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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
May 11, 1967     Jewell County Record
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May 11, 1967

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t 31~WELL COUNTY RECORD Sherrl Dietz spent Saturday Thursday, May 11, 1967 night.._,, as a guest of Connie Page $ - S tion 1 T er _.t lr, t , | will have the following supper Innl. s,~ tonight (Monday), Mr. MVUBIqJ and Mrs. A. C. Fedde, Vernon Mrs. Lovone Berlley Fedde, Mr. and Mrs. Lores ........ .... Dawdy, Merton Fedde of Sal. mr ana mrs. t~arre~[ rnzL .... ,~-~J J Mrs .. .... era, ore.. ~a reoae ann tips spent a weez ago 3unoay m,~m, Rrlnkwneth i ........... with Mr and Mrs R J Ph t- ".% ...... : ....... . .'_ " " ~. ~ar. ann Mrs. AWm U01son hps ann Tane at Little ~wer. -~ L ........ win--.--- ..---- " ~ mere anu ynn o[ At[rosen. ~r. ....ea~.~ vu.~y ~-~ - Mr - --"'"- .- ........ and s BIll Col~. w .~- Ders enrolle~ in Deglnnlngm,~,,nM~ .n~ ~,-= T.,~nni~, cooking class held their first ~,"~Y"' ":'~..:'"" -"':~' Z." "'n one ev nan- last week ~pzKer or ~Iiver L, aKe, Nlr. a mee.u g., e !ng_ , . Mrs Larry Aikins, Butch and ac me some ot meur projec[ ' " ^h - Bor~er Mike and Kenneth Aikins of ~aaer, ~j.arso.ue ._. .g " Chanute returned to their Tnose enrozle(l In ross CLass , . . ..... h " "" rs who homes ~aonaay evening. Will- mong wire t ezr mome ard Colson and Ella Colson attended were Janice Schmidt, ......... n went to Wichita Tuesday after- ~ue ~noemaKer ~inoy ne- ooo .. " - n with their sister and hus, mngsen, ~usan msKeepram .......... ......... "" were bane mr. ann mrs. ~Len ~.. BurKs uname to atterm "'in ' for a fe " ' " k ~ g w says visit Becky Meyer, Dabble Ins eep ................ " .... Char wmaro men ztew to wenat- ann uaroara uowman. " h Wa h Fri" The h " lette presented a demonstra- :]:et~een S~ere ,oa;Y~h- f~'ne~a~ tlon on "Accurate Measuring" ,,f "h I fath r H e after which they baked brown- r e . arty ;oJson. les. The Esbon Rural High j $238,423,752 in social secur- School Freshman Class spun- ........,, ~ity benefits was paid to resi- sorea a "'Talent ~ontest on, ...... _ . . _.. [aents or ~ansas last year up Tuesaay evening wnlcn was I -ercent from -- '" enjoyed by all, Both local and ito me year De- out of town numbers were pre- l ~;' ,i._ _-., .......... . . , ~t .,= ~[m uz z~o, isle men, sented lit pmce went to a, ....... . ' ,, ..... i women ann cnuaren in Jew- vocal group, rne uaptasn's .......... H'-h lell County were receiving ben- ~rew , mrm t~awger uitYl ThZg lefRs at a mon'h't ~y rate of School; 2nd vocal so o ' c [.~3 ............ ___, _ ' ,, ..... 7 " r ,@o ,~u# w, e~ n ~agan, social X.Ord s t'rayer , vzcm ~ugxe, I .:" o. " . ". ......... mJSecurny ozs~rzct manager m Junior at ~ssnon; ~ro, a aru s Sal/na re rte trio from Cawker High Thel , po d today,. 1223 ..... en Jwere olaer people, ne sale re- class appreciates your a~z - .... h- were ] tearing benefits as retired flll~e ana [nose W o I , - ..... t k art ,worKers, the wives and bus- Willing tO 8 e p ........ :" -served J bands of retired workers and ~ay 14tn will oe on ~ .... .. u c. ,a~, ~.. ,h~ r~.~1.. Ias the surviving widows or %~' ""~"~'"~#" ;;# ~"~'; '~"; i~i I aged dependent parents of stone valley ~-n. xney .w.z J workers who have died attend and have cnarge or met "But social s "" " " " worship service at the Ionia14ust for older-:c-U etY a::nt ~ P P K E U B Church at 11'00 a n I .... I'" ' " " ;~.' ' _ .. _ ".._ -__'rdlpomtea out, ~i young w~nows ~r ana mrs. tray ~orgaa s~,~ vo.,,~ s"-n) few davs[ and children in Jewell County ;,,,: .... -: .... : ~v,- ~ .. .... ~, I were receiving benefits a- Ia~ weez at me ~arreu ~'nll-l .. , ripe ........ nome ~ar arm ~ars Walt. i mounung to $4,631.00 at the (~.Ho:l:nW;n~ visited them Men-I ewom:lrkOfrD:C~%b~e;en~ledisS?~ede '_.# _ .. " .... I receiving benefits at a month- Tne uorzee t.eague ownngl .... m..o.~ members held their ban I ~Y rate of $2,861.00. "Practi- "~=:';" ...... h~lcally every young family in quec aaonaay az ernoon e I ..... ~, ~oI" Roam in Mankato A I zne coumy nas surwvors pro "~'':"" - .... ;-I I tection under social security ousmess meeung was neLo no- t ............ ........ ~tnat can ~e worm ~#~.~w or Iovnng me oanquet ann newI ...... ,.a ,~,,,o, .... oh,~ble officers elected for the coming ............ " .... ~ ..... ,--r l disability insurance protection. #%".' ' ... ........... l Monthly payments to the Mrs. J~a weioennaz~ wast. - ab]e to come home from theI family of a worker who dies, t nd is im leaving 2 or more chLldren, hospital los week a "l .... ~--,, from ~66 to .~3~8 proving nicely fromrecent :-,,-..=~o-.~..-.-_y.;. sur#erv I a mu.~., ~pcncnng on me :o ~- ...... nt alwrker's average earnings un- Mrs. ~.arry vmmps spa , ..... few days in the Mitchell Coun-I aer socml security. .. . t- Hos-ital for a check u" andI t~enetltS to [ne momer anu x~.rays~ -v I children continue until the "Our' area received a wet[ youngest child reaches 18, or snow Wednosda~ and then ~el-[ indefin!tely, if the child has a come raln on Friday and Sat J dlsabdzty which began before -V .... : om'-'lhise 18th birthday and makes uraay. Tne axzazza snows s I .......... effects of the freezes and there [~ ~P;SmSeln~l~?/u np~nrt::g W~rnZ" are also brown spots appearing[ _ _ " P.. . ' " in,wheat fields thought to beI ~e~e~ lcn~g~, ~an tl~d,i:~een: caused by freeze. Pastures are[, ..... -'-owin" slowl" I tzr.s can c~ continueo up un- "Eliza~eth Marie Phillips vls-I ~l age. 22 ,if he or she con- Red Saturday night and Sun-[ U~a::n ~n~s that the Soc- day with Mr. and Mrs. Garrett I.. :s .. ,-..: ... Phillips while her parents at-I ~e:::;r~oYrk~Ct~? eS:Y:cttt: tended the Farm Machinery l ,. ? ...... Show at Lincoln, Kans [ COLIeC~ more tnan me name oz Sunday afternoon cailers of]his social security tax contri- .. Z.', ..... d I butions Just in the benefits pay- mrs. t'loya ~immeJsnz an I .... " Mr ~ Mrs Maurtame to nim and his wife in DOyS were ~.ll'~ . " I .~J.! ..... t Tf h~ elO~s not live Ice ~ImmeilnK Mr. ann mr.. I erie Van Wzh~nd Mrs. Bbll ~an~:t~em~l:~'t ft:Smo~:?hilaYn l~ose ana aa g te . the contributions he has paid: Mr and Mrs Orlo Van Wev l " "l ~nd the same will be true l! visited the Paul Van Wey tam-~ .......... fly of Colby durina the week I ne snoum necome to[a.y des. ". " " I abled for work before 65. one. " ' and[,, ,_ .,._ __ -__ . ,,...,,,Under the schedule of taxes Mrs Thelma Hauptli Ralph Hendrick of Glen Elder I ;~wU';v:net;;t =u';lo;e;ou'n; were Sunday evening vlsitorsl _ . s_. v _ . at the Jennings Burger home. i ~o,~,:,~, '~'~r wt~le Stma~xiWu~ Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Dletzl. .' .... " "~ ...... e ago into effect, will pay only Mr. aria ~drs. uon Appleo e and family of McPherson were lut e.0 to I Lpe Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. I v ffiue o, =e. o_ -ontribu" Frank Burk of Sallna and cele-[ .L'is" Tne .mat~]~Z~rZ e~ Io ers blared the May wedding annl-I uo..n.s pma ny e y .. versaries I Will accoum lor me omer ~ Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fedde, ]to 20 percent. " .... m of Mrs. Emma Brinkworth and t __Over a 7(~ikiln~wli~:t~l~e re Ed Fedde were Tuesday din.[4~ years, __ .g. r 2019" net ~uests of Mr and Mrs I tiremem at ~ in me yea , -- "-- - -" ..... atria young worker who earned L~r@n uawuy ana vzsttea w i . , , Melton Fedde of Salem, Ore. ] t]~ia~~ec~z~n~n CevVe~ea_ e:Yr Mr. and Mrs. Ned Stevens Js .....Y. . y .Y . were Thursday afternoon call-t8 Ors of Mrs. Emma Brlnkworth I ,v,o and Ed Fedde. I prom~C~,md;d,r ction Addlnat g 3s/41ntereStner: Mr, and Mrs, Rolla Dietzl ..... v----- .... . , were Thursday dinner guests,, ::n~i~hu~lVnalsU:/Za~ne 6~~:rl~l of Mrs. Dean Leonard. s a. ~...#, ....... !1 .... f[ be $26,412. The value of the Mrs. Emma Brinkworth and l "ent':'assum Ed Fedde were Mr. and Mrs. i.nls wile m :e~i~em:x 'ectancy" mg averag P , . C. Fedde and Vernon Fedde[ ............. ent and Merton Fedde of Salem, 1~~7 ~n'~:;a~:e ?his ' Or@..and Mr. and Mrs. Jlm l Cutup[on I totala._ social security contribu- Ion Oardan Club met Tues-I --., ..... day Mternoon at the home ofiJan sTaih~,e":;e~C~laa:~n:n a~:gs~ Mrs. Kenneth Mug with five [ ~lmption that the law will not members present Chat'ter Club met lbe' changed at all during tire Stitch and . . ~P',, -,'-,, -~,,,~'~n at the J young worker s lifetime. It ; ..... "-#--""~'-'"" -. --- J can be expected that there wiU lwme oz Mrs, Uoroon A~Corn. I ....... n--- in the a~I conunue to De Cna i[em Five members enjoyed the - to~oon. ' Ilaw to improve benefits - as Mr, and Mrs. Bud Holloway J th,ev:e ha~nete~ out~teinP::iimony went to Topeka Sunday after- I . As po} -.__ .. noon to bring their daughter, J _DerZit~: o~aY~h;n~ouMs:ao~ Malllyn, and five year old son, unto Dan, to their home to stay un I Representatives in hearings on improved Innchangas, in thethelaWfinancingnOw beingof m Marflyn 11 health The two older chfldr@nlcns w'' in Xola with their I the tel security system al- .na -arm-hal =randmm I lows for Incr@amm tlm bene- ,.,wd~.y u *.., in ,... ,......,,, a. ,,.,).,.t w. I fit bvel as earnings rise I...~ U'.,,,Ih.m ~ ;i wtuch I i~ll lukl~i wa,~m~ w,,,~ v ~- jill& ll4~ it Ileitis 6m oem,m et st I in r@m. Imt o /