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May 12, 2016     Jewell County Record
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May 12, 2016

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Price 50 Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 19 USPS, NO. 274-940 Thursday, May 12, 2016 New library operational in Burr Oak Patrons entenag the new Butt Oak Community Lihrary become players in a stu~ that begins once alan a time, a story that Mmost didn't end happily. The new library's lealizatioa occarmd through volunteers writing w ith stw'te, ~and swe~t 1h equi va- lent of a blockhuseer one page, and cvenlually one chapter, at a time. The story begin 15 years ago as lutpe for thecity's tiny library dimmed. Damp, d.rMly and bat-infested, the old limesl(,ne [i brary faced despefaTetimes. Tax revenues were decreasing in step with the city's declining tax basel Cily residents kaew they needed the library. More important, so did the residents of the largercommunity sur- rounding the town. ']'hey knew the library needed a new bnme and money to fund it. A paRia! solution lay in redistricting, thus enlarging the li- brary' s tax h~ ftcm th~ town itself to encompass a four-township area in nonkwcst Jewell County. The USD |07 SehooJ Beard invited the tibrary to move into a section of the former Roc k Hills Middle Schoo I. The library rent(xlek~l and moved in lo this wing in 2(X~ under a 2~year le~ with the ~1~1 district. Supporters bclievL~.J thc move would bl~y yearslo work o,~t a permanent solution, With money tram grants and dona- tions. Ihe lihrary bought new fixtures and t'arnishmg~. I~ ofl" r patron s a com- fordable, wclcolning spar:e, Overall t,-~ nearly doubled. ]n I1~ first year, an- nual a0enda~v.:e forth ildren's progrm'a- ing in, ctea~M 23~ per Ce~t, Patn~ came from .~urrounding towns, town- ships and counties and from heathy Ncl'~aska. A mere two years later. ~ a~ fell. The lii~ary received short notice the tx~ard would cl<~s and sell '~be school building- A ~f~culator bought the school,at first v,t.-w,ng th~ library asan asset 10 help I~m,t the pror~rly's val U,r aml MHIIkdate 01 qul~.'k ".dle WI~I~. nl~ bh~ut m~ rlal,~ ~, the llbrJL~ iuund [t~,cll ~ Ld', I1~ he, at L~ V, Jtet ,t, lie : build. int2 I'hc hbraD v~:,~ ~tlll Lit a beaull- hd xpacc, b-u.I IR' ~'ing in II~ winter and wnl~aul a working toilet =~r drtnk- tag water, Threcyearsp~s.soJ Again the build- aug ~,ld. The lihrary had a new land- lord ~ho lurre.'d the water back o,t. hut not the heal. 'rlle library bought fur- nace~ with grate[ I~,oney. Pa'z,x>ns atsd slalf no longer had to read ~md carry on con vcrsat ions in cmtga,'ld millets, hut =. I now even more serious problems loomed. ']'he building was beginning to de- teriorate. Brok n windows and the huilding's crumbling facade created a ommunity eye~0re. Weeds and gross grew waist high. The toi~ l was again out of commis.sion. And now a fence weal up outside the ~h~J I. Soon. s~p we~c grazmg in full view outside the old school, huildingon BurrOak'sMaia Sffeet. h was time to move. Existing allcrnatives were few. None ~1 ADA or space requirement~ withom expensivv wntwation. Leas- ing i~self ~emed a losing hand, given the library's five-yearexperience~ The communily s'mnd to lose not just a place tochec k om books, hut a de:stint- tian to share a cup of coffee with a friem:l, research family histories. give youngsters a place to watch a ~t,mmer movie with friends. There would be no more Boy Sctmt, Gsrl Scout, ,Jr Americarl Legion attxihary meetingo~. Folks who lacked home interne/ access could no longer lak online college courses, or you~f, stcrs attend the library's popular summer reading prog ram. Senior citizens would h>se access to talking books arm large type perk~icals for the visually im- paired. The county election heard would need a new ~ocation to hold eleclkm i April 29. Ana Vickers~ formerly of Guatemala and now of Man~ato, passed the test necessary to become a U.S. Citizen. Stc~s'ing to ~ome a American Cilizen is inlense. The process slams out with applying and ~btaining submis- sior] foran applicaliOn from Homeland Secutily, Wichita. Around 60 days after submission a test accompanied by a book to sludy was received. With the h~p of Jolene Howell, Ann Callaway. and Crystal Fullerlon, as well her busl~and, I:~niel, she studied |or close Io a year. Ana COmlCdeted I~e tesl and returned it personally to Wichita. On anival she was required to la~e a test consisting of '~5 morequestions. She passed, and was I~ld she t~ad reel all requirements to beeomea US Citizen. Present for Ann's presentation were1~er husband and Mends Jetty Richter. his wife Isabelle and daughter Cynlt~ia, Mankato. FofPowing th~ Citizenslaip presentalien ale out IO ~elebr~le+ Aria and Daniel met in2012 while Ann was employed as a home hearl~cam provider. She had walkeO outside to gather lhe lady's mail and Daniel as we~Fked I~is dog down the sidewalk. library r~edO a permanent home. Community leaders and resi- dertts agreed, uniting zo help the library board begin a fundraisingcampaign. A downtown b~iness owner offemdlem. ixa'ary facilities to the library which they converted into space sufficient so they t.-o~tld ~emain in Ih pub[ic eye. The Burr Oak Cily Council donated land for the new library and ['a-ovided temporary storage space, ,4Jea farm ex,z and homeowners offered waterla'OOf storage as well. Hannah Simmetink, ]O, conh-ibute4 her allowances and even Ch,istmas and birthday money to help build the library. Mi[ey Havens, 6. brought a Mason jar brim,hint w ith coit~, mopey the girl's grandmother had earmarked fo~Miley. The Ervin Ua0erwood Fam- ily held an all-day bake ~le, its theme centered on the children's book, If You Give a Mo~se a Muffin, tn all, prnvate donor~ conuihm d ,no~ than $lred: Megan Badger. DeeAnn Beam, Ashton Calcs. Billie Cox.Travi, Cox. Cathy Dau~. Barbara EIbrac ht, Suzette Gile, Sara Gr.ut. Jody Hadachek. Matt Hasting t.5 L Belindu ,teffety, Gilm Jel't'eD'. Janel Kr, le~. Amy McDilL Virginia McKe~m'nt 7L Janic McMillan, Br~:k M~.Mnllarn. K~.'~u, OsL Nikki Osl, Bathers Ra,l,hm.'k. Matthew Railshack. Beth Jay Renu Deanna Underwt~l. Wanda Warner and Kaue Whelchd Ne~ hlre~, In- cMd Sarah Warneand]ex~,ca Situ[da 'lhe h~mrd Ihen appro',L'd the [ol- Ittwing recnmntendati,+n~ fi,r claxsi- fled personne| for 2UI 6-~tll 7: l~t~l,~rcs Az~gleton. Lyr~ette Bartley. Becky C~'krol'L Joe Col~m. Joanv Davis. Brenda Flitch. Elait~c [:osier. Pan Garnlan. Jackie Hurt, Shauncm Kussman. Sheila Lt~renc . Daphne Manning. Sherry Mart. Larry McMai ns. loni Meicr. Laurie Ne/l~n. Sarah Ortman, Bah R<~m,h, Michell Sch~nrock, Tundra Sholtz and Steve Weber. The next mgula~ ntecti~g of th,: Reek Hills School Board will he al 7 p,m. o~ June 13 at the district office in Mankato. Reservations arriving for Rock Hills, Mankato reunion Thosewhohaveack,towle4gedthey Veda Graham Roe; )95.5 Suzette will be in attendance at the 2016 Slanderwick McPhail: 1956 Calvin Mankato-Rt~ck Hills alumni reunion are: 1947 Belly Crouch May: 1950 R.D. Frosty Clegg. Wayne Hansom 1952 Gerald Sandcr~, 1953 PauiineThompson Robin~n.Lola Gra. ham Blair; 1954 Coleea Nelson Petersnn; I955 Harlow Vader. Melba Vo~ Engel, Leo Zadina; 1956 Ken- neth Voss: 1957 Belly Zadina; )958 Karett Morns Ros~,: 1959 Adolph Laluk: 1961 AntonLaluk-1962Nancy Roe Cormer: 1963 ~erry "l)avid; 19~6 Karen Garman Figgins, Joycc Lunge David~ Mike Hancock. Joh~ Waldon, .i'en-y Groul. Patncia Powetl Grout. Ron Fraass, Vaac Tyrell', 1968 Kathie David Tyre]l; 1971 Debra Alcom Taddiken; 1976 Deb~ lenseu Boyles, Tad.hi Silsby Hayes; 1971 Ste', Dodd', 1977 Neii Becket, 1949 Pat Barttetl Schlender'- t951 Rose Broylcs Williams: 1953 Harold Sleele; ]954 Shirley Vader Steele, Htmtsinget. Lloy~ SCat'TOW: 1958 Jewell Murray: 1963 Linda CIemons: 19f~ Charles Soash. Ron Franklin, Carolyn LeClair Btackwood; 1971 Ruben WakefieM, Bob Freeman. Dcna Clegg Alvarez, Burr Oak Weather Larry Glllett, NOAA observer Temperalures High for the week 82 Low for the week 37 Preelpitatinn This week I).94 Year todate 7,78 May 4 69 43 May 5 75 37 May 6 78 3g May7 82 46 May[, 81 65 May 9 75 53 May 1(1 75 49