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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
May 14, 1964     Jewell County Record
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May 14, 1964

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I,t is ~e Te~f~ Sta~ wl~ere ~ess cb2idven a~d ~red husband came for ~est and food far ~t~e body ~n~l for @he soul - argl ~t~" si~m~ct in k-~i~g it a g~- kr~g c~-mer~. -rash- But how did Mmmna dv ~t? ~ meant care ~'~ sickness, sympathy in ea-oub~e - en~ess f~ps ups~ and d~w~ - darning a~ at ~i~l~t w~le we slept - pridv ~n our s~hr~'l ~rium~hs - ~ ~o me~g~r ~ fr~n ~he t~a-m~ ~ emugh ~o pay ~ard~~. iB~ she was ~ey, ~oo, for she ~ l~r pre- ceder and e~an~e, ~ Chr~n ~ving and Sair de~fl~,g. anab- The cure of our poismaed, described ~ ~zmsawl y~ers a~, ~n, ~he sin~l homes of ~. ~y u~ and re- ~ of ~e eleme~ ~t i~cee nmd~ .A~e~iea gre~t, we w~tl be s~fe i~, our SJ~e ~i~s. -n-a~ ~m~e ~:~ife, , ~th~r ;ore, b~bie~ m~l gmxle~. ~ at head of ~e ~Wale, ~ f~r blessings received. Mmrm~ ~ushed m~l happy over ~e sa~. ~actic~ of ,l~v~g a ine mev:l ~p- p~d. - F~m~ly co~ & ne~.~ ~e~ - g~- ers -such ~s ~'~e esserme of Wra~d Pekoe. ~tm ~v Night" S~tu~ay vtight or~ ~J~ was fine. - The,~ w~s ~ - -R could~ have ~een better ~f ~e had ordered 4,t.- l~sy ar~l M~ ~c~g~; ~f ~opeka were wi~h M~s. Daisy ,Ov~ 'm'~l ~ Heisz ~as v/s~g wi~ ~s. ~tm~. awd Ve sca~e. W~s ~bappy ~ ha~e ~ in m~r barae f~r a,sh~ne. * * ~ ime ~m start om ~S ye scribe s~pped at ~e ,home of ~.r. az~d RVIrs. Wir~ Srnikh arUt e~jos, e4 R wisi wi~ Wia~t's sister, Audrey, (M_~ '~h-ank Titf~ o~ Wi~ita). - Also had a good ~i~ ~arRh ~rs. Brown. man, or of Fva~ Tiffany,. who makes h~r home w1~h Audrey. - ~v~ Brow~ is a ~ z~aa~arl~hle ~i~y, says ~e is past 94 yea~ of ~e, ,l~t x~vy spry m-~d her ~ so keen, m,xt She keeps up ~n current ~ - I s~y~d up ~w~ ~r supper and ~ ~t L~r~e's Cafe on ~u~h ~I]S. - AS, ~ve~ce 'a~l Bess Mee~ev. - ~ns. ~b C~a~mn ~ ~f~ie Dew~ w~eve our ~ficim-rt ~ers. - V~m '~le~r ~ from Montrose sa~ oppastte ~ u~ - IMr. arid Mar,~ Don 5M~d~ffy s~ et r~ext ta1~le. - We ah~o ~ ~]~ B~/ls, R. R. Mfl, tsr and RVIr. end Mrs.. ~en Dewey ~f ~a~m0so. * * I forg~ ,~o .ttwn ~he v~ c~f my flo~v~r beds, m~l ~ ~o sa~e ~ .~,~p ~ome, so just ~ my good neighbor ~y, Jerry P~u~ke, stud be ~ ~o chore ~r me. * * Fouad ~ ~ busy ~t 'Boog~ts. - Cecil ~1 and Gwen *~ ~t ~ check-out extorter. ~fike l~ourke, D~ia~ Me~er, er~d Jahnny W~l~x~ were carry boys. -,1~ay Kivd'ee~ and M~s. Ibex Sei~ea" ta~ ~the mea~ ~amter, m~d I M~a@er Larry ~u, L~ry ]were working ~ ~e stove. * * ~i~z~te ~ rem~ber seemg or ga~k- ling ~co reeve: ~ ~ Sips, ~s. C,havles Ar,~mw~. IMm. I Olin-erle ~eck, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Jon~s. * A ~e U~e Thes~e A Personal Note? Ati~tr ~Deing ~e~cl avid Showere~ ~h gi~s arid ,flowers on M~o~hev's Day ~0m oh_~Idren, ,gwm~Ich~ speci~ &wy ~as made ccar4~ete V~hLe,n my cc~re~n~r~. W~t Smi.,~h, lefit wfl~ ~ at my ~kxa~ - I mm~nber th~ n'm~r d~d me ~h~t she l(n~d o ~et ~iki fl~vem. ~cl~ed by her I&Re Weltmer m~as sdltling eiel~ets. ....... su~ ~t wot~ m~l Rnd w~s cotle~ng ~hern. * * t~ve been ea~Sea" for Wi~ ,~ ~o ~o, ~uess evevyc~ay e~0~s e~t~v~g "" , - .... m~d -st ~lavams, t~t '~ a crowd .w~as ~t Kier's &all ~ha~:Is ~l~e ~l"~ep~01~e ~ g .. , ........ ~ .... [~he ~cl ~ vi~h Ore me-lousY.- w~ ~a x~y [doub~ ,~elvome {Ira, Daffy ~"f~l~r, .Darmis Thorrm~, and of course, Oara Carter "~ *t ' . ,IV~r El~er/En-~k ~f Wel,li~ton Jerry, v~ seem ~o be ~xtm~. - ' is v'~ng at ~e ~cawe c~ ~ gl~mazt: ,Guy 'Carfmr ~as ~t~r~g for Corn. daugh,i~v, ~Iz~. Hea~b Luw .g~m, ~ * C.~brt~l mad . Helena MT~.k.Ltm~ m-gt ~d~y, ,t~nm N~ejesdm~l~,b ~ ~etti~g b~aght a cem ~ eggs, ~]en proceeded ~o get ~ ~-vcerlee - Remimi~l ye ~ibe of our eer~ da~s on gdhe ~m~'n. - W~ben we we~ ~o r~e ~ro~ery stare ,~ buy sugar ~ coffee (~bo~ 'all the g~ie~ we needed ~or we most everygh, ia~g else) we ~x)ok enough eggs o pay ~)r Che sugar and coffee.* * * O~evs we saw w~c tM~s. (Roy Basalt, ~rs. I, SaCherine Gvi~es, JOhn Di, avnon~t. ~nd G~en Wi~ley. * * We can ~l- wa~s ~ wh~ ~khe pict~tve dm~ is over ~ ~ook~ c~f chi~ldve~ swamn ~to ~he Wagner and H~e D~g Stoves. - ~ evening w~s so nice, vge ~a~ri.ed e~e~,g l-~e street end sa~ many. - ~rar. and .'Mrs. h~e~le B'h~v ~ ~t~g f~ the 01~hSren ~a) ge~ out of the show. '* * Saw I, ra "Bam~6~e Mr. and Mrs.. I~lph Jobmson.- C_.~le~ x~isi~d wkh ~ ~, ~ho is ~r~ b~ in Smith CevA~ arid ~ikes his ~d ~n. Th~ 8pi ~ ~ ~ was having an i.rt~,est~ng ~ahk on ~e bendh m fwan~ of Frank ~g~m"~ store. * * W~m~ ~vee h~ppy ~aced chil- dren an ~e street, e~j~ying ,~em- ~.haes ~ a qui~t way. - I asked ~hern who Chey ware mid ~hey ~x:ild. - Devon, age 6. ~, age 4, and ,I, evry, age 3. - They were the (fl'fiJ- dre~n of IMp. m~d ~s. Rex Ken- rmdy. - I)ermis ,tol~ me he .'had an akt~r ,bv~her, /Da~mie 8. ~VIrs. K~ermedy s~t in ~he ear whi'~e Rex tackled ~o a ,~oup of men. * * * * O~'~rs ~ s~w krml~led M~ude C~vt- r~r, Eda~ Htttl. ~ Smi~, Bess K~ramer. ~Mxs. ~r~r~cis FrFe. * * * Hope .~o see you next SaCur~T nigl~ * * * ~, he ~ ~ ~ men-Jbemw~s~e~m~r~r, They 1rope@ t~ wouki z~t ,be ~he ~t - ~ visited ~ ~the ~mmes ~o see ,the~ projects. Th~ were ~ierl rrmoh in~e~t ,m~ct v~lue ,~o let it by ~ tmmemtm ~nd l~v. ~M~ilikr. s~p. * * T~e L~he~an Lad~es $/~r. and ,~r~s. Joe ~ of S~d~a~ C-axle, Kansas ~ iMm. Dove~a Pate ~ c~it~la-~ w~xe Sunday e~ening supper gusts in our ~oane. Joe ~md N,e~bi*e la~te ~ spent sarved a ~_~e l#anqueu - I enjoyed good compare. - M~'. ~r~d {Ma, s. Bob IMrs. Thai~e Oh~$g ~t my .right. * * O~ss ~ ~:1~le s~t .Elsie Hooker, Eiizabelah Nichols and Ruby Davis. - ~av~her ad~n~ She ,ta~ble were J. E. ag'~d V'ivian !M.oan. Al, vah amd Pauikrm aM~n~usen. * * Sattwdasr, I was a,t ~fl~e l~tmdvom~ and .bad a visit w~bh LM_~s. Dan Rosey. - She had 'her ~x 6a~ old ,bo~, Richard Waste. width her.- ~Ie Socked ~lhe picture of ea~tea~ne~t. lying on ,khe ~Oidmg ~,~hle, dressed in bl~,e night elofl~es, whJ~e ~is mofl'~r ~ .~e vea_~mg arid d~-- i,ng. * * * While .at Love's ~e I x, is~ted with prebty cur}y he~ed Pa~ty. - I ~ked her wh, erz ~,e ~ot bar dianVles ~d ~he s:~id. "l~armrm m~de them." STEUBEN NEWS IBy MRm. J,YM.q.N HANSEN ~V~r. ~cl hf~vs. John ~ awd Mx. ~.nd M=r& ,Mva Tyler a~d ~m- i.by w~ve M, oth~r's DaT dha~er guests ~ Dr. a~d ALv& Jorm (R. Fer- gu~om .m~d boys at C.~y~e, Mr. ~nd ,M~. H,>~e Ren~,:r of ~-~,ar~h~c~a~ were ~o ~a,as:.s m ,t~e Ferg~sc~ h~z~e. M~r. ~d ~I~s. I~el~c~t S~e~msoa h~ad ~as ~Mothar's Day ~inzmr gue-~s. ~Mr. and ~M~. Drarrel ,Mic- l~a, el .m~d ,Cayman. ~Irs. Lena Mic- hael cf Red ,Cloud. D,~e F$~gi~, Rut,h Stevens.m c~ M~m:dzaOtxa ~md John Stew-~,n~n of H'ays. J, arwt Tyler ~ge~,t F, ridasr ~tew- no=n and ,evem,:an~g with h~--m t~r