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May 25, 1967     Jewell County Record
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May 25, 1967

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A {~OliIOi.IOATION OF TNg WISTERN ADVOCATE, J|WlLL COUNTY MOHITalw A,D T,I ORMOSO ,EW ERA. --- . FOR JEWELL COUNTY, WE'RE FOR iT ,..; No. s0". I' P.,..:, Wc, -- T Menkolo Stores Will Memorlol Day Services ~loso Memorial Doy IN Monkato / The Mankato'-~tores will be The Memorial--~ay Services f dlosed all day Memorial Day, in Mankato will be sponsored j which is Tuesday, May 30. by the V. F.W. and the ~ Auxiliary. Services will be at .................... the Monument at the C ourt- ~ I~AKL. t, Ur' I'UK KP.L, UKU ....... house at ~'~ua m anQ at / NEEDED NEXT WEEK . " ;. ". ~vmunt Hope t~emeteryat / Tuesday, May 30th, is a .10:00 ~. m, I National Holiday and the Post- --'-------- I offices will be closed that day. Memorlel Day Servlce ~Therefore, copy which ordin- At Webber arily reaches the Record office on Tuesday must be mailed a The Memorial Day Service day earlier in order to reach at Webber will be at the Web- the office on Monday. ber Methodist Church Tuesday, We will appreciate it if ad- May 30, at 2:00 p.m. Rev. vertisers and correspondents Dean Rose will be the guest will prepare their copy early speaker. for next week's paper. Decoration Doy VInce Gibson Will Speak At Services At Esbon e By Clyde C. R ml Sweet Clover in native grass planted last year will hurt the stand of grass. It should be sprayed right away. Mowing will kill most of it but spraying is better. It takes one pound of 2, 4-D per acre. Grass planted this year needs sprayed also. Most of it except late plantings, will be ready next week. It should be sprayed relatively soon be- cause of the fireweed. Fire- weed ts hard to kill, particu- larily if it gets much bigger. It is real ihard on newly plant- ed grass.; Some stands of na- tive grass were choked out by fireweed last year. The,wheat harvest will be here before we are really ready. Plans should be made now for building terraces and waterways after harvest. A core drilling rig from the state SCS office has been in the county the past week. We are using this rig to determine how deep to dig pits because we want to go to blue shale with them. Also we are testing dam sites to determine where gravel layers might be locat- ec~ A core trench may be needed to keep the dam from leaking. The core drilling rig comes to the county about two times per year. Farmers wanting this service should contact the SCS office. A few people wish to pur- chase channel cat for their Friday and Saturday, May! 26 and 27, are POPPY Days! Each year before Memorial Day, these poppies of red crepe paper are distributed by members of the American Le- gion Auxiliary and volunteer workers, on the streets to the public, to rekindle the flame of remembrance for the brave men and women who have died in the defense 6f America and as a pledge to those who are disabled, who have given of their strength and health in the three mighty conflicts and now in Vietnam. Poppy Day is a tradition with the American Legion Aux, iliary as its sponsor. For 45 years making poppies has giv- en employment to hospitalized veterans requiring occupation- al therapy. Poppy Day pro- vides an annual opportunity for the Artier[can public to off- er encouragement and support to these veterans. To wear a Memorial Poppy is an appro- Office of the Co. Sup't.: Formoso School students and teachers visited the court house, Jewell County museum. priate way in which war dead can be honored, while the dis- abled are rehabilitated. The poppy as the memorial flower for American war dead began in the years following World War I. Veterans return ing home remembered the wild poppies which grew on the battle fields of France and Belgium. Soldiers of all na~ tions came to look upon this flower as the living symbol of remembrance to the dead. A Canadian officer, Col. John McCrae, who was killed during the war, immortalized the flower in his poem, "In Fland- ers Fields the Poppies Blow". The domiciliary patients of Wadsworth VA Hospital make these flowers for the Depart- ment of Kansas. They are fashioned as skillfully as crip- pled hands, broken bodies and tired minds will allow. Many of them are loosely made, oth- ers tightly drawn, they appear as buds. but each poppy tells a story of its own -- a story of hope, courage and love. The hospitalized veteran is paid for his work, which ie done through the long dreary months of winter, the auxiliary furnishes all materials. cause of this therapeutio work sick calls are less frequent. There is no set price for the poppy -- it is a symbol of remembrance. Receipts from the poppy donations are used to promote the child welfare and rehabilitation programs, Every penny received goes directly for aid of disabl~l veterans and their families, Poppy headquarters will be at the Mankato Post Office. Girl Scouts will assist the American Legion Auxiliary ladies in the distribution of poppies on the street and in the stores all day Friday. Sat- urday morning cars will be provided to take the Girl Scouts around town. The Poppy Day slogan is "Lest we forget, wear a poppy for remembrance"> Stadium Fund Dinner In Belolt pond. We can find them for county jail, the Jewell County ---- The Annual-~ec"ratio-" D~-. you. Federal fish are available Record plant and office, REA " " '~:~ e f offices and city park Tuesday Vince Gibson new head foot- S-r"i ....... ,, ,._ ~.^, .... ~._ fr e or stocking ponds, Chan-.. ' ~ v ~ea wm in: ,~tu ~ .~c ...... Mrs ueverl,, James and kin ball coach at Kansas State ESh^., ~.~...., .... * sn.nn . .~ nel cat can De tea ana grow ' ~ University, will be the main Tu;;da:~'1~;~v'3~t~~ ,u.uv a.m. rapidly if fed daily. Some peG- dergarten class took a train Front row, left to dght: George Seamans, Jhn.Var. , and Roger Opllnger. Back row, left to Hght.. Steve Bartsch, Alan Blrdsell, role CIawson, Mike Nulty, and Coach Jim Krob. We!! won first place in the ' Alan Birdsell, 1st in broad ! BB divismn at the Jump. D track meet in Salina Fri- The 880 relay team placed of the Jewell County Women s H and Saturday The Wild wnen luu guests nears ~ars S f T D ... :. _ " second and the mile relay , scores ~1 pomps, tsogue, team wa9 sth Birds,~ll ~ond place, had 25 points Bartsch, Clawson, and Nulty money will be used to con- -- .... , g of the sevma Jewell boys, ran the 880 relay and Birdsell, struct the new stadium at Ken ....... Jack oard' Ella PaSe teach- ,- are snown :ShOVe w~m Bartsch, Clawson, and Varney ........ " ~o ~nang. ~,mnn.a Democratic club a remarkable er, Alvin H'einen Tracie Volk sas ~tate umverstty. For 1967 Feed Groin ......... ~ ~ho n,,~ro~, ano,~ . . '. _ .. " ~__~ Krob, ...... contributed to the were in the-- u.~c--;l^ l~m.v.'"l'" ~v~^*h ~vac:,r'^ ~. ~lDsun~ .L ..... nas Just tin' AcreagoProvisions o,,~,.~ ...................... er, james noara, Tonv. J0nn..- n-y, Tne Jeweu po|nts were Jewell rel~v t~ms ran under ' ., in Mankato Saturday afternoon ]shed a highly successful ......... son, Terry Howland, Bruce ed as follows Mike Nulty, - .... ...... .... the previous state record, spring practice and a very No change will be made in o_....r.,~ D"ckin" s"eak of ear" .Ra!ford, ena _ a~s, Justin m L~U yara lOW nurales, T;m w ......~f*h ;.. 'h;.h L .^^ ., e,,., ,a^ "" --~-,,~#, -, ~~ ..... ~" good recruiting season. Foot- th~ ~m.aaaodiversion nrovi. ,~,. s~.. v ~ ~' .... "VOlKer, r~lcnar~ 3tansoury, -~ ~uu, anu um m ~.~u. hurdles h~]l nrrt~n~t ~ height ~f "," ..... ~?~. ..... ," , lous acmevements DE me pre- Javne Bernekin# Carlos Dun Iorge Seamans, 2nd in ..... .-"~. ........... ~ ...... stuns of me1 ~ ~ 1~ reea gram sent Sate administration Mrs " ' " " ........ All Jewell County persons Kansas State He isa veryn~,a~,~ r.,~, ~t~ ,~--, .... .. ... lgan Warren Heinen and Mark in^..[ ......... : ...... , , 1 ,# Velda vermllhon, ~alma dir- Hurd nurmes ana ~ro in mscus, are Proud of Coach Jim Krob ,..v~ ............. ,~,,,~--,o,, .... qler Oplinger 3rd in pole- - ~p ~u~u.m ~pvn~er. Jewell Agricultural Stanillza- o"+or in th- first district who ----" ..... ~, , and his excellent track team. Others, who will appear__ on .,,.*;"" .,.,."'~ ..,,,,.~...c,,,~ .... o~;,-,,,,,, .~u,...~-c"--'-" ~ ~ "' i"" umer visitors in our office helped organize me cut) a the program at Beloit, are: t^^ said t''~" were: Geneva Ost, Mankato; ~e uu~y year ago was also present at Tex Winter head basketball~;- ~t'"r* ^x'~lain^'~ that See Miss Hannah Hansen, Randall .......... Mankato City Officials ' . ,,... ~,t,~ ~ ~ p ~, " the silver tea The high school ASE_ CHE[;K __YOUR Attend League Of coach.: Dr. Clyde Jones,.vme. retary Freeman had announc- ensemble of" excellent talent primary te, acher, Mr. andMrs, |RATION DATE presiaent ano mcuhy att~letic ,.~ ,.,~.ti..**t.. ~f th* nvoaram o . rlarolu Jonnson, uurr uaK ~l- Municipalities Meeting p e "ve; Bebe Lee, ath-~n answer" to in^uiries since . ' ' ' ementary school; Jack Brad- re res ntat~ ................ ~--o under the direction DE Mrs ___,_..~."~".=_.^ ,. .,..... : Mankato City officials were letic director; Ernie Barrett, tbo ;.~..fi,~.~ tn~nt ~anort John Jones was mucn appre: rick, .Mankato; Supt. Clay each c~nv of the_ Jew I In usnorne Tuesday afternoon ~.~si.~tant ~th|ot]o flir~etnr. ~nd """..':"........ "---~"-:'" --~- - elatedanu many remarzeaBro~n Esbon ....... ..._ ......... ell ..... . .................................. n ..... r~'" sr'n u" re .... ana evening May 16 to attend. . ' ...... ' ports snowea mat mrmers may kato's music de"art'ment ~y Record. H your date . , , Ed Head an administrative ..... " - about the high caliber of Man- __ th+. i~ +h,~ I.~t ,-nnvlmeetings sponsored by the ~7 ................,.~ , , ... asslsmnt m me amleficoe- not plant as much acreage to .......... ~:_~_,~_',._.~ ..^" .... Mankoto 880 Relay Team Set ...... re Kansas League of Municipal partment ~uux.,,.u mr.,~.~u .,e ,,,u~t e ttecoro you wm - . ..... feed grains as had previously School Record At State .,, ....... ~..__:_.... I ]ties Tnls was the annual dis- Tex one of th,~ to,~ coll,-,;~- ........ guests outside Mankato, they I m~u yuux- vuun~r~p~au. . ." ' . '_ .. ;~ ". ~' ..... neen anuclpatea, an(; in re- h,~;.. ~s Joo Strnad Mrs _.~ trier meeting for cities which nasKetoaI! coacnes in t~e coun- . .....^ .~ .... -~ I-- ~--~--*-- ~' .... ~ ......... Althotl"h the Mankato 880 ..... ' _ ~l.~.~e tu u~.~a.u uy LUUUa~y Clnrno,~ S~,enson Mrs Don ~he~u" ,..t ~.n.., th~,[belng to this organization, ...... try, wm give a runDown on .e,~resentatives that feed arain ......' -. ' relay team failed to place at ~h, .......... in which ther'subscnp-" " - I. restinThe meetings, wereo very,, in- his recruiting program. Bebe~acreaae" and supplies be fur- tteea..__, ~,_:_lwrs anoy~_^_Tnompson.,_., the state, the team set a school te g ana inlormalive " ' o mr~ r~ore.ce free, ~v~ra. expires, the paper is re- _ ..... .willdiscuss the overall ath- ther increased ... " ..... record of 1"33 4 Members of ....... .~.~ ..... I Tney explamea new rows me letic program Dr Jones will - . ". _ ~len ~wearmgen ana ~wrs. the rela "t ' " " '" t h'ma our auuren-~u- . . ' ' ." ., ., t~ecent reports on crop ana Wa..^n W~llin Other com y eam are: MIKe file thoos ot procedure which hax c giveyou areport on me art-1 . . x,e a . - Grout R ssell L i ........ moisture conditions, farmers ...................... r-Wi , u ange,M ke FIIUIIlI, I~5 reprt~:~glltt~ti wt~ tr ...;:o,,;.~o ,h,, ; .... } proven successful, had round mmIstrauon's part in the ac-I .......... " Dodd and Ral-h Ozmun -v~,-v,............. v v,~- . planting intentions, ana stockschlta' Scandla' formoso Ran ' " " ...... s ltable d~scusslons etc ........... of gram on farms have ]ndi- "~11 ~ .... ~-"r Cit.. D-nver alph Ozmun, the holder of uon DE our sunscrmer -" " ll ' ' " tivities and growth of the ath ...... " R ,eh;um~ .......... ~.~wa,T a.u ........ .~w I ....... Tne to owing attended from te~c..program, Too, ne Wl.I cated that feed oarain ._nroduc- ~vxunuen~E~":a-~a~n~'~'~urr.... ua~t'~-' weooer '''~- .... ' the school record in the discus, rl --- I ~an~ato: mayor tiayle Crist glve, me retest,progress reportI tion will be adequate to meet o^.~,,;~'. .~mJth P.~ntor E' missed qualifying at the state ptlo.a, man; 'Councilmen: A. R, on me new etmmuc uorm]tory ........ .~. ~^~a .......,.~,.. ~"~'"~ .................. " by an inch Prior to the state .... ~ I Weaverling, .Eugene Meekcr,,,,h;,.h ~.,111 ho ;.;o~..~ ~.-,r......I uu~ .~cun, rccu ~.a,L, o~...~o bun Jewell Cuba Hanover " ' ":'~'; -:". ........ 'J~" ~"--~1 are laraer than anticinated, .-. '.~ ', .. ,'. ....' meet, he had the best toss in KnlDlllOn Dale Seirer, and Cleo tiiltgen: scnoot starts this roll Erniel _ .. ? ":-'." .._ . ~'a., ~unnyvale, t~auL, anu ~o- the state in '~ ..... o,, ~,...t. n ,~,aaa = .art,.. . " ana m now expectea t atk and Ed will bring you up to[ pe a .......' - " "'---'Y" ...... I Cityl City Clerk: Finlay Munro: and year end stocks will be higher . ....... is an excellent discus thrower l~elolt Ar~ worzsnop Superlntendent:" " Cliff Hen1 date on the Stadium Fund Iv[ayor ti A t~rtstman mrs Drive and Wildcat Activities than .the 25 mill!on tons pre- Wm. E. Lagergren: and Co. ~;/owhawShlcC~nwSioSut~;flaYven~:: aola Its secona annum - Art Fair on May 28 coot. The speeches will start at wous~y esumatea. , . Sup't, Carl Westin spoke brief- ed him nei~r the to- in--state I:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the[ Brian The-- r'eea gram prmes recelvea p 8:00 p.m. The aud]torlum wlil ....... ly at the program. A great comnetifl~,- de park north of Belolt ................ ,. ........: .......... oy farmers oetween uctooer "~^~I of the success of the af ........... ....... 241 Mr. anu mrs, w. ~ ~u., ug- u~ ,~,, ~v ms- .~t:.tmt a.u ~'~ " Coach Larry Dreillng and .... 1 - - 1" "/ den, Kansas, announce the grade school coaches and their and March .averaged 13 per- ternoon activities was the re- hi- -s-i~'--" "^~-- ~ ........ } ~rawmg Wll ne ne a at~ .... of a son ...... "^'^" ,~. ...... L .... ~_ cent nlgner man a year earll- -"* "* "-uch workand"-Ion ~ ~ ~ a~a.~, o~.. rau, ~u.~, ' t and the members of the Man- #^" o "a " *h" ] nlrtn oorn lway rz. ~..~e~ .,,~y c,.n .ear er.Corn duringtha period.-- ,,, ,- Vrou " '~"' :"'." ~-'"'.~"'~ Y.'.?.~] 1967. He will answer by the program,free of charge. Too, ning by Mrs. Glenn G t, kato track squad deserve con- r s enGine. TO De eugm~e .... of Brian Th ....H^ " averaged$1.28 a bushel, 14 Mrs " -- 14 ars~ .a,.~ ~.m~ ~Wildcat boosters in this area Sr., Mrs, Ray Dietz and' gratulations for the fine ear you must De ye w br t e " ..... res .... t/ has t o o h rs, Stanley and are purchasing tickets and in- cents more than lastyear, and Edith Ost. The entire after- the" had in track "h'- " or over ana p em a I ~*o-hon towob.,,,~o h~,~ aoou~ ~u cents a ousnm aoove tmos ~ ' " '~ y~.z w ack squad was the best Man- owing Free admlsslo.. l ents vlting prospective college ath- the post war So of n. noon was one of an a " tr h t~ p e ~ e ater letes to attend the dinner with" . .... , " , ' phere of dignity and splendor, ko*- I1-o ~*,~ t ....... , ..... Loralne Ost Rosebaug ' --no-" ~ #'e-sue .......................... ~,~o.o. '.. m.. T tf,,,..**n,,.~land Mrs. William Still of Og- them. Persons from 10 coun- .~" : It is being suggestea mat a nce aanager " "~ ............ Mr ties are going to attend. In district meeting be held next Konnv Fo~rr.II ".'.T" '. .... [den, and . and Mrs. Nick ............ wm nave plcturos In ~ne [on also Kohn of Mankato, Mrs, Still Jewell County, you can pur-_ _ .- ..... in Jewell County. Morr ComPete In State chase a tJ,,u,~* h,, ,-..**,.J,~. ~mery ana ~,'aUllne ~olomofl C A Westin is the former Anna Marie F W B~,'~~" j~ "~'~'~'~ of Caldwell, Idaho recently vis. " " ' Darrell Marr and Kenny Fo. - ----- ~" Kohn, Kansas ..................Ited Emery's parents, Mr. and NDTICE go were in Saline to compete and Mrs. Charles Zeik " Mrs. Lon Solomon, and his in the state track meet: Dar- children, Charles, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Powell slster and her husband, Mr, There wlll be an annual re- rell ran the mile and half and Kenny ran in the half. Both races were won in record breaking times. Although they didn't place, the Esbon boys made fine showings. visited at the Evart and family of Hays spent the Dr. and Mrs. Bob Schuster and Mrs. Alvin Nelson. Ac- home and other rela- weekend visiting at the homes and family of Minden, Nebr. companying the Solomons to past week. Mr. Zeik of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kier were Sunday visitors at the Mankato were their daughter, Air Force and station- and family and Mr. and Mrs. home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mrs. Harley Vance, and son, I Maine. Lyle Powell and family. Kler. Rlcky, of Nampa, Idaho. 8th and 6th Grade, front row, left to Stmmbury, Tena Davis, Mark Hurd, Tony Sol James Hoard, Terry Howland, Bruce Stafford, Voiker, and Warren Heinen. Back row. left to Hght: Jayne Bartok.. Page, teacher. Carlos Dun[gun. and CarlCoting' Superintendent. Cullurol Arts General M,etlno Everyone interested in ~ul- tural arts is invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Cultural Arts Group whlch will be,beld Thursday, June 1, at 7:30 p.m, The meeting will be held in the basement of the City Hall. Summer clu~ms will be set up and a display Of work, which has been cOrn. pletad, will be ahown. I THANK YOU Many thanks to my fr/ends for flowers, cards, and visit~ while in the hospital, It hel~ to shorten the hours. Tb~ for the many kindnesses ex- tended to Mrs, Roe while ! was gone, Kind ~eed~ are not forgotten. Many th~tkS a|a~. --Elmer Poe, union Sunday, May 28. at 1:00 p.m. with pot luck dinner for members and families of all classes of Athens Rural High School @. Monckmsall Ellis E. MclnWre Ed L. Swensen Lyman Hamme, Jr. Clair D. Sloen -- Another record-1 528 by ~7, [ urn .... : John R. Oempuy ~raduating class will I The graduates will hear Gov. I Special honor will be pald Achievement Awards--Glenn[ ~sbon: Clalt D. Sloan, MS, Sw~hson, BS,'buslness. groes from Fort lRobert DOcking as their com-I to !9 seniors graduating "wlth I Aroher, Oklaboma City, and botany. ,Mankato. Lyman D. Hansen, Coll e thb month. [mencem,nt speaker in cere-ldlstJnotJon" indicative of eX-[Dr. Maurlce Faulkner. Santa Jawelh ;Yohn R: Dempeey. aS, business; Arnold G. Men. em Udstas[monLes scheduled for 8 P.m.]ceptional sch01astio ord,,J aS, mithl F, llis:E. M Intyre, denhldl, aS, botany and agr/. year'S ~ ~JMaY n in Lewis Field Stadl-landto the t~cipient&of!Altl~ni1 a' B~, Indt~tt~lat arts; ledwin L. e~tm'e,