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May 12, 2016     Jewell County Record
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May 12, 2016

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8B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursaay, May 12, 2016 'Four Ways from Northbranch By I;rma Di$lon ii mm Aslhe mmg goes,"Spring is Bu stia" Out All Over!" Beautiful green wheat and lawns, ~,ith nzuny flower beds ~akhag up with wonderful color~. Vict. . an avid eurkey hunter front De,~er, s'layed pan of his vacatitm in the awe Ins| week -- loving every ,ninut of it! He is a friend of Greg and Gayla Flavin, w-Ira intnMuced him to LizzieLs House and the Diillms several years ago. He enjoys Gayla's go gt ct~kha' and the visits he has with them as well a.s his n~sllul, quiet nights at l.i2zie'n. "]'he turkey hual is an added ple~,Sl~ially being succegsful,r He wasaThursdayeveolng visilortffJohn and Errr~. Maurice and Earlene Jel'fcry. Herb ar.] Ro~'ttilJeft~'ry and Marilyn Je ffery ;+he nded IheOffutt I I S. Air Fo~econ- eert Wexlne alay evening at Superh)r. It v,',~ an en.Flyahle evening listening to ,UlX'rh nl~.~;~ciens. .~|atlriL'e and Eurlene Jeftety at- I q d,'d the open hon ,~' and award>, I~- ~ntation~ at RHH S "tburs,Jay evening. A tle~,~erl txtr was ~ervL'd after~ard~ AI~=. Jean f Yav is ~.'cllnll-anicxl T~x:kl and la)~r on Thur.~day evening to Rl~.'k ttHIs High Scht~ll for the awards presenlatitnl.~. Grant was tree of the inauy student, whtl received various awards arm ~'holarships. ATthtlugh nl~ tree has mp, rted t- me ! am sure there wen other Mudents froln this ~tr 'a whn recx'ivcd a~,a M~. Samand Aiy,'eGill ll relurr~ from a 15day bu~ ~tmrof theCanflinas. First stop was Tamacac'k. W.Va. at the arts and cult'~ center I~ .~e the t~=a:al orli- xans. Tlten it wa~ on I~ MI. Airy, N =C h|lnlcll o vt- n := I- And)' Gri ffi th. traveting the out,:r hanks of Nm'th Carolin~ hy ferry they saw the Wright Brother Na- ti.n:d MelllOrial.('ape Hot~eras. Bodie l.ighll~mses and wade+J in 1he Atlautic ('k'e.m. "['v,o ~ighls were pas~=d :K Myrtle Beach. S.{' and ~ uing the sighh, around them. Next ~.a.~ Ch~rl ton ~here Ihcy t )urt J the U.S.S. Yorktown Ai=craft ('arrlcr. o~, nlcm- Ix'r hi' their group had .~rved on the *,hip. the) ~;m the ('it,Met and Fun .'~Ulllpler. plus the ('itv M;.|rkel. "['1'~' ', bated the ('har~enhm'Tea Plantati~m. the nnlv tea plantalitm in America One da~' w;e, i~ S:t~ :mn:~h. Ga. Arth'- i~g in (q~arhlne. N.(' Ih group vi~ itL'~d the NAS('AR traci, with Iwt'~ laps -'mlund the lm~'k asahighlighL Day I~ hrtlugin a trip to tl~.' Billy (irahanl Librar2, and the P, iltm~re Ib;lute. [h~ next clay lhe.~ Iraeeled ht ('herokc~ lndi;tn 'VilhL]:C ,rod S,m~y Mountain Nal i,m;=l Park I he la,I nighl ~,a, in tl'v.' SI l.~u,i Xl=~ ,~c~=. 1hey had dinm't ~,lttl ~,HI|". Ik'pI,t'v, a,|d lilt'cc'~. ] ~'1 ", h.ik]l'F'] xx't,'l~ lit,L" |ll.k%.'~,",t |TI atk.lUt .~.{1 se h I he llcilhcu, Ill ii~.e ,altLJ hI~ l:inl- ;I~, conle~ up to d~,er hur,t ,n the f=,II. Marl lyn JLqfery ;,~d Connie Shuldu ,w:t i,t M:mk:no Friday and attended the tr, LCk meet loUt~her ('onni c;in'~e hLnue ~ilh Marilyn and stayed the ni~2h~. t1~' Iv, o ~ll' tlk'm attended the iiv.~thc~-daug|ller ~ak,d sUlt0cr in Burr ( ).tL Sdl u rd;|.v eve hang. ('onto k* tet uu~ed tt, hL'r In~,xl -Itcr tl,c nupfK'r. |~,R~,~ ~':trl'P 'f r 'olltinue~ Up ~,utter wzth .s leg pn~h~enl, v.hich t|~X'hm, ".ecm,=~l~ have n=q fi,und LI'I'~ .'|n~'~,t'r I~ kl I-e|~ tt]e ~'l,'tillltl lilllC ,he I1:[~ ~,utyed L'L J'L'~ I I~.'= "=- Ill lilt' lIL~',pit-'d, hat i~ h~ilile :r l.t iv KCrlllit ~tld [.o.vce Jeffery anti Marilyzl Jell'~-n .i, filV.'d L~the~ at the t'~mUllunil) hulhliil,~ ira .ManLy,to for t}h;" .%.'].t|tht'r [);~', It~,tlk'he*ql 4,tit .~Ult- da}. "J'hi~. +a,J,~ ,t I'uml r:,i~in~ L'~, '+.It "1" nl~ored b) Ilk' +M,=ukah*( "h,mlx.'= ol t "~||lll~'[Cg'. ~ r1111t dud ~.~,+.=" J+:th'r~, ~,l,~lt+.'d I.~ipIH-I I|uckk':, ~41kLL", ,dt~rli~,qi ,|1 IhL" M.LI~-LLIO I. I'( ",diLl ,I I'~t'~ ~, IIMt Vtt ,4 I't-|t v, ith Earl t ~tekle~ v.ho came h, ~e+." I ,~m.ie, I~.LI1 ;,Ind t. .'t]l [:rtl.%l ~ t.'ll, t I'~q ,'~tltlOtl Sunday ;rod h:~l Much ~illt tln.'nd M;~rk. 1- and ('o,v ('i,rl~oll h~r .Moll~: r", I )a~. In Ille Ml' m,'~ln. Itrettda and. I. I.L I~qlcd ~, IUI " Ile~.~ tltil~L';', I~.~r I~ r de~k ~i,lv Ihc pn~ ~ i,(led. .Nl~.'Ci.Li hl ,~,aal~, v.Cn: in .',toix" e - wciall> tm ~nother, at Nortid~v,l.cil I:ricnd ~ ( "hurch'~, S~.iI~LIU)' '6 t~r~hip ~er- ~, I*-,'LL IL=,qor JO!lt "e.r.'lc~1.1ntd "k 2['}'.l.lllle and ga~ e ;.in11,ttilli,CL'l'fl~l~l,~. NU~I"P, ZBIg~; p~.t.~ er reque~d, ~en~, nmed anti l:i ~ e,I ,pect.d lime Ill prayer. ,",tu ~ician~, ~ oc Ro Ot~-r ]el'h2i'.~ utld Kelly McNictiol druni ,~], h~. Br.ld~, J l'ferv. [Inlter~, ~,c~e lli,i '~,; n~='t. '['c~.lJ J .;ffery and IJta,I ]efier~. [he ~=qzan ol'fen~ary playtxt b> Er~, I )I11L~r! '~ asan ~ rrange- rnent of "'J -u- h ] old of All.'" l:vcry- one ~ ~l~:lv2=l .i dKwt ~ ~de- ~a hich k'd the ~i .'~er~ to think Ihc', v, ere ".t~.utch- inn a~.'~oUn oh il,~et~. J,e'~ . itlt ~,eveml job ~eker Requiren~ents ~ re t~ly un:lcceptahlc - 24.7. 36.5 days. etc. Tumsout it ~a~, 1he r~quirvmenl,', of a niother. Pa ;~or Jon's II'J~S-"~l,~e. with ~:dpmre taken from M.'qlhcv, "q), v, as a~mt a BiblEcal m~.~Lller, wll(l~e n;.ttlle is nnl ~iven. bul the molher of the ~ll't~ nf Zehide, Jitn'll~.~ and J'olm, tier re- quest of Jegos ,'a~ that I~r son~ be granted her wish that they be allowed to sit on His rsb~l awJ left side at the lh/xme She didn'l know whal she wus asking fi~r. as the~ wer~ 1he seats of powo' and would lead to the crt'~,s. Becau~ o| G0d's sacrifice we can approach the throne ,ffGt'a] whh botd- ness. Time ,~a~, g/-ven for lht~e who wished to ~lurt' ~,oinething aMmt their n~t~ers. Wanda Warne~ gave a read- inF at~ut mothers, followed by having pretty+ little fio~,er lUllS pas ~d out lu each mmh~'r. After ~veral weeks of absence, il "~a:', ~tx'~l tO have I.aVa ('qo~ r h+'~ck in the servk'e= AI~), col- h.'gc stude]llS Callum McNichols a~J Kelli Jelt~'ry were pre-'~ai. Words to live and love by for your lifetime: I. (.)nee al [ village rs de~id'ed to Way for rain. on 111 duy of I~aye4r ~*ll the IX.'opl gatherer.but only o~ae Ixly came with an umbrella. That's faith. 2. Wl~n y~su t klxW,' a b~hy in the air, she I~ughs because she k m'tws you wiff catch her. That's trust. 3. Every night we go t. bed, with- OUt any assurance of being alive the ne~t nK~rning.bul still we ~ 1 tl~e alarms t- wake up. That' hope. 4. We plan big things for to n~)mlW in spite of ~cro kflowk.'0ge of t~ve ta- tuft. l'hut's u~ttnFldence. 5. We see the world suffering, hut sli II we get married and have children. Thal's love. b. On an old man'sshirt was written a sentence, "l am not l~ years old, I'm sweet 16 with 74 years experience." "l~at" s at titu Je ! Jewell By Rob= Hold | Frank arm Thelma S~tton were in Wilson Saturday n ight fora patio party and dinner honorin~ their son Jeff's birthday at TheWil~on I-.Iotel. Thog in attendance were: Jeff Shelton, Kylea Shdton+ Nalh~m Strasburg, Frank and Thelma Shetton, Taylor and Jordan Staah, and the hostes.s. Dehra S~ah, Lasl Tuesday evening sevefal Jewell residents attended t~e concer~ al the Brown Grand Thealer, Concord~a+ peesented by Benny Dia- mond and the Jewelts. They performod several musical n~mbers popularized by ar~i ~{s ~'dch as Johnny Cash. Last Wed~yRachd, Ketma argl Frosty Crouse held a Cinco de Mayo par~y at The Scoop. Thirty-oar People attended the fun-filled ahemoon. Kerma gave an intc,~mstin8 mlx,~t on the origin of tined de Mayo Day wh ich is celebrated ia the USA, Members of the United Methodist Women went 1o B lott Thar Xta> and ate lunch and then visited tl~ msident.s of the lor, g term care umts al the Mitehel[Counly Hospital and the Hill lop Lodge Nursing Home, R~ and Brenda Goodwin are in Jewell visiling relatives. Betty Jang~s wa-~ a Mother's Day weekerM g~st of her daughter Susan and family in Manhattan. Saturday evening At|an and Etva I:olsonl and Linda Woern~r p~a,V~ music all'he Scoop which ma6e for an enjoyable evening. There were .some couples dancing tl~ "Jitter Bug" and other darn'us. The poppies on lead SiR, e~ are b]eom mg againlhis year. This reporter moved to Jewell in 1954 and the IX>p- pies were blooming at that time al ,~l. No one knows how old 1hey arc. Roberta Holdmn had u Molher'~ Da) dinlk? r wllh Brian Williams. WovJ was rex'rived here that Rex Henning~n. a Iommr Jewell ms~dent. had Iallen and broke his co~'lar bone. The death of Bill Baldwin, Salina, o~curzed Ibis week. He formerly was from Jewelf and graduated with the Claxsof 3940 from/ewell High Sch~mL Joe, Cindy and B raelynn Smith and Charla Monty, Glen Elder. were St,n- day evemng callers on Roberta Huidren. Trinity United Methodist Church ohge~'cd M,~lhcr+s Da) b) sharing flowering plants witls the women of the ~mngregat~on. The choir presented "Holy+ Holy, Holy" as their fmat spe- cial music number until fall. Both the choir and the director. Linda Wormer. were recognized hy the congregation for their hard work and dedication. Pastor Jim Rice us~.x:l Exodus 16:',4 thrtmgh 18 and/ohn 6:35 in reminding those present no110 m~y on their own st:~nglh, wisdom and abililics ~.s thai limits the Gtgl we are trying to serve. He urged members of the conere~a- tion to invite people not into the insti- tUlion b0t inlo a r |ationship with Christ. Frank and Thelma SheLtoa spent Sunday with her mother at The Nieal Home. Glas o. The Sh lton's took Mother's Day cake, which was share6 with several residents. Last Week*s News Earl and Shirley Varney attended the annua| tool show held at York, I Limestone Valley Garden Center ] Se2 Ling Also offering Armuats Perennials, Custom Potting Vegetable and Fruit Plants and Hanging Baskets Gift Certificates BARN PHONE 785-378-3283 Now Open Hours Sunday - Friday, Noon - 7 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. over the weekend, Tllur~kty the Red Hot Jew lls went to Agenda aftor first geRinglost. While there they Hsited th ommtmity's four interesting shops. Some m'* filled with new items and others with antiques. Soamof~eantiqueseame from Texas. In the beck of the sbop~ there is a beaulifnl gar0e~ filled with water falls and ma~y interesting flowers. Roberta ~aoldre~ attd ~va Folsom plaml~ the y's o.ting+ Next month the Red Hot Jew+lls from Glen El~r will atruge the ~tivilies for Umt month. Brennan WillY, as, Non~m, was hem for the weekead visiting Jewell refa- tiv~. Mr. m'~ Mrs. I.H Myers. Lindslxa'g, were Sunday gusts of her sis~ca, Ark-in Carlton. L ighArma Johansen. G mr. ha, Neb, visited her mother Katen Matteson Friday lkrough Monday+ Tuesday Mr. and Mrs Robert Hiller came foraearly Mother's Day visit, Borrit is so cold for this time of year and it has mined off and on all week. Sunday door be]Is rang sounding the delivery of cute and much appreei. amd ]inle May baskets. BrookeWi]|iams, H.tchtnsoa, was a Sunday cutler on Roberta Holdrot. Murray R~hefC~usewent bowl- hag in Concur~tin She ~ her friends eeleh'at~ the end of the bowling sea- son wi0t a pi+,2a party. Kerma Cmuse w, ntlo North Platte, Nets Friday and taught a class Satur- day for Ch~lron Stme College. Tbis is the i~t ciass al Nor~l~ Plalle for the s ~$tex. Friday marked the 142nd anniver- sary of the charlering or Jewell'sTrm- ily United Methodist Chtaxh. Fr~nka~Thelma Shelton hadhmch with her Mother Stmday at the Nicoi Home in Glaseo, and a]~cajoy 0 vis- iting with several othermsidents. They came home ',&rough Cono0~ia and met Jeff Shelton and Debra Staab for coffee. Thelma Shelton arm Y~,am Walls had lunch together Saturday in B toil. They had beendoing garage sales. The Walls ~efl early Sunday morning for t~irhome in Colorado, hopin8 t~ a+.~0id any extra snow. l Randall By Fawna Barrett Thunder and lighming in the 0ight Satur~y. Just a s~'inkle in town mad north of town reported, lO of an inch. Sunday ~ighL into Monday morning, more rain fell measuring 1.5 inches here in town. The RandaLl Church Board met Thursday evenin~ and set,ted mate- rial for new drapes for tlx san lua:-y. Each rtmther at chinch S unday reel~ red a petunia. Karen Me[ntyre. F.laine Peters and Fawna Barrett. members of P~ogms- s~ve Slm:ly Club~ #anled tlower~ in downtown Randa]l ]a-~ Wednesday al- cemoon.They wetelmrchased at Lime+ stone Garden Center. Locally grown flawers thrive in the e~vironmtmt oF origin. Ju lie Bolte and Rae]yn. Jackie Coo- per and Andy, md Jermy ~avi.P, mowed thecemelery Salurday. Kin]ey Cooper and Jaren Ravin stayed the rimming with lla McEl.ro~r+ Cat~l Flirm arrived in Sa|ina last Sunday to atlend her granddaughter's ~+~LKIII and ~Is ~&~i~n visiting relatives all week. Sunday. ~he,anti J ~y Zimmer took fl~ix mother Opal McElroy out fur ditmer. OImJ visited in the after- nt~ln with Cam|. David and Jean Ka6e] visiled her mother io Abilen~ Sunday. Saturday,Vie kie Fennerand El ainu Priers attended a memorial service for acousinat St. John" s Cemetery. Beloit. The exausin died in November, Roger and Bonnie Houghton. Chart~ arm Della Hottghlon. Hank and Hannah Kurnmer and kids had SurMay dinner withAlya K ierleberin Manhattan I"I r husband, Nick. was ou dmy. Scott Fenner came Io.sl w~klo help with farm work. Megan, Jeremy and Joelle Null Zach and Jenny Sh lton, Morgan and Autumn had a barbecue with Kcvin and Myrn~ Shelton Sunday evening. Brin~in~ S0nday din~]er to Cliff amtNevada Vetter were Den and Elaine Peters, Ma:rk and Cec~;ia Pelers, Luke i'~lers, Earl Dunstan, Aubree,md Pais- ley, Nancy and Bill Baser. Ja~ at~ Roger M Collugh returned Friday from a month long. trip by Rock Hilts High School Students who part~paled in the state music con~us1 Krista Trent. motorhome. They stopped in Greensburg to visa1 Pastor Ten-,/and Mapj Mayhew and two of their grand- children. They met Roger's sister, J~nne, and non Ailen in Texas and tlavel~ m AIbuq~rque, N,M to have lunch with Idm:la Perdue. After visil- ink L~ Grand Canyon. they traveled m northern California to visit San Franciso, the Redwoods and Seqt,~ias, Yo~mite and Crater La~. Other smp~ were made lo visil R.honda (Verier) Ayling. five eousi~ in Oregon. Jackie !Abram) and Iw~ofRoger's pilot train, mg triends. The Aliens and McCollongh~ separated ~tt thispointas och couple had friends and relatives to visit. MoCogoughs visited cousins in Idaho aml some friends in C~]orado on their return. Mufti and Wayne MeEIroy took l|a McEtroy ~ur fm Mullet' s Day dinner. Later they went to CourtLand '~o Andy Cooper+s birthday party. Wedne~ay callers on lla McElroy were Jocelyn and Raelyn Bolte. Friday Mani McElmy smplx'd to visit her and brought flesh garden produce from brother's g~den. ,Ponoroma By Fawna Barrel! Instead of April showers, this area is having May showers. With the warmer days, the sl"~wers have been predicled to be .severn storms and the weather radio~ and TV stations were blaring nuns~ant wamings of hail. 1or- nadoes and wind Fortunately, it was raid only in 1his at~a highlighted with lighlning ever~- where and, sometimes, ]o~ bursts of thunder to make for a less than peace- ful nighl of slc'~. Sunshine awJ some clouds float in the sky~ Whether storms return later in the day, Let us enjoy the moments of tranquility. Esbon i! By Glenni Fond Lasl Tuesday, Lyle Shipleyl Ceht~g,~l.te, Okla and his 0tree year old grandson, Liam. Orte. arrived at the home of Lyle+s mother, ]one Shipley. Besides cumins j0sl to visit, another Ixtrltose of the trip was tel help brother Gary ntove cattle. Mic~ lie and Ken Cr~k~r are again summer camphosts at Loveweli Lake. They ha,m mow their n'ailer etc. to Lbe Cedar Point area. which is the .same ptao~ that they w~ last year. Relatives received word this week ~liar Bill Hant~on, Fort Werth, Texas, had died. Bill wag the husband of the former Cheryl Frohlich. Some of you re~ders wilJ remember Cheryl's par- ct~ts, who were Fra~is and Hazel |Mizaeri Frohlich. who both grew up in and north of Esbon and both were Esbon High gzads. Reports from those who attended last week's m-sic jam at Ihe Village Care tell me a large er0wd attended~ Lain T, le~ay evening. Glerma Fond joined Carol arm Chug FOnd, Manhal. tan, at at restauranl in Mankato where they celehrated Mmber's Day a bit early, AIsu ~en there were Pal and Bob Windmutlet, Linda mad Daryl Frost, who were also having a night out. April 23. Natalie Frost entered the Yellow Brick Run a 13. t mile raceand bike ride from Downs to Osborne. She Th+s week's repo;from Hankato. Livestock. i?:: Friday, May 6 24 Mix Heifers 465 ~66.50 13 Mix Steers 638 5 9 Blk Heifers 377 163.00 7 BIk Steers 711 162:00 12 Btk Heifers 438 161.00 10 M= Stee~ 658 161.00 48 Mix Heifers 563 156,25 8 BIk Heifers 466 152.00 8 BIk Heifers 580 147.00 30 Mix Heifers 635 145.00 7 Mix Heifers 600 143.75 8 BIk Heifers 636 143.00 g BIk Heifers 670 140.50 52 Mix Heifers 74'~ 140.00 60 BIk Heifers 625 135.25 64 Mix Heifers 859 133.00 9 Mix Hetfers 897 123.50 14 Mix Steers 481 791.00 51 Mix Steers 582 177.25 13 Mix Steers 613 177,00 7 Bik Steers 55T 177,0,0 12 BIk Sle,~rs 676 t55.00 8 Mix Steers 830 "*47.00 52 Mix Steers 896 138.10 8 Steers 644 115.00 15 Cows 0 1,600.00 8 BIk Cow~ 1.450 1,410.00 8 BIk COws 1,418 1,310.00 g Cow CalfP~irs 1,478 2,775.00 10CowC, alfPa~ 910 2,500.00 7 Cow Cuff Pairs 1,010 2,450.00 g Cow Calf Pairs 1,284 2,050.00 7 Cow Calf Pairs 1,276 ?,850.00 8CowC, alfPair~ 1.021 1.210.00 12 COw Calf Pairs 909 0.00 not only entered it, bat she won [he wormm's e~nt and ifl am reading the Osborne paper correctly she was third overall hay mg heen beaten by two men. Also entered in tha~ bike race was David Fond. Beloit. He came in ab~aL 3th in the group of about 30 bikers+ That's good for a guy prol~bly 53 years old.They fo0ght a strong Kansas wind, but had warm temperatures. Apeyl Webster has been in cbarg of the Esbon Post Office the first part of the past week, Bob G~'man was back on daly Thursday+ Friday and Saturday. He has two more Mondays that be will work in Mankato. Then hopefully he has g~thered enough knowledge that he can stay here for a year or so. Melinda { Broeckelman) Wi$1iams. A ustia. Texas, has a few days off from her job m drld atld will have new occupanLs. Others have not sold bat will have different lenant~. Be~tly and Dwight Frost stay~ Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Manhaltan, whcre Dwight aLLended the courtly commissioners convert~ira~. Repong t have heard this week ar~ that Stun Marihngh has been moved from Bryan West Hospital in Lincoln, Neb back to~he Madonna Rehab Cen- Consigned for Moy 13 IC Runn~ Age Paiff,; 20 Mix $'tee~ and Heilem, 500-600; 40 B~k and Red I~rs ~o~ 10 ~0ken mou~ Jon Rt,mtmil, 785-374.-4577, Cell 785-81.9-6t f5 Nell Bouray. 402-879-5.566 Grlm~te. 7&~-.545-8~ 72 Kelly Bouray. 40P-879-3051. Cell 402-879-5567 Thu,'v.~ay M~y t2 L:~'r~ JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 8A are (~rom Mft) Detach Gillett, Brady Jeffrey, Emma Ruiner~, Samantha Fogo and ter, also in l,incotn, whepe he wit! no doubt again have therapy. Newshasctaneto me~hat the people who now own Grandma Sinks home, with plans to develop aaelk farm, have pu.rchased the former Edgar Vobofil home which bad belonged to a hunter for a few years. Neva and Ed Lewis, McPherson. stayed a few days at their Esbon home as they worked on Ed's dad's hou~ in Red Cloud. They returnord Cerfifl d H 1117 C P d %~~ .n~::O~::f:7::. ro i erS ~Q Nolan BeovenL M.D, Clinc staffed daily by physic~n, physician asslslan! o~ nurse practitioner. Services Acute inpatient care+ Swing beds, Outpafienf core. PedioIT~C~ Lorrg Term Core. Hospice, Crusher Cottoge Aporlrnenls. 24 Hour Emergency Room Diagnostic LoDorotory, DigLIot R(~diolc~y, EKGs, CT Scons, Mr~is, Hoffer Monitoring, 5hess Testingr Venous onO C(~rotk;I Doppler St~clie~ Echocardiogroms, Annuo~ Hearth Fotr PonIcipont, Women's Heo~th Clinic and Kon ~ Heolthy Clink; Rehabilitotion DiObefic Educlotton, Physico] Theropy, Speech Theropy, Occupoflo~ol ~eropy Jewell Count' Hospt~I - Long Term Core Unlf JeweTI County FOur@ HeoIth Clinic ~ Jewell County Hospitol 102 South Center. Mankato. Kan. 66956 ~ 100 Creslvue, MankcTtO, Kan, 66956 785-378-3511 785-378-3137