AAg/V fl4ATTgD I [ night- Sunday morning was Idaughter, Mrs. Bess Kramer [the new granddaughter. [ ~: ~. ml~ d~ ~,~ ~- ~1~ ~ I IlV|V|hhl ~ll~/li-II Illa fine day and Ye Scribe]and Miss Mary Hulse. We[ Mr. and Mrs. Paul Black-] [ ~~~~i~ I II "' " [ were es eciall hap y to see stone and Mr and Mrs ~ usual IChnssm coffee[ ~ "-~" t- g~r k ,ah N FOR HOME I OLKS I went to early serwce at the P Y P . . . A B et od]st Ch~ - o~,~ M. M h " ,~. c ~ Kate, who was her Ahrens were m--m fi : i" rlhappy, cheery self. We rqiss[guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy[~~l ~~~ n ~~~~~ ~' m]ssed'go ng toCc aurc h 'on[her from Mankato /dBlaUVevletniafter church Sun-I I ! Nagging she is an efficiency expert, l account of unavoidable cir-/ !a L e . / I W ' r ies are of ' Mr ann Mrs urson WnlE- F ;" Nagging is the Dewls Among he dut -[cumstances - Just dont feelln i. . [ i lllllll l il--lll work. Hasten the day when rice greeter, file clerk, waste]right unless I go to churchilirl~At~'a~n~ [tumof t~tgmon, i~mn v~s!t-/ [ i-iTm~l .-- i~ it will become a lost art. [basket emptier, stamp licker, ]each Sunday. - So I could[Lal|| dtL h |l ;tea ann taut m K-]Freeze Damage to Wheat: [ an urchasm~" " stone on weanesoay a ter The h ~l~i~inl~'q~ -MAB- [baby sitter, d p ' o[ make up for that Sunday[ Mrs E E. Ransom [noon The we, e enroute to[ 'ght freeze that we is the art of nick-[agent. ,A secretary is a full-lI missed by going to church [ " " [ : Y o [had May 12 damaged some ] I ---oo o 1 IVllCnl an arter visiting in t some minor ha,~nen itime information bureau,[for the early service here,| Mr. & Mrs. Cyde Bosseni g [ of the wheat in the county. IE~iitl ~J~~~L,~~ ,~,~,~u, o ~,~methino~, that mtoht [~, and a diplomat holding a re-[then go to Courtland to at- ]& Lee Hooton were Saturday [ ~a)~.~o, ma" any ~regonk,ivirs. [ The earlier varieties suchI @ nossiblv hannen and refer[ceiver. In short, she is the] tend there at the 11:00 ser-[evening visitors in the Paul(~~/mttum an(1 wrs. t mCK:las Triumph and Kaw that l r ~ ,-,- stone wei e raae SChOOl to it over and over againtroubleshooter or buffer for]vice. - So, Gwen RourkelHeiman home. [ " g [had several heads out of thel r~~| ~ ~~ ~~ -MAB- " the Boss and runs the office ] drove Pepper and took me to [ Mrs. Griffin of . Beloit]friends. and had^not seenlboot seem to have been[ -'offec* no--er as l for men who run the world, lmy sister's at Courtland.-/sPeat Thursday with her[each omer mr zu years or / damaged more than the later [ a[ In addition a secretary islThis was a special occasion, ldaughter, Mrs. Faye Boiler,[more. ]varieties. J and famil Mr ano Mrs t an monne Th " " : a o~ no i the lack of all trades who I the fine new church held ItS [ Y. I . .'. . I e damage also varies I"~'~ A.~a ~o~ o ';) .~ n,~t-- Ikeens the office warm withlsage, assisted by Dr. Cook, lnext meeting is m threei Y ,[the northern part. ] ~gs,~ ~ll pincipal is afraid of the sup-[ as tomorrow and as charm-[ stood and sang (.what seem-l been a remdent of Mankato[!ster and famil will be leav- [ Prospects for hay and oth- [ --h su erinten- in as esteroay, she can eatome) perrectnarmony.- mr qultealewyears, anort mgsoon, mewnssmnaryrm:]er rougnages are not very[ 111111] llqmllIFIIFM ermtendent t e p g Y [ " s - i meetin will be neLo ,- m dent is afraid of the schoolleven manage to smile whenlOne feature. ?f the se ;celse. ,ces were ne aat Man Ilowshp . g /good m most parts of the/ board the members of the I the boss dictates a bunch [ was. ne cnns,temng of ev. I ato ano .men to uenmar,I tviay. 6l at t.he cnurcn msteao ]county and several farmers ] rs 10 minutes before ann Mrs Near s adopted son,Kansas where ne was Jmd to of the regular meeting nay /are conmdenn the o school board are afraid of l of lette ' ] [," " g p ssibil-] Organized summer activi-[for 20 minute, the parents---the parents are]quitting time. [ DavidDean. (.^Dr; Cook per-l uStr sm mtah l r isfawm mp[ot [ Mrs. Car!. Langer, Mrs. rues of cutting and putting [ties fill a real need. Never[ crust is crisp arralo "~ ol" uie"-- t:.ltu~c.~":"~--" ~*he'l A secretarv~ is &merica sl lutllleld. L|le Uetpt.l~;lll~tl ~ttV-I. . .Jr ~,a, ,ell