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Mankato, Kansas
May 21, 1964     Jewell County Record
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May 21, 1964

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3~g Sale m At Sale Barm Every Friday .2' o_, Jewell County Record nu3r u.L esoHI~ ~ATION QF Tl~ ~ AIYVOOATZ, ~ 00~ MDNITOa. ~ND THB POlqtMOSO StrlP~ ii | _ i i j i i i I Vol. 74; No. 49 M^N]KATO. KANSAS Thursday, May 21. 1964 TWh~LWE PAGES IF rv~ ~ jEww.~.t. C~Du~rx, W~L~II ~ 1~ MANKATO: A Town In Profile by Finlay Munro. City Clerk For quite some time. the Depa~t- merit of AgrietEture has been con- ce~ned with the com~.ervatien of our wa~er resources. Tune and again in years pas. Ma~kato h, as had to limi,t the uses of water. Unfortun- ately, we are seven mKes from a stable s~pply ,0f ~,ar~r but, for- ~unately, adequam wacer for the foreseeable future i~ avaMable. Water is a free commo4ity, but transportation and s~orage are ex- pensive. The first weKs ~r Mac, kaY's water st~pply were dug around 1889. IMueh prospeetir~g has been do~e close to o~n, but all have ~ailed ~o prod,uce a t~manen't sup- ply. Three dug we/lls 20 feet m diameter and 30 to 40 feet in d~th were consu~uotod in 1912. I.n 1924 25 3 vnore we])'Is we~e d,r~'kled, and a storage res~vOir cc~struetecl southwest of town. In 1'927 a deep water supply was sou~gt~t by dr~l.1- ing 1200 feet into the Dekota for- mation ,b~ the water obtaimed was too sM,ty far d, emestic use. I~ 1929 ~hree weMs were drilled on ghe W~hi, te R~ck by the La3~rm- Westm~ Cor~any, arid an 8-invh su~pl7 .line ,was laid m ~h,e C~%y's distri~bution system. ~n 1934. three more .wells were dril~d on the White ,R~ek. A,t ~his ~ime. ~he 8- L~eh line was repaired and recon- structed. In 1949 it was appare~ th, a,t the so~rce of s~pply was r~t permarmn, t I~ 1954 our water sFm- a~ion ayes again bec0ening cri, tical due to previous ol~ma'te eond~ti'ows. However. ~t was n~ed tha~ d, ur~n,g period ~the Whige Rock Cree~ was still flowin,g, i~r~dieati~g .that the ground reservoir in the W~ite t~ock Va'Aey was stgtl o~erfl~ring. I,n 1956. weMs 7 and 8 were drffied el'o~er o ~he Whi.te Rock fl~v. The ean~leti~n of the ~11 Reservoir makes a perrrmment sup- pls" for recthav$ing the aequifer suppkyin,g lhe White 'Rock wel~. present wa~er sul~ply re- cei, ves no ,~-~e~trrmrrt except con- sta~ ~l~tien. Samp}es of wa~er se~t ~ the S~a~e L~bova- ori~s et r~gular intevvalls show this trea~nent is adeqtra~ for present comti~ions, qlhe repam~ h~ve been very ,good. Our pmbleen a the presev~ is ~a~k of acleq~ate storage Iacil~es. We ,tm~e ~had a made of our wa~er resom, ees, trans- portaion, and s~or~ge f,~ilil~e~ Our personnel is ,adequa~ ~_ ~ke cave of o~r production and ~nance. Our W~ter Su~a, in- te~derg. Oscar lge~in..has been in ~e de~t~rJer~t 20 years when this ~)r~e~S printed on May 20. He and. ~ s~ll ~ a good job. 'lie has, m 1~ cave, a ~0,0~ ~llon rank ~t ~e Whi~e tk~, a ..... i.~0,OO~) ,gallon ~ ~ town, 4230 - ~t"~o 8-inCh liwe, 9,150 t~et v~ 6-irm~ i~nm, 21,600 emit ~f 4-imch l~rm, 8,500 feet i~ ~ ~- ~na~ler f~et of 8-inch ,li_~e, 9,150 f0eet of ~ine ~o the west well and 7 miles ~f line ~o ~ Whi~e Rook v~tl ~dld, and 44 five hydraz~s. Free w~zr ,incurs lots of ex- before it ,bec~t~ a~a~l~ole to your kitchen ~ap. ~~ter com~e~- v~ion is still in ord~ nk~spi~ our Im~semt ~upply. NOTICE The JeweA,1 A~i Association ~s exuded the aa~e o ,~rchase ~fl~eir B~nq~et ~kets ~o May 27.h.. The H~h SChool ~rk~n will ,be opened ~t 1 o'~k on 30~, f~r the ov~ves~iea~e of Al~m~i av~ ~r~ee,~is Ix) meet for a social time. Athens Memorial Services A~mns Cemetery ~eano~i~l Sez- vices ~ ,be h~ld ~ay, (Me5r 30, ii:00 A. M. ~Ii~tary H~ors - C_der~ Elder', ,Ame~eam Legion ~tar ~mn~,ed Barmer - Mrs. M~x ~V~m Horn Acc~m~on Duet, "Onward Chris- l~iievs" - Mrs. ~V~ax Va~, ~d Chrys~ Van Horn. ~mo~i~l Address - Mr. Ray D. Bo~gaa~cl God ~less America - Mr. Bob Rose. Whitemound Democrat Caucus There w&ll be a Devnocra,t caucus for W~.h~i.t,exroun~ tce~mghi.p on ewe~i~g, l~y 26. ~11 Oerno- orats are requested ,to be tn'esent. ~ Comrn.igteeman. NCK Retarded Children Ass'n. To Hold Picnic at Smith Center The agort~ Cengral Kansas c~on ~or R~arded Ch~dren wi1'l l~ld ,a picnic J,mne 1. 7:00 P. M., a~ tt~e Old ,M~I in Smith Cen~er. ~ri~g I/~e ./~hole fam, i~y. Guest kers ~ili be Mrs. Brans0n, ~kt~n,t La~rence, and ~K.A.R.C., ~M~s. Howard Dur~an,. Day Care (~t~r, Topeka. There wilt be 75c dtma.tion per p~rson. Sinclair Rural High School Alumni Banquet June 6 'l~he/Mutant Banquet for the Sin- clair R~ral High School wilt be held at ~e SchoOl audii~ittrn in I.~rewelt, ILls., J~me 6, 1964, a 7:00 P. WL ,B~quet tickets ave $1.50 in advance--S1.75 ~ the door. Tiel~ts may be ~ from he ~o~o~inu: a~y~. w~, Preskien, Webber; ~m~ey yen, Vice-Rreside~, Wether;.- . ~le. Secr~ta~, Superior, ~eor., Mrs. Fay Vest~, Wether. John ~ and ~ AI~ v~ Oak. HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Will Be Held Tuesday, May 26 At Mankato High School Auditorium At 8:00 p. m. IJewell-Mitchell E0-op COUNTY S01L Eleds 01[icers C0NS VATION INFORMATION Fred C~y of Osborne; G. W. (Xhris~ear of Smith Cer~ter: and Rodn~y McC~on af Ma~.kao. The Jewell4Vii~hell Co-op serves approximately 4400 consumers i,n ~e rural areas of Smi+~h, Osborne. J~w~l ~ Mitchell coup, ties and of R.'epuba, ic, Cloud, O~ta~va, Lirmoln, t~ooks, Ph~Hips and Rus- sell eo~tSes, wi~ over 3000 miles of ele(f~ric line to mair~t,N.n. The Boawd L~ elected fr~n the mera~sh~p and ~qe~e men give a lot of ~aheir time i'n the in~erests of ~e C~pevative. --- At the vegul.ar monllhly meeting l of the Board of T~ustees of the Jvwe,)l-Mh~bell Cooperative Elec- tric Co., held on May 15, 1964. ~t the headquarters bui~lding in Man- k.ato, the officers for ~he ~mmg year were eleete~, with ~Jh,e fo~v- kng resutls: Presid~rg. Ted H Ra'ther~ of Smith Cer~ter; Viee-Pre~ide~, Eugene iMick of Alton: Secret~-y, Joe @1. Heidriek of I~loit; and Treasurer, ~veg "l~hu~mel of Es- ban. Other members of ~he Board ave Perry ~x of Cararker City; Open House In Newly Remodeled Building South of Wagner Drug Store Friday, May 2~ NOTICE JUNIOR LEAGUE BASEBALL MI~TING SUNDAY, ~AY24 -- 2:00 P.'M: MANKATO BALL PARK All boys interested in playing Junior League Ball this summer, please be present, or send word of intentions. I I I [ FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS From 10 A. M. to 4~P. M. FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1964 You are cordially invited to meet MERWIN PETERSON, Doctor of Dental Surgery and KENNETH NELSON, Jeweler at an Open House in our newly remodeled building just sotRh of Wagner Drug Store, Mankato, Kans. O. H. WAGNER and CHAS. T. NICHOLS ANNUAL MEETING I ESBON GRADE SCHOOL, DISTRICT 96 FRIDAY, JUNE 5 -- 8:00 P. M. III I WELCOME Bur Oak High School Annual Alumni Pot Luck Supper May 29, 1964 - 7:00 P. M. Burr Oak High Gym. For Alumni, Former Students, Teaehe~ and Board Members Bring your families, your frie~Is, food and service. II | MANKATO HIGH SCHOOL I P | Kansas National Guard Armory I Mankato, Kansas I! SATURDAY, MAY 30, 1964 -- 6:30 P.M. [| ~o1" Alumni, Former Students, Teaehe~ am [| Board Members ~| ~ring your families, your frie~Is, food a~ i] ..... '"' By Clyde Reed. Jewell County Work Unit Conservationist M.an3r fa~ners in the count~ ave mal~ir~g a serious e~fort to co~,trol ~t~e nocldimg ~hist'le. I~ is a serious weed ~ spreads ~apid~ly by seed. The w~ed*s c~me u!0 in ~e falq. live over win~er, and go. ~o seed in June and J~ly as does wSeat. The first year i.t may avpear as only one pla, n,t m a ~'n, al~ s~pot in the ~as~uve. Reee,r~tly o~e large vi,g~- ous pla~t was seen on the back side of a pored dam. another in~- vi,dual vlo~t w,as seen an a reseeded r~a~ve grass pas, m_~e of h]~s~n. ~e planet can vro&~ee as rnan~ as fo~W ~Ixm~nd saed~. Ga~e wilt. n0.'t graze near ,the pl.an~ and ~t starts ~ in any open a~ea. Reeer~tly a fa~er de~nowsta'aCed how ~0o id.en,tify the piam. You reach in yo~r pocket f~r your pocket knife m cut the plant off vith. ~ with ~t~e other ha~d ~ush the ,leaves back so as ao gel al; the ~t. You pull Four hand back im- mediately as the shnx~p spines k~p you ~rom foroing the ~0p ou of rt~e way. This is a ~eal goad way to i~er~tify the ~r~t: ~he n~tice- ab}y ~ spine~ On ~he edges off a~:t 1,e~ve~. ~he p~awt is da, rk green gr~w~_g ~'apid~ly now, much more vapi~y ~haw ~uhe~ ~istaes. Spr.~mg with 2. 4~D ~t th~ rate 1 poumt per acre will com~rol , e weed. I~t is get, ling ~a~e ~o spnay but some good resulis can still .be had. ~ is real irnlx~*mm~ ,to keep ttbe l~l~t from ~ ou~ as it spreads rankly once it ge~s s~a.~t- ed. The ~anac is lea~ng out rapidlF arid could be ~ no,~v. If ~g j~st smne~ it w1~ .be best ~o w~d~ a~othev week. B0ack_brush is earlier ~ surn~ and needs to be sm~c~ r~aw so pastures ~t ~mve both cot~/d ,be sprayed now. "ilhis w~'lt get corttrol ~f sumac, buc~tm~ ~ n~dd~g thistle m a pretW good degree. I~ ~ a pound of 2, 4-D ~cid per acre. .Weeds .su~ as ~hese are r~t e~tle ~eed ~n~l ~med ~ be cemlax~- ed m our ~ Cxm~tlir~ ~ir~creases the ~ a~l duct~y of our ~. ]yr's TI-~E WAT~ ~U THeft OOU~ Mankato Will Hold Eighth Grade Commeneement The fiVIav~k~to Eighth Grade x~i~l be held .Frklay, ~ay 22, 1964 a~ 8:00 P. M. at the H~a School Auditavium. lR~e p~tgrr~m: ~ Teresa Graham '~rriun~hel ~Mavch ~ovn Aida" ~ Rev. F~. Wer*h St. Temsa's Oa~o~ic C~ttcch W~.Icome P~d IVhmsay (~I:~ Alto ~a~m~e S~o Jeenetfm G~ut ~Wik~n Ememb~e 8th C~'ade ~and M~ "Sel~md Mt~mic" ,,~Iressm~ ~Reed ~tet~e but ~wa3rs Gi~l's ~nsem~0~e 5th Grade Cdr~s "I Whistle a Happy ~une" - Rogers & ~n Ace. Sawdy WEs~ W~l Pmr~d Esslinger (Matsic ~ah Grade Class "Where ,in ~he ~ld l~t Ln Anm~ica" - Wa~.ng (310~s P~ophecy ]~ltl~ne Co~fn~n ,Note ol Appre~a~i~ A~len, Po~ve ,ll Welc~rn~ to IIigh CZass John Htm#~r l~e~ion of ~ Board of Educati~ Claverme ~. D~r 'P~bert Ost, Treasurer Clyde .Reed, Clerk *~c~i~n ~. Ft. Wer~n ,S~. Theresra's C~tho~ie Church l%ecessional Teresa Graham Audience Standing I4an'mu~d Organ couvl~sy ~ the Ch~ ~ame~s memhevs of ~ graduating class are ~isted below: Frar~e Badger Ikmn Lealey Bavth~fl~m~ew ~N~av~yn J~ne Bowemox L .a~r~ Gene C~ ~oy Deav~rm ~ula Arm Crim Katt~ie Kay David P~rrest Wa~me Dewey Rober~ Ser~uel Dodd ,Ron~d Eugev~e Essliwger ~i~y Arm G~l~k J,e~ ~V~av~e G~out Lonzy ~ H~n RuZh ~rie 'I~unter I~d '/~]~en Jensen Mav-vin Eugene t~mVt, a Del ~Ierr~ll Cavil E~en W[o.%~r Bre~ada o~e~.n Marms J~y ~Mose~ l~ichm~ P~ul [lV~unsey Jer~ Lyrm NeESon Kend~ Lee OSt ~aura ~ Park A~le~ D. Powe]~ L .60 IN. RAINFALL * Clyd~ Reed. oCficia, l weather ~ ob~,er~er reports .60 o,f an inch * of rain T~(raday af,ternoon. * ~V~ay 19. High ve,mperamre for * the we~k was 94~ on Sunday. ~ May 17. and ~h.e low was 39 * Wednesday, May 13. * Dr. Douglas M. Fair Graduates With High Honors Dr. Douglas IM. Fair. son of IV~r. and M~s. F. ,R. F~air, ~, I~arm.. w~as graduaed, tt,,, fv0rn the Na- tio~al COllege of Chiropractic in Lombard. I~1., on ~May 8. 1964 w, ith the degree Do~or o~ C~iro- practic. The grad, uaion exe,relse~ wc~e held in ~IeC.o~mi~k P~ace, famed exhi%i,~ion eenCer located on C~ieago's l~ke .from. ~here were 45 in ~e ~raduating class and Douglas was one of 10. who graduated cure l~ude. Douglas, ~ke fl}e ~he~s who received ~ch~l~st~ic honors, received proper recogni~io~n ~ %he Graduation Program. I~a~i~g cornpIet~d four years ~ff prafessi~mml eduea%ion with eon- ce~tva~on in the basic sciences, di~g~stic sp~ci'ai~i~s and chiroprac- tic ~qa-mi.ples, he ~as a,lso emnplet- ed his ir~ternsh'i,p in" the coN~ge ethic. Dr. Fair and his ~eLlow gradu- ates l~ave the d~s~n~ti~n of beir~g the first g~0~p to graduate from the new 21/2 mi,})ion dollar campus in ~.e l~i~lac capitol of ~ worflfl, Lombard, Ill. :Mr. and ~vs, F. R, Fair, who wenet to Chicago ~o attend Che Gr~uation Exer~ses and Dr. and !Mm. Dot~g~las Fa~ ~ved in Man. kato Monday nig~h. Douglas m~d ~a, '~ ~a~n'ily w~,l ~ ~n Mankata ~hile (Do~wlas ta,kes the s~a~e ~o~rd in se~erai sgates. Center Twp. Republican Caucus The ~epublican caucus for East and West ~Precinc~s of Ce~er t~wn- shi~ ~ be Iteild m the o0n%muwi%y building, Tuesday, June 2. at 8:00 P.M. Forrest Fair. Dale Mahaffy, C