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May 12, 2016     Jewell County Record
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May 12, 2016

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3A JEWEL,L COUNTY RECORD Thurs~lay. May 12, 2016 You're Invited The family of Rich and Julene Sullivan. would love to have you join them in the lebratitm of 50 year~ of mamage. An t>p~J: hoube ib planned l t)r, Sunday. May 22, "~ to 4 p~m Superior Estates Winery, 200 W. 15~t St, Superior, Neb, 19-2c Aittson Radsback poses with Governor Sam Brownback Railsback named Governor's Scholar At Ih invnut|on of Kansab f-;ther- nor Sam Brownhack. Alli~im Rall~back. Rnck Hills H|gh Schl~ol. was selecled IO ~lle=~tl the 33rd anc=uul ( i' t% rnor" ~ S 111 darn Av,ard~ Prog talrl field. Ma~ I t|, 1,peka. The [e~.l)~2111tI.Dn i'erelli~Tny how~z II~e tt~p ucatlemic one pert.'c,',t Of Kar=- %~% }ll~l ~,cbu~d %ei'LLl~.r"h ~-ChOJ~.-nL[x. ;ir~ selected tr,nn accreditu~f public .'ind prt*.ak' ~chemls in rhc Mate. ""lhcsc I.gh .whtml ~en: :t~ h, avc ~.h ~n dedi- Caitiff| ig~ TI~ClI" ~.IEdics and a c .3TnllllT- nteitt to ]earnknf "fhcy've earned Ihi~ hoetor, and I want I ~ congraltllate Illen] on this achwve,llolt.'" C,t~vcrtl,~r Brownh~k ,aid "'We al ~ nhuuld wc- ogni~e thor famdie~, leachers, and mentor.~ tbr help i~ ~ th~'~e t I~.11 ~tand|ng "[l~s program ~ u,~rdlnaled ~ 11~ governor by the (.'cqlf, denc Ln Kansa~ I'ublic [:$.]llL'alLt'Ht-]"d~,k J:U-rn.~, III Friendship Meals II 1 1 Ma) [~-211 %1~,11~,J,i~ l,~h li't.l~, drL,H~;,IIIiLdlt'C . ~,q)n I'r=" l:i rd~iil I t i i | r l~ t:=, it i. ( -t .d.M :'n,vn,:K' ll'- lnmiL'd ','i 1441 ~('s' dllPnd,t~. ~III,=~'1l n.i]dd "Mild ~.~ Ich, ronxi',tl il, i~.I. j~il.lh, ,-.|lad, pn] ,npl~k'. Ilnli"~tkl~ - t,Ll~.ilt, II ~.';i".", .'1~ ~]'P, lt'Li % 't I ~'~ dl~k"-. Vdk,nil I~'; 'h it~pnl]- I lid.l% ~l~i~ke~ ~-.i.~S[.l'O[ . h'lltlfC ~41,1d. IlE, ~'d Iitl~(. M .Lt~ delivered b~ % I"q, ~.IlMI hll I, Burr Oak Commtmit7 Club reviews, selects scholarship recipients l ~ =~2~) ~A.'il',~ ,ii,d I1,qLr 111Jr1. ~: Jlletl $ h I'hlrl",',{,l~, I1~,~.'t'1131' ' ,d thL" HLxrr ().tk ,~ "t'qlllll!.lrilL~ '~/h~,['~ ist t Eltlt.'f ,1~ ('h' ~'1 ~ ]~' r11 ( ;iL't|lt% l].~lrll,2,~ fend l~l,' |llllllllt" - i fl I he 1 I 7 nlc,t'tiH~ jlitL lile~ ~,~,*'lt' ,LtS i',n,'~ 'd ('hei~l lhllnih.m ".~t' 11w lf~,';l",-i.Hk'r", l,i 'il,rq~ In 'tfft1,: m, Ip.qli il Burr Oak 1-h May rot.rating and supper oF|he Burr Oak Fire Deparlmenl and Rural F|re De part me~l were l~st Wedne~a)' at ~he Bnrr Oak l'i~'e Hail. A supper of meat It~t', se~lh~ped potaloes, corn. rolls and cake was served hy Cheryl. Hillman to JohnTucker.hrter Yelken, Tim Warner. W~II Wil~n. Cody Voiker, David Belden. Jim Harris.Tom Hawi-~, Mike Hams. Steve aladl'am my C~,aurd, A ffer su pper. h riteme a look the fir*.' trucks ~utside the bui].ding. ~'ar~led rite motors up and then changed ~he off. The Burr Oak hra;gh of tl~c Guar- ani). Slate Ba, k =ld Trust hononed molhc~ 1-ndas by w~ inf eu~'akc.~ all~J gl%litg Ihose n!.othg'rs 'wI~1 ~.'aJ'fl ill an ad~dt ct~loring ~&. Member, ~I the Burr Oak Ministe- rial Alliatl~c mcl at rite UntIed Me~h- I,dl%t ('h~ileh t| ILI~I~ i]lorlttll~ to make '~lal1~, it'll ~ d[]L'~ttN HOMA a.CtlVitle~. :hi| ,~ the ~ ear. /'~llendlng were.' Sa]]dra hl.in~ ~. (k':lTY ~liarp, .I,)11 ~il-krles~ ,iTid {;Iu-Ilil.~ l~at/lleN, Mar~ly~ Jg-t] ry tlad dntflher k't~,llrnllti]lent a/ld wah un- able tn anend. B,b t l{nle~, eli ff a|~Li G leni-ny Barnes ~cr]l t,+ Hasting-, Friday evening lO ,~akh Ihe ruces at KAM Raceway. K~.t ()Td I',ad h|, race car onl fi~r the t11-F llulC lhi~. ,eax0rl. His evt:nnitg did Itk~t ~t] ~t~ hc wonld b.av likctL nt to It1 Iris he.',t race l~e discovered he ~ as oltkl oe ~]|a~' t'~ ~r hand]inLg tl~e ~k-.ernJ~ ~. he, eL and ended up tntting the wall. Nofmnq: ~a hurt ~:.wcpt I'~erhapr, hn.~ p~ k He did nmt qu~dify in the heal race tm nhe A Manit '4rid had IO make anolher at- l*.'mpt Ln Ihe |} IVall]re- H~- I'~Ct ' ~a~. ~oIlI~ pretty ~ts~ un?il. ['~-tiatL'~ of ,:l ied ligl|l, lhc dm,er in lronl of h]n~ hwkvd t,p hn~ braker, to top and K) Ic, tn'Glh]L" I~.', a'b 'lld it. ran upover the I~ack =rc a,~d lun ted his ra o:~r ups |de d~' n Nenhc the car UL~t K)le came a~ay ,tny the w,tr,e fw ll',e v-;car, bttt thai did tini.M~ hi, ,ughl ,f racing. A~, anteqd- n]~ no ~ arch Kyle were J,:tu()rd;. Kase.~ Ord, I),lnea Bu~'hk~llef, Katie M I- ~n11. PaPd .~, [~t~itlii and, Jet'ZK.' ( )[I,l an;d 13~,ii,n ()rd. .N:ll,"I-tens|. Mason. Mag. and B7 (;lennys Bortte ,+ | ~arious bears, both slaffed and figu- rines and jars of honey. Beginning an &3q Diana Ord welcomed, those in attendance and made a few announce- ments. Diana's nine year old grand- datng'hleL Olivia O:d. lhClZ gave the p~'~tyer, A meal tff crab meat salad. cl~k'ken sala& Ix,ann salad. Oriental broccoli salad, pas~a salad, ~ ai and cheese ~y. ~-aekerg, rel|s~s, watm'- ;nel~m trmlhOWk+Cupcakesanddri,rks "were hL'-rvdd ItS, 3,'~ women and girls. The cupcakes were made and deca- raled hy Mattic V,Iker. Ft~llowing the r~ al Rc~fita u~d Bella Volker read poems hontoring the nlOlhers al~d dai.tghters. A dance rc~,|ln:[e performed tn the song "'Teddy Bear Picnic" was prc~ ltt~.xl by Pat~ley, Jer ie and Olivia (~d and BellaVolker. ~ri Bam .~ gave a talk a~)ut her bear cnllection which was Featured in h~.th tim table decora- tit~n-~ and olhcr decorations around the rtxnn. Earlier tho.ge attending had the .ppertunily to look over Ihrocjars G lied with Hone)' Comb cereal, Teddy Grahams aml gummy bears and make a guess Io the number of each in the jar~. The)' had al,~ been given pen and paper to write down names of I~n|ou-'~ bea.~. Win]~ers ~d the lalX a,RI a bea~ fi~ urine were Pare Ganna.a. Bua Oak; Pare (;armaa. Hastings: Chezy! Hillnlau; Connie Sh~tldlL Aurae Oliver ;.Irl~i [}anita Braun each received ajar of ilol~ey for havingthe mt'~t I'amou~ bear name.~. Receiving jars of honey for oldest mother in alt ~dgl~Ce was Alma Garm;in: yotunge t n~uther. Katie Ma- gm: most grandc hildmn. M idge Oliver: and =ra~ t family nn attendance. Sandra Fraact~ Head|n~ the ctmlmtttce for 'O~7 w,II 're St,va Gard,er. I)m,g a,M 13tdl~ Pair v~itcd Mothers. Day i. Senwca ~ inh their dan,khmer and :tamd). Brandy. ,ta,~m. Bryce aizd Kel~.v Weber, Jes~ica Barn ~ and Btyn~ee Ma~- ;]nitg .HLCi;d'.'d a btrthd ) p.nrt3 i'n,~llL~r i[~1~' 'tll~'l~-I.'1} ) .i[ oLd tv, lira ]. i~2htvn ,gtd ~'.;[~ I'.:~! AulI, at I.o%ewe~[ i.ak LIL~rllt~ the "~ et'~'n|d. tide of Riehltrd Cox's ines~,a~e at the 1~: . itLLi J :tri~ lq)i' ('ii4~'il~ ,litd lIlt UlOli].l,'r-d, lu~2hl l "Ld. Ld ,UlS~.'~ I~ k~'i- S~.il=d,Lr'd~ll~ ,npl~l~,fll,uP, ~,~. p,' r,' x revttn.[ h~ iht~c plVxL.c]! (;idl]i I~.1, I. :~F1d I, ~.i ] fh.'r~, ~L'rc,k'kT ,l t, i',' lilt." 21ii f~. r=,%l~l~.'rlln t ;iClil1~, ~,~ ,II lli.lk," up ~' lil]G.ib.'r, :illd Idk~" tltem I, tlh' in~:i~ n ilL~q ,t,'L%;l|t" 'IsT! i,p pi tq.l.~ Doll. lhe hl~lar,~ Ul, lt~'l IJb, h.~x ,dl b ,'n llL,~ ='tl ll|qll llt ".-l~'l,|~ze ,i|Id k't.iWlp I1WIqt l,onht.ng c~, IFI~." Ilt'~A. =,~.qlnl]tlln[,', hl- L~ b,~t,l,rLv I~, rlw lh'al lillllr~" lh Fh,'n|~ ~I~,~ i'=.I .iI'~ ' lh," ~c',ia~,L~rt1', c,~r~ lw ,lu- <,I me, I, the I,~.~: l~uildm~ I Iw HK11h~'I "~I. LII}:[LIL'I ',ll,ld ',L|i~l'k2~ ,~IU~FFN'C ~ ~|11~1 hke ,q ~l~c I~Hh, lm~' l]iLi~- .ilc.L',HUt,IMI III oi~k'r T,II ~.'I |hell l,Lhl 11], l ~I,'~' ,~ al~ Hlx ",PI iJl~ ILII ~,lltlr LI.;', ltl'.'lll ~I~L'%~'|~ ,s~i,i)- h,l'~,k" I~ q r - ~c,~cd r,m ]2 I~.'Lrf'IL" ~ht lb."tl II|k'~:llll~; ~11 Ih~.' (-~l~mt, i'11|~ [-h~ll -,11 t'~" ll.|rl~.~ .~. %Viii| r1~ iLdlill',-'d ~'||~ili~-~- [li~" riiL'Ciln.ff ~'~J~ ,i.tl |~1"IJlllk'd '"tlrL',Ib h,lIL" ~h~." llh.'Clni~2 'ik= 'rP Pc~'~ ~,~, ~J~ I &lh "~.3e~'. M.u~ l-~,Ic~. ('lIL',~l li'~llu~,m. ('lil'l" ~tnd ( iI 'ii'll ~ il.r i]~' -" .ltL~ Ih zoo. ('OW "['OWLS. Mn~'ttln ,i ~ "klLd "~(li'[lf" '~ inlnlln~, "~ ( ;lel~u5 Harne~ w:~x ntn,f|~J h x her ~i|',J|i. ( ',~ul Pcrk H1%'re.' a'~, thaLGai]", n|, ~li|cr .{ Itel.t ~' i "~' S pt,~ler, died earl5 S4hird~.', [l|orHIIlb~ at the nursing h,I.'llllL~" qL1 [), ~, r~ ( )]eta ~, a~. i11aHied Io Afdlie Ik-~gy ~'il~,~lL altd ('beryL Hill|nan, IJieta "~ a~ '44 ~ ear,old She ~,a~ a 1939 gradt|ale Of i]urr Oak Hn~h Su'h~,ol. Funerzl was held ;~t |he Glen Elder Chribtialt Churci~ la~,i "['qe,da) at iO a. n! "l-he 21)16 rc, othe~-daughler ~alad stIppt.'r tottk V],iJt~.'e at li1 Bllli-r {),ilk Ct',m- mnnity C 'nler Salbrda~ e~ening. The Ihcnnc fiw thu baltque| was -Teddy Bear Picmc." A large |eddy bear in an ,nl]|lqL~e wl-tg~.~n greelcd tlu~ W c~mine 1] tile d~K~ Io [ gi,ter % pIl.:11H. ',CeTI' ~ .~a~ [eamred ,tlong the "0. '4 ~ali cmn- ~lele V, tt]| ~ma]L picil|c tal~Le mat] K.':rK.h and Nanket all d~pla) iu~: ~ltor ~.:~ ready for their pEmc'. "L'abie~ were covered w~ti~ red and white :h c k~.~ c Ioth~ ~md wc- e dec<~ratcd w ith Congratulations Nephews Andrew Horn 2016 Graduate of Fort Hays State Collge Bathe~or Degree h~ Fine Arts- Graphic Design Arrow Durant 2016 Graduate of Rock HiIIs High School Austin Durant 2016 Graduate of Rock Hi]Is High School t ~.1, n gan McMaiil ~,t~tyed the wL~.'kend Chri,tnan Clmrch t~n Sttnlda~, mommg " lil~'l,i.'hll;i tot Muther'~, Day. "]he).-His .~elccned ncrip'~ure rc'~dun~ ~as Matthe~ 7'(1: 2(1-23. In thi~ pa'~',a~c ol ~crn ~ll Life the nnuthen of di sc,ple~, J ali~,e and John.k n-~ls befuK" ]e~ ~J.~, Jitd a.~ks iital Jesu,~ grant bee the fa~r ol having oae ~m sit at lfis righl and nn al lug, ~ell m Iris kingdom. Jesus ~eL~s he: that tt Lb not bin pia :e it) ~il" ' v.h, v,lii .~tl liten2. l"hotngh i~ nlay *.c~In a seiiish rct].u~ ~t. it i, |ngx~natlt lO rememlx.r that the mo~hel behct'ed thai b~ in~ l~~tli Jesus wa~ a g~'.tl t~ing. B*:ing ~- pa~ent i,n~! ea ~, tronl Imle [o llnle ~lrlrC |lines al~ hal~py tll~C~, rind ',t~.ltle times are ~,ad. W< ~,imuld pray that otnr chnldrel~ will be aCLtve~,~ in~'olved i~ the work of Jesus ft~r ihe Kingdom (~t G~xl. "l-his molher wa~; al~ ~ttine her ~.'Xl"~ct~- ~ltn~n for her ~ns 1~reT'~lll" hi~: h- Stte wanted them to be st|cct ~:ul m working ~i~r Jesus. Our chiidrclt's fir.~t glimpse -f Ih extunl of G~r~" '; love ~i=r Li~ comes Ihrough our mother.~. It ~, a love tha~ sacrifices ~ver and trcer. A mtnher opens tl~e door of her Ilon~e atld calla her citildren in. Jesw, t~pen~ the&mr of God's Kin~zdom attd ca~,L, hb, child~ ,n R~.~te Campbe|l was acconnp.~,~, ,d h~ church hy he~ daugh| rs. Rosalie, Irene qd Ia,lxa,ne. and granddaug.h. tel N~kk| Jo['l~[and Pare GamraJi Welt" also in attendance. Tammy {L||~and rerlK~rled ha~,'inlg a gta:l~ ~{OII'L ;'S Day with her ~n. Eric Wilinanl: her daughner. Enn Boyer. and Erin's. family.Ryan. N,~tali . Riley and Evan. She lx'ceived a tea cup with roses in it from the grandchildren. Having lunch together at a Red Cioud re ntaurant Molher's Day we0e David and Lori Barnes. Snni~h ('entec; Sueffen Barnes. Red C~oud; Corie Ban~, Diana Ord and Kz ~y Oral, Guide R~ 'k; Clitf a~d Glennv Barnes Grout family's train Tr,urbLlay M=, ':; :~".;'E- THE Sr )PERIOR EXPRESS 3B Harmony UMC celebrates with Mother's Day service H.~ rnmay Lrntled Melhtxlist Church beg~ Mother's Day wilh a welcome and ann,~uncements presented hy Rod Ro.~. lay pastor. Worship began with his pr ~matinn of a reading abmnt Mother'.; Day. The children's mes~ .sage Focused un the fact thaL we are never alone and that Cmd i.~ alway~ wilh s wnlhin our hearts and the Holy SpiriL Each child was pre~med with a girl ll3 remind thenn of Gmi's pre~ntce. The Harmony Ringer Handbell Choir. tliRn:ted by Pat Gl'out, pr e" e nted a ~rformance of the piece. "'Prim- ro.~.- The ~crip~ure came t~ml J~hn 17:20-20. which speaks of Jesus ir~- fi~mring Ih di~lpie~, lhai ever~ wbej~ He :s phy~.|ca]ly gone from their rat's- IWc. IhC Father would be ~nding a helper, *shich i,~ the Holy Spirit. This days sertnon. ""[he Word." reminds us that He is ih vine arid Ihat the bearing (~f Gt~'~, trait can only be possible if we remain attached to the vine, v.hi ~ is Card. The finit ~s created through s~udying Hi.~ Word and being It'd by the Holy Spiril- "1 ]1is wock" s calendar includes: May It) t hroug.l', May 2/,) United Melhtl~list C~neral Confere,~.'e; Wedneglay. May I~, 7 p.m. Rtwk Hills High Schoul Baccalaureate; Thursday. May 12.7 p.m. Rebecca Circle; Saturday, May 14. Rtxc~. Hills High Schtad Gradua- lion: Wedne~ay, May 18.7 p.m. Par- inh CouncU Met|mr. H a've a blessed v,~ k and r~nretnber to lay antached to the vil~e in readirzg Gotl'x v.o:d and following the Holy S~irid Local weather I ILgh attd Io~ it'~11[~2iJluCk'", .s,-1,:.e~, I .%2 45 .'~I.=~ 2 4~ 4 i M~ .~ t,4 42 -M~) -1 72 46 May 5 71 -41 Ma,~ (~ 8|I 45 May 7 8-1 49 Hctt s Hut' keL .Man k~T, ~ ~ eather ~,b. ~ r~ I, re~mrted .~rJ ~tl" prcc~pncatn,~n tot ~ltt' week. Ken Gar~l. Jewel[ ~ eather~ hnerxer. ref~w~ed' !. Ig of prcc~pdaIJ~n fin Ih week. ' (fiE THERTER Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 13, 14 and 15 The Divergent Series: Allegiant ~er ~ ea~-sha~enng ~lal~s c~ InSurT3ent. TrnS must est;a~ wi~ F0a~ a~d gO be~DIl~" I'~ wail e~5osin g C hr.~ For eh~ first time ever ~ ~1~ leave I1-~ cnly ci~ and eamlb/1~ la~e e~e~ known. O~;e 0015~. 01~ ~v~ me qL~dy re~- derea meaningless wtlh the ~taL,~n of PG-13 If0e ~rqense v~er~;,e a~d e~-1~n. Uerre~ eeme~. ~=~0 ~ pa~i num.| Mnnkalo, Kan. 785-37~-3172 lOOth Birthday Open House for Celia Norton Kincheloe " ''r '~k"i]] be held Saturday, May 21, 2 - 4:30 p.m. Methodist Chdrch Annex, Ionia, Kan. Friends and relatives are invited to attend for solrte conversation, cake and ice cream No g((ts please Good luck with your future plans .Ik7 Au,t Stwllv 4 db- 6.t4 Ce/in turned/00 o~ May It Cards may be sent to 2679 Dadisman SL, Laramie. W 82070-6506 No|an and Evan Grot~ pose wilh the family's lrain eOflL~tion whiel~ is on cSsglay at the Mankalo L,brary t~,-~ m,3ntt~ Students provide music for UMW spring salad supper Rock H i1~s music siudc~t,~pre~nted li~ p~:ogram for the Un{tL'd Metht~b.~ Women Spring. Salad Supper. Wonte nt in the ~a met al Harn)0ny UnRt'd Methtalb;t Chu[ch on May 4. St ude ne pcrf, Jrmintg tn rider |he d i rcn, afier Lak- nng Real| back It.I her horn= neur Din, hick Dick a.d Gloria Wettl on tt~ Ha.st inks a n d si s itt'd G |told ()hm~,tede at lhe hospilal II'~re. Losl Monday mght. Leon a,v.l Karen Btal*dlt all lldl.~ lh May Uompassion- ate Friends' mocking in Salina. [:rank Die man lt3ok his v, i It" |'al OUI fora Molhe~'s Day dinner at a care ia Smit|n Center. Lazer, ira1 received Happy Mother's Day phtme calls lram family members. Brad and Hannah I'ngel~crl. I.a~arcnce~ Kay spent the ~ eekL'nd wllh their grargtmother. Neva Shoe- ill~iker, al Ih farm and iht'.v al~t~ ~ I llt'd ['larold Shtmul~akcr a I~.mg le~m CJlt" resident at Beloil. Brad emd Ftmnnah brought all the gr( 'er) ~upplies Io I,x "'Ftnsiory n.~ nolh.lu)g trtll ;i pag'k ,d I|'].~.'k'~ lhal we play uptm the dead.'" Republic By Betty Bou ~y Rcpubl,c United Melht~.ti~t Church has r~ted signs telling or fl',e plaarg, d garage and bake sale on Saiurday June I- Menlhers phtnon havmgoniyone garage sale thns ~,'eat. The Pike Valle) Stn,mer Ba~ehall p~ogram in pariicipannng nn the Sehwan's rev.ard pr,gram. B~'an and C,iml ~n Simm~ joi|~d l~k|tng ai~d i'a~iia Siilltils at ll~e :~L"]'rig ten11 care center tin Sunday afternoon for Mother'~ Day with JoM:phine Sinning Sandy (;mz~-hentmt wa~ ,stnrpri~ed b~ a Mothcr'~ Day v~xil by her daugh- tel (;inn Goucheno,zr. Comnlq w.lllics w|ll be in on Wednes- day arid rcntty for pick tip al Repubhc Oil, If in need oi omr~Kiilien co~lea~-t |~e[[y ]~,otira~ or Pash~t Da~rel Hcrde. The Pan, nee l~dian M,~eunn'~ Mounia, M~n R .dezvon,~ will Ix.' (IIHI'P i,) i~.[~ 5 'L~| .%allirdil.y. JtlFJ,Lr 4, ----1 (-Sunday Morning Breakfast Sunday, May 29 7 a.m.-11 a.m. Rock Hills Jr.- Sr. High School Mankato, Kan. " ' Menu ~~Biscuit~ and Gravv, Sausage, l'ggs. } ta.~hbmwn~, Panca ke~, ToasL Danish, Fruit S~lad, Coffe and Juice Fret" trill do, ratio, Sponsored by Rock fti]|s FBLA Sludents who qualilied tot the National FBLA Competition i. Atlanta, C,A, lu~e 2q-iLitV 2 J .- /friend to be made. b~r w rch,tb/~,killcd c.|rc i', m,u ,h,tT1 pr-viding care 24 hour ;t da,r. ] t's gh'i ng h, Tc ,mJ h~,lpi n:4,werCOlnC lcar. I t's having :.OlltCq)~lC tO talk to .tl~[ rcl,lri~.~ ~ poq~]c as people, not 1-)aticnts. ro lear. ntorc abot|; otw omnttm ilv in Superioc, call (402) ~79-47ql. ;()()d . , S;imarltg]~ .%()CIL'~ i