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May 11, 1967     Jewell County Record
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May 11, 1967

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JEWI J. COUNTY RECORD Thursday, May II, 1967 Page 4 - Section 1 ...... GLA-NCE$ ...... WITH MARY FI~NCES * t 't " By Mary Frances Holdren Jewell County Home Economics Agent SeW 'Era Or uB'~"Em Is it better to buy a ready- made garment or make it yourself? If you sew at home, you do have advantages. You can be creative and have original de- signs. Usually your garment fits better, and you don't have to pay for expensive altera- tions. Often you stretch the family's clothing dollar by home sewing, and you have the ntiafaction of saying, "I made this". Probably the ideal thing Is to combine buying and home sewing. You most certainly buy undergarments and in- brat's wear such as knit gar- ments and diapers. Home sewing does make you, as a consumer, recognize good' fit and construction in ready- made clothes. It's up to you whether to buy or to make Get The Most Select beef cuts with the me- thod of preparation in mind. Meat will be tender, juicy, and of good flavor only if you cook it" properly. With low heat cook the beef just enough to suit your family tastes. Low heat tends to cook evenly and roinimize shrinkage, providing more servings from the cut. Tender cuts may be broiled, )an-fried, or roasted. Less ten- der cuts require longer cooking with added moisture. Keep the added liquid to a minimum for tenderness as well as good texture and flavor. Webber Wide Awake 4-H "My favorite joke" was the roll call of the Webber Wide Awake 4-H meeting May 3. Mark Intermill led the group in sin,,in. Alvin Webber and Tom Rathbun gave a talk on safety. Plans were made for 4-H Sunday with a basket din- ner at noon. The June meeting will be a weiner roast at the Lovewell Lake. Rolls and pop AROUND THE COUNTY with Jim Gunter, Cmlnty Agricultural Agent AROUND THE COUNTY with Jim Gunter, County Agricultural Agent Bloat Guard In Salt Block Form: A new form of,Bloat Guard was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Poloxalene, the bloat preven tive agent, has been incorpor- ated in a molasses-salt block. If the blocks are placed in areas where cattle congregate, it is apparent that minimum daily intake will be large enough to protect from severe legume bloat when it occurs. The blocks are manufactured which is probably due to the extreme rank growth as well as the freeze damage. The beards on some of the wheat are starting to come out of the boot, but the head still seems to be in good condition. Possibly we will see more damage when the weather warms up. The last freeze hit the alf- alfa rather hard, and it pro- bably would be advisable tc cut it as soon as the weather permits. This cutting of alfalfa may be harder to cure. but if it can be cured properly, it should make some real good quality hay. Menkato Eager Beavers April 30 Was National 4-H gunday In observance of this fact the Mankato Eager Bear- #rs attended the Baptist Church in Mankato. Rev. James Millstead is also one of our leaders. There was a large turnout of members and their parents. 'Some of the members had parts in the church ser- vice. The Eager Beavers want to thank Rev. Millstead and the Baptist Church members for allowing them to visit the church. The April meeting of the Mankato Eager Beavers was held April 20 at White School. An April fool joke that I played was the roll call which was ~Isby. A C. Fall had a safety talk. Recreation was led by Tadhi and A. C Refreshments were served. The meeting was adjourned. --Reporter. I Visiting hours: 10:00-11:00 A.M.; 2:00-4:00 and 7:00-8:00 P.M. Mrs. Will Lagergren called on Mattie Metz several times last week. Mrs. Dudley Wood and Kath- erin of Red Cloud, Nebr. were Thursday afternoon visitors of Mr. Charlie Davis. Mr. and Mrs..Harry Wilbock attended the 40th Wedding An- niversary of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Corbett in Campbell, Nebr. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson ! stopped to see his sister, Miss Alice Ferguson, Thursday mar: ning. Guy and Donald Folsom of Randall and Frank Folsom and his grandchildren, Bruce and Lisa Burkhart, of Jewell visit- ed their aunt, Mrs. Mattie Smith, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clare Wiley of Jewell called Tuesday ~#fter- noon on Mrs. Mattie Metz. Mr. and Mrs. Rolls Miller were Sunday afternoon visit- ors of his sister, Mrs. Hattie Love. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizen- ship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democ- racy nor civilization can sur- vive. There are four sound reasons why v e r y person should attend services regu- larly and support the Church. They are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the eke of his communiW and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itJelf, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regularly and read your Bible daily. :::::::::::: Customs may differ among the and may change with the times, but C institutions in human life have constant through the centuries. these is Motherhood. Progress has given Mother new On the other hand, if you ~ere served by Mrs. Woods.L.. a ~ o,_,_.. ,,.._.., ..... :--- Angwprod hv 14 members nnd Mrs. Waunda Donahue called and new equipment for her uy A%. ~,J. ~*L~I.|Vy 111|IUI~#JLUFAII~ ........... ,i ...................on her mother Mrs Gertrude .... buy readymade clothes, you -Reporter Company and has the trade two leaders. Cliff Silsby report- . , sponslbllitles. But the love and have many advantages. You ----------- name Sweetlix Bloat Guarded on the Junior Leader Meet- F~ro. ..... ing which are the heart of ha~,e choices of garment sales Clarence Aurand of Hardy Block in" 4 H Sunda,, is A--ril 30 ~unoay evening vlslmrs el , 8 " : ~ " "" ........ il'- k nave never depended on science and price ranges You know was a Mankato visitor Friday. The bloat preventive agent The Eager Beavers will ob- ivJr. one IVl ]lS..rlarry w Dec what the article looks like be- He stopped at the Record of- Poloxalene, was released in serve this by all attending the were Mr.:, m~a wws. vernon expression.. . . . fore you buy it. The garment ffce and renewed his paper for1966 under the name of Bloat Baptist Church. Part of the woos or uouruand. Mrs,. woou une uncnangmg spnere el m is a cousm of Mrs Wilbeck s on I lh is ready for you to wear is- the coming year. Guard, This dry-form product church program will be pre-i" ~ ." ..0 ! ,- . p s'b" "ty has been the religious l~ecent Callers el Mrs ule \ mediately. ' can be spread over grain as a sented by 4-H members. A i ,,~ - " - " ment of children. From primitive ........... 4 H Livestock Jud-'in-" Schoolanna Tnronson nave seen ner If your sewing ability isn't CARD OF THANKS ~upur~mS. " S S dau hters Mrs Jessie Graham religions up to Christianity, mothel tOO professional, you may get ---- The blocks have been usedwill be held in Hays on April l " g ...... a better constructed garment l wish to thank friends, rela-effectively to prevent bloat in 29. Three of the club members anMdrMr:n:Mri: M:~SBarrett ; ( g:~::sit:d;::::at?g;dnth:pg:i~::h ~ if you buy it readymade, fives and neighbors for the studies at Kansas State Uni- will be going. Program was ~' ". ! If you shop carefully, you cards, letters and visits and versit~ Louisiana State Uni two films" "The Town That l and Scott of Jamestown visitea / The Christian Church salutes all o, " " " ' ' r his motherMrs Minnie Ba m ll n ful mothers The have led their f$ may get garments made of for helping with the work at versity and the University of Came Back" and :'S a A -] e, o:. - . y , , rett Sunoay a~ternoon 0 newer and better fabrics. The my place while I was in the California. imals of the Plains . Refresh- . ' . . to an ever deepening realization linings and interfacings may hospital. Your kindnesses will The results of most studies ments were served The meet Mrs.. Mathe Sm th celebrateo sacred bond which unites the Churd be well matched to the outer always be remembered, have emphasized the need for ing was adjourned, her birthday iVIay 8. A mece, Co~,~,~,mr~.,.,.,A~,.,.,,,,,., the Home in a common devotion to fabric. --Leo Mizner. Th r ular man hlv me~tin~l Mrs ~nlrtey t~urKnar~ o~ ,)ew- e e t .- $r~ice Inn S|r.bttrg V~ careful management of the g . ~,, - .......... .... ::~: - '~ ...... ' .... f h s ell brought her a pmce of ~nrls~ 'l , u _L .... 3.2~:. :: ._---:,~~i~~block to insure adequate in- o t e Mankato Eager Beaver~ ' " " - ~ ' d " "-'-----'--~-'------'---'~ ' ' o 4 H was held at White School mrmoay cake anu snc recewe .... take It ~s often dfffmult t_- .... . ..,n-ifts "~unaoy ~onaayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 5a~ .. q.~ ~=.~ feed drugs to animals not on a on March 2. Roll call was an-I many c !ros, ,ette s ..... ~..... Deuteronomy Micoh Psolms Romons Golations Ephesians CoI~ tle or dry dairy heifers and There were 12 members pre !firthda~" ,party was held m~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~-~-~-~----~------~--~, I~'~/ grain ration (grazing beef cat- swered by a joke or ridde. " 5:6-16 6:1-8 19:1-14 12:1-13 6:1-10 6:1-8 3:~1 ;~ ~.~.~ sent. A thank .,,ou note was l nonor, oI tne occasion, m~=m~ mm m~ ~T ~ X ~ ~ T ~ T ~ T ~ T ~ "Y ~ T ~ Including Poloxalene in me- read from Mrs. Art Liehty for .the Reverend Mr. James [WEBBI~R METHODIST ASSEMBt.Y C~" GOD =~au~.=~ea. HMdjj , w lMfllsteaa ann a group o[ ~un ..... lasses blocks containing salt the club s donation to the ne ' "J CHURCH CHURCH "=,,',:,.~=~,~ ~;~ CORN, MILO, AND I,'ORAhI:: '.'~)i:GIIUM and other minerals appears to hospital. A note acknowledging beams fromthe FirstrBtPttls~ ] . Webber, Kansas G.S. Wiilard, ;~'l"~l~? M~n~'~ be the best available method the donation to the Heart As- t~nurcn in ~v~anKav p . e I Loren J. SIlsby, Minister Pastor Morning Worship I}':ll a flne program ~or us May of supplying Poloxalene for sociation also. Council meeting ' . ..... ~ .. I Dale Crispin, S $. Supt. Sunday School 10'00 a m -. ~. ':^'~ 3t'~lll ED,~~a:~ bloat, prevention in animals was re orted The A ril meetp . p . 7th. Mrs. .. ....... lviiusteaa was me I~ ---- ~mrmng worsmp li :'^^ ' ~tlnoay ~cnoot .. ttv.O--uo a. m. W S W S lst" not being fed a concentrate tng will be parent's night. The PeareStMr~sm~rar;nHa'stkTta:c~l Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Special Childrens' ServiceWednesday 0f each n~ ration, parents will be responsible for .. .... JChurch Scnool . 10:30 a.m. in Basement II:00 a. m m A wind w d~s children Mrs Jim t~unter ano .......... h re ra o Choir Rehearsal, ~ e Freeze Dame e' t e p g ' ' - . . , , " Evangeli ti Service 7'30 n m No doubt wge have had some play will be erected in the Julia .~nn and Mrs. John Per-I Wed ........... 7:30p.m. Mldweek~Prayer ' -" ' MnMTWn~:I~ M~TtI~ |-erda r{" ~ ;. , freeze damage to the wheat Post Office window. Diedra due and Lri Kaye',TmS ser: [ WSCS-lst and 3rd. mucn en o ea Service ......... 7:30 p m ......... ~'IT~"-i" ........... and alfalfa, but as yet the Blecha led the group in two v~cd :eaSw~:ht~Y thank theJS~n J Wednesdays.. 2:00 p. m ~ Rev Dean RoSS " ~':"~ damage does not seem to be songs. Barbara Smith gave a a '" .... ................. I ~ CATrIf}I.1N" rw~mf, M.~,..~.. .,,o,.~o -~,,-m-se,, ~l~"al~ too severe, project talk. Oscar Warner beams for the pretty May,yas- I IONIA EVANGELICAL ESBON ........ v "' "?l demonstrated the roper way kets and me nice nanoger-, UNITED BRETHREN ~ :30~ Formosa, Kansas I'W l.:' ",, (" ourtland The taller wheat., especially., P cT~ii~h~l yB:~Yd;le~_r I wDorAs~ C~H ?:: 18~!io~.m:Chi~it~ Center" Worship Service. Church School.. 1'309' 5 ................. ~: = - 16544 Snowdenenew ourll Ii , E.U. B CHURCH Church Service 11"00 a m % ' ] subscription to the Jewelll SundaySchool. : 10;00 alml OLrW RCH NAZARENE ll II County Record for another[ The Y' Fellowship every R.R.I-Superior, Nebr. ll'.alM[lll .... I1 JJl year. We enjoy keeping up on[ other Sunday aftern-oon a-t Rov. Dorman Foley ......... " " .... ................. ~ ! . the home town news. J2:00 p.m. Minister Morning Worship '"[d Smcerely, : !i: iiiii: :! ' I Chrissie Ahrens, S. S. Supt. Sunday School ".,\ rq Mrs. D. E. Dempsey J UNION CHAPEL Sunday School .. 10:00 a.m. Evening, Worshi,)'' I it Mi hi an . .... ouu ~erwce .......' Detro . c g . [ Earl Enyeart, Pastor Mid-Week Prayer Wedncsdav Evenin "1 ------------. Supt., Vaden Davis, Jr Meeting, Wed 7"30 p m Pra er l Ieetin " I -- " ..... , 1. :' For Mother's Day;* Live Sunda School 1 '" . [ y 0:00 am. Northbranch Friends Church k'3RgW IRAII rI[S r Plants; Bogdon's Choconates; / Mornin~ Worshin 11.nn, m ~ro.a,m ~.-- ,, ---. ............. '-- .... , o t- .......... .v~..,.,~. ua.aett, IJa~tor CI-IIIRCI-I *:~ Artificial Plants,jewasry, 1st and r ....... . ' I 3 d Sunday Evenings: LaJatmta Winslow, S.S. - - :';l,~, Elgin and Swiss Watches J Bible Study 7"00 P M Su-t ~cev. James Ms, ~.~ I .......... t, unda School 10:t~ --Roy's Gifts 48tl The Fellowships .. 7:00 P. M. Sunday School at 10'00 S "" 11: " I r .... Wars ip ........ " . .... ..... orsh p.at :......2.:2 11:00 Training Union .. 6 ll ,r.,ooUl~l r. u. n. ~rtutu.,n ~',,ci~a3 xoum a[ u:4o p. m. .. , ...... / mm ~ emng WUI snlp J Earl Enyeart, Pastor Evening Worshin at 7"30 ' Earl Sllsby, S S. Supt. Prayer Meeting "Vv'edncsc/ay Service ...... at 7"30 PM Mid Week" PIn" y"c~ Meet!7 30 . " " ' W,,duesdav 7:30 Mornlng Worship 9:45 a.m. " - Sunday School ,. 10:45 a.m. FORMOSa COMMUNITY --'--'-- '-~- L 2nd and 4th Sunday Evenings: CHURCH :'~ Youth Fellowship .. 6:30 P.M. Paul Temple, Minister MANKATO CHRISTI BURR OAK CHRISTIAN Summer S-"-ched,de CHURCH Michael Hines, CHURCH Sunday School ... 9:45 a.m. Sunday: 00 Richard K. Brook, Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Bible School .... 10:00 Youth Fellowship 6:30 p.m. Worship Hour. 11: Sunday School ... 10:00 a.m. Evening Service .. 7:30 p.m. Youth Hour ..... 6:00 Morning Worship . 11:00 a.m. Prayer Meeting Bible Study ...... 7:30 Jr. - HfYouth ... .30 p.m.and Bible Study Gleaners, 2nd and Jet Cadets, (Wed.) .......7:30 p.m. 4th Tuesdays .. Saturday ..... 10:00 a.m. Phone 7-2293 R A NDA RI'$TI A N PrimarYwednesdayEndeavor, .... 4:001- WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Jet Cadets, _~ Randall, Kansas Wednesday .... 4:0 , CHURCH Gene Snyder, Minister W. D. Buckley, Pastor ____ CAT R{ 10:00 A.M ..... Sunday School MANKATO Sunday School ., I0:00 a.m. II :00 A.M.. Morning Worship Mass Schedule . Worship Service It:00 a,r-. W. Y ........ 7:00 p,m,HARMONY" METHODIST Sundays ........ 8:00! Evening Service 7:30 p.m CHURCH EVANGELIC'AL,~ Prayer Meeting, Rev. Dean E. Role LUTHERAN CI-IUI Wednesday .. 7:30 p.m 8:30 a.m. Worship Service Pastor Jones. No 9:45 a.m. Church School Elvle Konovalsky, lI:00 a.m. Worship Service Worship Service . Clyde Reed, Supt. 'Sunday School ... 9:.4 I Choir - 8 p.m. Wednesday SPONSORED BY THE FOLLOWING MANKATO BUSINESS Foreground, Impala Sport Sedan. Background, Camsro Sport Coupe and the Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe. Chevrolot's room, ride and price. When Automotive NeWs made its annual roominess study, Chevrolet got the most points. It's roomier inside, they reported, than any other American car. The ride is Full Coil suspension smooth. And Chevrolet hardtops and convertibles are still the lowest priced full-size csrs of this kind you can buy. Chovolle's quick ilzo,, It's quick to climb, quick to turn. Other mid-size cars might be like Chevelle, true. But they're not as low priced. And they're not made by Chevrolet with Body by Fisher, GM-developed ener9y- ebsorbin9 steering column, inner fenders and Full Coil Suspension. Camaro's road-hugging stance. At its price, Comers is the only sportster to give you wide- stgnce design. It rides steadier, clings to curves better, )' hugs the road closer. 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And it pays to know how State Farm csn help you with a life insurance plan I ~ I that's right for you end ~ ,m~..c, y~rlMl~Cailmnowl ill S. Cent, r MAMKATO, KS, Ph. FR 14291 STATE FARM Life Insurance Compony Home Office: Bloomington. Illinois Waugh Oil and Gas Co, The First National Bank Raymond and Eddie, Bm'bers McCarthy Hardware Helen's Beauty Shop The State Exchange Bank Mankate Lumber Co. Mankato Sal . o. R-K Shopper, Inc.. Be y'B Studio Manlmto Laundry Boogaart8 Wagner Drug Store Jewell County Record WeRmer Abstract and Title Co. Mankato F. U. Co-op J-J Off Co. & Car Wash and Coffman Sinclair ServleB Buffalo Roam Steakhouse Mankato WBIding and MaehinB