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May 26, 1966     Jewell County Record
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May 26, 1966

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A CONSOLIDATION OF THE WESTERN ADVOCATE, JEWE LL COUNTY MONITOR, AND THE FORMOSO NEW ERA. Vol. 75; No. 50 TWELVE PAGES - 2 SECTIONS MANKATO, KANSAS Thursday, May 26, 1 }66 IF IT'S FOR JEWELL COUNT Y, ~][ I I ml I I I nm ii imim tlcal ,' I p t I ,JTj o Kil ed][ I [][* WEATHER*[pill ll un illglnlona, lvil 0 [Re[ [' Fish W n ::: we recei .02 of an : [ml in N D i 1 I P. **; t ' I ::: inch of rain last Friday, * I au bll.lll [ / ILlllll i I " u 1 I(01 i on 0 f Ca $ [*'* tureMay for20" theHighweektempera'was *["~,/r ii ~ byMerl Hesket, State Iil r,98 on Sunday, MaYo22, * TAI~ Dd~ ~l~lm,~ll--, [ : Iwnq~ li! ~ll ~IM I Game Protector [ i* and the low was 45 on */ U ILIt t I -- ~ A two car collision r riua~y, ueora ClarK, 15, Leoanon, I, T ,-l~,an~,9,1 ,/uv ~Fr 2: I i i l [Julv 15 Important [May 20 at 10:20 p.m 13~/~ is unconscious and her con-[. - J J "~" . [ ~,~ la ll m ~ [-- ." .~ --" - I miles west of Mankato onl dition remains critical. [ / 41 in I Ill ill |uate for I Jeer rmnters .~ /hi~hwav 36, caused the[ Ronnie Simmelink, Esbon, Mankato Featured In ~/ Ill b Jne t ansas forestry risn "o - ' " i [and Game Commission sug [death of two personsand[ 18, is unconscmus and h Banker t June I ~*, Kansas Electric 1:30 P. M. - Local Develop- [ nests that all ,ersons who [seri usly injured seven[ condition is critical [ Cooperatives Sponsoring ment Company Loans . ~o. ~. ~ ~ ~e- ~ ~; [others. [ Scott Whitley, 16, Esbon,[ ~ ~.~, ~, ~.n :~,t~ecause otthe request of[Plant i M mto~. r r, r,r-~ / l" " rovin "1 [ ,*a.~.a [contractors tor additionalJCompan,t~ kat~ Serms of Meetings - Small Business Admlmst a- The Esbon H~gh School is map g dm y. 1966 issue of the Y. - ~ . deer hunting permit mark a . . the May, t~me to fl,ure thew bids the Tbe c ~ .; The Kansas Electric Co- ~ ?'S~rtrk?p~rk:'a vWeir~hl~a-" blgclrcle a~und:he dateoOI s~a~Ogr~ftat~:n~daby ~v:?~nogr 17D n~ldisWh;lchei~gESbw 2s magaz~n,e, The Kansas bid dat~g~n the Mankato] tended ~dd will ]~: ~ t ' " " fr h Da.~.~ . PacKing etant was extended 1 1966, at 2"00 ,~] oneratives are sDonsorin~ a formative talk. He is the at- ,~ ~ ~,~,~ o ~,~ ,~.~|Colorado on theirannual,dIsmIssedam t e Smith ] a i,~ ~ ~ u r~.i. [ I~." ; . I);o~ -. -- . .~. ,--, -,r,r,- a~,v-o ~- u~ " i T s a -* r'*'~ . until June l, luuo. t~orreu r~otet, m~:~ series of four meetings m torney, who has c!osed the hunting permits will be]sneak; The bus had been[Cen,ter taos.p tal . u e day. [president of the F,rst Na-[ The architects at OmahalKansas Kan?esld T)~af~l~tatomFere~mg ~a~:s~op~er, k~aato~a'~Pac~ii ~t;alsltblreo:gh;lultht~Sta~ee.n ~p~ace?jats hes~r~t~:l~a2~ay[~5?n:ry~py::~gtc~ai~y?snon~tci:n~aBae~k~heMst:k?t~ ac [~any ~t lt9h6e6followlng: ivio u i s May 20 at the Buffalo Roam Why the emnhasis on the/Junction on Highway 36.] Nela Huntsinger was/ Mr Fair had written the l I ! O Steak House. The Jewell- . date9 rhe answ;er is that the]The bus had already pas edltaken to the Hastings, Nebr [followin concern[no his[ ULLI TIN [ring dates on this4 Mitchell Coonerative Elec- z:00 P. M. - How we t)ia -. ,: /the scene of the accident lhospital where her broken ~ ~' I~o ~n maaers and Plan [ Yours sincerely; --,ei:t[ltel you ~t~l.youltiappli ~lllltllttlllty Holder " I J mes Wllsor~ Farm -~ " . ~ ~ . [ s For the Work on qROY & STA 12t tric Co Inc. made arrange- It - a . '. cation mailed,the better|when tbe collision occurreca, larm was set oy a speclanst./ "Mankato in the last year I . IS ! ments for the local meeting bervice Director, oewen- r, Three carloads of students[Her mother Mrs. Neil|hos ,on o *'r mendouslme tsee r'acmng [ Arcmtects, t)na~ :h oth: m:etl ng a .otuhe[tMr ctC e l' ac .P (atuWeedr" t e mit. Firearms permits this]had parked in a row[H:gts agere ep:gyt2i thth [growth. First, citizens in the[ a " g -I " . " year will be issued on a first Ion the north side of high- I . [community formed a non- ]MFMOn A n cil Grove, Monday, May 23, lmal r part Jeweu-lvntcnen r,- is [wa- 36 miles west of]says she is steauiiy mprov-/nrofit cornoration El Dorado Tuesday Ma" 24!played in securing the Pack- ~'~2"" "'*,~ ~" :"" ~'*Y, ' '/~, ~ '.:$2 ~ on ~ ~ ~,-[in~ 1~ ~o~n~,~ ~.o '~,~ ~ ** ~[e~. t,~z-~-~x~u t,~x ,~o [Auxmary President ~, J I. ~- . o ,1- lne earlier me nostmar~, me/me JIAIl~tlUll Ol on altH 11/.i --" . ~ . lot ~xo, o,vvv *~ll xa~x.x vxx~/ I . lng r'tant ior ~vtanKato. ion, ,- Ra mond Croucn iatner - -- and Garden C y, Wedneso better off you U be. [(the Esbon road). [o . yx ' . [Farmers Home Admmlstra- [ Ral,h Hamilton [ -: Y, Y I A total of thousand/ After the bus had passed, [tlon and co structed a Sen-[der of Jewell County Morn-I i, *, da Ma 2~ Jne theme ot m the ,~ u, e ~ot La ~ulta ~roucn, reports - n ~ - ~we, u~ all of tha,meetings is ]~erln~ ot ~ounc)l tJrO:r~ gun hunting permits will be ]Earl Hillman, 17, who was ] that ner conaluon ~s gooua |[or Citizens" Apartment[orial Post No 7830/V'F'~W", [ P~;st" 78"~3'O'~hel;t ~ f S m Deve Jim gave uetans ot ~ne wo . it is ossio~e sne will De ~ re as ollows, yste - . issued for the thirteen deer drivin a 1957 Pontiac, the P - House project, annour ' ~- ' ' " r lopment Through RA. [ management units. 20% of/first car headed west, madel . The vice president and]ices will he h dd in Mnnknt, lM, in D" the elecmc cooperative has g able to come home from the . . ces Memor,al serv- lion at the RAD means Rural Areas De- anne mere.m promoung cot: these will be reserved for ~tnrt~d to ro [ Smim enter nospitat wen-/cashier of the bank Lowell .:=" : ::: ! - .--~- -,lvlay do lne services Will ve pment ][ ageeScE,met va se aerat anna farmers according to law]turn to Esbon. At thatlnesday" She had a poss)ble [Yasmer' is on the board of[be at 10:15 am at the mort-],-.The f ll .awl. ng S SsepM :n ?i I prom tuln ta: h ptp in l t s?!' ltydh P iY n da twl E 6 lO lw rehr bc !ill s nlUL!mS?222e 21 / b a !i [ mow nf acfm 0 O, aC. m ti d he e liVg elTh oo; leati lofW eR" MWaa gato evelop b;o lsl ttedFto r :h:m;)':rage/ ho ficllrman7 the a eC l./fa . tIes t omt Sp yleCt'then i:: w Auxnlary m let, ' Uirmnia t] f ' " g I, set aside for farmers Should [hi,h school students in thel Sheriff A den gg |people and has secured up- [ I,- ,- The followln ro ram overnment agencms for I Jewell Count were amon g P g [g . " there be only 75 farmer up-[Hillman car Whelchel was. Y g|proval of .three loan al i was held in Mankato: [their cooperation wim vlications, the remaining 251 ornnani, l hv tWO Man-[the officials who rushed to|$60,000 steak house, a corn-/ .ann t, eepe[; ecr nt com an -- ,- ~ . . . lne Ouslness nouscs in Kam" and lviusic~ 10.00 a. m Welcome-[local developme P Y' permits to be issued will go [kato high school mrls Nela[the scene and helped work ]bmatmn grocery and drug[ ~n u, m ~ ~, . -~ -~, [ ~- ' Kansas Electric Coopera-t 2:45- R. E. A.s StaKei ni to sportsmen. The converse|Huntsin er' 16, an d LaQuita[the accident /store that cost well over a/da'i l onda'['Ma 3'0 ?wUhic I tnp rmai ent Mar fives by Perry Miller, To-[RAD - Rural Electrlncat is also true; if there are more]Crouch, 17 ] The funeral for Steve quarter of a million, and all l~iemo'ria?ba- y I ': peKa. I Aaministration oy Anen farmer applications thanl Two ambulances fromlJohanek, son of Mr. and Mrs. beef packing plant which[~ Y" : ~n~UCmt~tner~ 10 1 a m Financial Arness or wasnin ton, t) : 5 . .: " " [ g . r: I available permits and, at the [Kramer s in Mankato and [ Eldon Johanek, was held at has a project cost of [ i . . P " ' 2 20 P M uestions anct . ' Oltllr. i.hA~ l-lttlL~l~lf Dt~kl~lt~ a oela ea meeu1 assistance for installation &[ . : " " - Q I same time, less than the al- [two ambulances from SmithlEsbon Cathohc Church at $1,200,00. The president of[AUrA~r~e cru~,cu~n I ~ y o Answers - - - v, ~,~-~ o -,~s ~,L -'~a,osss, lot me nurnose expansion of water anaI . . I lotted requests for sports- /Center were called to thel 10"00 a m. Tuesday with the DanK, ~. r~. fair, is on~ ~ ,- ,-;o , sewer systems - Loans and[ Before adjourning," tour t' elme men, the farmers will re-lscene of the accident at]Father Meitl officiating. A the board of directors of thel,Michell-e was th-je samemg meSenumoerOmCe.m Grants b Farmers taome group mane a I those left over Y . I ce've . ]once All nine of the oc-Irosary was recited at the t evelopment Assocmuon " Administration, dac :son[SBAana projectsd Either way, it will still betcupants of both cars were[Kramer Funeral Home. in is its secretary-treasurer. [r ac;Pmar t l:s?Z qu atn ll2ri' .Reports were.] George of Topeka, state [ Man.Kurd, and me site ot me ] handled on the basis" of the [taken to the Smith Center [ Mankato Monday evening at Again, this bank. has offer-. ,1MoPnda venin ;, w ich wa- t nveneart rlve arm onatlnns director. I pacmng plant. . . I earlier the postmark, the [hos,ital Steven Johanek, 17, 18"00 p m. ed assistance, time ann has,-. " 10:45 a.m. Federal Aid[. A!l agencies or the Ag-lbetter the chance of obta.ir}-[was dead on arrival at the[ Funeral services for Earl been a very important part|a V:n eeaBa Yk to the me;lcan for Nursing Homes oy [ rlCUlture, t e.partment are ]ing a permit. Naturally, this |hospital Earl Hillman, 17, ] Hillm,'m, son of Mr. and Mrs. of these projects. The bank [ shi- Swasa awar le on clety, vyw Federal Housing Administra-[ .cooperating. m sp2nsormgt admonition does not applylpassed away at 1:43 a. m. [Cecil Hillman, were held at has participated financially[ .^P: cer runa at r) tion, Winston Brown, To- [ the ural Areas. t)eve!op- / to archery deer hunters since |Saturday morning at t .c I the E. U B. Church at Ionia in some of these loans. The / u. eHt at ,tyuc- t ance.r pe a. I meat rrogram, x.ms meet!ng, there is no limit to the num- ]hospital. [ Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. new construction in Man- [ sire mr mrmer e ucatmn, and the 0eW 11:15 a. m. Rural Housing, I gave vamame mm.rmanon ber of archery permits which ] One of the doctors, who is I All Jewell County persons kato has created over one t ross. . . Senior Citizens Housing, Ion the roles, whichthe var-can be issued. [attending the patients at]were saddened by the news hundred twenty-five direct members Farmers Home Aaministra- I ious agencies play. Jne pur- Information brochures o ,*er hos,ital / of this travic accident Their new iobs in the oust year, rewesnments a! tion, Walter Campbell, Man pose of RAD is to providel ardin the 1966 deer sea r- '/ " k 1 r'ou to be Shopper at their . -I g g -]gave the Jewell County Re-tmany ,fiends extend sincere and this ban "s p d . . Kato. new Jobs ann promote me son will be available aboutlcord the followinu informa-[ svmnathy to the families of a part of this unusual eco- enlng. Tlaey re: 11:45- Questions and An- economy in rurm areas and June 15, a month in advance]tinn Tuesday evening on theltfie teceased and injured, nomic expansion." . onat n for swers on above programs, to reverse me popumuon of the application availabil-| ,n ition of other ,atients" J The above story appearea m ,o At noon, a delicious lunch trend and get people to re-[ ity. Don't forget to mark the [.w,e " on the Viewpoint Page. It of appreciation t was served at the Buffalo turn to the rural areas, date of July 15 on your cal-l' was Mr Fair's answer to the ers of Jewell Roam. The out of town Several town.s.in fl!e area endar if you intend to huntlBetty,s Studio, Mankato PLEASE CHECK YOUR following question: What tional Teacher visitors were impressea oy sent representatives to me deer this fall with firearms. 1Furnished Pictures Of EXPIRATION DATE do ~,ou consider your most Virginia Rig ~tl the fine facilities and de- meeting including Belleville, That is the date to pick uplMankato Seniors outstandin- community a report on h Center and ~- ~' Lebanon Girl I licious meal served in this Beloit, Smit your application, complete[ -- .ach subscriber is asked service oroject or activity " : : " fine facility. It is a SBA Ellsworth. . it and get it in the mail. [ to please check his or her for vourbank, currently or meet With financed project, which Everyone was impressed [ ex l'ration date It is rinted " r 9 How do Scouts here at furnished the pictures Free P" P within recent yea s. with the progress Mankato is making, Perry Miller of Topeka, who presided, made the following observation: "We are happy to hold the meeting in Mankato a town which is on the move". was handled through the Mankato Commercial De- velopment Association. 1:50 p. m. - Loans to co- operatives and Small Enter- prises, Farmers Home Ad- ministration, Elgie Jones, Hutchinson. Mr. Alvah Menhusen went to Dallas, Texas last Thurs- day and accompanied his daughter, Jan, home on Saturday. Jan has completed a year of graduate study at Southern Methodist Univer- sity in Dallas. Mrs. Allie Gann of Colo- rado Springs, Colo. will ar- rive Thursday for a visit at the home of her sister, Ms. Clarence Meeker, and Mr. Meeker. She will attend the alumni reunion at Jewell Saturday. Mankato High School Alumni Picnic on the upper left hand cor- you appraise value of bank ner of your paper this week. community service, effort, If your paper is marked considering time andmoney 5-66, this is the last paper spent, in furthering growth you will receive until your of your bank? subscription is renewed. Expiration notices are not EARLY COPY FOR mailed to subscribers. You NEXT WEEK WILL are asked to check your ex- BE APPRECIATED Miss Taska transferred to piration date. At the first of the Mankato High School each month, every subscrip- Monday is Decoration system this past year from tion, which expires the Day and mail will not be Montrose, and currently month before, will be re- delivered. It will be impos- makes her home with Mr. moved from the list. sible for the Record office and Mrs. Don Anderson. to' set all the copy which She plans to attend Fort Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Grout will be received Tuesday & Hays Kansas State College and Marsha Jo drove to Wednesday We print Wed- next fall. Laramie, Wyoming Friday afternoon and, with and visited at the home of Monday a holiday, there will Services Friday For Mrs. Grout's brother, Bud not be time to set all 'the Jim E. Fogo, Sr. Daniel and family. Their copy. sister and her husband, Mr. Therefore, we would up- Funeral services for Jim and Mrs. Jack Adamson, and preciate receiving copy tiara E. Fogo, Sr will be held family of Pocatell, Idaho met weekend, Tlmrsday, Friday Friday, May 27, 2:00 p.m them there They all attend- and Saturday, for next at the Methodist Church in ed the University of Wyo- week's paper. Burr Oak. Mr. Fogo passed ming and Utah State base- Each week, we receive away Tuesday morning at his home in Burr Oak. with Howard David Cub Scout Pack 36 for the Mankato Seniors, The Pack meeting was held May 19 at the Com- munity Building. Lion badg- es were awarded to Danny Kennedy and Harlan Noble A gold arrow was awarded to Timmy Waldron. Two sil- ver arrows each were pre- sented to Keith Hamilton, John Huntsinger and Roy whose cuts were printed in the Jewell County Record last week. There should have been a credit line, "Courtesy of Betty's Studio" below the pictures. In fact, Betty and George Putt, every year, have given us a set of the pictures of the seniors for use in producing cuts for the paper. The next Pack meeting will on will be speaking at the be June 16 in the City Park Olive Hill Church May 29, with the Webelos in charge at 8 p.m. at a special youth of the meeting, rally. and Mrs. Lyon will be Lewis Stafford underwent Sept. 7 for Kenya, an operation at the Smith Africa to serve their term Center hospital Tuesday. Ac- as missionaries under the cording to Mrs. Stafford, Child Evangelism Fellowship there were no complications of Grand Rapids, Michigan. and his condition was good. Herbert was born and grew up in Africa, a son of ball game Saturday night copy on Tuesday and Wed- Bud Daniel is the head nesday, which happened coach of the Wyoming team days before. Early copy is won the game 4 to 3 in the always appreciated and next last of the 9th inning to win week it is necessary if you the Western Association expect your items to appear Conference title. Marsha Jo in next week's paper. accompanied the Adamsons to Pocatell where she h~s a NOTICE position as receptionist in a ----- dentist's office. Danny Memorial services at the Mr. and Mrs. Halsey Pangborn spent the weekend Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Phil- with their daughter, Mrs, lips of Topeka will be here Art Sackett and family in this weekend to visit her Lincoln, Nebraska. Their lmother, Mrs. E. B. Beam, & son, James, is leaving soon to attend the Mankato High Third and final immuniza- Residents who attended Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Korb, missionary parents. Mrs. Ly- Adamson came home with Fairview Cemetery will be tion clinics are scheduled for earlier clinics are requested Delbert and Derald were on, the former Diane Hower, the Eldon Grouts to spend held May 29, 2:00 p.m by . Jewell county, June 1. Coun- to bring the pink immuniza- Monday dinner guests of used to live in the Olive Hill the summer, the Formoso American Leg- ty residents who did not at- tion record to the final clin- their daughter, Donna, and community. She is the 'ion. tend one of the previous ic. This booklet will aid Miss Nancy Hanson in granddaughter~ of Mr. and clinics are urged to part[c[- clinic personnel in determin- Salina. The girls have a cute Mrs. John C llins of Man- pate in the final phase of the ing needed immunizations, duplex at 119 South 9th in kato. series. Primary and booster Parents who signed permit Salina. Everyone is invited : immunizations against dip- slips for previous clinics are hear this young couple. theria, tetanus, whooping not required to sign a second Rev. and Mrs. 'Syndey cough, smallpox and polio one, but children who did Dillinger of McCracken, CARD OF THANKS for service in Viet Nam. School alumni reunion. Mrs will be offered, not attend an earlier clinic Kansas wei-e overnight ' Beam will accompany them Immunization clinics, eom will need to present a guests Thursday at the home I wish to expressmy Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth to Topeka for a short visit. ducted by Jewell County permit slip. Permit sli of Mr. and Mrs. Jon Men sincere thanks to all of mynan of Mills Valley, Cal- corn be available at the clinic, husen, ifornia for Mr. Mrs. Max How, Burr Oak state De- " friends and: June 20 to 24t 7:30 p.m. Crangle, Girl refreshments Shopper ate very much, iary voted prizes Scouts their during Plans Memorial with the ladies to make the graves. Mr. back, City of her parents~ F.W. spent the home ot' his Mrs: Center and Mankato on i