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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
May 14, 1964     Jewell County Record
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May 14, 1964

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: Thursday, May 14, 1964 ~ ~,~ ~ 1 ~. ,axt u~,, ,~r~ coors, ~ ~, 2:o0 P. M.. a.t .... ~ me~ of ~te'S~tur~.y in l-I~Nnlgs, , c~me f~om S~. ~s, K~., ml se~ we~ to ~ex~s ~o help ~blm. Flm~ee VCe~ ~ ~ Se~,i~r elta, ss Oarvvk~, re~tmr~d a'~r~. Pau~l R.a~t~txm stxmA Sa~ur-I~Y ~rc o~ Mother's D~y dim-mr ~e dau~h,t~r m~d ~m he~p .... ~s~ ~ ~ 4, ~ 6 of ~ Sur~ay ev~r~ing from ,Lhe ~ ~d S~,ay "m M~r~h~ttan ~ ~t. ~h,e ]Ddavin Ros~ h~nne..~Ir, a~.d ~ ~ ~ flyby. 1 . ~oamy ~Is iM~a~3a~riI~i~ ~ ~ .on 'Ph~y ~v Sneak spen!~ ,~ Ocean ~ter~edtM~r'slMya~t~hed~.~rrnlM(~. ~loldPm'-~sar~tf~lyw~,reI ~/Ir. a~d ~Im, (Meg.v.in. tl ~., .Mr. ~ Mms.,of *.he t~ne, settm ~he ~ office, ~ of-lWanda ~ end Trey spent were ;>tm~,ay droner gues'~s o~ M r. tmet a,t ,cne. eh, u~ch :Mk~day a~0ter- ~men at /~tal. [ ~m~.y o~ No~m., i ~ f~, ~he ~ ~1 arid ~ Sur~ay w~h Mrs. ElM Anderson ~r~d M~r~' Dad,e Cx~pin. n~n ~o make out ~e bi-~-m~a;1 re- uM~r ~,nd Mrs. 1benny K mper ~ tGem-~edy o~ Wi- ~ .... I C~z Ihhr~t~y. A s~ck t~e~ yeas ~. m h~n~ .c,.f Mother s Day rand ~o T, be V,Club melr~bens and ~.r ~I)O~ ..... ~ . ~ and ehi.!~ enfloyed ~ee cream ~t ~M"~r. ~f Cald~etltt, I ,,.~, .... .-~,,+,.~ I joyed ~t ~ in .the G-~tsr Park A lW~ndas bmthdas-, husbmTd~ e,n~]oyed su, pp~r Tue~tay } ~M:rs. _~on ~onval~m of Omaha [the Mel,vm Sn~p!ey .borne Sunday ~1 K,c~ off Burr [ ! ~ ~ ~ i/:% l'~ I1~ ~ 1 ~he sheriff's' ~iee ~hey enjoyed a I ~tenda :Lee Bart~ey a~d Davrc,H evemng ~a,t ,t~e Un, i, on l-I,o~el i'n Sup- I spent :the week-'end wi,~h her f~t~- ev, erm~g. ..f ~y MRS. ~OVONA BARTLEY demo~t~iort, of ~alvi~g . frogger-' Thayeri ~f'-'~S~pe~ir .... we~e SaCurday, crier ....... . l erlwrWyli~an I~'irkpa~trickMrs ~ , , I . M~t~er'.s Da~. c~irm,~r ~,~-ues~s~ of. .M~. N~ds v~ted! p~mts. A~t the Reoord office *kmy evenng ws~,ors at ~b~e Glenn t~a~-! .Ber~ (MeKeo~n of Super:or was . d . Dw ght Mmr ea~I- M~. and.Mr~. Gtenn Jon e~ .were or, N, rand Her- I ..... "-" ..... ~ saw ,tu~e Burr Oatk I~d being 1 ~Y ~,ome. Home made ice ca~am a Thursd~ay evening supper guest [ e_d Sund~y cn Mr. and Mrs. Edwin ~5~s. V~.0_,a Joshes, Nh, s. era Frye, ~er ~e wce~ev~t. I Ior~ P.T.A. met ,M~'~day eve~-Ip~m,t~d .and B~ ,gave each one a was e~joyed :~t the Tom tMeKeo~,~ h~ne. g~o~.. . . Mr. D ~urward Frost and Mr. and frankly visited her ins ~ ~.ficers were ~-t~t~Hed for name pl,a%e ~ a ,lx~a% at ear~dy. I .l~s. Nazel ;Hen:r~ing~n of Bek~it M,r. ar/d Mrs. Dwigl~t ,Ma,rr and [~ W,~.he Kmkpa~rK*k, IVh-s. Eleanor l~s. Claude Prc,-zt. ~rs. Fred Brady,, nex~ y~a: Preskter~t, ~l~n Wit- AI ~he aVI~eum each received a !was a Mo~er's Day gues~c a,t ~h,e ~an~i}y were Sur~day visitors of Mr. wf= ~spm, and M_r. ~ ~Irs. Ran M~s. M~bel I~ind~ler and ~M_r. a,r~d son; Vice I:'r~ider~t, Harold S~h~e.-!i~lishe~l slx~rl~ of ,hN ~.~'ce; and lJan,mmgs Bcvg~': he:me, a,nd dV~rs. Tom My~,rs. I K.onvatm ,~ Omaha were Sunday Mrs. Bn'l. H.c,ffhi:nes ace~mpanacd dy ~ his dg~g~- ma&er; Secre~ry, I~.ty Burk ~ qthe ~ ~a,~e each a hire-lithe and Mr. a, nd ~M~. ~on Becke~" and Mr. a, nd Ma, s. Everett Sper~eer c~ ]mnnyr g.ue.s~s~t ,t~.~ Wal~lard J,Gtm- Harry Kindler ~nd Joy ~.o Grea,t ~l ~V~ Jett~'y Tre,~urer, Rex ttenn~ngstm. Ipe~eil. (Mis. P~nokt Rose a,nd ~s. l~M'elody were Sunday vis~,t~rs 0 Botse, I~a~o, arid [Mr. ~d ,Mr& ~ name m ~Ul~_z'~r. bend on Sunday wh~re ,,they spem~ kmia Grad~ S~. ~al stttder~s in~ C_~eanJn Baredey, r~mn n~t~evs, ae-iMr, and ~Mis. Lester Sd,tes. i David Dem,avay c~tl~d Wednesday I~,f~an~Y_~ia:pton, Lind~ Wood ~ ,~'e day wi,~ M~.. and Mrs. RGber~ ' ~t a ~ht~l~er~g- Grafle~ 4 to 8 ~.j05'~t a p~rW.. ~t eompa'r~ied ~e group. I~ wins an[ Mr. and Ma's. t~atl:~h McHenry, 'af~eamoon ~t l~e .I~ei,t~ McKeownlX~man~e l-le~a~ were ovev-~igh~ I~md, ler and g~ls, and brou~h~ ~y s~rn~. A ,gh~ ~e set'reel h~use .~escl~y ex~emng., enjoyable and ed~a~ti~r~ day for Kerme~ and Lyfle, of Be!o~,t, Mr. l~orrm, u~'ues~ u.'u~y of .Mrs. El~m~r /Mis. Hoary Kindler h~ne wi~ , to every m~" ~t Tbe~y x~epos~t a mc~ ,tm~e a~d re- ' ~tl. . an~ ~Mas. Don Sc~d~t arid family, Kermy IteR~m,r~ sper~t Stmday { ~n~spm. . ,l~hern. Carol ha.d been .'there ,~e School. ~re_~.m~ts were serv~ a~t lhe[ M,r. ~ (Mrs. Rolan.d.K~aps ~ve l a~d Mr. and 'Mrs. Al~[ved Dun~am e~ern~cn w~ Tommy Rathban. 1, .~n'e nmm~_rs off lhe Wetter ~ ~week bedpans ca.re for q~he t~,zr of Burr Oak e]a~2 of t~he evenang. Th,urs~ay ev-em,.r~g wsTt, o~'s of Mr. twere Su:n~ay win, tots ~f Mrs. A~ma Mr. ~rlfl M~,s. We~detlll Int~vmi~ll ,wla~ake .4-H Club who have. gm~s. Gary K~nd, l:er e,f Saairm was Fa, id~y ~t his tmmel M._r. "a~l Mm. P0ufus ~.n~ester .and M.,~. J~rm-~ B~ger anfllSch~nkt,t and Glen. They aid on- of JeweE, ~Ia, s. ~ In, termi,ll horses met vcz~bh ~ CAe~om.d!a ~eek-end gueSt of ,tile R~bev~ joyed a fish supper, and eh,~ '~en e{ McmYmse, Mr. amd Stmcl~y ,afternoon ~cr instr~ct~o~. K4.'n~ers, N~0 IM..r. ~r~d Mrs. Dean Leon,acd and Mrs. Les}i,e Elickson and ~availy on ~r~Lrdrrg and shGwing horses, j ~Mr. m~d M,rs. l?~'yce Dodd wen~ :Mrs. Sa~e Ir~Itl weve l The W~bbe H~'n~rs Ex- lx~ H~in,gs on Sa,turdey ,~o he]~p- SurK~ay dinner guests ~t ilhe Wiy~3~ i,~ension Olub rn~ ~t ~ h'3'me off Mr. ~ (M~. Jm'ry Hickmma ~ir~i~h lr~rmi~l home. N~rs. W. W. Gun~, Tue~:t~y a~ter- moving ~ their ne~v home. Mr. 'm~d ~Mxs. Dlos,