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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
May 12, 1966     Jewell County Record
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May 12, 1966

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TEORSDAY, MAY 12, 1966 COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, I ANSAS , . van Grove. [costs. mona Mizner, Michael Pate, ]pal, has the following pup-i sHt:Sss MathYe f:ac aa; 2nh;l ington. +.i oo ,+ ,a. o oo,+ a S-- +we. + +ert +ra Sa+ + O+o + Oe+ a,and Harriet, s ent Frida Bonds Forfeited" [ Steven Shute, Rickey Under- I Bartley, Vickie Burgess, J, people are paying up to [ ed church .of ' ] ]P Y interest on lnstamnent buy- r f il S n ' (Games Through Fmday, May 6) evening with Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Coffman, speed-[wood, Dennis Voboril and iDenn~.Clark, Lucmda Cur-[ inn One should know if his[ he^~m y, ~u 19yk~ ,| Wilbur Becker and family. [ ing, $10.00 and costs, n Ronald Young. [ riCK, l~lta ~ountyrman, .net- ', d~'ision to bu, fits into thel ~:u.u~eu o~ ~ -~,-~:m ~ ,[ Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Whar-] John R. Lang, speeding, [~ The 6th graders taught by [ en De[bert, Dale.Dodd, Linda,I family's bud~e~ and plans Is [ amner a~te~ ~,~ WOMEN'S LEAGUES [ - . [ ton and Frank spent Satur- [ $10.00 and costs. [ Mrs. Gladys Senti are a fine ] routz, uanny tJ:.mtt, . aroli havin this *item right now [ i v'riaav i nters ] day evenin~ with Mr andI I ;~, ;~, ,h~m I hancocK, James natneia, I AY ~ ~ ~: ,I tu D~U,~ x~,*--~ U*/ -- -- ~ " ~ o ~uup a v,o,~ ,* ~ ~ worm me auueu t:~eutt t.u~t: n ate dinn r Classical [ Final Standings [Mrs. Fred Zimmer. [Office of Co. Supt.: /Debra Boiler and Jeanette[Se'gnd}nsk.eep Dale KrfleY'[Mrs Snvder also gave the[~,~.^. ~ er; aWt2 I w 1 I I "An honest world starts[ Obert indicated thev were I Jerry Lewls, Juuy Lewls, I 1~oo~, ,~ ,Arthritis" Arth-[ p,uu,= ~. ,~u~,~ rmai ~tanu|ngs I '~ ~" 99 41 I with YOU 'Make "ourself[ nurse's career[ Patricia Nebel, Steven Ooert, I '~ ~? "' .~ ~ [ norm . w l,J~2W~ll L,U. % U-UtJ I IL'UlL'I i 'II|IIM'I'V I J / lnL~tvStt:u nt a I I riLlS means, strictly, inttain-i nn ~a ~ ~,*~. ~ R-W .qhnnner 110 30 [Wagner's Drug 91 49 IJr.VVnhlh bUURII [an honest person and then[and Vicki Fogo and Twila]lvierrm .~tan mY uner.y.l on-[mat[on of the joints This[, ~=':~'~ ",~.~'.g'~, Lungren '-'-Chev. 75t~- 64 ]~ Farm Bureau Ins. 77i/~ 62 -- I you may be sure there is one,Hesting in teaching. Others/aerwoOO,and Beck YouniVtarcia vooorn, ] condition occurs in" manv~,ms't+'u~t;"~'tamer,V" tv r-'r'+u"2'a+a"'(dl~em n Mewh 73;/- 66W- I Hills Const.68 72 I ~|[~TI~||~' [ rascal less in the world ---[ had thought on what they[ Y g" ] different forms RheumatoidI .~ ' 7 " -,~ I Loomis. ~atu } ~" ;"~ " " " """ 7"~ I Speed Wash 43~/~ 96]~ I ql~11JUl%lll%lUOi~ [ Carlyle [ may want to do as adults [ 1 arthritis is one of the forms / ~ ".lack~'~ l~.ancn ~owl Iv o " " " ~,o ~ma+I .55 ~5 [Coca Cola 41 99 ]Mll~.l|/O [ The following transacted[ Other 6th grade students are[ TrooperLaynard Shearer| It is a condition which per-[ +-, ",---'" - Jewell Co. Record hich - . lnursuay on -,~.: [ Ind. U ghs, Three Games:]llr. .' [busmess m our office the|Marcm Cornck, Michael]reports an acmdent w sists. PaUents do not dm r [c~,ol T .~ O. xine[ [ past week Leo Bass, Adm ,i Havre Bradle Glllett, Con [ took place Tuesday, M y ] rheumatoid arthnUs, but[ a~ ~.^. ~. lnu. n gns, .iuee J uuu . vl~,~1~ Ma . . Y . . . . . : r- 528 Barbara [ Walker, 500;Elsm Broyles [ -- ] Jewell Schools, Gerald Cash,[ me Hancock, Mark Krfley,[ 9.50 A.M 7 miles east of[ rather with it Mrs Dave i ,+.va ~anue ~, ; ' " 1 ~ in ~Jranam, t~ram cam Junker. 521: Helen Wzdin,1496. ] Nyla Berg, Clerk of the/Prm Randall Elem=; C ay Randy Kugler, Lloyd Irl|Mankato at theMontrose :[StenzeI reported on KHDC[ We wish " " / Ind Highs, Single Game'/Jewell County Selective Ser-; rown, soon cnoois;I Mar[hugh and Terry rate. [ tersectxon on 6o. news. The Council report l ,o "'Ind Hi('hs, Sin-le, Game'/. (tie) bpal Teeple and Nyla/vice Board, reports that Johnl Billy Warner, Prin Burr[ The 7th grade room was| Mercury driven" by Harry| was given by our Council[ o}"tlae'NI kat ' h,] Rorg 188" Elsie Brovles 184" I Patrick Nultv, Jr, has en- I Oak Elem.; Orville Hafner,[ also a nice mannered group/White of Jewell was totally/members, Mrs Snvder andl ;~-~: Eva Sanders, 207; Dorot-at -- o ~ - " "~ ' i " * her" Mr ' ~ ~ ma-ed His wif Ha 1 a" " ~ I ust t~nurcn~ r~or ,lla~,* ";Standerwmk," 200," Elsie] Maxine Walker,182. I nstea m the marne t~orps, landt urrn gn teac ,1 "I unoer tnmr nne teacner,| aa g . e, ze, .[ Mrs Boyles. They askea .mrl ,-nr ttv handkePchl f Mrs. Russell Waker, iGaryD Smith Pupflsmtms/passenger, was treatea at/ideas for the booth whmhl ,3 ~royms, iv . I i Probate Judge Byron Rug-| Mankato; Dallas Morris~l class are Bernard Adam,/the doctor's office in Beloit[ will be taken to the Statel W "T '~.~.'--~u~-~ ' /ers issued a marria e license/Burr Oak; Le n Gennette' Duane Atw d' Shelly Clark'| f r a by ken rib and a t tht F ir wm W' rd had| aY" lcY"r r g " Pa on[ ' - "'" . . miss nce emmm , spent Sunday with Mr. and May 2 to Leo Verne Jacobs Concordm, Homer .~,t ,1Denms Flawn, Brad Fogo,| knocked out Mr. White wasI the parhamentary practlcs,[ciatad helen-i~n~bldl~ D.e- ]Mrs. Gee. Wharton and of Jewell and Martha Jane rormoso; viom Koss, men.I Rebecca Foutz, Helene Gass,| treatea mr mceration ot ttae! and also recreation. " DIU /IIIIUt~! |Frank. ~Hill of Marquette. iteacher, Mankato. [Ray Griffith, Paul Inskeep, lknee. The second car, a 19641meeting was adjourned tolsmith,s " birthday" I Mr and Mrs. Red Dethloff],~ ~ [ Jim Johanek, Peggy Nebel,[ Tempest was totally oamag- I meet in June with Mrs. Wm.| Frank Fols~rn ~$~ Mrs. George Wharton and "family spent Sunday Judicial Cases' In the Esbon 5th gradet Duane Reinert, Roger Un-[ yd. The driver Albert Kerth, Ward. Roll. call, is to be on] ~ ,-,~,:,P-', ~ ~ ~,;~~,~'~',~,~ with Mrs Eber Underwood Larry G Belden, soeeding,I taught by Mrs. Ruth Jones] derwood, Ronald Whelchel,[ and hm wife, Anna, a passen- t "Family Life' and the hot Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sweet at Beloit " $15.00"an i costs. -,the i0oys outnumber the girls and Spencer Whitley. ger, of Atwood, Kansas were [ son is "Wise Weight". [ .a ;er"l rs'.?s"ml h called Sunday on Mrs Jack] r~,- ~,~'~ w~ Jerry Gerino Kenneth L Huber, speed-I 13 to 2 but they seem to ac-I The 22-member 8th grade[ admitted to the Bellevillel Mrs W A Andrews, / o ? ' "," --: '? " " J " " I," r se -- o[ nonor a* pm Sweet, Jewell and Harriet spent the weekend with his ing, $35.00 and costs. . [ cept each other .as valued l is ~isbon s largest c!ass: They[ hospital. M s.K~th.had ::[ P.R.C. [ licious birthday. ~Ca ~. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis San- [ parents. Duane E. McElroy, speeo- i classmates, lvlental: emotion- Will De a ilne .aoOltl n. tel very la~:e/auVtmn i on me ~U~erth~ ~ " been- [urn~n~" " ~ ,~ derson and Marvin Hamilton] and Mrs Gee Whar ing, $10 00 and costs |al physical and social fac- high school begmnmg next[and broke r bs. Mr. Ke n / Mr. . . - . - . women s mmm m3 spent Thursday with Mrs ton and Frank s ent Monday Danny L Smith: overload[ tors influence each grader m fall We arrived last week had a brmsed shoulder and| [of th Maak~to,~' p ~ ~ Anna Hamilton at Guide moon w~th Mr and Mrs. on gross, $10 00; no daily log[ his behavior and learning as a group of 5 were mak- severe lacerations of the leg.[ VV ||1~1~I~1~ ~ I "~hu - "'" Rock. I eterman Moore at'Beloit. " entry this date, $5.00; and] Fifth grade students are Bil- ink oral reports in social [The White car was going] [,t tap;v Mr. and Mrs. Raymondl Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur costs. lie Burgess, Jackie De[bert, science. It was an excellent east on US 36, attempting, aI visiting . nours:. .~ : v -;.~mnn :~-~ne.~ re~ave;" ,Mr. and Becker and Mrs Richard Harry O White, failure to/ Darnel Fete, Sherry Hajny, way to become accustomed]left turn at the Montrose m-111:00 a. m 2.00 - 4.00 and. Cloud and Max W aWhs?rG : a n:g ~ae~nvily eg of Red] thelrSelva e and. gaunt ' s Leannafuneral wentat S yt l- yieldmaking rigt~t-of-waYleft turn, $10.00bef reand [ Johanek,Matthew GaryHesting'Kriley,R naldRa y- Wmbet . oral teachereXpressi n'and pVirg!lr]nc] - h~cle,tersecti ng oln gandwestthe onKerthus ve-36, 1 7:00-Eva Kugler8:00 p. ofm" Red Cloud, ca~Ssa~hgr~rt~a ~r n ~ ' ~u;a,~a h ~,~oa tt Nebraska Mr and Mrs I eo ner msmr,m.ta~, h rton ~ ~Ali F r u '" ]the intersection. ]Clare Wiley of Jewell, Mr.I ~ ce e g son ~j and Mrs. E. S. Rothchild, iorenoon. ' :~ NO. 17 IN A SERIES OF 0PF I LETTERS 1 l Mrs. Cora Sirley and Mrs ~ Mr. and [ [ imm m,[ Rm !Will Lagergren visited Mrs. tJranam, were l I=IIIIC3M,IIlC Mattie Metz.last week. I noonylsl,tars i Mr* 17 ~ R--~-m Miss Alice Ferguson spent] lvtrA ~narles ! Tuesday in the country with l . unoay e " i Mrs. Sarah Walker of her brother, Mr. John Fer- lvir. ano lvir I nk 1 f i were ner v Ma ato e t Friday morning guson, and Mrs Ferguson for a Mother's Day weekend Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louaer, to visit her sons and their Hoard were Thursday morn-! cnuaren or Mr. and Mrs. ( t~JTIES SERviCE GAS COMPANY FIRST NATIONAL BUILDI NG O HOM ' ctxV, 1966 I(. ~,CRZNSMA~ pRr SLDgNT Dear Friends: - -om-anY completed o Cities Service eekS ag "on that will help to A few w installat - - xt winter and a vast ,unaerMxv -- nd convenlence insure your comfort a many years to come, our Webb e Field in northern storag nd stor- The completione company's total unaergzv Oklahoma5 billion cubic feet;i t is the tenth age capac1 Y ^+, o =as storage reserv on the company'S and larges system, merit of this project extended over a three year DevelO cost about $6.5 million. It involved ac- i the drilling of 25 new er od an leaseholdS - e constructiOn -isition uf storage q4 old wells - th uilding lu glng ion b wellS - th? P g omnressor staa constructiOn a 2400 borsepuw field - d to the v. "n lines zu ect the atherx g " e to corm rom there, of g 41e plpelxn + ua ckwell. F , of a new system vstem ana the gas +h~ distributing c mp +an area. deliverea tv in our opera~ ~ hundreds of commuu * ersiOn of es Service was a pioneer in the cony reservoirS. Despite the Cit ields to storage esulted in real de etvd gas f ro4ect have r a the o tS involved, theY have c to our consumers " " natU Sincerely families living in the south- ing callers of Mrs. Matt[el ern part of the state. Smith. Mrs. Esther Whelchel is Mrs. Clarence Loom[s, Jr. spending a few days in Sa-came to see Mr. Clarence W. lina taking care of some af- Loomis one evening recent- fairs of her late father's bus- ly. incus. Kathy is staying with The Reverend and Mrs. the Pate children. Ross Mahin visited in the We were happy to visit Home Saturday afternoon. Saturday afternoon with They brought the ladies Betty and John Williams of flowers and cards for Norton. They came back to Mother's Day.Miss Alice spend Mother's Day with the Ferguson and Miss Alice Glen his father Loomis. : " The Michael, the Olive May 8th the Home. with the s Michael's' "Let Me Be the minister home folks and were meet- Sellhorn, who are not "no- Thrills Me." hag many of their old friends thers," were happy to re- [ hay! was her at the R-K Shopper. ceive the nice gifts,' too. [pamst. Othe It is cold again this morn- Mr. and Mrs. Dean Barrett lMiss Shelley. ing with a forecast of frost of Jamestown called on his lMr. or freezing again tonight af- mother, Mrs. Minnie Barrett, Flowers ter several days of 92 wea- Sunday and gave her pry- from the whiclbwiil, ~e~ se~ts for Mother's Day. tender p al'~is 1"~- +:/~ii~s. M~t~%' Ni~tk" ?~ ~flj~ cently set out, unless they ing the beautiful bouquets of from are well protected, red carnations which were sity over Sunday waS a cold, damp sent by her granddaughter ing his day, spoiling many picnics who lives in Seattle, Wash- Frank andpleasures. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hawkins and family were at the Lorena Pate home Sun- day because the weather was too rough for the picnic at the Lake they had plan- ned. We were with them, also. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bus- sen and Mrs. Judy Hillman and Renae were Sunday evening guests in the Mrs. Lorena Pate home. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pate of Sylvan Grove were to spend Sunday with Mrs. Nellie Ault in Ionia. Middle Branch Club met with Rosella Tucker last Thursday. Eleven members were present to answer roll call, which was something about birthdays as it was our yearly birthday meeting. We also had a guest, Mrs. Johnny Tucker and little daughter of Burr Oak. The next meeting will be with Ollie Ransom, possibly in the Mankato park. Mary Lager- gren won the guess box. Ro- sella served a delicious lunch. Mike Pate is at home with something like stomach flu this Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ethie Wilson and Mrs. Neta Dennison were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Busmen + Saturday forenoon. They were accompanied by Mrs. Dennison, a sister-in-law of Mrs. Wilson, who is the for- mer Neta Kiebler and a cousin of Clyde Bossen. Chickens are doing extra though they could use more warm sunshine. Mrs. Lorena Pate and children attended the eighth grade series of plays (three of them) Friday night at the Esbon school. Harrison E. H. U. The Harrison Extension Homemakers Unit met May 4 with Mrs. Dave Stenzel Nine members and two! guests, Elaine Boyles and Mrs. Leonard Clark, were Th{ CORN, MILO, AND FORAGE Formoso, Kansas FR m; in, blu, Casually great! Traditional strip, workman pockets on ( easy-care cotton. 28 to 38. e 2 >!